TV Entertainment Week in Review: Samantha Who? Pilot

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October 16, 2007
Samantha Who? Pilot
Ì thInk !"#"$%&"'(&) Is goIng to be one of those fun, guIlty pleasure half·hour
comedIes. Ìt's not a fantastIc show, It's not even that funny, and ChrIstIna
Applegate Is way over the top, but It's strangely addIctIng and has strong
supportIng characters. And speakIng of addIctIng, Ì love any T7 show that puts
¨Escape (The PIna Colada Song)¨ In your head.
That's how thIs show begIns: ¨The PIna Colada Song¨ plays as Sam (ChrIstIna
Applegate) wakes from a seven day coma · the result of a car accIdent. Her
mother (Jean Smart, Ì love you!) hovers wIth a vIdeo camera, capturIng all thIs for
*+%,-#-'."/-)0-,1'2)#-'*34%4)$5 Why they'd be Interested In a coma vIctIm, Ì
don't know, but It's stIll funny. Her dad (KevIn 0unn) Is there too, as Is her frIend
0ena (|elIssa |cCarthy · SookIe from 647#),-'64,78, destIned to always be the
nIce best frIend). 8ut Sam has retrograde amnesIa, so she's retaIned general
knowledge, but not memorIes. These people are strangers to her · not that they
understand that. No, they take It somewhat personally · especIally her mom.
8ut what about 8rIan: Ì mean, Todd: Sam has a boyfrIend played by 8arry Watson,
who, lIke all 8arry Watson characters, Is the perfect man. Sam and Todd lIve
together, but Sam's just too weIrded out to go home wIth a stranger. (8ut she
thought her parents seemed normal: Ì would have gone home wIth SookIe. Er,
Dk, scratch the home Idea. Her parents act suspIcIously pleasant, and Sam's best
frIend Andrea (¨Ahhhhndrea,¨ played by JennIfer EsposIto) Is there · a manIc,
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TV Entertainment Week in Review: Samantha Who? Pilot
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overdressed alcoholIc. YIkes. Sam baIls and heads to Todd's. 8arry Watson rocks a
sImple t·shIrt lIke no one's busIness. 9"$%':"$%':"$%. Where was Ì: Dh, she lIstens
to the answerIng machIne, and hears messages from Todd's frIends such as,
¨Whoever ran Sam down, we're goIng to fInd them... and buy them a drInk!¨ ;&'
&", a clue. Sam's fIrst clue that she mIght not have been the nIcest person In her
past lIfe. She asks Todd what she was lIke and he dodges the questIon, but poInts
out lIttle thIngs about her, such as, ¨You always sneeze three tImes.¨ !$4<<5 Ìt's
these lIttle thIngs that all gIrls wIsh theIr guy kept track of.
Andrea calls: ¨Ì'm at Fenee's bIrthday party! Where are you:!¨ Honestly, does no
one understand what amnesIa Is: Sam heads to the party, and when she gets
there, a guy grabs her and kIsses her lIke they've done thIs a thousand tImes.
Turns out Fenee Is actually =-$-, and he's Sam's marrIed lover. ThIngs contInue to
go south: 0ena Is there, Andrea Is rude to her, and It turns out that Sam and 0ena
haven't actually been frIends sInce Sam dItched her for the popular kIds In hIgh
school. 8ut thIs party Isn't over: whIle sIppIng her martInI, Sam dIscovers an
AlcoholIcs Anonymous chIp In her purse. She goes straIght to an AA meetIng (and
she found one how:) overacts, and Is kIcked out.
She heads back to Todd's. Applegate overacts some more, tells hIm that Fenee Is
Fene, and Todd Is mad, but mostly relIeved, because he'd broken up wIth Sam just
before her accIdent. Dkay then. She leaves Todd's. StandIng outsIde wIth Frank
the 0oorman, she realIzes that she has nowhere to go. 8ut Frank Is wIse, as all
doormen are: ¨There Is a Tom WaIts song: 'Ìf you get far enough away, you'll be on
your way back home.'¨ Ì found that sort of poIgnant; even though Ì'm not sure Ì
really get It. Apparently Sam does, because she heads home.
Now what: Ìf Applegate can dIal It back a lIttle, then Sam Is someone worth
vIsItIng once a week. 8ut Ì've got to be honest · Ì'm really comIng back for Todd.
¨Ìf you lIke PIna Coladas, and gettIng caught In the raIn.
And the feel of the ocean, and the taste of champagne...¨
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TV Entertainment Week in Review: Samantha Who? Pilot
3 of 3 10/16/2007 10:09 AM
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