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An employee's entitlement to a certain absence.

The quota has a limited validity

period, and is reduced by each recorded absence. Attendance Quota: Determines an
employee's time-restricted entitlement to certain attendances. One such example is
overtime approval. Recording an attendance of this type reduces an employee's

What is Substitutions?
A substitution is employee working time that deviates from planned working time and/or
is paid at a different rate because the employee works at an alternative position.
Substitutions allow short-term deviations to personal work schedules, as well as different
payment for an employee, to be recorded in the system. Substitutions can be set up
regardless of whether the absent person is actually being replaced or substituted for

What is Availability?
Description of when a service employee is or is not available. The resource planner uses
availability as background information when scheduling a service employee.

What are Attendance & Absence Types?

Grouping together of employees' scheduled attendances and actual attendances according
to the reason for the attenance. Attendances canalso be grouped for other personnel-
related reasons, such as for employee time accounts and for valuation of personnel

How do we record a Overtime?

Overtime approvals can restrict the amount and the exact point in time when working
time is recognized as "overtime." The type and amount of overtime compensation also
depends upon this criteria. The normal working time of an employee is used to determine
overtime. Normal working time can also be calculated according to the specific time
periods used to perform weekly or monthly overtime calculation analyses.

What is Attendance & Absences Counting Rule?

Att Counting Rule:
Statement that determines deduction days/hours and payroll days/hours from
attendance days/hours. An attendance counting rule is made up of several attendance
counting rule items.

What is the difference among work schedule, daily work schedule and work
schedule rule?
Work schedule: The work schedule define an organisation works timetable, and
contains information on working and
break times for group of employees.

Daily Work Schedule: It defines the start and end of working time of the day.
Work Schedule Rule: WSR defines the period work schedule in more details. The
Employee Subgroup, Personnel Subarea for workschedules and Public Holiday calener
are taken into account.
What is counting rules?
Counting Rule for Abs/Attn. - Specifies conditions that must be fulfilled for counting rule
to be chosen, and specifications that
decide how the attendances/absence are counted to determine the payroll days or hour.

What is time quotas?

Time Quotas. - It is related to absence and attendance.It is required at the time of
grouping of 'Employee subgroup for Time
quota' and 'Personnel Subarea for Time quota'.

Is absence/attendence quotas are part of time quotas?

What is TMW & what are its functions?
Time Manager's Workplace is the option for time administrators to enter the time datas, it
is mainly for maintaining the time events in decentralized. Using intuitive ID they will
enter the time events and also absences, OT.

What is Rounding Rule?

It is a rule to round the absence and attendance hours which will be attached to Counting
Rule and then assign to Deduction Rule.

What is Quota deduction?

Quota deduction is the deduction of employee's absence from the entitlement for any base

What is Quota Compensation?

Quota Compensation is how the quota is compensated either by off or by encashement.

During time evaluation (using PT60) we type in a field called “Time Statement
Variant”. Can any one tell me where should I configure this field? We run time
evaluation on bi-weekly and monthly basis. If the first of month starts on Tuesday
and Monday is 31st of the last month, while printing the time statement, its printing
31st of the last month in one page and the remaining 30 days of this month in a new
page, it’s just wasting pages. Can any one tell me how to configure this field so that
it prints all days on the same page.
ANS:1 In PT60, you only call a variant of the time statement. I think the change have to
be made in the form itself. All the config is in the SPRO Personnel time
management/Time evaluation/Evaluation and time management pool/time statement
ANS:2 Tcode - SE38
Select variant radio button
Program name - RPTEDT00
Give variant name.
ANS:3 please note the form name used in the report RPTEDT00.
You can modify that form in t-code PE51.
as u said I tried to find the variant for reprot RPTIME00 and could see the variant
using SE38. But I can see only "values" and "attributes" of a variant, Its very
difficult to understand what it is?
using PE51, I can't see the variant for the report RPTIME00, but I can see the
standard forms. I checked the variant in SE38 has been assigned with any of the
forms that are displayed in PE51, but its not. can any one tell how r they related?
ANS:4 This is simple to understand, better have some knowledge on "Variants".

Se38 - RPTEDT00 - just execute... here you will see the form name of Time Statement
(Give standard one otherwise give your custom form name and all required information
into parameters on selection screen) then click on save.
Give Variant name - SAP& Cust (example) and Meaning in Variant Attributes.
Finally save this variant.

Goto PT60 and give your Time Statement Variant here and again save if you want one
more variant based on your evaluation.
ANS:5 execute directly the report RPTEDT00 (System/Service/Reporting) with the
variant you use with RPTIME. Then you'll see what form is used in the variant. Please
note that you will probably have to use PE50 instead of PE51 if the form is a TEDT class
ur suggestions really helped me to understand about HR forms, I just followed all
the above suggestions in creating an form and using in PT61 (RPTEDT00) report, it
worked well. But I am still unable to find the option where I can restrict it not to
print in a new page (see my above posts). can any one help in finding it or give any
suggestion where I can set this option.

go to PE50 and modify your form accordingly so that it prints in the same page.
I THINK (not sure at all ) that you can't always do what you want. If you have any kind
of cumulation in your form (Time type or wage type) then the system will split by week
(or month...) First thing I would do is to check if I have cumulated value and then go into
the configuration help in SPRO where you have some details how it works (see the path I
wrote a few messages back)
Better all the time get the business requirement as you said not required in second page.
Get the requirement what client is expecting on the form and copy the standard form then
do the changes accordingly.
the business requirement is not to print in a new page, I copied the standard form and
modified its fields accordingly. But I am still unable to find the option or any customizing
steps where I can limit this not to print in a new page. If any know how we can set the
option in the form

Are you using a TEDT or TELU form?

Did you check the parameter for list layout, weeks total : full weeks only, the help talks
about divided weeks..
Do you have an example of a period when it happen? I could run it to check if I can re-
create the problem
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