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There are many types of Kangaroos. They are the biggest animal on earth that hops. They live on the continent of Australia.


Kangaroos have very large back feet and short arms. Kangaroos have two eyes and two big ears. Kangaroos have long, strong tails.

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Kangaroos eat plants such as grass, leaves, and fruit. Kangaroos drink water as well.

A baby kangaroo is called a Joey. A Joey stays in the pouch on their mother until they are 16 months old. Joeys jump in and out of the pouch.

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Color a


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7 the Kangaroo find the way through the maze To read a kangaroo story go to this link http://www.htm Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Which pictures have something to do with Kangaroos? Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Color the picture of a plate of food the Kangaroo would eat.

Cut out and Build a Kangaroo Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

by Sally Clark Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . has a view of me and you. he sees our shoes. He sees our hair. he watches as we chew our stew.A kangaroo at the zoo.

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . He saw a mesh cover over the strawberry patch. He couldn’t reach the berries. He flew down.Mockingbird in the Strawberry Patch By Anne Kerr The mockingbird saw the ripe strawberries.

He walked around the patch and saw a part of the mesh covering that wasn’t on the ground. He was trapped there. Bob the gardener Gabrielle Yoder (free product) saw the 7 . When he finished. He crawled under the mesh and feasted on ripe delicious strawberries. but got caught in the mesh. he tried to fly away.

Bob walked over to the strawberry patch and lifted the mesh covering. He got more and more tangled in the mesh. He never came to that strawberry patch again Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . and then try to fly away again. The mockingbird quickly flew away.Mockingbird try to fly away.

com/brain/animals/color/mockbird.To color this mockingbird picture go to: http://www.pdf Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .kidsdomain.

“What kind of things?” “Come and see. “What are you doing with that basket?” Billy asked. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .” Mother said. “Collecting things. a pair of old garden gloves and some rope.” Mother said. “Come and see. There was a straw hat. there was an old pair of Daddy’s blue jeans.” Mother said. There was a pair of old boots. Billy looked in the basket. “What are you going to do with all those things?” Billy asked.Come and See By Teresa Lilly One day mother was walking through the house with a big basket. There was sister’s faded flannel shirt.

Mother took the basket out into the garden.” Mother said. the boots and the hat. “What is it mother?” Billy asked. Mother tied all the pieces together. “Now you put it’s hat on. Mother sat it on the porch then put a pumpkin on top it to look like a head. “Well it must not be very scarey after all. She set it down next to a pile of hay. the shirt. “ Billy. It started to look like a person. you and I will stuff all these clothes with this hay. Just then a black bird flew down and landed on the scarecrows hat. Mother laughed.” Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . So Billy and mother stuffed hay into the pants. “It’s our very own scarecrow.” Mother said.” Mother told Billy. the gloves. Billy put the hat on and stood back to look at the strange creation.

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Number these things as they were introduced in the story.

To show how angry they were about the taxes. the players toss a Pelele or straw man up and down on the blankets. It is crazy how something like this has turned into a sport. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . They make the Pelele out of old clothes and make the head from cloth sacks.Pelele Tossing Have you ever wanted to take a scarecrow and just toss him up in the air? The people in Spain do. take a blanket and put the tax man on the blanket. Then they would toss him up and down in the air. Now. In the early 1800s. They sew all the clothes together and stuff it. instead of using real people. Then they are ready to take their blankets and toss the Pelele into the air. tax collectors were not liked in Spain. townspeople would grab the tax men. It is called tossing a Pelele. The taxes were so high that some people in Spain were not able to pay for food and clothing.

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Fields of corn dried to tan rustle in the breeze under a clear blue sky Yellow mums in the yard scarlet leaves on trees color the countryside. Autumn Pumpkins in a field wait for us to choose them this golden autumn day. by Anne Kerr Autumn is nearing. leaves falling. rake them up. branches blowing. jump in! By: Chase Barrington Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

each with a certain number of syllables. Here is the pattern: Line 1 = 5 syllables Line 2 = 7 syllables Line 3 = 5 syllables Orange. scarlet leaves rustling in the wind Autumn is now here! by Teresa Lilly Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .How to write a Haiku A haiku is a Japanese poem with no rhyme. Haiku poems have only three lines.

Gathering something from the garden. Our farm was 150 acres. I was taught how to change diapers and bath a baby. calves. These animals were all raised to sell and pay the bills. This is Part of a letter she wrote to her Great Grandchildren about her young life: This all goes back to when I first started to think what a nice home and great parents I had. Great Grandmother Maggie was born November 14. washing dishes. The mills were open for the public for making cider. shelling beans and peas. horses. jelly and cutting lumber to build. and one big room on the second floor for storing the overflow buckwheat. pastures and farming land. and I took some care of her when my mom was busy. The 3rd floor was for winter clothing and drying fruits.Old Times My Great. At the age of 7 ½ my parents had a baby girl. we had a good farm with. pigs. 1905. with woods. Dad built our house. I was always along with my mother to do little things. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . four bedrooms. a pantry. Dad had a cider mill and saw mill which was operated with his two brothers. a huge big kitchen for eating and cooking. living room. and running errands. chicken and rabbits. It had a parlor sitting room. cows. setting the table. We were very busy people. plus two brothers.

That was when my father taught me to dance. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Mom would cut out some simple things for the doll. She would take to horse and buggy some food. came the first pig to butcher. We even had dances at their homes. we had sausage. crouching was all the go then. and buckwheat. we went to church on Sunday in the afternoon. My family were great fisherman and mom was too. We didn’t work all the time. Mom did a lot of canning. shucking corn. At Thanksgiving time. This was when I got started using a needle. Dad had made a flat bottom boat so it was strong and stable. then cooked to a cottage cheese stage put in bag to drain very dry then ground fine. It was then kept in warm place in 3 to 4 days it starts to ferment and had to be stirred every day until it was ready. The lake was a mile away. and mom would tie me in so I could not fall out. we had friends over or we went to picnics and visited families and friends. wheat. That was a very special time. Embroidery work and batting. I got a beautiful china doll with real hair. We would go raspberry and blackberry picking to can and make jam and jelly.When I was 8 years old. head cheese and blood pudding. the mason. pressed in crock salted then covered with cloth and a heavy plate. Since I was the oldest girl I had to learn everything my mom was doing. We made a French cheese from churned milk left to sour. made me a cloth cupboard. My grandpa. a leather body and a china tea set. As I got bigger mom and I would go to the fields to help with the haying. water and an umbrella for me and go fishing.

They were very good about our reading. They were all made by hand. Someone had to stir it at all times. I only went home to help mom until I got married. cider. and then cooked it. Now my sewing had started developing and I was starting to cut out little things for my doll. then we added sugar. jelly and spice. From that time on I was on my own. I went to town to work for a woman. It took about two to three hours to make the apples into apple sauce then put into bottles. At 15 I was making most of my own clothes. with a little help from mom. Most of my schooling came from my mother and father and from doing the things I had to do. all grown up.Making apple butter outside in a copper bottle was a full day’s work. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Mom made her own patterns and I did too. The paddle had a long handle so we would not be to close to the fire. able to take care of myself. At age 16. we all helped. writing and arithmetic plus other studies. It could be made as thick or thin as you wanted by adding water and could be stored in crocks. We kept stirring until it was ready to cool. I also made a few things for myself when I was 12 years old.

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Tic Tac Toe: Cut out the apples and play tic tac toe with a friend.

Create an apple Postal Stamp Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Repeat this procedure 2 or 3 times a week. 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar.) Mix. Apply the resulting paste onto your face for 10 minutes. and appled clean! Apple Skin Toner: Combine 2/3 cup of witch hazel. Acne Treatment: Mix 1 grated apple with 4 teaspoon’s of honey. and apple cider vinegar will help restore your skin’s natural ph balance. Apple Fresh Beautiful Instead of reaching for that bag of chips. and then saturate a cotton ball with your toner. soothe sensitive skin. rinse your face with warm water. and swab over your face. (You can also add several drops of an essential oil of your choice if you would like. Witch Hazel is a gentle astringent. that will leave you feeling refreshed. After removing the mask. and can of soda. Shake bottle well before using. and put into clean bottle. such as lavender.Here are some great things to do with apples. relaxed. Essential oils. try eating apple slices and some apple juice! Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

gummy worms. and then stick them into the candies.Apple Craft Project: You Need: 1 apple. raisins. toothpicks. To Make: Break your toothpicks in half. Applin’ Craft! 7 . mini marshmallows. Dots. Stick them to your apple. and create the perfect apple person! Gabrielle Yoder (free product) Fact: If you hold a sneeze in you can pop a blood vessel in your head or neck and die. or any other candy that can be easily pierced with a toothpick.

Once cool. of lemon juice Apple Sauce: To Make: Put all the ingredients in a sauce pan and cook until tender. Put the applesauce in an airtight container and place in the refrigerator to cool. which will be about 20 minutes. Pour into popsicle holders and freeze. Take 1 quart of the apple juice. top with a little cinnamon if you like. Dissolve red hot candies in a small amount of water and mix in the apple juice to your desired amount. and enjoy a bowl of fresh applesauce! You Need: 1 can of frozen apple juice concentrate 5 ounces of red hot candies Apple Popsicle: To Make: Mix frozen apple juice concentrate according to the directions. Makes 16 popsicle. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Mash the mixture using a potato masher of an electric mixer until it is smooth.Apple Delight! You need: 1 quart of apples (peeled and sliced) 1 cup of water 1/2 cup sugar 1 tsp.

For the Cookie Dough: 16 tablespoons of margarine. mixing well after each addition. To Make Cookies: Cream together margarine. 2 teaspoons of ground cloves. spices and apple juice and mix well. Bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes. With a knife spread warm cookies with glaze. and 2 tablespoons of margarine. Drop by heaping teaspoons onto lightly greased cookie sheet. 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. To Make Glaze: Combine all ingredients and beat until smooth. 2 eggs. 1/2 cup of apple juice. Makes 5 dozen all together. 4 cups of flour. 1 teaspoon of salt. Fold in apples raisins and nuts. Fresh apple cookies: Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Add baking soda. 1/4 teaspoon of salt. 2-2/3 cups of brown sugar. 2 cups of chopped apples. gradually add flour. 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla. 5 tablespoons of apple juice. brown sugar and eggs. and 2 cups of chopped nuts For the Glaze: 3 cups of powdered sugar. 1 teaspoon of nutmeg. 2 cups of raisins.

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .My Book about Apples Write an apple haiku This is an apple.

yellow and green I love them all Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Apples come in many colors Apple Haiku Apples grow on trees there are red.

Draw seeds Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Apple starts with the letter Color this apple.

Seeds are Label the inside the apple parts Apples grow on trees Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Cut these out and paste one on each day of the calendar as the day passes.

and ceramics (pottery). Picasso self portrait Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . a newly-invented style in which objects were represented by cubes.” (1901 to 1904). Even as a small child. and Madrid. cones.” Picasso’s “blue period. His early paintings were melancholy and featured the color blue. but moved to Paris in 1900. sculpture.April 8. In his early career. in southern Spain.Picasso was producing complex artwork. Later. was followed by his “rose period. 1973) was a Spanish artist who changed the world of painting. so this period is referred to as his “blue period. drawing. when he was 19 years old. during which Picasso used warmer colors in his paintings.Famous Artist Pablo Picasso (October 25. he helped develop cubism. Barcelona. Picasso was born in Malaga. Pablo Picasso was trained as an artist in Spain. 1881 . and cylinders. His father was an artist and art teacher. Picasso worked and lived in Paris.” (1904-1906).

Or try to draw and paint your own apple still life. Send us your pictures.Still life picture with Pitcher and Apple Try to paint the picture below to look like Picasso’s painting. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

When a baby is about 6-12 months old. A primary tooth falls out because it is being pushed out of the way by the permanent tooth that is behind it. one by one. Slowly. more and more teeth begin to appear. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . the permanent teeth grow in and take the place of the primary teeth. They complete the adult set of 32 teeth. There are 28 permanent teeth in all — eight more than the original set of baby teeth. four more teeth called wisdom teeth usually grow in at the back of the mouth. The truth is they are really there but are just hidden under the gums. they will start to break through the gum and appear. Between the ages of 17 and 21.Teeth When you are first born you don’t seem to have any teeth. and there are 20 in all. Most kids have their first set of teeth by the time they are 3 years old. When a child gets to age 5 or 6. After that first tooth breaks through. most kids have lost all of their baby teeth and have a full set of permanent teeth. these teeth start falling out. These are called the primary or baby teeth. By about age 12 or 13.

Dentin makes up the largest part of the tooth.The part of the tooth you can see. Enamel is a very tough substance and it acts as a tooth’s personal bodyguard. or get a cavity. Enamel works like a wall. When you eat hot soup. Dentin protects the innermost part of the tooth. which is under the gum. fall and hurt a tooth. which is anchored to the jawbone. which is not covered by the gum is called the crown. bite into a super-cold scoop of ice cream. Cementum makes up the root of the tooth. protecting the inside parts of the tooth Under the enamal is the dentin. which feed the tooth and keep it alive and healthy. The nerve endings inside the pulp send messages to the brain about what’s going on. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Although it is not as tough as enamel. The pulp goes all the way down into the root of the tooth. it’s your pulp that hurts. called the pulp. The crown of each tooth is covered with enamel which is very hard and often shiny. it is also very hard. The pulp is where each tooth’s nerve endings and blood supply are found. The pulp also contains the tooth’s blood vessels.

The tongue sweeps chewed-up food to the back of your mouth. two on top and two on bottom. The pointy teeth beside your incisors are called canine teeth. Next to your canine teeth are your premolars which are also called bicuspid teeth. they help tear food.Types of Teeth Your two front teeth and the teeth on either side of them are incisors. There are four on the top and four on bottom. You have eight of these. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . You have eight premolars in all. Because these teeth are pointy and also sharp. with flat ends that are somewhat sharp. There are four of them. Sometimes these are called your 6-year molars and your 12-year molars because that is around the time when they come in. these are perfect for crushing and grinding food. Way in the back are your molars. Incisors are shaped like tiny chisels. four on top and four on the bottom. where the molars grind it until it’s mashed up and ready to be swallowed. These teeth are used for cutting and chopping food. four on the top and four on the bottom.

that have to do with teeth? C D G R F ____________ T___________ I _____________ M___________ C ____________ D ___________ G ____________ R ____________ Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .F T I M Can you think of words that start with these letters.

Deanna cleans teeth. She is a dentist in Texas. She owns her own dental office. So you really need to know that you want to be a dentist before you choose to persue this career. You have to pass a test. fills cavities. How does a dentist examine a Crocodile’s teeth? Joke: Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . To become one she had to go to college for four years then dental school for four more. She has been doing this for 10 years and plans to continue. which she told us is very costly. puts on crowns and even pulls teeth. Deanna chose to be a dentist because she enjoyed the medical field but wanted to really get to know her patients and felt as a dentist she would.Community Worker Dentist This is Deanna Matocha. As a dentist. It isn’t easy to get into dental school.

you better have nice teeth yourself. answer phones. When I toured the college. Once in a while I even assist the Dentist with his patients. What also helped me decide was that i knew that it was something I could make a living in. So brush and floss everyday and see your dentist twice a year. Either way. and most important coordinate all insurance for the Dr. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . I have been in the dental field for over 10 years. I plan to make this my life long job. I went to college for 1 year to become a certified medical and dental assistant.I am a Dental Receptionist. I knew it was not a dead end job. I chose this career because it caught my interest. and an Insurance Cooardinator. I do many tasks.’s patients. You can become a dentist when you grow up or a Dental Receptionist. and I also make appointments. I greet all patients as they come into our office.

Which things which are good for your teeth? Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Color and Cut out Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Help get the toothpaste to the toothbrush! Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

...___ _____________________________________ _ . ..___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ..___ . .___... _______________________________ Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 ..___ ..___.. _ .. ______________________ ___. .. .Use the Morse Code to solve the puzzle __.

When I think of traveling to international places. My mom created a web site with her Yahoo group just for me and other homeschoolers and we began to correspond with kids all over the world. It’s like Christmas when we get a free package from the states tourism office! It’s filled with all kinds of stuff from that State. I am reminded of what I like most about Postcarding. I also like looking at my globe to find out where the postcards came from. and to learn about the people who sent them. We started a Scrapbook when I was around 9 years old. and mom has recipe cards to exchange with other moms. it encourages me to want to travel to new places and it inspires my imagination about our country and international destinations. which is getting post cards from international countries that I have never even heard of before. is helping me write this article on Post carding across the world. Cowboy themes. The boys seem to like this card the most! I have postcards to exchange of scenic pictures of Texas. When I got older I started a Geography notebook to go along with the first Postcarding notebook. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . I am Miranda! I’m 13 years old. historical postcards like our Alamo. My mom created a web site on facts of Texas so we can send the web address along with our card so the kids can learn more about our State. including what is going on that year. Sometimes I send out a funny postcard of a cowboy riding a jackrabbit. That is one of the things that is fun about this hobby. Samantha. My mom. one postcard at a time. Hi. Someday I hope to visit some of these places. We work on this notebook each year and each year it gets bigger.Postcards By: Miranda B. Mom has links on her postcard group of online map games and things to print out to place in my notebook.

Mexico. it was from a home school family that were missionaries there. My little brother Tommy will be next to collect these in a few years. Scotland. I even got a postcard from Iraq from a postcard kid’s father stationed there last year. Russia. To learn more about it. Did you know that Napoleon was exiled to a little Island called Saint Helena? I didn’t know this until we got a postcard from a home school family that lived there. Each year there is always something new to do. Some people come to the group and think they have to rush to collect them all within the school year. Hong Kong. England. and Thailand. I was amazed to find out that homeschoolers lived in these places. I will help him from what I have learned. This spring we are collecting Canada. and a red sail boat that looks like a kite in Hong Kong. I have a beautiful picture of Hawaii’s gorgeous surf. Switzerland. Australia. Liechtenstein. It also took two months before a postcard from Russia reached us. I have yet to get the same card twice. I just started my International Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Holland. You never know who will join next and what new card you can get. We tell them to take their time and that new people join every week.We have been doing this for years now. go to http://groups. pressed State flowers for each State. New Zealand. United Arab Emirates. Germany. Philippines. So far I have Iraq.

You can display your cards in many ways. You can go to MarylMartin.If you want to start collecting post cards. Here are some tips to get they call themselves the largest postcard store in the world. you can call yourself a deltiologist . Ask them to send you postcards or bring them back from trips Join a collector’s club. look at antique stores.that’s a postcard collector. One example is to hang up a map and place the cards near where they came from. Or you can buy post card books to hold them all in. Pick a theme and let your friends and family know about it. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Decide what kind of collection you want. They say it’s the third largest collectible hobby in the world.

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Go on the internet and see postcards from your state. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

your city or your favorite animal 7 .Gabrielle Yoder (free product) Create your own postcard for your state.


I quickly ran outside to get a closer look. then I said out loud. Now he will never have to go to a dentist.Write a short story of your own using as many of the things you read about in this magazine.” Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . A Kangaroo was standing in the field. Here is an example: One day I looked out my window. but I soothed her with assurances that I would not hurt her. Next to it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. She did look a bit frightened. For a minute I just stared at her. You may have to print out more than two if your story is longer. and said. The Joey was eating an apple. Use the next two pages for your story. I was surprised that the kangaroo did not hop away when I approached her. “ I wonder what you are doing here?” The kangaroo turned and looked at me. She had a baby Joey in her pouch. I could see our scarecrow in the apple orchard. so I just came here to get one for my joey. “ I’ve heard that apples are good for your teeth. Draw pictures to go with the story.

________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________________________ Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________________________ Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

com A Subject Highlights Unit Leaves Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 Presented By The Highlights of Homeschooling www.Here is your Free Unit Study from www.

Leaves. Different types of trees and plants grow in different parts of the world. like trees come in all different sizes. so the leaves will also be different. Lesson 1 Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .What are Leaves? Trees and Plants have leaves. different colors and different shapes. Leaves make food for trees and they give us shade. so you will find leaves all over the world. Trees and plants can be found all over the world.

Look up these words in the dictionary or encyclopedia and write the definition on the lines below Leaf : Word Study ____________________________ tree :____________________________________ plant: ____________________________________ Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Leaf Tree Plant ____________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------_____________________________________________ Gabrielle Yoder (free product) Hand Writing 7 .In your best handwriting write the words.

Label leaf tree plant Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Coloring Color these leaves all sorts of colors Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

tree and plants To do: Divide your poster into three sections Label your poster “Leaves Tree and Plants” Glue the pictures on in different sections labeled “leaves.Poster: Craft what you need: poster board markers pictures of leaves. tree and plants” leaves plants trees Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

. I hear.... Students rewrite the poem. I smell. Then... I feel (emotion).Write Leaf Poetry Living each season Enduring them all A leaf’s life is Full Creative Writing Acrostic Poetry Create acrostic poems using the letters in LEAF......... have students fill in the following sentences: I see. but they leave out the I see.. Fall Poem Have students brainstorm a list of words that describe leaves.. etc. They have written a poem! Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . I hear. I feel (touch).. Have them use their five senses.....

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Lesson 2 Leaf Parts The Apex is the tip of the leaf.

The Petiole is the thin stalk that connects the leaf blade to the stem.Veins are used to transport food and water throughout the leaf as well as for structural support The margin is the term used to describe the edge of the leaf. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Stipules are tiny leaf-like structures that may or may not be present at the base of the petiole. Base is the name given to the part of the blade that is closest to the stem. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Lesson 1 word Study unscramble Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Label Label Leaf Parts: Color these leaves and label the parts.

Make labels for the different Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Leaf Parts Project: Craft Take a nice big leaf and flatten it down on a board.

Color Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Draw the Leaf parts in the boxes .

Creative Writing Point of View: Imagine that you are a Scientist and you have just discovered the very first leaf. ___________________________________ ________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ________________________ ____________________________________ __________________________________ ________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ________________________ ___________________________________ Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Write from your point of view as to why you named each part as you did. You decide to name all it’s parts.

egg-shaped with the broader end at the base simple leaf .not di- ovate leaf .a heart-shaped leaf simple leaf .not divided vided into parts cordate leaf .Leaf Shapes: Lesson 3 Here are some of the various shape that leaves of plants can assume spatulate leaf .not divided into parts Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .spatula-shaped. having a broad rounded apex and narrow base simple leaf .kidney-shaped simple leaf .not divided into parts into parts reniform leaf .

a long slender leaf elongate leaf simple leaf not divided into parts oblong leaf .linear leaf .rounded at each end with parallel sides simple leaf .not divided into parts lanceolate leaf .shaped like a lance head.shaped like an ellipse simple leaf not divided into parts Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . tapering to a point at each end simple leaf .not divided into parts elliptic leaf .

Emarginate: notched at the end. Spatulate: shaped like a spatula. Cordiform: orbicular. Ovoid: egg-shaped. Acuminate: leaf that tapers into a long point. Acicular: needle-shaped. Obovate: resembling an upside-down egg. Mucronate: leaf with an extended central vein.rounded leaf-simple leaf-not divided into obovate leaf . Asymmetrical: completely unsymmetrical.egg-shaped with the narrower end at the base simple leaf . usually large and flat. Oval: elliptical.not divided into parts Leaf shapes: main part of the leaf. Lanceolate: shaped like the head of a lance. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Oblong: elongated shape.

Word Study Word Study Decode the Word e f % ^ r \ s / g h & * t : u “ i ( v ‘ Use the Code to figure out the words a ! n { b c @ # o p } [ d $ q ] j ) k - l m = + y z ? ~ w x < > ___ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ = ( { % ! \ ___ ____ # } _____ _____ \ $ ____ ! _____ _____ : % ____ _____ _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ } @ } ‘ ! : % Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Color and Handwriting Draw and color some leaves in the boxes below and write the name of their shapes below. then color them ___________________________________ ________ ___________ ____ ___________________________________ Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

___________________________________ ________ ___________ ____ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ________ ___________ ____ ___________________________________ Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Label Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Heart shapes Craft Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Cut out the Shapes below and match leaves to those shapes.Shape Match Up: Collect many leaves.

Linear Shape Oval Shape or Oblong Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Oval Shape KIDNEY SHAPE Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

How a leaf got it’s shape Write an imaginary story telling how a very plain square leaf got it’s rounded or lobed shape. Creative Writing Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

the leaflets are attached to a petiole-like midrib. is attached to the stem. Compound leaves have a blade that is divided into leaflets. in turn. simple ( all one piece ) or Compound (made up of small leaflets). usually by a petiole. which. In compound leaves. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Simple leaves have a single blade that is attached to the stem.Types of Leaves: Lesson 4 There are two different types of leaves.

Although leaves look very different they usually are either toothed or lobed. Toothed leaves have a jagged edge where as lobed leaves are smooth edged. Smooth with pointed lobes (left of center). Smooth with rounded lobes (far right) Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Smooth or entire (right of center). Toothed or serrated (far left).

This compound leaf is made up of lobed smooth edged leaflets. This simple leaf is a lobed leaf also. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . This is a compound leaf that is toothed.This simple leaf is toothed it has a jagged edge. The whole outside is not jagged but would feel smooth to the touch.

Leaf to Color Color this Toothed Simple leaf Leaf to Color Color this lobed Simple leaf Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

pinnately compound compound leaf with the leaflets arranged on both sides palmately compound three or more leaflets radiating fan-like from a common basal point of attachment bipinnately compound twice pinnate. the primary leaflets are divided into secondary leaflets Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

all one piece leaf 2. jagged edges Down 1.Word Study Cross Word Puzzle Across 3. made up of small leaflets Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . smooth edges 4.

Use your best handwriting Hand Writing ___________________________________ ________ ___________ ____ ___________________________________ Name the type of leaf Simple or Compound.In your best handwriting write the words. Use your best handwriting ___________________________________ ________ ___________ ____ ___________________________________ Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . Name the type of leaf Simple or compound.

Label Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Color Draw and color the three types of compound leaves. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Draw and compare a simple leaf to a compound leaf Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Then divide them up into toothed leaves and lobed. Make two graphs to show how many toothed and lobed compound leaves you found and how many toothed and lobed simple leaves you found.Leaf Shape Graphing: Go for a nature hike and gather leaves. Now divide them up into compound leaves and simple leaves. Craft Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . You will need many of them.

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Creative Writing Humor: Write a funny story about a leaf.

In the Fall they start to lose their green and turn all sorts of colors. fallen from the tree and start to decompose. In the Winter they have died. In the Summer they are at their full growth and are green. In the Spring leaves bud on a tree and begin to grow. Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Leaf Seasons: Lesson 5 Most leaves experience the four seasons and change.

Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 . as summer comes they get healthy and green. orange red and purple. At different times of the year certain areas on the earth are closer to the sun. In the fall they begin to change color to yellow. As the season changes so do the leaves. In the spring the leaves begin to grow. Those are the Spring and Summer times.The Seasons change because the earth revolves around the sun. In winter they turn brown and die. When the earth is pointed away from the sun that is Fall and Winter.

Name the Season you think this leaf is experiencing. Use your best handwriting

Hand Writing

___________________________________ ________ ___________ ____ ___________________________________

___________________________________ ________ ___________ ____ ___________________________________
Gabrielle Yoder (free product)


Leaf Science project
Light and Leaf Color: What you need: a tree with leaves that turn red in autumn aluminum foil or heavy paper and masking tape. To Do: Before the leaves turn colors in the fall, find a tree or shrub that you know will turn bright red or purple. Find several leaves that receive bright sunlight, and cover part of them with foil or heavy paper and tape. After the leaves have changed color, remove the covering and observe the different colors underneath. These are the colors that were in the leaf all summer. The bright reds and purples are only made in the fall, with exposure to light.

Gabrielle Yoder (free product)



Draw and label the Four seasons of a leaf

Gabrielle Yoder (free product)


Cut them out in different shapes. Glue them onto a poster board so that they overlap one another.Collage print out pictures from the internet of different season of leaves. This is called a collage. Craft Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

Craft Cut out small colored leaves and glue them onto the tree and ground to show leaves in the Fall Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

This would be based on your state tree and state flower. On each section of the pamphlet use describing words to tell about the leaves Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .Creative Writing Leaves from your state Pamphlet Write a three fold pamphlet about the leaves that are found in your state.

Make a Leaf Booklet Use the Pattern below to make a leaf booklet. Make as many copies as you need Type of Tree __________________________ Color of leaf __________________________ Compound or Simple ___________________ Shape of leaf __________________________ Draw the leaf here or do a leaf rubbing or glue leaf on Gabrielle Yoder (free product) 7 .

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