D&D Heroscape Wave 2 & 3

WAVE 2: Warriors of Eberron
• Pack 1: Common Pack Golem and Wyrmlings Includes one Uncommon Iron Golem, 4 Common Wyrmlings, and a Treasure Glyph.


you may place this figure on any same-level space(s) within 10 spaces of its .Bracers of Teleportation Temporary Treasure Glyph This figure may use these bracers before moving. Instead of moving normally.

• Pack 2: Common Pack Veterans of the Last War Includes one Uncommon Werewolf Lord. If this figure is engaged when it starts to teleport. one Common Squad of 3 Warforged Soldiers. and one Treasure Glyph. it will not take any leaving engagement attacks. . one Uncommon Mind Flayer Mastermind. 3 Lycanthrope Markers.current location.

Cloak of Invisibility Temporary Treasure Glyph This figure may use this cloak at any point during its turn. This figure has no visible Hit Zones until the end of the current round or until it attacks with a .

This figure will never take any leaving engagement attacks while invisible. whichever comes first. • Pack 3: Common Pack Ogre and Goblins Includes one Uncommon Ogre Warhulk. one squad of 4 Goblin Cutters. .normal or special attack. and one Treasure Glyph.

Mika Connour. Also included are 2 Shadow Tiles and one Treasure Glyph.Belt of Giant Strength Temporary Treasure Glyph This figure may use this belt before rolling attack dice for a normal attack against an adjacent figure. Heirloom. • Pack 4: Unique Pack Heroes of Khorvaire Includes 5 Unique figures: Kurrok the Elementalist. This figure adds 2 additional dice when attacking with a normal attack this turn. and Shurrak. . Rhogar Dragonspine.



Brooch of Shielding Permanent Treasure Glyph This figure is never attacked when leaving an engagement WAVE 3: Moltenclaw • Pack 1: Common Pack Bugbears and Orcs – contains a 3-figure bugbear squad: “Horned Skull Brutes”. and three . a 3-figure orc squad: “Death Chasers of Thesk”. one treasure glyph.

• Pack 2: Common Pack Advocates of Annihilation – contains one large Ogre Pulverizer.stat cards. a 2-figure .

and 2 exoskeleton markers. .Mezzodemon squad: “Mezzodemon Warmongers”. a 2-figure Death Knight squad: “Death Knights of Valkrill”. one treasure glyph. four stat cards.

. one large Master of the Hunt. one large Ice Troll Berserker. one treasure glyph.• Pack 3: Common Pack Icewind Scourge™ – contains one large Frost Giant of Morh. and four stat cards.

The Frostrager Evar Scarcarver. Eltahale. and the dragon Moltenclaw. the Warforged Juggernaut.• Pack 4: Unique Pack Heroes of Fallcrest™ – contains 4 Heroes. Siege. one treasure glyph. . the Goliath Warden. and five stat cards.


Permanent Treasure Glyphs: .

ignore all wounds just received. ignore one of the wounds just received. and is not affected by any special powers on any Army Card or Glyph while on the board. This figure may use this scarab whenever it receives one or more wounds.Giant Hunter Stone (+1 VS large or huge) This figure rolls an additional die when attacking or defending against large or huge figures. This figure may use this tome after revealing an order marker on its Army Card. While the placed figure is on the board consider all of its special powers to be negated. The placed figure is considered to have a life of 1. Scarab of Invulnerability (Ignore Wounds): Included in the "Valkrill’s Legion” set. . Roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 1-15. Place one previously destroyed Unique figure from your Army onto any empty space(s) within 5 clear sight spaces of this figure. Immediately make a normal attack with the placed figure.Ancient Artifact (Unnatural Revival) Included in the "Heroes of Fallcrest" set. Oceanstrider Amulet (Waterwalking) This figure does not have to stop its movement when entering water spaces. then immediately destroy the placed figure. Temporary Treasure Glyphs: Revenant’s Tome. Before taking that turn with this figure. If you roll a 16 or higher.

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