The APP Group’s production facilities are located in Sumatra and Java, with its head office in Jakarta, Indonesia. APP manufactures pulp, tissue products, office and graphic paper products, stationery, and packaging under the APP brand and numerous proprietary brands and private labels. APP’s total combined pulp, paper and packaging capacity in Indonesia is 7 million tons annually. • Specialty: Color Briefcard, Color Computer Paper, Color Photocopy Paper, Color Photocopy Paper High Smoothness, Color Woodfree, Color Woodfree High Smoothness, Cup Stock Base, Drawing Paper, Embossed Briefcard, Joss Paper, Litho, Quran Paper, Release Base Paper, Stiffner Board and Wet Strength Paper. • Stationery: Drawing Book, Exercise Book, Hard Back Book, Jumbo Block, Loose Leaf, Pad, Perfect Binding Book and Spiral. • Publishing: Added Value and Binding Accessories, Case Bound (Hard Cover Book), Dutch Bound/Flexy Bound, Saddle Stitched and Wire O/Concealed Wire O • Fancy Products: Boxes, Educational Materials, Euro Shoppers, Fancy Sheet, File Folders, Gift Bags, Gift Wrappers, Jumbo Block and Value Bags.


In Indonesia, APP has created more than 70,000 current jobs and more than 1 million jobs around the world in downstream and supporting industries.


Marketed to more than 65 countries across six continents, APP’s product lines include a wide range of tissue, office and graphic paper products, packaging, and stationery under the APP brand and numerous proprietary and private labels. APP’s product lines include:
• Coated Paper and Paper Board: Blue Center Art Board, Carbonless, Cast Coated and Coated Art. • Printing: Preprint, Recycle Woodfree, Semi High Smoothless Woodfree, White Briefcard and White Woodfree. • Industrial Packaging: Carton Box, Chipboard, Duplex, Fluting Medium, Folding Box Board, High Bulk Ivory, Ivory Board, Kraft Liner/Brown Test Liner, Offset Printing, Solid Bleach Board, Triplex and White Top Liner. • Office Products: Banker Envelope, Coated Inkjet Paper, Diamond Envelope, Digital Uncoated Paper, Photocopy Paper, Photocopy Paper High Smoothless, Pocket Envelope, Preprint, Register Roll, Stock Form, Uncoated Inkjet Paper and Wallet Envelope. • Tissue: Facial Tissue, Napkin Tissue, Toilet Tissue, Towel Tissue and Wet Tissue.


APP’s production facilities are considered to be among the most advanced and environmentally efficient in the global pulp and paper industry, enabling cleaner production. Each independently owned and operated, the facilities include:
• PT. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk. A fully integrated pulp and paper mill in Riau Province, operates two manufacturing facilities in Banten Province that produce paper and packaging products, respectively. The first Indah Kiat mill was built in Tangerang, Banten in 1976, and started commercial production in 1979. • PT. Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia Tbk. The top manufacturer of writing/printing paper and stationery in Indonesia was founded in 1972 as a small caustic soda manufacturer in East Java Province. The company was listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in April 1990. Today, with an area of 200 hectare, Tjiwi Kimia is one of the world’s largest single-site stationery manufacturer.


• PT. Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills which has manufacturing facilities at two sites in West Java Province. Pindo Deli manufactures carbonless paper, cast-coated paper, photocopy paper, tissue, art paper, uncoated wood-free paper and other specialty papers such as embossed paper. Its luxury line of products includes high quality tissue for facial, handkerchiefs, toilet rolls, household towels and napkins. The two Pindo Deli Mills in West Java Province started commercial production in 1977 and 1997 respectively. • PT. Lontar Papyrus Pulp & Paper Industry is situated in Jambi Province, Sumatra, which started commercial production of pulp in December 1994. In addition, Lontar PM#1 began production in October 1998 at the Jambi site, producing tissue paper. • PT. Ekamas Fortuna has its production operation in East Java. It manufactures corrugated medium, kraft liner, core board, chip board, wrapping paper, paper tube/core, and laminating paper. Commercial production started in March 1994.

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