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The Sanskrit word mantra- consists of the root- man- "to
think" (also manas "mind") and the –tra- meaning, tool,
hence a literal translation would be "instrument of thought".
Mantras are interpreted to be effective as sound (vibration),
to the effect that great emphasis is put on correct
pronunciation). They are intended to deliver the mind from
illusion and material inclinations. Chanting is the process of
repeating a mantra (JAPA).
A mantra is a thought manifest in, or encapsulated by, a
sacred utterance that possesses profound spiritual
significance. They are powerful vibrations., A Mantra is
sacred and spiritually beneficial. By chanting a mantra
repeatedly with love and devotion a person can become
spiritually illumined. He develops a pure mind, which enables
him to see God.
Life is a mixture of known, unknown and mystical. Known is
very limited and the unknown is very vast. We must learn to
appreciate the known, work on the unknown and connect to
the areas of Mystery. This will give a sense of wonderment
and sense of awe. In this dimension of mystery comes the
Mantras. They create powerful positive vibrations. This can
be experienced when we visit a sacred place. We feel a
sense of calmness and get drowned into that vibration.
Mantras help to unlock mysteries which logic cannot explain.
It is like a child cannot understand how from a seed the tree
grows and wonders so also the mystery ie the invisible
cannot be understood by an ordinary mind filled with
negativities. This is the sensuous mind. Once we drop the
sensuous mind and operate from the sacred mind we start
experiencing Godliness. We wear shoes to the feet and
when we go to a temple or a sacred place we remove the
shoes before entering. We touch the earth with our physical
feet. We touch our life with psychological foot. The mind
also has certain shoes. They are kama (desires), krodha
.(jeleasy) . in order to operate from the sacred mind one has
to remove all these shoes as they pollute the mind. This is
where Mantras come to our aid. Chanting mantra promotes
harmony and healing on all levels. Mantra can awaken our
spiritual self, connecting us to the source of all power, not
only for personal benefit but also for the good of all others.
All mantras have six aspects, a seer or rishi (Mantras have
always come down from master to disciple, beginning with
the ancient seers, or rishis), a raga (tone,music), a presiding
deity (Devata, a definitive form) seed- its source of potency
sound (Bija ), the power held within the mantra (Shakti) and
pillar- the will power that an aspirant must gain (Kilaka).
It is believed that through mantra chanting, one attains
concentration and focus on the chosen deity or the main
idea of the mantra. One can attain peace of mind quickly by
chanting mantra. With constant practice, the inherent power
of the Mantra (Mantra-Shakti) will be awakened, which will
fill the very existence with the Divinity of the Mantra.
Mantras help to heal us-(body),help us to understand-(mind)
and help to transform and transcend, so they are magical.
Feel the Mantra, feel the music of the Mantra, feel the
silence generated. Then transformation happens. Extend the
gaps deeply merging in the silence and be sensitive to the
silence. Then Mantra leads you to merge in the silence.