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On Science and Spirituality

Boris Petrovic – March 2011 We live in a world where the education system globally gives young generations a perception of a cold, empty space around them, fueling the illusion of separation between humans and separation between humans and nature. Wherever we find in the same room a scientist and a spiritual leader, the question of the reality of a universal, all-pervading field, inter-connecting all material existence arises. The scientist would say “I am proving the existence of God using a particle accelerator. My method is scientific and through experiments and statistics I might show how everything synergizes in a “Higgs field”. Still my results prove not the existence of an all-pervading cosmic intelligence. I might need a more powerful accelerator to see deeper into matter!“ The spiritual leader replies: “Your quest is an never ending story. You are blind for a reason. For, if you would be conscious of your mental ability, you would destroy yourself and all others.” Human perception is limited to the experience and thus inputs of science – its theory, observation and experiments are limited by the perception of the scientific collective. The scientific method relies on experimentation using 21st century instruments with a resolution of measurement spreading to only parts of the wavelength of the total existence. At the same time, the human body, through the human antenna system (consisting of the neural network spreading within the spinal cord and the brain), acts as the most sensitive instrument available for observation of cosmos. Humanity finds itself at a bifurcation point heading towards a change of perception on a collective level. The research into consciousness is opening a window into the

understanding of methods of increasing human perception, leading to the awareness of the human being as an actor, a tele-automaton of cosmic forces. The spiritual experience proves that the speed of human thought is infinite. The historical evidence of psychic experiences and clairvoyance are explained through the existence of a timeless, allpervading space and modes of operation of the human antenna acting as a transmitter or receiver of super-luminal waves through an aether like medium. However modern science discards the existence of aether since the works of Albert Einstein, which indirectly led to the creation of the Atomic Bomb, illustrating the principle of E=mc2. World famous scientist Nikola Tesla, the father of the rotary magnetic field, alternating current, tele-automation and wireless energy transfer stated on October 16th, 1927.; in "WORLD SYSTEM OF WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ENERGY" : "...The mode of propagation of the currents from my transmitter through the terrestrial globe is most extraordinary considering the spread of the electrification of the surface. The wave starts with a theoretically infinite speed, slowing down first very quickly and afterward at a lesser rate until the distance is about six thousand miles, when it proceeds with the speed of light. From there on it again increases in speed, slowly at first, and then

more rapidly, reaching the antipode with approximately infinite velocity. The law of motion can be expressed by stating that the waves on the terrestrial surface sweep in equal intervals of time over equal areas, but it must be understood that the current penetrates deep into the earth and the effects produced on the receivers are the same as if the whole flow was confined to the earth's axis joining the transmitter with the antipode. The mean surface speed is thus about 471 200 kilometers per second - fifty-seven per cent. greater than that of the so-called Hertz waves - which should propagate with the velocity of light if they exist. The same constant was found by the noted American astronomer, Capt. J. T. T. See, in his mathematical investigations, for the smallest particles of the ether which he fittingly designated as "etherons"… New experiments in optics and photonics approve the concepts of Nikola Tesla and question the assumption that the speed of light is constant, loosening of the concept of rigidity of mass and thus indicating a loosening of the rigidity of scientific thinking. The powerful earthquakes of the 21st century are showing significant soil liquefaction, described as a phenomenon whereby a saturated soil substantially loses strength and stiffness in response to an applied stress, usually earthquake shaking or other sudden change in stress condition, causing it to behave like a liquid. Modern astrophysics and cosmology have a problem measuring the universe and accounting for 95% of matter and energy in the universe. Thus new theories such as Dark matter and dark energy and MOdified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) arise to integrate the newest measurements into old theories. Dark matter theory suggests that each galaxy contains a halo of an as yet unidentified type of matter that provides an overall mass distribution different from the observed distribution of normal matter. MOND stands in contrast to the more widely accepted theory of dark matter. By the early 1980s it was clear that galaxies did not exhibit the same pattern of decreasing orbital velocity with increasing distance from the center of

mass observed in the Solar System. Rather than invoking some invisible form of dark matter, it hypothesizes a subtle change to the Newton’s second law at extremely low accelerations, explaining the fast spin of the galaxies. The understanding of acceleration of matter in the cosmos and spin as primordial movement . Humankind going over the sound barrier and now venturing over the light barrier. SETI has a problem of tunnel perception: The light barrier and communication with other worlds and universes. The present point of civilization in chaos is an evolutionary phase of the Earth’s mental field, towards the Noosphere, the emerging collective consciousness of humanity. Humans are awakening to be conscious of the subtle Earth vibrations and a telepathic channel for information, as well as energy transfer is manifesting on the planet through a powerful geo-physical process. Modern human education should initiate the process of innovation. Stimulating the observation of nature and getting in resonance with the creative source of the universe is the path to the establishment of learning by intuition. A spiritual scientist is acting as a mediator between the cosmic source of thought and the plane of manifesting 3dimensional matter, in the highest form of learning – learning through revelation. Nikola Tesla’s intuitive observation of nature gave birth to the rotary magnetic field, the “Wheelworks of Nature” – an event comparable to the human invention of the wheel. His childhood dream was to come to America to harness the power of Niagara Falls, an undertaking he built together with

George Westinghouse, building the first major hydroelectric power plant in the world in 1895. His ultimate vision was to harness the electrical power of the Sun/Earth system and transmit it freely over the globe to every human being using wireless energy transfer. In a world in which increasingly the focus of research funding is allocated towards profit and conquest rather then the benefit of all mankind. By focusing scientific research on the increase of human energy and the advance of civilization we can build the technology of peace. The scientist’s ego, in pursuit of personal recognition is limiting the results of cosmic evolution. The results of science of peace should be open source technologies for all mankind removing the technology gap in between nations. The science of war finds itself on a turning point, opening towards a new humanity, towards a science of peace, distancing itself from the energy of the atom. Free Energy from the Sun would bring energy independence and freedom through self-sustainability to the people of all nations around the globe.