1.The title of animation is called ADVENTURE IN BUTTERFLY WONDERLAND.

This is a co-operation client project with Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve and Nature and Culture Education Centre. we would like to produce an animation for primary school student to educate them with knowledge of butterfly and butterfly environment protection message .

2 At the beginning , our main character is called Ming , he was so happy when he caught a butterfly . He looked a while to the butterfly, he felt sleepy . then Ming fall asleep and dream.

3 When Ming weak up and open his eyes , he saw a big butterfly appeared in front of him ,he shocked he became a butterfly . The big butterfly was the ambassador of wonderland who told Ming there is the butterfly wonderland .

4 Ming looked around, there are all flowers .it was so beautiful to him. he surprised .Ming is full of curiosity, he would come with Yuen and look around the wonderland.

5 They are flying in the forest, Ming saw a bling thing on the leaf. Yuen stoped Ming to touch it and told him it was a butterfly egg.

6 In this part ,It show a butterfly life cycle to audience. the egg became a larva and they will become pupas after the last time of skin shedding after that ,which became a butterfly finally.

7.Ming want to see more beautiful butterfly,Yuen introduce many friend to ming. they were talking in the flowers .

8.Yuen has a Butterfly handbook machine which can list a detail information board about the new butterfly friends . the reality butterfly would also show on the screen ,let the audience to recognized the reality butterfly.

9 When Yuen introduce a Parnara guttata which call DoChai ,which look like a moth more than a butterfly. Ming was questionable to ask Do chai How to define butterfly and moth.

10.Do chai point out the Different between butterfly and moth. At the ending part of butterfly antenna is swollen .However, the one of mouth just like a fishbones.(Which part is educate the audience how to define butterfly and moths because as we know some people are misunderstand this part.)


11. Ming felt hungry, they go to the canteen of wonderland. There are Nectar,tree sap, fruit rot .etc. (In this part shows foods which butterfly ate.)

Ming and Yuan hear a loud noise, they through the gap of leaves to see that crowd of people .

13 the gangs littering, Catch the butterfly .

14 tree felling, damage to the environment

15 Threre are reality photo to prove that, human often pollute Butterfly living environment .

16.When Ming Look at this , he felt human are selfish.But Yuen said that they are waiting for their mending. (It shows to the audience that human can do better on protect the ecology.)

Suddenly, a butterfly net caught them . they screamed.

20.Ming screamed and Vortex appears (it is a transfer the .Ming screamed and Vortex appears (it is a transfer the rereality world ality world ) )

21.When Ming wake he he saw butterfly in in bottle, he When Ming wake up,up, saw thethe butterflythethe bottle, he sorrow to to Yuen. do do to to damage environment felt felt sorrowYuen. WeWe notnotdamage thethe environment ,we protect the butterfly . ,we nee tonee to protect the butterfly .

At the End , Butterfly leave the bottle and fly away. and Ming felt happy to say good bye. good.


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