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Forestography is an initiative by Odyssey Wonder with the theme of SAVE DALMA.
DALMA Sanctuary once the attraction site for its divine beauty has lost its tourist attraction and as a tourism
development company Odyssey Wonder has started a movement to make aware to the general public about
Flora, Fauna & Livelihood at Dalma.

There are 84 villages in DALMA Forest and villagers livelihood completely depends upon forest products.
MAKULAKOCHA is one of the villages among 84 villages where FORESTOGRAPHY camp will be setup.

has declared year 2011 as International year for forest where main focus is over preserving the
lives and livelihood associated with forest. Taking this opportunity the Idea Forestography event has been
Kicked off.

is a photography contest cum workshop where Flora, Fauna & Livelihood themes will be captured by
Photographers at Dalma with Digital Photography with One day and one night camping. Each contestant
will accompany four general
participants to make group of five. Distinguished judges will be invited for judging best photography award
in the three categories i.e. Flora , Fauna and Livelihood at DALMA. The event will also accompany
eminent ecologist, environment speakers to make the programme more insightful.

In association Federation of Indian Photography more than 10,000 FIP members, photography clubs
will be invited for the contest cum workshop. Advertisement through newspapers, radio FM, 30,000 leaflets
will attract general public to participate in SAVE DALMA one day one night campaign.

Students from all the Schools, Corporates will be invited to know about flaura, fauna and livelihood
through exhibition organised for best photograph selected at MAKULAKOCHA
FORESTOGRAPHY is a one-of-a-kind, unique tribute to excellence in photography. As a sponsor of the
FORESTOGRAPHY you will get high level exposure to a targeted and focused audience of
photography consumers, Nature Lovers, Students and local public
Our demographic includes the amateur and professional photographer. Our goal is to engage the entire
photography community and to have the FORESTOGRPAHY become the premier
event to celebrate International year of forest 2011.
To highlight the exposure your company would get to avid photographers, School Students,
Corporates, General Public we have included the information below:

• Flora, Fauna & Livelihood are featured in the competition with one day one night stay.
• Awards are given in three categories along with participation certificate
• We are expecting competition submissions throughout the country
• As a sponsor, your logo will be all collateral material around the competition and at the event itself


We are starting our FORESTOGRAPHY contest in second week of June 2011 and are doing the following:
Ads will be placed in various leading Photography magazines of India
Mailing to the 10,000 FIP members, Invitation to more than 100 schools with, posters where your logo can be placed,
30000 leaflets distributed across corporates, clubs, TATA group of companies, Announcement through Radio FM where
you can get your company presence

• As a sponsor, these photographers will be exposed to your company and products

Website Traffic

• Each photographer interested in a submitting will be directed to our website in order to fill out a form and sign-up
• Each photographer will get exposure to our sponsors who will be prominently displayed on our website.
° The sponsors will have links to their corporate website as well
° We are also experiencing web traffic from around the country


• As a sponsor, your corporate logo will be prominently displayed on all collateral material leading up to the
show and in the program catalogue at the show
• This unique event draws together an elite audience of , eminent ecologist, environmentalist, professional photographers
and industry experts who have a love and passion for the field of photography, and nature insight.
If this program is of interest to your company, we urge and welcome you to join
us by sponsoring FORESTOGRAPHY. Please contact us at the address below. Please reply back with a letter
indicating an amount that
you would be comfortable with and the item(s) that you would like to sponsor. If you are interested in providing any
other form of sponsorship, not mentioned in this document, do let us know. We would welcome your
involvement in making FORESTOGRAPHY a great success."
For further information about the conference, please tour the Odyssey Wonder website or
contact the chairs using the information on the main page.
If you have any questions about the Sponsorship or Advertising program, please feel free to
call/e-mail to discuss the matter further.

Contact details
Odyssey Wonder
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Road No. 3 , Bistupur, Jamshedpur
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