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I, SAMIM AKHTAR MISTRY, studying in Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr.SR Technical University,
Chennai conducting “A study on sales promotional products for corporate sectors of
Mayflower International, Bangalore “as a part of MBA Degree.

Name of the Company: …………………………………


No. of years of agreement, If any………………………

1. What is the purpose which promotional activity serves?

Brand awareness Attracting customer

Creating brand loyalty Sustaining in the market

2. What is the main aspect of productshould be prioritized more while planning for

Quality Feature

Colour Price

3. In your opinion what attract customer more?

Packaging Advertisement

Discount offers Gifting products

4. Do you agree that decline in effectiveness of advertising is the reason behind increasing
promotional activities?

Yes No

5. If no, then what is the main reason behind increased promotion?

Brand awareness Competition

Customer loyalty

6. Before planning promotional product what do you analyse in the market?

Competitors move Success of existing product

Customer’s preferences Market trend

7. Do you agree that free trial offers of a new product attract or encourage customer more?

Yes No

8. If yes then what else can be done to encourage customer more?

Discount Gifts

Coupons Others

9. Which advertisement medium is more useful?

Television Newspaper

Radio Poster, banner

10. Do you agree that high quality promotional product will help to gain competitive
advantage over competitors?

Yes No

11. Is there any other option to gain competitive advantage?

Offers Gifts

Discounts Innovative feature of product

12. Before selecting a corporate gifting company what makes you to go for that particular

Market share Product

Offer price Punctuality of delivery

13. For promotional gifting the budget is allotted according to the period

Occasionally Quarterly


14. What is the maximum budget your company spend on promotional products?

5000-10000 11000-16000

17000-22000 23000-above

15. Do you agree that repeat buying behaviour of consumer is essential for promotion?

Yes No
16. What does repeat buying behaviour develop?

Brand Name Brand equity

Brand awareness Sustaining scope

17. In your opinion before giving the order of a product you should check the:

Product sample Delivery Time

Price Quality

18. What is the delivery time you allot to the corporate gifting company?

5 days 7 days

15 days > 15 Days

19. What is the role of brand ambassador in promotion?

Creating awareness Attracting customer

Increasing sales

20. What is the reason of after sales services?

Increasing customer value Customer satisfaction

Increasing customer loyalty None

21. What role does customer feedback play?

Improves product feature Improves promotion activity

Better sales service