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Patric Mitchell (order #2310125)


So many monsters… only one engineer.
Christopher Sinclair goes out for a walk and never comes back. A successful engineer transported to a world of swords and sorcery, he’s not interested in having adventures. He just wants to go home to his wife. But before he can find a way home, he has to survive in a world where the basis of power is the consumption of other people’s souls. Magic is real and wonderful—or terrifying, depending on who is using it and what they’re using it for. The feudal hierarchy is endowed with supernatural powers that defy belief. And it needs those powers. Because just over the border of civilized lands is the Wild, where unthinkable monsters lurk, ready to pounce on any sign of weakness. Not that there aren’t enough monsters inside the Kingdom of the Rock, where Good and Evil live side by side in the King’s Court, and thugs with the distinction of rank swagger and take what they want. Christopher finds himself dependent on the Church of the Bright Lady for shelter and protection from a dangerous world he does not understand. Until a sword shows up. An ordinary sword, of common metal, but it arrives as either an astounding coincidence or the will of the gods—no one is really quite sure—in the nick of time. Christopher is surprised to find himself a swordsman in the defense of pacifists, a warrior fighting for healers. He turns magic and skill to the task of making firearms, raises an army of teenage peasants, and sets off to change the world. But, of course, it’s never that simple…

Read the novel that inspired the World of Prime!

Sword of the Bright Lady
by M. C. Planck

Patric Mitchell (order #2310125)


Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .

. 15 Draft and Riding animals......... 39 Inns and Dens............... 54 Businesses................................................................................................................................... 59 Precious materials ...................................... 29 Luggage .................... 44 Alchemy .................................... 55 Shops.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 59 Gems ............................................................................................................................... 52 Soldiers ............................................... 37 Custom Items............................................................ 40 Meals................................... 46 Poisons ..............Contents Introduction ......... 26 General Store ... 40 Entertainment ............................................................................................ 41 Ceremonies ............. 49 Wages .. 29 Camping Gear........ 47 Lifestyles......................................................................................... 36 Tailor’s Shop .............. 22 Siege Engines................................................. 44 Spells ...................................................................................................................................................................................................... 9 Armorer’s Shop..... 38 Materials.................................................................................... 11 Armor .................................................................. 22 Land .. 15 Exotic mounts ..................... 2 Weapon-smithy ........................................................ 3 Primitive Weapons................................................................................. 18 Mason’s Guild .... 32 Hardware Store ........ 32 Locksmith....................... 23 Cartwright’s Yard ...................................................................................................................................................................................................... 12 Shields................................................................ 41 Spell-casting ...................... 52 Craftsmen .......................................... 40 Temples............................................................ 12 Stables .......................................................................... 19 Buildings ................................................................................................................... 19 Roads ................................................................................................................ 29 Class Kits ................................................................................ 37 Common items ............................. 1 Crafting Rules ........................................................................................................................................... 34 Pottery Kiln .................................................... 59 Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 ....................... 7 Civilized Weapons ..................................................... 58 Metals........................................................... 40 Lodgings............................................... 44 Items.................................................................................................................................................. 39 Sewing Shop ................ 16 Flying mounts.... 59 Cloth................. 25 Shipyard........................................ 59 Stones ...................................................................... 58 Food ............................................................. 33 Furniture Mart ............. 55 Farms ........................................................ 31 Scriptorium .................................. 41 Magic Shop........ 10 Armorer’s Shop............................................................................................................. 5 Wild Weapons ............................................................................ 30 Illuminatiorium .................................................................................................................... 55 Hotels..... 38 Trimmings............................................................................... 56 Mines................................................................................................. 56 Bulk Goods.............. 58 Livestock ........................................................................................... 35 Music Shop............................................................................................................................................................ 40 Drinks ... 36 Luxuries............................ 19 Mason’s Guild .................................. 56 Merchants................................................................ 15 Horses ................................................................................................... 17 Tack and Services ..........

Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .

In general assume that a higher-level technology can and will produce any item from a lower level. Size and Weight Most objects are designed for Medium-sized creatures (except where noted).” Primitive societies have no metal production. To move up or down the scale. Technology Primitive Wild Civilized Examples Israelites. at best they use bits scavenged from meteorites or lucky finds. Technology For our purposes. double or half the weight and cost. whichever is greater -1 to Armor check Penalty. +2 to Bluff/Diplomacy +1 to hit +2 Circumstance bonus to appropriate skill use. Size Small Medium Large Huge Weight x½ x1 x2 x4 Cost x½ x1 x2 x4 Masterwork Quality Superior quality (Masterwork) requires a Craft Grade of Master to produce. by its marketplaces. This is a labor intensive process. after clockwork but before gunpowder. Athenian Greece. Tutankhamun’s Egypt Imperial Rome. Iroquois. China’s Warring States. feel free to declare any item unavailable at any price. just pick the closest item. Saladin’s Arabia Medieval technology stops before the Renaissance. What you can and can’t buy says more than a dozen dusty tomes on culture. politics and sociology. When customizing these lists of goods for your adventures.Introduction A society is measured. Armor Weapon Other +150 gp +300 gp +50 gp or x5. Most goods can be purchased regardless of technology. Aztecs. or +4 to relevant DCs World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 1 Ye Olde Shoppe www. technology basically means “metal-working. Wild societies can produce iron and steel in limited quantities. and fudge the price a bit. which are presented in separate sections for each technology. Items that require a certain level of technology will be noted. using wood or bone instead of metal. Mayans Vikings. If you need something not on the list. These items are made using the secret techniques (or magical abilities) of the Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .worldofprime. for cultural or legal reasons. in part. Charlemagne’s France. They may be different in construction. such as a smith making fine steel out of iron or a woodworker divining for knots or flaws in the wood. but they will serve the same purposes. thus accounting for long production times and hence high costs of these items. change the name. Civilized societies produce so much metal that it is common and thus used for everything. This chiefly means weapons and armor.

acids. a Master smith earns 5 silver a day. not until Wizards with Fabricate spells are available.000 days to build the castle. Construction crafts (Masons and Architects) can oversee 10 times as many workers. Ordinary items such as Martial weapons can be made by Journeymen.Crafting Rules To estimate how long it will take to manufacture an item. 2 at Expert. and 3 at Master). its labor component is 10 gold. Note that not all laborers can produce all products. Rome was not built in a day. washes. Time is a precious resource that even the rich cannot buy. Large objects (like castles) can have multiple groups working on them. This cost includes more than just the materials delivered to the customer: there are also additional materials used in the production process. temporary supports or molds. Siege Engineers follow special rules (see Siege Weapons). then it would take the 775 man workforce over 1. At least. they also produce less. This may seem like a long time. Although the assistants cost less. making a Masterwork longsword costs 315 gp because it costs a Master smith 105 gps in materials and just over a year of labor. add their labor together. divide the labor cost of the item by the daily wage of the laborer. you’ll realize it’s not unreasonable at all. and use that to calculate the time and effort. Raw Materials Raw Materials = Price / 3 Assume 1/3 of the final price of the product is in raw materials. such as fluxes. Masterwork items are as much art as they are science. Time Days = Labor / Daily Wage To find out how long it takes to make something.000 gp value of the Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . and wear and tear on tools. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 2 Ye Olde Shoppe www. These numbers are designed to produce reasonable approximations of the wages for craftsmen. The final produce will have the same quality as the overseer’s skill. nor were its legions armed in an afternoon. so it requires 410 days for a Master smith to create it. you should modify this appropriately. Most craftsmen can oversee apprentices or associates equal to their rank (1 at Journeyman. Masterwork quality items require Master level craftsmen. A masterwork longsword costs 315 gold. Thus. In general try to imagine how much the item would cost if made of dross. so the final price won’t change but the item will get done quicker. For precious metals or other unusual raw materials. if each gang was composed of a Master mason and 30 Journeymen workers. Complex or unusual products such as Exotic weapons require Experts. Only the simplest items can be made by Apprentices. If multiple workers cooperate on a single object. Labor Labor = Price – Raw Materials The other 2/3 of the price is for labor. So building a castle could have 25 work-gangs.worldofprime. use the formulas below. Assume a work-group is possible for every 10. So it takes him 20 days to make the weapon. A longsword costs 15 gold. but once you watch pig iron being hammered into a steel katana by hand.

Bludgeoning weapons can be used to smash stone walls. they only receive x1 STR bonus. Weapons made for different size characters move up or down this scale. Hands ½ 1 2 A light weapon that can be used while grappling or as an offhand weapon. Can be used normally in one hand. even though they require two hands to use. These weapons are usually used in Phalanx World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 3 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Whether it’s a wise old shaman carefully selecting stones. The best defense is a good offense. Bludgeoning weapons are much less likely to cause bleeding. Melee weapons use STR as a modifier to hit and for bonus damage. Piercing weapons mostly make small holes in things. apply x1. Each range increment beyond the first imposes a -2 to hit. Slashing weapons grant a +2 circumstance bonus to any save vs. Requires two hands to use. Bludgeoning weapons cannot be poisoned (except with Contact poisons). Thrown weapons use DEX as a modifier to hit and STR for bonus Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . which tend to cause deep internal injuries. Slashing weapons can be used to cut ropes. for a Medium sized wielder. Slashing. Some melee weapons have a range increment. one step for each size change: Smaller 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 or 2d4 1d10 1d12 or 2d6 3d6 4d6 Larger 6d6 8d6 Type The type of damage: Bludgeoning. However. This means they can only attack adjacent targets (5 ft away for a medium-sized creature using a medium-sized weapon: much larger creatures may treat 10 or even 15 ft as Close range).worldofprime. Range The range increment for a weapon. Piercing weapons. However. due to their shallower application. Composite bows can be built that require extra STR to use. or a clever craftsman applying the secrets of metal-craft to make steel. not x1. thus allowing a STR Bonus to damage. usually for a missile weapon. a powerfully built smith hammering deadly form out of a lump iron. Gains no damage bonus from two-handed use.5 STR bonus to damage. or Piercing. the weapon-smith is always a prestigious figure. Slashing weapons provide the normal 10% per round chance to stabilize. after all. Reach (R): Reach weapons can attack a foe 10 ft away instead of merely adjacent (5 ft away). grants x1.5. meaning they can be thrown. Damage The base amount of damage the weapon does. they suffer a -4 to attack foes that are close to them. Close (-): Most melee weapons are Close range (shown as a -). although some melee weapons are also designed to be thrown. Stabilizing: The type of damage also affects a victim’s chance to stabilize. Poisoning: Piercing weapons are best for delivering poisons. poison. Ranged weapons use DEX as a modifier to hit and do not allow a STR bonus to damage. only allow a 5% chance per round. and allow a 25% chance to stabilize every round.Weapon-smithy Every adventurer’s first stop is the weapon-smithy. If used two-handed.5 STR as bonus damage.

Silvered weapons are coated with silver to bypass some forms of DR (like lycanthropes). Against charging foes it does double damage. Double Reach (RR): Double reach weapons are the same as reach weapons. Exotic weapons require a specific feat to use. and bypass any DR that is bypassed with silver. They grant a +1 to hit (that does not stack with magic enhancements) and cost an additional 300 gp. and in a Phalanx formation. superior materials. slings.formations. and plenty of old-fashioned hard work. only trained characters are familiar with Martial weapons. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 4 Ye Olde Shoppe www. This polearm can be Set with a ready action. Only intended to be thrown. Against melee attacks. this weapon provides a +1 AC This weapon can be used to make trip attacks This weapon gains a +2 on disarm attacks and checks. and have all the benefits of Masterwork quality. They have hardness of 20 and 33% more hit points. Mithril weapons have hardness of 15 and 20% more hit points than regular weapons. Proficiency The skill required to use the weapon. These weapons are normally only used in Phalanx formation. except their optimal attack range is 15 ft instead of 10 ft. Notes @ E AC T D S -4 See description for details. simple magic. The Exotic Weapon Proficiency that allows the Longspear to be used in one hand also includes the Reach feat for that weapon. The cost is 500 gp per lb. Virtually everyone is familiar with Simple weapons.worldofprime. applies a -4 to hit penalty when used in melee combat. but Bludgeoning weapons do not. where three rows of soldiers can attack. cost 500 gp per lb. Special Qualities Masterwork weapons are made by master smiths with secret techniques. lassos and whips). but bypass the DR of some kinds of creatures (such as Demons and Fey). Cold Iron weapons cost twice as much as ordinary metal weapons. Owning one is often a sign of status as much as it is a combat strategy. With the Reach feat. At 10 ft or 5 ft they have a -4 to attack. the penalty for using a reach weapon at close range is only -2. Slashing and Piercing weapons suffer a -1 to damage rolls. Exotic Proficiency allows this weapon to be used with one hand instead of two. nets. Special Materials Adamantium weapons bypass up to 20 points of hardness (Damage Reduction) and are equivalent to Masterwork quality. where careful training allows the second row of warriors to attack over the shoulders of the first row. Any kind of weapon can be made from adamantium except flexible weapons ( Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . The cost is 25 gp per pound. With the Phalanx feat. They weigh half as much as normal. a character can learn to use a reach weapon at 5 ft or 10 ft with no penalty.

bronze. Club. Bludg. Rock. chopping wood. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 5 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Tomahawk A small hatchet. @ E D Ranged Dart Blowgun Sling Atlatl Bolas Net Cost 1 sp 5 gp 1 gp 2 gp 1 gp 10 gp Weight 1 lb 2 lb 1 lb 2 lb 2 lb 6 lb Hands ½ 1 1 1 1 2 Damage 1d2 1d2 1d4 +1 1d2 - Critical x2 x3 x2 - Type Pierce Pierce Bludg - Range 20 ft 30 ft 30 ft +10 ft 20 ft 10 ft Proficiency Simple Simple Simple Martial Exotic Exotic Note @ T T. Javelin May be tipped with lead. Knife More of a tool than a fighting weapon. If you have to use one as a melee weapon. Baton. obsidian. Also. made of iron. but also suitable for delivering poison. of varying sizes. and all of them can be made without metal. it imposes a -4 to hit due to its poor design for that purpose.5 STR bonus damage. stone. @ Fist A standard medium-sized person does this much damage when punching someone. Note that the Boulder receives x1. they are simple enough that almost anyone can employ them effectively. or scalping fallen foes.Primitive Weapons Primitive weapons are generally not as good as more technologically advanced Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . or stone. bronze. Bludg. Range 15 ft 10 ft 20 ft 30 ft 20 ft Proficiency Simple Simple Simple Simple Simple Simple Simple Simple Simple Simple Simple Martial Exotic Note -4 -4 S. low cost. Maul The humble wooden stick. Intended to be thrown as an opening shock just before melee combat. Its only attraction is its low. or iron. However. Suitable for throwing. Clobbering with a boulder is much more difficult unless the victim is prone or otherwise defenseless (Boulders used in melee impose a -4 to hit). or steel. Bludg. Slash Bludg.worldofprime. Boulder These are normally thrown. Slash Slash Pierce Bludg. they are cheap. although you could beat someone with a rock if you really felt like it. May be made of flint. copper. Melee Fist Rock Boulder Baton Knife Tomahawk Javelin Stone Mace Club Spear Maul Macuahuitl Grain Flail Cost 0 0 0 1 gp 2 gp 1 gp 3 gp 0 3 gp 3 gp 15 gp 1 gp Weight 1 lb 10 lb 1 lb 1 lb 2 lb 2 lb 6 lb 3 lb 3 lb 20 lb 15 lb 3 lb Hands ½ ½ 2 ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 1 1 2 2 ½ Damage 1d2 1d2 1d4 1d3 1d3 1d4 1d4 1d6 1d4 1d6 1d8 1d8 1d6 Critical x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 Type Bludg. Pierce Bludg. Bludg. iron.

Used two-handed. The net can also be destroyed with 10 points of slashing damage. After it is thrown. Blowgun A hollow tube that shoots darts.Stone Mace A rock on the end of a stick. With an Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat it can be used in one hand. Net A net is used to entangle enemies. A net made of better material (such as silk or metal-reinforced wire) requires Civilized technology. Spear The spear was the standard weapon of the soldier for thousands of years because of its incredible versatility. it does allow ranged trip attacks. it is so light it does not receive a STR bonus to damage. it can’t be used by Undead or constructs. Although this weapon does little damage. However. Used one-handed. Macuahuitl A broad wooden paddle studded with bits of obsidian as a cutting edge. Atlatl Used to throw a spear. This weapon could also represent a firehardened spear. powered by the user’s Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Thus. Dart A bit of feathered wood tipped with stone or metal. Grain Flail Also called the nunchaka. it takes two rounds to fold the net and make it ready to throw again. The DCs increase to Concentration 20. make a ranged touch attack. but the heavier. it can strike at Reach (10 ft) or Close (5 ft) for no penalty. When you throw a net. Spellcasting requires a DC 15 Concentration check. For a full round action. it can inflict surprising amounts of damage in the right hands. expensive and difficult to maintain. Although it is thrown. can move at only half speed. Bolas Three or four weights joined by cords. hard to learn. bulkier 10 lb net imposes a -2 to hit and costs 20 gp. although such a primitive weapon should do only 1d4 damage. Stones are free: lead bullets grant a +1 to damage. but cost 1 cp each. javelin. but provides a very powerful attack. or dart. Entangled creatures take a -2 penalty on attack rolls and a -4 penalty to Dexterity. Crude but effective. Commonly used in each hand as a two- weapon fighting style. Is primary purpose is to kill small game or deliver poison. and cannot charge or run. it is so cheap and ubiquitous that anyone who wants to use one can easily obtain and practice with it.worldofprime. it only has Close range but you can use a shield in the other hand. this is two lengths of wood joined by a piece of rope. a DC 20 Escape Artist check can escape the net. Sling A simple leather cord that launches rocks or stones. a DC 25 Strength check can burst it. you can throw it. In a pinch. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 6 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Adds +1 damage and +10 ft to the range increment. Simple to make. the sling is not particularly easy to use. Escape Artist 25 and Strength 30. this is the weapon favored by stylish cave-men. Although it is fragile. bound with leather thongs.

However. but stone. Bronze. the length and versatility of this weapon grants a +1 to AC when used in melee combat. Anyone with a STR less than 12 should not even try to wield this weapon. Light Mace A heavy weight on the end of a wooden handle. E @ S S T. Quarterstaff A favorite weapon of priests. D. mithril. silver. cold iron. Bludg. The most interesting aspect of the light mace is that it can be made out of almost any kind of material. Shortsword This category covers everything from extremely large knives to the wakazashi and the famous gladius. thin bladed weapon receives a +2 Sleight of Hand check when trying to hide it. Silver maces are particularly popular in areas infested with Undead or lycanthropes. but can occasionally dish out tremendous damage.Wild Weapons These weapons require less metal and less metal-working skill to World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Battleaxe A wider cutting edge with less mass and a haft designed for one handed-use make this weapon very different from its humble cousin the wood axe. Scimitar A wickedly curved sword. wizards and pacifists. @ Ranged Shortbow Composite Shortbow Longbow Composite Longbow Arrows (20) Lasso Cost 10 gp 35 gp 15 gp 50 gp 1 gp 1 gp Weight 2 lb 3 lb 3 lb 4 lb 1 lb 6 lb Hands 2 2 2 2 1 Damage 1d6 1d6 1d6 1d8 - Critical x3 x3 x3 x3 - Type Pierce Pierce Pierce Pierce - Range 60 ft 70 ft 100 ft 110 ft 30 ft Proficiency Martial Exotic Martial Exotic Exotic Note @ @ T. 7 Ye Olde Shoppe www. this long. @ Dagger A favorite of back-stabbers and poisoners. Greataxe The massive double-bladed axe of legend. iron and steel are most common. the scimitar is hard to use correctly. Plenty of societies with the technology to produce Civilized weapons will still employ these cheaper alternatives. they are not necessarily less effective. Slash Slash Slash Pierce Pierce Slash Pierce Bludg. Range 10 ft R RR R RR R/RR Proficiency Simple Simple Simple Simple Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Exotic Note AC S. Anyone that knows how to use a knife can use a shortsword.worldofprime. Melee Dagger Shortsword Light Mace Quarterstaff Battleaxe Scimitar Greataxe Longspear Lance Glaive Pike Whip Cost 2 gp 10 gp 5 gp 2 gp 10 gp 15 gp 20 gp 5 gp 10 gp 8 gp 8 gp 1 gp Weight 1 lb 3 lb 6 lb 4 lb 6 lb 4 lb 15 lb 9 lb 10 lb 10 lb 15 lb 1 lb Hands ½ ½ ½ 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 Damage 1d4 1d6 1d6 1d6 1d8 1d6 1d12 1d8 1d8 1d10 1d6 1d3 Critical 19-20/x2 19-20/x2 x2 x2 x3 18-20/x2 x3 x3 x4 x3 x2 19-20/x2 Type Pierce Slash Bludg. copper. or adamantium are all equally suitable.

Normally it is used in Phalanx format. you can either pay out more rope (up to the maximum of 30 ft). Lance Lances are only intended to be used from the back of a mount. At closer range it imposes a -4 to hit (the Reach feat can remove this).5 STR bonus to damage). but allow both Trip and Disarm attacks at 5. although the Macedonians called it a sarissa. The glaive is a Reach weapon.worldofprime. Typically matched with a large shield and used in Phalanx formation. the lance inflicts double damage. If you fail the check. However. Composite Longbow Made of bone and sinew to improve its strength. With an opposed Strength check you can block the target’s movement away from you. Unlike other reach weapons. Often the blade is curved for better cutting power. meaning it strikes 15 ft away. or 15 ft. Heavier versions can be made that require more STR and do more damage (but the to-hit bonus still comes from DEX). but do not threaten those areas. let go of the rope. The lance has double-reach. Longbow The ancient recurve bow and the more modern longbow. you can use a shield in the other hand with no penalty. Improved Composite Shortbow Damage Cost Weight Min STR 1d6+1 75 gp 4 lb 12 1d6+2 150 gp 5 lb 14 1d6+3 225 gp 6 lb 16 1d6+4 300 gp 7 lb 18 Improved Composite Longbow Damage Cost Weight Min STR 1d8+1 100 gp 5 lb 12 1d8+2 200 gp 6 lb 14 1d8+3 300 gp 7 lb 16 1d8+4 400 gp 8 lb 18 Lasso Make a ranged touch attack to lasso a target. The weapon has double reach. Whip Whips are difficult to use. Under any other condition they impose a -4 to hit. These weapons are cheap enough to equip whole armies with. If the mount is Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .Longspear The weapon of the Greeks: the spear taken to its greatest perfection. meaning it strikes 15 ft away. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 8 Ye Olde Shoppe www. just like throwing any other unsuitable weapon). Glaive A shortsword on the end of long stick. Like other polearms. They can be used at both ranges with no minus. allowing three ranks of men to attack at once. It can be Set against charging foes. Pike Both the Swiss and the Macedonians used this weapon to deadly effect. 10. and can be Set against charging foes. With an Exotic Proficiency feat. it cannot be used against targets that are closer. Although the lance is listed as requiring two hands (and receives x1. it can be Set against a charge. They cannot damage any target with +2 AC or better armor (although they can still Trip or Disarm). this weapon can be used 1-handed and at 5 ft or 10 ft with no minus. or follow them. Composite Shortbow. it is not intended to be thrown (apply a -4 penalty. The rope can be escaped the same way a net can. Shortbow.

With heroic training (and an Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat) this weapon can be used one-handed. Longsword The staple of heroic weaponry. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 9 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Dire Flail One to three spiked balls attached by chains to a metal haft. they can also be extremely effective. Rapier A very thin blade primarily used for stabbing. this weapon has several heavy flanges of iron or steel at the end of a short metal handle. Warhammer A heavy hammer with a spike on the back. It packs the greatest wallop of any Simple weapon. Slash Pierce Slash Bludg. Range Proficiency Simple Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Exotic Note @ @ AC E T. but knowing you can hurt anything is sometimes worth the price. AC Ranged Crossbow Arbalest Quarrels (10) Cost 35 gp 50 gp 1 gp Weight 6 lb 9 lb 1 lb Hands 2 2 - Damage 1d8 1d10 - Critical 19-20/x2 19-20/x2 - Type Pierce Pierce - Range 80 ft 130 ft - Proficiency Simple Martial - Note @ @ Flanged Mace An improvement over the Stone mace.Civilized Weapons Like much else of the civilized world. Making this weapon requires even more technical skill than making longswords. and gains a +1 to hit whenever it is used against a target wearing metal armor. The Dire Flail gains a +2 bonus to Disarm checks and can be used to make Trip attacks. Morningstar A spiked. the longsword is both effective and stylish. T Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Bastard sword An extra-large longsword.worldofprime. Melee Flanged Mace Warhammer Morningstar Longsword Rapier Bastard sword Dire Flail Greatsword Halberd Sai (Fork) Cost 12 gp 12 gp 8 gp 15 gp 20 gp 35 gp 15 gp 50 gp 10 gp 5 gp Weight 8 lb 8 lb 6 lb 4 lb 2 lb 10 lb 15 lb 15 lb 15 lb 1 lb Hands 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 ½ Damage 1d8 1d8 1d8 1d8 1d6 1d10 1d10 2d6 1d10 1d4 Critical x2 x2 x2 19-20/x2 18-20/x3 19-20/x2 x2 19-20/x2 x3 19-20/x2 Type Bludg. overly complex and difficult to use. Slash Any Bludg.000 gp. Greatsword A massive sword used in both hands. The Shrewsbury Mace is a +1 Ghost Touch weapon with four flanges. Properly employed. D S. designed to pass all possible forms of Damage Reduction: one of steel. It costs 10. one of Cold Iron. Bludg. steel ball on an iron chain. Bludg. This weapon is specially designed to defeat heavily armored foes. one of Alchemical Silver and one of Adamantium. Most versions are pointed and can be used to cause 1d6 piercing damage instead of slashing if desired. This weapon gains a +1 to hit whenever it is used against a shield-bearing foe. intended to kill horses or break open shield walls. these weapons can be expensive.

Improved versions can be made that cause additional damage (effectively the same as a STR bonus). The simple point-and-click interface makes it suitable for anyone to use. The halberd has a multifaceted head and can do any kind of damage: Bludgeoning. Sai This over-sized fork is designed to disarm and defend. as it can be used to Set against a charge and then used to pull the rider from his horse (a Trip attack).com Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Slashing. spike and hook all on the end of a pole. You can load any crossbow with prodds (metal balls) to do 1d4 Bludgeoning damage instead of 1d8 Piercing.worldofprime.Halberd A hammer. Improved Arbalest Damage Cost 1d10+1 100 gp 1d10+2 150 gp 1d10+3 200 gp 1d10+4 250 gp Weight 10 lb 11 lb 12 lb 13 lb Reload Time 2 rounds 3 rounds 4 rounds 5 rounds World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 10 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Improved Crossbow Damage Cost Weight 1d8+1 70 gp 7 lb 1d8+2 105 gp 8 lb 1d8+3 140 gp 9 lb 1d8+4 175 gp 10 lb Reload Time 1 round 2 rounds 3 rounds 4 rounds Arbalest A steel crossbow that requires a winch (and an entire round) to reload. Using two Sai will grant a +2 to AC (but still only a +2 to Disarm checks). Heaver versions can be reloaded with a winch. or Piercing. It can also use prodds as ammunition. Crossbow A wooden crossbow that can be reloaded by hand in ½ a round (a Move action). doing 1d6 Bludgeoning damage. blade. The halberd is particularly effective against cavalry. It provides a +1 AC when used in melee combat. It is so heavy and dangerous to use that it requires military training.

make an opposed STR check to knock your foe back 5 ft. Max DEX Bonus This is the maximum DEX bonus to AC that the wearer can take advantage of. Masterwork shields cost an additional 50 gp.worldofprime. when you run you only triple your normal speed instead of quadrupling it. plus 5% per point of Skill Penalty. especially against highly armored targets. A character who wears armor and/or uses a shield with which he or she is not proficient takes the armor’s (and/or shield’s) armor check penalty on attack rolls and on all Strength-based and Dexterity-based ability and skill checks. but their only benefit is to reduce the Skill Penalty by 1. However. The Tower shield imposes a limit of +2. Bash (Shields) You can bash your foes with some shields. but increases the Max DEX Bonus by 1. or both. Move Silently. Arcane Spell Failure Casting arcane spells with somatic components in armor is likely to fail. Skill Penalty This penalty is applied to certain skills checks: Balance. There is a base 5% chance. If you hit. and adds a +2 Circumstance bonus to skill checks where looking rich and important would matter (usually Bluff and Diplomacy). HPs (Shields) Damage Reduction and Hit Points. Special Qualities Masterwork armor costs an extra 150 gp. CHA-based casters (Bards and Sorcerers) can ignore this for armors they have the Proficiency feat for. use the worst modifier for shield or armor. Sleight of Hand and Tumble. Higher technology societies will still use the lower level Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . and -5 ft for creatures that normally move 20 ft per round. CHA-based casters cannot avoid the shield penalty (hiding behind a shield is not very charismatic). Make a touch attack and deal 1d3 Bludgeoning damage. -10 ft for creatures that move normally move 30-40 ft per round. This may be a blacksmith. because they are cheaper. Sundering the enemy’s shield is a valid tactic. that the spell will fail and be wasted. reduces the Skill Penalty by 1 and the Arcane Spell failure by 5%. you lose the shield’s benefit to AC for the round you attacked with it. Jump. The skill penalty for shields and armor stacks together. Shields inflict a failure chance of 5% times the AC bonus. DR. Also. and stacks with the failure chance of the armor you are wearing. a leatherworker. Climb.Armorer’s Shop The next visit is always to the armorer’s shop. but the proprietor will have only slightly less prestige than the weaponsmith. Proficiency The ability needed to be able to effectively wear the armor. Escape Artist. Hide. Tech The technology level needed to make this kind of armor. Move Penalty Heavy or medium armor (and/or a Tower shield) imposes a movement penalty of -20 ft for creatures that move more than 40 ft per round. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 11 Ye Olde Shoppe www.

Mithril armor is half the weight of normal metal armor. and subtracts 1 from each die of damage done by the appropriate kind of attack (acid. and is always Masterwork quality (with all associated benefits). Only metal armor and shields can be made from Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . It is always Masterwork quality. but that’s just for the labor – you have to supply the dragon hide yourself (such a rare commodity can’t be bought).Special Materials Silk is half the weight of normal cloth. hide. The cost is twice as much as a Masterwork suit of ordinary material.500 gp Weight 10 lb 15 lb 30 lb 20 lb 30 lb 35 lb 25 lb 30 lb 50 lb 50 lb AC +1 +2 +3 +3 +4 +6 +4 +5 +7 +8 Move Penalty Y Y Y Y Y Y Max DEX Bonus 8 6 4 5 3 1 4 3 0 1 Skill Penalty 0 0 -3 -1 -4 -6 -2 -4 -7 -6 Proficiency Light Light Medium Light Medium Heavy Light Medium Heavy Heavy Tech Primitive Primitive Primitive Wild Wild Wild Civilized Civilized Civilized Civilized Shields Shields Rattan Round Target Tower Buckler Heater Kite Cost 1 gp 3 gp 7 gp 30 gp 7 gp 9 gp 20 gp Weight 3 lb 5 lb 10 lb 30 lb 5 lb 8 lb 15 lb AC +1 +2 +3 +4 +1 +2 +3 DR 3 5 5 5 10 10 10 HPs 2 3 5 10 0 2 5 Skill Penalty -1 -1 -2 -10 0 -1 -2 Tech Primitive Primitive Wild Wild Civilized Civilized Civilized Note Bash @ @ Bash Bash World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 12 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Dragon hide armor is always Masterwork quality.000 gp per point of AC protection (or 1.000 gp per AC for a shield). Armor Armor Cloth Leather Hide Studded Leather Scale mail Banded mail Chainmail Breastplate Half-plate Full plate Cost 5 gp 10 gp 15 gp 25 gp 50 gp 250 gp 100 gp 200 gp 600 gp 1. or studded armor. leather.worldofprime. The cost is 1. you could make any kind of armor out of dragon hide. It has hardness 15 and 20% more hit points than normal armor. and the Max DEX Bonus is increased by 2 and the Skill Penalty is lessened by up to 3. Only metal armor and shields can be made from mithril. It is always Masterwork quality. Adamantium armor grants DR 1/2/3 for Light/Medium/Heavy armors. Silk armor costs 150 gp plus 25 gp per point of AC protection. It has hardness 4 and 20% more hit points than ordinary.000 gp per point of AC protection (or 500 gp per AC for a shield). or cold). The cost is 2. has DR 20 and 33% more hit points against sundering attacks. Dragon hide: if you were crazy enough to wear it. electricity. fire. and Max DEX Bonus is increased by 2 and the Skill Penalty is lessened by up to 3.

Includes a full Bascinet helmet.”) Breastplate A cuirass or chest-plate made from a single piece of metal. Hide Armor made from cured animal hides. This also represents soft leather armor like jackets or coats. complete with fangs and glass eyes. Masterwork Half-plate only costs 750 gp. with the joints and gaps covered by chainmail. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck Banded mail The premiere armor for this level of technology. Bulky. individual articulated fingered gauntlets and sabatons (metal boots). Comes with a stylish leather hood. clumsy and hot. However. A Norman metal cap with a short nosebar comes with it. which is good enough for most warriors. The leather gloves might have studs sewn into the back of the hand for decoration. metal-plated leather boots. suitable for executioners or fancy-dress parties. Includes thick boots and heavy leather gloves (as does all armor until HalfPlate and Plate). the more flamboyant the better. This kind of armor is often Masterwork simply for the style factor.worldofprime. The extra 150 gp for Masterwork grade armor is applied 13 Ye Olde Shoppe www. The Bucket helmet is a Norman cap with cheek plates for more protection. Small vambraces and greaves help protect the arms and legs. Leather Armor made from cured leather. This armor does not allow a DEX bonus. Scale mail Overlapping scales of metal mounted on a leather backing. Not very good armor. like scale mail. like a Bucket helmet but extending further down the back of the neck and with a longer nosebar. but better than nothing. This armor is extremely heavy but can be manufactured by low skilled workers. Heavy shoes and light leather (or silk) gloves complete the outfit. The helmet is often a skinned and cured animal head. The head is protected by a good hat. which makes it inferior to many other forms of armor. Chainmail Small loops of metal wire intermeshed together. this armor consists of strips and plates of metal. Not normally found in non-primitive societies. This armor is weighty but extremely flexible. it is the best armor primitive societies can make. (Note: in some realms this armor is referred to as a “Chain Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . It corresponds to the Roman lorica segmentata. but excellent protection. A tunic covers the arms to the wrists and the legs down to the knees. a plated mitten gauntlet and a heavy Sallet helmet with full face protection. Heavy. like Scottish kilts or the Greek linothorax. with greaves and vambraces for the legs and arms. Studded Leather Disks or studs of metal sewn to a leather backing. Includes a Barbute helmet. Full plate Armor plate so finely made it doesn’t require chainmail to seal the gaps. often by boiling it in wax to make it hard. sewn and stitched into armor. Half-plate Plate armor.Cloth Cloth folded. A separate coif covers the head and neck. and the best nonmetal armor available. and still allows a +1 DEX bonus. It includes a Bucket helmet.

cannot be used from a mount. sturdier wooden shield. At that point striking the shield is as easy as hitting a wall (AC 10. it doesn’t hold up to abuse very long. Comes in many shapes. This wood has been hand-sawn and carefully warped to maximize strength and durability. or diamond. because they came apart so quickly under the weight of battleaxe blows. The shield is sometimes asymmetrical. The shield can be used as Cover. this is a warrior’s best friend. it may be worth something to force your foes to demolish your shield before they demolish you. +4 for no DEX bonus). Vikings were allowed up to three shields in a duel. Kite shield A larger. Round shield Made of split-planks (wood that has been split off the beam instead of sawn). Even so. Tower shield A moveable wooden wall. A warrior will need a new one for every battle. the tower shield imposes a -2 to all attacks. heavier kite-shaped version of the Heater. originally designed for horsemen. although your attacks will be at a -1 if you do so. The advantage to the buckler is that you can gain its protection and still use a two-handed weapon. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 14 Ye Olde Shoppe www. rectangular. Target shield A larger. Still. Sturdy and strong. extending down the left side to cover the leg (since the other leg is protected by the horse). Buckler shield A small metal plate originally worn as an elaborate belt-buckle. round. such as square. Advanced versions will have a metal boss and rim to make them last longer. but only if you give up your attacks and cower behind it. and does not allow more than a +2 DEX bonus to AC. often diamond shaped. Heater shield A normal sized shield made of metal.after the armor is created. by resizing the armor to custom-fit the wearer. imposes a move penalty if you don’t already have one (just like Heavy armor).com Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .worldofprime. oblong. Rattan shield Made of wicker-weave. Strong and light.

Horses Mule A cross between a donkey and a horse. Horses are valuable tools and status symbols. Many of these creatures are dangerous combatants in their own right. Cheap. not including stabling fees. Refer to the Monster section in the SRD for their abilities. Also good eating. Horses Pony Palfrey Draft horse Warpony Courser Destrier Cost 50 gp 75 gp 100 gp 100 gp 150 gp 400 gp Feed 2 cp 3 cp 4 cp 3 cp 5 cp 8 cp Size Medium Large Large Medium Large Large HPs 2d8+2 3d8+6 4d8+6 2d8+4 3d8+9 4d8+12 Move 40 ft 60 ft 50 ft 40 ft 60 ft 50 ft Carry 75 lb 150 lb 200 lb 100 lb 225 lb 300 lb Ye Olde Shoppe www.Stables Every upscale adventurer needs a fancy horse – or better. and you can eat them if you have to. Draft and Riding animals Animal Sled dog Donkey Mule Ox Cost 5 gp 25 gp 50 gp 50 gp Feed 1 cp 2 cp 3 cp 4 cp Size Medium Medium Large Large HPs 1d8+2 2d8+2 3d8+9 6d8+6 Move 40 ft 40 ft 40 ft 20 ft Carry 35 lb 50 lb 250 lb 500 lb Sled dog Normally used for pulling dog sleds. including all of his armor and gear. any barding and the rider. tack. and not noted for its loyalty or obedience. Strong but not so fast. Donkey Includes llamas. The last three in the table are trained for war. Remember to add the weight of saddles. *Flying mounts cannot carry a Heavy load. but very slow. One ox can feast 500 men. Since individual mounts will differ slightly in size and strength. Ox Immensely strong. and since larger warriors will pick the larger mounts. Load Carry Weight x1 x2 x3 Max DEX Bonus 3 1 Skill Penalty -3 -6 Movement Penalty -10 ft -20 ft Light Medium Heavy* Medium characters usually weigh between 100 and 200 World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 15 Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . but you can put pack saddles on them too (the pack costs and weighs ½ as much. due to being for a Medium creature instead of for a Large one). Some creatures have to be fed meat.worldofprime. effective labor. you can just assume an average of 150 lb. Feed The cost per day to feed the animal. Small characters average about 50 lb. Carry This is the Light load for the creature.

Convincing one not to eat you. Courser The Arabian hot-blooded racing horse. Wolf Includes large war-trained dogs like German Shepards. It is unlikely that any civilized society would employ these creatures. Destrier The legendary warhorse. heavy Clydesdale.000 gp 4. Huge. One solution is the Animal Friendship spell. it makes an excellent mount.500 lb Boar These animals make good war mounts because they like attacking Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . the meat is as tough as old shoe-leather. Deinonychus The only really suitable riding dinosaur. however. and thus their ownership might require legal permission or social status. Dire Wolf.000 gp Feed 1 cp 2 cp 10 cp 10 cp 100 cp 100 cp 200 cp 500 cp Size Medium Medium Large Large Large Large Huge Huge HPs 3d8+9 2d8+4 6d8+18 7d8+21 4D10+12 8d8+40 11d8+55 16d10+112 Move 40 ft 50 ft 50 ft 40 ft 60 ft 30 ft 40 ft 30 ft Carry 100 lb 75 lb 250 lb 400 lb 200 lb 700 lb 1. The extra Exotic mounts mobility on the march and the battlefield can be worth the price. usually ridden by halflings or children. however. strong and willing to fight. trained for war. these animals are suitable for hobliars: men who ride to battle but dismount to fight. Warpony Tougher and sturdier than an ordinary pony. They don’t make good eating.000 lb 1. Exotics Boar Wolf Dire Wolf Dire Boar Deinonychus Rhinoceros Elephant Triceratops Cost 200 gp 150 gp 3.Pony A small horse. At least they are cheap to feed – they’ll eat anything.000 gp 7. Palfrey Traditionally a woman’s riding horse.worldofprime. but they can survive off bread and scraps. could be problematic. Ridgebacks and Newfoundlands. Dire Boar Like their smaller cousins. medieval warhorses were valued at the lives of three grooms – because that’s how many they would kill during their training. only larger and meaner. Dogs will eat meat if they can get it. All of these creatures are trained for battle. Draft horse A huge.000 gp 9. as they tend to be uncontrollably violent.000 gp 4. These creatures can be trained to fight as a pack. or a good working horse like the American Quarter-horse. suitable for pulling plows or wagons full of ale. or can be ridden by Small characters.000 gp 3. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 16 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Unfortunately no one has figured out how to train a herd of boar to just be attack animals: they need to be ridden and guided by Small riders. Some of these mounts can only be found in certain geographical climates. Fast and vicious.

the griffon will likely continue to attack on its own. if you can get them to stop eating your grooms. so they will only be found in Good societies. These even more exotic war mounts are not necessarily available in any given area. their ownership is likely to be restricted to certain social groups by law or tradition. Flying Giant Hawk Giant Eagle Hippogriff Pegasus Griffon Cost 2. and able to detect Evil at will. they are effectively chained.000 gp 5. with bad sight and terrible hygiene. its AC is one lower (16). Can also be used Flying mounts to perform considerable manual labor. but its HPs are higher. This creature fights like a Hawk. they demand much finer fare – no Pegasus will settle for one apple when he could easily fly up to the orchard and eat a Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . they cannot undo these avian bridles. and lots of it. and since they cannot fly blind. griffons are powerful combatants in their own right. Giant Eagle These creatures are intelligent. Elephant Bowmen in the howdah will defend the creature from spearmen. Griffon A cross between a lion and a bird of prey. dragging and lifting logs with their powerful trunks. studies show that griffons that leave the battlefield with unconscious riders tend to become bored and eat them. Some evil societies may use constant mindcontrol effects to maintain their own enslaved herd of Pegasi. so using them as mounts is either voluntary on their part. Shorttempered. Pegasus The legendary winged horses are the most prized of all aerial cavalry. Triceratops You can practically build a castle on the back of these (or a double-sized howdah). they tend to charge at the drop of a hat.000 gp 4. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 17 Ye Olde Shoppe www.500 gp Feed 10 cp 25 cp 50 cp 25 cp 200 cp Size Medium Large Large Large Large HPs 2d8+2 4d10+4 3d10+9 4d10+12 7d10+21 Move 60 ft 80 ft 100 ft 120 ft 80 ft Carry 75 lb 200 lb 250 lb 300 lb 200 lb Giant Hawk Suitable for Small characters. Even if they are. This is due to careful training.000 gp 8. The cost associated with them is not so much a purchase price (Good societies don’t buy and sell sentient beings) as an expression of how much effort it requires to raise one to maturity. or an act of enslavement. Because the birds lack hands. Griffons will only eat meat.000 gp 4. Also suitable for large giants to ride. Hippogriff A bizarre cross between horse and bird. these aggressive creatures make excellent war mounts. and its talons do 1d4 damage. They are also intelligent. Although they only eat as much as a horse. If their riders are incapacitated in combat.Rhinoceros Large enough to carry ogres or hill giants. There are societies that control the birds with special blindfolds that snap shut when not operated by a rider. partly due to their Chaotic nature. because they are the fastest and strongest flying mount possible. rather than fly to some place of safety where its rider might be healed.worldofprime. no matter how much money you have to spend. while the driver directs it to trample anything in the way. These animals are exceptionally intelligent and will remember and resent ill treatment.

Tack and Services Tack Bit and bridle Riding Saddle Military Saddle Yoke Blinding bridle Cost 2 gp 10 gp 20 gp 3 gp 2 gp Weight 1 lb 25 lb 30 lb 50 lb 1 lb Description Riding checks are -4 unless the mount is intelligent. or otherwise civilized roads. Be sure to protect that valuable addition to your stables. This is the price per year to lease or maintain a stable for a horse. so for Medium ones. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 18 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Grants a +2 Circumstance bonus to Ride checks. Provides cover for 4 Medium or 8 Small characters (Huge mount only). Exception: the howdah is already weighted and priced for a Huge. you can’t dismount without spending 2 rounds untying yourself. There is no place for a rider to Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . reduce the cost/weight by ½. Riding checks are -4 without a saddle of some kind. Allows the mount to carry its full Heavy load in cargo. these are blindfolds over the eyes. and Flying mounts can’t wear Medium or Heavy barding. paved. If the rider is not actively manipulating the reins. exotic animal like an elephant or triceratops. or plough. Flying Saddle Saddle bags Pack Saddle Stabling Shoeing Howdah Barding 50 gp 4 gp 5 gp 4 gp 4 gp 200 gp varies 20 lb 8 lb 15 lb 500 lb varies The weight and cost is given for a Large animal. On the other hand. but still leave room for a rider. Allows the mount to carry up to ½ its Light load in equipment and gear. Necessary to allow the animal to pull a wagon. causing almost any creature to stop moving. the blindfolds snap shut. Rather than a bit in the mouth. No mount can use a shield. Barding comes in all the same forms as armor. You can be tied into the saddle so you can’t fall off. Necessary once a year for horses or other hoofed animals being ridden on packed. sleigh.worldofprime.

000 gp 5. 2 stories 200 x 200 ft. 3 stories 15 ft tall x 4.000 gp 1. 4 stories 150 x 150 ft. 3 stories AC Bonus +1 +1 +1 +0 +2 +3 +3 Tech Primitive Primitive Wild Civilized Civilized Civilized Civilized Material Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Fortifications Cave Cavern Barracks Bailey Gatehouse Tower Keep Castle Citadel Fortress Wooden wall Stone wall Great wall Legendary wall Moat Cost 100.000.000 (Village) (Town) (City) (Empire) (Castle) Dimensions 150 x 200 ft.000 ft 30 ft tall x 20. While individuals can use any wall as cover or Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .000 gp 4.000 ft AC Bonus +6 +8 +2 +4 +6 +6 +5 +6 +7 +8 +3 +4 +5 +6 +1 Tech Primitive Primitive Primitive Primitive Wild Wild Wild Civilized Civilized Civilized Primitive Wild Civilized Civilized Wild Material Stone Stone Wood Wood Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Stone Wood Stone Stone Stone - World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 19 Ye Olde Shoppe www. 1 story 50 x 50 ft.000 gp 15. All Religious buildings grant a +2 Morale to defenders of the appropriate faith or creed.000 gp 250.000 gp 1. Occupancy This is the number of people who can live comfortably in the building. roads. Lodgings Barn Cottage House Apartment Manor Mansion Palace Cost 50 gp 100 gp 400 gp 10 gp/year 1.000 gp 10. 1 story 100 x 100 ft.000 gp Occupancy 40 5 10 5 20 50 500 Dimensions 40 x 60 ft.000 gp 100. fortifications and other improvements. up to x4 as many soldiers or refugees can occupy the building for weeks at a time. Rent is typically 5%.000 ft 20 ft tall x 10. 1 story 20 x 20 ft. The mason’s guild is the place to go for buildings. 3 stories 350 x 350 ft. 3 stories 500 x 500 ft. as well. 1 story 250 x 500 ft. AC Bonus This is the amount of military defense the structure adds.000 gp 500.worldofprime. 2 stories 50 x 80 ft. 2 stories 20 x 20 ft. entire military units can gain this AC bonus when fighting other armies. 1 story 50 x 80 ft. 1 story 30 x 40 ft.000 gp 1.Mason’s Guild Buildings Eventually you’ll want to settle down and buy a place of your own. 3 stories 500 x 500 ft.000 ft 10 ft deep x 1.000 gp 400. Cost Maintenance on a building is approximately 1% per year. In times of war or emergency. 1 story 20 x 20 ft.000 gp 5.000 gp 100.000 gp Occupancy 100 500 50 50 10 15 100 250 500 1. 1 room 50 x 50 ft.000 gp 200.000 gp 500.000 ft 40 ft tall x 20.000 gp 50.

usually on a large estate. 3 stories AC Bonus +1 +2 +1 +1 +1 +1 +2 Tech Wild Civilized Wild Wild Wild Civilized Civilized Material Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Barn A barn houses 40 Medium.000 gp 200 gp 500 gp 300 gp 5. House A basic house. wattle and daub. beams. Murder-holes allow the 20 Ye Olde Shoppe www. with three to five rooms. 1 story 50 x 80 ft. roofs vary from thatch. Bailey A wooden fort surrounded by a 10 ft tall log wall. Cottage A two-room hovel.000 gp 2.000 gp 5. 2 stories 200 x 200 ft.000 gp 500. Unless you can employ dwarves or magic. and location Manor A two-story building with three to five rooms per floor.000 gp 200. Cave A natural cave complex. possibly with a loft. The gate is thick wood strengthened by iron bands. 1 story 50 x 70 ft. Walls are made from everything to World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . 10 Large. 1 story 80 x 100 ft. you can’t actually build a cave. House construction varies according to the technology and civilization. Apartment Renting a room in a Manor house.worldofprime. Inn Simple rooms for 10 guests and the tavern keeper’s family. 2 stories 40 x 50 ft.000 gp Occupancy 5 30 15 15 50 50 125 Dimensions 20 x 40 ft. 3 stories AC Bonus +0 +1 +2 +4 +5 +3 +6 Tech Primitive Primitive Primitive Wild Wild Civilized Civilized Material Wood Wood Wood Stone Stone Wood Stone Businesses Tavern Inn Shop Large Shop Warehouse Academy University Cost 1. 1 story 250 x 250 ft. sod. 2 stories 50 x 80 ft. size.Religious Shrine Sacred Grove Sept Chapel Temple Church Cathedral Cost 1. depending on quality. dirt. Tavern. shingles and tiles. adobe. 2 stories 200 x 250 ft. Inns have larger rooms of higher quality.000 gp Occupancy 15 30 5 10 50 500 Dimensions 50 x 70 ft. Another 20 people can sleep in the common room in front of the fire.000 gp 50. The price reflects its value. Cavern Huge caverns with many artificial tunnels and additions. or brick. Obviously houses vary considerably in value. wine cellars. trees 50 x 80 ft. slate. Gatehouse The gatehouse is built around and over a large wooden double-wide gate as a fortified entrance. Barracks Quarters and furnishings fit only for soldiers. or 2 Huge animals. 1 story 150 x 200 ft. separate kitchens. Mansion Three stories. 2 stories 350 x 350 ft. 1 story 100 x 100 ft.000 gp 50. sawed planks.000 gp 50. with extravagances such as ballrooms. Palace Luxurious accommodations for nobles and their servants.

made sacred by years of ceremony. with a 20 ft outer wall linking six to eight towers and two gatehouses. Moat A 10 ft wide and deep moat around your castle. Castle A larger. Gatehouses are normally incorporated into larger fortifications. classrooms. usually adorned with statues. stained glass. The finest touches the society can afford will be used: marble floors. A drawbridge over your moat is only 1. the thick wooden gate is faced with stone. Church A larger chapel with separate apartments and extra rooms like libraries and scriptoriums. Great wall The capitals of nations are defended behind these 30 ft tall. It includes a simple wooden gate. The gatehouse is usually staffed by up to 40 soldiers during a battle. and the stone overhang helps protect the gate from siege weapons. A large shop serves as a general store or factory. University Lecture halls. For 5. Temple A large stone hall. however. 15 ft thick stone walls. Academy Apartments. Men in armor and siege engines will find it difficult to pass. surrounded by a 15 ft wall with battlements.defenders to attack from above. 15 ft tall and 3 ft thick. There are apartments for the priests in the back. with four towers and a gatehouse. Stone wall A stone wall 20 ft tall and 5 ft thick. and battlements on the top.000 gp.worldofprime. professor's housing. libraries and a kitchen. A moat increases the effect defense of any structure by +1.000 gp you get an iron portcullis. Fortress Two layers of walls. each 30 ft tall. Shop. Chapel A stone hall. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck Legendary wall Imperial cities are defended by miles of these 40 ft tall. Sacred Grove A natural cove of trees. with apartments for the staff. Wooden wall A wall of upright logs. gigantic spires and often a bell tower or two. Citadel A massive castle. they can be built in narrow passes or on bridges.000 Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . but can also be a free-standing structure. Tower A four-room stone tower with an interior winding staircase. with multiple towers and gatehouses. A city of a square mile will fit in this amount of wall. For an extra 1. 10 ft thick stone walls. including storage space and a private well whenever possible. 21 Ye Olde Shoppe www. for 2. Sept A main hall for worship and several apartments suitable for acolytes to live in. It includes a simple wooden gate. Keep A strong stone keep with 15 to 25 rooms. Often attached to a castle or wall. student dorms and perhaps a few shady groves for holding debates.000 it is covered by a layer of iron. stronger keep. Cathedral A massive structure built to impress and awe. Large Shop A small shop such as a tailor’s or bakery.

Highway 100 gp/mile Wooden Bridge Stone Bridge Canal Canal Lock Dam Tolls 100 gp 1. The surface is “metaled. Highways and bridges may charge a toll of a cp per person. Bad weather has little effect on highways. in bad weather it can become impassable. A sturdy arched bridge. otherwise.000 gp 10. Every city needs a forest close at hand to supply firewood and building materials.worldofprime. strong and wide enough for only one wagon at a time. as it is possible to eke a living out of it. or wagon wheel. Also. but no one will buy it until it has been shown to be safe to live in.000 gp 1 cp Land Land Mountain Forest Pasturage Farmland Swamp Village Town City Desert Coastline Price per acre ½ gp 1 gp 2 gp 5 gp ½ gp 10 gp 100 gp 1. Pasturage is flat. especially in cities. Strong and wide enough for 2 heavy wagons sideby-side.” World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 22 Ye Olde Shoppe www. plowed.000 gp 100 gp/mile 1. or a wagon in each direction at the same time. hilly land that is usually only suitable for mining. or a single wagon. Wild. It is also within an hour’s walk of a fortified place that can protect the farmers. or one in each direction. no wagons. Land in prime locations may cost much more than the listed price. paved with stones and mortar.000 gp Free x2 Mountains are rocky. uncivilized land is free to claim. In many societies land will not be for sale to non-nobles. Swampland is worth something. A square mile of fully developed prime farmland would cost 3. with enough space to pull over and let oncoming traffic pass. traveling is difficult. Nobody is going to labor in the fields unless they feel safe. bad weather has little impact on its effectiveness.Roads Track Trail Road Cost 1 gp/mile 10 gp/mile Description Single-file foot or horse traffic. location. The first three rules of real estate are location. However. A double-wide column of troops. Because it is so primitive. it’s just pasturage. Traditionally a 9th level individual must build and inhabit a castle before people will consider the area “safe.200 gp. location. tilled. animal. its productive value in either crops or lumber is small. A simple beam design. Two wagons side-by-side. fenced and properly watered. Farmland is developed land. Larger dams may be beyond the skill of ordinary craftsmen. The road is clear and level. locks are where traffic in different directions can pass each other. either because the soil is poor or there is little irrigation or rainfall. This is how canals deal with hills. Plateaus or mesas will be valued as flat land of the appropriate type. and the weather is generally wretched. so even civilized realms will still contain many forests. Forests contain lots of trees which must be cleared before the land can be effectively farmed.” that is. Compare this to the price of a magic sword. but Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . This is a 100 ft wide dam. Allows a barge to be pulled or poled along. clear land not really suitable for farming. not counting any buildings or improvements.

They can only shoot 45° to either side of where they are pointing. so only one or two can be mounted on large ships. and allows 23 Ye Olde Shoppe www. For attacking fortifications. Trebuchet Catapults and trebuchets are all but useless against anything smaller than Huge. These siege engines are Huge and require a lot of space. the target can negate all damage with a DC 5 Reflex save. which do not require crews and do damage based on the size of the ship. meaning a Ram can be built in day by an entire army. Poisoned or spelltrapped javelins are also a possibility. it grants Cover (+4 AC) to the 20 attackers inside it. DC 15 Reflex save for half damage. (Optional rule: the operator can add his or her Siege Engineering skill). and the target still gets a Reflex save unless it’s inanimate. to turn the weapon to a new heading requires 10 rounds. They can attack once per round. To attack a mobile target requires a Ranged Touch attack (the same as with a Ballista). nails. It also grants a height advantage. however. DR 5 Garg. A Siege Engineer can employ 1. Warships come equipped with rams. 30 hps. however. Siege Tower A Gargantuan mobile fortification. If used against a ship. heavy stones are used. 10x10 ft area. Ballista A ballista makes Ranged Touch attacks against targets. 1d6 arrows strike each target for 1d6 damage.) in addition to the soldier’s wages for the day. 20 hps. Normally catapults do not move. rope.000 unskilled men at this task. but they can be dragged 5 ft per round if necessary.Siege Engines Siege engines are often constructed as needed. 40 hps. but the target can negate all damage by making a Reflex saving throw at DC 5. costs 5 gp). Siege Engine Ram Ballista Catapult Trebuchet Siege Tower Tunnel Sapping Cost 200 gp 500 gp 300 gp 500 gp 1.000 gp Damage 6d6 3d6 8d6 10d6 – – 100 Range Touch 100 ft 150 ft 200 ft 50 ft Touch Technology Primitive Civilized Wild Civilized Wild Primitive Primitive Crew 20 2 (E) 20 (E) 20 (E) 100+ 100 (E) 100 (E) Reload ½ 3 50 50 – – – Notes Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Only an immobile target can be attacked by a ram. More commonly they are mounted on a swivel that allows a 45° arc of fire. DR 5 Ram Rams can be operated by ordinary solders. 100 hps. 30 hps. Ballistas can be mounted on a wheeled carriage and moved by hand up to 20 ft a round (as a full-round action). at the place of the siege. With a full crew they can fire every 4th round. Hitting smaller than Huge targets requires a natural 20. Catapult. Well-equipped engineers can use a special bundle of arrows to deliver an area attack (no roll to hit.worldofprime. DR 5 Huge. etc. DR 5 Large.. the ship’s captain should make a Sailing skill check opposed by the Siege Engineer’s skill check instead of the DC 5 Reflex save to avoid damage. It requires an engineer and a crew of 20 men five minutes (50 rounds) to reload. The crew is protected with Full Cover (+8 AC) by the roof and walls of the ram. it does not receive any bonuses from the operator’s BAB or DEX. or anything that moves. but it will still cost you 66 gp of materials (tools. These weapons are popular on ships and castle World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck walls. DR 5 Huge.

A hundred men can dig 50 ft of tunnel a day.500 2. A Sapping attack requires 1 day of work by the digging crew and does 100 pts of damage to a wall. Pushing one 10 ft per round requires at least 80 medium-sized creatures. Once you reach the enemy walls. if you have men and Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Siege towers are 40 ft tall. Wooden building’s DR is normally bypassed by fire. Pushing it faster makes it fall over. Tunnels and Sapping attacks require an engineer to oversee their execution. Sapping Digging a tunnel is free.000 80 120 160 180 300 450 720 1. More men can’t dig faster. If built into a ship.worldofprime. allowing entry with no more difficulty than crossing rough ground. You can build up multiple sapping attacks before triggering them all at once.soldiers to climb the ladders inside to the edge of the enemy walls.200 Walls None None None None None 40 ft 40 ft 10 ft 15 ft 20 ft 30 ft 10 ft 15 ft 20 ft 20 ft 15 ft 20 ft 30 ft 40 ft World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 24 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Fortification values Inflicting the listed hit point damage to structure creates a breach. Fortification Forest Wooden building Fortified camp Bailey Stone building Siege tower Tower Keep Castle Citadel Fortress Wooden gate Stone-faced gate Iron-bound gate Iron portcullis Wooden wall Stone wall Great wall Legendary wall DR – 5 5 5 8 5 8 8 8 8 8 5 8 10 10 5 8 8 8 HP – 60 120 500 90 100 500 750 1.000 1. The extra deck space also allows more soldiers to fight on your ship. but the enemy may detect your efforts and take counter-measures. These hit points are normally per 10 x 10 ft section. Tunnels. it gives a height advantage and its AC to the soldiers inside when attacking other ships (or defending their own). Masterwork buildings have DR +2 and 25% more hit points. but they can dig other tunnels (or protect the diggers from attacks). so destroying a large structure requires immense amounts of damage. it inflicts a -2 to all Sailing checks. However. or you can try to undermine their walls. you can either tunnel up into their courtyard.

This is the only vehicle priced for Medium-sized animals. Chariot Either a fancy surrey with a fringe on top. with a superior suspension designed for comfort and speed. Thus. that equals the weight of the chariot plus two warriors in full battle gear. In general vehicles can carry a maximum of three times their own weight. Sled A dog sled.000 lb 2. Cart A small two-wheeled cart.000 lb as a Heavy load (but the wagon itself already weighs 1. A Wagon would allow the same horse to pull 1. all other vehicles assume Large animals. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 25 Ye Olde Shoppe www. With two draft horses this would only be a Medium load. you know it’s time to visit the cartwright’s yard and buy a wagon. designed to be pulled by two to eight dogs. a Pack Saddle allows a Draft horse to carry 200 lb as a Light load and 600 lb as a Heavy load. Wheel-barrow A one-wheeled cart with handles. a Large wagon can have up to eight horses. Trying to Run with a cart imposes a -4 skill check penalty. From one to four horses can be attached to a wagon. Wagon. You can push it at 20 ft per round. The animal cannot Run or double move without destroying the travois. Carry This is the multiplier for the creature in the harness. One or two horses are normal. up to four horses can be attached for maximum speed.000 lb Carry 200 lb x1 x2 x2 x1 x2 x2 x5 x5 x5 Tech Wild Primitive Primitive Primitive Wild Wild Wild Civilized Civilized Civilized Sleigh The popular one-horse open sleigh. Vehicles Wheelbarrow Travios Dog sled Sleigh Pack Saddle Cart Chariot Wagon Large Wagon Carriage Cost 10 gp 1 gp 10 gp 20 gp 5 gp 15 gp 50 gp 35 gp 50 gp 100 gp Weight 20 lb 20 lb 50 lb 400 lb 15 lb 200 lb 400 lb 1. so a 1. Or a surrey with a fringe on top.worldofprime. but you can’t run with it.Cartwright’s Yard When you have so much loot you can’t carry it all.000 lb 2.000 lb of Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . trying to Run with a wagon imposes a -4 penalty to any Riding checks.000 lb as a Light load and 3. with a harness for one creature. Only works over snow.000 lb wagon can carry an additional 3. but only on snowy days. Large Wagon The most efficient pulling mechanism possible. Four Coursers would allow up to 900 lb as a light load. Carriage An enclosed cab.000 lb). Suitable for going to Grandmother’s house. with anywhere from one to eight horses in front. traveling at top speed. Travios Two poles that drag on the ground from the animal’s back. However. or an open-faced spiked-wheel war machine.

The number of siege weapons that can be mounted based on ship length. Move This is the maximum movement per turn or per hour. inflicting x3 this much damage results in effectively complete destruction. inflicting an World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 26 Ye Olde Shoppe www. failing by more causes the ship to sink. Oar-powered vessels can only travel at top speed for an hour. Ships can be equipped with siege engines at the expense of useable deck space. which is already calculated in). The captain’s skill is the most important. Masterwork ships would grant a +2 if you could afford them. Make an opposed Sailing check to ram a foe (although you must be approaching them from the side). Watercraft cannot Double-Move. Boarding planks and grappling hooks are included with the price of warships. Longships.worldofprime. HPs The number of hit points of damage the vessel can take before sinking. Archers can occupy the deck.Shipyard Watercraft are divided into two categories: boats and ships. beyond any chance of repair. depending on the severity of the storm. The vessel could conceivably be repaired by magic or crew action before it actually goes under water. Crew. Note this is not the complete destruction of the ship but merely compromising its ability to float. Failing by 5 or less inflicts 10–80% damage to the ship. Some ship designs impose additional penalties. although he can gain a +2 from an exceptional crew or a -4 from an inept/inadequate crew. Max The minimum number of crew necessary to avoid a -4 penalty to Sailing checks. Most ships are ¼ as wide as they are long (rafts and barges are exceptions. Remember to count the weight of any passengers (but not the crew. Rams do vastly more damage when powered by a ship. at two per 5 ft. A ram attack does 1 pt of damage for every hit point of the attacking ship. Sailing checks are used to control watercraft. Length The length of the vessel. as they are built to do this. given deck space and carrying capacity. Each medium-sized passenger is the equivalent of 200 tons of cargo. often being completely square). Carry How much weight the vessel can carry. Weathering a storm is a DC 10 to 30 check. this means a Trireme will cut a Galley in half with a single deadly lunge. plus an hour per point of CON bonus of the crew. Passengers This is the maximum number of passengers possible. Almost all vessels have a DR of 5 due to their wooden construction. Boats are anything small enough to be carried on a shi. due to their narrow construction. can only have half as many siege weapons installed. Normally the ship doing the ramming does not suffer any damage. Only the late medieval period is listed: the magnificent creations of the Age of Sail (Galleons and Man-O’-Wars) represent a significant advance in Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . ships cannot usually go up rivers. Siege Weapons The usual mode of combat with ships is ramming or closing for boarding with marines. or Charge. Run. However.

World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 27 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Pinnace A light. powered by oars.000 gp 5.000 gp 25.000 gp 10. Powered by a sail. and a DC 15 Sailing check to not inflict half as much damage to your own ship in the process.000 gp 10.000 gp 20. Rowboat (-2 Sailing checks) A rowboat or skiff.000 gp 15. it only has DR 1 but it weighs so little one man can pick it up and walk with Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . It also applies to any siege weapon attacks against the vessel (even those that use Ranged Touch attacks. oars. Cost Maintenance is typically 10% of the purchase price per year. a simple sail.000 gp 30.000 gp 3.worldofprime. Includes a large fishing net. this is how much its defenses are worth to you. -2 to all Sailing checks. Fishing boat Big enough to spend all day at sea.additional 10 pts of damage per point you beat the enemy captain’s roll by. fast sailboat. Canoe If it’s made out of leather. or both. Inflicts a -8 to any Sailing checks. it has DR 5 but weighs at least 500 lb.000 gp Length 40 ft 50 ft 75 ft 60 ft 90 ft 120 ft 60 ft 80 ft 100 ft Crew 10 15 50 100 150 200 10 20 80 Passengers 200 100 120 100 150 250 50 200 160 Move 10 ft / 1 mph 10 ft / 1 mph 30 ft / 3 mph 20 ft / 2 mph 30 ft / 3 mph 40 ft / 4 mph 30 ft / 3 mph 20 ft / 2 mph 25 ft / 2½ mph Carry 50 tons 40 tons 50 tons 50 tons 100 tons 150 tons 50 tons 150 tons 100 tons HPs 150 50 75 100 200 300 75 100 250 Tech Primitive Wild Wild Wild Civilized Civilized Civilized Civilized Civilized AC +0 +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +1 +0 +3 Raft (-8 Sailing checks) As simple as a bunch of logs tied together. Boats Raft Canoe Rowboat Fishing boat Launch Pinnace Cost 5 gp 10 gp 50 gp 100 gp 100 gp 500 gp Length 20 ft 10 ft 8 ft 15 ft 12 ft 20 ft Crew 1 1 1 1 2 2 Passengers 10 3 4 5 8 10 Move 10 ft / 1 mph 20 ft / 2 mph 15 ft / 1½ mph 20 ft / 2 mph 15 ft / 1½ mph 30 ft / 3 mph Carry 2 tons ½ ton 1 ton 1½ tons 2 tons 3 tons HPs 50 5 10 15 20 30 Tech Primitive Primitive Wild Wild Civilized Civilized AC +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 Ships Barge Keelboat Longship Galley Bireme Trireme Sloop Carrack Warship Cost 1. Powered by oars. Rams ignore DR of 5 or less. Siege Weapon Ram Ballista Catapult Trebuchet Siege Tower Length of ship occupied 20 ft 10 ft 20 ft 30 ft 40 ft AC If you wind up using this vessel as a fighting platform. If it’s made out of wood. or long poles used to push against the river bottom. since it reflects the vessel’s ability to absorb damage). Sometimes used as a shiptender (a shuttle servicing a larger ship).

light sailing ship. Trireme The pinnacle of the ship-building craft. but sturdy and carries plenty of soldiers. Sloop A fine. Galleys might be able to navigate particularly deep rivers. or be dragged onto the beach by its crew. Powered only by sails. Can travel up rivers. The Keelboat inflicts a -2 penalty to sailing checks. Warship A sturdier version of the carrack. fat. flat-bottomed ship powered by sails. Still. Not particularly fast or maneuverable (-2 to Sailing checks). it is sturdy enough to cross oceans in.Barge (-4 Sailing checks) Heavy and durable. Galley (-2 Sailing checks) An open-decked Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . May be powered by poles. Powered only by sails. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 28 Ye Olde Shoppe www. designed for speed and combat durability rather than cargo capacity. but not particularly sea-worthy (-4 to Sailing checks).. Its rapid 40 ft movement only applies during combat. but also slow and unmanageable. Powered by sails and oars. or lakes. small seas.worldofprime. ungainly and slow (-4 to all Sailing checks). Powered only by sails. Barges have shallow drafts and can travel up wide rivers. Mostly used for shipping cargo. Powered by a sail for travel and oars for combat. with an advanced designed for deep ocean travel rather coast hugging. so it doesn’t need a loading dock. Longship The famous Viking raiding craft. this monster galley has three decks of oars. with two decks of oars instead of one. but it can go up rivers as well as out to sea. oars. When being sailed instead of rowed. Bireme A larger galley. Under sail power it moves at 20 ft. it only moves at 20 ft. Carrack (-4 Sailing checks) The classic cargo craft of the late medieval age. Keelboat (-2 Sailing checks) A small. or sails.

and a STR 30 check to break free. wedge. a fine scale. Wigs. Reflex DC 20. 5 large sacks. knife. 1d6 bludgeoning. backpack. waterskin Holy symbol. sledgehammer. mortar and pestle. herbal medicines. 5 torches. Adventurers planning to spend a lot of time outdoors may wish to invest in a Ranger’s kit. reagents. Imposes a -4 to Hide checks due to its large size. A tin bowl and plate. Lockpicks. A collection of tools a tradesman needs to perform his job. A Teepee is much more durable than a tent. concentration. a shovel and a Wilderness Lore check. Can also be lock-picked open at a DC 15. loaded dice.) Lighting a fire with flint and steel takes 1d6 full rounds. beakers. mountebank’s purse. Bottles. flint and steel. magnifying glass. Class Wizard Cost 30 gp Weight 10 lb Contents Spellbook. Appraise and Gambling +2 to Smashing and Looting +2 to Alchemy Fighter Alchemy lab Cosmetics bag Artisan’s tools 5 gp 100 gp 30 lb 40 lb 50 gp 5 gp 8 lb 10 lb +2 to Disguise Employment Camping Gear Everything an adventurer needs to live in the wild. It also requires tinder. lotions. mess kit. houses up to 20 ordinary people or 1 rich Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Holds up to 12 Medium characters in tight quarters. Item Pup Tent Tent Pavilion Tent Teepee Bear trap Cost 2 gp 10 gp 100 gp 20 gp 10 gp Weight 5 lb 20 lb 200 lb 100 lb 20 lb Description Protects 1 Medium person. hair and skin dye. Move Silently. twine. Effect Spell usage Ranger 10 gp 15 lb +2 to Wilderness Lore Cleric 50 gp 10 lb +2 to Healing Rogue 30 gp 5 lb +2 to Hide. 50 ft twine. retorts. Houses up to 6 Medium characters. fish hooks. Holy book. various spell components Pup tent. marked cards. 25% chance of having any given antidote. and can last a lifetime when properly cared for. makeup.worldofprime. low wind. suffer a -2 to your Wilderness Lore checks. suitable for eating and cooking on.General Store Class Kits Class kits contain everything a character needs to perform that class’s function. an hour glass and a small metal stove. elbow and knee pads. Flint and Steel Mess Kit 1 sp 5 sp ¼ lb 1 lb World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 29 Ye Olde Shoppe www. quill pens. Crowbar. bed-roll. Pick Locks. A huge tent. healing kit: bandages. several bottles of ink. small steel mirror. 50 ft of silk rope and soft cloths to wrap your boots in. (Ordinary snares and pits can be made with rope. If you don’t have shelter and the weather turns bad. hatchet. 10 ft pole. false teeth. and provokes AoOs.

5 sp 10 sp 15 gp Weight ½ lb 1 lb 2 lb 5 lb 2 lb 8 lb - Carry 20 lb / 2 cu ft 50 lb / 3 cu ft 100 lb / 3 cu ft 150 lb / 3 cu ft . Grants a +2 to Wilderness Lore checks near streams or Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . This can result in boxes very hard to break into. See the Locksmith section for details. and costing an extra 250 gp per lb (but remember. but it can also result in boxes that are worth more than anything they could possibly contain. Luggage Every adventurer needs something to carry or store his loot in. suffer a -2 to Wilderness Lore checks. Steel crates can be made out of sturdier materials such as mithril or adamantium./ 4 cu ft .Trail rations (1 day) Waterskin Bed-roll Fish hook 5 sp 1 gp 1 sp 1 sp 1 lb 4 lb 5 lb - So you don’t have to move at half speed while traveling through the wild. gaining the appropriate DR (15 or 20) and extra HPs (20% or 33%).worldofprime./ 10 cu ft 2 lb 5 lb 5 lb 5 lb World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 30 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Crates Basket Box Trunk Chest Stone Box Stone Trunk Stone Chest Steel Box Steel Trunk Steel Chest Cost 4 cp 2 sp 1 gp 2 gp 5 gp 10 gp 20 gp 10 gp 20 gp 40 gp Weight ½ lb 5 lb 10 lb 25 lb 50 lb 100 lb 250 lb 15 lb 30 lb 60 lb Carry 10 lb / 2 cu ft 20 lb / 2 cu ft 50 lb / 3 cu ft 100 lb / 4 cu ft 50 lb / 2 cu ft 150 lb / 3 cu ft 250 lb / 4 cu ft 100 lb / 2 cu ft 300 lb / 3 cu ft 500 lb / 4 cu ft DR 5 5 5 8 8 8 10 10 10 HP 5 10 15 10 15 20 5 15 30 Sacks Burlap bag Burlap sack Leather sack Leather sack Backpack Saddle bags Mountebank’s purse (many pockets. Crates (boxes. silver clasp Silk purse with gold clasp Cost 3 cp 5 cp 5 sp 2 gp 2 gp 4 gp 5 gp 1. ideal for storing spell components) Linen pouch with brass clasp Woolen pocket purse. mithril objects weigh half as much). They may also be chained in place. or built into the walls/floors of a building or ship. Masterwork crates cost an extra 50 gp. and have DR+2. Holds 1 gallon If the weather turns cold and you are sleeping outside without a bedroll. trunks and chests) often have locks attached to them. Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Lighting a fire with flint and steel takes 1d6 full rounds. or will fuel a lamp for 6 hours. with a stopper. Item Candle Candelabra Chandelier Torch Lamp Lantern Storm Lantern Everburning Torch Oil. but makes an impressive statement in your main hall. Description Made of metal and extremely durable. 1 gal. 7 gal. Can cover 5x5 ft and burns for 2 rounds. Illuminatiorium Light is a preoccupation of workers and adventurers. Illuminates a 20 ft radius forever. A wooden barrel. 10 gal. Price varies from 50 to 100 gp. 1 gal. Holds fifty candles. Reasonably fragile.without a penalty. Shadowy illumination generally imposes a 20% miss chance and allows people to hide without needing cover. Will not go out in strong winds. silvered Mirror. Colored glass is the same price. Illuminates 30 ft cone. 5 gal. A wooden keg. depending on the magic abilities of the local populace. Illumination allows fine work. It also requires tinder. 1 pint ½ gal. Light sources create shadowy illumination in twice the radius they create full illumination. A masterwork glass grants a +4. in fact. Holds five candles. A huge clay jug designed for shipping liquids. holds one dose of a potion. Too delicate to carry on an adventure. reading. it’s clear glass that’s hardest to make. and provokes AoOs.worldofprime. large Glass windows Magnifying glass Cost 1 cp 5 sp 5 gp 2 cp 1 sp 1 gp 5 gp 80 gp Weight 1/10 lb 5 lb 50 lb 1 lb 1 lb 2 lb 3 lb ½ lb Effect A candle illuminates a 5 ft radius and burns for 1 hour. Glass. burns a pint of oil in 3 hours. Useful for peering around corners or shaving (but imposes a -2 to spot checks). Illuminates a 15 ft radius. low wind. pint Flint and Steel Mirror. but also much more fragile. burns a pint of oil in 3 hours. Not quite as durable or well-made. Comfortable to wear and not likely to break. Much cleaner image than a steel mirror. Silver backing on a clear glass plate. Stained glass windows are also the same price. 50 gal. illuminates a 30 ft radius for 1 hour. Illuminates a 20 ft radius for 1 hour. burns a pint of oil in 6 hours. steel Mirror. Open-faced wooden bucket. but holds more. illuminates a 15 ft radius for 1 hour. 1 sp 1 sp 1 gp 10 gp 100 gp 1 gp per 1 ft pane 5 gp 1 lb ¼ lb ½ lb ½ lb 10 lb 5 lb 1 lb World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 31 Ye Olde Shoppe www. with a stopper. unbroken plates. as making small pieces of glass is easier than making single. Clay. Illuminates a 30 ft radius. Grants a +2 to Appraise checks. reinforced with iron bands. or any other activities – such as fighting .Liquids Vial Flask Bottle Jug Bucket Amphora Keg Barrel Wineskin Cost 1 gp 3 sp 2 gp 3 cp 5 sp 1 gp 3 gp 12 gp 1 gp Weight 1/10 lb 1½ lb ½ lb 9 lb 2 lb 30 lb 20 lb 100 lb 4 lb Carry 1 oz. This is perhaps the most common magical item in the entire world.

You can double the number of pages for +10 gp and +1 lb.000 gp 2. quality and color of illustrations. For twice the price you can get colors other than dull yellow.worldofprime. so that forcing the lock triggers the trap. This price is per page. Writing the magic formula for a spell requires using magical inks. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 32 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Made from wood and treated leather. Doors are the most obvious place to put locks. The bindings are rarely as sturdy as spell-books. A single sheet of paper. so that correctly opening the lock does not trigger the trap. parchment Spell book. The price depends on rarity and quality. tear and water. This is enough ink for 100 pages. Item Ink Quill Paper Parchment Sealing wax Stamp Chalk Spell book. prepared by a secret process known only to Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Let everyone know who sealed this letter. breaking into a locked chest is a good way to ruin the contents. Per page. or one really long sheet rolled up tightly. Holds up to 7 single loose sheets. often being merely stiff leather. it will provide a +2 to a specific Knowledge skill check. For the fashion (and weight) conscious wizard. Magical traps and symbols can also be keyed to a lock mechanism. A Masterwork library is x5 as large and grants a +4. Grants a +2 on all Knowledge checks. A steel trunk with a good lock can foil amateur thieves. cut to the right length. not including the price of the materials. A collection of at least 500 books. paper Book. 100 blank paper pages (50 sheets). Protect your valuable scrolls from wear. colored inks are twice the price. Price varies depending on number of pages. bound in leather. bound in leather.5 gp ½ lb Scribing Scribing a spell Scroll case 1 cp 5 gp 1 gp ½ lb Library 5.000 lb Locksmith Traps or Alarms can be keyed to locks. A goose quill. Nobles will often use their signet rings. A sheet of scraped lambs-hide. If you are lucky enough to find a masterwork tome (for 50-250 gp). and popularity of the manuscript. A map is a double or quarto-sized piece of parchment. Useful for making magic circles on stone floors.Scriptorium The book-seller’s. but heavier and more difficult to write on. Also. 100 blank parchment pages (50 sheets). or triple it for +20 gp and +2 lb. who may not be able to pick it or break into it without making a huge ruckus. Plain white chalk. Colored chalks are twice as expensive. which in many places is also the local magic shop or monastery. and each spell requires 1 page per level. but chests and trunks are good choices too. More robust than paper. library or holy Cost 1 gp 1 cp 4 sp 2 sp 1 sp 1 sp 1 cp 15 gp Weight ½ lb 1 lb 3 lb Description Black ink. A book like this can be tied or buckled shut to the point of being waterresistant.50 gp 1-5 lb Map 1 . A treasure map sells for whatever price the market will bear. 25 gp 1 lb 10 .

If you’re really worried about people breaking them. Most tools can be used as an improvised weapon. two-handed tools will do 1d6 damage. if roll is failed. Catch trap Needle trap Key Manacles 5 gp 20 gp 1 sp 5 gp 10 lb 1 lb 2 lb Lockpicks 5 gp - Hardware Store All tools grant a +2 circumstance bonus when used as part of an appropriate ability check (for instance. Bits of metal suitable for picking locks. such as digging a ditch or making firewood. DC 20 DC 25 DC 30 DC 40 (This is a Masterwork item) Reflex DC is the same as the lock. Nailing shut coffins. but may inject a poison. doing 1d4 of an appropriate type of damage and inflicting a -4 to-hit penalty. use mithril(+9 DC to break) or adamantium (+14 DC to break). 1d4 bludgeoning and a STR 20 check to break free.Lock Basic mechanism Simple lock Average lock Good lock Superior lock Bell alarm Silent alarm Blade trap Cost 5 sp 1 gp 2 gp 5 gp 25 gp 1 gp 10 gp 7 gp Weight 1 lb 1 lb 2 lb 3 lb 4 lb 5 lb 5 lb 7 lb Description DC 15. a sledge can do 2d6 damage. reflects any mechanism that requires a special key or tool to operate. makes a loud noise Reflex DC is the same as the lock. Tool Crowbar Shovel Spade Pick Awl or Wedge File Axe Hammer Tongs Sledgehammer Saw Hack saw Hand drill Nail Cost 2 gp 2 gp 2 gp 3 gp 1 gp 1 gp 5 gp 5 sp 1 gp 2 gp 5 gp 10 gp 15 gp 1 cp Weight 5 lb 8 lb 8 lb 10 lb 1 lb 1 lb 6 lb 2 lb 3 lb 10 lb 5 lb 2 lb 3 lb Function Prying treasure chests and doors open. Hammering nails or pitons. Used against an immobile object. Masterwork tools grant a +2 Circumstance bonus and cost 55 gp. picks do 2d4 damage. Cutting wood to build a siege engine. DC 30 Escape artist to slip out of. using a crowbar to force open a door or chest). Can also be lock-picked open at a DC 15. Reflex DC is 5 lower than the lock. but halve the DR of stone. Inflicts no damage. Cutting soft metal. Cutting through hard metal… slowly. Large. Prying open small boxes. doors and windows. Smashing anything. enough to eventually crack even steel chests. Drilling out locks that are too hard to pick. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 33 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Chopping down doors. Most of the cost is in finding a blacksmith who will make them without asking too many questions. are effectively impossible without a suitable Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Digging for treasure in hard soil. Reflex DC 20. Masterwork tools cost +50 gp and grant an additional +2. makes a noise up to 50 ft away Reflex DC is 5 lower than the lock. Tunneling. Inflicts 1d4 Slashing damage. Suitable for medium creatures. Many tasks. If a 4 is rolled for damage. Masterwork manacles cost 55 gp and are +2/+5/+15 to the DCs. Handling things too dangerous to touch. the victim must make another Reflex save at DC 15 or suffer a permanent loss of 1 DEX (due to losing fingers). Digging for treasure. and DC 25 to pick.worldofprime. Keys are custom-made for a given lock. DC 26 STR to break. The function listed below is from the adventurer’s perspective: ordinary tradesmen will use the tool as part of their craft. Also for making air holes.

Needs to be wound once a day. chairs. Remember to attach a rope before throwing. tables. or catching fish. A huge lump of cheap pig iron. or weapon-racks. Chain has a hardness of 10 and 5 hit points. 10 ft Chain. it’s clear glass that’s hardest to make. 50 ft Rope. stringing lutes. Empty your boat. bookshelves. DC 16 to break (Masterwork is DC 20). Colored glass is the same price. Requires 2 men to operate. Societies that can’t make glass use conch shells. Useful for blocking rivers. Rarely made out of exotic materials. 10 ft Giant chain. Ye Olde Shoppe www. Item Hourglass Cost 25 gp Weight 1 lb Description Primitive technology. 50 ft Rope. Can only support 20 lb. cupboards. even in wealthy houses. benches. carved stone Chamberpot Glass windows 100 gp 500 gp 5 gp 10 gp 50 gp 15 gp 1 gp 1 gp per 1 ft pane 200 lb 25 lb 150 lb 200 lb 150 lb 500 lb 2 lb 5 lb World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 34 Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Furniture Mart Furniture prices are for a typical Water clock Mechanical clock Furniture. hemp. needs to be filled twice a day. 1 hit point. but useful for tying up parcels. unbroken plates. 50 ft Piton Cost 5 gp 15 gp 150 gp 1 sp 1 gp 10 gp 1 sp Weight ¼ lb 2 lb 200 lb 1 lb 10 lb 5 lb ½ lb Grappling hook 1 gp 4 lb Description Useful for setting trip wires.worldofprime. Exquisite works of art or antiques can cost much. polished wood Furniture. A piton every 5 ft grants a +2 to Climbing checks and allows climbing surfaces (like walls) that can’t normally be climbed. Folds up to only 10 ft long. Effectively Masterwork. nails and glue. wardrobes. chests of drawers. Made with pins. 2 hit points. Held together by ropes. couches. With satin or leather coverings. has to be turned once an hour. Wild technology. wine closets. much more. Useful for cracking open small boxes under controlled conditions. puts on a performance of ringing bells each hour. Smiths use them as a platform for hammering and shaping metal. it can be burst with a DC 24 Strength check. silk. Do you need to ask? Ropes and Chains Wire. Inexpensive and durable but nigh-immobile. hit points 30. DC 50 to break (Masterwork is DC 54). Civilized technology. DC 11 to break. or enslaving giants. or enslaving pixies. dragging ships. Lets you climb any wall you can throw something over. or carved stone. 10 ft Twine. Turn a roaring fire into an inferno. wrought iron Furniture. gourds. stools.Vise 5 gp 10 lb Anvil 20 gp 100 lb Bellows Pump 20 ft ladder 10 ft pole 10 gp 50 gp 3 gp 1 sp 10 lb 50 lb 30 lb 2 lb Crushing small objects or holding them in place while you saw at them. Some examples are: beds. ship. It can be burst with a Strength check DC 26 (Masterwork chain is DC 30). rough wood Furniture. it can be burst with a DC 23 Strength check. hamming pitons takes 1d6 rounds and makes noise. However. Stained glass windows are also the same price. adventurers will mostly drop them on people. as making small pieces of glass is easier than making single. For people who can’t climb ropes. shoes. Hardness 8. hit points 1. coat-. hat-. or mine of water. 4 hit points. in fact. this rope grants a +2 on all rope-related skill checks. Hardness 10.

one drinks soup straight from the bowl. Cookery Mixing bowl Fireplace spit Stewpot Griddle Fire pit Cost 1 sp 1 sp 5 gp 2 gp 1 gp Weight 2 lb 2 lb 10 lb 10 lb - Fireplace Brick oven 25 gp 100 gp 1. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 35 Ye Olde Shoppe www. which almost always meant a good knife.000 lb 1. it also helped protect the thatching from insect damage. Made of silver. so occasionally it’s useful to know how much it costs. Usually made out of silver. Spoons are not normally used. Well-to-do peasants have a stone fireplace in their house. pepper. square plate made of wood. or live without baking. Rich people will have a fancy knife that is useless for anything but eating.worldofprime. without a handle. brandy snifter. so they were elaborately carved and often gilded. A large bowl. heater and gathering place. A wide-lipped wooden bowl. instead. Salt cellars were items of status. or Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . The smoke went up and through the thatched roof. Used for roasting over an open fire or in a fireplace. A large mug. Vikings had a hole in the middle of their dirt floor to hold their fire. A wooden cup. made out of pottery. Suitable for baking bread. Gold ones cost 10x as much. A large iron pot. A porcelain plate. Medieval diners brought their own silverware. pewter (silver mixed with lead). A flat frying iron to put over a stove or fire. A large silver tray with a domed cover. or other spices. Made out of pottery. Stores salt. A porcelain bowl. A crystal champagne flute. Tableware None Knife Table-knife Trencher Mazer Mug Platter Basin Tankard Plate Bowl Wine glass Salt cellar Serving tray Serving ladle or fork Cost 10 sp 10 gp 1 cp 2 cp 2 cp 1 sp 2 sp 2 sp 1 gp 1 gp 3 gp 100 gp 50 gp 10 gp Weight 1 lb ½ lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb ¼ lb 2 lb 5 lb 1 lb Description Poor or primitive people eat with their hands. or wine glass. horn. A pottery plate. which serves as kitchen. While this meant the house was always smoky. with a handle and possibly a lid.Pottery Kiln Adventurers are always smashing crockery.000 lb Description A large wooden bowl. A thick. Poor people either dig a hole in the ground and fill it with coals.

Who doesn’t need a fistful of these? +2 to Gambling checks. A huge. but ordinary folk can enjoy a bit of music. or bell that rings when struck. The use of soap is restricted to semi-annual occasions. A brass horn. A church bell. 1. Luxuries Everything an adventurer needs to live in style. A stringed instrument that is strummed. audible several miles away. a concert requires 100 pages. carved into amusing shapes. or rouge. haven’t been invented yet. Useful for losing or telling fortunes. Harder soaps. Can also represent violins. A flute with mechanical keys. stringed instrument that is plucked. Often gold-plated or otherwise ostentatiously decorated. A folding knife with a delicate but extremely sharp blade.Music Shop Mostly of interest to bards. A simple wooden flute with finger-holes. Women and men use perfume regularly. in a variety of shapes. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 36 Ye Olde Shoppe www.000 lb +2 to Diplomacy/Bluff/Intimidate checks. dye. gong.000 lb Tech Primitive Primitive Primitive Primitive Wild Wild Wild Wild Civilized Civilized Civilized Civilized Civilized Description The simplest of wooden flutes. Luxury Soap Make-up Wig Perfume Razor Pipe Dice Dice. it only produces one note. mostly because they don’t use soap regularly. A huge brass gong that can be heard a mile away. A large. +2 to Gambling checks. loaded Deck of cards Deck of Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Price is per page. Leather stretched over a wooden barrel or box.worldofprime. delicate mechanism that plucks strings (rather than hammering them like a modern piano). marked Throne Cost 5 sp 1 gp 20 gp 10 gp 2 gp 7 sp 1 sp 1 gp 5 gp 5 gp Weight 1 lb ¼ lb ¼ lb ¼ lb Description A pound of soft soap. A vial of an exotic scent. lotion. A small metal disk. Clay with a wood stem. A small pot of powder. Already done up in an elaborate arrangement. strummed or plucked. A fancy stringed instrument. too.000 gp 1. in a variety of shapes and musical keys. Instrument Whistle Fife Drum Cymbal Lyre Harp Horn Gong Mandolin Flute Bell Harpsichord Sheet music Cost 1 cp 1 sp 5 sp 1 gp 5 gp 25 gp 2 gp 100 gp 5 gp 3 gp 300 gp 500 gp 5 sp Weight ¼ lb 1 lb 5 lb 1 lb 3 lb 50 lb 4 lb 100 lb 3 lb 1 lb 300 lb 1.

light leather shoes. Sturdy leather coat with many pockets and brass buttons. linen tunic with fired-clay buttons. a lion or bear fur cloak. light leather boots. brocade and studded with valuable stones Cost 6 cp 3 cp 3 sp 6 sp 25 sp 25 sp 2 gp 25 gp 50 gp 10 gp 7 sp 1 sp 10 sp 40 sp 50 gp 100 gp Headgear Straw hat Leather widebrimmed hat Woolen cap. silk purse with gold clasps. linen pouch. silk gloves trimmed in lace. You’ll also need jewelry.Tailor’s Shop Outfit Slave Serf Freeman Artisan Noble Cost 1 cp 1 sp 1 gp 5 gp 75 gp Description Rags tied up with rope. heavy leather belt with a brass buckle. Burlap tunic and leggings with wood buttons. clay buttons Burlap peasant dress Fancy demin dress Linen Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Magic rings not included. stout leather boots trimmed in squirrel fur. Silk doublet and jacket with gold buttons. silk sash and long silk slippers with gold studs. gloves and a floppy hat. with silver studs and a peacock feather. burlap-strip sandals. lace gloves. Gems and jewelry are extra. a velvet hat trimmed in fox fur. rabbit fur trim Accessories Canvas belt with wooden buckle Leather belt with a brass buckle Fancy suede belt with a silver buckle Silk sash with a gold and pearl clasp Cost 2½ sp 12 sp 6 gp 16 gp 60 gp 20 gp Cost 1 cp 2 sp 10 sp 5 gp 15 gp 2½ gp Cost 1 cp 5 cp 2 sp 2 gp 15 gp 1 gp 4 gp Cost 5 cp 1 sp 1 gp 10 gp World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 37 Ye Olde Shoppe www. heavy leather belt and suede boots with silver buckles. with rabbit-fur ear flaps Velvet chapeau. silk. woolen trousers. Linen tunic and leggings with brass buttons. with gilded lace Wool mittens Cost 1 cp 2 sp 15 sp 3 gp Cold-weather gear Heavy doubled burlap poncho Sheep-skin coat with brass buttons Rabbit-fur cloak lined with linen Wool coat w/silver buttons and fox fur Lion-fur cloak with gold buttons and a gold brooch clasp Heavy leather coat. lace collar Silk tights Blouse and skirt. gold buttons. as is the crown. Peer 200 gp Adventurer 10 gp Common items Clothing Serf’s burlap tunic Burlap leggings Canvas blouse with leather laces Denim trousers with brass buttons Fine linen tunic with brass buttons Cheap woolen leggings Fancy linen blouse Wool jacket and trousers. silvered and feathered Brocade head-piece. demin. Canvas tunic and leggings with fired-clay buttons. wide-brimmed leather hat. a woolen cloak trimmed in fox fur. belt with a brass buckle. silk trousers.worldofprime. gold and pearl inlay Footwear Burlap sandals Leather shoes Soft leather boots lined with rabbit fur Suede boots. lace trim and pearls Ceremonial Robes. canvas trousers. suede purse with silver clasps. Wool doublet and jacket with silver buttons. a huge brocade hat. lace trim Evening gown. at least a signet ring. fox-fur Silk slippers w/ mink High. brass buttons. gold buttons Silk doublet. stout boots trimmed in rabbit fur Gloves Burlap work gloves Canvas work gloves Leather gloves Long lace gloves Silk opera gloves.

possibly with buttons. ½ 1 Yard 1 1 Description Cheap. High leather boots. Leather or cloth straps wrapped around the foot (and sometimes a wooden sole). Elegant. Kingly head-pieces can consume two to five times as much fabric. Linen 1 gp ½ 1 Velvet Wool 2. A winter garment A more primitive and exotic winter garment. it may also be made from the poorest quality of wool (that cannot even be dyed to a different color) or other fibers. although the styles are different. Generally leather. Sheep’s hair. hard-soled with wood. A difficult and expensive weave. for cold weather. feathers. A heavy duty cloth. and be studded with rare furs. pouches and scabbards. Waist-length coat. Pants. A short skirt. Depending on the locale. A fancy. impractical footwear. or fancy dress parties depending on the material. Often made of fur to show its value. possibly with a pocket or two. worn in the front to protect your clothes while working. usually made from cotton. usually made from cotton or wool. and is soft enough to make bedsheets out of. Linen is made from the flax plant. or other academics. Leather shoes with wooden soles. Good for holding things. worn with a blouse or tunic. This might also represent a high-grade cotton or medium-grade wool. finely woven for fancy clothes. A handbag or pouch worn on its own strap. soft. May also be a poncho (a blanket with a hole cut in it).com Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .5 sp Lbs. An ordinary dress.5 gp 5 gp 1½ 1 1 1 World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 38 Ye Olde Shoppe www. or even steel-toed for greater protection.Custom Items Item Blouse Tunic Doublet Vest Leggings Trousers Smock Skirt Dress Gown Fabric/yards 1 2 4 1 1 2 2 1 3 5-15 Description An ordinary shirt. May be soft-soled (like moccasins). Robe Jacket Coat Cloak Belt Sash Pouch Purse Sandals Shoes Boots Slippers Hat Gloves 4 2 3 4 1/5 ½ 1/10 1 ¼ ½ 2 1 ½ ¼ Materials This is the price per yard for bulk materials. or gems. protection. Used for decoration or as a baldric to hold a scabbard. Anything from leather work gloves to silk opera gloves. A long shirt that hangs beneath the waist. An ell of silk (25 yards) is worth more than a master craftsman makes in a year. and have jewels sewn into the fabric. May be trimmed with furs. silks. Small enough to hide under your other clothes. or velvet. Often called denim when made soft enough for clothing. A gown suitable for fancy dress parties. Hats range from the practical to the absurd.worldofprime. which can be used as materials for tailoring or treasure. like pants. Extremely fancy gowns use two or three times as much cloth. lined tunic. Long robes suitable for priests. wizards. Leg-warmers and wrappings. Worn by men and women. rough cloth made from jute or vegetable fibers. Materials Burlap Canvas Cost 1 cp 2. the best quality.

yards. harder to obtain. The fur of one small domestic creature such as a rabbit or squirrel.Lace Silk Brocade Light leather Heavy leather Suede Rabbit fur Fox fur Mink fur Bear or Lion hide 7. A thimble of metal. The most prized of all cloths. Trimmings Do not include Trimmings as part of the price for calculating creation times. fine leather. Buttons and clasps made from gold. There is about ½ a sq. Trimmings Decorative stitching Lace Swan feathers Peacock feathers Rabbit fur Fox fur Mink fur Wood Clay Brass Silver Gold Jewels Cost x2-x5 labor 1 gp 1 sp 1 gp 5 cp 5 sp 5 gp 1 cp 5 cp 5 sp 5 gp As much as you care to spend Sufficient for one item or for 1 yard Patterns and designs stitched into the cloth. Normally a steel needle. Soft. or ceramic. strong and comfortable in heat or cold. in primitive societies. Silver or gold thread is 1 gp to 10 gp a spool. light leather such as calfskin or sheepskin. Feathers from rare and exotic birds. A thin. goat. double or more the ordinary labor cost for the item. Buttons and clasps made from wood. The complete fur from a large animal such as bear or lion. Sewing Shop Adventurers will probably resort to magic to repair their clothes. However. The fur of one small domestic creature such as a rabbit or squirrel. Fine wool yarn will cost 1 sp per skein. Silk intricately woven with patterns of silver and gold threads. specially grown and treated. or calf. Feathers from ordinary birds. Enough trim for a lace collar or neckline. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 39 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Prices will vary wildly depending on local availability. a bull will produce 3. Item Scissors Thimble Needle Spool of thread Skein of yarn Spinning wheel Loom Cost 4 sp 1 sp 5 sp 1 sp 2 cp 10 gp 20 gp Weight ¼ lb 1/10 lb 1/10 lb 20 lb 50 lb Description Small metal scissors. Thicker. Smooth. you can always add more. Used for turning fibers into thread. A wild fur. A rare and exotic fur. Buttons and clasps made from fired clay or carved stone. A rare and exotic fur. here are some prices for objects they’ll never use.5 gp 10 gp 30 gp 3 sp 12 sp 2 gp 5 cp 5 sp 5 gp 50 gp ½ ¼ 1 1 3 1 ¼ ½ ½ 12 1 1 1 1 1 1 1/10 1/10 1/10 4 The finest possible use of linen or cotton. wood. Used for turning thread into cloth. Buttons and clasps made from silver. Handmade with complex patterns and exacting Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . A cow will produce 2 sq. yard on a sheep. the tailor normally buys these items from other suppliers and merely adds them to the outfit. Buttons and clasps made from gold or silver and set with jewels. stronger leather such as bull-hide. A wild fur.worldofprime. Buttons and clasps made from brass. harder to obtain. But in case they don’t. it will be made of bone.

flute Cost 1 cp 3 cp 5 cp 1 sp 1 gp 2 gp Note: any of these entertainments may be unavailable or illegal. Exotic mount Cost 1 cp 2 sp 5 sp 2 gp 1 sp 2 sp 1 gp Entertainment Entertainment Chewing tobacco Smoking tobacco Narrowleaf Flower of the Poppy Puppet show. chicken or mutton and cheese Pork platter. private performance Musical troupe. Rich vagabonds can live in high style for 5 gp a day. goblet Champagne. Illegal entertainments are twice as expensive. Normal adventurers will spend about 1 gp per day. Lodgings Description A spot in the common room Small private room Large private room with bath Hotel suite with fireplace Stable and Feed Stable and Feed. and carry the risk of being arrested during a police Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .Inns and Dens Most adventurers will spend most of their time on the road. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 40 Ye Olde Shoppe www. 1 evening Penny-pitching game Dice game Card game Cockroach races Dog races Horse races Fist-fighting Cost 1 sp 2 sp 5 sp 1 gp 1 cp 2 cp 1 sp 1 gp 2 gp 10 gp 1 sp 1 gp 1d10-4 cp 1d10-4 sp 1d10-4 gp 1d20-8 cp 1d20-8 sp 1d20-8 gp Free Meals Description A bowl of porridge flavored with peas A bowl of stew with a slice of bread Bread. 1 seat Tavern bard. mug Wine. stein Ale. 1 evening Private circus.worldofprime. 1 evening Tavern wench. with a side of vegetables A slab of steak or roast. warhorse Stable and Feed. if you like it Mummer’s farce. prime rib 12-course gourmand’s feast Cost 2 cp 4 cp 7 cp 1 sp 2 sp 1 gp 10 gp Drinks Description Water Tea. all you can drink Beer. glass Brandy. 1 song of your choice Bard. Dining in stray inns and odd taverns is often an adventure in itself. depending on local rules. Poor travelers can expect to spend 1 sp a day. goose liver pate. with pastries Roast capon. 1 night Courtesan.

Most villages will have a Shrine. or building a house are also frequent requests for a blessing. Launching a ship. and doesn’t have to leave his temple to do so. Few faiths practice baptism. casters over 9th level are exceedingly rare. Some communities of mixed faiths will legally compel priests to treat all comers. It is exceedingly difficult to invade a city by surprise when the High Priest is regularly casting Divination with the question. Keep in mind that the priest already has a full-time job healing and curing his flock. The prices below assume you are a stranger. starting a new business. plus any material components).com Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . if you are a member of an opposed religion. as long as he’s invited to the banquet (and paid for his spell). tidal waves. attempting to foresee and prepare for any catastrophes in the next week. However. Weddings and funerals are the most common ceremonies. Having a Bless cast over your wedding is considered as de rigeur as a white dress and a fancy cake. Conversely. tornadoes. Rulers everywhere will seek the support of the local clergy. and tell when you’re lying. predict the future. Equally often. Life-saving spells will be subsidized (except for the material component) even to peasants. they can heal. The priest will perform the ceremony for free. without a good or bad reputation. and in any case they usually wait until the child reaches adulthood to claim them for the faith. A dead peasant can’t work. Invariably he will take the opportunity to preach his faith to a captive audience. Another standard ceremony is the weekly casting of a divination. Even Evil priests will only fleece their flocks for what they can afford. On the other hand. obtaining their services is always a personal favor. Double the price for house calls or quick service. except in those places where the rulers are the local clergy. Cities or Royal courts will strive to have a Cathedral. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 41 Ye Olde Shoppe www. cure. Priests will charge lower prices for spells that advance their religious cause – such as Detect Alignment and Atonement. Towns will almost always have a Church and a caster who can Remove Disease. they charge more for spells that don’t obviously advance their cause. and a sick one might make others sick. and the price will be high enough to make sure you don’t waste the priest’s time with frivolities (10 gp times the spell’s level.Temples Priests play a huge role in society. If you are of the same faith. raise the dead. and of the same basic alignment (Good or Evil). then even Good churches might refuse to help you at any price. Imperial cities or metropolises might have several Cathedrals of different faiths. and will generally put them ahead of you in line for his spells. blizzards and plagues. “Are we going to be invaded this week?” This is equally valuable for earthquakes. Not only are they wise. Obtaining other spells will require a Diplomacy or Bluff check. at government established rates. The prices also assume the priest can cast the spell any time in the next 24 hours. acting as a witness for the community. with at least one first-level priest in attendance.worldofprime. never a transaction in gold. with the incredible benefits a 9th level priest brings (like Raise Dead). the rulers and the gods. Spell-casting Pricing spells at a temple is problematic. the local rulers are stretched to the limit maintaining peace between competing faiths. Ceremonies Priests often officiate at ceremonies. while others will let the temples freely compete for the public’s approval. then the price will be adjusted according to your need and your ability to pay.

World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 42 Ye Olde Shoppe www. just in case. Having a trained nurse on call and the advice of a physician allows you to heal x2 your level per day. they’re willing to make an exception. too. water and bed rest. Priests don’t usually like to make potions. artistic quality of workmanship will vary considerably. Restoring ability damage that will probably go away on its own. To settle private disputes or seal Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . for adventurers they like. or the priest may have to file a report with his superiors or the local ruler. If you really want to put your mother’s favorite vase back together. Repeat castings of this spell are the cheapest way to heal. Usually cast at ceremonies like weddings or baptisms. the ability to ignore the effects of weather for an entire day could be important during blizzard season. A handful of Novices means that women no longer die in childbirth. or arctic ice shelves. Hiring a priest to oversee your duels and make sure no one bleeds out is the responsible thing to do. volcanic islands. For those who can’t wait for natural healing. Why bother translating texts when the priest can do it easily and perfectly? Keep in mind. they’ll sell it to you for the cost to make it. However. meaning they can’t cast any other spells. Useful for people who feel they may be straying from the path. Usually priests will have a little of this on hand. It’s hard to imagine what you need mended for this price that can’t be fixed cheaper by a tradesman or craftsman. Usually cast on an object such as a bottle of wine. Be prepared for a Good priest to report the presence of any really powerful and scary auras to his superiors. Particularly invaluable for ordinary accidents or work-related injuries. Generally only available in extreme climates like deserts. if you wait long enough. be prepared for an Evil priest to try and cheat you out of rare magic items. Not so obviously. The local priest may also refuse to heal trouble-makers or violent folk. Simple folk believe the effect lasts longer than a few rounds. Includes an hour of analysis and counseling.Shrine (1st level) Hospital care 1 sp per day Cure Minor Wounds 2 sp Bless Mending Detect Magic 1 gp 1 gp 1 gp Detect Poison 1 gp Cure Light Wounds Comprehend Languages Endure Elements Detect Alignment Holy/Unholy Water 1 gp 5 gp 1 gp 1 sp 25 gp per pint Holy Symbol 1 sp Plain food. It will require a Diplomacy/Bluff check at -10 to get a priest to cast this spell without asking a lot of very uncomfortable questions. Be careful what you talk about. but it stops all bleeding. however. they consider it a waste of magic. Only 1 point of healing. Often prescribed for chronic conditions such as over-eating or partying too hard. Also. hoping that having to heal naturally will force them to rethink their life choices. it takes all day. Holy water does 2d4 damage to undead and outsiders (Unholy water heals undead and outsiders) Made of wood. It may require a Diplomacy/Bluff check to get the priest to stop asking why you think you might be the target of a poisoner. Obviously you can only get this at the appropriate temple. that a priest is going to be reading your secret treasure map/ancient historical prophecy/vampire porn. Evil priests still want Holy water: they have Undead problems.worldofprime. for those too cheap to pay for magical healing. Usually hand-made by the local priest. However. Chapel (3rd level) Gentle Repose 2 gp per day Lesser 5 gp Restoration Make Whole 10 gp Undetectable 20 gp Alignment Zone of Truth 5 gp Potion of Cure Light Wounds 25 gp +25 gp Particularly valuable when you’re waiting for the High Priest to get around to raising your friend. cheap metal. or local materials. If you have a good reason.

expect Good priests to put non-lethal spells into their glyphs. For custom colors. expect to pay a stiff fine. And if you let a child set it off. his church. Priests often waive their part of the fee for those who have died in the service of the faith.Church (5th level) Remove Blind/Deaf Remove Disease Obscure Object Speak with Dead Dispel Magic Glyph of Warding Locate Object 5 gp 5 gp 25 gp 25 gp 10 gp 25 gp +200 gp 25 gp Continual Flame Magic weapons and armor 30 gp +50 gp Varies It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Expect to pay for the scroll if you are in a hurry. so you can read your ancient documents without letting the priest read them too. though. In many cities. don’t expect them to sell items to members of different faiths. The priest is going to know what you did. It may take several attempts to free you from that cursed item (chances of finding a priest over 9th level are slim). Shopkeepers have a legitimate right to protect their premises. Remember that the priest is going to hear your questions and answers. or himself. for emergencies. The advantage to this spell is that it can be cast on you. being convicted of a crime will require you to pay for your own Mark of Justice to ensure you don’t commit the crime again. However. In some places. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 43 Ye Olde Shoppe www. cause. so you need to make your own arrangements for the return trip. You still have to come up with the material component. If the spell fails. state. Usually only used by law enforcement to search for stolen goods. see a Wizard. This is the level at which priests can begin making magic weapons and armor. you can have it cast on whatever object you want. or wizards. Expect a lecture on the foolishness of playing with Undead. However. Don’t even bother with the Bluff check. the spectacle of the priest parading around town tends to give thieves a chance to smuggle the goods out of range. However. Chances are the priest isn’t familiar with anyone you want to talk to. In some places this spell is standard practice at funerals. too. Why would they want to arm the competition? Cathedral (9th level) Divination 50 gp +25 gp Restoration Sending Neutralize Poison Tongues Atonement Break Enchantment Commune 25 gp +100 gp 25 gp 25 gp 25 gp 0 gp +500 gp 50 gp 1. Fix almost any ability damage and negative level drains. Good luck explaining why you need to hide an object from Scrying for 8 hours. Not as useful as you’d think. Diplomacy/Bluff check to explain why you need to spy on someone. superiors. expect to pay a lot Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . it is illegal to buy private divinations. Most priests have several copies of this on a scroll. the priest will probably take that as an omen that he shouldn’t be trying to foresee that particular future.worldofprime. Just remember – he’s not coming with you. You’ll have to pay for all of them. If you need the attention of a higher-ranked priest. and b) contagious. The color of the light will be tinted towards the priest’s alignment. The priest is not going to bother his patron for anything less than the safety of the community. He may choose to impose an additional penance as a condition of the atonement. Then it’s an expensive trip to the local priest. You can probably get a hefty discount on this spell if you can convince the priest that you’re a) poor. Certainly not for you. There is a high price on this spell to stop you from asking the priest to find trivialities like your keys. like his rulers. This is the same price as an Everburning torch. but if you buy the spell from the priest. or defense of the community.000 gp +500 gp 500 gp +500 gp 100 gp 50 gp 500 gp Raise Dead Scrying Mark of Justice Plane Shift Works for events up to a week distance. Diplomacy/Bluff check at -20 to convince the priest your petty questions are worth his god’s time. The priest will not spy on people who scare him.

Magic Shop
Wizards rarely affect the lives of ordinary people. They cater to the wealthy and the powerful: merchants, artisans, nobles and adventurers. Only low-rank wizards will sell to commoners, and they will mostly deal in alchemy: charms, herbal potions and other scams. Higher rank wizards (5th and up) will tend to earn their keep making magic items. The market for such items is small, being restricted to really rich people, so the wizard will probably only make a few a year. However, the profit margin is such that he can spend the rest of his time studying, investigating and practicing his arcane arts. Alchemy The craft of alchemy is a favorite pastime of wizards. Many of them are convinced that there is a formula to transform lead or other base metals into gold. Who knows – they might be right!
Formulation Lucky charm Cost 1 cp – 1 gp Description A rare and exotic feather, a bit of colored stone, a rabbit’s foot, or some other object imbued by magic with supernatural influence. Superstitious folk believe these objects are like Luckstones, only not as reliable. Wizards encourage this kind of nonsense, and will often be found selling specialty charms claimed to ward off specific diseases or misfortunes. Like lucky charms, these potions have as much effect as the user expects them to have. The most common potion is a “love” potion, intended to arouse desire in the target. Other popular formulations are against minor but chronic complaints such as arthritis (the sorts of things priests – who are healing actual injuries – can’t be bothered with). Some of these potions may have a noticeable effect, but only because they tend to be heavily alcoholic. Useful for opening locks, if you have a drill bit and plenty of time. You can also throw it as a weapon, making a ranged touch attack with at 10 ft range increment for 1d6 acid damage (and everyone within 5 ft takes 1 point of splash damage). A thick, sticky liquid that burns hot, Greek fire is extremely hard to put out, so this substance is the choice of discriminating arsonists everywhere. It can also be used as a ranged touch attack (10 ft increment) for 1d4 fire damage (and everyone within 5 ft takes 1 point of splash damage). The target must then spend a fullround action to extinguish the flames (either by rolling on the ground or tearing off the affected clothing) or suffer an additional 1d4 damage. Grants a +5 bonus on Fortitude saving throws against a specific poison. The effect lasts for up to an hour, so if you know in advance what poison you are likely to suffer, you can take it beforehand. Low-rank wizards will often manufacture and sell supplies to higher rank wizards who can’t be bothered. Collecting and preparing these components is an apprentice’s job. Buying spell components costs 1 gp per spell, but you can cast the spell dozens of times before needing new components.

Herbal potion

1 cp – 1 gp


1 gp per flask 1 gp per flask

Greek fire


1 gp per dose 1 gp per spell

Mundane Material components

Spells The most common spell sold by wizards is Prestidigitation. The many uses of this spell allow beginning wizards to make a living off of their magic. The only difficulty is the short duration of the color/flavor effect, but some wizards will double this by the use of the Extend Spell metamagic feat.

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Assuming you need other spells, the base rate is 10 gp times the wizard’s level. Wizards don’t get to sell spells very often (unlike priests), so they have to sell them for a lot to make ends meet. Also, they don’t like surprises, unusual requests, or unpredictable adventurers, so they charge a stiff fee to keep these things at bay.
Cantrip Drycleaning Teeth polishing Brewing Flavoring Cost 1 cp per item 5 cp 1 sp 1 sp Description (Prestidigitation) Up to 30 items (or 15 pieces of armor) per spell. Guaranteed not to damage delicate fabrics. (Prestidigitation) The wizard can treat up to six patients per spell. Few wizards can stomach staring into people’s mouths, however. (Prestidigitation) Turn 2 gallons of wine into 1 gallon of brandy by removing unwanted water. (Prestidigitation) Add any imaginable flavor to 1 lb of flour and sprinkle it over a meal. Must be used within the hour, so just before mealtime the house-boys will be running from the wizard’s shop to their master’s kitchens. Sometimes the very rich will have a private wizard cook. (Prestidigitation) Completely change the color of an outfit of clothes – while you are wearing them. Add color to your cheeks, dye your hair and darken and thicken eyelashes. Court ladies will hire a wizard to decorate them for the formal ball; they will retire every hour or two for a few minutes, and return in a completely different color scheme. The Dowager Empress was once said to have worn 30 outfits in a single night, each with its own (fake) set of gemstones. Wizards are more willing than priests to fix objects, since they can’t use their magic to fix people. The wizard will check a whole sack of items for you – but he’ll charge you for each one. He’s not charging you for the spell; he’s charging you because he has to waste his time talking to you. A wizard will ask a lot less questions than a priest, because he just doesn’t care.


1 gp per engagement

Mending Detect Magic Detect Poison Spell Comprehend Languages (1st) Hypnotism (1st)

1 sp 1 sp per item

1 sp per item

Cost 1 gp

1 gp

Identify (1st)

100 gp + 100 gp

Phantom Trap (2nd)

50 gp + 50 gp

Dispel Magic (3rd)

50–90 gp

Description Wizards are happy to translate ancient texts or incomprehensible messages. They’ll memorize the contents and add the knowledge to their own library after you leave. Having trouble stopping smoking? Wizards will implant an auto-hypnotic suggestion for a small fee. Effectiveness will vary depending on how much you actually want to quit smoking, drinking, gambling, whoring, snoring, or whatever vice drove you the desperate straights of asking a wizard for help. Wizards will charge a hefty fee for this spell. They have a monopoly on the service, the value of information it returns is phenomenal, and handling unknown magic items can be fatal. Not only cursed items are dangerous – accidentally discharging a Wand of Fireballs in your work-room is likely to ruin your day. At least the wizard will do his very best to answer your questions, and for this much money, you can usually count on his discretion – he won’t be tattle-telling to others what your nifty new toy can do. It is very common for wizards to have this cast on their spell-books. Merchants will also find it cheaper and almost as effective as real traps. Again, you’re paying for discretion – a fake trap is no use if the wizard goes around blabbing about it. A high-rank wizard might be able to disable that cursed item for a few rounds, so you can take it off. Unfortunately, finding a wizard over 9th level who will even talk to you is unlikely – and probably just as well.

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Nondetection (3rd) Break Enchantment (5th) Contact Other Planes (5th)

30 gp + 50 gp 90 gp

This is a lot of money to pay for a few hours of protection – unless you’re a thief hiding from a Locate Object spell. At least the wizard won’t give you a lecture while he’s trying to extricate you from that cursed item (or more likely, reverse a Curse/Flesh to Stone/Geas spell). The hard part is convincing the wizard to take the risk of being reduced to a drooling idiot for a few weeks. Since this would expose him to his enemies, you first have to convince him you’re not one of them. However, the friendship only goes one way: the wizard doesn’t really care if the information you receive is true or false. It’s strictly caveat emptor; you pays your money and you takes your chances. One of the few socially useful things a wizard can do is make walls, roads and bridges. Simply turn good solid rock to mud, pour it into wooden molds, and then turn it back into rock. Wizards like showing off, and this spell is not dangerous, so they’ll be happy to make a living off of fortifying your city.

500 gp (Astral) 5,000 gp (Deity)

Transmute Mud to Rock (5th)

50 gp

Item Scrolls (1st) Cost Unlikely Description Why would a wizard sell you a scroll? You could just copy it into your own spell book and then what would you need him for? Scrolls are made for the wizard’s own personal use, or manufactured at the command of their master. Buying them on the open market is unlikely except in the most magic-rich societies. This is the price for having the spell cast on an item of your selection, in your choice of color. Some cities will hire junior wizards on a long-term contract to make street lighting, typically paying them a flat fee (1,200 gp a year) for 300 castings (the city still has to provide the material component). In those places Everburning Torches will sell for as little as 55 gp. Many wizards will make potions to order. It’s a safe and profitable business. The only problem is that there are few customers: usually only adventurers want to turn pounds of gold into momentary combat advantages. This is the bread and butter of the wizard trade. Making wondrous items is safe, fun, and unlikely to lead to any recriminations, so wizards will make them whenever they can. Wizards are not really that keen on making weapons for their perhaps least favorite group of people - fighters. However, huge sacks of cash can occasionally convince them to set aside their prejudices. Wizards are even less keen on sharing their unique abilities with non-wizards. Usually they only make wands for their own defense. However, some advanced magocratic societies will manufacture wands for military use. It is an oft-forgotten fact that the ability to make rings does not come until the 12th level. This means there are extremely few wizards who can make rings, and none of them is going to waste their time begging gold pieces from adventurers. Rings are occasionally found, looted, or won; but almost never bought.

Continual Flame (2nd)

30 gp +50 gp

Potions (3rd) Wondrous Items (3rd) Magic weapons and armor (5th) Wands (5th) Rings (12th)






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or other environmental effects will also ruin the poison. Exposure to water. Wasp Venom.Poisons Poisons vary wildly from area to area. in which case it is permanent. Wyvern Antitoxin Cost 10 gp 50 gp 30 gp 3 cp 12 gp 100 gp 10 gp 9 gp 5 sp 1 gp 20 gp 150 gp 1 gp 2 gp 5 gp 20 gp 21 gp 70 gp 300 gp 1 gp Type Contact Contact Contact Ingested Ingested Ingested Ingested Ingested Inhaled Inhaled Inhaled Inhaled Injected Injected Injected Injected Injected Injected Injected Ingested Fort DC 14 20 16 11 13 15 14 20 11 11 16 18 11 12 14 18 18 24 17 +5 Primary 1d4 DEX 1 CON 1d6 CON 1 WIS 1d4 CON 1d10 HPs 1d8 INT 1d2 STR 1 INT 2 WIS 1d4 CHA 1d4 WIS 1d2 DEX 1d2 STR 1d4 STR 1d6 STR 1d6 DEX 1d6 STR 2d6 CON Secondary 1d4 DEX Daily 2d12 HPs 2d4 CON Death 1d10 CON Sleep +2 CON 2d4 CHA 2d4 WIS 1d4 HPs 1d4 CON 1d6 STR 1d6 DEX 1d6 STR 2d6 CON - World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 47 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Ability damage is temporary (it returns at the rate of 1 per day).worldofprime. Spider Venom. The one constant is that they are almost always illegal (at least. Masterwork poisons cost x5 as much and have a save DC that is 2 higher. to make up for their lack of metal weaponry. and Bludgeoning weapons cannot use Injected poisons. Sneaking Ingested poisons into someone’s food or drink requires the Sleight of Hand skill. Ingesting the appropriate antidote before making the save grants a +5 (or +7 for a Masterwork antidote). extended sunlight. Worm Venom. Any alchemist who can make a poison can also make the antidote (at the same difficulty level) – unless for some reason the materials simply aren’t available. Only a single dose can be applied to a weapon at a time. These poisons are selected because they have no strong flavor or smell. Poison Ivy paste Mercury's Curse Mage-slayer oil Alcohol Arsenic Crumbs of a Lich Ergot Night-watch Narrowleaf Flower of the Poppy Dreamer's smoke Ragedust Venom. and is relatively safe. Poisons inflict their primary damage immediately and their secondary damage 10 rounds (1 minute) Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . depending on the materials. Primitive tribes will equip their soldiers with poison. Scorpion Venom. for private use). Slashing attacks grant a +2 on the save. Piercing attacks are best for delivering Injected poisons. A natural fumble on an attack roll requires a DC 15 Reflex save to avoid poisoning oneself (or a nearby ally). Manufacturing poisons is part of the Alchemy skill (the skill check to make a poison is the same as its Save DC). Exposure to multiple doses of a poison inflicts multiple saves and damage rolls. After the first successful hit. unless the saving throw was critically fumbled (a natural 1). but even in those tribes it is probably illegal to use poison on a fellow tribesman. technology and skills available. the poison is expended. Centipede Venom. Using Injected or Contact poisons on weapons or items is purely a matter of dexterity and caution. Snake Venom.

make a DC 15 Will save to avoid becoming addicted. Night-watch Used as a sleep-inducing medicine. The potion has a very subtle onset. acrid smell. Wyvern One of the most fatal poisons known. However. This also means you do not recover temporary ability damage without magical help. but it will make you easier to kill. Flower of the Poppy Smoking this substance increases CON. and makes the user extremely boring. hard to detect doses over a period of time. Crumbs of a Lich Crumbling liches is probably more fatal than eating them. the substance is highly addictive. unconsciousness lasts for 8 hours. Mercury's Curse Made from the liquid metal. he’s free – until he starts smoking again. Leaves tell-tale painful red blotches for days. this poison requires a save once a day. mildly addictive. brings on hallucinations and sometimes death. so if you know in advance what poison you are likely to suffer. Mage-slayer oil So-named because mages have few HPs. you do not heal through non-magical means.Ivy paste Concentrated past of everyone's least favorite ivy. Alcohol Unlike other poisons. An addict must smoke Poppy at least once a day or suffer 1d10 CON damage. Venom. you can be across town establishing your alibi when they collapse. each time you use it. Venom. Spider It probably won't kill you. Centipede Cheap but not terribly effective. The effect lasts for up to an hour. Scorpion/Wasp/Worm Harvested from giant-sized insects. stimulates appetite. Worm poison is made from brightly colored giant maneating worms. Venom. Arsenic Can be administered in small. all temporary damage from this substance is recovered 24 hours later. It is pleasantly narcotic. not ordinary earthworms. Dreamer's smoke A 10 ft radius of stupefying smoke that reduces victims to torpidity and placidness. in the sense that it makes one almost immune to pain. While under the effect of this poison. Ergot Made from improperly stored grain. The first successful save ends the curse. Venom. If the damage doesn’t kill him. Multiple doses of the same antitoxin do not stack. Venom. At least they’re tasteless. it was probably invented by a mage. 48 Ye Olde Shoppe www. the effects of the stupid things you did while you were drunk may have permanent consequences. This poison can occur on its own.worldofprime. Once a concentration has built up the victim must suddenly make his saving throw. you can take it beforehand. Ironically. although you can take several different Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . the victim probably won't realize he's been affected until too late. Ragedust A 5 ft sq cloud of powder that madly enrages its victims. Has a distinctive. Snake You don't even have to kill the snake to make this poison. Antitoxin Grants a +5 bonus on Fortitude saving throws against a specific poison. Does not inflict secondary damage. However. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck Narrowleaf A narrow green leaf smoked like tobacco. so it can't be turned into an Ingested poison. With a little planning. Good lucking finding a Wyvern to milk.

Jewelry is usually a step up: even Freemen can often afford a tiny bit of gold for a ring or pendant. The Artisan class represents upper-level craftsmen such as Experts or above. Peers are major nobles and heads of state.000 gp 400 gp Food Porridge Bread Chicken Mutton Pork Beef Beef Cloth Rags Burlap Canvas Linen Wool Silk Leather Fittings None Wood Clay Brass Silver Gold Brass Lodgings Barracks Cottage House Manor Mansion Castle Inns Lifespan ½ ¾ 1 1 1 1¼ 1 Slaves are wretches whose lives are misery and degradation. Style Slave Serf Freeman Artisan Noble Peer Adventurer Expense 10 gp 20 gp 30 gp 60 gp 200 gp 2. with salaries or land holdings. they can usually afford something else for dinner. use bits of wood as buttons. The figures for the Peer class represents the minimum amount a head of state would spend. are footloose wanderers living in inns when they’re not sleeping in the woods or camping in dungeons. Fittings For furniture. dishes and general house-wares. there is. and Serfs may well have family heirlooms of silver. Nobles are ranked individuals. The Noble class is the 1st rank of nobility. no maximum. Food A representative example of what you could find on their dinner table. Adventurers. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 49 Ye Olde Shoppe www. while peasants eat porridge for breakfast and lunch. Only Peers can normally afford to decorate their clothes with gold buttons and buckles. Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . higher ranks will be expected to live and entertain more lavishly. on the other hand. They eat well and wear first-rate equipment. This is useful for putting the wildly extravagant life-style of the typical adventurer into context. of course. Slaves. and various academics or businessmen like bankers and importers. but their life span is often cut short by the nature of the work they do. In some areas this may be a legal restriction. Double this expense if you are maintaining an ordinary-sized family. of course.worldofprime. Slaves are so poor they eat porridge twice a day and nothing else. Lifespan The effect this lifestyle has on the average lifespan of an individual. Artisans are successful craftsmen or businessmen who enjoy the best life a working man can hope for. Cloth The kind of cloth normally associated with this station in life. Serfs are poor and oppressed.Lifestyles An approximation of the various qualities of life that people can expect. Expense How much it costs per year to maintain this lifestyle. Freemen are merely poor.

and you’re lucky to get it. Children may have well-made toys of wood. Tunics of burlap or other coarse fibers. Dinner is often bread and chicken. they will be sent to institutions of higher learning. A Cottage for the family. Winter wear may be a blanket with a hole in it. Chores abound for everyone. People living in these conditions suffer a penalty of -2 to all attributes. either of Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Ale in the tavern once a week or so for the more well-to-do. Life-expectancy is 64 years. Soft boots with gloves. Soft shoes made of leather. damp caves. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 50 Ye Olde Shoppe www. bone dice for the grownups.worldofprime. due to work and war. Freeman Food Clothing Quarters Family Fun Effects 30 gp Porridge is still served for breakfast and lunch. usually shared with chickens or other farm animals. Children are prized and generally given some kind of education until early adolescence. but only for their education. Story-telling around the fire. but with cheese or bread for dinner. the feet are wrapped in rags before putting the sandals on. Ale in the tavern on weekends for the men. Animals are normally kept in the barn. hats and purses. Linen with shiny brass buttons. stone. This is a hard life of constant labor. Hobbies such as philosophy and art can be a part of enjoying life. or leaky huts for the rest. but only once a week. Life-expectancy is 64 years. if not well-clothed. Wood is too valuable to waste. There is time and energy left over to think about improving one’s lot in life though education or investment. cast-offs and scraps. Buttons and clasps are made of wood. Rags. Children are well-fed. Odds and ends of rope or string serves for belts and ties. at least for the adults. not for any expectation of profit. Life-expectancy is 48 years. with a well-thatched roof. Artisan Food Clothing Quarters Family Fun Effects 60 gp Porridge is served only for breakfast. After age six or so they will be expected to work for a living. Life-expectancy is only 32 years.Slave Food Clothing Quarters Family Fun Effects 10 gp Bare survival. Tea is served at meals. Tightly packed. Children are a burden on families this poor. porridge twice a day. a piece of meat is worth killing for. filthy Barracks for the lucky ones. Only the fact that the slave-owner stands to profit from them keeps them alive. Children may have pets such as ponies or cute little dogs. An ordinary House. Chicken or fowl once a week. Children are often put to work in the family business. leaving little time for self-improvement (characters cannot learn new skills while working as a serf). Crude wooden toys for the children. sewing and knitting circles for the women. and parents may be harsh. Footwear is limited to sandals made of burlap straps. but normal family relationships are possible. A scrap of bread or cheese is worth fighting for. Ale is served with dinner. or clay. Guildmasters and such are expected to feast their lesser workers several times a year. Beer is served with dinner once a week or so. in cold weather. possibly with beer. If possible. ruined hovels. Dances and dinner parties on regular occasions. Shoes are just more rags wrapped around the feet. pork and beef on holidays and special occasions. Serf Food Clothing Quarters Family Fun Effects 20 gp Porridge three times a day. An occasional trip to town to see the mummers or bards. A Manor house with rooms for servants as well as family. Canvas tunics with fired-clay buttons. but flavored with vegetables. or musical instruments to practice on. Dinner and sometimes lunch is bread and mutton.

usually pork. They will be educated in their chosen profession. not just brown. Adventurers generally buy private rooms or suites for their party. A popular saying is. diminishes your mystique. Slippers made of impractical materials. Dinner parties at other noble’s houses almost every week. Life-expectancy is 64 years. every night.000 gp Every meal is a gourmet event. sturdy clothes of durable materials. High boots made for walking. Mixing with the commoners exposes you to infiltration. Peer Food Clothing Quarters Family Fun Effects 2.worldofprime. dancing and partying every night. such as dress jackets and gloves. A Castle. war. Silk and fur. and in many places. Good luck with that. in taverns and inns. Each outfit consists of many items.” To share experience from a battle is a sacred ritual far more binding than sharing bread with a stranger or wine with a guest. “Blood may be thicker than water. Adventurers are notoriously restless and easily bored. such as fine roasts. and a slab of steak for dinner. Courtesans. capons cooked inside turkeys. alcohol is a good source of calories too. musicians. like a formal academic robe or a fantastic hat. or pork wrapped in bacon and served on ham. Adventurers don’t have families. servants and entertainment such as ballrooms or music rooms. Living on the road. Children are valued assets of the State. Wine is served with dinner. Only the pressures of war interrupt the peerage’s pursuit of pleasure. but XP is thicker than blood. hawking. but it does not include the army that should be living in your castle if you intend to remain a Peer for very long. they have parties. Meat is always available. buckles and threads are used liberally. Bread is often white. A Mansion with rooms for Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . ignoring events such as assassination. Wine is served with every meal. The study of literature or politics is often a required activity. This means meat at every meal: bacon for breakfast. exotic fish. Lifeexpectancy is nominally 64 years. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 51 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Gold buttons. as every adventurer knows. Nobles eat like Americans. Well-made. Also. and baked or sweet desserts are common.Nobility Food Clothing Quarters Family Fun Effects 200 gp Nobles don’t eat porridge. who are fiercely loyal to each other. Bread and meat are served at every meal. and only frightens the locals. In other words. gambling and drinking. Peers hire other people to study literature and politics for them. or monster attacks. Hunting. Life-expectancy is 80 years. jewels may be incorporated into clothing as well as jewelry. Children are expected to carry on the family legacy. you can’t trust the water. Imported wines are served at special occasions. The expense includes the minimum necessary servants to maintain this kind of lifestyle (usually two or three per family member). Adventurer Food Clothing Quarters Family Fun Effects 400 gp Adventurers eat 5. Bards and other entertainers will be brought in for special occasions.000 calories a day. Stray odds and ends may be found in their heavy-duty packs. Wool with silver accoutrements. The only advantage of this lifestyle is that it leaves all of your time free for adventuring. half a chicken for lunch.

Most workers cannot get ahead on their own. meaning they can spend their skill points on useful skills like Wilderness Lore. World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 52 Ye Olde Shoppe www. Guards are little more amateurs. this usually only applies to military men. craftsmen usually prefer to spend that money on luxuries like clothing and food. quarters and supplies. especially if the lord wants them better armed than their own meager resources can provide. Workers who work for a daily wage will tend to be poorer than those with regular jobs. However. Soldiers. Soldiers The quality of soldier you receive depends on the amount of money you are willing to pay. however. hired to stand around more than to fight. they may have racial proficiencies or skill bonuses. Spot. including arms. The employer may also deduct ¼ of the worker’s pay for room and board. Hide. or Barbarian). Gaining an advancement in grade is usually a gift from a rich patron such as a noble or guild-master. This usually does not apply to craftsmen. the employer may deduct ¼ of the wage if he provides for their advancement. Thus. but it quite often applies to soldiers.worldofprime. Skill Points These are the number of skill points the soldier can be expected to apply to the fighting profession. the employer can deduct ¼ of the worker’s pay by providing his tools. Squires are warriors almost equal to Knights. such as holidays and gifts. or Move Silently. Finally. Also. Corporals and Sergeants provide basic leadership. This explains why soldiers rarely support families. additional proficiency feats costs 1 skill point. you can still use these tables to reflect common soldiers of different quality. expecting that a share of the booty after a battle will greatly exceed any salary they could hope to draw. Everyone starts with one Simple weapon proficiency. can be quite Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Warrior. which keeps the workers in line and the patrons in charge. who are expected to occupy fortifications as part of their duties. expensive equipment. they do trust their lord to advance them. Apprentice grade soldiers get their class proficiencies for free (usually Fighter. who prefer to own and maintain their own tools. will freely accept this deal. if they fight well enough. Craftsmen almost never accept this arrangement. non-humans receive 2/4/6/8 skill points and a maximum of 1 feat. Traditionally. and the fact that they tend to die a lot. Light Armor and Shields. Well. no matter how hard they try. If you are not using Apprentice grades. Privates form the backbone of most armies. Again. The table shows skills and feats for humans. This means that although the capital outlay of maintaining a body of men. The yearly wages include the expected bonuses for long-term employment. Lancers are good enough to equip with horses or other exotic. This is the basis of the feudal system: everyone owes their position to their patron.Wages The average wage of a worker is equal to the cost maintaining a family and his taxes. a Guard could use a simple weapon. because they know their lord depends on them. the actual amount of gold distributed to the soldiers can be quite low. In addition. as they do not trust their employers to place the same value on their personal advancement as they do.

14 16.200 gp 3. although it will still cost you close to 40 gp a year to maintain him. and can have a few attributes that are higher. Viscounts and Marquis expect to be second in command and possibly heir to the land. as will the costs for their personal retinues. Giving soldiers a booty bonus after a battle and then trying to tax it is asking for an insurrection. 12 14. so they have the proficiencies of their class and the attributes suitable for a hero. and entertain high-rank nobility for a year. The rates below represent how much it costs just to feed.5 sp 2 sp 3 sp 4 sp 5 sp Yearly Pay 40 gp 60 gp 80 gp 120 gp 160 gp 200 gp Guard Private Corporal Sergeant Lancer Squire All 10’s 12. you could potentially pay a soldier as little as 10 gp a year. Pay The daily and yearly pay for each soldier does not include reductions for providing equipment. one gives them land to manage and accepts their fealty in return. equipment and advancement will be extra. and this requires treating them well. after all. Maintaining their loyalty is always necessary. Men and women of Peerage rank (6th or higher) are not usually employed. room and board.600 gp 2. They receive their money directly from the tax collector. These are almost always STR. 2x Feats 9.Attributes Normal attributes are 10 each. 12 14. much higher.worldofprime. The one advantage soldiers have is that they do not pay taxes. these stats can also be INT. or advancement. if you are hiring spell-casters or spies. instead.12 The cost for employing ranked warriors is much. house. Title Apprentice Grade (Bonus HPs) 0 0 1 2 3 4 Skill Points 2 3. but do not think this means you can stint on the cost. or CON. WIS.200 gp 1. All of these individuals have a full class rank. 2xFeats Attributes Daily Pay 1 sp Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Employing nobility over the third rank is unlikely.000 gp 2. Thus. You can reduce their pay by providing the necessities for them. Soldiers who have invested in training and practice are sturdier fighters. Title Knight Banner Baronet Viscount Marquis Baron Count Duke Earl Prince Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Yearly pay 400 gp 800 gp 1.600 gp 4. DEX. 14. However. or even CHA. 2x Feats 12.000 gp World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 53 Ye Olde Shoppe www. 2x Feats 6.400 gp 2.800 gp 3. Feat 3. 14 16.

com World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 54 Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Usually this is DEX. as you aren’t raising your next generation yourself. The yearly cost already assumes all of those days. and move up one step on the lifestyle table. CHA. WIS. Poor societies will have mostly Apprentice level workers. craft techniques don’t lend themselves to as straight-forward improvement as making a soldier faster.5 sp 2 sp 3 sp 4 sp 5 sp Yearly Pay 30 gp 60 gp 120 gp 40 gp 60 gp 80 gp 120 gp 160 gp 200 gp Taxes 10 gp 20 gp 40 gp 10 gp 15 gp 20 gp 30 gp 40 gp 50 gp Ye Olde Shoppe www. MW tools Attribute Bonus 0 0 +2 0 +1 +1 +2 +3 +3 Daily Pay . Synergy. this number represents how much it costs to keep a slave and his family alive. stronger.Craftsmen Workers and Craftsmen come in different grades. or STR. If your slaves don’t have families. Feat 4.75 sp 1. Workers are not as motivated to master their professions as soldiers are (since failure is not so obviously linked to dying). Master craftsmen have such a wide-ranging grasp of their subject that they enjoy a Synergy bonus to their skill checks. but it may be INT. If your society has regular access to the Plant Growth spell.5 sp 3 sp 1 sp 1. Farmers tend to pay 1/3 of their income in taxes. depending on their station in life. 14. usually levied as fees on services like grain milling or imports.worldofprime. Title Slave Serf Freeman Laborer Novice Apprentice Journeyman Expert Master Skill Level 0 2 4 0 1 2 4 8 13 Craft Grade 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 4 Skill Points 0 2 2 0 0 1 2 3. Taxes The profit a lord can collect from the workers that live under his protection. rather. while townsmen manage to sneak by with 1/4. advanced civilizations will have greater and greater percentages of higher-grade craftsmen. Feat. However. Slaves don’t receive pay. or 16 in the appropriate attribute. resulting in a larger tax base and superior equipment for their armies. counting all of his bonuses. then you can spend half as much and reap twice as much profit. or tougher. pay 1/3 more gp in taxes. Attribute Bonus This is the bonus to skill the worker receives for having either a 12. Skill Points These are the number of skill points the worker has spent on his chosen profession. if your period of employment stretches over any holy days or traditional celebrations. that means you need to find new slaves when these wear out. you’ll have to pay him for those days as well. The type of workers that make up the bulk of the workforce is determined by the government and economic model. and other traditional gifts and bonuses. Only Expert level workers and above are expected to have mastered the Skill Focus feat for their craft. Pay The daily pay is provided in case you want to hire a worker by the day. Also. Serfs and Freemen will make 1/3 more gp a year. then your farmers will benefit greatly. However. Skill Level This is the final skill level of the worker.

chickens and other raw materials for their own consumption. Farmers are assumed to have free access to at least 1 acre of forest for fuel and building materials. Expect to pay special fees and taxes when the local rulers notice you are making a profit. yoke (3 gp). sell wine. farms will also produce vegetables. A farm with the Plant Growth spell will produce 33% more crops. Farms The heart of any medieval economy is food production. Shops Individual crafts such as smiths. meaning a typical wheat farm will make 4 tons of wheat instead of Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .500 lb of fish 60 gp / year 3 tons of wheat Farm Farm (Plant Growth) 40 gp / year Serf family (40 gp) 80 gp / year 4 tons of wheat Sheep Ranch 40 gp / year Serf family (40 gp) 60 gp / year 800 lb of mutton 400 lb of fleece World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 55 Ye Olde Shoppe www. or both. plow (5 gp) seed (10 gp) 420 gp Cottage (100 gp) 80 acres of pasture (160 gp) Herd of 80 sheep (160 gp) Operations 40 gp / year Serf family (40 gp) 40 gp / year Serf family (40 gp) Revenue 60 gp / year 1. which doubles its profitability (from 1 ton to 2 tons per year of wheat above the 2 tons the farmer and his family eat to survive). If you can purchase an exclusive right. plow (5 gp) seed (10 gp) 420 gp Cottage (100 gp) 40 acres of good farmland (200 gp) draft horse (100 gp) bit and bridle (2 gp).Businesses Owning or investing in a business may require the permission of the local nobles. there is little reason for them to give you a cut of their paycheck. potters. Usually they sell the goods they produce directly from their work-rooms: buying a sword from a smith while standing in his smithy gives you a sense of the quality of his work. The listed revenue is only the taxable income.worldofprime. then you can run a shop for a profit because you can sell goods for more than it costs to make them. they will expect the guild standard rate of pay. Business Fishing boat Capital 200 gp Cottage (100 gp) Fishing boat (100 gp) 420 gp Cottage (100 gp) 40 acres of good farmland (200 gp) draft horse (100 gp) bit and bridle (2 gp). and so on make wages or profits according to their skill and station. yoke (3 gp). Selling or leasing a license to provide a good or service is a common practice (such as the exclusive right to mill grain. carpenters. Even if these men or women work in another’s shop. or buy wool). Profiting from the labor of others is a modern concept: medieval barons made their money from owning things or having rights. Since most workers provide their own tools. Typically 75% of a medieval population is engaged in agriculture. This will increase both tax revenues and quality of life for the peasantry. city fathers.

and how much it costs to refine it.000 gp) License (?) Operations 200 gp / year Freeman family (200 gp) 400 gp / year Freeman family (200 gp) 5 servants (200 gp) Revenue 400 gp / year Inn 800 gp / year Merchants The buying and selling of goods – as opposed to producing and selling goods – is an unusual business. A vein of high-quality iron ore such as hematite can produce as much as 400 lb of iron from 600 lb of ore. Although this quality of ore is rare. a good miner can produce up to 600 lb of ore a day. the same inn on a dank moor will barely Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . be subject to special taxes or forfeitures.000 gp Large shop (500 gp) Mill (500 gp) 80 gp / year Freeman family (80 gp) 120 gp / year 1.worldofprime. An inn at a crossroads will do very well.100 gp House (400 gp) Barn (50 gp) 200 acres of pasture (400 gp) Herd of 10 cattle (250 gp) 1. iron as a whole is not.200 gallons of milk 900 gp / year 45 tons of flour (30 farms’ worth) 400 gp / year Master miller (200 gp) 5 Apprentices (200 gp) Hotels The revenue listed is only an average value. It will probably require a license.000 gp / year Mines Mines are unique in that the profit they generate depends less on the labor expended than on the quality of the mining site. cause undue suspicion. Bog ore will still produce 6–12 lb of iron per World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 56 Ye Olde Shoppe www. what kind of ore it is. Liquor or gaming licenses may be required.000 gp / year Master merchant (200 gp) 15 Guards (600 gp) Squire (200 gp) Revenue 50 .000 lb of beef 4 sq.000 gp Tavern (1.000 gp) License (?) 2. The value of this ore depends on its quality.200 gp / year General Store 300 gp / year Importer 1. Establishment Market Stall Capital 200 gp Market Stall (100 gp) Inventory (100 gp) 400 gp Shop (200 gp) Inventory (200 gp) 1.000 gp / year Money-lender 5.000 gp Gatehouse (10. Establishment Tavern Capital 1. at varying expense.000 gp Inn (2. and occasionally be robbed.000 gp) Operations 120 gp / year Journeyman merchant (120 gp) 160 gp / year Expert merchant (200 gp) 400 gp / year Master merchant (200 gp) 5 Guards (200 gp) 1.000 gp) Capital (100. yds of leather 1.000 gp Large Shop (500 gp) Inventory (500 gp) Access to rare goods 110. Using medieval technology.Cattle Ranch Mill 1.

000 gp) 15 Guards (600 gp) Squire (200 gp) Engineer (200 gp) 4.500 gp / year 900 lb of silver Gold 45. tough and brave. Slave mines are only profitable if the slaves are cheap (such as criminals from the state or prisoners of war). rich 6. poor Capital 2. Refining the ore requires at least four times as much labor and consumes whole forests.000 gp) Engineer (120 gp) 4.250 gp 10 acres of bog (5 gp) 100 acres of forest (100 gp) 50 picks. because it was still cheaper and easier than shipping metal all the way from Rome. shovels and wheelbarrows (75 gp) 15 axes (75 gp) 350 gp 1 acre of mining rights (?) 200 acres of forest (200 gp) 50 picks. Viking farmers often mined and smelted their own ore. A rich vein of silver produces 1/3 lb of silver out of those 600 lb of raw ore (after extensive refining).400 gp / year 50 serfs (3. shovels and wheelbarrows (75 gp) 15 axes (75 gp) Operations 1. shovels and wheelbarrows (75 gp) 15 axes (75 gp) 750 gp 1 acre of mining rights (?) 600 acres of forest (600 gp) 50 picks.000 gp) Engineer (200 gp) 12. shovels and wheelbarrows (75 gp) 15 axes (75 gp) 350 gp 1 acre of mining rights (?) 200 acres of forest (200 gp) 50 picks.600 lb of ore.000 gp / year 50 freemen (6.worldofprime. despite the poor quality of ore.000 gp / year 10 tons of iron Iron.000 gp / year 900 lb of gold World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 57 Ye Olde Shoppe www.000 gp / year 20 tons of iron Iron.000 gp) 5 Guards (200 gp) Engineer (200 gp) 7.500 gp / year 50 slaves (1. average 3. Gold and platinum can be mined at similar rates. In all Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .120 gp / year 50 serfs (3. but veins of these precious metals are much rarer.000 gp) 5 guards (200 gp) Overseer (200 gp) 10 replacement slaves (?) Tool maintenance (100 gp) Revenue 2. Mine Iron. Good miners are hard to come by: they have to be strong. The Romans mined ore in English bogs.000 gp) 350 gp 1 acre of mining rights (?) 200 acres of forest (200 gp) 50 picks.200 gp / year 50 freemen (6.000 gp / year 60 tons of iron Silver 3. mining the ore is the easy part. shovels and wheelbarrows (75 gp) 10 axes (50 gp) 50 slaves (?) 50 manacles (250 gp) 500 ft of chain (750 gp) A supply of whips (20 gp) Barracks (1.

000 lb Meat 2 lb 1 lb 10 lb 30 lb 50 lb 150 lb 500 lb 1. Raw Food Hay Barley Oats Wheat Rice Flour Vegetables Fruits Nuts Sugar Salt Cinnamon Cloves Pepper Milk (1 gal. rice. but animals require 2% of their weight per day. Humans and other medium-sized humanoids require at least 2 lb of oats. or wheat per day. and people will do almost anything to augment it. 1 8 8 8 2 2 1 oz 1 oz 1 oz 1 oz Prepared Food Sausage Honey Butter Cheese Bread Pastry Trail rations (1 day) Cost 4 cp 1 sp 2 cp 4 cp 4 cp 1 sp 5 sp Lbs.5 gp 5 gp 10 gp 15 gp 2 cp 2 cp 2 cp 8 cp 3 cp 4 cp 6 cp 10 cp 12 cp 4 cp Lbs. This is a miserable subsistence Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 . Barley is more expensive.000 lb Cost 2 sp 1 sp 2 sp 4 sp 1 gp 10 gp 1 sp 2 sp 5 sp 1 gp Lbs.Bulk Goods Food Hay is cheap. 10 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 8 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Intoxicants Tea (10 gal) Beer (1 gal) Ale (1 gal) Wine (1 gal) Brandy (1 bottle) Champagne (1 bottle) Chewing tobacco Smoking tobacco Narrowleaf Flower of the Poppy Livestock Livestock Chicken Rabbit Goose Goat Sheep Pig Cow Ox Cost 5 cp 1 sp 1 gp 2 gp 2 gp 5 gp 25 gp 50 gp Weight 3 lb 2 lb 15 lb 50 lb 150 lb 250 lb 1. Warhorses and such are often fed barley because it is easier to carry and more nutritious.) Eggs (12) Chicken Goose Goat Mutton Pork Beef Venison Fish Cost 1 cp 1 cp 1 cp 1 cp 1 cp 2 cp 2 cp 5 cp 1 sp 1 gp 1.000 lb 2.worldofprime. but animals only require 1% of their weight per day.1 1 World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 58 Ye Olde Shoppe www. 1 1 1 1 1 0. Note that you must provide your own containers for these goods (except for bottled drinks).

4 gp 0.3 gp 0.5 sp 1 gp 2.004 gp 0.006 gp 0.5 gp 5 gp 50 gp 100 gp 250 gp 250 gp Coin 0. ½ 1 ½ 1½ 5 1 ½ ¼ 1 1 3 1 2¼ 4½ 4½ 12 Precious materials Material Marble Coral Ivory Cost per lb 1 gp 10 gp 100 gp World of Prime © 2009 M C Planck 59 Ye Olde Shoppe www.008 gp 0.5 gp 5 sp 5 gp 7.5 gp 10 gp 30 gp 3 sp 12 sp 2 gp 50 cp 50 sp 50 gp Patric Mitchell (order #2310125) 1 .2 gp 0.002 gp 0.1 gp 0.5 gp Lbs.1 gp 1 gp 2 gp 5 gp 5 gp Gems Gem Jacinth Onyx Ruby Topaz Emerald Sapphire Pearl Amethyst Diamond Color Orange Black Red Yellow Green Blue White Purple Clear Cost per carat 10 gp 25 gp 500 gp 50 gp 750 gp 250 gp 1 gp 100 gp 1.01 gp 0.worldofprime.Metals Metal Iron Lead Tin Brass or bronze Copper Silver Gold Platinum Mithril Adamantium Cost per lb 0.000 gp Stones Stone Carnelian Obsidian Sardonyx Amber Jade Turquoise Moonstone Garnet Quartz Color Orange Black Red Yellow Green Blue White Purple Clear Cost per lb 10 gp 1 gp 5 gp 20 gp 10 gp 25 gp 2 gp 50 gp 1 sp Cloth Materials Burlap Canvas Linen Velvet Fleece (raw wool) Wool Lace Silk Brocade Light leather Heavy leather Suede Rabbit fur Fox fur Mink fur Bear or Lion hide Cost per yard 1 cp 2.

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