FADE IN: JEFF Drake, why aren't you breathing? INT.

ENGELSIKARIOS LARGE ROOM - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) Jeff is sitting on the floor holding Drake's lifeless body in his arms. JEFF (yelling) Somebody help me! Smolder, Scullery, and Alan enter the room and rush over to Jeff. JEFF (yelling) Make him wake up! SMOLDER He's gone Jeff. Jeff starts crying. JEFF Then bring him back! SMOLDER We can't. He's dead. JEFF Don't! Don't even say that! SCULLERY Jeff, we have to leave. People are gonna be coming soon. Jeff stands up and tries to carry Drake's body. The SOUND of nearby talking and walking from the other side of the door. The door bursts open and Shirt rushes into the room.

SHIRT Rápidamente! We have to leave ahora! ALAN You're gonna have to leave Drake's body. JEFF No! Smolder and Scullery rush over to the door. Scullery is carrying Alan. The SOUND of talking and walking gets louder. SCULLERY They're almost here. SMOLDER We're gonna have to leave without you Jeff. Jeff looks down at Drake's body and then looks over at Scullery and Smolder standing next to the door. He looks down at Drake's body again. JEFF (quietly) I'm sorry Drake. Jeff lets go of Drake and runs over to the door. Scullery, Smolder, Alan, Shirt, and Jeff go through the door. CUT TO: EXT/INT. APARTMENT COMPLEX - DAY

COURTYARD Scullery and Smolder enter the courtyard and walk over to the laundry room. Scullery is carrying Alan. SCULLERY Does that mean he's all night of the living dead or--

ALAN Is it like in the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she came back from the dead and then everybody had a '60s style Disney food fight? SMOLDER He wouldn't say. SCULLERY Alan, when did you start watching Buffy? ALAN Since forever. SCULLERY What's the show about? ALAN It's about an all girl pop music band who travels around in a van solving mysteries for the FBI while trying to avoid their obnoxious New Yorker friends. Sometimes its hard to figure out what's going but I think I get the gist of it. Smolder, Alan, and Scullery enter THE LAUNDRY ROOM where Jeff sits on a washing machine. SMOLDER Start explaining Jeff. Jeff slides off the washing machine and starts to turn on a dryer. ALAN If you're trying to make it so that no one can hear us that's not going to work.

JEFF Why? ALAN It didn't work on The Simpsons when Bart and Lisa were trying to figure out what was up with their grandma. It turns out she was a werewolf. SCULLERY What's the Simpsons about, Alan? ALAN It's about two families, one from the future and one from the stone age, who live in a hollowed out tree and make cookies for an evil corporation. SMOLDER Let me guess. You have a hard time figuring out what's going on in that show too? ALAN How'd you know? JEFF We're not here to discuss tv shows! SMOLDER Then what are we here to discuss Jeff? Is Drake alive or not? JEFF He's alive... ALAN So he's not a zombie then. JEFF But he's different... SMOLDER How is he different?

JEFF He doesn't remember who I am. SCULLERY That doesn't make sense. You're his best friend. SMOLDER Where is he? JEFF He's in the playground and he won't leave. SMOLDER Show us. CUT TO: EXT. APARTMENT COMPLEX PLAYGROUND - DAY The playground has a little castle in the corner and a little house in another corner. Jeff, Smolder, Scullery, and Alan sit on a bench nearby. SMOLDER Where is he? JEFF He's been hiding in the castle. SMOLDER Let's go get him then. JEFF No. He'll freak out if you approach him. ALAN What are we suppose to do then? JEFF We wait.

ALAN Ah... we're not doing that. Come on guys. SMOLDER We'll wait all night if we have to, Alan. CUT TO: INT - THE SEQUENTIAL DETECTIVE AGENCY - NIGHT Smolder, Scullery, and Alan are sitting on the couch. SMOLDER Well that wrapped up nicely. ALAN (quietly) That's bad storytelling. SCULLERY What was that Alan? ALAN What was what? SCULLERY I thought you said something. Drake casually strolls into the room. DRAKE Since you guys are the only people I can remember I thought I'd crash here for a while. ALAN (quietly) The punishment doesn't fit the crime. SMOLDER Who are you talking to Alan?

ALAN Myself because I'm crazy! DRAKE You need to chillax shoe box man. Drake slides a chair over in front of the TV and turns the TV on. STEFAN (O. S.) (from TV) --can't do that Jenny because we're being watched. JENNY (O. S.) (from TV) Is it the Frankenstein Santa. STEFAN (O. S.) (from TV) No. It appears to be someone who recently died. DRAKE Are you guys watching this? ALAN Shut up, Drake! TV (O. S.) (from TV) Closed captioning for A Mystification of Subterfuge is provided by... the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. "Keeping the Soviets in Second Place since 1958". DRAKE The characters in that soap opera broke the fourth wall. They knew I was watching them. The TV turns off. ALAN That's ridiculous!

DRAKE They probably know why I came back! The desk starts to shake. ALAN You're so stupid! SCULLERY (quietly to Smolder) Should we step in here? This is getting kind of heated. DRAKE My destiny is in their hands! ALAN Shut up! shut up! The desk starts to move back and forth. Drake tries to turn the TV back on but it won't turn on. DRAKE Stupid TV! Give me my destiny! ALAN I wish you were still dead! The desk slides at Drake and pins him to the wall. SMOLDER Alan! Smolder jumps up and tries to pull the desk away from Drake. SCULLERY Stop it Alan! Scullery picks up Alan and holds him up to her face. SCULLERY

What's wrong with you? ALAN Leave me alone! Alan SUDDENLY disappears. SCULLERY Alan! Smolder pulls the desk away from Drake, turns around and notices that Alan is gone. SMOLDER Where is he? Tears start to run down Scullery's face. SCULLERY He just vanished. DRAKE Cool! I didn't know he could do that. FADE OUT: THE END