Rotes for Mage: the Awakening - Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3

Prepared Attack Rotes:  Prepared Spells - Time 2 - Prepare a spell in advance for quicker casting later. + Prime 2 Cast a spell in advance for quicker use later. Successes denote number of spells that can be pre-cast.  Hydro-Bomb - Matter 2 - Fill glass with water. Turn water into acid. Throw glass. Glass shards + acid = bad for people in immediate area.  Heat-seeking Matter Missile - Matter 2 Force 1 - Create a mist with a spray bottle. Turn that spray into napalm, a corrosive acid, or BZ ("Agent 15": effects include blurred vision, delusions and hallucinations (that appear to be realistic, distinct, panoramic, and difficult to distinguish from reality), slurred speech, disorientation, and ataxia). Guide the mist around to various targets with heat signatures. Return mist to simple water vapor and release.  Alter Accuracy - Matter 2 + Craft - Improve the balance of an item (throwing knife, stone, martial missile, etc), granting 9-again rolls to be made.  Enchant Weapon - Prime 2 - enchanted weapon will do no more damage than mundane counterparts, but strike directly to Patterns of their targets, inflicting aggravated wounds.  Glimpsing the Future - Time 2 - Gain insight into your next action, improving chance of success. Roll twice.  Acceleration - Time 3 - Drastically increase speed or reaction time. (vulgar)  Burning Fists and Feet - Brawl + Force 2 + Time 1 - Deliver super heated charges upon contact, using and exacerbating your own static charge. + Prime - Deliver these electric blows direct to the target's pattern.  Kinetic Efficiency - Force 2 + Wit + Ath - Direct and focus the kinetic energy of your whole body towards a task. Add your Forces to Strength related rolls, as well as increasing your effective strength for running, jumping and throwing objects. Each success allows one Force-enhanced action during the Duration of the spell.  Prime Punch - Brawl + Prime 2 - impact of a punch can be delivered physically and ethereally to the target's Pattern. +Time 3 - Increase speed of attack.

 Stone Fist - Brawl + Forces 3 + Matter 2 + Prime 2 - Transforms the kinetic energy around a
thrown punch into a solid mass of stone. +2 STR.

 Summon Sword of Darkness - Forces 3 + Prime 2 + Occ - Summons a sword from the
nearby shadows and creates a kinetic weapon that strikes directly to the Pattern. Deals electrical and cold damage: ________ aggravated dmg. Battle Rotes Attack Rotes: · Bad Guy No Treat - Matter 2 - change the water in a bottle to chloroform. Pour contents onto sleeve (particularly inner elbow) of hoodie. Clasp arm over target's face. Good night. · Educated Ricochet - Force 1 Matter 1 Time 1 - Using your understanding of the aforementioned Spheres, throw or kick any object which will hit the target after multiple rebounds. · Irritable Exhale - Matter 2 Time 2 - Exhale smoke onto target with timed release to become an alternate substance, i.e. psychochemical gas, sleeping gas, mustard gas, laughing gas. · Irritable Expectorant - Matter 2 Time 2 - Spit liquid onto target with timed release to become an alternate substance, i.e. acids, drain cleaner, gasoline, lime, or chlorine.

for example.Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3 · · · · · · Irritable A-choo . + Phlogiston Phlux .Give a bashing weapon lethal damage. Damage = stamina + forces dice worth of damage. This added touch makes the attack appear coincidental.  Arc light .Gather light from your immediate vicinity.  Just like TV .Rotes for Mage: the Awakening .Matter 2 Time 2 . make that field apply only to zinc and metal. Holy Stroke .create an ephemeral.e.  Ember Goes Ender .emit devastating blasts of countersound. Throw this at your target's face and blind them. (How do I make this coincidental. Flash Bang . Forces 1. while those without these skills will flounder helplessly. Kinetic Blow . Forces amplifies the fire. and given that acceleration is a function of time.)  God hates you . charging her target with a temporary Matter + Prime spark that allows them to crash through or into whatever they land on. you ask? I paint a big 3D button on the wall that says "do not push: anti-gravity simulator". Hey.Pull fire out of the ether and administer directly to flammable target. doing aggravated damage from the primal imbued power.A column of Prime energy leaps from the sky and incinerates the target. Ember's Forces 3 abilities allow her to move competently through the changed space as though she were in one of the battle simulators in Ender's Game. You could create a space where pocket change acts like shrapnel when thrown.  Bio-plasma burst . Given that force=mass x acceleration. causing the Q to ripple and surge.Forces 3 . you could. pepper spray. mace.  Silence Cannon . Hobo's Revenge . which not only causes damage but also temporarily render a region free of all sound.Matter 1. .Force 3 Prime 2 .you can create a field of space where certain substances move faster through time than others.Prime 2 .  Friction Curse .(only works in smallish enclosed spaces) This rote negates gravity for the room.Forces 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 .Forces 3 Prime 2 . but lots of pain. i. Rubbing the Bones .create a small pattern of electricity and move it from target to target.Ember uses kinetic force to double or triple the damage of a kick or punch "tv-style".Force 2 Prime 2 . Each Q adds another die to the damage dice pool. Prime 2 and Time 3 . or chemical spray.turn a subject's motion into heat energy (preventing the subject from moving and causing them to heat up until they burst into flame).Force 3 Prime 2 . lifting everyone into a gravitation-less float.Force 2 Prime 1 (Dex + Ath) .Make any target flammable. compiling it in your hand and infusing it with Q through Prime to form a ball of bright light.Disrupt the flow of prime through a body. glowing weapon of prime energy or simply fire pure power at a target.Forces 3 Prime 2 Matter 2 . as most people equate those two things together with an action sequence in TV or movies.release a burst of highly agitated plasma at a target.Forces 3 . Particularly effective against supernatural opponents. · Fire on Contact . it happened in the bible a few times.Force 2 . No lasting damage.Prime 2 .Sneeze onto target with timed release to become an alternate substance.

Turn target's force against him when grappling. (Damage may only be healed by time and bed rest.  C.Alter the H20 in the air into a fine mist of muriatic acid.Matter 2 .Alter the gravity around the target to throw the target off balance.Force 2 .dispel magic.Forces 3 . Difficulty of loop drops when target’s are susceptible to electrocution (i. + Time .Time 2 .Forces 3 .Counter spell from any Sphere. · Heart's Blood .Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3 adding extra potency to the damage (extra damage die per hit success). returning it to the attacker who can be made to strike himself. etc.Prime 1 . · Shifting Sands .Force 2 .) · Dispel Magic . wet.Forces 3 . .area spell that "muddies the waters" to make surrounding time stream imperceptible.Reduce damage from electricity by 2 dot of forces. · Time Ward .B. (Each success boosts strength by 1 during grapples and throws.  Telekinetic Strike . · Diverting the Blow . · Energy Shield .)  Cacophony . Defense Rotes: · Counterspell . lift.Force 2 . adding 3 to his difficulties for the duration of the effect..Shield yourself from temporal viewing.speeds the rusting process so that it happens in seconds rather than minutes. increasing your strength in relationship to his. post-cognition. squeeze. semi-transparent circle over each fist.Forces 3 .Force 2 .  Animate Force Wall .Strike an enemy without touching them. disarm.. but mute. touching).Draws electricity from local source and sends it arcing from one target to the next. etc.summon rapidly whirling fans of blades made of primium energy that looks like a flickering.  Rust in the Cogs . helping to shield you from attacks.Magnify shouts at a target to disorient the enemy. or pull.Rotes for Mage: the Awakening . · Unseen Aegis . · Yielding Grasp . but not to do damage.Forces 3 . Attack .O. Rather vulgar. or throw a target. including precognition.  Incendiary Cloud .Forces 3 .Redirect energy of an attack.Invisible.  Electric Loop . Silent. Deals cutting damage to patterns.Time 3 .  Primium Fan . · Shield of Chronos . Can be used to immobilize.Prime 1 . metallic.Gain armor from nearby matter. but God works in mysterious ways.Forces 3 .Time 2 .Force 2 Prime 2 .Prime 2 + Int + Occ .sense the flow of Q through your body and use your health towards points of Q. · Insulate .Create a field of energy that protects you from attacks.a cloud of roiling smoke and white-hot embers that obscures sight and deals fire damage. rusting any metal it comes in contact with.Rewind time 1 turn to take a different action · Unseen Shield .e.cast a shape and move an invisible sheet of force to push. but blind.

However. or if evidence of her being there is inexplicable by other means.Force 3 Prime 2 .Ember draws all the darkness in the area to herself.Forces 3 Prime 2 Matter 2 . Ember can raise her arms and jump into the fray.allows the mage to move freely through the frozen space while the surrounding individuals are unaware of the freeze. Ember . tornadoes. Coincidental and unsettling.The shouts add damage. and random fluctuations in gravity." .  "I am the shadows. Falling objects are also frozen in place. Can be used to put out fires.  Circle of light . "disappearing" or "appearing suddenly" at will into or from darkness. o + Time 2 . this is vulgar if she is right in front of a mundane when she disappears. she was able to generate fields of darkness to propagate the way light does.mix different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum in the proper ratio.Force 3 Prime 2 ..By bending the light around her.Forces 3 .  Cycle of the Five Agents . Arete successes add to total Arcane and/or stealth totals. UV and IR will not work. Ember can disappear into daylight as well (think cloaking shields).  Advanced Cloak of Shadows . this making movement impossible within the bomb's area for the duration of the effect.convert motive energy into inertia.Force 3 Prime 2 . Effects include loss of balance.  "Take me!" . Successes define whether she has any control over where she ends up. Only works in dim light.Alter the source of a bullet. This is a last ditch Armageddon escape attempt. a lingering sense of disorientation.. lightening can strike several miles apart and fault lines can stretch for several hundred miles. In the midst of this.Forces 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 . sense of direction.Forces 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 . perform other elemental transformations.  Dysnomia . whirling dervishes.Change one element into its partner in the creative or destructive cycle. neutralize elemental effects instead of using countermagic. extreme general destruction.Throw out a ball of destructive energy that explodes outwards into a disruption pulse.Forces 3 Prime 2 + Occult . Stealth Rotes:  Basic Cloak of Shadows .  Turn Projectile .build a circle of prime fire around yourself which attacks everyone who tries to cross it. etc. Requires 3 successes.In the midst of a storm or natural disaster. Lightening. and earthquakes absorb her and deposit her elsewhere.Rotes for Mage: the Awakening . This rote allows her to hide in darkness and muffles the sounds of her footfalls. After all. Element can be changed once per turn.Similar to "walking through walls". The only way to see through this darkness is by viewing along the darkness wavelength. metal weapons are deflected and unarmed or metal clad foes face electrocution.  Inertia Bomb . Not to be used lightly.  Darklight Projection .Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3 · + Prime 2 .

plastic.Force 1 Time 2 . preventing them from being able to see.5 minutes. gunpowder. Surveillance/Tracking: · Heat Tracking . When an enemy triggers the spell by entering the area.Forces 3 .Rotes for Mage: the Awakening . what you throw at me goes back at you)  Fire Trap . When an enemy triggers the spell by entering the area. · Temporal Dodge .Forces 3 Prime 2 .Force 3 .  Cold Trap .  Acid Trap .creates a trap that wards an area.  Blackout .  Electric Trap .Enchant the available shadows to explode into light bursts when stepped on.Make your clothes strengthen their molecular patterns whenever and wherever force is applied.  Party Sphere .Forces 3 Prime 2 .  Shadow Flash Mines .Forces 3 Prime 2 .creates a trap that wards an area.shorts out all electrical systems in a building/room/vehicle/block/etc. the spell creates a fiery explosion. She cannot be detected on IR views. the spell creates an acid fog explosion.Prime 2 Matter 2 Force 1 .  “Who turned the lights out?” .Force 3 .  “Sucks to be you” .globe of sparkling light and rhythmic music distracts viewers and compels them to dance.Track a living target based on the trail of heated air/footprint/handprints they leave behind. + 3 difficulty to spot. She can only be detected by viewing along the darkness wavelength or by searching with Life magic.creates a trap that wards an area.Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3 encompasses herself in a "cloak of available shadows" .Time 2 .Forces 3 Prime 2 .Forces 3 Prime 2 . the spell creates an electric explosion. This shadow veil makes her appear on forces reads as nothing more than a change in pigment. · Detect Substance .Tweak the flow of time around you to protect you from physical attacks.Forces 3 Prime 2 .e. This rote remains effective for the duration of a scene or until dispelled. Lets you track a target beyond the immediate area for up to 2. the spell creates an explosion of frigid air.Matter 1 . to whatever degree force is applied.Creates a shield around self that sends projectiles back along their trajectory to the source of their kinetic energy. When an enemy triggers the spell by entering the area.creates a cloud of inky air around the target’s head. (i.effectively "disappearing" from view. Preparatory Rotes Defensive Measures: · Bulletproof Clothes . When an enemy triggers the spell by entering the area. . etc) or even a specific object you're familiar with.Know the location of any nearby objects of a specific substance (iron.creates a trap that wards an area.

· Chronicle Resonance . what it's made of.Matter 1 .perceive magical resonance and flow of energy (electromagnetic. if anything's hidden inside.Prime 1 . Temporal Wrinkles .] + Time 2 . + Time 1 .Force 1 .Wit + Craft + Matter 1 .Listen to sounds beyond normal hearing. see the flow of magic as it is shaped and cast.See how Q flows to create forces. Precise Dating . . damage level. · Dark Matter .mage sight. heat.Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3 · · Psychometry .Detect nearby temporal disturbances Time Mark . Attempt to identify patterns and discern the magic's intent.perceive IR. etc).Sense if magic has been used where you are or if it will be in the future. Observation/Perception: · Darksight .Rotes for Mage: the Awakening . · Supernal Vision .Time 1 Matter 1 .Insight into the nature of any material object. determine when coincidence was the result of magic.Detect the weaving of etheric threads. radio waves. Then see the magic being woven.Learn entire history of an object by touching it. how it interacts with other objects.See how other Patterns interact with and create forces.Int + Occ + Matter 1 .Time 1 .Prime 1 Time 2 .Discern local sources of resonance over time. i.Determine the last origin of various forces and figure out how long they last.) Invisibility to machines . created.Time 2 Matter 1 . · Sense Quintessence . i. or changed.Prime 1 . · Discern Composition .Find hidden compartments.Matter 1 . electric or not. created. etc. snatches of highly emotional conversations in the object's presence or quarrels where the object was thrown.Force 1 . · Fragments of Dream . · Find Hidden Hoard .Time 1 Matter 1 .Force 1 . + Forces 1 . determine past magical events.Determine the last time an object. + Matter 1 . · Craftsman's Eye .sense the type and amount of energy at work around you. x-rays. how big.Prime 1 + Perc + Awr .detect magic. etc.Time 1 . · Quantify Energy .Mage Sight. solid or composite. [Ember sees Quintessence as an unnaturally vibrant prismatic effect.Determine when an object attained its current form.Force 1 . · · · · Temporal Eddies .Know the elemental make-up of an object.Know the age of an object. doors. with a knack for interpreting "heavy" or "dense" resonances.e. (Information usually hazy or fragmentary: glimpses of former owner. was used. including notable events that occurred in its presence. · Read Matrices . plus the ability to tell perfect time. sub/supersonic frequencies. · Watch the Weaving .Matter 1 . gravity. Successes add to stealth and Arcane totals. · Matter Perception .Gain mage sight. Identify nature of aura. UV.e.Perceive the patterns of things rather than their physical reality.Matter 1 .Force 2 . radiation. · Receiver . Force 1 Prime 1 .Understand the workings of any object with moving parts. + Forces 1 Prime 1 . see Quintessence flow. as well as possible affiliations of the caster.Elude electronic surveillance.Determine last time an electrically powered object was used.

System Havoc .Drink gutter water or eat food from a dumpster.Matter 2 Prime 2 .Time 1 .Force 2 .Rewind a battery to a period in time when it was fully charged. · Flip of the Coin .form a bond with a living creature. Store free Q. · Eyes of the Matrix . · Bestow Unseen Shield . uncontested actions with only two possible outcomes.Force 2 . etc"). rock.Cast Unseen Shield on someone else.  Clean up crew .Alter the transparency of an object.Automatically succeed on simple. (Make coincidental by pulling the item out of "pocket. .Weave base matter into valuable substance. · Momentary Flux . blood stains.Matter 2 .Hijack an existing radio transmission and transmit your own words along it.Cast "Temporal Dodge" on others. broken tables) into prime energy and soak it all up.Matter 2 Prime 2 . · Conjure Basic Item . or statue with a force of your choosing. · Perfect Timing . Etc. · Temporal Shift . gaining a die bonus. · Quintessence Bond . purse.Prime 1 . ice pick.Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3 changed. track back on the Q link as long as it exists. Magical GPS. · · · Augury .Gain minor information about the future of a specific object. or affected/altered/created magically.Time 2 . · Straw into Gold .Sense the strongest currents of Odyllic Force and align yourself so that they flow into your Avatar. etc) out of the ether. dead bodies.) · Transmission .Slip between a past event or one in the future (up to five turns ahead or behind) to check if a choice is good or bad and be able to decide what the best option would be.Force 2 .Prime 2 .Allow target to view primal energy at work around them. causing a small area to suffer a local "rewind" of time.Allow target to view forces at work around them.Shut down/destroy electric machinery or power distribution sources. the force will be set free.Matter 2 . Improve the quality of an existing object.Find the doors that are hidden in every surface by drawing a handle on the surface. jar.Time 1 . · Good Eats .Allow target to view matter and matter magic at work around them.g. to protect them from physical attacks. · Steel Windows .Fill a consecrated flask. · Receptacle for Lesser Forces .Force 2 Prime 2 .Bring a simple object (e. expended shell casings.pull time into a loop. tall hate. (Booby trapped electric or heat box.Know the perfect instant to perform an action.Forces 3 .g. · Time Warp .Time 3 .convert evidence of a troubling scene (e. but it'll make the non-living bits tasty and healthy. Assist Thy Neighbor Rotes · Eyes of the Earth .Force 2 . When the seal is broken. Magic flashlight. Survival Rotes · Recharge Battery . It won't kill parasites that have gotten in. where the outcome of the event is based on the timing of an action. · Store Quintessence .Force 1 Time 2 .Matter 2 .Time 2 .Time 2 . · Primal Flow .Rotes for Mage: the Awakening . Hidden Doors .Matter 2 .

alter the surface tension of the water to allow the liquid to bear weight.Forces 3 .  Your wheels are mine . beats.Ember absorbs and translates all expended forces energy around her into quintessence. or otherwise uses any force on or around the chain.Ember negates the effects of friction and gravity.for lasting effect.create a 2D illusion over a flat surface. the stronger and more solid the chain becomes.Forces 3 Matter 2 . · Invisible Object . fascinating targets.align the atoms of Ember's body with that of a solid object.remotely take control over a mundane vehicle.creates a twisting pattern of subtle.Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3  Pass through walls .Forces 3 Prime 2 .form a net of shadows and cast them over target.e.Forces 3 Matter 2 .paint images on a flat surface.Matter 2 Time 2 . allowing her to climb up walls and hang form the ceiling. shifting colors that weaves through the air.Forces 3 Prime 2 Matter 1 .creates a chain of hyper dense air tethering target to a particular place.Enchant fuse so that it discharges at will. Once the effect ends.Matter 2 Prime 2 . The effect will change spending on the Spheres of the person taking it. eyes that move. making them incapable of propelling the car forward or back. punches thrown.Eases the force of gravity so that falls become manageable. Successes are derived by Ember's arête versus the driver or pilot's strength + drive roll. The more the target struggles. Ex.  Perfect Fuse .Rotes for Mage: the Awakening . shouts.write text/draw images only the Sighted can detect. allowing her to pass through the spaces in between. This means bullets fired. things blown up. it is simply an arête roll. i. the paints will move and spread across the surface after they are applied.Forces 3.Forces 3 Matter 2 . · Images in Motion .Prime 2 . stone into clay.  Wet wheels .Prime 2 .  Slow Fall . · Ephemeral Image .Forces 3 .  Hypnotic Pattern .Forces 3 .Enchants tires with the inability to grip.  Walk on water .Forces 3 Time 3 . spider style. etc .Force 2 . Fiendish Rotes · Primal High .  Net of Shadows . Melting walls. If there is no driver. transmuting them into a solid net as they land.  Spidey-skills . the figures stop moving and become normal paintings. + Prime . statue into butter.Create a substance that forces the user to have a raw creation experience. bird wings that shift and rustle.  Q for all .Forces 3 Prime 2 .Make stationary objects invisible . · Supernal Scribe .Temporarily render an inviolable object into a similar but more accommodating substance.  Howling chain .all these forces become useable sources of prime energy. · Melt and Reform .

· Two prayers and a wish .Forces 3 + Occ .  Haimokinesis . · Finger Painting . · Phlogiston Phlux . for a meal to arrive.Force 2 Prime 1 .Matter 2 + Force 1 + Occult . Make smoke hot. he need only start a new cigarette and it'll arrive. obviously.Forces 3 + Occ .can cause this effect to "wait" until the target tries to use an evil spell.discern the powers of an enchanted item.Permanently place shadows of objects in place so that they do not move regardless of a change in light source. or move a cloud.relies upon the well-established urban legend that any time a smoker waits for something.Forces 3 + Occ .Change the shape.  Shape Clouds .Forces 3 + Occ . making fireproof things burn like paper or paper be fireproof.Enchants an item so that unauthorized users receive a powerful shock.Time 2 + Occ .Causes an item’s electrical components to short out. cleansing the Pattern of the target's magic of evil intent. malfunction. · Analyze Enchanted Item .There's an old saying that two prayers and a wish (two taps to the dashboard and a snap) will get you through an intersection without being stopped by red lights. Bend/shape smoke.Transform the kinetic friction of your fingers over canvas/stone/brick/etc into paint.all you need to do is light up and take a drag. + Time 2 . portraits creaking. Doesn't work on living things.Call upon the forces of wind and sky and weather and transmute those forces into primal energy.Matter 2 Prime 2 + Occ .Force 2 Prime 1 . Anything remotely "paranormal" in nature or feel can be affected from afar for the purposes of distracting or unsettling people nearby. · Smoker's Timing . · Glimmerdust .Rotes for Mage: the Awakening .  Quintessential Storage .Force 2 + Occ . Could be waiting for a bus. and otherwise stop working in the owner’s presence. Chandeliers shaking. The phenomenon almost always happens immediately after. Make smoke cold. gates clanging open and shut.Make the light over certain sections of floor ripple as though a mirage.Matter 2 . for traffic to move .Otherwise known as "coincidental telekinesis".change the amount of phlogiston in an object allowing it to burn longer or shorter.Dex + Occult +Matter 2 . · Mirage Trails . + Prime 2 . .  Paranormal Activity .Summon smoke.Forces 2/3 + Occ . at which point the Prime will unleash and unweave. · Water Blessing .Shape a liquid or mist into an eerie form you choose and control it thereafter.  Summon Energy from the Sky .Matter 2 Prime 2 + Occ .Forces 3 + Occ .  Instill Shock .Force 3 Matter 2 . Water soaks into the target and its power becomes primal energy. split.Store Q in consecrated objects and save for later.Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3 · Permanent Shadows .  Curse of the Electrical Rebellion .add or remove phlogiston from an object.Int + Occ + Prime .Splashing or spraying a target with cold water will wash away evil.makes dust shimmer like gold flakes (Rotes with a more occult bent:) · Shape Liquid .

· Control Light .Forces 3 + Occ . etc) to throw strange looking shadows on the walls.Matter 2 .Forces 3 Prime 2 + Occ .Force 3 Prime 2 . cancel. shout.  Controlled reaction .Forces 3 Prime 2 .Force 2 .Transmute one substance into another without changing its shape.  Summon Shadow Spiders . · Influence electricity . Basic Skills · Alter Conductivity .Forces 3 + Occ . temperature.Forces 2 + Prime 2 + Occ . flickering bulb.Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3  Karmic Clothes . (Caught a blackout or light a cave with a glowing finger.limit.Alter how well an object conducts electricity.) · Control Sound .  Cursed Candles .Force 2 .  Lines of magnetic force .  Ghostly sounds . belts bind together or come loose.alter directions of forces or objects. · Transmute Water .Forces 3. can effectively negate or expand any reaction she chooses. etc. positive current into negative current.Turn one common liquid into another.enchant a light source (candles. Objects work the same way they work in the physical world up to the limits of the effects of Forces 3.shoelaces tie together.Force 2 .Force 3 Prime 2 .Matter 2 + Occ . or direct the release of energy during chemical reactions.create an inhuman sound that emerges from the shadows.allow ether to suffuse your aura.enchant the shadows so that they appear to writhe and twist for short durations of time. gas). or basic state (liquid. · Control Heat . shirt tails tie to nearby objects. .Amplify or diminish the volume of sound in an entire area. Neutralization of forces destroys sensitive machinery.Forces 3 + Occ .create virtual objects for use in the digital web.  Invocation of negation .Prime 1 . · Basic Transmutation .  Telekinesis . Turn body heat.Alter the direction or flow of an existing fire.Create or extinguish light.creates a strong directed magnetic field which can move objects made of magnetic metal. This object is permanent and mages can carry them throughout the net. · Influence Fire .shape shadows into spider form and let the phantoms run scurrying from their shadowy wombs to freak and frighten. · Consecrate .Alter the path of an electric current.Matter 1 .  Crawling Darkness .Rotes for Mage: the Awakening . solid.Force 2 . or light into a push that controls or moves an object.creates areas of cold that are immune to heating.  Create Virtual Object .light becomes darkness. so that your unique pattern of psychic resonance bleeds over and into an object.causes the subject’s clothing to animate and move in such a way as to inhibit the subject’s actions .Force 2 .Matter 2 .  Cold spots . forging an etheric bond.Increase or decrease the temperature of an area.Forces 3 .

Forces 3  Light Mastery .  Lighten Burden .Forces 3 .Creates sound from nothing or completely silences an existing sound.Matter 2 .  Control Fire .Control electrical currents in the area.Weave a field of invisibility around yourself.Forces 3 .Forces 3 .  Personal Invisibility .Forces 3 .  Sound Mastery .Follows the same premise of a basic "Receptacle of Lesser Forces" rote.Force 3 Matter 2 Prime 2 Time 3  Pocketful of Sun . with the exception that the forces contained can be of greater magnitude.Forces 3 Prime 2 .  Control Electricity .Call lightening from the sky to strike at targets.  Stop the Wind .Forces 3 .Create light from nothing or completely silences an existing sound.Forces 3 .changes the pattern of objects so that they’ll weigh less.Will the wind to stop in a small area.Rotes for Mage: the Awakening . .  Call Lightening .

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