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From: Adrian Cardenas

Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2021 5:12 PM
To: Chong, Frank <>
Subject: Jordan Burns

Hi I am Adrian Cardenas and am 19 years old from Santa Rosa. Jordan Burns is on the
board of trustees at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Jordan Burns molested me from 12-
13 years old. My grandmother (Donna Vesco) and his mom (Eddie Burns) have been
friends since high school and I met him through volunteering for his non profit
organization Children Humanitarian International and was volunteer of the year one
year. I didn’t tell anyone until about a week after my 18th birthday when I told my mom
shortly after I told we went to Sebastopol PD since Sebastopol is where most of the
incidents occurred. I didn’t tell anyone for so long because I blamed myself and felt like
the whole thing was my fault. I’ve been depressed and suicidal on and off since 13 and
have just started to get better within the last year. Me and officer Vanessa Murphy tried
sending texts I believe called pretext texts based on advice from the DA but Jordan only
replied one night and stopped replying the next day. Officer Murphy was fired and then I
went in to meet and talk with the new officer on my case officer Stockton we worked on
a script for a pretext call but we never ended up making the call and there wasn’t much
else we could do. That’s when I filed a civil lawsuit since that was basically the last
resort to hold him accountable.

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