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Project Report Format

Page No: 1 First Page

Title of Project
(24, Bold)

Sponsored by (14)
Company Name
(18 bold)

Submitted to

Department of Instrumentation Science (18 bold)

University of Pune (18 bold)
Pune 411 007 (18 bold)

Partial fulfillment of
M. Sc. Degree in Instrumentation Science (14)

Submitted by (14)

Student’s Name (16 bold)

Roll No. (16 bold)
Project Report Format

Page no 2: Certificate from Department

Department of Instrumentation Science

University of Pune
Pune 411 007


This is to certify that Mr./Ms._____________________________

_______________________________ of M.Sc. (Instrumentation
Science) Roll No. IS08 has completed / partially completed /
not completed his/her Industrial Project during the academic year
2009-2010 as partial fulfillment of the M.Sc. (Instrumentation
Science) course.

Course coordinator Head of the Department

Examined by: 1) ____________________ 2) _________________________

Project Report Format

Page No 3: Certificate from the Industry (Should be on the industry’s letterhead)

(18, bold, underline)

This is to certify that Mr. / Ms.___________________________

partially completed / completed / not completed the Industrial Project
in our Organization / Industry during the academic year 2009-2010.
He / She had worked in the field of ___________________________
His / Her overall performance during project work was Excellent /
Very Good / Good / Average / Poor. (16, normal)

Signature of Industrial Guide (16, bold)


Seal of Industry
Project Report Format

Page 4 Self assessment of project by the student

Department of Instrumentation Science,
University of Pune
Self-assessment of Project by the student

1. Name of Student: _____________________________ Roll No._________

2. Name and address of ______________________________________________
Sponsoring Industry ______________________________________________
3. Guide from Industry ______________________________________________
(with designation) ______________________________________________
4. Guide from Department ______________________________________________
5. Title of Project: ______________________________________________
6. Project work is a) Independently
carried out by me b) In Group of ________ students
c) Along with others in Industry / Institution
d) A part was done in other Industry / Institution
7. Project work is a) Continuation of previous work
b) Repetition
c) First time done in Lab / Industry / Institution
8. Actual man months put in for the project - __________ months
9. I hereby declare that my contribution to the project work under the following heads is as
Sr. Description % of total My Other’s
project work Contribution Contribution
1 Learning new techniques
2 Design and development
3 Hardware fabrication
4 Software development
5 Testing / Trouble shooting
6 Installation / Commissioning
7 Any other (Specify)
Total 100 % ______ ______

Date: Signature of Student

Project Report Format

Page 5 Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement (16 Bold)

Text size 12 Normal

Signature of Student
Project Report Format

Page 6: Table of Contents

Table of Contents (16 bold)
Sr. Contents Page
1 Introduction (12 Bold)
1.1 Introduction to Topic (Concept)
1.2 Survey of similar systems / products in India and abroad
1.3 Definition of project work under taken
2 Details of the Project
2.1 Brief discussion about the platform / OS / base work (on which
your project is developed)
2.2 Technical details of the project work
2.3 Chronological development of project
2.4 Assembly and integration of various modules in project
3 Testing and troubleshooting
3.1 Testing of various modules, details of test procedures adopted,
tools and instruments used etc.
3.2 Troubleshooting debugging of modules in project,
Methodology employed, remedies found etc.
4. Discussion of observations, results and conclusions
4.1 Observation tables, Graphs, Test reports, Images / Screens
captured, Photographs etc with numbering & titles.
4.2 Discussion of above results (4.1)
4.3 Conclusions
4.4 Scope for further development
4.5 Project cost – Material Cost, Development cost and other
4.6 References
5 Annexure
A – Value added work carried out
B – Drawings (Mechanical, Schematic, Electronic, P and I etc.)
C – Flowcharts of software developed
D – Data sheets of IC’s, Devices, Modules, Assemblies used.
N.B.: Above titles of chapter and points are for reference only. Use appropriate words /
headings in your report.
Page 7: Summary of the report

Summary of the report (16 Bold)

Student is expected to write the summary of the report, and not summary of the project
work. This page should contain a chapter wise brief discretion of the project report.
Maximum pages TWO.