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·'s;1Uriitt ~f OitombiiCl OIpllit Ad @f ArPA


For expenses under lhe ne~trality ad., tw·enty tho'llsand donal'S. Neutrntlty.

F~,r ~xpens-es. incurred u~der i08t:I'u~tioni!l)f' the Se<!re:tarJ_' of ~,tate, .Jo~~1ji~·~: :::'. of brlll:gmg h?w: from forelg~. C?1l1!tne!!l persons clharged wlth enmes, . and expenses m,cldent tberet.o, meludlug loss byexehangel .. five thousand Cb.arg.ecl with

doIlal'1l.. emile.

.F·ol' relief and proteCUQR of Americllll seamen in foreign countries, l\rol).iilMfi ;~ea,..

one hundred th:Ollsand. dioUar:s. m.~>l.

For expenses lVhidl may he tneurred in aelmow1,edghlg the services of Ile~!)u,i:Ilg sea-

ma:st.e:raa-ndi crews of fOl'eigm vessels. in rescuing American eitieens from !neo. .

shipwreck, ,fiv'!!: thousand dollars,

Fo!.' payment of the seventh annual instalmens or the proPQ:rlion eon- _ S()hr;ldt dlles. teibuted by the United Sta:Le~ tow~rd the capitalization: of the Scheldt VQ1. xlil. p. (;,49. dues, fifty-five tb'QllSand five hundred and eigbty-four dollaea , and for

sitch further 80m, not eKceedil1g: nv·e. thousand doUaI"8J as may be neces-

eary to t')$.tI'Y out the stipmlations of the treaty b~tweefi the United States

and BeEgium.

To pay to t~e gQvernw·ent of Gte,at Britaln ~nd Ireland, the sec.ond AW!lro. toHnd-. and last In.sta.lrhent. of the amount awarded by thecomooissione.i; ilnderpu'i?~[iya11_ the trea.ty of Jtilly one elghreen hundred and si.x:ty-three, in :satisfMti(lH ;rj~f!!J.:l'co~~· .o.f th~ ch,i~fl of the Hudson's Bay and of tbe Puget Sound, ... _ .• Company, dU'ee hondred and t1~enty*tlve thousanddoklars In gold eoni : . 01. ~UI. p- 651.

Pt:fJl:lidea, 'Th1l.tb'ilore payment shall be made of that pl')rtion of the above Ce]\(:,;in bl.xe~ sum awarded to the Paget Sound A~l:"ictilturaI CQmpanv an ta~e.s leo"!'l'I:Uy to I:HI settled be-

, "." . _ 0 • ..; ,/', • 0' ._. ftll'9 lI~ym~gt .Qf

assessed upon any-of the property of said company covered by said uwalC~, award~

be}ore the same was made, and stH1 !!lAp-liIid; shall be extinguished by s~id'

Puget Sound Ag:riculhlraI Company; or the amount ofsuc·Mi.t:iliJl:e:s shalt 0.1' amount

'be withheld by the government of the Ilnited Stat6$ frmll the sum hereby wi,tbheld. appropriated.

_ A.f£>ROY_eO, Febrllary 21, 1871.

CHAP.. LXII. - AI'! kt to prwhu' a Gnoernment for i~>8 Di:'jt-rict .of Coltlm.bla. :FeQ. 211 1871 •.

Be it enac.ted 011 the 8.el'u.:u;e and HO'U$f! of Representati;v6'Il(J! tlu! ll1!itfJd Vol. xvii, p. l~; S~ate:s 01 .J.nulric:a if! (}ml.{lreS8 M:semllkd, That aU that PQrt ef theterl'i~. Di~tr1c,t of Oo~ ·tot'y of ~h~ United ~tn.tes _it~ch(ded wi.thin Ole .. H.mitsof the ~)tstriet (l,f~~:~i:~d~t!;rC.(}lllm,b~a be~ and the same 1S her€by, created lllto a govemment by thepornl:e For mUlllD.3.m~ of the D{ .. l'.riC"~ of C.f)lum.bia, by lllhiC:h. nam.e it is .hereby cO!1lsti~.uted ~~Il!ll pnrpesee, a boiiy oorporate fos' municipal purposes, and may: eontracs and! be can- ·Powew,&e.. traesed with, sue and be sue:d,ple;ndand be impleaded, IlfllVO a seal, a.od!

exarcise another powers of a municipal eorporation m)t Inconsistent wl'~h

the, Oonstitution and law'S Q·f the Unih~,aJ. States and the provisions of this

a.c:t. .

SEC •. 2. .And be it Jw,rt~-fJT' etuLcte,f,. Tt]at the executive PU'I';'iW aud an- . 9(lVI!I'!lOI', at thorHy in and QVI';L' said Di:,f,ric~ of Columbia shall be vested. in 't\ g~v- f~~~~/~c~~ erner, \\'ho sha.n be a.ppoill:ted by the Pt,esident~. by and with the advice _ ~ and eonsent 'Of die Sena.te., and who 'shall hold his (l.ffice for fQ~r yeal's"

and untH his. saccessoc shall be appointed find. quall1led,'l'be .. g01i'erllOr ql,; shall be, a citizen of alld. shall JH~,:\.eresi.a.ed wit.hin said District tWe.J:V6

racnths befoll'e hig appoIrntment, and have the qualine'Atiollls. of an ele!etoT~ .'

He n19.Y grantpardons and respites for offenses ~lgainst the law5'0f, :l;~id . R?wers lind Di;;t.I,le,t enacted by the legi,s:lll!tiv(!. assembIytheI'euf"j . he 811.3)11 roOOJltllIlS\Qtl! du lCS.

all ·offioi!l'~ who shall be electe,~or a'ppoil1ted to office under the laws of

the s, D15~l'i,ct enacted as afol'{!said, and shall take care that the laws

be faithfully executed. . '. ..

81';0. 3. And be it pl:rtlle.r en.acte·d, That ev~rybin WhlCh. shan have Veto power.

passed tTh:le. council al1d house of delegates s·ElaU,. before it be'comes a ]a\V~

be p .. esen ted to the governor of the,r'ict of Columbia';. if heapp.lIQ·ve,

~eshall sign itJ hilt if DOt, he shall return it, with his obJe.o:l!i~ns, .. to the

house in which it sbaH h~ve originated, who 8i:..,Jl enter tile obJ~ctlons at

~'.~ . - .-

Ve,topowettlt' large on their j~urillal, Rnd proceed t0reOO!l8iae~ it. If, after .such regov'eri!w. coneideration, two thirds of aU the members apiPoju,ted 01" elected to dle b,oose slla'll agree to pa$5 the,bHl, it, s:ba!~ tesen,t, to~ether wit'h. t~)e obj-eeti<llls." to tbe otil~.r bouse, by wEnch ilt slla.ll likewise be reconsidered"~ ,and if approved by two rhirds of all the members appointed or elected 1;0 that hOIl;se, it shall beeome 8,.18.w. Bl!Ij;in~ll sucheases till£'! votes of both hOlu:se'll shan be determinedi, by yeas and nay,s~ and tll~ names of the per.

sons v'otiog for a-nd,agaiflst the bill shall be e-ntered on ,the j(rotnal of eflicb house respect1ve1y. If any bm ska.ll no~ be returned bJ the gOVCl'E'lOt within t.en days (Sondays excepted) un~r' it shall have been presented to b,im" the saere shallbe a, la\!I' in like marmer as if he had signed it" unless the 1,egblative a:S< their (l,djolH'jlmellt. prevent Hs return!.in which ease it shdl not, be a .]aw~

SEC. 4. Aml he! it fortl~tll' tml4(lte~ 'Tha~ there E;b:tl.ll be appointed by the Pl'esid,etlt, by and. witll the,advice and! eonsent of the Semite,:a secretary of Mid District, W~lO shall reside therein and possess tile qllallil1caticlIl of all. eleotor, aad shaU hold his ·jJ·, foJ' four yeM's, and Mtil his sueeessor shan be appoi.nted and '!JlllllU6ed;. he shan record andpreserve all lal\rs

and'6 of ~he J (}gisJiati v'ell.s,sembly h ereiDa.fter eo:nsti I u ted, and, all the acts (lIIlld pl'Oceolllings of the f:O,'el'fI(ll' in his exeeutlve dep,artnHmt ~ be shall transmit one cQ:PY Qlf tbe, laws and journals of the h.'gisllllth'e assemhly wi~hin thkty days after tlH1 fl,m:li 'Of each session" and (me copy of the exec~thre pl'oe'eooings and offi·eial cerrespondence semiannually, 0!1. the fk,.t days of ,Januaty Il.;nd July ineacb 'year, to the ];')l'€sident of tile United Stllt0S" and four oopi,e,;ol tba laws 1.0 the PI'esifhm~ of the Sen~H'e Hnd. 1,0 tile Speaker of the H!)USCl of Representatives, for the use of Con-

Whent~8otM Glless j and ~J!) case of the death. removal, resigrHllion,. (Iig~,bBity,_ or ab-

goU1.cIlOT. senee, of thegov~l'nol" from the Dlstrkt, the seC]rettll'Y fha)] he, and he is! hereby, authorized and required to execute and perform a11tho powm:s and dutlea of the governoe during such vOOllincy, disabilily,or al)sencoC, or ImtH nnothergo'lel'nor shall be duly ;appoimed and qualified to, fill such

Pr{)vi!ll()[J ifof~ Ytler~IH~y. And in. 0000 the .offices of governor and secretary shall both. ~h::Q~:,{l<f_~()"'~'tilOI' become 'l'Mtli'it., the P(H\·Ol'/j~ ,(llltie~, i\liud(tmoluDlI.ents o:f tbe I)ffi~c of gm.'-

IUldMoretnry Il.I"O .. .. t 11 devol . I, .• ~" m-- f.l, •. , d"

VI\C1l.nt, &cc. etr!Ol' IiifH~ evorve upon tne pre;;lumg (I . eel' ,0 tne CQtill~t I an. m ease

ttl,at office, shall also- be 'V'llctlon't, upon tile pr'esIDOiing officer of \he house of delegiUe!!, Ulltii. the office shall be fined _ by a new apPQi.rnI ment, Le~j,!lo.liV81L:8-. S~c,,5.' ~:ud be 'q/wl',lller'ed; 'Il'u\.t]e;~islatruve ,power and 1H11,lwr,ity

.tmb~, J,lJ) Sl;lld District shaH be vested In 8. legislative 8$semhly as hereinatter

CO'IlM!I; l_l·ovi.c1ed.Thlil as,j('Il'l!)ly shall consist of acoundl au(l hoeee of delegates,

Illnnbilt, ~elii- The couuell shan ·cQJlsist of eleven members, of whom, trI'o shan be resi::.::'t!~~Q~f~r- dents of the ciity ()f Geotg~to"\'DI' and two I'es~aents of tilt) county o\.lt$iJe !kllj, &~. ·of tho cities of Wasbing~on. and Geo:rg;etown, who sball be appoiIlfi",dby the President, by and witb tbe fldv~cea!'id consent Ofl:mle Senate, who

shan 11MO the, q~a~ili(lfl.ti.onQf "voters as herejt!:aflel' preseribed, five of 'I!'liom LdiaU be fil'st a,ppo:illle(i fot' the term of one yeu,::ll1d six fio.! dIe period of two years; p:r(}'i'~dl)Jd that :allsubs<tqucnt IlilP,po]utmer.tss'llflU be

HtlQlIlJof dele-f.or ehe ~el'ml)f two yenrs, ' houseof delegatee slitili eonslst of twentjga::~~l)lOli" 'bii'.~n two members, posoos$i~g the same qualificat~ons as pre.~'Cr:a:lI:ld tor the

ofO,fftC~0.&e, IMl'!lbcl'sof the eO-lliXlcil" 'W'hose ter.m of servlee shall t"CIltfflUe. one yefu".

!Dblrlo~, A~ appO'ftionment shall be made, as nelll'ly ,equaTh as praetieable 'ili'o elevea districts for the ,app~intment of the council, and. into, twenty-two dj~h'ietsthl' the eleetioc of delegates, giving' to e' Qf U'le Dis,· t.rlot repl'{1;sentc!il.l.iol1 in the mtiu of its: .. population as nearly as 01:31 be,

:Rosldtl1I1Ce" And Ulj~ members (}f tbeeeuncll &nd of the bouse or ,delegates shall re-

_ . aide .in and be :inhabitallls, Qf the d,jstl"ietil from which: they are appoint,ed

,Finlt ele{l~ion,. or ?le'ete'~1 respectively., FOl' t:he purposes of thefil;$,t election h,,- be hdd

under this set, the g:OVel'Mr and judiges of th~ supreme eeurt of' rhe Distl'icl ef CoiOlm,bh'J. Shllndcs.ign~be the districts for member'S of the house of d.el(l;gi~.tes" n.ppoint a. board of regis~tton andpe:l'sons to superin tend


:em; not r&< 't.Ui"!led wItbin t&Jl da~8, &.e.

Secretary of th'" Dis~rlel.

Resi.dence, ·tenn of o.ffice·,. dutJu.


FORTY~FIR;gT CONGRESS. SESS. Dr. Ca. 62~ 1871.



~~ . ~T· :{ .. .. ,:.:.' "i,e


the elecUon and the returns tber'eo~' preseribe the time, places, and. man- Eiectio;:t!;of' ~e1i' 'of' cond.uc,t,i.l~gs~ch electiou, tl-od make ull needful rulee and regula- delegat~s,;, nons fOl'canYlng IIlto effect th~ provisi.ons of this act not otherwL<:;e

herein provided for: hwid.erl/, That the fit$t election shaH be held within wI-len to be si;S;ly days from the passage of this aet. In ,the £il's,t and all subsequent held,.

~1 t'" -h' " lI. • 't1. 'I," h b f' I '}' t· '..t. Phu:,mhty to

UleC,JOIlS I), III persons IlaV!l1f1i Ie lug est rnnnaer Q. ega, vetes iol" tne elect,

house of delegates, resp~eotl'i'ely, shall be declared by the govertlOl" duly

elected members of sttid house. In case two or more persons voted for New .e:leetiorl, sh~n have an,' equal 0,' ,umber of, votes f:ot the same office, or ii' Ill, yseancy l'f '!'Ote. ,1$ ei!I:'il,al"

e, ' III • '1l.' h "i ;J 1 . 1l. -- ' or sn case o·f va--

Su~U .. oeeur m tue OIlS'6 0; ,ue egate~" tue g'O'Il'ernClI!' ,shall ol'der a new iltHiCY. '

eleetinn, A.nd tbe persons thus appointed and elected to the },egislath'e T]rn~ and assembly shall meet at such timeand at eu}~h place 'within the District as placeofmeeUng. the governor Si:l~1U appoint I but thereafter the time, place, aud manner of

holding and Ml}~uetillg al] electioos by' ~he people, and Ule fo~Ii'ul.tkln of

the distI".icts tOl' members of the OOUtlc"il and house, of' del'egares, ~ban be

prescribed :by law, as well as the day of' the eommeneement of !he regular SIl8si09$;):'HOUO sessions of tile leg,isIDative aasembly e Provided" That no session in any one el{c.~A),d sixty .,

'h II d the te ' f' d " .'1..~.n' • ' b" h ,daysl' cxe.ept the,

year snau exOfN}'JI tne ,""rm~ 0' s,u;;l,y ays, exeep"""",,, nrst eeseicn, w' lC nrat:.

may eontinue one hundred da~.

SEO. 6. And ,fJ.e_ ~'t_fi,trth8r ,enacted; 'That ~he legislative assembly :shall ,.P:artof' d~s~, have power to di v idle that .portion of the Distriet not included in U~e t";lGt ~D.! be ,({i-

)'" "W bO• " • , ' , " , vuied mto town-

Cl)rpori'L1ie ,IW1'ts,Q,(' aSlI1gtQ,n Q~ '!.::I!eorget'lWil. tnto townships, not silillS.

exceeding (,h,ret, and Cl"eare township OffiC~I·S., and prescribe ,auti'e'S T ,'.,' I" .f.. ther~of; but, all township officers sball be elected by the people of the fic¢~:' nsmp 0

townships l'~s:pective~y. ".

SS(;. 1. .L~Jid be i~ fu.rther enaatfJrZ, That all rualee:ititel1s of the Ulliled \r?le~,. tb~i!' St~te:>1 above t~!e a.~'8 ?f twenty-oaa years, wh~' shall b~",e been a,C!lu!l t,~I,u!ica,uOIDl. resideate or said DlStll'le~ for three months prior to tbe passage of jhis

act" €,;xcept such as are non com,p(}.s mCllliti9 and persnns ccnvlated. of

infall1l0U5 erimes, shall be ell'~itle.d [(il 'Vote at said election, In the election

disttict or pre,einct in which he shall then reside" and Bhal~il:nve so

resided for Ithirty days; immedia,~ely said e'lee(ioo" and shall' be

eligible !.:o' any o·fn.~e . within the said Distr:i,ct, and for all subsequent

eleCltiQus t .. velve men this' prior residence shall be reqllir'ed to ICOtl~tHu,tem,gb&of stlf;;. a v,oter-; but the legh.latil~e 9,S,seOl:b,ly shall have no right tQ abridge Or f~b~'~ IJ~ to be

I"' . '''_ . '1'.. !.> re ' arl &e.

SIDl.t tile flg'lit 0 ~ sutrrage, "

SEC" 8. A}HllM i~ furtll_,er MUtcted, 'That no person who baB 'been or Cert!iio pel'hereafter shall be eonvieted ,of bribery,peij,ury, or other infamous erlme, '~fion~ dl~lIb~li~M'

ho J b ' 'I:-.. '1'1" 1 ld 'f i~· rom mem er-

n.ot any perscn W 0 _laS een or may ... e a eotleetor- In' loler 0' pu ):nO ~hip i'i] the. aii=

moneys wbo- shall !lot hlU'~~~cdllUred for liild. paid over, '. UpOIi final jl1?g~ ~~tnbJl,!lr l~ol.dmeue duly recovered accordtn.gto, law" all such moneys due from him, l!~g I} eo. sbtUl be 'eligible to the l¢ ~getn:bly or to, nny offic.e (If profit Qr-

U"1181t ill said Distl'-i.ot. '

SEC. 9. AndtJ<l i! further €Tiar::tecl; That members of the ]egjs13Ji"'~ , Oath ()f mo!p;a;ssemhly,. befon~, th~y enter upon ,their~ official duties, shall take and ,l:t~~~~~bfr

SUbsCI,ibethe fGl!mvmg oath 0'1" affirm:atton:1I I do solem.nly swear (01" '

affirm) tha~ I will support, the: Cons.ti!-ut'iQIl. of the Uniu,,[ ~w.,te's, and.

''''ill faIthfully discilll.rge the duties of the otiee upon which lam about

to enter;. and lbat 1 bave not. knowiJ.Jgly 01" inte.ntiJonally paid or eon-

tributed anything, or made any promise in the. nature of a bribe 10

direet~y or indirectly influence ~y vote nt the eleetlon at '{vhie'h I 1,."013,

chosen to fiU d'Jo said office, aad .. have not accepted, nor will I accept, or

receive: direclJy or indirectly, anr money or other valuable thing :for

any vote or iLlfiuence that r !:naY' gh~e or withhold on any bill, resolution, . '

or'"approp'l"iatiol1, ~)r fO'T lJIl'lyother official act!; Any member who shall ,Ref\1s!l.lto~ke,

1,;, h 1.. - ! . .. ';_'1 'L-l 1"';1." 1:' er.: d' . .' ClaUl to fo,felt Qf~

refuse to take tile oatl , nerem pl'es.cL'w usual' JOl'lClt ));3 otrrce, anc e'V,ery filW.

p,erson who shall he:com:jcte,d of'having swor~ fa1s~lJ to or of Yioln.ting F~(';~o~~t~,&o, his slltid oath shan fOl':felt Ius office and be; <hsquah6ed thereaftee fl:"o,m t()dl~qOil.!lfy!!nd

, f' fl' , ,,'. '".3 D"'" ,... d hall b to. lJ~ p€t";1ury.

.holding llitly office '0" pro,tor trust In SaI'~IStl'lCt.;IU1: s~e


deemed gl1ilty 0-( perjury; and upon oonvictioDe.haU bepunished aceord,

iogly. .'. . . .._...... ". '. _ .' .

QEon:rm QHeg-SEC. 10 . .A.nd be i:t further eru.w!eti, That a maJorlty o~ the l,egl&la.trve

blllir:i!NHI'!5em- n5~ernMya:'Ppoinred or elected to' e;ach:.h~lJse shal] e()IlS~ltute a quorum.

M~emblm1'. The house Q~ delegates shall bathe ,Judge of tbe elech?U retul"nsand

Rl!l~. 9.ualiticaeio~!l of i.ts me~be,rs. _E~b h~useshR;l~ rdete~rmne lh~ rules of l~ prol!,eedmgs, and sball choose itaown Ofi08liS., The govcl.'no,r shall.

Orgaui:.:atlort (I;IlIll the eouneil ti) order at the opening .of e:llch new assembly; and the of el\!.)b. new u~ S6cretalJ' of tlle District !lbldl caU t:be house of delegates~ to ord,er at the HDtb1y., opening of eaoh new legis'l:a.tive ;all!)emb1y, and 8~all preside over it tlllt!! a- teID1)or,aryp,residing olleer sball have beea ehesen and .sllall have Expul~io<n ,of taken his seat. No, member s.hall be expelled by eleher house except by

1Il&1D1j,6TIi, a vote of two thirds of all the members appointed Qr elected lie)uh~t

Pouienmentf.orhouse. Each house way punish by imprisonmtlnt ,any person aot a

oo.ntem:pt, member who sbaH he guilty ·0£ dis}'e,spect te tbe, house by disol'iietlyor

oontempl;uo:u,s bebavior irTi)ts presence; but no such imp'~'i,s0l1rne!lt shall Adjoilrluo;;mt, extend beyond tlvellity·:four hours :Il\t one time. Neitller bcuse $b~n, W'itbol1,t tbe consent of the other, RdjQurill for more than two dayalor to :EU1,y ether plnee than U~la.t in whio;ll such boose shall be sitting. At the 'Ye&9andllaY3" request (if 8.JlJ member ti'i.e yeas, and na:ysshall be taken upon 8.llY qJl.le:54

tlon and entered upon the journal,

. :S!1!~, wbore to 8".0. 11. And be itfurtJitJT enaiJted, That bills 'I;llay Ij)l'igillale in eitb~\r o.h~~~~: 5 al :bouse, hut m.a;}" be nlteredi. amended, or l'ej.eefced by the other; aAd on PM8!>gf.i. n n. the final pas,mge of al! bUls the voteshell beby yetta. and nays upon eaeh

bin separ:ntely, and shall be entered upon the journal, and no bm shaH beeome a lllw without the eoneurrenee (I.e a majo-r,ruly of the members

elected to ,elloh. house, - -

81::,(1. 12 • .A,ltd 011 it furtlj,~'l' enacted; T.~at every bill shan be read ~t la,l'ge on three ·diffel'ellt days In each house, No filet shall embrace 11l!.Oiirj 'than one suhject, ~l,id. that shall !be expressed in its tide ;1>(11; if any subje~tsllan boembraeecll il1. an .act which slu .. n not be expressed ill the title, sueh u'ct $h~U he void only WI to GO much thereofaa $~)all not be so

wben ta- tab expressed:ill the ~i!lle; 1iii'1I1 no aeeof the legislative assemblyshall taka

eQi3~t. efibet until thirty df\YS Vlfwf' its pU8sag'c, unless, 111 case of ,emel'gency, (whicll emurge:rncy shall be' €'xpl'C$sed in the preamble Or body of the llcti) the JClgi$lnctive l\s~emMy shall -by a vole of t!.\"o tMrds of ,aU -~be members ~ppoi,nted or eleeted t.Q Elac:}:" heuse otherwise direct •

. . M,on~nQt to .' S~(l. 13. ~nd w It' fu.rlller enacte'd, That. no lilloney 5111'1.11 be drawn :!::l;~ ::'~I, f:-om the Wen.sU:I'Y of the. D~fj'dct, e,xoo[Jt in PQ~9~~nree OrBn appropris&0. .1" twumttula by lall/tRnd no bill maku:.g a.pp,!:'oprla.tl0ns for the pay IH' salbl'lt~propri:r.U(l1l a~i?s ef the oRicers of ~be D~stric.t govel'nmoot shU conraia any pl~t)-

, V1SIOfl8 on Rny o~hcr subject.

'. Appm'prle.ti~n8. S~C. 1.4 •.. A.··?Ill b~ it jM,·,tJ;er ,e~tuwted, That €;acn legisla1ive asse:m. - , bly

lio\'{ to be IlTO- . b It "d I!': '!'l I' .", ;.~.", r. L di d

yJded tor; e ,~\, 1l1'ovI,e Ior!k tIe appI.'O,[)),;],lltlOti.S »e~$lu'y (or tliC or mal'YliJJn .

rontingl:lnt e~pen~os of governmens of the Dist,rict until the expiration 'Qf the :lil'~t. fiscuIDql.lnrter Blftel' the adijoiUi'mnent, Qf tile next regular

session; ~b{l agg te IUlilouot (If wbil}n ehall :npt be .increased' witlwu:t

& vote of two tb of Ule rne;t1nhe.FS elected or apP'Qi;]ood, to each houee

as hereln p!'ovlde,d, nor exceed the amotlu,t ·of f'eVen!.ireatlthOl'ized by

WMn ~ ~Dd- law to be I'a,isel~. in such time, tillld, nil apPl'oprhl.tlo'ns, general 01' specie], l'equ,il'iag money '_0. be paid out of tli0 .Dis,trict ~S;tU;yj .fh>!n funds belonging to the Di$tl'ictf shalleo,d w:ith euell n$<U-ll qU8.l't.el'; Slnli no _1(0 "debt by' d,eb~, br w hi0h tbeaggi'egn te debt 0f the Dis sbaUexcceed, d v e per ::~~~'c~~' !!.b~ eent, of ~h~, aa~e~$~dpropel'ty of~heDlstri(Jt, shan ~e eenrracted, unless

IM~; &('.. tbe lu.w ~ul.IH)I'1ZHlg the same stall ata g'emeral elec:tlOtl bave been sub-

See ~. 2{1~ (. initt{ld 10 thepeople and :have reeeired a m:~orlty of the votes east foe

Pfl~~ 1', ill:4.. roemlil'lrs of the legisla.tiv(I assemhly at such eleolioo. The leg.i,:;'Ia.tive assembly shall pro'l'ido f()r th'e publiaa,tion of said Jaw .in ,at le~st two nlj\l'spnpern ill. the District for three :m:i}tltbs, at least, bl}OOf0 tbevo'te of

irB!l.dmgo'f brlh.

,.;\.et!l to 'Elmbmcli; but one .u.bjecli;




:- .'.

the people shall be takeo, on the same and provision sbaU be made in the People, to V1)te aet_for the payment of the intet~taonually~ as it shall accrue, by a. fax:er~OD. IJ1!l,d 00 levied .for the purpose, or from other sources of revenue, which law ':x evy. pf.iJlviding for the paymell.t of such io.te:res'b by such tax shall be Irre-

',p~alabl~unm such debt be paid: PrfWided, That the ~aw levying tile tax

.s~1l be submit~ to the people th.e law authorizing the debt ':0 be

CQtttracted •.

',: SEC'. 10. And be it further f/l1:(l£ied,Tb~t the Jegis1adv,e assemb'Iy sball, ~o.extf. M~ nev'e,r gl'8!ot or authorize e.:x:trlloompensation; :fee; or .aUowan,ae tqany ~~;a;:tjie~' pllpbc Of[i,®:I'I' agent, Bet'Vant, or contraeto:r" afiell' service has been ren- aero

d\=r~a or a mad. e,. nor a.uthorizefhe p.ayment of any claim, or .Oe. r1aln pa:r',

., t th.· I} h ft d·' th D'" '. d mell,t8 no,t tOo ue

pa,f'_ .. ,ereOr,ereaer create, agamst .·,e' lStl"lCt un er any contract made. .

(i(; agreement made, without express authority of lawi and aU such '

unaathorized agreements oO{" eontracts stmU be null and 'void!.

8[8Q.16. A:tid 08 it _fo..'1'fJutf en.acted; 'I1mt the District shall never pay, Credit ,oUbe allillulll,~ or become l'e.sponsiOl,e for the debts or liabilities of, or in. any Distl'i(l~~otto be

-'" '''''' ,;y'" I~" ., .h' d .• ~ dOt to • ..!J f b]' tb lC8!1!ld, &.l.

_ ... un ..... !!>l'le,W".l.n,. or ex~n,. na ere· I ... ' -or 1:11 al!u. 0. any pu • ·U::01' (I, ·'er '

eerporation, association, 01' iodil"j,dua1., '

,. Sso.17. ,dnfllJf} it further enr:u;,ted, That the legisla.tive Msembly shan Sp~ei~llflws . llQtpa$~ special laws in any of the following eases, that fs to say; Forp"ot to b~ [I:~S'e~

. •. -l~: I ' tb ti f" }' ." ][1 certnlU SpOOli.-

gpu~t~!lg,wv<)l'ces,; regu,atLng e prae Ice tn eoarts 0 jusnee , 1"eguatmgli&tli, G!'i8~ •..

the jurisdiction. or duties ,of j!listieelJ: oftbe peace; police magist,ft1!OOS, or

eon~tables,.; p,ltovid~ng tor' ehanges of venue in civil Qrccr.iJOOinal eases, or

swearing and impa:D,e,Hng jUrQI'B; remitting fiaes, penalties" or forfeitures;

the sale or mortgag~ of real estate belonging to miners or ,o~h'ers under

djsability; changing the law of d,esc,eut; incre~sing 01' decreludng the

. fees ef public officers d,l1ring: the term fo,r whi{!h s~rd officers are elected 9"- appointed;, g'l'anting to any corperation, -assoeiation, or ilJdividu~'!J' any speeleloeexeluelvapeivilege, immunity, or fi'e.H~hise whatsoever. The

J.egisla.ti''I'E1 assembly 8J1~U h!\v~ IlO powel' to release 01' extinguish; 'in whole Assembly to or in [p.!lirt:, the Indebtedness, liability, 01:' ohligadon. of any eorperatlon or ~~ve no pow,e:t' tQ

.. ~. "d 11 1:., D'·· .. '1 • I' uu,ce.rl.ain !U;;b!.

ilIilu,iVl na to the .. 'lSt.I:l~1; or to a.ny lum:nClpa ecrporsuon t Jle:rom, nor

ehall the, legislativ~ assemhly have power to esrabllsh any bank of .elreu-

laticm, nor so authorize any company Oor individual to issue notes for cirft

(\ulau()I'I as money or eut;rency. -

, . Sae, '18. .Anil k it !,r;uJte,d, That the legi.slaUvepower of the .LegL~lflt,ive, J)~st~:itt s~aU .extc~d. 00 all ri~h~ful. subjects of ,lliefFisbtiQl1 within said Dis- :hj;.c~~O:!~:D~!;" t}Oils,lslellt with ~he COflstl:tutJ:on (l,r the United Slates flInd the p:ro- Wllllit.

v.islon;8 of this act, sllbject, nevertheless, to a~l the . rest['\dil)ns~,nd lim,ita~

tmos imposed upon States by the tenth sechOlil of the nr'S.t article of the,

C?~8~itlli:t:iOU of the United States; but all :acts of the legislative ass'embly . ~u acts $.nb,s.ha.!I at all Urnes be subject to repeal or modifica.tion by the Congress (If'b~ettoit'¢iPeal,&o..

Il. U··' d S' ;I.~"'~' 1:. .11 I.h. ._.'l t ..l • £'i_ 'J {'If)ngre.u.

tue i., Illte:' ,'fa:tes,liIIni.l. I'l.O.t:PJlllg u0lre:L:Oi sna J! ee coost..!,ue, .. 0 uepn.;e t .. ":;,fl· '

gre:ss or tl1.e iP,ower of legi;alatiou over said District in as ample mlll1!:!Der !l,8

if this law had not beenenacted,

'SEC. 19 • .And 1M itjurth81' (nu!c.ted, Tl!a;t DO member ot the l'egislative Mem:bt~I'iHlfa~ assembly shall hold. or be aprointed to .any office" wbich shall have been ~ml·d' bl';rnot w '.

, . I. I I· fl' 'I.. b 11· 1 b . . d'''o ,~c., ce.w~

<CEeate~ 0:1' tue sa 81ry 0.1' !;lIDO uments 01 W'UCU S ·90' . ia ve . een merease offi.ce:s.

wl1i]e he was a mem he:~1 during t.b.e term for ';'j'hld'l he W!i;S appointed (l'r"

elected, and for QDe year' after tboexpira.tion ·of such term; and no psr- Oermin psriSOIi boldIng any office of tl'ust 'Orpl'OOlt under the government of LheSo:b'~tsl~/,a ~ United States shall he a member of the le~islative asseu~b]y. ~t]/ . a.'\.

. SEC. 20. ,.And be it jlJ,'tth!.;r ,enacted, TI"Jat the said legislath'c assembly Limit eo POW~if shall not have, power to pass any ex post fado, law, nor law impairing the IlfaMiEll<'!bly. obliga.tion ·of eontracts, nor to, tax the property of the United Smtesl nor

to, ItaX. the lands or. other property of non·resiidents high.flT than the lauds

01' other property of resldenss, DOr sball lands. or o'the,l' prop·e.r~y

In said odistriOot be liable to a l~igher tax, in ~ny one year,

fbr all general objects, rerritori&rn and· municipal, 'than ,wo 'Oil




FORTY-FIRST CONO'ItES$~ s~s,s. In. 0.\1.62. 18;7'1,;

, ,,' , , evert hUlldred d.oUa,Ts of the ,,e thereof;. but special taxes may Spec'ii!iHalr,el!1, be levied in pal'tiicuhu:' seciioas, WtH'iis, or distrIcts fol" their pardcular ,Bor~,w~ng", local improvemeots, 110t' shall ,said territorial go've~me:llt have power to mOll"eYflrn~eW:llg, borrow mon.ey or issae stQck or bJJ)nm f![lf &I:l:y ob,ilect whate"\·tlr} unless Ixm&" I$peeiaUy authorized by lUI act of tbe legisl<:1!thl'lB; assembly, passed by a

vote of two thirds of the ,entire 'number of the members of each branch tl:iereof, but said debt in no case to exoeed'five 'pel' centem of the assessed

S68'~ ,H. valse of thept'opet·ty of said District, unless autborized by avote of the

_.('tIi!Clt p. 4'2;"2. people, M hereina./tq:r [hereilllJefof,e] pr~_vided.

~tt«in P!'Op-' SEC •. 21, Ani be itfurtker enacted, Tl'ia.t the 'property of that portion

'~~Y_ oot to be. (If the Disifiet not .wneIude-d intbe .coq,or~tioWls ofWa$hingtoll or George~~;~~:;, c-ermm town shall ~ot be tfl.Xe.& for ,the. purposes either ·of hnpl'?"ir~g. tb!;l~u:ee!$, aHeys, publIc squares, or p!1bhc property of the saidcltles, or either

of tbel:ll, nee ,for allY other expenditure of a loco] nature, -for theexelusive benefit of ;;!Ei:id. (!Ii ties, or' ,!'!hher of them, nor for the payment of ~Iiiy debt heretofore eontracted, or th8it may hereafter becolltl'aetoo by eitber of said eitiea while remai!liog under a. municipal government not ooexren.. Iv.- with the District,

Ptopettyln .', . SEC. 22. And' be itfurl/~e1'~n-ader1" That tbe property within thc.. cor~:~~to:::~ P.!)I'Me limits of Ge<lrgej,awn shall not be taxed For dl!3 paj:me-ntor UIlY iQ be liiI~ed. ford.ebt hel'!'.ltofO're QI' hereafi:sl.' to be centraeted by the CQ1'po1'aL1011 of Washoortll.b:tpu1'pO'll!M. ington,nol' shan the propel'ity within the ,~o!rp(ll'nte limits of \VashingtofJ! be

Uix:eiI forth.e· pllymentof any debt h.eretofore. .or hereafter to be eontracted by the C()l'p<l,:ratioll of Gcol'gewwn; RDd so long as ;said eities shall remoon under distinctmuil~cipal governm,e,nL"', the propeJ't.y within the eorpOl:nte, limit·s· of either of said ciues s.llldl not be taxed for ~he local heneflt

of the other: nor shall said, or either 01 them, be taxed for the exelasive benefit of the county cutsldeof the limits thereof: .Provided, That t'he legislath"c; M.\l;emllJly may m!like appropfia,lions for the rep-nil- of roads, or for the ·const.l'ucHC!;fl or repair or brid,ges outside the limits of said


S>llioolSlllld 8~o:. 2:3 • .t.hld be it junh6r M(lc~ed; That it ehall be the du j:y of i3airl

loh"] m(}lleya, lcgislati'vc: assembly to mnintain a systemn of ft>,ee &o'boo]s for Itbe edecatiOH of the YOllfh of' S'~tid Dil3t-rj,at; aed all moneys mii'.!'ed l:Iy general taxatl.(1,ncoc'Q.t"ising from donatio'n\!'J 'by C'ongresll, or from ,olher sources, except by bequest, '01' devise, fo·r school purposes, shaH be appropriated for the equal, beneit of ~U the youths. of said District eertain agee) to be defiuBdl by law,

JilS,ti.'~cs of too SI~C. 2:4. An!d be l't fur,th.e.,. ,enacted, 'That t'he said. legisladve a:ssembiy

~~~lIl\~~o~O~ shan. ha;ve [lQwel"tQ,pl'ovlde, for the .appo:inl:~ent of aSllWny justices of the peace and notanes public for said Dlstrtecas may be deemed neees-

;lllri8dloliotll !lilrYI' ~o ,deft!:).!! thi'lir juris.di~tlon and "",':res. erlbetheirduties i but J't1stic~s of

ADd duliJ),S. h ' 1 I:

,t, C peeee 51lllJ • [lot have jiQd.sdioUon of allY contrOlreJ!'sy ill which the title

orland may be in. dispute, or in wMch she debe or' sum claimed shall exceed nne;d doUftl's:: Pl'ovz'ded, ilowever, That all justices of the peace and llQ(9;'des pl.lhliclil'f.~w in. OOlDlmissionsi1aU continue in office till their pre,se:nt commissions expire, unless ,S(lon,er removed pursuant to

il.xi;:;li ng: .I.a \;ii'S,· - .

Ji'llldLei~:a'l C(lurt!> Se,c. 25. 2lnd be it jU'I"tJWY" ena.cted, Thattbe. judicial courts, of 8:lii.d torom~ln. ~~" Distri-et shall rc:rnllln- as now or,ganir.:'ed until nbolisbedot changed l·ra¢.. t.I~0 t.h •.. ~.te~ by' . act, of C(l,nP'l'e$~," b. ~t suoh ler.tislat!l:'6 ft"fle-m' '1>.,1,.. "",-,.",,11 h .. ", ... · power to.

o,f !!,lrlWIC>- . ',. . , .. ,~., 1" .. - .', '. '" . _. ... .'l 1J.i.';_ "I~"~I ',.....,; -: ..

ti~!)i. fa~Sm~~~9 ,motbfymg tbe practice tbel1eof; and eot\fei~tnlg sueh add.bol'tnl

jllr:I!)(llCtion as rna)!' be necessary to the, due execuuon and enforeemeut of the laws of said, Di$trlct.

81!~e. 26. .And be i.tfurther e1~acted~ T,nat there sball be appoieted b· ~he Pl'es.ideJit ·of t'~e United States, I)y and with the sdviee and! consent of the Selltl.te,. a. h{)lml of health for' said District, to, oo-nsist of fixe persons, whose duty it shaH be to declare what shall be deemed nuisances

iojl,ll'iol;ls to 'bea:ltb,and to proli'lde for the I'e:r!llOV,a.~ 'tbeNor; to make Villa

lRQ!l,tl\l and bl'idgu$,

'['hMf;lnQW iii orow to, eontiuuCi.

BOllii'd of 'blll\lth. .Appoi,liItm!ln~. po~ta aud duties.

FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. SESS. ill. Cll.62. 1811.


enfo!'.c~ reglllat.iol1~ to prel"c_nt domestleanimela from rtnming ;(\t large in Boaw. ofbeaU~ the. CltH~S of \Y~l8hmgtQ~ and. Geor~etown; to prevent the li~le uC' um'~

'Whole-some food in said cities; and to perform. sueh other duties as, shall

be imposed upon said board hy the legislative assembly.

Sse. 2.1. And be it furtker enocud, ThaJ the offices and duties of l"f'.g- _1legli$t.En; or • ister_ of w'mS"r€;COrd~'fo,f': ,d~eds; Hnited ~tates attorlne;r; ~Ild Unh~d 'd;~~~ec"rder of States, marshal for said Dlstnct sball remain as under eXlstmg" till Ai;t()m~T U1,IJ modified by act of Congt'e,ss.; but said leghdative assembly shalt have marahal.

powBr to impose, such a.dditional dutiesupon ~aw(l officers, )'espectiV'eJy, M

may he necessary to the due enforcement of the laws of said Distric,t.

SEC. 28. A1Ui be itfi~rtker t1laoted, seld ]e<lidative assembly CoTpomt$on.G; shtlU have power to create by general law, modify, repeal, or amend,

within said District) corporations lliggregate f{j,r reHgioll""chl'lritable; edu-

eati,ona'], or commercial pmrpQses) and to d'efine the:ir powers

and liabilities; Provided; Tbat _the powers ofc()l'por.alioos :&Q created. . .limy ted tolbe

shall be limited to the: District of Columbi.a_, DlstrroC.

S.oo.. 29, Ana be -# fu;rthi!1" eluuled, Thll~ the Jegidatil"'e, assembly Pa:upeJ'8. shall define by law who shall be entitled to relie:fas. pauperll In said. Dis-

trict, snd sbllJll provide by law for the support R!ldm;!lintcnanee of such

~aupel's} a~d . for that pm'pose, shall raise the mOlley necessary by t;;ElU~)p

ti:on •

.8&0' .. 3:0. And be it/ttl·tller emacteil, That the legislative assembly shall MIltisteria! or· hase power to provide by law for the election or appoi:l]tm,rmt of saeh ficel'6. minis.i, officers as may be deemed necep;s.ary to carry into ,ttff'eot, the

laws ofssid Disll"ict~ to p:resc:ribe tbeir dUlies,.their terms of office; and

the rate and manner of their compensation.

SEC . .81. And.o.e ~t flutllltr enac.ted, That the g:ov,ernor, s,eer,e~arfy" and Gevemor, seeOI~hf;ll' omeera to be appointed pursuan t to this act" shall, before they act ~:~:~~~c~r~f_

as such, re~pectivelYI take and subscribe an oath or affirmation before a, JirmaWt1. .

judge of the supreme court of_ the D~strk:t of- Co,hlmbia, or some justice

of the peaee ill the rrnit;; ·of said District, duly authorized to administer'

oaths or ~ffkn,ation:!: by the lawseow in forcether'cin, or before the

Chi,ef JIl tiee orsome associate jusrlce of the Supreme Oourt of the Unir-

ed Stares, t~ support the Constitution of the United ' State-s, find la.ilhful1y

to dis,Marge the duties of their respective Qffi,ces; which said eaths, when O~ttlll00 be so taken! shall he certified by the person before whom the same ' have ce.rtlfi,ed, &13. been taken; and such eertifleates shall be re:cehed and. recorded by the

said .secretm'J' among the executive proeeedings ; and all civil offiocl's hi:

said Dietl'jet, hefote they a,ct as such, shaU take a.IH:n subseribe Ij like oath

or affirmation before the £aId g()vcrnor or ascresary, 01:' some judge or jus-

tiee of the peace of the District; who lliay be duly _,c~ommlssioile(~ and

,quaJifie(l, or befo·re the Chru,ef Justice of the Supreme Court of the United,

States, which said oath ot'~ffirrua,t~on shal] be ee:rtif.ied and. Imnsmitt,e(l by

the person. :adl'uiuistering the same to the &e.eretary, to be by him recorded,

as afeeesaid ; aed afterward! tile like oath or affirmation shan be taken

and slJIbscribed, ce!ttwn,ed and recorded in Sllcbma.ull(lr and form as: may

be. prescribed by 1f1-\V;

SEC. 32.JJnd be It fwrtlter enooled; That the governor shaU receive an Salaries of annual ~!lilal'y of three thousand dollal'S; and the s(!C1'"el$;I'Y ilhaH receive an g(l'!;ern(>l' and

1 ]' f-' .:;11 .1 II d- 'h . I 'd _ I " . '1 1'1 1, secretary.

a~nu.a_. sa SiI'Y Q' two tnr:mSQllU co .ar-s; an· t'at t.le , , sa aries ~"Hl;" ue _

paid quarter-yearly, fi'om the dates (If the respeetlve Rpp!)in~roents, at the. treasury (If the United Sta.I<JS; but no psjment shall be made mil til said

offi.cel's shnll have entered upon the duties of their re;>(pect.ive appoint-

ments. Tlte members of the legi~ll1tin~ sssembly shall be entitled 10, PaYlOr ttlem· receive four dollars each p('r dny durillg tbei_f actual attendance at the bersefassiil.mbly. sesslen thereof,al1d an addltiona] allowance of four dellars per day shall

be paid to the pi'esi.ding oflieer of eacabonse for each day be shan so

preslde, And a chief clerk, one assistant clerk, one engrossing and {InC Cl~t'k.'! and. ooroU'ia.,. clerk, and. a, serg' eant-at-annamay bachesen foJ," each bouse j 1II.·.(!;§;R.u,t-at-

e . ~.~


and the chief clerk Iball rooe:~v·e. four donars pel[' day, and the said other oflicers three dollnrsperday,. dllM.iIlg the session of tbe legislative !l!.Sset»-

Ses:sioouif' bly~ Pr(Jvt(1ed, there .shan be but one session of tIle Iegislatiil~e

le=btiv~ It'j;o assam bly Mi'luaUy, IJDles,s~, {In an . extraordinary oceasion" tlie govertlOr

II f· shan tb;nk propel' to can tile legisl:a.tlve assembly together, And. the Disbllt'i!'[l')Q.ts govenHl.r and. soo~ta:.t'y of'. the DlstriCJt sh.all,:in th,e di~btlrgem.eIlt of aU ,ofappi'opriationlj moneys a.p~H,:oprlflted by COngre~ and intrusted to, thein, be '. governed byGrui~. solely by the i:rnstJ'uctiuns ofthe Secre~ary of 'I>he Tte~s~ry of_ the n f)l:ted States~ and shall Se'(D.ianllually aC~OOU!Dt 10 the satd S(~C;I'e'fary iOt" the man-

nsr- in . whieJh ~he moneys shall have been expended; and 110 exp~ndieure shall be made by tb.e aaid ~e'gis1ii1,tive assermbly of funds appr-oprhl;t.ed by, for objee,ts not espeeiaUy ~uth(ll':ized by acts of Congl'e-5S waking the appropdaUoills! nor beyond the slims thus appro-

priated f<ll' such objects. ,

~jX'!St.!eS3ton of SEC. 33 • .And he i~ fi'rt~!erfl1i6Ct.ed, 'That UH3 legislative a!lSf(llnbly {IF

1991sbl~tlve 1l:S- the ])i.sll'ict of Columbia shall hold its first session at such time and place

Uill Iy. • 'd D"'I h 'f I 11,.. d d'" - Ul ;S!l;l" .' IStr.lct as t JO governor ~,.ereo S ]'s, t appoint lilcn '. irect,

Delegate, to SEO. 84., .And be it furthw' enacted, 'l'hat a delegate to tile House of

rt~~~~~~~fvG!!,Repree;e!ltati\1'e-5 .«f Lhe UnIted S.UlI.te~,to serve for the te:ffl .of t\~o years! who 6b:I\U be a eItlzlen of the Umwd States and of the D1Sh'Ict of Colllmhia, and sballbave the q~~lificatiollS of a VQteI',. m,ay be. elected by the. voters qualified to elect members of the Je:gislittive assenub~y, who sball be ,enti~led to the same rigbts and In'ivHegres as are exercised ~lr'1d 'enjoyed by the delegates fmm tbe sev'er!'J Tetdtorics oft;he Ilnited Slat,es to the House tQf Representatives, and sban also be R member of the committee for the Diiitri(;& of Col I!l robht, ; 'but. tho ,d:tJ.iegOite firs!elceled shall hold, :iii,,; sest mlly during theterm of t.heOo,ogre:ils .to which he shall be elected .. The Ih-sf; election shall 'be held at the t'ilil.€ and places and be .eondncted i~ such manner ~l!. the electlons for members or tho House ·of Representatives are (!rt,odu(lwd; and at 81'1 subsequent elections the tim,efmd plaeea and file manner (If ~lo1diO;g the elections sl1all '!;ie pre,scl'ibedby

PI~T~lIty to' law" The per'son hnving the greatest number of legal votes shall he de-

eleol.. dared 'by t!)e gcvemor 'Lobe duly elected, :l;mt a. certificate Ihereef shall

'OoHstitution be JT .. iven ;a~coTiHngly ... ; and the CQIl.stltuti0l1 ::mdall the laws 0.£ the Uni,t.

'ana 111'11'3 t~ be 8 ~

1111 fOfooirled States, which aee Il(l'~ locally inllpp,!i('ttble.; s1wU hav,e .I'he same force

tbe District. and effect within the said Distrmct of Columbia ruJ elsewhere within the

U il ited S tates,

lic~:~r::~; ~:: '. SE(]~35." ....rfti .~~ tlfurt'h.e:renacl~d,Tbat a~l ?fficers to. ~e appointed cllrll.y ILpproVed by the President of t.ho Umted Stl'l~e:~1 bY .. l'lllld with the advice and eon~S(lcL'uto,ryl)!.E serf!l~ ofthe Senate, for the Distdct of Co'lu~bia., who) by "il:'~lIle of tile

ullIry. pro~jsiolls ofn.ny JIQ.w :now e.xisting, or which lnny'be enacted by Cong;l"CSS,QI"e required to giV'e security £01" moneya t.hat' ID1l.y be lnsrusted to thelll for disbnrs\lmlmt,shaU give euc-hsecurity at 'sl~c'h rime and in such manner as, the Secretary of the TN:laSury may prescribe,

!.~'f~!lt~t~U;; . SE~. 36. A~la~. it/urlAer ~acte4. Tbat there sball ,be UV(l]u{!j,ti?u ~[I~ed ~tnW! !:n tnken inthe Dl$tf1c,~ of OQl.Ilmbuli of all real eatl'l;1e ool{lllgll'D.g 10 the UIHtU!f:l Dl$~l'k:,t ex- ed Stlltesiu ~l~~!.l OiSldct.e-.xccp,t tUe public buildings, and the grounds :~:1 ~:~:; ~:Q wl!ieh~l!I,V~ been dedicated to thepllblic use a~ pa,'ksD.nd iiqual'esl at ye!ll'll"a:od ~'lilturn l'euat once 10, five ye'm~s,and retuwn thereofshall be made 1>y the gOVCl'Ml' thl;iro::o.fme.da. 10 t'he President of the Sen:ate find Spea:ker of the House of Rl,:pl',esent~

atives on thernrst ,dny of the session of Con,gl'es8 held. a:f!,er sueh valuation sbttll be tEl.kei'l, and the aggregate of' the 'val'uation of priv,l'1te properly iii silid District, whenerer made by the nutbol-]ty of the legiilatilie!;\ssembly, s1:lIdl be reported 00 CQi'ilgress by the ~Q"ern()r: Prom'ded, 'I'hat all valuations of pt{Dl);(~rty belonging to tbe Unlte~ Stal.esslmIDl be mlllEie by such persona 3S the SeCl'et~ll'y ,of ,tbe In,t~ri,o,r shall appoint, and uudeF such

iflllf!uiaUol1il llS he shall prescrlbe,

~ieB:~~~~r )'Iu.b. SM. 37: .A.nd bl1 itfitrU~er~nacted" That the~osh.a.IDl be in the, District o:fCohl,ro~Ii,\ !Ii board: ofpl1uhe works,t!) ,con_SH;~ (~f the gQv£:'.rnol·;, who

V.nltl,aUon to, \l!l n1ad6 by . whom.

]"ORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. SEss.III. Ca. 62. 1811.


fll~all be pr,esident of said board ; . :four persons, to be appointed by the Board ,ofpllblic President (It the U.nhed Stat,~1;t by <lud with the advice and cons!;Jut ofw()r!<~~~fwhg)1!i: the Se!'l~te,~l1e ~f whom . sh~H be a .civil engilleer:,afi~ t 11 e ot~ers citi?;'ens Dly:r;:k p::r. and residents of the Distcrlct, havmg the qualt6<r::atwns of all ejector

therein; one of said. board shall be a. citizen and resident of Georgetown,

and one of said board shan be a cidzena!ild resident of the county out-'

Iri,deof the dti es 0' '¥',asb i 11 gton and Gto:rge to'WIl. They sbaJ:! hold. oil:e;e tre:rm. of o:ffio~ ~ iQf the ~efm. of Four years, unless 8oonerremo,ved by the President of the

Ul1itecl StaWs. The board. ()f public works shan have entire control of PQwen and, .and make all regulatiQIWs 'which tbey sbaH dJ.eem necessluy fOl' keeping in diU:;~!,ts. ... 01 repair the atreets, avenues, alleys, and sewers of' the city, and all other eew:r!~ aiD w,orks which may 'be inulHteaJ to their cbarge by the ],e,gisl!l:ti~e assembly

0,1'. Congress, They shall dl.sbllrse.upon their warrant all moneys app:l!'o·, l1)'iibu!'$emllnt prIa.ted by the U~i_ted ~,tates,.ox the District of Colu~biaJ or ,eolleetedaf mOlley.a;. fl'oom property-holders, mpm'SJ!HIUee of !fl\Ytfbr the lmpl'Oot>e:ment of

streets, avenues, alleys, and sewers, and roads and bridges, and shall

assess in sucl, manner as sbsll be prescribed by law, upon the property and to be specially benefited by the irsprovements autnorized iB;~ttemmts .. . by law and by them, a reasonable proporticn of the cost (If the im-

provement;· not exeeedlng one third of Siuch Ii::Qst, wn,c:h Sum shan 'b~

eolleeted as all other taxes are ooUected,The1' shall make all W:lCeSSHl'Y PrIvate buil~~

regulations respecting the eonstrucrion of ' private buildings, in the District iogs.

of Oolumbia, suQjec.t tOt,116 supeevision of the 1egi:slati've assembly, AU

eentraets made by the rullid bOOl'll of publie works'sna:l! be in writing:, andContraeta. shall be signed by ,the partie,s making the same, and a ·copy th.ereof shall

be .fl:med in th(} offioe 'Of ~hes.ecreta,ry of Ihe Dist,rid, and 6a:id hoard of ]Limit to pO'l'tM' public works shall have no powerto makeconeracts to billa said Dis(rict m (lOllIIk'8ct.

to the payment of ~\ny S:UU1$ of money except In PUl'SIUlO,ce of appropria-

tions rnad,e by law; and tlot until sueh appropria.tions shaH have been

made, All contracts ffi31€le by said board in whiehany :member of said

'board shall be personally lnteeested shall be void. ana no payrneot shaH

'be made thereon by said. Dialt'lct OJ" any offio€ll's t~ereof. o.n Or before

the first }{onday in NrH'e,rubel' of' each ,eal'jthey shall submit to each AnnualrepQrt .. branch of the iegl.slative assembly a report of t~H$il~ transactions dl:u-j()g

the preceding; and also, furnish dtlplieates of the same to ~he gov-

ernor, to be by.him laid before the President of the United States for

tralil.smiss'i:on to the h'>'o houses of Congl.'ess; and shall be paid tlte sum Pa~.

of' two thoasand five hundred dollars eaeh annually_

SEC, 88. An.a he it !urtllerlJ}l(l.()terl, ;rhat the offi,eer,shc,l'~in _p:ovided •. ~ffi~~MII.~~ for, who sha ll be ap poi nted by the P EeSldenti, by Pl'fld \'ll'l til L~,e au v ice ,and. fl~~~~\lI1~Yt: bs consent of the Sem~le, shall be paid by the Uilitp..di 8tate~ byappropria- .Imid bylh() Unitti.o05oo be made by law es hereinbefore provided ; and aU O,'lhe! 0:i316eI',8 ed,~6~,f'iili~:... .

f .. 1, D" . l d" 'b' 1:.' • 'I ]1, L •• 1. b tl . D' t 't ",t",QI' ",.",eera,

o salu ·I$.tl'tct Pl'OVlOie<. lory tillS ftc .. S tau :~e pa')u ,y t ie ." lS,' nc :; That no sll1!~l'y shall be paid to the gover-nor as, :8. memb,gr of' ProvfsQ. the board of public: 'I'lI'orb in addition to his stilary M governo.r, nor ,~ba:H

IJ!ny officer of the arulY appointed UPQO the 'board of public worb receive

ailY mcreaseof pay for such service,

S:l!:c. 39. A"ltd O(.! ii.~ fu:rtlter (lllttCted; That i( Sit IiIny election here!l;neJ~ . Pe~a.l~;r ~.r!~

h ld 1'. ·D',·, L' C' I" 1'·· .. '1.11 k"·;··J eersonate'(]otl!lgl'md

. e .•• m t~lelSltlct 0.1 (Ul~ na, anY.l)81'son S HI. i ~. nowmg y personate il!$gB~eondU(jt

andvote, 01' attempt to vote; m the name of Bny other pe'l"ron~ whether At election,. l'iving,. dead, or 11icti'l,iOlJls" or vote more than osee a.t the same electien fot'

any candidate fQr the 'same office,o'!" vote at a place where be mar not be

entitled to 'Vote, or vote withotlt ha.virnl,g a lawful right to vote, Of do any

unlawful act to secure a l'ight (l,r opportunity to vote for himself or any

other pe.D:'S()O, 0.' by fOl'(,R.,th:reatst menace, or int.imidatwon, bTiberJ';l"ew'ard~

or oiTer, Or prom~$e thereof, or otherwise unlawfully prevent any qualifie,d

voter of' the Distr.ict of Coillmbia from fNely exercising ~he right of

suffrage, or by 8,ny sud]. means Induce any voter to refuse Ito?xercis€I

such F~i,ghtJ' 01' co:mpel or Jaduee, by :any sueh mel'lillS Of otherwise, any

) .. ;


, . Penatt,fol' j~_ .offioorofa:";y election !n saId Diiltrict. t~ receive ~ vote frol1ll a. pe~'on not ~e~l,!~tln!a~d J.~aHyqual~fied ()r.en,tl~led,,to v.'"'te; or mter~ere l~a(ly manner wlth any ~~ef[~~~.8~o~ ,officeI' ef .$3:1d elections in the €bscharge ·of hlsdiutles; or by :a~y unlawful - - .... moans indllce !lny {l,ile-e.r of an el~e!ionl' 0'[' officer whose illlJ.ty u i900 as-

eertain, anncuuee, or declare the rEli!> of fl.n] s(tch elaetion, or SiV60it' mnkeany certificate, dceumem, or evidence in relatIon, dn.t';n:~to" to violate 01:' refuse to 1'lomply,vitb his ddy; or any law regllli'liUng the same ; '01' !knowingly and wilfll~ly receive the vote, of 3:n1 p~l'S:Otl;. not entHled to vote, ,or l'efLiSe to receive the vote of a.nJ peTSOI1 entisled to vote; 01' aid, counsel, procme, oeadvlse any such voter, person, 01' officer to do any a()i> hereby m~.d~ Q, crim.ll! (11' to olt~H 00 do any dllty the omission or whieh is hereby taade-a crime, or attempt to do SiO" every such person shall be deemed guilty of' a crime, and! shall for such crime be Iiableto f>.rosecu~ tion in. any court of Um United States of c,ampelent jur'isdiction, rind on eo!tt1viction tbereof shall b~p.[]ni.shed l.Jy' a fine not exeeeillillg :five hU!ldred d()Ua.t'S, or by imprisonment for III term not exceeding three. yei.u'S,or b01tt, in the discretion of fbe court, and shall pay tbe costs of proseeurion,

ct!Jil.l'te1'8 -or . SEC. 40. And be it jit.rtluJr .o1l.adod! T.brilt the eharters of the cides of

W~$!gk>n and Wm;hirw~ol1l and GoorO'elo~vn shall be repealed on nud! Il.rtsl" th(l. nr-s.t.

'Geo'l'llIa!J6w!t \'6-' ~.,. 0_ . . - - . <l:! . -

eat;!i! frQIU ·day of JUDe,. A. D. elgl~te(m hnndred and,and all omees of

)lI;i;l; l,lS7I,Il:nd said corporntions abolished 1\.& that date; the levy court of the Distriet oft}~=;~l~~~~, of C.;)lt!,m bie. a.nd l~n offtce~, connBcted ~be re wi til sbllli he. abel tS]le,d on and I.1lW$ and or; after saul! first day of June, A.D. eighteen hundred and seventy-one j but dl?~nc.e.~ ,to be '11\ ~lll ~aw8 and.ordinanees of saideides, respectively, and of said levy court,

('Oil,;!.! IIHt!l • . ',.. . • I:,_ . h' . h It .. lOll r· .~ ~1'!!"

:p.·ot UllCQDiSlS~ell't WIlli. t: 19 ftct,.& _3 remam 1tI Ill. toree mth.i XMl{)t(h"ed.

01' repealed by 'Congl'ea~ or the 'I¢gislal;ive assembly of said. District; tbaD Wathll:lg;~1il. portion of saidl Dlstrlet included within the present limits. of ~he city or

Wn,hingtonshaU 'continue to be known as the city of Wa:shingt:on; and

Geo!!'gat'Qwu lhilt portio!} of said Dis'tnc·t indnded. within 'the Iimit~ of the eit.y or Gyo,rg¢to\"'{!l shall ci'j.i'ltilHHll to be 'known as the city of GeorgetowlI; and

Special tax. the t~gisl!ltiveaswm:bly shall h{we power to lai.?y a special tax upon propel'ty, except the pl~operty of the govemmeerof the United. Smles, within the city of Waehingtofl for the payment of the debts of said city;. and upon. pl.'QP£rty, C;tC6p,t the property of tbe government of the United. Stales! within the limits (J,f thedty of Georgetown for the IHlym'Emt of the debts of 8~id city t and npO'1l prop,ei'ty. except the pl'()perty of thegov{Jrmmmt of the U nit.e~lIS!il!t"".s;'Ivi!hirn said Distriet not included \vitilin the:

limits OF uitlll'F' of said. dt,i6s to pay allY debts owing by tbi\,t portion. of said Di s u·i{)r.: PI'oviti~il, That the ebar1ter.$ of said elti,ess.evl'll'ally, and the [,()wtl'ij of s.aid levy cour], shaH be ooutimllw for t-he following pm'P0,;;eS, to wit: l"Ql' ~hc eolleetion of ~Il sums of mloney d~e 1:0 said ddes, respecti l·(~ly,. 01' £.0, said levy court; for the enfcreemeru of ~U eontracts made iby

said eitles, respectively, or by:said levyeeurt, and all taxes) heretofore assessed, rem,annil'lg 'l!1f11paid; for thenoll.e.atioml of aU just elai.ll'ls .aglJoinst Ba.ld . dticEl, respeetively, 01' against SIl,id; h~"y eour't; lor tbe enforcement of 1111 legal contraers n.gaiust 3aidcit.iea, respecth:,ely,or·agai.Mli said levy

. . .' . _ eQUtt.~ limtil tile affitit''S of' said cities, respeclively, and of said levy eourt, Feodmg; shall have heen fully closed i and no ;sui'~ ill favor ·of or ~.g1:linst said {';(H'H poratione, or either of them,shali atia-te by reason of the passage ·of tJiie. Mt, bQt (he same shall be prosecuted to final jwlgment as if this act hed

. .. not heenpassed;

N(l' el.~t.iOI! .. ·ffr)!I' .8. 'lPt.(l, 4.' 1.. A. ~n.i 1;.0. it .. ,;:1 .. , u'j!'a~(J')' e:a~Dte,il, Tllat there $IHl,H b.e 'no ('1,0. c.' tlon

mavol', ~c, 0' . _.J'. . ..•.• _.

Georglltown holden for l):luyorQr members of the commO-I1CQuncil of the: ¢It;y of

fl'lor to, J'une I, Gl.'lorget,()(wl1 prior to, the first day of June, eighteen hendred aua. 8ev~mty.

sn·on(~ but the p:re~ent ,mayor and eommon GOlloci1 of said city shall hold 'N~'tllxes to be their ofli.ce$ nntileald nrst d.ny I)-f June next, No !axes fot' general *]~!tt:~- p,n~'iP(lgeS, shall ~eret\fter be assessed by,tb~ milll~cipal authol'ltiesof U1C 'ijQe.. eities of Washmgtoli 01'· G.oorgetowl'l, or by sa:idi . levy court '. And upon tbe repeal of thechnrter-a: o:f the ¢itiei'iof Waabingmn and Georget,ow:n,

OJl1l.trol'll &Ild levy GOU-I't (:01\linu(ld far :eti'l'~J'!purpoa8!!,

t.b.~ Di:stE·jc!t of Columbia be." and is! to be {he sncc.essorD;~ltlehf OJ)'> of s!\ldcorpol'ationa, and, all tb~ property of said eorpQ·ration.s, and (rjf !~!~~()~:f~~Il; the county ,of Washington, sball become vested in the said District ,or cities ·of Wash· CO~mtliilial' 'Il, nd al] fines; pellalti(';s~ COS'W,llld fQrl'eitures,-whieb are now IQ'nglOJI aDd &-,

b 1 ,,;a '-bl 'll: ,,' • 1 id 1 't, II e0'1!:llt<;lWn. ,C.

,y raw maae paya~e 10 StlH.I elh€:!!~ respeenve y, or S81e )levy court, !l'llSI' 'Fines and -

be pai,d[ ~o said District of Columbia,. and the ,s!cb.riea or the judge and ·oosb. elerk.orth~"PQlice~[ltll't1 tbe,colllpeus, atiQu of th;i?e~u7Y clerk and!;baHitfs

of said pollee ,c-ourt,amI of the mar.shall of the i),is,inc!)' of Oolrumbls,s,EmU

be piliid by said Distriet : Provided,. the :IDQU,eYSCQnecme-d upon. the Sal.arieil ,of jll~~roe!lt5 of said police couT4 01' so much thel'-eof asmaybe necessary, ju.dge_ll:~d otli'!l!'_

hUb '1" d h . f -h lari f h '.1 d ·oJic~ f)i pollco

s_ ~hl, e app ie to t ie p!'l:yment 0 ,t, e sa anea 0 te Jlll,fge ,all,' ot-her (IOUt4. ,.

oill:C>eI'1l of sa,idl court, and to' the payment, of the lle·OOSls:ary expeases

thel"ooi;al'ld any surplus I''emalDlllg' after paying th(.} sllial'ieS; WIDP SUl'j'illll.s t.Q be.

tiOD.i ,and expenses aforesaid, shan be paid inti) t.he treasurv of the, District Pt-lIi.d.irtto the,

• ," J reasury.

,at t.he end of every 'qU!;a.rtelt. . -

M;l'B,OVE.D.,. Fehrlial"Y 21, 1871.

CRAP., LXU], -.An A~ to ckm!J~ ihlJ Ti~'for hQ1.difl(J the ii~trlc! a~iJ ~iri(Jjjit. C-oms 0/ !Feb, :at. U'11.

the Ui'li~ed /;}lates ,at Erie, PenlW!lj'lJ(.miu; . -

Be i.~ lftjJ(lcud by the S$na~e !l1td .House W Repre:sen,taUve's oj the United

$lIlies of Ame.ric'(dn OongT-8$,. (1s$smbletl,. Tbat from :1ndafterthis date the , . T.e-.rmsofUnitiJlIlIY.,terms of' thed~isl~'ict afDdp. cit'cOIllt ,courts ()fEd~e l.!nil.l.t@dStatesinl fl:lld :t~r~t":JI1lrta for u~e w,ester:o.:i.strnot o:enllsy vauia, ~t,ld6, shal I, be cOIll.menced. .. ~- ~ .•

and held! on a.ndafter tile tJlird Monday of July in. each year; and the

Jauuili'Y terms of said OOUI'It a:t the same place shall be commenced and

held ill,; Erie~ Pennsylvania, on and afte:r t.he seeond Monday in January

Elf ·each ye:ar. -

APPROVE)!), F()brllnry 21, 187 t,

C8..AP. LXXV.~ An Act (il prlMde jbl'tkAl'portionmel1t qftke ,l:temool'!; oj' ,(M le-gl~' Feb.2I., 187.1,

latille ASS~1!l)!y .i;j Ihe Terrif.l:1t1J'qj' OolorodfJ. -

Be it enacted' by the' S(l1!m'e mul House of ,R:epres~1it()dve$ ol tlw United

S(O.te-8 of Amf!n:ca 1t'1!/, O:ragr:(ls8 ~sembled; T.~n.t· it sball be the duty of tb.eAppol'tlnnment

gO, = e, 1:'.1'10,.-1" cbi{JfJ'~);stic,iE).-. anil,'il':'n'ited Stat.e.~ aU.(H'ile,'v.: t, or .. the Terr:it.ory of.Gol- ofm.e'mb.e.I"S".: !l:,f -. II. ' v. - ..'.. . ' .x. -. '" the legisJEltif"

orado, on or beforethe Best dillY of June nest, to make an appoeuonment aS58:rublyof Co~.

of die members of ~lie council and bouse M' l'eprresentati".~s of tbe said ota-do. Te'rritoIl'Y, among the several di~trictsj. for the eleetion of members ,of

the eounoil and house oj,f repreeentadves, giving to each seetion I~f th'e ..

Te.rritoryrepre~entatio!l if! nario of its populadQn,~s DMl'. Q.$,'. Bl:IlY be, as ], .1~nt._fO ofpopu-

, .' d bv tb 1., b I.. ." t!' 'I.. U 't a 8' .,~ . a 1001.

aacertstaed . yw.le census, ' y al:ltu[li,"l;tyo:I' tue :. Ole, - tates 10 .

the year eigbteen tllwdred an.dsgv~nty. _

SEC. 2.. And be i't fit..l'tMr en(!!deri. That it shall. be thedut.y of said .. Omnia] Qer~il" gov~~Il()r,ch1ef.Jllilt~ce, and United S~t6s ~ak_~ an offici~l flo~r:!:fprn:~ eertiflcate showmg the number of membersof the ·C-OU[jH~I_] and h~use of repr'(lsen!a.l:ives tlla eeveral di$trict·s of said, Territory ere entitled [1.0]: as

appOlrtiolled under th.e provisions of this act, and flle sa>id, certificate ill

the office of tn·e secretary of saId Terr.itl)rYJ ODor beH$'l'e the nrat da:yof

July next, and sald apport;i,onmElllt so made shaU, ~ebeld tQ- ~e. ~he

proper and legal appurtlonment for theroembers of the D'ext lsgislative

a:Stsemhlyof the T,er:ritory of Colorado.

AI'F'ri.OYED, Febt'uEu'y 21, 1871.