The NLE for me is the most difficult exam For us nurses… Numerous books and articles have been

written on how to pass the NLE. Some even promises that reading them will make one pass with flying colors. But what does it take to FAIL the exam? How can you actually FAIL? DISCLAIMER: This is written based on the principle of reverse psychology. This is not meant to mock the NLE Steps on how to fail the board exam…!!!

GRADUATE WITH LACKING OR INSUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE. 1. Enroll yourself in 1 of those unaccredited nursing schools. (Tipid ka na! Sure na bagsak ka pa!) 2. Think of nursing as your VISA out of the country. Just try to finish the course as fast as possible. 3. Do not attend your classes. Save yourself from those boring classroom lectures! Take time to play online RPGs, hone your billiard skills, and do serious mall hopping! 4. Buy all the needed books and donate them to the class nerd Borrow the nerds notes and never read them ( bagsak ka na, malamang nadamay mo pa cya! Tapos dahil isusumpa ka nya at kakarmahin ka, sureball wasak na future mo ). 5. Be imaginative. (Magdaydream habang nasa classroom to make sure you absorb nothing of the lectures.) 6. Develop your eye muscles. Keep them in top shape for those quick side glances during exams 7. be resourceful and creative. HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE BUT DO NOT USE IT. Lets say you still learned stuff despite all your trouble avoiding it, what then? The board exam is only 30% knowledge, the other 70% is how you use the knowledge. (So simply ignore thinking all together and just mark the answer sheet with this pattern A, B, C, D over and over until you are through…)Galing noh!?? TEND TO OVER-ANALYZE. Lets say you are one of those masochistic types who like to do things the hard way.

1. Read all questions and choices at least 15 times and scribble notes & underline key words (ubos oras na, sure na windang ka pa.) 2. Choose the option with the most what if and maybe scenarios (Mas magulo, mas Masaya!!) STICK TO YOUR CLINICAL EXPERIENCE. Its reality vs NLE. The NLE is theory based so as long as you stick to your extensive practical experience in healthcare (naks), you will surely get wrong answers. Nothing can better help you at this than having underboard and/or underqualified clinical instructors! (Buti na lang, you enrolled in an unaccredited nursing school!?) THE first tip works! ADVICE: Sleep on duty or request for reassignment pag magaling CI nyo… SUBMIT FALSE RLE RECORDS. 1. You can rely on karma to help you fail. 2. In case you passed the exam, you can still have your license revoked, just make sure obvious na copied or fake cases mo SCREW YOUR EXAM REVIEW. Remember, all your hard work will mean nothing if your mom happened to enroll you in a really good review program, take matters into your own hands! 1. Enroll in a fly-by-night review center. (Obvious ba?) 2. Enroll ka sa may LEAKAGE in the event na makapasa, you'll only have to squeal to have your license revoked. 3. If your mom succeeded, and you end up in a review center determined to make a topnotcher out of you, revert to your student days mode (refer to roman numeral I.), or check out prospects and use them as inspiration to keep you from straying from your goals.. 4. Only attend review classes for the sake of the baon. BUILD UP YOUR STRESS LEVELS. For those masochistics again and for OCs out there: 1. Study! Study! Study! make sure you do all of the following on schedule: A. You need to memorize Brunner and Suddarths MS. B. be able to recite the whole Kaplan and Feuer mp3 reviewers. C. Know every word of Lippincott, Mosby, and NCLEX 3000 questionnaires. D. Be able to rewrite at least 250 questions and rationales each day from memory.

E. Answer and rationalize a minimum of 250 questions daily (iba pa ito sa review center stuff). F. Form a study group with 8 members and call each member twice daily to remind them of your set schedules. G. Recite laboratory values upon awakening. H. Enumerate covered lecture topics before sleeping. I. Compete with the lecturer on who knows more...and make sure you win.Do this twice a week.. If you are not stressed enough yet with over studying, you can.... 2. Wreck havoc in your personal life. A. Be disrespectful of your parentsB. Initiate bickering with your siblings. C. Be over demanding with your current flame. D. Isolate yourself from your friends. E. Constantly be irritated and irritating. 3. Starve yourself (..need i say more?) 4. Neglect spiritual needs. COMMIT TECHNICAL MISTAKE 1. Ensure your paper won't be checkedby: A. folding sections of it. B. Making unnecessary marks. C. Entering the wrong examinee number or set. 2. Bring a forbidden item. Whew! if doing all these things ends up to no avail, CONGRATULATIONS! tadhana mo na maging RN!

THE 6 TECHNICAL TIPS FOR THE BOARD EXAMINATION 1. Accept the fact that you can never know everything. Therefore, once you see an unfamiliar question that was never been taught, use your test taking strategies. 2. If you are in Test I, II, III, and IV and you are being asked to prioritize, Use ABC first and then Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. 3. The use of your nursing process is heralded by the word: "The Nurse Would or The nurse's initial action" Remember to Assess first before intervening. If the situation and the question already assessed the patient, then proceed with the next step. 4. Encircle your modifiers. Some people make mistakes because of failure to see the word, "EXCEPT" or "NOT" or

"INAPPROPRIATE" 5. Use your questionnaires as your scratch. You can write anything on that paper. If you will skip a number, place an asterisk or encircle the number. 6. DO NOT USE BLUNT PENCIL. Always use a sharp one and shade lightly. A sharpened pencil will give a very dark shade even if you will shade it lightly. Use the sides of the pencil not the tip. Use MONGOL NUMBER 2 ONLY. Some brands especially those made in china pencils are substandard. The machine will check the lead. If you are INCONSISTENT with your shading like an altering dark and light shades, you will FAIL the boards because of technicalities.

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