STAGES: - MUSEUM - CASTLE CACHTICE - BATHORY ESTATE - COURT - WOODS CHARACTERS: (characters may play multiple roles) - GIRL1 - MODERN GIRL - NURSE - YOUNG ELIZABETH - ELIZABETH - PRIVATE - GEORGE BATHORY - COUNT FERENZ - ERZI MAJOROVA - SERVANT1 - SERVANT2 - NOBLE WOMAN - MAN1 - WOMAN1 - KING MATTHIAS - AGENT of the KING / CONDEMNER - THURZO - INTRUDER1 - SERVANT3 - MAID1 - MAID2 - JUDGE - JURY (Several people) - LAWYER / INTERROGATOR - FICKZO - NARRATOR PROPS: - Blocks (as stand for statues) - Box with witchcraft things, needles and pins - Books and parchments - Mirror - Cleaning materials - Chairs (high chair, lounge chair…) - Red cloths - Jury stand - Flashlight - Whip / Stick - Mortar

GIRL: Hmm. You you bathed in their blood because you thought it made you look younger. yellow. though? Of all the things you could have done. I’ve heard of your story. somehow. Why. can transition from light scene to eerie) Good make-up/ prosthetics (for tortured look of victims) STAGE 1: Bare set Characters: Servant and nurse As lights black out.but apparently you did. touching some of the pieces.Table/desk and dresser NOTES: Good lights (red.. always looking back in extreme distress and cradling one of her hands. Also panting heavily. they say you were really beautiful once. END SCNENE - SCENE 1: MODERN TIMES STAGE: MUSEUM Props: Blocks where statues will stand. . falls flat on the floor and nurse comes to her and drags the screaming servant off stage. white. blue.. middle-aged Bathory (can be two: one that looks normal. Nurse follows her slowly. representing certain stages of her life: young Bathory. There are statues in the museum. The infamous Elizabeth Bathory. (male voice) Dimmed lights. Servant: N-no! Stop! Stop it! Please! Don’t! Let me go! Have mercy! Servant trips.War weapons (dating back to the 15th century) .... one that exemplifies her later haughty self) GIRL with glasses and headphones (not earphones) enters the room with the Bathory statues and portraits. Lights out. flashlight for guard Characters: Modern Girl. why did you have to kill for your own face? Why did you have to go through such great heights just to feel youthfully beautiful again? Why di------Flash lights illuminate the stage. But more of the stories I heard about you were stories of how you tortured young women for vanity. She walks from piece to piece. I don’t really know why anyone would do such a thing. looking carefully at each with an apathetic look. Servant immediately scream in terror and comes running from the back of the crowd (if possible) on to stage.

read aloud the title. little miss? YOUNG ELIZABETH hurriedly closes the book to proceed towards the nurse but stumbled across something. YOUNG ELIZABETH goes around a room. Narrator (voice over): It was said that Erzebet Bathory had interesting family members. a drunkard. books. an aunt (Klara) who was an open-lesbian and bi-sexual at a time when it was far from acceptable. her maids. picks up a book. Parchment made from the shriveled placenta of a newborn child. examines them with curiosity) “What are these? Oh what wonderful pins! And this doll… hm… what could this be for? . salamander blood. [Speaking in utmost curiosity and growing interest] NURSE: What dress would you wish to wear for lunch. Walks slowly. YOUNG ELIZABETH: Parchment for protection.. END SCENE TRANSITION Props crew change the set: Remove blocks. nurse... that roused her curiosity. Slowly observing the books and reading aloud in awe the titles.. parchments.. Lights fully on now. eyes Bathory Girl: Well. once more. Lights fade out. Most potent potions for enemies. pick up another book. witchcraft things.. rat tails. lecher and reprobate brother (Stephen). (voice of narrator) Lights slowly open. everyone is mute (but moving about) except for narrator. enter Elizabeth’s chair Props: cleaning materials. puts down the book.. I guess I’ll go find out. She also had a nurse from childhood steeped in the practice of black magic..... Girl walks off stage. With an alchemist and a devil-worshipper as an uncle. walks. ginger roots.. who also enjoyed torturing servants.. Hm. boom-slang skin. looking at sorcery and books of witchcraft.VOICE: Hey! You’re not allowed in there! Girl thinks for a moment. Beetle eyes.. YOUNG ELIZABETH: (slowly picks up pins.. needles and pins Background sound: Women cleaning (with choreographed dancing) - SCENE 2: YOUNG ELIZABETH STAGE: BATHORY ESTATE Characters: Young Elizabeth Bathory..

YOUNG ELIZABETH touches NURSE’s face: Y-you’re old. YOUNG ELIZABETH: I-i will be b-beautiful. END SCENE - TRANSITION Props crew change the set Background sound: Trickling of water / blood SCENE 3: WAR ZONE WITH COUNT FERENZ STAGE: aftereffects of war zone Props: war weapons Characters: Count Ferenz. a loud thud. gaining confidence again* y-ou have to help me.. Suddenly. wondering and amused at the sorcery things) ” Catching a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror probably next to it. *fear should be in her eyes*(the certain shift from confidence to desperation to confidence would show how deranged she is and self-obsessed. Elizabeth calms down a bit but is still dazed and a little panicky/scared..Oh! What if. shaking uncontrollably. she smirks.. I-i ne-ed to remain youthful. Then suddenly. I prick these to a person? I would very much like to see what happens! Hm… (commenting.” and continuously admires herself. ) I-i’m going to b-be b-beautiful f-forever. Madame! *While trying to calm ELIZABETH and struggling to carry her to (a makeshift) bed. saying “But you are more beautiful. desperate and unconfident. Y-your face. NURSE: Which dress would you pre--? NURSE: Madame! Madame! Lady Elizabeth’s having seizures again. W-won’t I? Y-you’ll help m-me. I-i don’t want to become old and wretched. I-it sickens me.. illuminating just a piece of the floor (or if there’s something we could place there that can symbolize the war). M-more beautiful than a-anyone e-else. And you will! (The nurse’s expressions should be more of worried and concerned.. I-i need to be beautif-ful.. w-won’t you? Y-you have to help me *as if pleading.. soldiers A dimmed light to the middle of the stage.. right?) YOUNG ELIZABETH smiles (the crazy smile and laugh). / Flashes of light everywhere. YOUNG ELIZABETH.. I don’t wa-wan to be ugly. Hhahaha. slowly crumbling on the floor NURSE enters holding two dresses.. not noticing Elizabeth. . I-i I wish to be youthful fo-forever. Lights out.

Count looks to the women and immediately stands after. My poor darling Elizabeth had lived her whole life with the war as her breathing air. Soon to be the Prince of Transylvania. I have yet to arrange a meeting with him. by anyone. sir! COUNT FERENZ: We won’t back down! Forward. exposed to certain sorcery things she found lying around in the estate. With you being the heir of the Nadasdy. I am not even sure whether they would even be able to pay back such a large sum. financially.. GEORGE: The war is not yet over. sir. not yet I’m afraid. I heard. that is. PRIVATE: Sir Ferenz. It is for the sake of the royal lineage. my dear. Elizabeth. Lights fade out. sits down. the Turks are advancing.. Elizabeth. I hope for a better life for her. Not even a word from the King. It does not help her psyche--being. and her nurse. is currently planning to unite with Europe against the Turks. GEORGE: Ah. I am assured to have no problems. Hungary had been overrun by the Turkish forces of the Ottoman Empire because of religious differences between Protestantism and Christianity. GEORGE BATHORY and COUNT FERENZ enter talking intently.. has the extensive loan of the King from you been accounted for already? COUNT FERENZ: No. END SCENE SCENE 4: THE ENGAGEMENT STAGE: BATHORY ESTATE Props: 2 chairs. Oh. But with what you claim to be your intentions for Elizabeth. does not decline the offer at hand? Like you. while a voice narrates: Narrator: In the 1500’s. living room props Characters: George Bathory. Nurse. Come in. I expect to give her a life that does not disappoint. Count Ferenz. You can trust me with your daughter. George? GEORGE: Quite manageable I must say. she will have a life of contentment. and how is the estate. George slowly stands. Do the Turks honestly think that they could force all of us to be Roman Catholics? COUNT FERENZ: I know not when they would come to their senses and understand that we shall forever be Protestants! We can never be forced to be something we do not opt to be. . Elizabeth Bathory Lights immediately fade back in.insignificant. by the way. For as long as I am around. But if you don’t mind me asking. GEORGE: She sees this matter not a question of whether she fancies the marriage or not. Stephen Bathory. I’ve also heard that your kin.. might I also be assured of matters outside finance? COUNT FERENZ: Quite true that it would be wise to keep our royal blood from getting tainted. here comes my daughter. I hope. men! Forward! Silence. as we found her years back.Gunfire and men screaming overhead.

dear. myself. for our own good that you are to be betrothed to him and you shall be wed before long. to the other side. wit. GEORGE: Elizabeth.NURSE enters first. my lady. myself. I have. What say you. my lord. my lady? COUNT FERENZ bows and kisses Elizabeth’s hand. come in good terms with his noble gentleman here. ELIZABETH turns to Ferenz. I am honored to have been chosen to be your husband. goes to the side. GEORGE and NURSE leave stage. For now. my lady. GEORGE: Darling Elizabeth. Fret not my lady for I plan to please you with bountiful things. curtsies. Elizabeth follows after. END SCENE - . Elizabeth curtsies to COUNT FERENZ. The estate does not run on its own. It gives me no greater pleasure than to be your bride. Elizabeth: I am very much glad. then walks off stage. moves to Elizabeth: How do you do. Father. COUNT lingers. ELIZABETH curtsies. What are the things closest to your heart? Are you fond of flowers? Jewelry? Do you--- ELIZABETH. COUNT FERENZ. and as I hear. we shall now leave you two alone to tend to matters. I must go and tend to some things. silences Count Ferenz modestly but with a certain dominance. ELIZABETH: I take your word for it. COUNT FERENZ: You are possessed with great beauty. COUNT FERENZ: I am most glad. this is Count Ferenz. COUNT bows as ELIZABETH walks away. my darling? ELIZABETH: It is a great pleasure. You will find out soon enough the things that matter to me most. and your mother and I have long decided. COUNT FERENZ takes her hand and kisses it. the owner of the Castle Cachtice. COUNT FERENZ: Of course.

NURSE.) ELIZABETH: Oh my love. END SCENE - TRANSITION Props crew change the set Background sound: Trickling of water / blood SCENE 6: PASSIONATE SCENE Props: Bed / chair STAGE: Castle Cachtice Characters: Elizabeth Bathory. fixes things. ELIZABETH: Yes. Count Ferenz (sitting or standing. seeing Elizabeth. In a few days time. I’ve had quite a good impression of him. turns to her and starts combing Elizabeth’s hair as her lady sits herself down on the chair. Enters Elizabeth. Flirting more on the acting. brings in a chair into the room.SCENE 5: ELIZABETH’S TALK WITH NURSE STAGE: Elizabeth’s room Props: dresser. hairbrush Characters: Elizabeth. NURSE: I see you are engaged now. you are very fortunate to be marrying Count Ferenz. fingering her hair. NURSE: Indeed. He is a very fine gentleman and an admirable young leader. Lights black out. mirror. my lady. you shall be wed to this honorable gentleman. If I must say. my lady. facing each other. I’m glad my parents have not disappointed me. how could you bear to leave me again? Why must you go and fight in this war? . I am happy for you. my lady. I would very much like to get to know more about him. Elizabeth: Mmmm. He does seem to be a great choice for a husband. nurse Enter nurse. so I’ve heard.

FERENZ: Of course. my love.FERENZ: My dear. but you must not worry yourself too much of trifling matters.. ELIZABETH: How are we able to manage an estate while the Count is away at war if you petty. hesitates because of Count’s last statement.. Your soft. COUNT FERENZ.. NURSE... as if reflecting on how sad she’s gonna get when she dries old: I know my love.. Lights dim... You know that I only want what is best for us.) ELIZABETH. I know it is rather unfortunate that I must do so.. and you are always mine. END SCENE - TRANSITION Props crew change the set Background sound: Trickling of water / blood SCENE 7: TORTURE I STAGE: Castle Cachtice Props: whip / stick for torture.. discipline them for it. I do wish so too.. I am yours. so delicate… so desirable… I wish you will stay this beautiful forever my love… (touching her skin. I would not want to see you frown. GIRL1. if it is even necessary.. mortar.. lovely lips to frown upon such insignificant matters.. but my sweet darling Elizabeth. brushes it a bit) such irresistable lips. those tantalizing eyes. SERVANT2 Lights fade in slowly. I have got to make our foolish servants do our every bidding perfectly. soft skin.... (lustfully looking at her) (kisses her neck / head or hugs her dearly) ELIZABETH moans: Oh but my dear.. Ah. What a waste it would be for those lovely. SERVANT1. SERVANT1 and SERVANT2 standing while ELIZABETH disciplines them with a whip... but I am scared you might not remember me while you are away. While you are gone. FERENZ: But how can I forget your lovely face? Those lips. your every command must be done..(touch delicately. you know I shall be coming back to be with you again. I do know you understand full well why I’m leaving. (caressing her face) ELIZABETH: Yes. You know I love you very dearly my darling Elizabeth. I shall be always thinking of you and I will make our home ready for your return. your every wish.. little servants are not in proper attitude? This is for not cleaning the study . block / table CHARACTERS: ELIZABETH. Why. her face. FERENZ: Oh yes my love..

(whip) and this is for walking the wrong manner. Let’s add some pins to it to add a little color. ELIZABETH: Pain feels good does it not? Enters COUNT FERENZ while Elizabeth is doing this. NURSE holds GRIL1 in place. as we slowly crush the brittle bones on the hands that cause you trouble. ELIZABETH: This is for making such disastrous noise. ELIZABETH: What hideous nails you have. I wished to see the look of surprise and happiness on your face and here I am catching you disciplining our household. shall we? NURSE! Hand me the pins! SERVANT1 screams from pain. COUNT FERENZ: Watch my dear. But I must in the way I want. COUNT FERENZ and ELIZABETH walks to one side of the stage where a block (table) is pushed in. ELIZABETH laughs whips their hands continuously while servants whimper in pain. that is not the way to do it! Come outside with me. ELIZABETH whips their hands again. dear. I still don’t know when it will end. you always come into my thoughts. ELIZABETH stands aside and watches with intrigue. COUNT FERENZ: Well. please bring forth the servant with the disgusting ebony hair. ELIZABETH: You should not say such things! You must know that while you are away. COUNT FERENZ: My dear wife. NURSE drags GIRL1 (with ebony hair) back in. but I came back home before you completely forgot about me. . what are you doing in here? Elizabeth: Oh. ELIZABETH: Nurse. NURSE exits ELIZABETH: How did matters go this time? How are things? COUNT FERENZ: The war is still ongoing. I shall demonstrate you how. you are back! What a surprise! (hugs him) I was just teaching these maids how to rightfully behave. (whip) This is for having such bad posture. (Use a mortar to crush the bones of one hand of GIRL1) Girl squirms in pain and starts shreaking.

Spotlight on GIRL1 screaming. All of you do! I possess all of you! *Bloodbath dance of victims/servants (with red cloths already hidden under their clothes). I look younger. trickling of water / blood just before lights fade in fast again. why take his life away? He deserves not to die. that is quite wonderful my dear. END SCENE TRANSITION Props crew change the set Background sound: Gunshots. and Elizabeth subtly gets the cloths which represent their blood and “bathes” in them. BLOOD BATH HAPPENS HERE. They all fall down afterwards as if dead. GIRL1 struggles and NURSE looses hold of her. NURSE. *dancers (victims/servants) ELIZABETH: Worthless peasants. Offer me more. COUNT FERENZ and ELIZABETH laugh during the torture rituals and exit.. My dear husband’s life has a higher value than yours. GIRL1 runs to the crowd (if possible) as NURSE runs after her.. Look at how the bones in those tiny hands are crushed into a hundred million pieces. Then. END SCENE - TRANSITION Props crew change the set Background sound: Trickling of water / blood . Give me more blood for your lives are worthless! Lights out. War.ELIZABETH: Oh. SCENE 8: DEATH of FERENZ. GIRL1 squirms. nurse drags them to the middle. ELIZABETH: Oh how pleased I am to see that those wretched hands shan’t be bothering me anymore. TORTURE II STAGE: CASTLE CACHTICE Props: red cloths as blood for bloodbath CHARACTERS: ELIZABETH. unable to move. giving their blood for their beautiful. screaming from pain. ELIZABETH: What wonderful color! What wonderful scent! What wonderful impression it does to my skin. youthful mistress. Your lives are useless. do I not? I will watch you all rot while I live eternally young as I could with all these sweet blood of yours! What kind servants I have.

. ELIZABETH: I see. A noble one. I’ve bought this woman with me for us to play with. Bored again are we? Have you got nothing to do again? ERZI: Hello. My oh-so lovely. MAID2 Enter ERZI MAJORAVA and NOBLE WOMAN ELIZABETH: Good day. but obviously not very sane. ERZI: Well. my dear. Elizabeth. full of life servants.. Erzi.SCENE 9: TORTURE III STAGE: CASTLE CACHTICE Props: torture devices CHARACTERS: ELIZABETH. End with repetition of a segment of torture dance until ladies flat on the floor. She’s the kin of that good man from the other town. ELIZABETH: You really are one of my most faithful friends.part of her insanity/imagination) ELIZABETH: My lovely servants. a bit dazed and confused. Your . What if she dies? Won’t we be in trouble? Her life might cost a tiny bit more than these insignificant wretches. ERZI MAJORAVA. Or maybe she was eaten by the wolves in the forest.. END SCENE SCENE 10: ELIZABETH’S MONOLOGUE STAGE: Elizabeth’s bedroom Props: none Characters: ELIZABETH Elizabeth slowly enters stage. Torture continues. NOBLE WOMAN. ELIZABETH and ERZI laugh. Spotlight on Elizabeth. she probably committed suicide because of a lad. ELIZABETH: One of yours? ERZI: No.. (Dead servants standing around the room. Elizabeth speaking to them but they’re not actually there. Lights black out as they fall to floor.. MAID1. Anything would do. ERZI drags NOBLE WOMAN.. She fell into a cliff.

Yours will wither. any place I enter. As I walk down the streets. Oh. yearning hearts. END SCENE - TRANSITION Props crew change the set Background sound: Trickling of water / blood SCENE 11: DISCOVERY of EVIDENCE I STAGE: Somewhere near the woods/ river Props: Debris / wood / rubbish around the set. All eyes. or simply meeting my gaze. forever beautiful. I can see it now. how wonderful.. Mine! I will stay forever young. their silly dreams. Oh how I’ve been wanting this feeling for so long. They all scream at a sight of a last dead body. Lights black out as they scream. it shall be mine. *laughs* You really are beautiful Elizabeth. talking to another man: I feel really odd with this place. Beautiful than anyone else in this wretched world! Lights black out / fade out. Woman1. Characters: Few men (and can be women) Lights fade in.. It’s as if I smell the dead... and envied by all women for they all know that they are no match for my exquisite and youthful beauty. Red suits my face doesn’t it? Soft flawless skin. And a slight smile. they are walking around and they find bodies in places. Man1. men / women talking unintelligibly. mine shall forever stay! I’ll drain that sweet blood of yours and regain my youth. END SCENE - TRANSITION Props crew change the set . my beauty would turn the heads of every man. panting: I saw a dead girl just by the river! She appeared to have holes in her body! Man1: *appalled* What is this place? In the form of a dance. how magical would that be? I would be admired by all men. screams. oh how graceful would I be. runs into the stage. without a hint of age. would satisfy the hunger in their eyes.youth. My beautiful face would always be the center of attention. every pair of eyes would be on me. I shall be heavily gazed upon. oh yes. *in a daydream daze* Everywhere I walk.

KING: Quite a plan you have there. then. AGENT hurries away. KING: I am aware of that. other side of stage. my Lord. my King. is still alive. I have heard rumors about the lady. AGENT standing just before him. I order an investigation on that castle at once! AGENT: Right away. weapons / swords CHARACTERS: PRIME MINISTER THURZO. I also heard of spirit-less bodies abandoned in the woods. AGENT of KING: The lady. Quite a number of deaths have happened recently within her premises.Background sound: Trickling of water / blood SCENE 12: COURT HEARING I STAGE: COURT Props: high chair and table/desk for king CHARACTERS: KING (Matthias). Very well. We could use that. AGENT of KING: A trial to be made. Elizabeth. AGENT of KING: We could twist a little knot to prevent it. I thought we would have escaped from paying that loan. but they might be connected somehow. as justification for her arrest. Numerous deaths. KING: Since the death of Count Ferenz. my good man. a bit sideways. AGENT follows a bit. END SCENE - SCENE 13: PRIME MINISTER THURZO STAGE: Entering the Castle Cachtice Props: torches. near the rivers. INTRUDER1. my King! KING walks off stage. I heard. SERVANT3 . KING is seated. AGENT of KING Lights fade in. KING: What do you mean? KING stands up from seat. and confiscate their land in the process. I know not how this came up.

) ELIZABETH: Let them look all they want. We shall enter the castle and look for any signs of mischief. They will never find anything against me. making a fuss. INTRUDER1 and SERVANT3: Yes. there are men with torches coming towards the castle. Lights fade in. we will catch her on act. in doubt. Prepare your weapons and carry your torches. INTRUDER1: This plan seems weak! It looks rather suspicious for one to be accompanied by men. END SCENE - SCENE 14: LAST INNOCENCE STAGE: Castle Cachtice Props: none Characters: ELIZABETH. (MAID2 follows closely behind. THURZO: This isn’t supposed to be happening. Right at once. MAID2. nodding slightly. If we are lucky enough. SERVANT3: But if she is as evil as the rumors persist.THURZO. We fear they have the intentions of searching the castle. . THURZO: My cousin would recognize my presence and let me in. I am obliged to do so. (Shakes head and tries to maintain and breathe pressure off. MAID1 and MAID2 linger a moment. I shouldn’t have to arrest my own bloodline. followed by INTRUDER and SERVANT3. MAID1: My lady. walking abruptly onto stage. looking fearful and panicky. MAID1. that would be dangerous. Both leave the stage. THURZO walks off stage. THURZO: Which is why I prefer that we arrive unannounced. two maids walk in.) But for what is rightfully good. then walk off stage (the MAID2 following slightly behind the other and more panicky). Lights fade off. sir. leaving THURZO. but both curtsy (MAID2 slightly later than the other). Bathory is seated.

messy. SERVANT3 Dimly lit. Parang whipped. THURZO: (Points to the men) You two. unmoving. END SCENE - TRANSITION Props crew change the set Background sound: Trickling of water / blood with slightest hint of panic music SCENE 15: DISCOVERY of EVIDENCE II Stage: somewhere inside Castle Cachtice Props: Planks of wood and torture devices on stage. asking for help. just not out of sight. Characters: THURZO. THURZO: Men. on the stage itself and down the stage. INTRUDER1: Your cousin is insane! Possessed by the devil! THURZO: Hush! Hear that? *Dying victims moan and scream. sir. INTRUDER1. we’re getting close.* INTRUDER1: This is inhumane! SERVANT3: These girls are dying a slow. come with me.Bathory remains seated. INTRUDER1: *sniff* Ugh! What is that pungent smell? SERVANT3: It smells like something’s decaying. THURZO: Why do they all seem so pale? It’s as if they are drained of their blood! Let’s move on to the dungeon. Let’s face the woman behind all this madness and arrest her! (Moves to walk out the stage to one side but stops. tormenting death. Men move around really slowly. Lights very slowly fade away. two . (Points to a side of the stage) INTRUDER1: You seem to know this place well. and expressionless. *They found a girl chained to a post. THURZO: I have seen this area in my childhood.

IN1: She’s nowhere to be found. that was where dead bodies of maidens were discovered who. one of the suspected accomplices of the accused. Count Thurzo went to the castle Cachtice where the Lady Bathory was reportedly committing those acts. he still cared about protecting the family reputation. INTERROGATOR: On the account that quite a number of deaths have been reported to have been occurring inside the Lady’s habitual abode. LAWYER Lights fade in just as JUDGE gets follow and walk directly out the stage) *At one part of the stage Thurzo discovers evidence of tortures but he hid the evidence (this is to show that although he helped in the search. Two men again walk out the stage... END SCENE TRANSITION Props crew change the set Background sound: Trickling of water / blood. IN1: What are we to do? THURZO: Go and help the others free all of her victims--save those who can be saved and bring them to the village. mumbling: This will ruin the family name. Judge Theodosius de Szulo of the Royal Supreme Court. NURSE. apparently.. While venturing the castle. as a witness to these alleged crimes. shall now commence. Upon reaching the dungeon. JURY.. THURZO follows. Light follows THURZO out the stage. jury stand CHARACTERS: Fickzo. . Fickzo. is now called to the stand. Now.. SERVANT3: There is not a living soul in this place. have lost quite a lot of blood.. then is followed by loud talking of jury people SCENE 16: COURT HEARING II STAGE: COURT Props: chair for Ficzo. What we have now is enough. Judge: The trial against the accused. Lady Elizabeth Bathory. sir. they came across several bodies of young women who are very pale and seemed to have been drained of blood. fading off.) EB was nowhere to be found* Two men walk back in.

. Also workers who busy about changing her bedroom into that of a lifeless cell. no! no sir! I meant nothing! nothing!. sounds of torture. no sir! BUT BUT BUT. Some were even forced to come. it was horrible! For 16 years. Have you ever seen or heard anything out of the ordinary going on inside? FICKZO: *breaks down* Nothing. according to the reports of Count Thurzo.(Condemner. “Ceremony master” / Condemner. With no permission. and… Lights black out slowly as JUDGE thumps his gavel. Elizabeth Bathory.. and her cousin>. INTERROGATOR: How long have you worked for Lady Elizabeth Bathory? FICKZO: 16 years. END SCENE - SCENE 17: Condemnation of Elizabeth Stage: Elizabeth’s room Props: bed.. Doesn’t wanna say the truth in fear of getting punished by Elizabeth)… (kind of can’t stop herself from telling the truth) there were screams in the night. whatsoever of contact with any living soul. Elizabeth stares around with expressionless eyes and a cold. saying that she would offer etiquette lessons or employment in the castle. straight face. who is looking very nervous and anxious.. are to be locked . traumatized. standing across Elizabeth.. throughout that time. not at all (very scared. but she managed to lure all the women from the country through deceit. dresser Characters: Elizabeth. indeed true? *silence* INTERROGATOR: Let me state this simply. INTERROGATOR: Now tell me. They were buried in holes… in the garden… we’d go out at night and bury them in a church. THURZO. There are also people around <this might include the guard... I kept silent but my conscience cannot stand any more of the cruelty! JURY: I see… And what happened to the bodies? F: I admit having assisted Madame in killing 37 girls.. (finally giving in to saying the truth) Oh.) CONDEMNER: For having been found guilty on multiple accounts of murder and lawless acts of disrespect to the royal lineage. are the goings on in that castle. witnesses GUARDS slowly walking Elizabeth to her prison-room. the Countess Elizabeth Bathory is hereby condemned to a life of imprisonment in this very room. no sir. facing her.Calls Fickzo. you. the accused.

ELIZABETH touches her face. looking at a floor-length mirror (with young Elizabeth enters as the reflection).: Your skin is ever so flawless. They’re all insignificant fools and wretches. END SCENE SCENE 18: DEATH of ELIZABETH Stage: Elizabeth’s room-turned prison cell Props: mirror.. They’re not important. bed. Young Elizabeth Bathory (as a reflection in the mirror. only from a small cavity on the walls that shall be put up as a blockade from any connection to anyone outside these walls. Light dim. going crazy again: I didn’t fail you. Lights grow a bit brighter (but with hints of red. END of PLAY - . Such absolute beauty. Slowly falls down. the necessity of great power and beauty. It’s worthless to give even a second of thought about those revolting looking people. dresser Characters: Elizabeth Bathory. ELIZABETH looks at the audience and smiles.. No one could ever be more beautiful than me. if possible).. No one could love you more than I do. Only I could understand you. smiling. Stops moving but her eyes are wide open. They do not understand the need. eyes fixated on audience. but follows the court sentence against her.up inside this room. No one could ever define your incomparable beauty. following Elizabeth to the part where mirror is. Elizabeth. Light out. No one else is as valuable as you. No one but I. Elizabeth still looking haughty and proud. Elizabeth.. standing.. ELIZABETH walks to the side of the stage.. then blacks out suddenly. ELIZABETH. Moves back a bit (so lights wouldn’t show young Bathory anymore). No one could attain this splendid loveliness but me. to be given food..) Dim lights (focused only on Elizabeth)..

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