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TEC - 604

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B. Tech.
(SEM. VI) EXAMINATION, MICROWAVE Time: Note : 1 2006-07

[Total Marks: 100

3 Hours]
Attempt all the questions.

Attempt any four of the following : 5x4 (a) For a rectangular wave guide of intemal 5 dimension 7.214 x 3.404 cm operting at 5 GHz, find out the propagation constant and phase velocity for TElO and TEll mode of propagation. (b) Find the field component present in TM 11 5 mode of propagation. (c) How TElO and TMll mode can be excited in 5 rectangular wave guide ? Draw its figure also. (d) An air filled cylindrical wave guide of intemal 5 diameter 5 cm supports TE 11 mode of propagation. If Pll = 1.84 find out the cutoff frequency, guide wavelength and wave impedance at 3GHz. (e) (f) What are various types of attennuation taking place in any wave guide? Define quality factor of any resonator. Design a rectangular cavity to have resonant frequency of 10.2 GHz having dimensions a=d and b = al2. 5 5



[Contd ...

2 Attempt mlY four of the following : (a) (b) With support of figures explain the working of wave guide bends and twists.. What are Non reciprocal devices. (d) (e) (f) 3 Attempt any two of the following : (a) Explain principle of operation. 2 2xl0 10 V-3094] [Contd . Backward Coupled (c) 5 Port DC I I Port Input Port >---Output I Port Fig. performance characteristics and application of two cavity klystron. coupled port is 5W and at Backward port is IW. Draw the block diagram of the set up. 5x4 5 5 What is S-parameters? Derive S parmneter of Hybrid Tee if all the ports of the Tee are matched and power incident from port 3 only? Explain the working of multihole directional coupler if power incidental from input port is 25W at output. with the help of slotted wave ca. 1 pOli is 15W. "-'" What is the role of crystal detector in microwve 5 frequency measurements. Explain any t: one with support of figure. . find Directivity and coupling coefficieilts of the coupler. How VSWR of the unknown load is measured 5 . Discuss anyone radiation pattem measurement tec1mique.1Tiageusing microwave bench set up.

. Compare it with tunnel diode? (c) 4 Attempt any two of the following : (a) Explain the working of any two of the following : (i) IMP ATT 2xl0 10 (ii) (iii) (b) (i) Varactor diode PIN diode A microwave point contact diode detector has a reverse saturation cunent of I ~ A. 10 With the help of schematic block diagram. 10 ' .•• (ii) (c) With the help of Block diagram explain the working of pulse radar. 3 [Contd . when n = 1. explain Radar transreceiver system..two cavity Klystron operates at 5GHz with dc beam voltage 10 kV and cavity gap 2 mm. Find the detector cunent of microwave signal amplitude of 1V at room temp.. Derive the expression for Radar range equation.. What is the role of slow wave structure in TWT ? What is transfened electron effect and how it 10 is utilized in generation of microwave signal in GUllil diode. V-3094] .A .4 and VT=26 mY.. For a given input RF voltage. The magnitude of the gap voltage is 100 V. Calculate the transit time at the cavity gap transit angle and the velocity of the electrons leaving the gap. (b) With the help of schematic diagram explain 10 the working of cavity magnetism.

Discuss various microwave signal generator used as Radar transl1litters... (il) Describe MTI radars.5 Attempt any two of the followings : (a) Discuss various Radar applications. Describe doppler effect and how it is utilized in CW radars. (i) What is the role of Duplexers Radar Antennas and front end amplifiers.. 2xlO (b) (c) 6'. With support of mathematical equations explain the operating principle and working of FM CW radar./ 4 V-3094] 4 [ 6725 ] .

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