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September 20, 2007
Gossip Girl Pilot: Former It Girl vs. The Queen Bee
ßy Karen Woodward
8cd ¤ìrl ¤one ¤ood, or ìs ìt c pcrt of the cct³
Now thIs Is a show Ì can get behInd. |oney, IntrIgue, beautIful people (although
what Is up wIth the guys' eyebrows:) · set on |anhattan's Upper East SIde. A world
Ì know nothIng about but am more than happy to vIsIt once a week. So wIthout
further ado, let's joIn the world of CossIp CIrl...
Serena van der Woodsen (8lake LIvely) has returned home from a year at boardIng
school. 8ut was she really at boardIng school: And why dId she take off so fast
anyway: She was queen bee of her school · seemIngly had everythIng. What's goIng
on: A drIver pIcks her up at Crand Central, where she Is spotted by 0an Humphrey
(the sexy Penn 8adgley) who's returned home wIth hIs sIster Jenny (Taylor
|omson) from a brIef trIp to see theIr mother. They're pIcked up by theIr father,
Fufus (|atthew Settle· lookIng hot hot hot) who's clearly bItter that hIs wIfe left
hIm. When 0an spots Serena, we know there wIll be a story there...
Later, 8laIre Waldorf (LeIghton |eester) and her bItchy mother are hostIng a
party In theIr fancy abode. We meet 8laIre's boyfrIend Nate, a pretty boy (wIth
bad eyebrows) who Is also pretty wImpy · er, mIsunderstood. HIs father brags that
Nate wIll be goIng to a fancy college, but from the look on Nate's face, we know
that's exactly where he doesn't want to go. We also brIefly meet Chuck, the James
Spader In Pretty ìn Pìnk/ Logan In \eronìcc Mcrs character, except he has overly
groomed eyebrows that make hIm look lIke a gorIlla who thInks he cleans up
nIcely. (Dooh! He could guest star on Ccvemen!) Serena brIefly stops by and there

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TV Entertainment Week in Review
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TV Entertainment Week in Review: Gossip Girl Pilot: Former It Girl v...
2 of 5 9/20/2007 9:27 AM
Is some serIous tensIon In the aIr. FIrst, she spots Nate, and they share ¨a look¨ ·
Whct´s ìt mecn³ · before 8laIre appears. Serena and 8laIre used to be best frIends,
but clearly 8laIre doesn't want to have anythIng to do wIth Serena anymore. Why
does 8laIre not want Serena around: Ìs It because she lIkes her new posItIon of
0ueen 8ee, or Is there somethIng else: 0oes It have anythIng to do wIth Nate
rebuffIng her when she attempts to have sex wIth hIm for the fIrst tIme:
The next mornIng at the Humphrey loft: 0an and Jenny are hangIng wIth theIr
dad. We learn that 0ad Is In one of the ¨Top 10 Forgotten 8ands of the 90s¨
accordIng to Rollìn¤ Stone. Ì fInd thIs sort of IntrIguIng In Its randomness. Ìt also
explaIns why the Humphrey kIds go to a posh prIvate school and yet are seemIngly
so normal. 0ad Isn't a busInessman or a banker, he made hIs money as a guItarIst!
Ya gotta love It. Anyway, Jenny Is wrItIng names on envelopes and she exposIts
that she has been gIven an InvIte to 8laIre's KIss on the LIps party because she can
address the envelopes In callIgraphy.
That nIght, Serena and 8laIre meet at the Palace Hotel bar (where the van der
Woodsen's currently resIde. (The hotel, not the bar). They talk about old tImes,
and apparently kIss and make up, but Ì don't belIeve It for a second. 8laIre leaves
and Chuck shows up. Serena Is drunk at thIs poInt and he takes her to the kItchen
(hIs famIly owns the hotel of course) and Is all over her. He says he knows that
Serena and Nate slept together before she took off for a year. Dooooooooh.
Serena gets away and runs (lIterally) Into 0an. She drops her sIdekIck, he retrIeves
It, but she's already gone. Shades of CInderella:
The next day 0an returns the sIdekIck, and he and Serena run Into her mother.
She bought a dress for Serena to wear to the KIss on the LIps party, but Serena
lIes and says she already has plans wIth 0an. 0an charmIngly goes along wIth the
plan. Ì love Penn 8adgely. He's the only good thIng about 1ohn Tµcker Mµst 0ìe.
Later, he pIcks her up, and they have a good tIme hangIng out at hIs dad's gIg untIl
he receIves a text from Jenny.
She's at the KIss on the LIps party, and Chuck has spotted her as fresh meat. He
takes her outsIde and Is all over her, not takIng no for an answer. Never fear · 0an
Is here! And Serena! He saves her, and the three of them leave the party together
· 0an grabbIng Serena's hand. Ìt's quIte an exIt.
And It's all posted on CossIp CIrl's blog. 8µt who ìs she³
CossIp CIrl Fanblogger
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TV Entertainment Week in Review: Gossip Girl Pilot: Former It Girl v...
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TV Entertainment Week in Review: Gossip Girl Pilot: Former It Girl v...
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TV Entertainment Week in Review: Gossip Girl Pilot: Former It Girl v...
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