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he government of Jamaica has invited President Barack Obama to the island-nation and discussions are currently taking place that could lead to a visit “soon”, Jamaica’s ambassador to the United States, Audrey Marks disclosed during a recent visit

to Florida. Ambassador Marks visited south and central Florida during which she met with members of the Jamaican Diaspora, elected officials, business leaders and the media. happen soon,” Ambassador Marks said in response to a question about a possible visit by the US president to Jamaica. She said that relations between the two “There are discussions go- countries, which were ing on and I expect it to strained at one period, are steadily improving and that President Obama has expressed the desire that the two countries work together to address issues of mutual concern. (more Jamaica news inside)

Jamaican Ambassador visits Florida
eligible, to become citizens of the United States. She said that they would be better able to leverage their size as a community for their personal as well as for Jamaica’s economic development. The Ambassador who was on her first official visit to the South Florida community had also used the opportunity to visit nationals in Central Florida. During her national outreach across Diaspora communities throughout the USA, Ms. Marks observed that the passion of the nationals she encountered reflected an interest in their homeland, and simultaneously they also demonstrated a positive impact on the development of communities here in the USA. She noted that Jamaicans have been contributing to the development of the United States more than 200 years ago with the migration of John Brown Russworm, an African-Jamaica, who became the first African-American to graduate from Bowdoin College and the third college graduate of his race. Russworm went on to become cofounder and co-editor of Freedom’s Journal, Black America’s first newspaper. She chronicled years of migrant activities that laid the foundation for the longstanding friendship (continued on page 9)

amaica’s Ambassador to the USA, Her Excellency Audrey Marks says that the Diaspora has a unique contribution to make to Jamaica’s development. She was speaking to nationals at a recent Community Luncheon hosted by the Caribbean Bar Association of Central Florida (CBACF), and the Jamaican American Association of Central Florida (JAACF) at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando recently. The event was chaired by Mr. Wayne Golding, President of the CBACF. Welcome remarks were given by Jamaica’s Consulate General, Sandra Grant Griffiths and Mrs. Sandra Fatmi, Board member of the JAACF. Ambassador Marks urged nationals to re-evaluate their passion for Jamaica by becoming engaged and empowered in the political decision-making process of the local communities in which they resided overseas. More importantly, she encouraged those nationals who were

Jamaica’s Ambassador to USA, Her Excellency Audrey Marks (right) sharing a moment with Mayor of Orlando, Hon. Buddy Dyer when she paid a courtesy call to the City of Orlando

Guyana Family Fun Day May 29


Police Force Band from Guyana may perform
and discussions are currently taking place about the visit. He said Guyana’s president Bharrat Jagdeo has also been invited to visit Florida at the same time. The Family Fun Day is being put on by Timehri Restaurant “The Venue” in conjunction with Florida’s Caribbean Sun newspaper with support from other members of the Guyanese American business community. Among the companies supporting the event are Circa Restaurant, A&A Halal Distributors, AA Ali CPA, Singh’s Roti Shop, Law Offices of Gail Seeram, Florida Softball Cricket Association, Caribbean Supercenter, Laparkan Shipping, Celina’s Market, Magic Suds Carwash, Seafreight Agencies, Caribbean Airlines, Singh’s Jewelry, Chand’s West Indian Grocery, Shakera’s Restaurant, The Highland Agency, Furniture Kingdom, Exclusive Countertops and Cabinetry, Exclusive Auto Body & Repair, Errol Baines and Family, Aftab Trucking, Training by Kash and Advanced Auto, among others. Entry to this event is free of cost but a limited number of tables each seating 10 persons will be reserved for $50 for those who wish to sit and enjoy the performances. Timehri Restaurant proprietor Lake Narain told Caribbean Sun that the event is not for profit and that the financial support of the business community will be used to cover the costs of renting the Fairground facilities, promotional and advertising material, contracting the bands, DJ’s, sound equipment and stage and providing prizes and trophies for the kids games. This is a free event and will go on regardless of the weather since it is being held in a pavilion. Parking is free as well. This event, although it will be held on the same day as the Orlando Carnival is not in competition with the Carnival. The families that will come to this event are not the type that will go to Carnival. The younger people will go to both,” Narain said.

uyanese in Central Florida will celebrate the country’s 45th anniversary of Independence with a Family Fun Day on Sunday, May 29, at the pavilion at the Central Florida Fairgrounds on West Colonial Drive. The event will feature music and dance, an exhibition of arts, craft and goods and services offered by Guyanese and other Caribbean entrepreneurs, games for the kids, a car show and an auction. The Supertones Band, Creig Camacho, DJ Al and DJ Gary Osman have already signed on to perform at the event which is likely to see the Guyana Police Force Band perform, if arrangements are concluded for a six city Florida tour by the band. Guyana’s Honorary Consul General Ram Ali confirmed that the Guyana Police Force Band has been invited to perform in six Florida cities during the last week in May

Know Your Rights Forum Offers Free Legal Advice to Community
On April 8, 2011, the Orange County Sheriff Department’s Caribbean-American Advisory Committee hosted a free legal forum that was attended by over two hundred residents of Orange County. The panelists of legal experts were comprised of Sheriff Jerry L. Demings, Hon. Judge Alicia L. Latimore, Immigration Attorney Gail Seeram, State Attorney Orley Burey, Criminal Attorney Richard Hornsby, Foreclosure Attorney Karla Valladares, Criminal Attorney Wayne Golding and Dr. Joyce H. Henry, ACLU Mid-Florida Region Director. reminded the attendees that a police officer can charge you with resisting arrest without violence if you don’t cooperate or interfere with the police officer’s investigation during the traffic stop. State Attorney Orley Burey stated that his office and the courts do not look favorably on anyone who hits or pushes a police officer. In the situation where you are unsure if you are under arrest, you can simply ask the Various community organizations came together to propolice officer, “Am I free to go?” Acmote the event on local radio, television, newspaper, cording to State Attorney Orley Burey, and within their organizations. The forum was held at if the police officer says “No”, then you Eglise Christ Sanctifie church, a local church in the Pine must remain until the police officer Hills area. According to Immigration Attorney Gail Seecompletes his investigation. Further, ram, “I volunteered to coordinate this legal forum on Sheriff Demings stated that there is a process available behalf of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department bewhere you can file a complaint if you feel you were cause the ordinary citizen is unaware of their basic rights wrongly treated by a police officer. In response, Crimiwhen dealing with the police, the judicial system, and nal Attorney Richard Hornsby suggested to not file a immigration officials.” complaint if you are pursuing a case against the police What are your rights during a traffic stop? Sheriff officer because the complaint can be used during the Demings advised that a police officer can stop an individ- court proceedings. ual who is walking, riding a bike or driving a vehicle. He What are your rights in jail & court? In the situation noted that when an police officer approaches your vehiwhere you are arrested, Dr. Joyce H. Henry reminded cle, it is recommended to keep your hands visible to the the attendees that you have the right to remain silent police officer. The recommendation was made to keep and do not have to answer any questions by the police your hands on the steering wheel. According to Criminal officer. Once you exercise your right to an attorney by Attorney Richard Hornsby, the police officer can only ask saying “I want to talk to my attorney”, then the police you for a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and officer must stop asking you questions. If they continue proof of registration. If an incident occurs where you to ask you questions, you have the right to not answer feel your rights are violated, then Judge Alicia L. Latiany questions. Someone from the audience asked, “Can more suggested that you not fight it out with the police a police officer tell a lie to me to gain information?” officer on the street but rather wait until you are in Criminal Attorney Richard Hornsby answered the quescourt before a Judge. Criminal Attorney Wayne Golding

tion and stated, “Yes, case law supports that the police officer can lie to you. This is why you should remain silent until you have your attorney present.” According to Sheriff Demings, you are allowed to make a phone call once processing in the jail is complete. Judge Alicia L. Latimore mentioned that a court hearing is scheduled between 24-48 hours after your arrest. If you qualify, a public defender will be assigned to your case.

What are your rights when dealing with Immigration? The audience inquired about an immigration
hold. Immigration Attorney Gail Seeram explained when you are booked into jail, your information is ran through an immigration database and if you may face removal/ deportation due to a conviction or are unlawfully in the U.S., then an immigration hold will be placed on your release. Thereby, you cannot be bonded out or released on your own recognizance if an immigration hold is placed on you. ….. Cont’d on the



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Donald Ramotar is PPP presidential candidate


Iwer George, Rikki Jai for Orlando Carnival
Iwer George and Rikki Jai are among the big names expected to perform at this year’s Orlando Carnival, to be held on Sunday, May 29, 2011, at Festival Field, opposite the Citrus Bowl. Also performing will be Antigua’s Tizzy, Guyana’s QP and the Virgin Islands Drive Band. They will be joined by Leon Coldero and his Code 868 band and the RAAG Band. There will be tassa drumming, dancing and the parade of bands through downtown Orlando ending up at Festival Field. Richard Yates, one of the lead organizers of the carnival told Caribbean Sun that the event is still seeking sponsors and called on the Caribbean American business community to support the preservation of this vital art form. Vendor booths are also available. The annual Orlando Caribbean Carnival attracts thousands each year.

PP General Secretary Donald Ramotar has been elected by consensus to be the ruling party’s presidential candidate to contest the 2011 general elections in Guyana.

reflects the party leadership’s commitment to maintaining party unity, continuing progress in Guyana and building stronger unity at all levels of the Guyanese nation,” he said. He added that no voting was required because the three other candidates withdrew. The others were Gail Teixeira, Clement RoReform has already elected hee and Ralph Ramkarran. retired army Brigadier DaThe decision of the CC will vid Granger as its choice be formally endorsed by while the smaller opposithree county conferences. tion party Alliance For Ramotar’s victory was Change is running with widely expected even lawyer Khemraj Ramjattan.


This was officially confirmed at a recent news briefing following a meeting of the party’s Central Committee (CC) at Freedom House.Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon, who chairs the party’s selection process, said Ramotar was unanimously identified as the presidential candidate. “This consensual

though many had harbored hopes that Speaker of the National Assembly Ramkarran would have triumphed if the party went the way of a secret ballot.

Ramotar’s election is almost certain to mark the commencement of Guyana’s general election campaign. The main opposition choice Peoples National Congress

Ramotar has been the PPP General Secretary since 1997 following the death of party founder and president Dr. Cheddi Jagan. The 60-year-old is a graduate of the University of Guyana’s Department of Economics and hails from Caria Caria, Essequibo River.

Florida’s Caribbean Sun


As we truly strive to listen to our readers, we do thank you all for your input over the last couple of months. We have had challenges and will continue to rise above them. At your request we have brought back some oldies but goodies like our Caribbean Profile. We have also added some new columns like our lunar calendar and interjected some light heartedness by way of The Best Medicine. We will test

drive others and continue to seek both your support and opinion along the way as we continue to bring you the “ News You Can Use” . We will continue to earn your loyalty as we continue to keep you informed about events and information both here in Central Florida and the Caribbean as we have done over the years and look forward to your continued support as always. Happy Easter to one and all.

The Best Medicine

Know Your Rights Forum continued.

According to Immigration Attorney Gail Seeram, once your state case is complete, then Immigration & Custom Enforcement (ICE) has 48 hours to take you into their custody. The audience A Jamaican farmer named Ralph had By this time, the Judge was fairly an accident with a lorry and was su- interested in Ralph's answer and said was reminded that permanent residents (or green card holders) can be deported from the U.S. for offenses such as grand theft, domestic violence, robbery, possession of marijuana, and othing the lorry company. In court the to the solicitor: er criminal offenses. There are certain reliefs available and it is advised to speak with an immicompany’s hot-shot solicitor was 'I'd like to hear what he has to say gration attorney about your specific case. questioning Ralph. about his favorite cow Bessie'. What are your rights when in foreclosure? Foreclosure Attorney Karla Valladares stated Solicitor: Ralph thanked the Judge and prothat in this country’s history, we have never seen this amount of foreclosures that exist in the 'Now didn't you say to the Police at ceeded. current market. She cautioned the audience to be aware of service providers and attorneys the scene of the accident, 'I'm fine?' 'Well as I was saying, I had just load- that take large sums of money up-front or in monthly payments because foreclosure proceedRalph: ed Bessie , my favorite cow , into the ings can last up to one year. Additionally, she stated that you do not have to leave your home sidecar and was driving her down the until a final order is filed. She reminded the audience that various options such as loan modifi'Well , I'll tell you what happened. I road when this huge lorry and trailer cation short sales and foreclosure are available if your owe more than your home is valued. had just loaded my favorite cow Bescame through a stop sign and hit me sie into the...' Lastly, Dr. Joyce H. Henry stated that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) offers assistance right in the side. I was thrown into to felons who need help in restoring their rights so they can vote, and regain basic rights affordSolicitor: one ditch and Bessie was thrown into ed by the constitution. She also provided a status on the Florida Immigration Enforcement Act the other. I was hurt very bad like 'I didn't ask for any details , just an(S.B. 2040) which is being fast-tracked through the Florida Senate and House. It is important to and didn't want to move. However, I swer the question. Did you not tell note that certain provisions in this bill would criminalize living with or physically being present the police officer at the scene of the could hear old Bessie moaning and with an undocumented immigrant. groaning. I knew she was in terrible accident, "I'm fine !" ?' pain just by her groans. Shortly after Attorney Gail Seeram plans to coordinate two more Know Your Rights forum within the year. Ralph: The Orange County Sheriff Department’s Caribbean-American Advisory Committee thanks the accident a policeman on a mothose who participated and contributed to the success of this free legal forum. torbike turned up. He could hear 'Well, I had just got Bessie into the Bessie moaning and groaning so he sidecar and I was driving down the went over to her. After he looked at road.....' her and saw her condition, he took The solicitor interrupted again and out his gun and shot her between said, the eyes. 'Your Honor , I am trying to establish Then the policeman came charging the fact that , at the scene of the across the road, gun still in hand , accident this man told the police that looked me up and down , and said he was fine. Now several weeks after 'How badly are you hurt?' the accident he is trying to sue my client. I believe he is a fraud. Please tell him to simply answer the question.' 'Now what the Rass would you have said?' One Love

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2011 Federal Budget Debate
April 15, 2011 cal cancer screening; sexually transmitted disease (STD) and Dear Neighbor, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) prevention educaIn an effort to keep you intion, counseling, testing and reformed about how the actions ferral for low-income or uninin Washington impact your life, sured individuals and others. I bring you into Corrine’s Cor- To find a family planning clinic ner. in your area click here. This past week in Washington has been very trying. It is always a difficult task to make ends meet in Washington just like with your own family. Rising costs and a troubled economy impact us all. It is our job in Congress to make tough decisions that will encourage the continual growth and health of our nation. Opponents of Title X did not just go after Planned Parenthood, their legislation would have eliminated all $317 million in federal funding for family planning and reproductive health at clinics that serve about five million low-income people each year. Fortunately, these efforts failed. The unprecedented assault on women’s health is just one of the many reasons I have voted against the Republican budgets and I am very proud to stand with President Obama and the Democratic Leadership in defending women. Moreover, I will continue to fight to protect the gains we made in the last Congress in expanding community health clinics, better care for veterans, and enhanced patients’ rights.

To further confuse matters, the conversation centered on one organization that receives Title X funding, Planned Parenthood, because it performs abortions using private funds. Few people noted that 97% of the procedures performed by Planned Parenthood involve contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer screenings, and other nonThe debate over the 2011 budg- abortion services. Overall, fewet took a sharp turn in the past er than five percent of Title X few weeks, placing a federal recipients are abortion providprogram known as “The Title X ers. Sincerely, Family Planning Program” under attack. Family planning So what is the bottom line Corrine Brown programs make up a significant here? By law, Title X funds may Member of Congress portion of women’s health. not be used in programs where There are over 20 healthcare abortion is a method of family Orlando Office providers in our district alone planning. The recent Title X op- 805 S. Kirkman Rd. that depend on Title X funding position is formed around a Suite 202 to administer vital services false sense of morality and has Orlando, FL. 32811 such as patient education and taken aim at one organization Tel 407-290-9031 counseling; breast and pelvic at the expense of public health. examinations; breast and cervi-

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Florida’s Caribbean Sun


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Cross section of the crowd at Caribbean Fusion held in Kissimmee in March © Vanessa Churaman

FSCA Event at The Venue. © Vanessa Churaman

Milestones can be such fun as Miss Annesa Shaffee turns 9!!
©Danny Dhanraj

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Jamaican Ambassador visits Florida
…..Continued from front page

and cooperation between Jamaica and the added that a restructuring of all the areas United States. of trade implementation was in progress to facilitate access to the channels of doing As she commended the nationals for their business in Jamaica. outstanding contributions to their local communities abroad, the Ambassador en- Turning to the upcoming National Diaspocouraged them to celebrate their progress. ra Conference to be held in next June in Jamaica, Ambassador Marks urged particTurning to Jamaica’s economic developipation from all overseas communityment, the Ambassador said that Governbased groups and individuals, and invited ment’s focus is now on trade and investsubmissions so the agenda can be framed ment indicating that that efforts were bearound issues concerning the Diaspora. ing made to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Jamaicans at home and in the Di- Earlier that day, Ambassador Marks paid aspora. In this light, the Ambassador a courtesy call on the Mayors of the City of

Orlando and Orange County, Mr. Buddy Dyer, and Ms. Teresa Jacobs, respectively, where there was a brief exchange of information regarding the mutually beneficial relationship that existed between Jamaica and the largely populated Diasporic communities in the United States. The Ambassador was also accompanied by Consul Desreine Taylor of the Consulate General of Jamaica and Superintendent Vance Carter, with responsibility for Immigration and Deportation.

Guyanese Pride Show Off Your Ride!
Fancy Car Show to be part of Guyana Family Day
Gu y a n e s e

like fancy cars. Most take care of their cars like they take care of their children, or Show which will form part of the Guyana Family Fun Day, Sunday May 29, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The show, brainchild of Jamaica’s Ambassador to the USA, Her Excellency Ambassador Marks (center) sharing a congratulatory moment with 2011 Awardee of the American Friends of Jamaica (AFJ) Orville “Shaggy” Burrell (left) Guyanese entrepreneur and President of the AFJ, Ambassador Sue Cobb (right) at the annual Peacock Soiree held last Saturday Lester Lall, will give at Jungle Island in Miami. Guyanese an opportunity to show off their vehiLUNAR CALENDER FOR THE MONTH OF MAY cles and to compete for May 3rd - New Moon prizes. “We love our May 9th - First Quarter cars like we love our May 17th - Full Moon children and often go to May 24th - Last Quarter lengths to fancy up our rides and this show will give Guyanese an op-

Lester Lall
even better. So for the first time in Florida Guyanese will have the opportunity to showcase their fancy cars at the first ever Guyanese Pride Show Off Your Ride Car

portunity to showcase their cars whether they are antiques or vehicles modified to suit the tastes of their owners,” Lall said. Lall, owner of Circa Restaurant in historic Winter Park, said there are many Guyanese with “fancy cars” who want to showcase their vehicles but never get the opportunity to do so in an organized way. ”This is their chance to show off their creativity when it comes to fancying up their rides,” he said. The daylong fancy car show will meet with Guyanese cuisine, music, dance and products as the Guyanese Diaspora celebrates their nation’s 45th anniversary of Independence.

Florida’s Caribbean Sun


manda P. Nath has been awarded the 2011 GAIL Foundation Scholarship. Miss Nath was also last month crowned a queen of the Miss Indo-Caribbean Sapna Pageant. She was presented the scholarship during the pageant. Attorney Gail S. Seeram put up the $500.00 scholarship for a Guyanese college student with a grade point average over 3.0 who could articulate how their Guyanese heritage impacted their academic studies or career path. Among numerous entries, Amanda P. Nath was selected because she maintains a 3.3 grade point average while studying Nursing at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences.


Amanda Nath receives Award check from Attorney Gail Seeram

cation. My grandfather would preach “yes, Mandy you keep pushing forward because when it is all said and done those people cannot steal your education- -for it is up here!” Then he would point to his head, shortly before testing me on my multiplication or “tables” as he would refer to it. There was never a day that I was not reminded that in this country we as Americans are given the opportunity to become whatever we dare to be. Education is offered to everyone and what you choose to do with it will reflect who you are separate; from whom you want to be! Since I was a child I came to know that only the prestigious went to school in Guyana when my parents and grandparents were there and so education should not be seen a chore but rather a privilege.” Attorney Gail S. Seeram will continue to award this scholarship on an annual basis in an effort to encourage young Guyanese-American college students to seek excellence in their academic studies. on hardboard, and depicted scenes from his own life. His focus soon became the composition of objects, the history of architecture, and the tropical landscapes of the Caribbean. He furthered his studies at the University of the West Indies and the University of London; he mastered calligraphy in Milan, Italy. Most recently, Mr. Mohan received high honors from the Stratford Career Institute for his extensive use of all mediums in art, and he earned a certificate calligraphy and stone sculpture through the Boca Raton community schools. His favorite medium remains oil paint. He immigrated to Florida in 1988.

Artist Sirju Mohan Solo Exhibit
he Doreen Gauthier Library, 2200 NE 38th Street, in Lighthouse Point will host a one-man art show, exhibiting the works of Sirju Seeharack Mohan, during the month of May. Mr. Mohan is a native of Trinidad, currently residing in Pompano Beach. The art show opening is scheduled for Thursday, May 5, 2011 from 5:00 PM to 8 PM. Attending the public reception will be Lamar Fisher, Mayor of Pompano Beach; Charlotte Burrie, Pompano Beach District 2 City Commissioner; Dr. Anil Ramnanan, Consul General of


Trinidad and Tobago; and Kamal Abdool, President of Trinidad and Tobago Diaspora. This will be Mr. Mohanʼs first solo exhibit in the United States. He will display at least fifty oil paintings, pastels, watercolors, pencil and pen and ink drawings, sculptures, and calligraphy. Several examples of portraiture will be included. All works will be available for purchase. The average size of his work is 16 inches by 20 inches; he will show pieces as large as 2 feet by 3 feet. He favors a mixed color palette, with an open and free style, to create real-

In her e ssay , Amanda state d, “Thankfully, I’ve always had my family and more importantly, my parents both of Guyanese decent always reminding me to keep my eye on the prize. You see, growing up surrounded by so much family I was taught the value of eduistic images of the human form, landscapes, and seascapes. He is experimenting with abstract art, noting that, “There is a huge market for the abstract here in the U.S.”. Mr. Mohan was born in San Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies, and attended St. Johnʼs EC School, a primary education institution where he was chosen the best art student enrolled. His childhood art works were always joyful, and his extremely neat handwriting led him to master calligraphy. He then graduated from the San Fernando Technical Institute, where his art expanded and took on new dimension. He used house paint

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Peter Wight honored by Somerset
"I bagged it in the first innings but then I got a hundred not out in the second and that was the start of it." How did he feel about being inducted into the Hall of Fame. "It's an honor to have been made a member of the Somerset Hall of Fame, which I don't think I deserve but I am very when I first arrived here back in the 1950's I can't recognize the place it, the changes are unbelievable. In fact it's 15 years since I last umpired here and I don't recognize it even from then, but it is absolutely marvelous what has happened. Despite all of the changes the County Ground has still got that same atmosphere." "Its been wonderful to be back here and I have been amazed by the number of former players including Roy Smith, Mervyn Kitchen and Roy Kerslake. A lot of other people have recognized me and come up to say hello." "I have just got so many fond memories of the place. I remember when I first started that they had the dog track surrounding the ground here and then there was Cecil Buttle the groundsman who used to look after us." He continued: "When I played we changed over in the Old Pavilion where there wasn't any heat so we were always trying to keep warm and there were splinters in the floorboards." "We had to travel by train to away matches and sometimes you wouldn't arrive in a place until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning and then have to go out and field all day." During his time on the staff Peter Wight lived in Taunton but after he left he moved up to Bath where he opened an indoor cricket school. In addition the former Somerset batsman also had 29 years on the first class umpires list before he retired in 1995.

omerset's second highest ever run scorer Peter Wight was back at the County Ground on recently to watch the T20 game against Kent during which he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Between 1953 and 1965 the right hand batsman played in 321 first class matches for the Cidermen in which he scored a total of 16965 runs at an average of 32.75, which included 27 centuries with a highest score of 222 not out against Kent at Taunton in 1959. Now a very sprightly and trim 80 year old Peter was born in British Guiana explained how he came to play for Somerset. "I had just arrived from the West Indies, from British Guiana that was, and played as an amateur in the Central Lancashire League." "I came down to have a two week holiday with my sister at Woolavington near Bridgwater where Bill, my brother in law, said why didn't I go and have a trial with Somerset and he took me down the first day- but it rained." Peter Wight went on: "The coach asked me to come back the next day and I said that I would try but it might be a bit difficult because I had to travel by bus. I did come back and within five minutes of watching me batting in the nets he brought me out a contract - which at first I didn't accept." "However soon after that he asked me to play for the Seconds in a match against Gloucestershire and after then he asked me to play against Australia."

Peter Wight (left) is pictured with Roy Kerslake
willing to accept it. I enjoyed the time that I was here and unfortunately I couldn't go on forever but I had a great time a loved every moment. The Somerset crowd were magnificent then and they still are today." Peter Wight also talked about some of the changes that had taken place since he first started back in 1953. "Compared to the way things were

Sir Garfield gives full backing to young Windies squad
West Indies legend Sir Garfield Sobers joinedthe West Indies players at their camp at the 3Ws Oval on Friday. The greatest allrounder of all time was invited by Windies Head Coach Ottis Gibson and he accepted the invitation to discuss the game with the players and also to monitor the net session in the Garfield Sobers Indoor Centre. Sir Garfield shared his ideas on the game and also urged the players to believe in themselves and always remain focused on the job. He also shared his thoughts on the changing face of the modern game and told the players they have his full backing as they prepare to face Pakistan in the upcoming Digicel Series. Team Manager Richie Richardson said it was a thrill to have Sir Garfield at the camp and said all the players were delighted to have the opportunity to interact with him. “It was tremendous to have a gentleman of the calibre of the great Sir Garfield Sobers to come and join us in our camp as we get ready for the Digicel Series. The Head Coach extended the invitation and Sir Garfieldhappily agreed to come and share some of his vast knowledge with our team,” said Richardson. “His contribution really helped and the players were all happy to listen to him and absorb what he had to say. We have some of the game’s greatest cricketers of all time here in the Caribbean and it is always great to have them sharing their knowledge with our present generation.” Sir Garfield, 74, was a left-handed allrounder, who represented the West Indies from 1954 to 1974. He played 93 Test matches and made 8,032runs and took 235 wickets. He topscore was a then world record 365 notout. The Digicel Series bowls off at the Beausejour Stadium in St Lucia on Thursday, April 21 with the Digicel T20 International. Squad for Digicel T20 International: Darren Sammy (Captain), Christopher Barnwell, Devendra Bishoo, Darren Bravo, Andre Fletcher, Danza Hyatt, Ashley Nurse, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Krishmar Santokie, Lendl Simmons Squad for 1st and 2nd Digicel ODIs: Darren Sammy (Captain), Dwayne Bravo (Vice Captain), Devendra Bishoo, Darren Bravo, Kirk Edwards, Anthony Martin, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, Andre Russell, MarlonSamuels, Lendl Simmons, Devon Smith, Devon Thomas Digicel Series Schedule April 18: Pakistan v Vice Chancellor’s XI (50 over) – Beausejour Cricket Ground April 21: Digicel Twenty20 – Beausejour Cricket Ground Digicel ODI Series April 23: First Digicel ODI – Beausejour Cricket Ground April 25: Second Digicel ODI – Beausejour Cricket Ground April 28: Third Digicel ODI – Kensington Oval May 2: Fourth Digicel ODI – Kensington Oval May 5: Fifth Digicel ODI – Guyana National Stadium May 8-9: Two-day practice match – Bourda Cricket Ground Digicel Tests May 12-16: First Digicel Test – Guyana National Stadium May 20-24: Second Digicel Test – Warner Park

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History of Cricket in Central Florida
by Philip Simon
"Orange County Cricket Club, One of Central Floridas' Premier Teams of the 90's"


ne has to go back to the late 1970’s to 1980 to capture the early days of Cricket in Central Florida. Those days saw games played on a regular but friendly basis between teams from Tampa, Orlando, Kissimmee and Valdosta, Georgia.

growth of the expatriate community in Central Florida and the influx of quality players, the likes of former Guyana & West Indies test player Faoud Bacchus. (also national USA coach). National players from various countries like Pakistan, India, UAE, and the Caribbean also elevated the level of play, to the degree that a number of these players have gone on to represent the USA National Teams both at the senior and youth levels.

Then came 1983 and, through the dedication and commitment of a few, the Central Florida Cricket League was formed. Gilbert Johnson was the first President and his executive body consisted of Fred Whitmore VP, Anthony Earl, Treasurer, Many of the early pioneers have since Toney Patel, Statistician and Rudolph gone on, Rudolph Watson of Tampa, Watson, Secretary. Colin Hinds, Basil Solomon, Joe Frank The first season of the league began in and Champagne of Orlando, and to the March 1984, with teams from Tampa, many that remain, Eric Blye, Fred Winter Haven, Orlando and Kissimmee Whitmore, Jack Findlay, Patrick Pocompeting. Orlando was the first Central larchy, Barney Jones, to mention a few, Florida league champs, a feat they have we owe a sense of gratitude for their repeated many times since. Relation- commitment and dedication to keeping ships were established between the Cen- the game of cricket alive and well in Central and South Florida Leagues and the tral Florida. first game between the two leagues was Today the league is now renamed the played in Tampa, August of 1984. Rain Central Florida Cricket Association Inc. interrupted play causing the game to be (CFCA) and has been a long-standing full abandoned as a draw. This tournament member of the United States of America is still played annually, with each league Cricket Association (USACA) since 1986. alternating as host. The mission of the CFCA is to continue Elections were held in November 1984 and Thakor Patel was elected President, a position he would hold for two years. New teams came into the league and by the start of the 1986 season membership had grown from four (4) to twelve (12) teams, representing Tampa, St Petersburg, Largo, Plant City, Winter Haven, Orlando, Kissimmee, Palm Bay and Valdosta, Georgia. Additionally, the standard of cricket grew as a result of the
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come a keen part of the schedule. The most exciting of completions is the Boom Boom T20 Tournament, which is sponsored by Boom Boom Equipment Company of Pakistan, for Three Thousand Dollars ($3000.00) in prize money. This competition matches country vs. country, with teams representing Pakistan, India, USA, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda, Combined Islands and Rest of the World. Last years’ winner was Guyana, who took home the coveted prize. With an aging population of players, the CFCA is working towards establishing a vibrant Masters team with the intent of engaging other Masters teams around the country and overseas. Keeping cricket alive and imparting the knowledge of the game to the younger generation is vital to the longevity and development of the game in North America. The Central Florida Cricket Team made significant progress, winning the 2010 Regional Championship held in Miami Florida. Additionally, Central Florida Cricket Association has been selected to host the first ever National Under-17 Tournament, taking place in Orlando during the Memorial weekend, and the South East Regional Cricket Tournament, to be held in July 2011 at venues in Orlando and Palm Bay.

promoting the game of cricket from the grassroots level, with the introduction of a cricket academy and through the school system, thus becoming one of the premier leagues in the country. Central Florida Cricket Association welcomes the support of its members, sponUntil recently seventeen (17) member sors, city and county officials, schools, teams made up the present association colleges and well wishers to enable the with teams from Tampa in the West to association to foster the growth of cricket Palm Bay and Daytona Beach in the and secure appropriate playing facilities East. Regular season games are of 45in the Central Florida area. over duration and T20 format has be-



Indian Variety Show a Hit


he Indian Variety Show was held on April 2, 2011 at the Orlando Garden Club and was a cultural family show hosted by Powerline HD Productions, a branch of Powerline Sounds HD. It featured Indian Dancers in colorful costumes dancing classical Indian, bollywood pop, chutney & more! The dancers for the evening included: The Sensational Aklima, Diya International School of Indian Performing Arts dancers, The Exquisite Reshma Shamnarine, Avani’s Dance Academy dancers, & Melissa Haniff. There were also performances by Awaaz-EOrlando, Geetanjali Band, Dave Lall, and Trinlando Tassa Group. Throughout the night raffles were drawn and four lucky winners won door prizes

which were Gas Cards sponsored by The Law offices of Gail Seeram. The Vibes were nice inside the Orlando Garden Club and there was even West Indian Style Indian Food on Sale by West Indian Catering and Mr. Ricky Singh of Karma Imaging sponsored photography services. It was an entertaining evening showcasing local Indian talent through a variety of singers, dancers, & tassa. Powerline HD Productions says “Thank you to everyone who expressed their appreciation & showed their support for this cultural show.” Mark your calendar for their next event The “Hangover Fete” at Timehri’s Banquet Hall aka The Venue on May 14th.

Diya International Academy of Indian Performing Arts Dancers
THE CENTRAL FLORIDA PHARMACY COUNCIL INVITES YOU TO THE 15TH ANNUAL AFRICAN AMERICAN MENS’S HEALTH SUMMIT The Orange County Convention Center West Concourse 9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011 Time: 8 am – 2 pm Admission: Free THE LEGENDS EASTER FETE MIRAMAR REGIONAL PARK 16801 Miramar Parkway, Miramar, FL Date: April 24, 2011 Time: 2 pm – 10 pm Admission: Presold $25.00/VIP $50.00 More after 4/1/11 Call: 305-623-5078 for Booth & Info. CARIBBEAN INVASION “The Venue” Timehri Banquet Hall 7371 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL Date: Friday, May 20th, 2011 Time: 7.30 pm Admission: $10.00 Advance/More at Door Kids Under 10 – Free Call: 352-217-6265/646-236-7978 THE CARIBBEAN AND FLORIDIAN ASSOCIATION BUS RIDE Destination: Ft. Desoto Park, Tierra Verde, FL Date: Saturday, May 21, 2011 For Departure Locations & Times Call: Urla King @407-756-2826 Eunice Roberts@ 407-353-2243/Victor Baker @407-484-5692 Adults: $25.00/Children under 12 $20.00 The Shree Marie Ammaa Devi Temple 512 Hudson St, Orlando Annual Kalimai Puja May 20th—5;00PM Opening of Marie Amman’s Eyes followed by Maha Laxmi and Hanuman Jandi May 22nd—10:00AM One Day Kali Puja Call: 407-293-7352/407-692-1389

FOOD FOR THOUGHT "Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey"

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Caribbean Horoscopes April 2011
Motto: History: Each Endeavoring All Achieving Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Antigua in the year 1493. He named the island after the church of Santa Maria de la Antigua in Seville, Spain. In 1632 it was colonized by the English and remained British except for a brief occupation in 1667 by the French until becoming an “Associated State in 1967. On November 1, 1981 the islands of Antigua and Barbuda attained full independence. The main national income earner is Tourism. Antigua is noted for its many beautiful beaches and is nicknamed “Land of 365 Beaches” due to the many beaches surrounding the land. This may be responsible for the attraction of both cargo and cruise ship traffic. National economic development is mainly due to Agriculture, fishing and a growing manufacturing sector. St. John’s English. Many locals speak Antiguan Creole 85,632 (July 2009) 442km2; 170 mi2 VC Bird International (Antigua) Codrington (Barbuda) Independent, November 1, 1981 July 4, 1974 Order of the Nation Antigua Pepperpot
Aries (21 March - 19 April) On the plus side, you will have some of the sweetest aspects possible - some of the best you've seen in a decade but on the minus side, a few challenging ones will show up, too. The good, the bad, the brave, and the ugly aspects will come tumbling down, at times, all at once. Taurus (20 April - 20th May) Your time in the Sun is coming, dear Taurus. You are on the verge of so much goodness, but it's still two months away. For this reason, you must spend April finishing up loose ends. You will need to be free and clear to be able to do so in your professional life and also your personal, private life.

Economic Summary:

in doubt, do nothing." Things cannot be settled to your satisfaction anyway, so take your sweet time to sort out options and do your research. New friendships should be especially exciting. What an important career development you have in store! It's a wow of a month. You are all set to hear amazing professional news! You've earned this opportunity and whatever you will be discussing seems to fit you like a glove.
Cancer (22 June - 22 August) Leo (23 August - 22 August )April should be a happy month for you! You are about to enjoy rare favor. This won't likely be "any old month" but will bring in new and special elements. May is shaping up as quite extraordinary for you, too! The point is, foreign people and places will take on a huge emphasis this month for you

Gemini (21 May -21 June) ."When

Capital: Official Language: Population: Area: Airports: Status Date of CARICOM Membership: Highest National Award: Favourite Dish:

Virgo (23 August - 22 September) Money management will consume you in April,." This covers money you receive, say, as a bank loan or as an infusion of venture capital, or in terms of a scholarship, financial aid, bonus, commission, or divorce settlement. Libra (23 September - 22 October) As a Libra, you are usually happiest when working in a collaborative mode, and many Libras like to be married or in an established partnership. Snags will arise, in short, this is not the time to seal deals, sign papers, and shake hands. You have work to do first. Scorpio (23 October - 21 November )This month your work and health will receive top billing. As a Scorpio, you tend to get a little obsessed about everything you do, but I always see that proclivity of yours as a big plus. That's surely one of your secrets for success!

1 lb Salt Beef or 1 lb Fresh Meat 1 lb Salt Pork Pig’s feet (cut in pieces) 2 tsps Oil 4 Boulanger (diced) 4 Ochroes (diced) 4 Eddo Leaves 1 lb Spinach (chopped) 2 Tomatoes (sliced) 1 cup Pumpkin (diced) 1 cup squash (diced) Bunch of Chive and thyme (pounded) 2 onions (chopped) 2 tsps Ketchup 2 tsps Margarine Salt and Pepper to taste

Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December) .If you have been longing for a richer, emotional life, or if you found love and want more attention from your partner, this month you should have your wish. This would be an ideal month to take a vacation, long or short, for you will be in the mood to relax and let love find you! Capricorn (22 December - 16 January) No matter what you thought you might be doing in April, the message is clear: Your home (or other property) or perhaps a certain family member, such as a parent, will become the center of thinking. Your time has come! Aquarius (20 January - 18 February) You will love this month! Your mind will be abuzz with many new ideas, and some will be hailed by higher-ups as downright brilliant. You will be eager to get started, and who could blame you? The concepts you are coming up with now will be original and accurately reflect your individuality.

Cook the meats. Add the vegetables except the green peas. Add the seasoning. Cook the peas in a small amount of salt water Remove the vegetables Chop well and return to the fire. When cooked serve hot with fungee. Dumplings can be added to this mixture, sometimes.
Florida’s Caribbean Sun

Pisces (19 February - 20 March) This will be an exciting, usual month that will put a very strong emphasis on money. As a Pisces, you are by nature not materialistic, and so, at times this month, you might find the emphasis on your financial life a bit annoying. You are a savvy negotiator, a practical and trustworthy manager, and an astute risk taker. 14

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