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APRIL 23, 2011 - APRIL 29, 2011

Hip Hop Caucus Trump’s Baseless Challenge BSU’s Goings to Head

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Maryland Political Icon William Bowie State MARC Station
Donald Schaefer Dies at 89 Targeted for Development
Former Governor, State Comptroller, Baltimore Mayor
By George Barnette “This city has been a great ambassador for
and Baltimore City Council President AFRO Staff Writer the county,” Baker said. “You’ve gone out
and you’ve said with passion and conviction
By AFRO Staff
Plans to develop the area around the that businesses should come to Bowie and
Bowie State University MARC train station grow. You said it and you backed it up with
Longtime Maryland and
are progressing as Prince George’s County action.”
Baltimore politician and
officials have applied some pressure. Continued on A4
character William Donald
Earlier this month the
Schaefer died April 18 at his
County Council established the
home outside Baltimore. He
Bowie State MARC Station
was 89.
Development Board, which is
Schaefer served on the
charged with recommending
Baltimore City Council for
companies for development,
16 years before being elected
redevelopment and financing of
to his first of four terms as
the county-owned property in the
mayor of Baltimore in 1971.
area around the station.
In his first inaugural address,
“Now that we have
according to a story in the
completed the Bowie State
Dec. 7, 1971 edition of the
MARC Station Sector Plan, I
AFRO, he told the crowd, “I
am excited to be able to move
have worked 16 long, hard
the implementation piece
years to be able to stand here
forward,” said Councilwoman
today—I can lead this city.
Ingrid Turner, D-Dist. 4, in a
And lead it, I shall.”
statement. “This is a tremendous
He led Baltimore through
opportunity for more livable,
four terms, as the AFRO
sustainable communities around
endorsement of Schaefer in
transit oriented development.
the Sept. 8, 1979 Baltimore
I look forward to the reports
Afro-American noted: “He has
of the Board and hearing their
shown qualities approaching
genius at marshaling often
The plan is a boost for perhaps
diverse and warring elements
the one place in Prince George’s
of this city into a collective
that doesn’t need it. Bowie is one
machinery that is causing
of the few areas in the county
the very face and soul of
able to attract businesses. Prince
William Donald Schaefer, a Maryland Baltimore to be radically
George’s County Executive
political icon, died April 18 in his home. transformed. ... Baltimoreans
Rushern Baker told the Greater
He served as Baltimore City Council are beginning to like
Bowie Chamber of Commerce
president, mayor of Baltimore, and Baltimore.”
that the city’s been a leader in the
comptroller and governor of Maryland. Since the news of his
county’s economic development. Courtesy Photo/Prince George’s Planning Department
death, tributes have been
AFRO Archives Photo Continued on A3

Pr. George’s Launches Labor Department rules Pr.

Redistricting Commission George’s Schools Messed Up By George Barnette systems, are required to follow the
Hear the AFRO on The Daily By George Barnette districts and I think, as an
Drum, Wednesday at 7 p.m. AFRO Staff Writer educational piece, we simply have AFRO Staff Writer law,” said Nancy J. Leppink, acting
to pursue an understanding of that administrator of the Wage and Hour
The Prince George’s County to be able to talk about that with Prince George’s County Public Division, in a statement. “That
Council Redistricting Commission our consultant and to consider what Schools (PGCPS) is trying to fight includes the legal duty to pay every
has been set up to address possible that means,” she said. “It’s simply a back at a determination by the teacher hired the full wages he or she
changes to council districts as a matter that was brought up and we Department of Labor (DOL) that is owed.”
result of the 2010 Census. owe ourselves an education on it.” says the school system erred in The DOL said its investigators
Chairing the commission is Residents of Camp Springs compensating teachers in its H-1B found that the school system reduced
Sharon R. Taylor, director of brought up those concerns after temporary foreign worker visa the wages of 1,044 foreign teachers
Communications and Public Affairs having gone through changes program. hired under the program. PGCPS
in the Office of the Sheriff. Joining to their district 10 years ago. PGCPS Superintendent William is now required to pay over $5.9
her are former councilman and State They believe they lost economic Hite, who said the county will million in back pay and civil penalties
Sen. David Harrington, D-Dist. and political power. Residents appeal the decision, acknowledged
mistakes were made, but said
47 and attorney and Maryland
Consumer Council appointee
there believe they could be
accommodated in one district and officials acted swiftly to correct “All employers, including
Tamara Davis Brown. are hoping that can happen. “Camp those problems.
“In our attempt to comply
school systems, are
As the commission begins its Springs residents did a form letter
work, it is really concerned with listing five main reasons why they with the rigorous mandates of the required to follow the law.”
studying past data to have a solid want to be unified,” Kathy Canning, Federal No Child Left Behind
Act, the school system processed – Nancy J. Leppink
foundation to work from. “I think legislative officer, said at an April 15
the value of understanding the meeting, “to reclaim its lost identity, applications of our foreign national
history puts us in a good place as we unified based and support, broader employees and required that they pay and may be disbarred from filing
begin to doing this work with our base market area, greater strength certain fees upfront,” Hite wrote in a new petitions, extension requests or
consultant,” Taylor said. in numbers for voting and more blog. “However, once we were told requests for permanent residency for
Taylor also says it’s imperative focused representation.” by the Department of Labor that the foreign nationals.
the committee to listen to public The commission is still very process we were using was incorrect, The stiff punishment was
testimony and feedback. In much in the planning stages as it’s we immediately began paying the handed down because of what the
particular, Taylor wants to explore still trying to gather information on fees and we reimbursed the impacted DOL termed “the willful nature of
the possibility of creating an at-large how it should proceed. Right now as employees.” some of the violations” because
council district. Taylor says that she it collects data, it is asking for public The program allows employers PGCPS “knew or acted in a reckless
isn’t sure that committing time to input. “The Council believes that a to hire foreign nationals to work disregard for whether its actions were
do that is even in the commission’s variety of viewpoints and dialogue temporarily in America so U.S. impermissible.”
purview, but they owe it to county is important on this issue. We are workers are not put at a disadvantage. That claim is disputed by Hite. He
residents to investigate as they therefore encouraging public input According to the DOL, those hired in says the county has done everything
suggested it. and participation in this critical the program must be paid equal salary the DOL has asked. He admits that
“Camp Springs (residents) process,” Councilwoman Ingrid and benefits as those given to workers the penalty could be damaging to an
Join the AFRO on mentioned the idea of at-large doing the same job in the same area.
Continued on A8 “All employers, including school Continued on A5
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A2 The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011

AFRO National Briefs Armstrong’s eldest child, La’Shaun, 10, managed to roll
down a window and escape the submerged vehicle. According
to TIME magazine, the boy climbed out of the water and waved
Hip Hop Caucus Releases ‘350 For Earth Day’ List down help from a woman who took him to a nearby fire station
Your History • Your Community • Your News WASHINGTON, D.C.– The Hip Hop Caucus’ “One Planet. to alert rescuers.
The Afro-American Newspapers One Voice.” campaign is celebrating Earth Day, April 22, by It took fire crews an hour to recover the van, which was
Baltimore Office • Corporate Headquarters honoring 350 African-American pacemakers who, through their submerged in 10 feet of water roughly 25 yards offshore,
2519 N. Charles Street professions, passions and service, are making the planet a better according to TIME.
Baltimore, Maryland 21218-4602 place to live. Armstrong and three children, Landon Pierre, 5, Lance Pierre,
410-554-8200 • Fax: 1-877-570-9297 As part of an effort to reshape the brand of 2, and Lainaina Pierre, 11 months, were all found dead inside. environmentalism, the “350 For Earth Day” list highlights Read more at
leaders in media, entertainment, sports, law, politics, education,
Founded by John Henry Murphy Sr., August 13, 1892 and business. Some notable honorees include Kanye West, OC Republican Apologizes for Offensive Obama
Washington Publisher Emerita - Frances L. Murphy II Soledad O’Brien, Ambassador Susan Rice, AME Bishop Vashti
McKenzie and environmental activist Van Jones. E-mail
Chairman of the Board/Publisher - John J. Oliver, Jr. By Shaya Tayefe
Executive Assistant - Takiea Hinton - 410-554-8222
“Communities of color are often overlooked by traditional
environmental campaigns, yet the studies show that we are Mohajer
Receptionist - Wanda Pearson - 410-554-8200 amongst the most adversely affected by pollution and climate LOS ANGELES (AP)
change,” said the Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., president and — A Southern California
Director of Advertising/Sponsorship Development & Sales
CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus, in a statement. “This Earth Day Republican Party official
Susan Gould - 410-554-8289 we are standing up as good stewards of the earth because this is is apologizing for
Advertising Manager - Robert Blount - 410-554-8246 about the health of our families and future generations.” distributing an e-mail
Sr. Advertising Account Executive - Annie Russ - 410-554-8235 From the “350 For Earth Day” site Hip Hop Caucus that included an altered
Advertising Account Executive supporters and the public will be able to organize and promote photo depicting President Courtesy Photo
Marquise Goodwin - 410-554-8274
education and awareness events nationwide. These activities Obama as an ape. An e-mail allegedly sent by
Director of Finance - Jack Leister - 410-554-8242 will comprise the largest Earth Day mobilization within the The e-mail sent by Republican Party official Marilyn
African-American community in the 41-year history of this Marilyn Davenport, a Davenport shows an image
Archivist - John Gartrell - 410-554-8265
international day. tea party activist and of President Barack Obama
Director, Community & Public Relations
The “350 For Earth Day” honoree gallery is available on a GOP central committee alongside chimpanzees.
Diane W. Hocker - 410-554-8243 member, shows an image,
mini-site at
Editorial posed like a family portrait, of chimpanzee parents and child,
Executive Editor - Talibah Chikwendu with Obama’s face artificially superimposed on the child.
E-mail: Confrontation, Facebook Message Preceded Text beneath the photo reads, “Now you know why no birth
Managing Editor - Kristin Gray - 410-554-8277 Hudson River Tragedy certificate.” Davenport, when reached by The Associated Press,
Washington Bureau Chief - Zenitha Prince - 202-332-0080, ext. 119 Hours before a New York woman drove her vehicle off a
E-mail: said she would provide a written statement with her response,
boat dock into the Hudson River on April 12, drowning herself but several hours later she had not issued one.
Global Markets and three of her four children, she posted a Facebook message The alternative newspaper OC Weekly first reported the
Director - Benjamin M. Phillips IV - 410-554-8220 apologizing for the murder-suicide. story, and was told by Davenport that the e-mail was “just an “I’m sorry everyone forgive me please for what I’m gonna Internet joke.” She also asked the Weekly, “You’re not going to
Washington Circulation/Distribution Manager do…This is it!!!” Lashandra Armstrong, 25, wrote. make a big deal about this are you?”
Edgar Brookins - 202-332-0080, ext. 116 According to the New York Daily News, the distressed
Baltimore Circulation/Distribution Manager Republican Party of Orange County Chairman Scott Baugh
mother and Jean Pierre, the father of Armstrong’s three told the AP on Saturday that he wants an ethics investigation
Sammy Graham - 410-554-8266
youngest children, had an angry confrontation at her Newburgh, into the incident. “It’s just highly inappropriate, it’s a
Production Department - 410-554-8288 N.Y., home before the murder-suicide. despicable message, it drips with racism and I think she should
A neighbor told the Daily News, “[Pierre] was banging on step down from the committee,” said Baugh.
Washington Office the door real loud. He called to her, ‘Open the f------ door!’ He Davenport, a 74-year-old grandmother, issued an apology
1917 Benning Road, N.E. • Washington, D.C. 20002-4723 was there about a half an hour; he was on the phone as well.” on April 18, asking for forgiveness for her “unwise behavior.”
202-332-0080 Fax: 1-877-570-9297 According to reports, Pierre was served with an order of Her statement read: “To my fellow Americans and to everyone
General Manager protection earlier in the day stemming from an incident in else who has seen this email I forwarded and was offended by
Edgar Brookins - ext. 116 February when his 2-year-old son was left at home alone. The my action, I humbly apologize and ask for your forgiveness of
Office Administrator - Mia Hayes-Hawkins - ext. 112 barefoot toddler was found wandering the streets, which were my unwise behavior. I say unwise because at the time I received
covered with snow. and forwarded the email, I didn’t stop to think about the historic
Customer Service, Home Delivery and Subscriptions: Orange County District Attorney Frank Phillips said no charges implications and other examples of how this could be offensive.
410-554-8234 will be filed after police questioned the father of the deceased “I am an imperfect Christian lady who tries her best to
Customer children. The man reportedly had a dispute with Armstrong at her live a Christ-like honoring life. I would never do anything
Billing Inquiries: 410-554-8226 house in Newburgh, N.Y. just before she piled the children into to intentionally harm or berate others regardless of ethnicity.
Nights and Weekends: 410-554-8282 their black minivan shortly before 8 p.m. that night. Everyone who knows me knows that to be true.”


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November 1, 2008 - November 7, 2008, The Washington Afro-American A3

Jennifer Hudson and Relatives Identify Body of Her Slain NephewA3

A2 The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 23, 2011 April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011 The Afro-American
By Alan King sport-utility vehicle sought in from a neighbor about a suspi- posted fliers bearing his photo-
AFRO Staff Writer connection with the murder of cious vehicle. The man noticed graph around the city. On

Westboro Relishes Legal Fight as Md. Lawmakers

Jennifer Hudson and other
relatives positively identified
Hudson’s mother and brother.
The white, 1994 Chevrolet
Suburban with Illinois license
the vehicle while walking his
dog. According to the Chicago
Tribune, the boy had been shot
Sunday, Jennifer Hudson asked
for the public’s help in finding
her nephew. In her MySpace

Push Picketing Restrictions

multiple times in the back seat blog, she thanked fans and sup-
of the vehicle. The SUV, regis- porters for their prayers and
tered to Hudson’s murdered offered a $100,000 reward to
brother, was towed with the anyone who returned the boy
boy’s body inside and is being alive.
By Andy Marso laws,” Phelps said. “Because it
processed regulations
by evidence are constitutional.”
techni- said. “But it seems to me that a 500- buffer zone to 2,500
Since feet. “Wow,”
the investigation,
Capital News Service brings, again, the attentioncians of theand workers.Robert The body Percival, who teaches foot restriction would not have any Percival said when
Hudson – who gained told of the bill’s
whole world to our message.” constitutional
was later removed and taken to law at the University problem constitutionally at all.” parameters. “I think that
after appearing on “American might have
WASHINGTON —Maryland Westboro is a small church in
the Cook County Medicalof Maryland, said Phelps would The Maryland bill applies to all more problems. ... The
Idol,” and then won an court has to
lawmakers introduced three state and Topeka, Kan., that pickets Examiner’s military office. have an uphill battle. “The funerals. Ruppersberger and Cardin draw aAcademy
line someplace.
Award for Whether
her rolethatin
federal bills in the past five weeks to funerals because its members Hudson say and(Supreme)
other family Court’s been fairly clear have introduced federal bills specific wouldthe go movie
too farDreamgirls
would be up to the
– has
strengthen restrictions on picketing soldiers’ deaths are God’s vengeance members arrived ... that
at thereasonable
Medical time, place and to military funerals. Cardin’s bill courts stayed
to sortout out.” of the public eye.
funerals. for the United States’ tolerance of
Examiner’s manner
office restrictions on speech are
mid-after- would increase the quiet time before Phelps, Thewho is already
Chicago Tribune report-
The measures are meant to homosexuality. noon to identify constitutional,”
the body. Julian
Percival said.King,
“It’sJennnifer and afterHudson’s
a militarynephew.
funeral from 60 challenging
ed thatanti-picketing
a parade of cars laws in
protect families from the distress that Snyder’s lawsuit againstGiven themthe choice justbetween
that youlook- cannot hold someone
A spokesman for the office minutes to 120
the murders but is being held in Monday morning, past the will
minutes, and increase Missouri slowlyand Nebraska,
past said
her family’s she
led Albert Snyder to file a lawsuit was denied 8-1, with Justice ingSamuel
directly at liablethe body for orthe speechtold itself.”
viewing the newspaper that Hudson jailaround
“buffer zones” for parolethe funeral
violation afterdefinitely challenge Ruppersberger’s
against the anti-gay Westboro Alito dissenting. The majority ruledit on a wall-mounted
The Maryland law Roberts from 150 feet to 300 feet and around bill if itnews vans, reporters
becomes law. “Myand curi-
ous onlookers.
Baptist Church after it picketed his that Westboro’s Courtesy speech
Photosis protected is, ‘Bring it on,’” Ruppersberger
Jennifer March 2006 military
Hudson and herfuneral mom,inDarnell underDonersonthe First Amendmentwho “She held“My
because with her
reaction is, family.
‘Bring itIton.’”
was obviously a very emotional moment.” Neighbors stood
said. “I have researched the bill,
quietly and
was killed, as well as her brother, Jason. it is of public concern and the I’m an attorney and reflected like moston the
The bill passed by the Maryland picketers, who were about video 1,000 screen,
feet the family chose “remained strong for her–U.S. fami- Rep.being Dutch Ruppersberger
convicted of attempted Americansviolence.I’m very deeply offended
General Assembly
the body of her 7-year-old and those away, did
plate X584859 was found on not disrupt the funeral.
the latter. According to the ly” and was clearly its leader. murder and vehicular hijack- by the protests
In front of thestaged
being Hudson’sat these
introduced by U.S.
nephew Monday, just hours Rep. Dutch Chief
Chicago’s West Side after Justice John Roberts’ referred
Tribune, Hudson said, “Yes, to required picketers
“She held to
hands with the
her funeral
fami- procession
ing. Cook from
County 300 feet
records military
show funerals, including
home, men in heavy jackets the one
Ruppersberger, D-Baltimore,
after his body was found in a and opinion made
police received a 7 a.m. call it clear the justices
that’s him.” stay at least 100 feet away
ly,” the from a
spokesman to
said. 500
“It feet. that he pleaded guilty to both for a Maryland
and hooded sweatshirts camethe
Marine that led to to
Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., would were only ruling on the merits of the funeral or funeral procession. was obviously The a very emotional Cardin said the bill
charges in had
1999.beenHe was alsorecent kiss courtthecase.”
twin white crosses bar-

ACORN Fights Back

increase the “quiet time” before suit, not on the constitutionality of Maryland legislaturemoment.” unanimously “carefully drafted” convicted to comply
in 1998with for posses- Winingorthe lose, Westboro’s
names of Donerson profileand
and after funerals and increase the laws that restrict funeral picketing. passed a bill on April 11 Theto boy – the son the
increase of Julia
Supreme sion Court. of “The
a stolen motor
issue herevehicle. rises andJason.its media coverage
distance between picketers and “To the extent these laws are content the distance to 500 feet. Hudson, Shaun Jennifer’s sister is the– had
entitledfrom to prisonincreases.
in Members of
“Everybody is the
of going
funeral events. neutral, they raise very different been missing since Friday,
Adamec, spokesman for Gov. Martin have the dignity and the privacy of 2006 after serving seven yearswere outside
throughFort stuffMeade nearArtisha
Leader Calls Voter Registration Fraud Charges ‘Bogus’
like this,”
when a relative found Julian’s for the attempted murder and
Westboro attorney Margie questions from the tort verdict at O’Malley, said O’Malley will sign it a funeral,” Cardin said. “... It has SevernWest, on Thursday, picketingof the
a former resident
grandmother, Darnell car hijacking charges.
By Alan Kingwho defended the church issue in
and Dallas Cowboys players this case,” Roberts wrote. into law.
No wonder Obama’s campaign is Donerson, 57, and his uncle, nothing to do with the individual Meade High
area School.
told “After“We
the Tribune. awhile
The boy remained missing
against Snyder’s
AFRO Staff Writer lawsuit in the “Maryland’s
Tony Romo and Terrell Owens, law, however, was Percival
trying to distance him from the said it will probably still group, or the publicity
Jason Hudson, 29, shot to death through a long weekend in they’re you almost
have to start prioritizing
stick together. All where
Supreme Court, said she’s lookingamong not in effect
the names at the time
submitted to of the group, saying, “Barack stand upObama in court. “They in hiscouldn’t
grandmother’s seeking home in or what publicity
which police they’ll get
and volunteers you goyoung just by children
the level areofdying, and
forward to challenging for what?”
Presidential candidate the Johnlaws. “It electionevents
officials. at issue here, so we Never have no Organized makewiththe buffer so large
ACORN.” the 7000that block
it of South from Yalethese bills being filed.” that’s already occurred,” Margie
makes us absolutely
McCain’s attack on ACORN – thrilled that all occasion to consider how it might
Hurd said those workers, who But Obama’s ties to ACORN run would be impossible for
Avenue. anyone Ruppersberger’s bill would Phelps said. “And the more they
these legislative
Associated Community bodies are going were apply
doing thoseto facts
things such as
without those before
long and deep. to
He even
taught notice
classes that there was any
An Amber Alert – a desig- increase military funeral quiet pass these laws, the more that
right off the chain
Organization for Reformwith Now overreaching
– ACORN’s us, or whetherorit permis-
knowledge or other similar
for ACORN. They typeevenof speech
endorsedgoingnation on,” Percival
for high-risk missing time to five hours and push the phenomenon gets bigger.”
confirms the success of the sion, were fired. him for President. children – was issued Friday

Maryland Political Icon William Donald Schaefer Dies at 89

organization, the head of the “The evidence that has sur- But now ACORN is in trouble. after Julian was discovered
group says. faced so far shows they faked Reporter: There are at least missing after the murders.
“This is testimony to the work forms to get paid for work they 11 investigations across the Police arrested William
Continued from A1
we’ve done and success we’ve didn’t do, not to stuff ballot country involving thousands of Balfour, the missing boy’s step-
had,” Maude Hurd, president of boxes.” ACORN, she said, is the potentially fraudulent ACORN father and estranged husband
ACORN,insaid from in anacross the
interview ... His of
victim relentless
fraud, notapproachthe perpetra- forms. force who dedicated his life of Julia, at his girlfriend’s
with the AFRO. to
toraof‘doit. it now philosophy,’ to the people ofMassive
Announcer: Maryland. voter… Southside Funeral arrangements:
apartment several
April 26
9 a.m. – 9 p.m.
“When thisDonald Schaefer
attack started, we shook Hurdup, said nottheonlyonlythe city
things ThereAnd
fraud. wasthe noObama
problem that
campaign hours after the murders.
lifted us up as a City and
had just announced that we had bureaucracy, but it spread
bogus are the charges them- was too small for his attention Balfour’s
paid more than $800,000 to an April 25 mother, Michele, has Schaefer will lie in state at Baltimore City
restored our pride from the
registered 1.3 million new vot- like a culture throughout our
selves. And factcheck. org and his forceful ‘do-it-now-
ACORN front for get out the vote 10 a.m.that
told reporters – 2 her
p.m.son had Hall, Baltimore, Md.
neighborhoods up.  I was
ers,” she said. “That’s just to say community. We all wanted
agrees. style’ focused attention on
efforts. Schaefer
nothing to dowillwithliethein slayings.
state at the Maryland
that someone’s of therunning
Greater scared to doIt concluded,
it now, and “Neither
all do it finding solutions
Pressuring banks toand issuegetting
risky State
Balfour House,
a suspectMd. in Jason Hudson April 27
because of ACORN’s
Homewood Community success.” ACORN nor its employees
right. ... He had the heart of a have loans. Nationwide voter
results.  Personally, it was a fraud. Memorial Service, Old St. Paul’s Church,
McCain, who
Corporation in 1972, when is running for been found guilty of, or even
reformer,” said Sen. Barbara
Barack Obama. Bad judgment.
privilege to have known him 2 – 5 p.m. Baltimore
president on the Republican tick- charged with, casting fraudulent
he launched the Mayor’s Mikulski.”He wanted to
Blind ambition. Too risky for
and he leaves a legacy of A procession will drive through all Burial, Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens
et, lashed out at ACORN in the votes.” America.
Station program in our buildTheBaltimore,
problem came he wanted
about pri- strong, visionary leadership Schaefer’s favorite areas of Baltimore City.
final debate against Barack In a tribute to Schaefer, Maryland Public
community, bringing us and to
Obama, contending the group “is marily because of the waybuild the economy. ... For that transformed a
Since McCain’s comments, city and a
other Television will show at 8 p.m. April 27 a
on theneighborhoods a direct Schaefer, it was always about state.” 87 offices have been SQUARE HIGH
verge of maybe perpetrat- ACORN operates. Rather than ACORN’s 5 – 9 p.m.
link withofCity Hall without the one-hour special, Citizen Schaefer, looking
ing one the greatest frauds in relypeople.
on volunteers,... He itwas pays a true
peo- Schaefer,
bombarded with despite
and Schaefer will lie in state at Baltimore City
leaving home,” said Baltimore patriot ple, many andofwe them wishpoorhim or unem- racist a good politician and public
mail. Hall, Baltimore, Md. at his 51 years of public service. Following
voter history in this country,
maybe Councilwoman
destroying the fabric Maryof Godspeed.”
ployed, to sign up new voters. servant,
The day was best
after theknown
presidential the special, MPT will air a live panel
Pat Clarke, in a statement.
democracy.” TheAfter
idea was a four-year
to help both break he
those for his vandals
debate, brazen broke natureinto andthe discussion on the former mayor, comptroller
“With Mayor Schaefer,, we
a non-partisan returned to state wide politics
being registered and those doing outrageous comments.
organization’s Boston and Seattle and governor.
Web site,all family,
found those and,claims
for allto as
thethe comptroller, serving in
registration. Gov. Martin
offices and stole O’Malley,
computers. on
the occasional disagreements, that capacity for eight years
be “exaggerated,” with “no evi- Maud explained, “We have a April 19 orderedrepresentative
After a Cleveland state flags life was spent in service to
said Governor O’Malley.
indomitable statesman, the
family always came first.  As
dence of any such democracy- before exciting the political
zero tolerance policy for deliber- flown at half-staff and said
appeared on TV, an e-mail was
the communities he loved, “And so it is fitting that as we people of Maryland can
he wished,fraud.”
destroying we will remember ate falsification
area for good. of registration.” sent to the will
Schaefer locallie office saying
in state at she
the and his unrelenting drive to mourn the loss of Maryland’s celebrate his legacy properly.”
Hurd believes
best that, ‘He cared.’” the McCain Most news account
“This is a sad day for the neglect to “is going to have
Maryland State House and ather life ended.”
charges were politically motivat- people point out that ACORN is A worker in Providence, R.I., ‘do it now’ was a constant
To Baltimore he brought of Maryland – and for Baltimore’s City Hall. pursuit of a better Maryland
ed. required by law to turn in all reg- received a threatening call say-
the Inner Harbor project me, personally,” said Rep. “Governor Schaefer’s for the people he served,” LEFT RIGHT
She said, “Because it’s low- istration forms. And they also fail ing, “We know you get off work
and officiated
moderate-income the openingpeople, Elijah
to note Cummings,
that it was theD-Md. organiza- in at 9” and uttered racial epithets.
of the aquarium and other a statement.
and people of color, I believe the tion, in many instances, that first “Gov. Schaefer A caller to one office left a
projects to create thinks
McCain campaign a better those devoted
brought the more phony than five
registrations message on the answering
voters are going He was to votealso at the decades to public
to the attention service. His machine, saying: “Hi, I was just
of authorities.
table when the
Democratic, which Colts
is notpulled
neces- lossThe evokes
McCain more camp than our
apparently calling to let you know that
Indianapolis. But, he gratitude;
isn’t interested it isinasthoseif each fineof Barack Obama needs to get
ACORN ishad more than
no stranger to us has preferring
points, lost a member of our
to air mislead- hung. He’s a (expletive deleted)
his share of critics for how his family.
controversy. ing ads that seek to link Obama nigger, and he’s a piece of
The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland
advancements for Baltimore
For 38 years, the non-partisan “As a leader, Donald
to ACORN, thereby undercutting (expletive deleted). You guys are and Presidents’ RoundTable Present:
didn’t seem has
organization to reach
foughtinto all
for social Schaefer’s
his political greatest
support. strength fraudulent, and you need to go to
and economic justice for low-
that he was
I approve
I’m John
a Baltimorean
hell. All the niggers on oak trees.
They’re gonna get all hung hon-
criticism, however, to the core of his being. He
didn’t slowWith 400,000 mem-
his political Announcer:
exemplified theWho is Barack
determination eys, they’re going to get assassi-
ber families organized into more Obama? A man with “a political nated, they’re gonna get killed.”
career in the state, as he
than 1,200 neighborhood chap-
and the pride in hard work
baptism performed at warp Another message said, “You OPPORTUNITY CONFERENCE
was elected to two terms as well
speed.” doneVastthat is at the
ambition. After col- liberal idiots. Dumb (expletive
ters in 110 cities nationwide,
governor beginning
over the in 1987.seen heart ofmoved
our character as a
His tenure at the head
of the
lege, he
Became a community
to Chicago.
deleted). Welfare bums. You
guys just (expletive deleted)
Tuesday, May 3, 2011
its share of criticism while advo- Four Points by Sheraton BWI Airport | 7032 Elm Road, Baltimore, MD 21240
affordableincludedhousing, a “Even on those
There, Obama metoccasions
Madeleine come to our country, consume
redistricting, the consolidation
living wages, healthcare for the when
Talbot,we partdisagreed
of the Chicago on policy, every natural resource there is,
of Maryland’s and statewhile
colleges Ibranch
never of doubted
ACORN.that Hehe washad
under a single
izing voter administration,
drives. the public’s
impressive thatwell-being
he was asked
at to
and make a lot of babies. That’s
all you guys do. And then suck
Participate in Clean Energy
none has thebeenBeach and
as withering the
the ACORN of his
staff.mind. up the welfare and expect every- & Sustainable Solutions
beach replenishment
and baseless as this one.and the With What Donald
did ACORN Schaefer’s in Chicago one else to pay for your hospital Join us for workshops and plenary sessions on business
With theofpresidential
the light rail election passing,
engage in? anBullying
era has banks. ended in bills for your kids. I jus’ say let opportunities in Energy Efficiency & Clean Energy Sustainable
less than two weeks away, our community.
Intimidation tactics. HeDisruption
will be your kids die. That’s the best Before age five, every room is a classroom.
Design Solutions and Development, Certification, Education,
“He was
ACORN’s a great mayor
detractors allege the and missed.”
of business. ACORN forced move. Just let your children die. Fun learning opportunities are everywhere. Simple things likeLegislation,
in mas- banks to Ben
issue Cardin,
risky home loans. Forget about paying for hospital & Training, Federal, State, & Local Policies & New
wonderful has engagedHere
governor. Sen. D-Md., counting and identifying shapes activate a child’s learning
Gaining Access to Capital and Funding in Green Economy. ability,
sive voter registration The same types of loans that bills for them. I’m not gonna do
in Baltimore, he gavefraud use after
a said in a statement, “Don and help them enter school more prepared. That’s why PNC
the reported discovery of bogus caused the financial crisis we’re it. You guys are lowlifes. And I
new sense of self-confidence. Schaefer was an indomitable founded Grow Up Great and its ATTEND
WHO SHOULD Spanish-language equivalent CrezcaMEDIA PARTNERS
names, such as Mickey Mouse in today. hope you all die.”
con Éxito, a 10-year, Small,$100 million
minority, programand
women-owned to help prepare
disabled veteranyoung
Hurd thinks the hate calls will business
children for school and life.owners,
Pick up energy
a freepolicy makers, Sesame
bilingual educators,Street™
cease soon. energy contractors, financial
“Happy, Healthy, Ready for School” kit at institutions
a PNC branch. and It’s filled
“In two weeks, I think these procurement officers.
attacks will be over. But I think it with all kinds of simple, everyday things you can do to help a child
will be harder for us to get our learn. Together, PARTICIPANTS
we can work with our communities so an entire
National and
generation regional
won’t justenergy
up... but thought
grow up great.
Identification Statements name back on good graces leaders and policy makers, public utility companies,
Baltimore Afro-American — (USPS 040-800) is published weekly by The Afro-American because they really trashed us in top energy efficiency contractors, educational
Newspapers, 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4602. Subscription Rate: the last few weeks.” To find out more, institutions, federal and state agencies.
go to
Baltimore - 1 Year - $30.00 (Price includes tax.) Checks for subscriptions should be made But ACORN will not be
payable to: The Afro-American Newspaper Company, 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD These are real people who hunt down $1 pints of Natty Boh. People who or call 1-877-PNC-GROW.
Don’t miss this incredible conference of networking
21218-4602. Periodicals postage paid at Baltimore, MD. deterred.
take the Circulator
“We’ve been fighting for a to free movies on Federal Hill. People like you. and learning about current and future energy
POSTMASTER: Send addresses changes to: The Afro-American Newspaper Company, 2519 trends that will generate billions in new business
N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4602. long Howtime,can
foryou over 30 ayears,
afford home forhere? Simple. City home prices are historically opportunities in the next five years.
The Washington Afro-American & Washington Tribune — (0276-6523) is published
the rightslowofandlow- andrates
interest moderate-
are, too. At Live Baltimore, we’ll match you with
homebuying incentives, renovation information, neighborhoods, and more.
weekly by the Afro-American Newspapers at 1917 Benning Road, N.E., Washington, D.C. income people all across the
20002-4723. Subscription Rate: Washington - 1 Year - $30.00. Periodical Postage paid country,”SoHurd if you’ve
said.ever told yourself, “Someday I’ll own my own place,”
“We’re Mark your calendar & REGISTER TODAY
at Washington, D.C. get in touch. Because someday is now.
going to continue to fight for
POSTMASTER: Send addresses changes to: The Washington Afro-American economic justice in our commu-
& Washington Tribune, 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4602.
nities.” TM /©2008 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved. ©2008 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
A4 The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011 April 23, 2011 - April 23, 2011, The Afro-American A3

NC Faces Massive Cleanup as Death Toll Rises to 22

Brock Vergakis communities. sprang into action, offering
and Mitch Weiss At least two tornadoes hit their services to residents
Associated Press the county in rapid succession, well-versed in disasters like
one doing enough damage to hurricanes, who suddenly
BONNETSVILLE, N.C. kill 11 people. The twisters found themselves in the path
(AP) — Shards of glass from descended suddenly, with of a very different type of
old bottles and furniture only about 15 minutes of storm.
smashed by a tornado that warning. “I saw it coming, we Bertie County so far
tore through town littered got in there, and as soon as is the only county with a
the concrete floor of Rhonda we hit the door, boom, it hit,” monetary damage estimate
Carter’s antique store, said Roy Lee, whose house available. Property damage
shattering her plans to open was destroyed. “About three was at least $2.5 million, but
an auction house in nearby minutes max it was over.” that figure doesn’t include
Salemburg. A storage area in When it was over, Lee’s infrastructure damage or the
the back was flattened. neighbor, 60-year-old Peggy loss of crops. Bertie County
“I just had a feeling Leary, was dead. produces tobacco, peanuts
something bad was going to The National Weather and soybeans, among other
happen, and it did,” Carter Service said April 19 that staples. Statewide, costs will
said of Saturday, when storms its preliminary analysis likely be at least in the tens of
raged through Bonnetsville has identified 25 different millions because the weather
and other parts of North tornadoes in North Carolina. raged through densely
Carolina, killing at least 22 That’s three more touchdowns populated cities, trashing
and damaging or destroying than during a March 1984 homes, businesses and public AP Photo/Chuck Burton
more than 800 homes. “Now event that included more buildings. Audrey McKoy looks out the window of her destroyed home in Ammon, N.C., April 18
I’m starting over.” powerful systems and killed Employees in Wake after a tornado ripped through the area Saturday.
From remote rural
communities to the state’s out, sending shards of glass cat he called “my right arm.”
second-largest city, thousands flying like shrapnel. Tanner “I could have lost my life,”
of residents hit by the most was knocked on his back and he said. “My mother could
active tornado outbreak watched as the winds ripped be gone. It’s just rough. Real
recorded in North Carolina’s the roof off the house. It lasted rough.”
history were clearing away about a half-minute. ___
rubble and debris, repairing “It was terrible. I couldn’t Vergakis reported from
power lines and facing a breathe. The dirt and debris Windsor. Associated Press
recovery that will cost tens of got in my lungs,” Jonathan writers Tom Breen, Martha
millions of dollars. recalled Monday, his voice Waggoner and Mike Baker in
The storms that chugged trailing off. He was quiet for a Raleigh, and Jeffrey Collins in
across the South last week moment. “I thought we were Columbia, S.C., contributed to
killed at least 45 people going to die.” this report.
in six states, but the worst More than a quarter-
million people lost power

devastation came over about
four hours Saturday in North during the storm, but by late
Carolina. Officials were still Monday that had dropped to

tallying the toll, with police a few thousand. The storm
in Raleigh announcing that a not only brought down power
6-month-old child who had lines, but crews responding to
been in the hospital ended up outages found the storm had Continued from A1
dying from her injuries. AP Photo/Jim R. Bounds been so strong that some wires The county has an
“In the blink of an eye, June White searches through what is left of Moore’s Family Care Home in Colerain, N.C., had simply vanished. ambitious vision for the
so many people have been April 18 after a tornado ripped through the area Saturday. Emergency workers took development, which will
plunged into grief and crisis,” damage estimates to see if include public streets with a
said Preston Parrish, executive twice as many people but County, where Raleigh is was momentarily knocked uninsurable losses reach $10.3 “multi-modal transit system”
vice president of ministry at was largely isolated to the located, estimated Monday unconscious but survived. million, the minimum amount linking Bowie State to Old
the Billy Graham Evangelistic Interstate 95 corridor. that local costs will be In Roseboro 60 miles south needed for North Carolina to Town Bowie and Bowie Town
Association, which dispatched Saturday’s outbreak spread around $65 million, county of Raleigh, Larry Tanner had qualify for federal disaster Center and streets that will
its disaster-response teams to across more than half the commission Chairman Paul heard the warnings on TV, assistance. Residents without be accessible to vehicles,
four areas of the state. state, from near Winston- Coble said, an estimate he but at home with his wife insurance were advised to pedestrians and bicyclists
One was Bertie County in Salem to the Outer Banks. expects to rise. and two of his three children, take photos of the damage while preserving open space.
the state’s northeast corner, Gov. Beverly Perdue and One mobile home in he looked outside and it was before they clean up. And The plan also calls for a
where the ministry also other officials toured the Raleigh was the site of four sunny. the emergency workers tell community center preserving
deployed volunteers just damage Monday, pledging deaths, including 6-month- He thought he was safe everyone to put debris in two Bowie’s small “college town”
seven months ago, after floods prompt support to rebuild. old Yaire Quistian-Nino, who until his son, Jonathan, 19, a piles: construction materials atmosphere but also providing
devastated the county seat Charities, religious groups had been listed in critical volunteer firefighter, walked and vegetative materials. economic opportunities for
of Windsor and surrounding and emergency shelters condition at a nearby hospital. in and his pager went off. But beyond the material businesses. “Within this
Yaire was killed along with A tornado had just touched losses are injuries that won’t vision, one could imagine
her 9-year-old brother, Daniel down in Ammon about 10 be remedied as quickly. university students walking
Quistian-Nino, and two miles way. Tanner walked Gary Cary, 46, who from classes to the community
cousins, 8-year-old Osvaldo outside and spotted a funnel lives in Roseboro, got his center to sit down for a bite to
Coronado-Nino and 3-year- cloud headed toward the wheelchair up a ramp into eat with friends after dropping
old Kevin Uriel Coronado- house. his mother’s house moments off a laptop for repairs at a
Nino. “Turn around,” he shouted before a tornado blew through local shop; or a commuter
Authorities have said that at his son. the area, shattering the home’s returning from Washington,
Yaire’s mother moved all Jonathan was trapped windows. Both he and his D.C. on the MARC train …”
the kids into a closet when inside the front door. The mother lived, but his own the Prince George’s Planning
the storm came in but that a column from the front porch home was obliterated. Worse, Department said in its review.
large tree fell on the home. hit him on the head, cutting a he said, was the death of “The center becomes a focus
Police have said the mother deep gash. The windows blew Possum, the 8-year-old calico of community life for the
university and surrounding
residential neighborhoods.”
This initiative comes on
the heels of the announcement
of the team – Forest City
Enterprises and Urban
Atlantic Development – that
will develop the land around
the New Carrollton Metro
Station. The plan is in the
conceptual stages as it is
expected to be one of the
largest development projects
in Maryland.
This represents a change
in the philosophy for Prince
George’s officials who want
to move for more transit-
oriented development.
Baker told the International
Council of Shopping Centers
(ICSC) Mid-Atlantic and
Deal Making Conference that
what’s happening now is just
the tip of the iceberg.
“Not only will you grow
here, we have underutilized
hubs waiting to explode such
as our 15 metro stations,”
said Baker. “We are excited
about some big changes that
will be underway for our New
Carrollton Metro Station and
this is just the beginning of
our mixed use development
A4 The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 23, 2011 April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011 The Afro-American A5

McDonald’s Hiring Day Draws Crowds, High Hopes

By Christina Rexrode Managers at a McDonald’s But McDonald’s also April last year, so Tuesday’s
AP Business Writer in Cincinnati said a dozen touts how its jobs can grow blitz amounts to typical
or so applicants had lined into bigger opportunities. hiring, albeit compressed into
McDonald’s Corp. went on up by 7 a.m., an hour before According to the company, a day.
the offense Tuesday against the restaurant planned to 30 percent of its executives With 14,000 U.S.
critics who complain that it’s start interviews. By 10 a.m., started in restaurants, as well restaurants, Tuesday’s
a lousy place to work. the store had interviewed as more than 70 percent of planned additions amount
The world’s largest 100 people and had 25 more restaurant managers. Salaried to about three or four new
hamburger chain held its first waiting. managers for company-owned employees per restaurant –
National Hiring Day and Tiwian Irby, 28, was restaurants can make between the amount that each store is
was awarded with a strong hoping for a full-time job and about $32,000 and $50,000 probably usually looking for
response from job seekers. wasn’t particular about what annually, Proud said. anyway, said Sara Senatore,
Thousands showed up at it would entail. He said he’d That’s slightly less than an analyst at Sanford C.
restaurants nationwide to had trouble finding regular elementary school teachers, Bernstein.
apply for jobs mixing shakes work since getting laid off who average $53,150, For Richmond, Va.,
and serving Happy Meals. from his construction job two according to the Bureau of area franchisee Sue Durlak,
The company planned to years ago. AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar Labor Statistics. It’s more National Hiring Day was an
hire 50,000 new workers in “A job is a job to me,” said As part of McDonald’s National Hiring Day job seekers fill than bank tellers, at $24,780. opportunity to expand the
one day, boosting its staff by Irby, a father of three. “I’ll out applications before being interviewed at a downtown The average annual salary applicant pool for her 10
about 7 percent. take whatever is available.” Pittsburgh McDonald’s restaurant April 19. Pittsburgh in the U.S. is $43,460. restaurants, and maybe even
McDonald’s painted McDonald’s and other area McDonald’s are looking to hire 1,500 new crew and McDonald’s CEO Jim find someone who can follow
the event as a boon for an fast-food chains, once an restaurant management positions. Skinner made $9.7 million in her footsteps. She started
economy where more than entry point into the work last year. part-time in 1982 while
13 million Americans are force for teenagers, appear to doesn’t control what they Spokeswoman Danya Cortney Gatewood, working as a middle-school
looking for work. But the real be turning into an employer offer in wages or benefits. Proud said the company 16, was looking for part- health teacher in Illinois to
purpose, industry experts said, of more adults, a legacy of the Barnett said most franchisees preferred to focus on the net time work at a Cincinnati supplement her income. She
is that McDonald’s needs recession, industry watchers pay more than minimum economic benefit of the new McDonald’s on Tuesday. She has since worked her way up
to portray itself as a decent said. The average age of a wage, which is $7.25-an- hiring, including the money said she wanted to save for to owning several locations.
employer. fast-food worker is 29.5, up hour nationally. $7.25 an that employees will spend in college and didn’t hesitate to I do look at anyone who
That will be a challenge from 22 in 2000, according to hour would amount to about their local economies. consider the fast-food chain. applies, as well as the rest of
for a company whose name the U.S. Census Bureau. $15,000 a year for a full- In Senate testimony “I think it’s a good place to my team, as the potential as a
is often synonymous with Danitra Barnett, time worker, according to last year, McDonald’s said work,” Gatewood said. “I lifer,” Durlak said.
“you-want-fries-with-that” McDonald’s U.S. vice government formulas. that about 75 percent of come here almost every day McDonald’s is expected to
jokes. “McJob” even has a president of human resources, McDonald’s said it and employees at company-owned to eat anyway.” release the final hiring count
place in The Oxford English said she couldn’t specify its franchisees will spend restaurants are part-time, Though the 50,000 jobs next week.
Dictionary, defined as “an what proportion of the 50,000 an additional $518 million averaging 18 hours a week. are new, McDonald’s usually
unstimulating, low-paid job new jobs will be full-time, in the coming year because Restaurant employees tend to staffs up for summer anyway, AP Business Writers
with few prospects.” or what they will pay. About of Tuesday’s hiring. That stay an average of 17 months, and it’s constantly gaining Dan Sewell in Cincinnati
But to people who need 90 percent of McDonald’s amounts to just over $10,000 HR chief Rich Floersch and losing employees. It and Michael Felberbaum in
work, any stigma is beside the restaurants are owned by per new employee. testified in December. added 50,000 new workers in Richmond, Va., contributed.
point. franchisees, and the company

P.G. Schools
Continued from A1
already tight budget. The school system did get
“The finding on the some measure of good news.
“willful violator” status and The Prince George’s County
potential debarment may delegation in Annapolis were
have a devastating impact on successful in fully funding
PGCPS and its employees PGCPS’ budget - bringing
and the school system’s some semblance of relief to a
ability to continue to place county strapped for cash.
a highly qualified teacher “They had tough choices
in every classroom,” Hite to make, but because of their
said in statement. “This hard work and dedication,
determination penalizes a millions of dollars were
school system that has strived restored to our budget,” Hite
to obtain qualified teachers in said. “While there is still
the same or similar manner more work to be done, this
used by other school systems will prevent the need for
throughout the country.” additional cuts.”

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A6 The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011

Community Calendar
April 22 April 23
East Coast Kappa Ball Inspired Girls Success Fling Into Spring Cabaret
Washington Convention Summit VFW Hansen Hall, 9800
Center, 801 Mount Vernon Columbia Heights Good Luck Road, Lanham,
Place, N.W. D.C., 8-10 Educational Campus, 31010 Md., 9 p.m.-1 a.m. Celebrate
April 21 in multicultural business. S.E. D.C.,10:30 a.m. Join p.m. The Diamond District 16th St., N.W. D.C., 8:30 the return of warm weather
Multicultural Business For more information: www. museum curator Alicione Kommittee invites you to this a.m.-5 p.m. Participate in the and dress to impress at this
Conference 2011 Amos and discover the semi-formal event, joining ultimate event for teen girls in spring cabaret, sponsored by
Gaylord Resort, 201 story of the people of Black over 75 colleges, universities the DMV area. This summit the Veterans Association of
Waterfront St., National Black Seminoles: The Seminoles who fought to keep and young professionals. features various workshops, Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.
Harbor, Md., Various Gullah That Got Away their language and traditions $25. For more information: activities and networking For more information:
times. This conference The Smithsonian following slavery. For more eastcoastkappaball.eventbrite. opportunities. $30-$65. For www.317320regtsvetassoc.
will address the range of Anacostia Community information: 202-633-4820. com. more information: igdc. org.
critically important themes Museum, 1901 Fort Place,
April 25
National Zoo African-

American Family
Celebration 2011
The National Zoo, 3001
Connecticut Ave., N.W. D.C.,

10 a.m.-4 p.m. Celebrate the
African-American family
with special activities and
delicious food. For more
We’re turning over a new leaf...and so can you information: 202-633-4800.
At Macy’s, we believe in contributing to a more sustainable environment for future generations. We’re making great progress every April 26
day by installing solar power systems, LED lighting in our stores and more. Small actions add up to big rewards. That’s why Macy’s is Preserve Collectibles,
proud to be a Recyclebank rewards partner! Get rewarded for your green actions and earn points for Macy’s rewards! To learn more Heirlooms
about Macy’s sustainability efforts, Recyclebank and how you can earn points for Macy’s rewards, visit The Historical Society
of Washington D.C., 801 K
St., N.W. D.C., 1-2:30 p.m.
Join as author Don Williams
discusses his comprehensive

easter sale
book on preserving every
type of collectible and learn
the techniques of museum
professionals to keep your
prized possessions in
mint condition. For more
information: 202-383-1880.

April 27
Interfaith Golf Cup
Challenge 2011


25 -5OOFF
Club, 3151 Presidential Golf

% %
Drive, Upper Marlboro,
Md., 9 a.m.-3 p.m. This
annual competition allows
area churches to filed their
best gofers to win the 2011
iFaith Golf Cup. For more
information: 703-746-8138.

EPNET Bold, Brave &

Beautiful II
The Country Club at

Woodmore, 12320 Pleasant
Prospect, Mitchellville,
Md., 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
The Entrepreneurs and
Professionals Network
will present this one-day
networking and learning
event for females on the
path of being entrepreneurs.


Throughout the day,
there will be dynamic
speakers, great information,
networking and great


* giveaways. $77-$97. For
more information: www.


% April 29
Mahogany Books Reading
Series Featuring Marita
Prince George’s Sports &
Learning Complex, Betty’s

Place & Café, 8001 Sheriff
† Road, Hyattsville, Md.,
7-8:30 p.m. Author Marita
Golden will speak about her
most recent book, The Word:
Black Writers Talk about
the Transformative Power
of Reading and Writing. For
†EXCLUSIONS APPLY; SEE BELOW. more information: 301-583-

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Use promo code: EASTER for extra savings; offer valid now through 4/24/2011. schools across the country
will compete for the National
Exclusions apply; see for details. Poetry Champion title. For
more information: 202-328-

April 30
Hip Hop Cinema Café:
‘Broken Records’
The Historical Society
of Washington D.C., 801
K St., N.W. D.C., 2-4 p.m.
The SolSource Group,
World Beats & Life and
the Historical Society will
feature this documentary on
the rise of Arab hip hop. For
more information: 202-383-

‘It Feels Like Love…But Is

Kappa Multipurpose
Center, 6343 South Kings
FIND MACY'S EVERYWHERE! Shop, share and connect anytime. Highway, Alexandria,
EASTER SALE PRICES IN EFFECT NOW THROUGH 4/23/11. For store locations and hours, log on to Va., 3-5 p.m. Hosted by
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April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011, The Afro-American A7

Our View
William Donald Schaefer (1921-2011)
With the passage of William Donald Schaefer on April 18, Schaefer’s ability to transform Baltimore’s harbor and
an epoch of the last half of Maryland’s 20th century political downtown business areas was, however, matched by his
world has come to a close. No other person during that time political acumen. Schaefer was a master political engineer
span dominated the political environments of Baltimore and as and he used that ability to cement much of his Black support
completely as Schaefer. during his terms as Baltimore’s mayor. He reflected the old
With his initial election as Baltimore’s mayor in 1971, school approach of creating political alliances that generated
Schaefer enjoyed a complex relationship with the city’s Black mutual benefits for his supporters.
community during his four terms as mayor. His defeat of the In the Black community, such was most visible through
then-City Solicitor George L. Russell – who was Black – in his partnership with Clarence du Burns, Baltimore’s first
the 1971 Baltimore mayoral race was a bitter pill for the Black City Council president and, later, first Black mayor.
Black community to digest, but it reflected Schaefer’s ability It was Schaefer’s well-crafted support that enabled Burns
to attract enough Black votes to leverage his Black East
to secure the citywide victory.
This ability to “split” the Black
“Schaefer was a master political engineer Baltimore political coalition
to defeat Mary Pat Clark in
Services. Indeed, Schaefer clearly was not hesitant to open
government’s doors of opportunity to allow Blacks to achieve
vote was a feat he repeated and he used that ability to cement much of the tumultuous 1983 citywide never before levels of authority.
throughout his four terms as election for City Council
Baltimore’s mayor. his Black support during his terms as president. In that same
Therein lies Schaefer’s ambiguity. During his terms as the
Maryland state comptroller, Schaefer too often let his mouth
While it is clear that many
Black folks loved Schaefer,
Baltimore’s mayor.” election Schaefer once again
demonstrated his own ability
slip, using terms or offering opinions that offended a variety of
people, such as women, AIDS patients, immigrants, Hispanics
there were many others who to capture the Black vote in and Koreans. Given the duration of his service, the magnitude
found his tenure to be an immense frustration, stemming from securing his fourth and final term as Baltimore’s mayor by out- of his accomplishments, and the enormity of the change he
his perceived failure to focus on issues endemic to Black polling the young, mesmerizing “Billy” Murphy to capture an created for his electorate, many were inclined to overlook
neighborhoods. Such frustration was amplified when the absolute majority (51.8 percent) of the Black vote. these momentary lip slips. Many, however, could not—which
numerous highly visible municipal projects that transformed Burns was not the only Black to benefit from the Schaefer may be one of the reasons why he finally tasted defeat in his
Baltimore were compared to the looming social problems largesse. Benjamin L. Brown, a prominent Black lawyer, 2006 campaign to continue as Maryland’s comptroller.
that began to germinate and eventually consume many of was Schaefer’s chief legal counsel for 13 years as Baltimore’s Regardless of how Schaefer the man is judged, it is his
Baltimore’s inner-city Black neighborhoods in the 1970s city solicitor. Bishop Robinson was selected by Schaefer to contribution to making Baltimore and Maryland far better for
and ‘80s. Thus, many in the Black community perceived be Baltimore’s first Black police commissioner and followed us all that deserves to be honored; as we do at his passing.
Baltimore as consisting of two distinctly different cities during Schaefer to Annapolis in 1987 to become his secretary of
this period. the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional
R.I.P., William Donald Schaefer.

What about the Workers?

( - party people seem committed to ideas and ideals, but there is a whom have not worked for more than half a year. They are
President Barack Obama is race component to the ways that they approach this president. struggling, scrapings, trying their best to survive. And they
adept at walking a tightrope. When people say they want to take our country back, I wonder aren’t paying taxes or anything else. Why not put them to
That’s what he did last what they want to take it back to, especially when there is this work, make an investment in their survival and then, indirectly,
week when he talked about celebration of the Civil War that I, frankly, cannot understand? in the survival of our nation? Because if we don’t put people
the budget, chastising both Why are we celebrating renegade states that chose to leave our to work now, there will be nowhere to work later. We are being
Democrats and Republicans. union because they felt that strongly about slavery? Is there no battered by the rest of the world, and we refuse to make the
He spoke to the need for sensitivity to those who are descendents of slaves? same investment in the future that they have made. We are like
government to stand in the Back to the budget. Back to the funding cuts. Back to the greedy farmers eating our seed corn today instead of investing
gap for the needy even as he exaggerations about the many ways we are on a “spending in tomorrow. And our young people will resent our decisions
understood the ramifications spree.” If we tell the truth and shame the devil, former as we move into the future.
of the Ryan budget. President Bill Clinton racked up a surplus that President Bush We spend more on the elderly than we do on youth. I am
Congressman Paul Ryan spent profligately. And now, in the middle of an economic at the age when I look forward to the possibility of social
(R-Wis.), chair of the House crisis, when spending is necessary to stimulate the economy, security, but I do not look forward to the possibility that the
Budget Committee, is bound the same Republicans who encouraged the Bush spending are young person who tends to me in a nursing home will drop me
Julianne Malveaux and determined to reduce the now crying foul. out of the pique she feels that I was part of a generation that
size of government. He will Those Republicans who are toeing the line on spending did not invest in her future.
do it on the backs of the poor and the needy, and he will, if correctly note that we are borrowing about 43 cents for every Respecting our president, as I do, I understand that he
he has his way, eviscerate the role that government plays in dollar we spend. Yet they don’t note that this amount ebbs offers, in Cornel West’s words, “hope on a tightrope.” Still,
providing a safety net for those at the bottom. and flows with the business cycle. Further, programs like the what about our nation’s workers? What about our students?
President Obama has to negotiate all of this. He is in Senior Community Service Employment Program, which What about the young people who have been kicked to the
charge, but then he isn’t. His bosses, the folks that he has to hires poor seniors to work and earn, will be cut by nearly half, curb by a series of budget choices? What about the elderly
run stuff by, are not in his corner. He can’t appoint a cabinet putting at least 50,000 poor old people out of work. Is this poor? Why has defense (which could be called an offense)
member without getting approval from people who have compassionate? Does it reflect our national values? Should it been taken off the table when we speak of budget cuts?
openly said they are not in his corner. He has veto power, but actually occur?
there are but so many vetoes he can manage. He is in charge; Indeed, if we are really concerned about our budget Julianne Malveaux is President of Bennett College for
he is not in charge. shouldn’t we be creating jobs, not eliminating them? There Women and author of “Surviving and Thriving: 365 Facts in
Let’s add, or let’s not add, the matter of race. These tea are 14 million officially unemployed Americans, half of Black Economic History” (

Donald Trump’s Baseless Challenge to Obama’s U.S. Citizenship

Donald Trump, who put it in.  It’s a very simple explanation.” on file, issued to Obama June 7, 2007 as he was preparing to
is again flirting with the It may be a simple explanation, but it is a wrong one. run for president.  Furthermore, the serial number (actually a
possibility of running for The Honolulu Advertiser noted, “In November 2008, “certificate” number) shows quite clearly in our photos.  The
president on the Republican the Advertiser reported that the first mention of the future number is 151 1961-010641, for whatever that’s worth.”
ticket, has garnered president appeared in a Sunday Advertiser birth announcement It added, “Trump is also mistaken about what legally
widespread publicity by that ran on Aug. 13, 1961: qualifies as a “birth certificate,” which is actually a broad
repeating thoroughly ‘Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hgy., generic term with no specific legal meaning.  The U.S.
discredited claims that son, Aug.4.’ Department of State uses the term “certified birth certificate”
President Barack Obama was “The identical announcement ran the following day in the to refer to exactly what Obama produced, which Hawaii calls
not born in the United States Honolulu Star-Bulletin. a “Certification of Live Birth.” The State Department accepts a
and therefore is ineligible to “Birthers” wave off those birth announcements, saying that state-certified photocopy of a hospital-generated document, as
be president of the United Obama family members 48 years ago could have phoned in was commonly used in the past.  But Hawaii, like many states,
States.  He has hired private false information to both newspapers. now uses computer-printed documents instead, and Hawaii’s
investigators to look into “Such vital statistics, however, were not sent to the form also meets State Department standards for establishing
whether Obama was born in newspaper by the general public but by the Health Department, citizenship.”
George E. Curry Hawaii. which received the information directly from hospitals, Ironically, when pressed for a copy of his birth certificate,
Trump should save his [Health Department spokeswoman Janice] Okubo said.” Trump also produced a “Certificate of Birth.”
money.  There is no doubt that Trump was also wrong about relatives on the father’s side. It shows that Donald John Trump was born at 10:54 a.m. on
Obama was born in the United States.  The only people who He asserted in his letter to the New York Times, “His June 14, 1947 at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, N.Y.
refuse to accept this truth are ignorant, brain dead or decline grandmother from Kenya stated on tape, that he was born in In an interview on “Good Morning America,” Trump
to let facts get in way of their right-wing politics.  In this case, Kenya and she was there to watch the birth.  His family is claimed, “He [Obama] grew up and nobody knew
Donald Trump might fit all three categories. fighting over which hospital in Hawaii he was born in they just him.…Nobody ever comes forward.  Nobody knows who he is
In a letter to the New York Times, Trump wrote, “There don’t know.” until later in life. It’s very strange.  The whole thing is very
is a very large segment of our society who believe [sic] that Not true, according to, a project of strange.”
Barack Obama, indeed, was not born in the United States.” the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of What is strange is that Trump never saw the many
For the record, Barack Hussein Obama was born at 7:24 Pennsylvania whose goal is to “reduce the level of deception television programs and newspaper articles about Obama’s
p.m. on Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu. His parents were Stanley and confusion in U.S. politics.”  It noted, “He [Trump] early years in Hawaii.
Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama Sr. claims the president’s grandmother says Obama was born in For example, the Maui News published a story Jan.
What is the source of this information? Obama’s official Kenya.  In fact, the recording to which he refers shows Sarah 21, 2009 in which it quoted Aimee Yatsushiro, who was
birth certificate that was issued by Hawaii’s Department Obama repeatedly saying through a translator: “He was born in a student teacher in Obama’s kindergarten class. She
of Health.  The birth was registered Aug. 8, 1961 and the America.”  The site further confirmed that the future president remembered 5-year-old Obama as a “cute, likable, heavy
“Certification of Live Birth” notes that Obama’s mother was was born in Honolulu’s Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological build child.”  Katherine Nakamoto, who retired as a teacher
Caucasian and his father was African. Hospital. at Noelani Elementary School, said, “We called him
In addition to the official birth document, Obama’s entrance In an April 7 interview on “The Today Show,” Trump Barack.…He was very well mannered, respectful, confident and
into the world was recorded in both local newspapers, the charged, He [Obama] doesn’t have a birth certificate or he independent.”
Aug. 13 Honolulu Advertiser and the Aug. 14 Honolulu Star- hasn’t shown it.  He has what’s called a certificate of live Trump struck out at every turn.
Bulletin. birth.  That’s something easy to get…A certificate of live birth stated, “If Donald worked for us, we’d have
On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Trump said on April 7: Well, is not even signed by anybody.  I saw his.  I read it very to say: ‘Donald, you’re fired – for incompetence.’”
guess what?  His grandparents probably put in a thing because carefully.  It doesn’t have a serial number, doesn’t have a
everybody wanted to become a Unites States citizen, more signature.” George E. Curry, former editor-in-chief of “Emerge”
so than today to be honest with you, because they were more Again, any apprentice should have known better. magazine and the NNPA News Service, is a keynote speaker,
proud in those days.  But for purposes of hospitalization and stated, “Had Trump looked at our 2008 moderator, and media coach. He can be reached through his
welfare, you want to become an American citizen.  So, the article, he would see the signature stamp of Alvin Onaka, website, You can also follow him at
grandparents living in Honolulu, living in Hawaii, probably certifying the document is a true copy or abstract of the record
A8 The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011 April 23, 2011 - April 23, 2011, The Afro-American A5

Kenya, Uganda Protest as Maize Prices Skyrocket

By Jason Straziuso the number “55” on the sign to only $0.06. But for the make the essential food stuff price?’” said Omandi. “Five Food prices are rising
Associated Press advertising buckets of maize residents of Nairobi’s largest unaffordable. “We haven’t shillings. It’s a lot of money, across the globe, driven in
and wrote in the new price: 60 slum, where most people gotten many customers because many people could part by the higher transport
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Kenya shillings. live on $1 a day, that 10 because they complain, not afford it at 55, and now it’s costs that accompany rising oil
Stephen Omandi scratched out The price hike amounted percent increase is enough to ‘Why have you increased the 60.” prices. The World Bank said
last week that food prices are
36 percent higher today than
a year ago, and are pushing
people “deeper into poverty.”
But no region has been
hit harder by rising food
costs than Africa over the last
three months. Wheat costs
87 percent more in Sudan.
Rice is up 30 percent in Chad.
Maize has risen at least 25
percent in Uganda, Somalia,
Mozambique and Kenya.
Omandi used to sell 40
small buckets of maize a
day, but on one recent day
– the first of his most recent
price hike – he sold only
two. Omandi was forced to
increase his price because the
government had just raised
the price ceiling it sets for
gasoline. The whole cycle
made customers grumble.
“They said, ‘Have you
increased it again?’ It used
to be 35 Kenya shillings late
last year. Now it has increased
almost 100 percent,” Omandi
About 100 people blocked
traffic near parliament in
downtown Nairobi on Tuesday
to protest the price increases.
A day earlier the government
cut taxes on kerosene and
diesel, but protesters said the
cuts were too small. Yash
Pal Ghai, a constitutional
law expert who took part in
the demonstration, said the
issue was both prices and
“The revenue authority
said recently that one-third
of the (tax) revenue is stolen
by politicians, bureaucrats
and businessmen,” he said.
“Some people have a single
meal a day while others live in
obscene luxury and comfort. It
is amazing there has not been a
rebellion by now.”
Some parliamentarians
were heckled as they were
driven in luxury vehicles into
parliament, where a debate
on food costs was held. One
demonstrator held a sign that
read: “Parliamentarians are
just filling their potbellies
while the common citizen is
getting thinner.”
The price of maize in
Uganda has risen 114 percent
over the last year, according
to the World Bank. That’s the
highest year-over-year increase
in the world. Gasoline and
meat prices are also soaring.
“We used to eat meat three
times a week, but now we eat
beans due to the high price of
meat,” said Zaida Namuli, 35,
a Kampala resident.

Continued from A1
Turner, D-Dist. 4 said in a
The commission has also
launched a website, accessible
from the county council’s
homepage, to provide
information to residents.
“The 2011
Redistricting web page is
a further demonstration
of our commitment to a
transparency-driven process,”
Taylor said in a statement.
“Redistricting happens only
once every ten years so it is
important to have citizens
participate. This web page
is a valuable resource of
information for citizens,
promoting public engagement
in a critical democratic
process and providing online
visitors with the County’s
redistricting information in
one convenient location.”
The commission is asking
residents, unable to attend
meetings to comment via its

GCNE121453.indd 1 4/14/11 3:45 PM

April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011, The Afro-American B1

Photos by Rob Roberts

The Crown Prince Award goes to Rodney

A. Beverly, who is accompanied by his wife.
Alfonzo Powell makes the presentation. The Prince George’s County Gamma Pi chapter of Omega Psi Chapter members conduct
Phi Fraternity recently hosted its annual Mardi Gras at Martin’s the 50/50 raffle.
Crosswinds in Greenbelt, Md. Under the leadership of Gordon
Everett, basileus, and Alfonzo Powell, chairman of the Mardi Gras
Planning Committee, family, friends and supporters were treated
to an evening of fun and merriment coupled with
sumptuous cuisine, some downtown dancing on
the ballroom floor and old school stepping.
A Mardi Gras king and queen were crowned Best couple
Prince George’s County winners are Dr. Andrew Ray, grand
Executive Rushern Baker and along with other best costumes winners. Some of basileus, Omega
Earline and
his wife, Christa Beverly the special honored guests included Dr. Andrew Ray, Psi Phi Fraternity,
Tony Lee.
grand basileus of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Prince receives a token of
George’s County Executive Rushern Baker and appreciation from the
Dr. Mickey Burnim, president of Bowie State Gamma Pi Chapter
University. Basileus Gordon G.
Everett (right).

Chapter Basileus Everett Gordon (left) and fraternity

brother George Edwards (right) with the Mardi Gras
Fraternity brothers Radul Alverez, Mike Best female King Dr. Lester Miles and his daughter
Colclough and Ian Alverez. Second row: costume
Coldrtland Smith, Tony Lee, Chris Jackson winner is Kenneth Rodgers, second district
and Stanley Stancil Angelique representative, Omega Psi Phi
Best. Fraternity, and his wife
Best male
winner is Dr.
Harrison Foy.

Brother Alfonzo Powell, Mardi Gras

president; LaVera Levels Burnim and
Bowie State University President Dr.
Fraternity brothers step. Seated: Marion Floyd, Deborah Shaw Mickey Burnim
and Faye Belt. Standing: Frederick
Belt and Larry Quarles

Volunteers Chelsea Bedward, Brittany

Shaw, Will Jackson, Dives Richards and Dressed for Mardi Gras: James and Stephanie Lock,
Denise Swan Orlando McDowell and Kimberti Motley
Omega men and their guests

By LaShaunda Ford STOMP D.A.T. is open to the public and attended express themselves though “stepping.” message, showmanship and spirit. This event
Special to the AFRO annually by hundreds of children and adults. Teams of students and youth groups compete also encourages participants to use and learn
The art of “stepping” is a form of percussive in this event and are awarded a prize discipline, positive thinking, teamwork and
The Federal City Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma dance in which the participant’s entire body is based on their educational healthy physical activity through the art of
Theta Sorority (FCACDST) recently held its annual used as an instrument to produce complex stepping.
STOMP D.A.T. competition at the Howard University rhythms and sounds through a mixture of
Cramton Auditorium. STOMP D.A.T. started in footsteps, spoken word and hand claps. This
2002 as an educational step show established to competition provides middle and
augment the Washington metropolitan area’s drug high school-
and alcohol prevention efforts as well aged youth an
as provide a fun learning activity opportunity to
for D.C.- area Essence Step Team, Garfield High School, Woodbridge, Va.
Photos by Rob Roberts

Emcees Sheila Stewart

(left), director of
Dymond Evolution of Friendship Collegiate Academy Kappa League, Washington, D.C.
community affairs/
news anchor, Radio
One-DC and Tracee
Wilkins, news reporter,

Sophisticated Show Stoppers Step Team Renee Allen, Sheila Stewart, Tracee Wilkins,
Rosie Allen-Herring, chapter president and
Shayna Calandro
Calvary Christian Academy Step Team, Washington, D.C.

Rosie Allen-Herring, Tracee Wilkins, Austine Fowler (charter member/

first president, FACAC), White House staff member David Mineta
(center), Office of National Drug Control and Policy; Sheila Stewart,
Guy Lambert, Terri Johnson, LaShaunda Ford and Shadonna Logan, Second-place winners,
co-chairwoman Dymond Evolution
Judges Mukhtar Raqib, Angel Aiston, Guy Lambert,
Rodrick Hobbs, Charles W. Curtis, Tameeka Pickett,
Chris Etienne, Tannikka Richardson, Tamara Holmes
and Tasheen Stallings

First -place winners, “Shades of You” step team, from Herndon High Third-place winners,
School, Herndon, Va. The Delta Gems Essence Step Team
B2 The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011

Ford Motors Targets Urban Market with Latest Campaign

By Stephen D. Riley emotions and nostalgias,” said Ford’s Multicultural Public
AFRO Staff Writer Relations team export member Michelle Matthews-Alexander.
The promo commercial for the 2012 Ford Focus features
With gas prices steadily climbing toward the $5 mark, the a mid-20s African-American woman recalling when she first
Ford Motor Co. is going full speed ahead with its efforts to learned to ride a bicycle as a little girl. Then the commercial
pepper consumers with fuel efficient vehicles. But Ford is fast forwards to present day with the girl, now a woman,
also looking to tap into a broader arena that generally goes raving to her friend about the Focus’ new features in the voice
unnoticed—the urban market. Starting this spring, Ford will of her younger counterpart, while the two women take a drive.
push its new Ford Focus with radio, TV and print ads using Ford Co. representatives explained the reasoning behind the
popular Black forums such as the “Tom Joyner Morning commercial was that driving the new Focus registered a child-
Show,” the “Steve Harvey Morning Show”, BET, TV One and like reaction from its test drivers.
magazines Essence, Upscale, Vibe, Sister 2 Sister Magazine, “What we found in doing in research and focus groups,
Juicy and Rolling Out. was that people who [drove the vehicle] got extremely excited
Ford’s newest campaign titled the “Inner Child,” was put about it. It was more like a child-like reaction that you see
together by the UniWorld Group, Ford’s African-American some times when you think about how you felt when you first
advertising agency. With more motorists electing to purchase learned to ride a bicycle without training wheels,” Matthews-
vehicles that are easier on gas, the marketing style and (Courtesy Photo) Alexander said. “So we thought that it would be pretty cool to
decision to broadcast along the urban market for the “Inner Ford’s new “Inner Child” campaign for its 2012 Focus channel that sort of emotion into the new campaign.”
Child” comes at an opportune time for the leading car is set to broadcast on popular Black media using radio,
company. TV and print ads. The Focus’ new commercial features a For more about the 2012 Ford Focus and its latest
“The principle behind it is really us trying to find a unique Black woman recalling her childhood as she drives the campaign, visit
way that connected the vehicle to the targeted consumer with new vehicle.

April is National Car Care Month

By Rich White keep your car operating at its brittle, cracked, rusted,
Special to the AFRO best: swollen or restricted.

National Car Care • Check the oil; filters • Check the brake system
Month in April is the time and fluids should be checked every year and have the brake
of year to give your car regularly. Oil should be linings, rotors and drums
some extra attention. Basic changed per the owner’s inspected at each oil change.
maintenance can go a long manual recommended
way toward improving the intervals. Your car’s filters • Check that the battery
safety and dependability of need regular inspection and connection is clean, tight and
your vehicle, plus it helps replacement. corrosion-free. If it is three
avoid costly repairs down the years old or more, the battery
line. The Car Care Council • Inspect hoses at each should be tested and replaced
recommends 10 basic oil change and have them if necessary.
maintenance procedures to replaced when leaking,

(Stock Photo)
Basic maintenance can keep your car on the road for years.

• Inspect the exhaust and for safety reasons, such fuel economy and handling.
system for leaks, damage as defrosting.
and broken supports or • Test exterior and interior
hangers if there is an unusual • Inspect the steering and lights and have bulbs that
noise. Exhaust leaks can suspension system annually, are not working checked
be dangerous and must be including shock absorbers immediately. Replace
corrected without delay. and struts, and chassis windshield wiper blades
parts, such as ball joints, tie every six months or when
• Schedule a tune-up that rod ends and other related cracked, cut, torn, streaking
will help the engine deliver components. or chattering for optimum
the best balance of power and wiping performance and
fuel economy and produce • Check the pressure safety.
the lowest level of emissions. of all tires, including the
spare, at least once a month. Rich White is the executive
• Check the car’s Check the tread for uneven or director of the Car Care
heating, ventilating and irregular wear and cuts and Council. To help you drive
air conditioning (HVAC) bruises along the sidewalls. smart and save money, visit
system as proper heating Have your car’s alignment and check
and cooling performance is checked at least annually to out the free digital Car Care
critical for interior comfort reduce tire wear and improve Guide.



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April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011, The Afro-American B3

‘Kam’s Kapsules’: Weekly Film Previews

‘Blues for an Alabama Sky’ B. Smith’s ‘Discovers’ Powerhouse D.C. Talent

Depicts Black Life During By Kristin Gray
AFRO Managing Editor
But on April 18, the crème
of the crop serenaded several
Rose and Marquita Benton –
stood nervously on the stage
Marcus Johnson, BRE
Magazine publisher Sidney
Revered Harlem Renaissance Nervous energy pulsated
judges and an overflow crowd
of supporters with their most
as photographers
swarmed them with
Recent production marks African throughout the lofty corridors competitive selections. flashing lights.
of B. Smith’s Restaurant In her signature sultry The night’s victor
Continuum Theatre Company’s 15th at Union Station, a popular voice, WKYS 93.9 radio host was powerhouse
Anniversary eatery known for its and event emcee Jeanie “Kitty gospel singer
sumptuous southern-style of the City” Jones read an Kimberly Aldridge,
food and most recently, the impressive list of prizes the a D.C. native who
“B. Discovered” singing night’s winner would receive sang an a capella
competition. – $1,000; opportunities rendition of Mary
Conceptualized by famed to perform at B. Smith’s Mary’s “Yesterday.”
restaurateur B. Smith and restaurants in the District, The singer, who has
restaurant general manager New York City and Sag performed with noted
Andres Hayes, the face-off Harbor, N.Y. and showcases artists such as Kim
provided a weekly platform at area lounges. Burrell and Amel
for 20 singers and one rapper As Jones prepared to read Larrieux, appeared
to showcase their talents. For the winner’s name, anxious stunned as the room
four week, the contestants audience members called erupted with cheers B. Discovered winner
belted out tunes ranging from out, “Come on!” and “Read and applause. Kimberly “Kima”
Prince’s iconic “Purple Rain” it!” Meanwhile, the five “I’m thankful Aldridge sings
to Richard Smallwood’s contestants – Shaun Mykals, for the platform ... “Yesterday” by Mary
stirring gospel hit “Total Kimberly “Kima” Aldridge, I’m grateful and I Mary. Photos by Rob Roberts
Praise.” Amyunique Garner, Gina thank God for this,”
told the Marcus Miller, entertainment
Courtesy Photo
audience. blogger Giovanni, Grammy-
Sky Sasha Lighbourne as Della; Maryam Fatima Foye as The event’s nominated artists Carolyn
Angel and Joshua David Robinson as Guy in the African judges praised Malachi and Christylez Bacon,
Continuum Theatre Company’s production of Blues for Aldridge’s reality TV star Omarosa and
an Alabama Sky. performance, recording artist V. Rich.
calling her a After the overwhelming
By Gregory Dale remarkable success of B. Discovered,
AFRO Staff Writer talent with a the restaurant’s managers
multifaceted are preparing to launch B.
From the illustrious masterpieces of jazz artist Duke voice. The Talented, a competitive venue
Ellington, to the landmark collections of writer Langston judges have for local poets.
Hughes, the Harlem Renaissance undoubtedly spawned a included vocal
B. Discovered
multitude of African-American poets, musicians and artists. coach Ellisha For more information on
contestants perform
Now, a play capturing the momentous period in Black “Tea Pot” B. Discovered, B. Talented
“Sweet Thing,” by Chaka
history has made its way to the District and is being McKinney, and B. Smith’s restaurant,
presented by the African Continuum Theatre Company musician visit
(ACTCo). Blues For an Alabama Sky made its debut at the
Atlas Performing Arts Center on April 14 and arrives as
ACTCo celebrates its 15th anniversary. The production was
directed by Black theater veteran Walter Dallas.
Hollywood Comes to HUH to Film New Movie
By Kiara Walker being beaten over the head film to bring in more viewers. Howard University Hospital.
Set in 1930s Harlem, the play explores the lives of Howard University News Service with the message. “When you have a history, Annette James, who plays
five creative residents and their grappling with African- “It really shows the a body of work, that helps,” Patty’s best friend, is also a
American issues of the time. With some of the characters WASHINGTON -- emotion that people he said. “Fortunately, that graduate of Howard, a former
obeing southern natives, Blues takes a look at their Hollywood came to Howard experience in situations, never really dissipates, and Prince George’s County
encounters as they reside on Harlem’s famous 125th University Hospital as film without being preachy,” that becomes an asset.” police officer and is married
Street. While the play not only focuses on the characters’ and television stars Lawrence Jacobs said. “Sometimes the While few of the cast and to Chief Leroy James, head of
relationships with each other, it also shows how the Hilton Jacobs and Vernee’ faith-based plays are a little crew live in the Washington the Department of Safety at
evolving times impact their daily lives. Watson took over part of the over the top in that regard.” area, they have a dizzying Howard University.
The play’s writer, Pearl Cleage, said that she initially hospital for an afternoon to Watson, who has appeared number of ties to Howard Rae’Ven Larrymore Kelly,
aimed to craft a story dead-set in the Harlem Renaissance film a new faith-based movie, in hundreds of television University Hospital, Howard who played the young Tina
period, but she later realized that she wanted to base Nocturnal Agony, the story commercials, and appeared University, and Washington, Turner in What’s Love Got
it slightly after, so that she could also tie in the Great of a young woman’s triumph in movies and numerous D.C. To Do With It, the young rape
Depression. over adversity. television shows, plays For instance, Shuaib victim in A Time To Kill and
“I wanted to write about right after the renaissance when The movie tells the story Lois Helms, Patty’s mother. Mitchell, the film’s producer, has appeared in numerous
the Great Depression started, because it had a great impact of Patty, who overcomes a Probably best known as Will director and screenwriter, is a television roles, now lives
on those artists who had been making a living with their drug addition to finish college, Smith’s mother in “The Fresh graduate of Howard University, in Los Angeles, but she was
artistic work during the Renaissance, “ Cleage told the marry and have an upper- Prince of Bel Air,” when not as are the first director, the born in Fairfax, Va.
AFRO during a recent interview. middle class life, only to acting, she teaches acting, director of photography and the The crew has been filming
The production also explores many then-provocative and relapse into addiction. There writes and directs shows co-producer. in and around Washington
heavy subjects like Planned Parenthood clinics, political are some surprises in the film, and writes books and makes Los Angeles-based for the past two weeks.
activism, poverty and homophobia. Cleage said even though as well as redemption. DVDs for children. Watson’s nephew and niece Aside from the hospital, they
the play is set nearly a century ago, many of its topics are “It shows how we all have Watson and Jacobs, who are graduates of Howard and have filmed from a home in
still relevant today. Fairfax, Va., and locations in
“I think that people are always confronting the same Prince George’s County.
problems,” she said. “So, I think what they will see in this Nocturnal Agony is the
play are situations and challenges that they are looking at in second commercial release
their lives every day.” for Mitchell, a 1985 graduate
And ultimately, she hopes audiences will empathize with in film and production. His
the characters and hold on to their lessons long after the first film, Too Saved, was also
play is over. faith-based.
“I would like for people to really care what happens It is out on DVD and has
to these people,” Cleage said. “That’s the best thing that a done well for an extremely
playwright can do is to create characters to make you feel low-budget film.
like they really are alive somewhere. So, I hope people will “We’ve paid off our
actually believe that they spent a couple of hours with these investors and everybody
characters and carry them out of the theater.” made money,” said Mitchell,
Blues marks ACTCo’s 15th production and Cleage who spent $15,000 on the
explained that she felt honored that The District-based production and shot it in four
organization chose her work to be performed. Since days. “I say this film is low
its inception, the resident theatre company has been budget; that was no budget.”
committed to producing a full season of work that Too Saved also won the
celebrates the African theatre legacy and nurtures new best film category at the
pieces created by Black artists. Kingdomwood Christian Film
“The Continuum Theatre does very high quality work by Festival in Atlanta.
African-American playwrights and I think that all American Starnes, who has been seen
theater-goers enjoy the productions that they do,” Cleage in numerous plays around
said. “They do one production a year which really keeps Courtesy Photo
D.C., said that through this
the tradition of Black theater alive in Washington in a Nocturnal Agony’s Lawrence Hiton Jacobs and Rae’Ven Larrymoore Kelly new film, she wants people to
really good way. I just appreciate the fact that for their one realize that they don’t have
production a year, they chose a play of mine.” skeletons in our closet, but is probably best known as Joe her grandson was born in to be ashamed of making a
through faith, anything is Jackson in The Jacksons: An Howard University Hospital mistake.
“Blues for an Alabama Sky” debuted at the Atlas possible,” Watson said. American Dream, the movie on Christmas day in 2008. “I want them to see that
Performing Arts Center on April 14 and runs until May 8. Jacobs, who has toured Cooley High and the television Deidre LaWan Starnes the Christian life isn’t always
For more information and to purchase tickets, visit: www. the country in faith-based series “Welcome Back, plays the lead character, a perfect life, but that it’s plays, said this film is one that Kotter,” are expected to help Patty. Starnes was born in filled with victories and
people can relate to without bring their star power to the Freedmen’s Hospital, now overcoming” says Starnes.
B4 The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011

Local Tennis and Learning Center to Miss Black D.C. Pageant Welcomes
Host 10th Anniversary Gala Featuring Newest Winner Katori Brown
Venus and Serena Williams By Blake Bryson
Special to the AFRO
and the DC Department
of Parks and Recreation, The Miss Black District of Columbia
the center has worked to Pageant competition has concluded, and the
provide at-risk youths with victorious contestant was Georgia native
many educational programs Katori Brown.
and tennis training. The The Alabama State alum has lived in the
“tennis scholars,” as they are District since 2008 and recently received a
commonly known, are held master’s in mass communication and media
to exemplary standards in studies from Howard University. She works
academics and sport. at the Middle Eastern Broadcast Network and
As a result of the is a dedicated volunteer at her church.
facility’s impact, SETLC The AFRO spoke with Brown about being
youths have gone on to named Miss Black District of Columbia, her
win several United States future plans and a cause that motivates her
Tennis Association (USTA) pageant win.
(AP Photo)
sanctioned tournaments,
Tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams including the 2010 USTA
Junior Team Tennis Mid- AFRO: With you hailing from Georgia
By AFRO Staff Atlantic Championship. Additionally, more
International tennis superstars Venus and getting your undergraduate degree from
than 27 students have earned four-year tennis Alabama State, did it take you some time to
and Serena Williams will help the Southeast and academic scholarships at colleges and
Courtesy Photo
Tennis and Learning Center (SETLC) get acclimated to D.C. and its culture (or Katori Brown
universities nationwide. weather)?
commemorate a decade of shaping young “Serena and I are proud to be a part
future tennis greats at the Tennis Ball II, an Katori Brown: I actually interned at
of this 10th anniversary celebration as we the Voice of America during the summer of persistence, you will yield results.
anniversary gala on April 28. The Williams have watched the growth of the Southeast 2007, and absolutely fell in love with D.C. Afro: What do you intend to do now that
sisters will be the event’s guests of honor Tennis and Learning Center from its and its diversity and culture. It was then, that you have won the award? Do you intend to
and Mayor Vincent Gray will serve as the groundbreaking,” Venus Williams said in a I decided it would be a great place for a new give back to any charities or communities in
honorary guest chair. statement. “The sincere and heartfelt efforts of start after graduating from college. So, I was anyway or form?
“In the past decade, the Center has become Ms. Barry and everyone who have contributed well prepared for the change when I moved KB: Service is something that is so
an invaluable institution in Washington, D.C. to the SETLC through the years mean a lot to to D.C. and excited about it. important to me. It’s my goal to live a
as we have served thousands of youth through us as we see ourselves in these children.” AFRO: In preparation for becoming lifestyle of love. So I’m always searching
our tennis and education programs that have The Tennis Ball II will be held on April Miss Black D.C., what processes did you go for ways to volunteer my time or serve the
successfully changed children’s lives and 28 at the Southeast Tennis & Learning through? community. My platform is Alzheimer’s
the future of our community,” Cora Masters Center, 701 Mississippi Ave., S.E. D.C. For KB: Since there is no state-level awareness and research. The Alzheimer’s
Barry, CEO of the Recreation Wish List more information, please visit: http://www. pageant—Miss Black DC USA is selected Association is something that is really
Committee (RWLC), said in a statement. through interview. I always try to keep myself near to my heart because my grandmother
Since its creation in 2001 by the RWLC
informed on current affairs and current passed away from Alzheimer’s disease in
trends. I also try to make wise decisions when 2000. So personally, I’ve fundraised for the
DCPS Students Celebrate Global Youth it comes to eating and exercise. It’s really just
a lifestyle that I chose for myself as opposed
Alzheimer’s Association in the past and I’m
so excited to fundraise for the Alzheimer’s
Service Day Through Revitalization of to preparation for a pageant. I think pageants
are about becoming the best you [that] you
Association as Miss Black DC USA 2011.
Afro: Now that you have accomplished

Johnson Middle School can be, and that’s what I’ve done as Miss
Black D.C. USA, and will continue to do as I
obtaining your master's degree and have won
Ms. Black D.C., do you intend on staying
prepare for Miss Black USA in August 2011. here in the DMV for a while or is it on to
On April 16, the Mayor's AFRO: What advice would you give conquering another city or state?
Office on Volunteerism to young women in the DMV area about KB: I love the District of Columbia, and
joined City Year pursuing their goals and aspirations? I can honestly say that my season here is
Washington D.C. and over KB: Persistence is the key. If you keep definitely not nearing an end.
100 District of Columbia
Public School Students
to commemorate the 23rd
Annual Global Youth
Applications for White House D.C. Scholars
Service Day, a revitalization
project a Johnson Middle
Program Due April 24
In the picture, City Year WASHINGTON, D.C. – The White
Washington, D..C young House is accepting applications for this
heroes Sadiah Crawford, summer’s D.C. Scholars Program.  The
Naje Crawford, Levi program reaches Washington, D.C.
Johnston and Shonte Crawford and City Year Washington, D.C. members Brian Alexander public and charter high school students
and Aaron Kurz greet volunteers. committed to public service and
Global Youth Service Day is an international initiative created to celebrate and encourage learning more about the White House.
youth who improve their communities through service. Activities included grounds and The D.C. Scholars internship program
classroom cleanup, mural painting, planting gardens and the creation of a school museum to is an unpaid part-time internship inside
honor the Congress Heights community. the Obama White House.
In addition to having a hands-on

Laurel Fair in Town Through May 1

experience with government at the
Federal level, D.C. Scholars will also
have an opportunity to attend a weekly
By Blake Bryson lecture series led by White House staff,
Special to the AFRO interact with college-aged White House
interns, be paired with a mentor, and
Spring has arrived, and work on a summer service project.
with it the Laurel Fair, which
opens April 15 at Laurel Park For more information go to http://
Racetrack in Laurel, Md. The
fair, which provides unusual  
but amazing entertainment,
will be open on weekends and
will run through May 1.
This year, there will be
over 100 attractions for
customers to enjoy, from
rides such as The Orbiter, Courtesy Photo
Wacky Worm Roller Coaster Area residents can expect the usual—and unusual—
and The Giant Wheel, to an carnival attractions at the Laurel Fair in Laurel, Md.
extraordinary educational
session with animal rescuer and trainer Michael Sandloffer. There will be a showcase of the
proclaimed World’s Largest Horse, and also sessions where an Arabian stallion will walk
across a 60 foot arena on his hind legs. No matter how young or old the amusement seeker is,
organizers said, there will be multiple attractions to keep them entertained.
Fair manager Ron Weber states, “The Laurel Fair is a family-friendly event that while it
is especially fun for kids, people of all ages will enjoy the Great American Frontier Show,
the Wolves of the World Show and the Old West Theatre, and no one will want to miss Lance
Gifford’s Magic and Illusion Show with his amazing illusions and sleight of hand tricks.
Everyone loves fair food like funnel cakes, corn dogs and gyros.”
For those that maybe a little skeptical and feel that all fairs and carnivals are created equal,
Weber wants them to know something else.
“The Laurel Fair will be more fun than people expect. It will offer families a variety of
entertainment and performances, thrilling amusement rides, and traditional fair food, and the
fireworks on Saturday night will be spectacular, a real treat for people of all ages.”
The Laurel Fair will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, April 15-17, April 22-24 and
April 29-May 1. Gates open at 5 p.m. on Fridays and 12 p.m. on all other days. The fair closes at
midnight every day. Admission to the Laurel Fair is $8. Buy one get one free admission coupons
are available at For a schedule of events, directions and for vendor
information, please visit or call (631) 920-2738.
April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011, The Afro-American B5

AFRO Sports Faceoff: Who Wins NBA West: The Los Angeles Lakers or Oklahoma City Thunder? on

Pro Sports Commentary

Pending Lockout Set to Keep D.C. Stars Shine in 38th Annual

Capital Classic
NBA a Step Behind By Stephen D. Riley Guard Larry
By Stephen D. Riley of classic NBA teams and cities such as Los AFRO Staff Writer Savage of Bishop
AFRO Staff Writer Angeles, New York, Chicago and Boston, the O’Connell High School
NBA may finally out of the shadow of Michael The 38th annual Capital in Arlington, Va., a
It’s not often that the NBA has a chance to Jordan. But, another case of money mishaps Classic added another recruit to the University
“one-up” the NFL, but that’s exactly what’s could cause it to revert back to the basics. exciting chapter to its storied of Delaware, led the
going on this basketball postseason. With the Basketball’s nearing a fork in the road history, as the longest- District with 21 points
NFL Draft just a week away, the aura around right now. In one direction you have a bright running high school all-star and four rebounds.
this time of the year usually swirls all around future laced with some incredibly humble and event in the nation came to He was followed
the incoming football crop. But incredibly talented stars. In the the Show Place Arena in by Malcolm Clark,
with the NFL currently under a other direction there’s a pending Upper Marlboro, Md., on Washington D.C.’s
lockout and the prima donnas “It’s not often that lockout that threatens to wipe April 17. Cesar Chavez High
and billionaires of the league the NBA has a away all the work that the NBA The event divides its cast School star guard, who
clamoring for more cash, a cast has put in to become arguably of high school stars into four totaled 16 points and
of superstars has tilted all eyes chance to ‘one-up’ the second most popular sport squads: the U.S., Suburban, three rebounds. Clark
on the NBA. behind football. The excitement District and Capital All-Stars. helped spark a run that AFRO Photo/John Moore
Even if you prefer a helmet the NFL, but that’s over this season’s playoffs The Suburban, District and erased a 21-point lead in The Capital All Stars played
over the hardwood, it’s hard exactly what’s go- is unreal and it would only Capital all star teams are the second half, bringing well, but fell to the U.S. All Stars,
to not to be star struck by benefit the league to keep the made up of local players from the Suburban team 136-115, in the 38th annual
basketball’s new branded boys: ing on this basket- momentum going into next the Maryland, Washington, within four points late Capital Classic high school all
Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, season. D.C. and Virginia regions, in the contest. Clinging stars basketball game.
Dwight Howard and Russell ball postseason.” But what if there is no next respectively. The U.S. team is to a 95-91 lead, Okoroh
Westbrook. Add that crop to season? The last time the NBA comprised of top talent from buried a three-pointer to was very competitive. They
the usual cast of premier characters in LeBron endured a lockout was the 1999 season where a around the country. put the game out of reach. played hard and it was a great
James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, shortened 50-game season and a Spurs title just Many in a late-arriving The day’s second game day for friends.”
Amar’e Stoudemire and Dwyane Wade, along didn’t seem or feel quite right. Basketball was crowd missed the day’s pitted the Capital All-Stars Heading to West Virginia
with the usual star teams in Boston and San just one season removed from Jordan retiring first game, the District All- against the U.S. All-Stars in the fall, Hinds closed the
Antonio, and what do you have? You have and the lockout helped lure the casual NBA fan Stars against the Suburban and was featured as a book on a distinguished
perhaps the most intriguing mix of superstars right into the waiting arms of the NFL. All-Stars, a matchup which heavyweight bout, but turned high school career that saw
and teams that the NBA and its fans have seen Now, with both the NFL and the NBA turned out to be the most into an early knockout. Led him win Mt. Vernon’s Mr.
in decades. facing potential time off next season, this is the competitive game of the by point guard Jabarie Hinds Basketball Award, the third
The first weekend of the 2011 playoffs was time for NBA Commissioner David Stern to afternoon. of Mt. Vernon High School player to win the award since
nothing short of phenomenal. Comebacks, push his product out in front. Instead, a league The Suburban team pulled in Mt. Vernon, N.Y., the U.S. NBA stars Elton Brand and
upsets, questionable calls, superstar brimming with marketable talent and renewed out a 104-97 victory, using a ran their way to a 136-115 Ben Gordon. Eager to start
performances—you honestly can’t squeeze interest is about to drop the ball. It’s too bad 21-3 run in the second half win. Hinds tied for a game- at West Virginia, Hinds said
anymore out of a postseason than what we that a conflict over coin won’t allow the NBA to open up a large lead—but high 19 points and added five after the game he has set his
saw in the first two days. Thanks to the revival to capitalize on the opportunity. one that still almost wasn’t rebounds to bring home the goals for the coming year. .
enough to seal the win. game’s MVP award. “Just working hard and fitting

Bowie State’s Greg Goings Named Prince Okoroh, a standout

at Eleanor Roosevelt High
School in Greenbelt, Md.
The U.S. leapt out to a
66-50 halftime lead behind
a jaw-dropping display
in where I can fit in [and]
hopefully I get some playing
time,” he said.

President of National Association

By AFRO Staff Engagement Workshop at NCAA headquarters
who will attend Howard
University next year, was
named MVP of the early
from Hinds, whose array
of shimmies, shakes and
crossovers kept his team
Point guard Tyrone
Johnson of Montrose
Christian in Rockville, Md.,
in Indianapolis on June 1-3, according to the contest, adding 16 points and at least 10 points ahead for was honored after the game
Bowie State University Sports Information BSU announcement. five rebounds. much of the half. Reluctant for leading his school to a
Director Gregory Goings runs everything “I am very excited and grateful for the “It’s a great honor to to label the game a blowout, tournament victory in the
sports media-related on the HBCU campus opportunity to serve as president of the come out with a lot of great Hinds said the aggressive ESPN Rise National High
in Bowie, Md. Now he’ll be responsible for a Division II Sports Information Directors kids who can really play who play of his U.S. team led to School Invitational. Johnson,
national agenda, too, as he was recently named Association and thank my colleagues are all going on to the next the victory. committed to Villanova,
president of the Division II Sports Information throughout the country for their support,” level,” Okoroh said. “Just to “It was a really paced the Capital team with
Directors Association (SIDA). said Goings, who will replace Rich Herman, come out and get MVP that’s good game,” Hinds said 17 points, five rebounds and
Goings, Bowie State’s SID for Clarion University. “I all you can ask for.” “Everybody on the court four assists.
SID for the past eight years, look forward to working with
will take office at the end the NCAA, the D-II Athletic position for several years. Pickerill left the organization and where we need to go in the
of June during the College Directors Association and our position in 2009 and SIDA has used an officer future. I wish him all the best and will support
Sports Information Directors Conference Commissioners.” rotation since. his presidency any way I can.”
Association (CoSIDA) With more than 280 Goings is qualified for the position, serving Bowie State Athletic Director Anton Goff
Workshop in Marco Island, members, the Division II SIDA more than 20 years in the field of collegiate said the university is very excited about
Fla. He will serve a two-year was created to serve as a liaison sports communications. The Washington, D.C. Goings’ new title. “This announcement is
term, with responsibility that assists in strengthening native graduated from McKinley Tech High truly exciting for Mr. Goings, the Athletic
for overseeing the board of communication between sports School in 1977 and earned a bachelor’s of Department, and the university,” Goff said.
directors and maintaining information directors and science degree from Virginia State University, “The appointment to president of a national
bonds with the Conference other administrators of college where he served as SID 12 years before organization, such as SIDA is just a testament
Commissioners Association sports communications. Goings joining BSU. to the level of talent and dedication Mr. Goings
and the Athletic Directors will be the third president to “I believe Greg Goings will be a great has displayed his entire career. It says a lot
Association. lead SIDA; before Herman, president for D-II SIDA,” Herman said. “Greg when your peer members vote you into this
Goings will transition Kentucky Wesleyan College has the experience, knowledge and dedication type of position. This is yet another example of
from his current position as SID Roy Pickerill served as to represent Division II in a first class manner. how Bowie State University faculty and staff
first vice president during Courtesy Photo/BSU
the first president, holding the He has also been part of the board for five are leading the way in a number of different
the NCAA Community Gregory Goings only Division II SIDA officer years and knows how far we’ve come as an fields.”

Washington Wizards Basketball

Young Wizards End Season on High Note
By Stephen D. Riley last game of the season, 100-
AFRO Staff Writer 93, to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Wizards coach Flip Saunders
It took nearly six months, but the Washington Wizards finally gave their fans something to elected to give his reserves a
be proud of this NBA season. final audition for next season.
After sleepwalking through the majority of the year, the Wizards closed their 2010-‘11 Crawford was the only starter
campaign on a high note, winning five of their last eight games, and finishing the season with to play more than 24 minutes.
a 23-59 record. With two games left on the NBA calendar during the second week of April, Forward Andray Blatche led
Washington turned in a pair of strong performances to give fans some hope heading into the Washington with 20 points
summer. and seven rebounds and AP Photo/Mark Duncan
In their last home game of the year, Washington suited up to face the Championship- forward Maurice Evans added Cleveland Cavaliers’ Ramon Sessions, left, defends
contending Boston Celtics on April 11. Boston rested most of their starters in preparation 15 points in the loss. Washington Wizards’ John Wall (2) in the third quarter of
for the playoffs, but the Wizards played all of their own to snatch a 95-94 overtime victory. Washington seems set an NBA basketball game on April 13 in Cleveland.
Washington’s rookie backcourt of John Wall and Jordan Crawford played 46 minutes each and to claim another high draft
combined for 41 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists. pick, as they finished with
A tying basket from Crawford late in regulation sent the game into overtime before his the fourth-worst record in the league. The mid-season acquisition of Crawford —with Wall,
three-pointer gave Washington breathing room in the extra period of play. Boston’s collection Blatche, center JaVale McGee and swingman Nick Young — gives the Wizards a nice quintet
of All-Stars—guards Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, forward Paul Pierce, center Kevin Garnett— of young pieces to build around.
all sat out Washington’s home finale. Adding another prized player in the draft could set the Wizards up for the long haul, if they
Washington recorded its first road win of the season on Feb. 13 at Cleveland, so it was only can find another talented player such as Wall and Crawford. The decision in the offseason by
fitting that the Wizards tried to duplicate that effort to finish the year in their final road game on Wizards ownership to rebuild the team with youth in the wake of the Gilbert Arenas era forced
April 13. Despite building a 12-point lead at the end of the first quarter, Washington dropped its a rocky season, but players said they are already looking forward to next year.
B6 The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011 August 1, 2009 - August 7, 2009, The Washington Afro-American B7
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the District of

la 410-554-8200
District of Columbia
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undersigned with a copy Name of newspaper:
Orig price $3000, Sac- to the Register of Wills
70+/-Acres (5 Tracts).
rifice $975. Can deliver.
Shore. Now under new or filed with the Register Washington Law
Shenandoah County, ownership, you can find of Wills with a copy to
Maurertown, VA. Call Bill 301-841-7565
the vacation property of
the undersigned, on or Shahida S. Robinson
before October 8, 2011,
Adjoins George Wash- your dreams at Corbin or be forever barred. Representative
ington National Forest. HELP WANTED Persons believed to be 816-668-7550
Hall or Olde Mill Pointe. TRUE TEST COPY
Equestrian Estate, Vine-
Choose from a stunning
heirs or legatees of the
yard, or Hunting Re- 4/8, 4/15, 4/22
variety of home sites ceive a copy of this no-
treat! AUCTION: April Drivers- No Experi- tice by mail within 25 a. Order Nisi
ence ~ No Problem. from water frontage Superior Court of $ 60 per insertion $180.00 per 3 weeks
30. www.countsauction. days of its first publica- the District of b. Small Estates (single publication)
com. (434) 525-2991 100% with magnificent views tion shall so inform the District of Columbia $ 50 per insertion
to serene pond settings, Register of Wills, includ- c. Notice to Creditors
(VAAF93) Paid CDL Training. Im- ing name, address and
mediate Benefits. from lush forest to roll- Washington, D.C. 1. Domestic
relationship. 20001-2131 $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
20/10 progam. Trainers ing meadow land. Spend Date of Publication: Administration No. 2. Foreign $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
AUTOMOBILE Earn up to 49¢ per time sailing, swimming, April 8, 2011 2011ADM249 d. Escheated Estates
Name of newspaper: $ 60 per insertion $ 360.00 per 6 weeks
DONATION mile! CRST VAN fishing, exploring or just Afro-American
Gloria Jeanette
Rogers e. Standard Probates $ 125.00
EXPEDITED 800-326- relaxing at the commu- Washington Law Decedent
DONATE VEHICLE: 2778 nity center pool. Proper- Saundra R. Buchanan
NOTICE OF Superior Court of
Receive $1000 GRO- ties are 1 to 3 acres, Personal
NOTICE TO District of Columbia
CERY COUPONS, and offer ocean access, Representative
TRUE TEST COPY a. Name Changes 202-879-1133 $ 80.00
Your Choice, NOAH’S mild climate, spectacu- REGISTER OF WILLS
AND NOTICE TO Washington, D.C.
ARC, NO KILL Animal HELP WANTED- lar natural views and 4/8, 4/15, 4/22
William Edward John-
b. Real Property Superior Court of $ 200.00
Administration No. the District of
Shelters. Advanced DRIVERS unique site amenities. Superior Court of son and Dennis Al- 2011ADM266 District of Columbia
Veterinary Treatments. Lots available at 1/3 the District of phonso Johnson, whose Charles Hill PROBATE DIVISION
Free Towing, IRS the original price. NEW District of Columbia address are 804 Ran- Decedent FAMILY COURT
Washington, D.C.
PROBATE DIVISION dolph Street, NE #3, NOTICE OF 20001-2131
STARTING PRICES: Washington DC 20001 APPOINTMENT, Administration 202-879-1212
Washington, D.C.
Non-runners 1-866-912- WANTED!
Waterfront $75,000, 20001-2131 and 2471 Rushland Ct. NOTICE TO 2011ADM274
GIVE 2011 PAY RAISE! Waldorf MD 20603 were CREDITORS Shantee Parker Superior Court of
Interior $30,000. Call Administration No.
2011ADM253 appointed personal re- AND NOTICE TO DOMESTIC RELATIONS
Decedent the District of
(757) 824-0808, email John E. Mebane presentative(s) of the UNKNOWN HEIRS Gregory L. Lattimer 202-879-0157 District of Columbia
DONATE YOUR HOME WEEKENDS! estate of Gloria Jeanette Leo Anthony Brown, 1200 G Street NW PROBATE DIVISION
EXCELLENT BEN- rbowden@grandbay- aka
Rogers, who died on whose address is 225 Suite 800 Washington, D.C.
EFITS!, or web Decedent January 12, 2011 with- a. Absent
Channing Defendant
Street NE Washington DC 20005 20001-2131 $ 150.00
FREE VACATION out a will, and will serve
b. Absolute Divorce Attorney
DC 20002, Administration No. $ 150.00
VOUCHER. UNITED APPOINTMENT, without Court supervi- was appointed personal NOTICE OF 2011ADM248
HEARTLAND EX- sion. All unknown heirs c. Custody Divorce $ 150.00
BREAST CANCER NOTICE TO representative of the APPOINTMENT, Roland Dewit Williams Superior Court of
PRESS CREDITORS and heirs whose estate of Charles Hill, NOTICE TO Decedent the District of
FOUNDATION Free whereabouts are un- who died on March 9, CREDITORS Wesley L. Clarke District of Columbia
1-800-441-4953 www. AND NOTICE TO
Mammograms, Breast LEGAL NOTICES UNKNOWN HEIRS known shall enter their 2009 without a will, andTo place AND NOTICE TO 1629 K Street PROBATE DIVISION appearance in this your ad, call 1-800-237-6892, ext. 262 Washington,
Cancer Info www.ubcf. Daniel Mckinley will serve without Court UNKNOWN HEIRS Suite 300 D.C.
proceeding. Objections supervision. All un-Public T r a c iNotices
e R o b e$50.00
r t s o n , & Washington
up depending on size
DC 20006 20001-2131
info FREE Towing, Superior Court of
Mebane, whose address
to such appointment 4018 Attorney
Tax Deductible, Non- $3,000 BONUS, new the District of
is 1801 Schooner Court
shall be filed with the
known heirs and heirs Baltimorewhose address Legalis Notices are $24.15 per inch. Administration No.
Annapolis, MD 21401 whose whereabouts are E Street, SE Washing- NOTICE OF 2011ADM292
Runners Accepted, truck and $.70/mile Columbia was appointed personal Register of Wills, D.C., unknown shall enter ton ThereDC is no flat
20019 was rate
ap- — 1-800 (AFRO) 892 Louise M. Carey
starting pay for first 5 Civil Division 515 5th Street, N.W., their appearance this pointed
in Proof
For personal repre-
of Publication, please call NOTICE TO
1-800-237-6892, Decedent
ext. 244
1-888-468-5964 Case No.
representative of the
3rd Floor Washington, CREDITORS Wendell C. Robinson
teams with explosives estate of John E. proceeding. Objections sentative of the estate of
0002253-11 Mebane aka John D.C. 20001, on or be- to such appointment (or Shantee Parker, who AND NOTICE TO 4308 Georgia Ave. NW
experience. O/OP teams IN RE: fore October 8, 2011. LEGAL
BUSINESS Larry Newel,
Elmon Mebane, who
Claims against the de-
the probate of de- died LEGAL on May NOTICES
6, 2008 LEGAL NOTICES Washington
welcome starting at died on June 1, 2007 cedent¬s will) shall be without a will, and will Maria Green, whose ad- Attorney
OPPORTUNITY $1.60/mile. 1-800-835-
with a will, and will serve cedent shall be pre-
sented to the under-
filed with the Register of serve without Court su- dress is 3415 Manderes NOTICE OF
without Court supervi- Wills, D.C., 515 5th pervision. All unknown Place, Spring Dale MD APPOINTMENT,
9471 ORDER OF sion. All unknown heirs signed with a copy to the Street, N.W., 3rd Floor heirs and heirs whose 20774 was appointed NOTICE TO
PUBLICATION and heirs whose Register of Wills or filed Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . whereabouts are un- personal representative CREDITORS
ALL CASH VENDING CHANGE OF NAME with the Register of Wills
whereabouts are un- 20001, on or before known shall enter their of the estate of Roland AND NOTICE TO
ROUTE! Be Your Own Larry Newell, Junior with a copy to the under- O c t o b e r 1 5 , 2 0 11 . appearance in this Dewitt Williams, who UNKNOWN HEIRS
Boss! 25 Machines + MISC. having filed a com-
known shall enter their
signed, on or before Claims against the de- proceeding. Objections died on December 5, Bruce McNeil, whose
appearance in this
plaint for judgment October 8, 2011, or be cedent shall be pre- to such appointment 2010 without a will, and address is 630 Burns
Candy All for $9995. changing Larry New-
proceeding. Objections
forever barred. Persons
to such appointment (or sented to the under- shall be filed with the will serve without Court Street SE Washington
877-915-8222 All Major AIRLINE MECHAN- ell, Junior name to believed to be heirs or signed with a copy to the Register of Wills, D.C., supervision. All un- DC 20011, was ap-
IC – Train for high to the probate of de-
Credit Cards Accepted! Jahi Ethan Laurence cedent¬s will)
cedent’s will) shall
shall bebe legatees of the decedent Register of Wills or filed 515 5th Street, N.W., known heirs and heirs pointed personal repre-
paying Bashir and having filed with the Register of who do not receive a with the Register of Wills 3rd Floor Washington, whose whereabouts are sentative of the estate of
applied to the court copy of this notice by with a copy to the under- D.C. 20001, on or be- unknown shall enter Louise M. Carey, who
With One phone call, Aviation Maintenance for an Order of Pub-
Wills, D.C., 515 5th
mail within 25 days of its
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor signed, on or before fore October 15, 2011. their appearance in this died on February 24,
one bill, one ad place- Career. FAA approved lication of the notice first publication shall so October 15, 2011, or be Claims against the de- proceeding. Objections 2011 with a will, and will
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
ment - Reach 4.1 mil- program. Financial required by law in 20001, on or before inform the Register of forever barred. Persons cedent shall be pre- to such appointment serve without Court su-
such cases; it is by Wills, including name, believed to be heirs or sented to the under- shall be filed with the pervision. All unknown
lion readers in 83 daily aid if qualified - Job the Court this 25 day
October 8, 2011. Claims
address and relation-
against the decedent legatees of the decedent signed with a copy to the Register of Wills, D.C., heirs and heirs whose
and weekly newspapers placement assistance. of March 2011. ship. who do not receive a Register of Wills or filed 515 5th Street, N.W., whereabouts are un-
shall be presented to the
for just $1450.00 per CALL Aviation Institute ORDERED, that all undersigned with a copy Date of Publication: copy of this notice by with the Register of Wills 3rd Floor Washington, known shall enter their
persons concerned April 8, 2011 mail within 25 days of its with a copy to the under- D.C. 20001, on or be- appearance in this
ad. Get regional and lo- of Maintenance (866) show cause, if any
to the Register of Wills
Name of newspaper:
823-6729. or filed with the Register first publication shall so signed, on or before fore October 15, 2011. proceeding. Objections
cal exposure at one time there be, on or be- of Wills with a copy to Afro-American inform the Register of October 15, 2011, or be Claims against the de- to such appointment (or
in Maryland, Delaware fore the 29 day of the undersigned, on or Washington Law Wills, including name, forever barred. Persons cedent shall be pre- to the probate of de-
April 2011, why the Reporter
and DC. Call today! MISC. / prayers of said com-
before October 8, 2011,
Willliam Edward
address and relation- believed to be heirs or sented to the under- cedent’s cedent¬s will)
legatees of the decedent signed with a copy to the filed with the Register of
will) shall
shall be
or be forever barred. ship.
Get results with regional TRAINING plaint should not be Persons believed to be Johnson Date of Publication: who do not receive a Register of Wills or filed Wills, D.C., 515 5th
and local exposure. Call granted; provided heirs or legatees of the Dennis Alphonson April 15, 2011 copy of this notice by with the Register of Wills Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
that a copy of this Johnson mail within 25 days of its with a copy to the under- Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
410-721-4000x19. For MASSAGE THERA-
order be published
decedent who do not re-
Name of newspaper:
first publication shall so signed, on or before 20001, on or before
just $17.47 per newspa- PY – Learn fast, earn once a week for
ceive a copy of this no-
inform the Register of October 15, 2011, or be O c t o b e r 1 5 , 2 0 11 .
tice by mail within 25 Washington Law
per get the advertising fast. Financial aid if three consecutive days of its first publica- TRUE TEST COPY Reporter Wills, including name, forever barred. Persons Claims against the de-
qualified. A new career weeks before said REGISTER OF WILLS address and relation- believed to be heirs or cedent shall be pre-
results you are looking day in the Afro-
tion shall so inform the
4/8, 4/15, 4/22
Leo Anthony Brown
legatees of the decedent sented to the under-
is at your fingertips. Call Register of Wills, includ- Personal ship.
for! Visit our website- American. ing name, address and Representative Date of Publication: who do not receive a signed with a copy to the Centura College 0
that pursuant to relationship.
Superior Court of
202-526-3914 April 15, 2011 copy of this notice by Register of Wills or filed
SCR-205(b) notice the District of
Place your ad today 877-206-3353 Date of Publication: District of Columbia TRUE TEST COPY Name of newspaper: mail within 25 days of its with the Register of Wills
be sent to the ap- April 8, 2011 REGISTER OF WILLS Afro-American first publication shall so with a copy to the under-
plicant's creditors by PROBATE DIVISION inform the Register of signed, on or before
Name of newspaper: 4/15, 4/22, 4/29 Washington Law
CAMP- MOUNTAIN registered or cer- Afro-American
Washington, D.C.
Reporter Wills, including name, October 15, 20011, or
tified mail and that Superior Court of Tracie Robertson address and relation- be forever barred. Per-
GROUNDS PROPERTY proof of service of
Washington Law
Administration No. the District of Personal ship. sons believed to be
mailing be made in 2011ADM266 District of Columbia Representative Date of Publication: heirs or legatees of the
Daniel Mckinley Mebane Charles Hill
Lake Somerset Camp RECREATIONAL the manner provided Personal PROBATE DIVISION 202-638-0095 April 15, 2011 decedent who do not re-
in SCR Probate Rule Decedent Washington, D.C. TRUE TEST COPY Name of newspaper:
Ground, Maryland MTN ACREAGE.
Representative NOTICE OF
ceive a copy of this no-
139 AC only $139,900 410-269-0999 20001-2131 REGISTER OF WILLS Afro-American tice by mail within 25
Eastern Shore. Leave JUDGE APPOINTMENT, Administration No. 4/15, 4/22, 4/29 Washington Law days of its first publica-
Own two mtn tops w/ TRUE TEST COPY NOTICE TO
your RV on site all year. A TRUE COPY REGISTER OF WILLS 2011ADM274 Reporter tion shall so inform the
breathtaking 360‹views! TEST: CREDITORS Shantee Parker Superior Court of Maria Green Register of Wills, includ-
$1500 includes water, 4/8, 4/15, 4/22
4/8, 4/15, 4/22 AND NOTICE TO the District of
End of the rd, trails Decedent Personal ing name, address and
electric & sewage. 3 Superior Court of UNKNOWN HEIRS Gregory L. Lattimer District of Columbia Representative relationship.
trailers on site for sale. throughout. Great for the District of Leo Anthony Brown, 1200 G Street NW PROBATE DIVISION 202-257-9730 Date of Publication:
Call 410-957-1866 or ATVing. Enjoy your District of Columbia whose address is 225 Suite 800 Washington, D.C. TRUE TEST COPY April 15, 2011
PROBATE DIVISION Channing Street NE Washington DC 20005 20001-2131 REGISTER OF WILLS
email lakesomerset@ own private getaway!! Washington DC 20002, Attorney Administration No.
Name of newspaper:
Washington, D.C. 4/15, 4/22, 4/29 Afro-American Visit our Excellent financing. 20001-2131 was appointed personal NOTICE OF 2011ADM248 Washington Law
website www.lakesom- Call now 877-526-3764 Administration No. representative of the APPOINTMENT, Roland Dewit Williams Superior Court of Reporter
2011ADM269 estate of Charles Hill, Decedent the District of who died on March 9,
Wesley L. Clarke District of Columbia
Bruce McNeil
Julian S. Robinson CREDITORS Personal
Decedent 2009 without a will, and AND NOTICE TO 1629 K Street PROBATE DIVISION
SERVICES/ SUPPORT OUR W.Alton Lewis will serve without Court UNKNOWN HEIRS Suite 300 Washington, D.C.
DONATIONS MISC. ADVERTISERS 1450 Mercantile Lane supervision. All un- T r a c i e R o b e r t s o n , Washington DC 20006
known heirs and heirs whose address is 4018 Attorney
Administration No.
Largo, Maryland whose whereabouts are E Street, SE Washing- NOTICE OF 2011ADM292 4/15, 4/22, 4/29
AAAA** Donation 2.8 Million Eyes would 20774 unknown shall enter ton DC 20019 was ap- APPOINTMENT, Louise M. Carey
read your ad - 5 days Attorney their appearance in this pointed personal repre- NOTICE TO Decedent
CAR, per week - Monday NOTICE OF
proceeding. Objections sentative of the estate of
to such appointment (or Shantee Parker, who
Wendell C. Robinson
4308 Georgia Ave. NW
Free Pick-up/Tow, thru Friday in the NOTICE TO
to the probate of de- died on May 6, 2008 UNKNOWN HEIRS
cedent¬s will) shall be without a will, and will Maria Green, whose ad- Attorney
Washington DC 20011
AND NOTICE TO filed with the Register of serve without Court su- dress is 3415 Manderes NOTICE OF
UNKNOWN HEIRS Wills, D.C., 515 5th pervision. All unknown Place, Spring Dale MD APPOINTMENT,
Shahida S. Robinson, Street, N.W., 3rd Floor heirs and heirs whose 20774 was appointed NOTICE TO
whose address is 6572 Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . whereabouts are un- personal representative CREDITORS
20001, on or before of the estate of Roland AND NOTICE TO
Suite 155
Largo, Maryland
The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011, The Afro-American B7
Shelore Ann Cary Wil-
IN THE SUPERIOR Superior Court of liams, whose address is
COURT OF THE the District of 3215 13th Street, NW CBE, Women and Minority Owned Business
DISTRICT OF Washington DC 20010 Subcontractor Bids or Material Quotes Requested
District of Columbia for the following trades:
COLUMBIA PROBATE DIVISION was appointed personal
Masonry, Steel Stairs, Operable Partitions,
CIVIL DIVISION Washington, D.C. representative of the
Flag Poles, Parking Control Equipment,
2011 CA 002249 L(RP) 20001-2131 estate of Alma M. Fireproofing, Kitchen Equipment,
Action Involving Administration No. Strange, who died on Loading Dock Equipment
Real Property 2011ADM268 December 26, 2009 with Marriott Marquis Washington D.C.
Wolcott, LLC OPAL M. WAGSTAFF a will, and will serve Washington, D.C.
2885 Sanford Ave SW AKA without Court supervi- Tuesday, May 17, 2011
#16558 OPAL MARIE sion. All unknown heirs 3:00 pm
Grandville, MI 49418 (WALKER) WAGSTAFF and heirs whose Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
Plaintiff, Decedent whereabouts are un- 4437 Brookfield Corporate Drive, Suite 207
v. W. Alton Lewis known shall enter their Chantilly, VA. 20151-1691
Paul Hester 1450 Mercantile Lane appearance in this Phone: 703.828.3200 Fax: 703.802.1580 ENGINEER
4840 Pisgah Road Suite 155 proceeding. Objections Our Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Cumming, GA Largo, Maryland 20774 to such appointment (or We encourage and actively solicit bids from TRANSPORTATION ENGINEER V- ENERGY MANAGER
30028-3696 Attorney to the probate of de- qualified Minority and Women subcontractors and MARYLAND AVIATION ADMINISTRATION (MAA)
and NOTICE OF cedent’s will)
cedent¬s will) shall
shall be
be suppliers on all our projects. SALARY $63,409 - $78,173
GreenPoint Mortgage APPOINTMENT, filed with the Register of
Funding, Inc. NOTICE TO Wills, D.C., 515 5th Open until filled
100 Wood Hollow Drive CREDITORS Street, N.W., 3rd Floor CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES
Novato, CA 94945 AND NOTICE TO Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . The position is a team leader and expert in the field of

and UNKNOWN HEIRS 20001, on or before
Suellen Wohlfarth William Arthur Wagstaff, O c t o b e r 2 2 , 2 0 11 .
Clark Construction invites you to attend our Local Energy Management, Energy Analysis and Modeling of
Small Business Fair and Workshop for All Trades
Green Jr., whose address is Claims against the de- for the CITYMARKET AT O STREET PROJECT, Energy-related projects for all systems and buildings. The
Point Mortgage 3347 Clay Street, NE cedent shall be pre- WASHINGTON, DC. position will manage the Energy Performance Contract (>
5032 Parkway Plaza Washington DC 20019 sented to the under-
Blvd. was appointed personal signed with a copy to the Roadside Development has awarded Clark
$20,000,000) for the MAA at Baltimore/Washington Inter-
Charlotte, NC 28217 representative of the Register of Wills or filed Construction the contract to perform the 1 million- national Thurgood Marshall and Martin State Airports; will
and estate of Opal M. with the Register of Wills square foot urban infill project that will include over be involved with all new construction projects, rehabilita-
Salta Group, Inc. with a copy to the under- 87,000 square feet of retail, 629 residential units,
c/o CT Corporation
Wagstaff aka Opal Marie
signed, on or before and 500 parking spaces.
tion, and maintenance of all facilities, including but not
(Walker) Wagstaff, who
System died on November 12, October 22, 2011, or be limited to the mechanical systems, HVAC and control
1015 15TH Street NW, 2006 with a will, and will forever barred. Persons We would like to meet Contractors, Suppliers and systems, electrical and airfield-related lighting controls. The
Suite 1000 serve without Court su- believed to be heirs or Vendors, particularly CBE Certified Business position will also be responsible for commissioning of all
Washington, DC 20005 pervision. All unknown legatees of the decedent Enterprises¬ for
Enterprises’ forALL
and heirs and heirs whose who do not receive a limited to) Surveying, Demolition, Excavation, energy-related projects. Additionally, the position will pre-
Maximum Developers whereabouts are un- copy of this notice by Foundations, Site Utilities, Site Concrete, Asphalt, pare and manage the Utilities Division budget. Energy
Investments, L.L.C. Concrete, Structural Steel, Masonry, Misc. Metals,
c/o Rose Reeder
known shall enter their mail within 25 days of its
Rough and Finish Carpentry, Metal Panels, Roof- Manager Certification (CEM) is preferred. Requires a
appearance in this first publication shall so
631 Atlantic Street proceeding. Objections inform the Register of ing, Spray Fireproofing, Joint Sealants, Doors/ bachelor¬s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering
SE Washington, D.C. to such appointment (or Wills, including name, Frames/Hardware, Glass/Glazing/Windows, from an accredited college or university w/ Five (5) years
Drywall & Studs, Flooring, Painting, Appliances,
20032 to the probate of de- address and relation-
Swimming Pool, Mechanical/Plumbing, Electrical experience in the Energy Management Field. To receive a
and ship.
Estate of Jane T. Norris
cedent’s will)will) shall
shall bebe
Date of Publication:
and Final Cleaning for a Pre-Bid Meeting which complete job bulletin and an application, call Maryland
filed with the Register of
Serve: Wills, D.C., 515 5th April 22, 2011
will consist of the bid process, award process and Aviation Administration at 410-859-7618 or visit the
opportunities for small and local businesses.
Ray M. Norris, Street, N.W., 3rd Floor Name of newspaper: MDOT¬s website at Please
Personal Representative
14929 Chelsea Circle
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Afro-American A Construction Opportunity Fair is being held send the application materials to Ken Acker Recruitment/
20001, on or before Washington Law on Thursday, April 28, 2011 beginning at 6:00
Mount Airy, MD 21771- O c t o b e r 1 5 , 2 0 11 . Reporter PM and ending at 8:00 PM, at Shiloh Baptist
Examinations and Employment, P.O. Box 8766, BWI Air-
8423 Claims against the de- Shelore Ann Cary Church-Gregory Family Life Center at 1510 9th port MD 21240.
and cedent shall be pre- Williams Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001. MAA is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Patricia Sweeney sented to the under- Personal
21772 Watson Road signed with a copy to the Representative You¬re invited to join us to find out about opportu-

Leesburg, VA 20175 Register of Wills or filed 202-387-0772 nities available on the project.
and with the Register of Wills TRUE TEST COPY
The District of Columbia with a copy to the under- REGISTER OF WILLS For more information about this event please email
Serve: signed, on or before 4/22, 4/29, 5/6
Attorney General of the October 15, 2011, or be
District of Columbia forever barred. Persons

advertise in the
Attn: Darlene Fields believed to be heirs or MBE/WBE
441 4TH Street NW legatees of the decedent Subcontractors and Suppliers
Washington, DC who do not receive a Ulliman Schutte Construction, LLC, Rockville, MD
20001 copy of this notice by is interested in receiving quotes from qualified
and mail within 25 days of its MBE/WBE subcontractors and suppliers for the
All unknown owners of first publication shall so DC Water Miscellaneous Facilities

AFRO call
the Property described inform the Register of Upgrade Phase II, bidding on May 11, 2011.
below, their heirs, devi- Wills, including name, Opportunities are available for
sees, personal repre- address and relation- Specifications Divisions 1 thru 16.
sentatives, and execu- ship. Please Fax quotes to 301-545-0810.
tors, administrators, Date of Publication: Contact telephone 301-545-0750.
grantees, assigns or April 15, 2011 Ulliman Schutte Construction, LLC

successors in right, title, Name of newspaper: 7615 Standish place,Rockville, MD 20855
interest, and any and all Afro-American
persons having or Equal Opportunity Employer
Washington Law
claiming to have any Reporter
leasehold or any other in- William Arthur
terest in the
Property and premise
Wagstaff Jr Concrete General, Inc. is seeking MBE
situate, described as: Representative subcontractors & suppliers who perform
Square/Lot 4560/0216,
Address of 304 19TH
202-431-9277 various types of work relating to highway,
Street NE, Washington, REGISTER OF WILLS bridge, & utility construction in the Mary-
DC 20002.
4/15, 4/22, 4/29 land area. Call Mark Miller 301-948-4450.
ORDER OF Superior Court of EEO
PUBLICATION the District of
In accordance with D.C. District of Columbia
Official Code
Code ߧ47-1375
(2001), the object of this Washington, D.C.
proceeding is to secure 20001-2131
the foreclosure of the Administration No.
right of redemption in the


Strictly Personal
following real property lo- Clotilde Durham
cated in the District of Smith
Columbia, and sold by Decedent
the Mayor of the District Nicholas D. Ward
of Columbia to the 1212 New York Ave.
Plaintiff(s) in this action:
Square 4560, Lot 0216,
Address of 304 19TH
Suite 1000
Pen Pals
Washington DC 20005
Street NE, Washington, Attorney
DC 20002, in the subdivi-
sion known as Kingman-
Truthful man seeking spiritual pen
Rosedale in North East
Washington, D.C., and
NOTICE TO pals. Womb my emanation. Law
more particularly de-
scribed as:
AND NOTICE TO is unification. Breath, knowledge
Lot numbered Two Hun-
dred Sixteen (216) in Ja-
Barbara J. Durham, and consciousness! William Pig- news_3column.indd 3 2/23/11 9:17 AM

whose address is 1311

cob S. Gruvners subdivi-
sion of lots numbered Delaware Avenue, SW gie, P.O. Box 565, Pittsboro, N.C.
Apt S-229, Washington
One Hundred Ninety-
Eight (198) and Two Hun- DC 20024 was ap- 27312
pointed personal repre-
dred Seven (207) in
Square Numbered Forty- sentative of the estate of ---
Five Hundred Sixty Clotilde Durham Smith,
(4560), as per plat re- who died on August 17,

Lonesome Hearts -

corded in the Office of the 2010 with a will, and will

Surveyor for the District serve without Court su-
pervision. All unknown

Pen Pals
of Columbia in Liber 111
at folio 12, heirs and heirs whose
Subject to the sewer whereabouts are un-
known shall enter their
easement granted to the
District of Columbia by appearance in this To have a notice published in the
proceeding. Objections
Deeds recorded in Liber
2497 at folio 287 and to such appointment (or Strictly Personal Section, write the
to the probate of de-
Liber 2497 at folio 289,
and as condemned by cedent¬s
cedent’s will)will) shall
shall bebe message you want printed in the
filed with the Register of
proceedings in the Dis-
trict Court Cause num- Wills, D.C., 515 5th space below. Enclose ten dollars
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
bered 595, in the Su-
preme Court of the Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . ($10.00), check or money order for
25 words. NO CASH PLEASE.
District of Columbia, 20001, on or before
Address of 304 19TH O c t o b e r 2 2 , 2 0 11 .
Street NE, Washington,
DC 20002.
Claims against the de-
cedent shall be pre- Additional words will cost 50 cents
The Complaint states,
among other things, that
sented to the under-
signed with a copy to the each.
the amounts necessary Register of Wills or filed
for redemption have not with the Register of Wills
been paid. with a copy to the under-
Pursuant to the Chief signed, on or before
Judge’s Administration
Admnistration October 22, 2011, or be
Order Number 02-11, it is forever barred. Persons
this 25th day of March, believed to be heirs or
2011, legatees of the decedent
ORDERED by the Super- who do not receive a
ior Court of the District of copy of this notice by
Columbia, that notice be mail within 25 days of its
given by the insertion of first publication shall so
a copy of this order in the inform the Register of
Afro American, having a Wills, including name,
general circulation in the address and relation-
District of Columbia, once ship.
a week for three (3) Date of Publication:
April 22, 2011
successive weeks, notify-
ing all persons interested Name of newspaper: To answer a Lonesome Heart
notice, enclose a check or money
in the real property de- Afro-American
scribed above to appear Washington Law
order for $2.00 for each letter
in this Court by the 27th Reporter
day of July, 2011, and Barbara J. Durham
redeem the real property
by payment of
Representative you wish to have forwarded. NO
$51,985.33, together with
interest from the date of TRUE TEST COPY
CASH PLEASE. Be sure to in-
the Certificate of Delin-
quency; court costs and
4/22, 4/29, 5/6 clude the fox number of the person
attorney’s fees; ex-
penses incurred in the
Superior Court of you wish to contact.
publication and service of the District of
process by publication District of Columbia

All letters, queries and

and for reasonable fees PROBATE DIVISION
for the title search; all Washington, D.C.
notices should be sent to:
other amounts paid by
the petitioner in accor- Administration No.
dance with the provisions 2011ADM307
Alma M. Strange
of D.C. Code ß47-1361
and all outstanding
W. Alton Lewis, Esq
2519 N. Charles Street
municipal lien amounts
due and owing on the 1450 Mercantile Lane
aforementioned real Suite 155
property, or answer the
complaint or, thereafter, a
Largo, Maryland
20774 Baltimore, MD 21218
final judgment will be en- Attorney
acted foreclosing the
right of redemption in the
real property and vesting
in the plaintiff a title in fee CREDITORS PLEASE!
4/8, 4/15, 4/22 Shelore Ann Cary Wil-
liams, whose address is
3215 13th Street, NW
Washington DC 20010
was appointed personal
representative of the
B8 The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011

Faith Pulse
n wd l
v ry d y
Church Briefs
Passion Services
‘til E st r! Passion Week services at Peoples Congregational Church will include Maundy Thursday
services at 7 p.m. on April 21 and Good Friday services at noon on April 22. Fish and chicken
dinners and Easter lilies will be available.
An Easter Vigil Jazz service will be held at 7 p.m. on April 23, and an Easter sunrise will
service will be held 6:30 a.m. followed by the 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. service at the church located
Full Half Ham
No Center Slices Removed.
More Ham for your
f Smoked
S k d Whole
or Shank Half Ham
Wh l
Club Pr
f wayatSed.
ic e
at 4704 13th St. N.W. Call the church office at 202-829-5511 or visit for
additional information.
money vs. a Portion Ham! Bone-in. Or Rump anul
4-lb. Gr
Half Ham, $1.29 lb.
Limit 2. 80 ¢
SAVE up to
HU Chapel Services
The Rev. Kanika Magee will preach during the 7 a.m. Easter
d., 4/ 20
Valid We
Limit 1. While Supplies Last..
Sunrise service on April 24 in Andrew Rankin Chapel located at 6th
St. and Howard Place N.W. on the Campus of Howard University.
He is associate Dean of The Chapel.
99 ¢ Clu b Pr
Limit 2 The Rev. Dr. Otis Moss Jr. will preach during the 11 a.m. service
in Cramton Auditorium on the same day. He is pastor emeritus at
Olivet Institutional Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Vernon Jordan will
Deell Monte Sw
Gold Pine eet
Limit 2. apple be the guest speaker on May 1. All are welcome. Call 202-806-7280
for additional information.
SAVE up to $3
Valid Thu
.50 eaa
r., 4/21 On

Club Price
‘A People’s Forum’
Zion Baptist Church presents “A People’s Forum, Mentoring {Courtesy Photo}
through Discipleship,” April 29-30, at Bolger Center, 9600 New The Rev. Dr. Otis
Bridge Drive, Potomac, Md., sponsored by the women’s Ministry
3for $
4 Moss Jr. will preach at

1 49
Club Price
1 99
Club Price
Club Pr
Martine g Cider
ic e

25.4-oz. Selected ea.SAVE up to $10.86 on 3
Club Price: $1.33 22 Only.
Valid Fri.,
and the Mighty Men of Zion Men’s Club. The keynote speaker
will be Rev. Patricia H. Fears, assistant to the pastor at Fellowship
Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.
Howard University on
Easter Sunday.

It’s a family affair. The presenters will be Dr. Leslie C. Cooper, senior nurse advisor in
the Division of Research
Infrastructure (DRI) at
Safeway Spiral Safeway SELECT®

Looking for a Church home?

Sliced Half Ham m
Spiral Sliced Half Ham
Bone-in. Limit 1. Bone-in. Foil Wrapped.
d. National Institute of Health
While Supplies Last. While Supplies Last. and her daughter Lt. Kami
waterfront BISTRO®
99 5 99 Does a 90 minute worship service work for your Sunday schedule? Cooper, a neonatal nurse
LLarge Raw Shrimp
practitioner in the US
31 to 40-ct. Sold in a 2-lb. bag.
Or bulk at $4.99 lb.
Clu b Pr ice
f nt BISTRO ®
Want to attend Bible Study from the comfort of your own home via conference call?
Public Health Service.
Frozen/Thawed. lb Large Cooked
31 to 40-ct. Sol Shrimp
SAVE up to $4.00 lb. Club Price d
only at $11.98 ea. in a 2-lb. bagg Then Join Us for Worship! Additionally, Dr. Alfonso
SAVE up to $3.00 Frozen.
Campbell Jr., chairperson,
Valid Sat., 4/ lb.
23 Only.

Department of Psychology
Worshipping at Georgian Forest Elementary School at Howard University and
his son Minister Alfonso
Sunday Worship 11 am, Campbell III, a recent
100% 49 Bible Class 10 am psychology graduate of
2 Bible Study, Wednesdays, 8-9 pm

Howard University, will

S.. BE
U S.

5 99 present.
ic e
Club Pr
h ’ RReserve®
RRancher’s LEECCTT
Rancher’s Reserve® Safeway SEie 3100 Regina Drive • Silver Spring, MD 20906 Registration has already
Beef Ribeye Roast
Or Boneless Beef Loin
Strip Roast. Or Extreme
Value Pack Steak. Club Price
Boneless Beef
Eye of Round
Sold whole in the bag.
Or Eye of Round Roast $3.49 lb.
299Club Price
Apple P
SAVE up to24
2 Only.
lid Su
n. 4
4 blocks South of Georgia Ave & Aspen Hill Rd
Healing Prayer After Every Service
begun.  To make your
reservation, call 202-434-3118
or 202-330-1389.

Fresh Express BUY 1 GET
Salad Blends
4 to 12-oz.
Selected varieties.
on the Vine
SAVE up to $2.50 lb.
1-lb. Sweet
SAVE up to $3.99 on 2

Club Price Club Price

SAVE up to $3.49 on 2 Club Price

Lucerne® Shredded
or Chunk Cheese for
6 to 8-oz. Selected varieties.
Club Price: $2.00 ea.
SAVE up to $1.58 on 2
Club Price
Ice Cream
Selected varieties.
Club Price: $3.00 ea.
SAVE up to $5.58 on 2

Club Price
6 Nabisco Snack Crackers
or Toasted Chips
5.5 to 10-oz. Selected
varieties. SAVE up to $1.91
1 Club Price

Simply OJ, Apple,

Grapefruit or Minute
Lay’s or Lay’ss

Maid Pomegranate
Kettle Chips Blueberry Juice
88.5 to 11-oz. 59-oz. Chilled. Selected varieties..
SSelected varieties. Club Price: $3.00 ea.
SSAVE up to $3.99 on 2 SAVE up to $2.58 on 2

Someone’s Hero.
Aquafina or
6 3$
BUY 1 GET Nestlē Pure
for Life Water
24-pack, 16.9-oz. bottles.
Club Price: $3.67 ea.

Club Price
Club Price Club Price SAVE up to $3.99 on 3

Betty Crocker
Cake or Traditional
Brownie Mix
Cooking Oil
Be One. Save Many.
Become An Organ,
18 to 20.5-oz. 448-oz. Selected varieties.

Selected varieties. SSAVE up to $3.60
Cut Tulips

88¢ 249 Eye And Tissue Donor Today.

Spring Favorite.
SAVE up to $1.00 Club Price

Club Price Club Price

Safeway Brown or
Powdered Sugar
22-lb. Selected varieties.
SSAVE up to 70¢
Safeway SELECT®
Artisan Boston
Cream Cakes
8-inch. Selected varieties. 6 99 1 Club Price
Or at the MVA every time you renew your license.

SAVE up to $2.00 Club Price

i on thi
this page are effective
ff ti
APRIL 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Wednesday, April 20 thru Tuesday, April 26, 2011.
ALL LIMITS ARE PER HOUSEHOLD, PER DAY. Selection varies by store.