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Load Failure’s

BW Error Possible Solution Document if any

1 Failure occurred When 1.TRFC error In Monitor check the
delta Update is going on 2. Data is technical status of the
from one data target to incorrect request for red status Failure1.doc
another data target. (error and then, delete the
records). request from the data
3. Locked by target
or user. If its delta update, In
the source datatarget
reset the delta.
Retrigger the
infopackage to load
data again.
If it’s Full update,
restart job again after
deleting error request
from the datatarget.

2 Maestro job abended with This can be Maestro jobs are

error code or PR1 batch due to some handled by Production
job did not run or get upgrade issue Services, if job is Failure2.doc
delayed. or some abended with a error
changes are code, ticket will be
done in raised by SAP BASIS
Maestro team looks at Maestro
schedule. problems. If there is a
issue with PR1 batch
job, ticket is raised for
SAP team.
3 Database errors: Enable This is Database error.
to extend Table, enable to This is due to Short dump message
extend the Index. lack of space indicates this error
For example. available to message. Ticket is
Database error text. put further raised for DBA
"ORA-01653: unable to data. Elizabeth Mayfield who Failure3.doc
extend table provides the space
SAPR3./BIC/AZUSPYDO10 required. If the update
0 by 8192 in tablespace mode is delta, technical
PSAPODS2D" status of job is changed
to red and request is
deleted from the
datatarget. Infopackage
for Delta update is
triggered again to get
delta from R/3 back. If
its full update, request
is deleted from the
datatarget and
Infopackage is

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Load Failure’s

triggered again to get

full update.
``4 Dead Lock This can Contact the DB People
happen when Ticket is raised for DBA
Database error text........: SMON is who can adjust the Failure4.doc
"ORA-00060: deadlock running or schedules for SMON
detected while waiting for any DBA process.
resource" process is
Internal call code.........: running.
Please check the entries
in the system log
(Transaction SM21).
5 Time Stamp errors : This can Execute T code SE38 in
happen when BW give programme
there is some name as
changes done RS_Transtrucuture_acti Failure5.doc
on datasource vate and execute the
and programme. Give Info
datasource is source and Source
not System and activate.
replicated. This will replicate the
data source and its
status is changed to
active. Once this is
done, delete the
request by changing
technical status to red
and trigger Infopackage
to get delta back from
source system.
6 Error log in PSA- Error This is Check the cause of the
occurred while writing to because of error in Monitor in
PSA. corrupt data detail tabsrip.This gives Failure6.doc
or data is not the record number and
in acceptable Infoobject having
format to BW. format issue. Compare
the data with correct
values and determine
the cause of failure.
Change the QM status
of request in datatarget
to red and delete the
request. Correct the
incorrect data in PSA
and then upload data
into data target from
7 Duplicate data error in This can If it’s a delta update,
Master data upload: happen if change the technical
there are status in the monitor to Failure7.doc
duplicate red and delete the
records from request from the

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Load Failure’s

the source datatarget.If its full

system. BW upload delete the
do not allow request. Delete the
duplicate data request. Schedule
records. again with the option in
the Infopackage,
“without duplicate
data” for master data

8 Error occurred in the data This can Data selection checked

selection: occur due to in the infopackage and
either bug in job is started again Failure8.doc
the after changing the
infopackage technical status to red
or incorrect and deleting the error
data request from the data
selection. In target.
9 Processing (data packet): This can be This type of problem
No data: because of we can solve with copy
some bug in the Info package and Failure9.doc
Infopackage, reschedule the data.
with another
corrects the
10 Process Chain failed. Errors Attend failure manually
occurred in and go to process chain
one of the job log for today and right Failure10.doc
in the process click on the next job
chain and select Repeat
Option. This will
execute all remaining
jobs in process chain.
11 Errors occurred in (IDocs This can IIDOC’s need to be
and TRFC) here only one happen when processed manually
Data package arrived in in source either in OLTP or in BW Failure11.doc
BW that’s also with error: system job is depending on the
Non Updated IIDOCs terminated or failure. Error message
found in the source source in monitor in status
system. system or BW tabstrip will take you to
is not either BW or OLTP
available for wherever there is a
whole period problem. Process
of data IDOC’s, this will start
upload. This the left over packets
can also and will finish the load.
happen if This situation we have
resources are to check the Idocs so
not sufficient we have to check Idoc
in source in WE05 and know the

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Load Failure’s

system. status these are WE51,

WE52, WE53 may be
and next goto WE 19
there we have to
execute the exist Idoc
with successfully
loaded Idoc.
12 Processing (data packet): This can be Data checked in PSA for
Errors occurred-Update because of correctness and after
( 0 new / 0 changed ) : data not changing the bad data Failure12.doc
Errors occurred-Error acceptable to data uploaded back
records written to datatarget into datatarget from
application log. although data PSA.
reached PSA.
13 Process Chains: Errors This occurs Ensure to load Master
occurred in Daily Master when data before Transaction
Data Transaction data. Reload data Failure13.doc
data is loaded depending on update
before Master mode(Delta/Full
data. Update)

14 Errors occurred-Transfer These errors Check for transfer

rules ( 0 Records ) : happen when rules, make relevant
the transfer changes and load data Failure14.doc
rules are not again.
active and
mapping the
data fields is
not correct.
15 Missing messages This can be Check PSA data,
-Processing end: Missing because of Transfer structure,
messages incorrect PSA transfer rules, Update Failure15.doc
data, transfer rules or datatarget
structure, definition.
transfer rules,
update rules
and ODS.
16 Other (messages): Errors The 'valid Change the selection
occurred in data selection from' date is option and reload data.
smaller than Failure16.doc
the mimimum
date, The
'valid from'
date is
smaller than
the mimimum
date, Error in
node time
interval with
the ID
Details in
message, The

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Load Failure’s

'valid from'
date is
smaller than
the mimimum

17 Activation of ODS failed This happens Check for Infoobject

when data is which has caused this
not problem in the monitor Failure17.doc
acceptable to details tabstrip. Delete
ODS request from
definition. datatarget after
Data need to changing QM status to
be corrected red. Correct data in PSA
in PSA. and update data back
to datatarget from PSA.
18 Source System not This can Ensure that source
available happen when system is available.
request IDOC Change technical status Failure18.doc
is sent source of request to red and
system, but delete request from
the source datatarget. Trigger
system for Infopackage again to
some reason get data from source
is not system.
19 Caller 70 missing IDOC’s not Idoc Problem, Either
processed wait till time out &
completely. process Idoc from detail Failure19.doc
monitor screen, or go
to BD87 & process Idoc
with status = YELLOW (
be careful while
processing IDOCS from
BD87, choose only
relevant Idocs
20 Object corrupted- Delta This Reinitialization or there
Management of Master happened is one program for
data lost but allows Full during mass repair of Info object. Failure20.doc
update. failures due to During reinitialization
“ database ensure to use option of
Update Mode R not space issue. Only PSA, avoid
supported. “ duplicate data and
subsequently into
Go to Transaction code
RSRV to check
consistency of
21 Error while opening file This happens Arrange for file, delete
from the source system. when either error request from
file is open or datatarget and trigger Failure21.doc
file is not Infopackage to load
deposited on data from file.

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Load Failure’s

server or not
22 Object locked by user This can Change the technical
happen when status of job to red,
user or delete request from Failure22.doc
ALEREMOTE is datatarget and trigger
accessing the Infopackage again. If its
same table. delta update it will ask
for repeat delta, Click
on Yes button.
23 While load is going on in This happens Change the technical
R/3 table is locked when some status of job to red in
datasource is the monitor and Failure23.doc
accessing R/3 retrigger the job again
transparent from R/3.
table and
takes place in
24 Change run already This can Go to Transaction Code
started by ALEREMOTE happen due RSATTR, see if it’s
to running. Once it’s Failure24.doc
overlapping of finished, repeat the job.
same request
to Program.

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