RURAL MARKETING IN INDIA The image of INDIAN rural marketing can be divided into two broad dimensions as rural

consumer dimensions and demand dimensions. A.RURAL CONSUMER DIMENSIONS:The outstanding features of rural consumer are: 1.75% of the total population lives in rural area.2.65% of rural population is made up of adults, 29% of teenagers and 6% above the age of 60 years. The rate of literacy is 30% and is rising. Of the total income 60% comes from agriculture. Rural people are known for small savings. B.DEMAND DIMENSIONS:The rural demand dimensions are: The size of the rural market is 40,000crores and of this 22,000crores is for non-food items and the rest for food items. The demand for consumer durables and non-durables has crossed that of urban demand.

THE OUTSTANDING FEATURES OF RURAL MARKETS:1. It is vast and scattered. 2. The demand is seasonal. 3. Low living standards. 4. Unity in diversity. It is steadily growing market.

APPPROACH TO THE RURAL MARKETS: OF INDIA The approach lies in identifying the problem in each area of rural marketing and finding the solutions to come out successfully. The problem areas and solutions are:1. PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION:-This area is to do with transport, warehousing and communication. The basic problems in this area are: Costly channels of distribution, Heavy banking on intermediaries, Feeble viability of retail outlets, Non-availabilty of dealers, Lack of adequate banking and credit facilities. The solution to these problems lies in a compromise. 2. CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION:- The existing system provides four possible channels at retail level namely, private shops, fair-price shops, co-operatives and village weekly markets. Among these, private shops are of great reliance to the manufacturers. 3. SALES-FORCE TASKS:- In rural marketing, personal selling has its lion s share. However, the special demands of such rural personal selling are: Clothing with rural areas. Matching with cultural differences. Command over local languages. Receiving-end attitude. Greater creativity. 4. MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS:- Communication has its constructive role to play in rural marketing. However, there are two types of barriers to be cleared namely.

Rural markets provide virgin lands with ample opportunities at the same time be set with challenges and threats which are to be overcome to enjoy the cream of profits through profitability improvement via increased consumer satisfaction. With its sheer size and broad base. It is the creative marketer who cultivates the market through developmental marketing tactics. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT:. Pricing of product. They have the purchasing power. .Barriers arising out of rural market structure and Barriers arising out of available media. 5. rural folk is not that conservative as it was in the good old past. 6. MARKET SEGMENTATION:. The solution lies in relying both on formal and non-formal media and media vehicles. Branding of product. packaging. it can be said that rural marketing is both enchanting and challenging. technologies. The rate of growth of rural markets depends not only on increasing rural income but on the set of policies and strategies of the marketers bent upon developing these rural markets. products and services. The venturesome marketers are to overcome the hurdles and the riddles to reach the destination of market share expansion. profit maximisation and geographic diversification through consumer satisfaction.Market segmentation is much more important in rural areas as they are heterogeneous. It is marketing research that goes a long way in comprehensively identifying the needs and wants of rural people. The special aspects of product management are: Quality of product. branding. The primary classification may be on the bases of geography and demography. The bases of segmentation should be primary and secondary. Packaging of product. suitable market is over growing. pricing. distribution and promotion policies and strategies may be designed to attain the cherished goals of profit maximisation and consumer satisfaction. Today.Product management is another area that deserves specific attention. what is needed is the education so that they will know what they really need. rustics are responsive to the new ideas. and how they can satisfy them. In the light of research findings. product planning. IN CONCLUSION. The statement Early birds get the worms applies to rural marketing. Each may be subdivided accordingly. it is to be channelized through proper funnel.

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