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‘He is your shield and helper and
your glorious sword’
These are the words that appear on
this month’s front cover and I have to
admit that God has certainly been my
helper in producing this month’s
edition of the Parish News! I really
did not know at the beginning of the
Easter holidays how I was going to
VICAR: The Rev Stephen Bowen find the time to give to the children
The Vicarage, Felbridge, and the magazine over the past few
West Sussex RH19 2QT weeks. Amazingly and thanks to
Tel: 01342 321524 willing contributors, the magazine has
Fax: 0870 9156268 been completed in record time! I’ve certainly learnt a lesson about putting
Vicar’s day off: Thursday my trust in God! The children have
enjoyed several long cycle rides as
ASSOCIATE MINISTER: well as played a mammoth monopoly
Michael Peach game and I’ve even had time to get
5 Burns Way, East Grinstead, some gardening done! (Well if you’ve
West Sussex RH19 1SA ever seen our garden, you’ll
Tel: 01342 312406 understand that I really mean ‘battled with the nettles’). If anyone has any
Michael’s day off: Friday good tips on how to get rid of nettles,
please let me know—my hands are
still stinging from the encounter. I
JUNE: Articles for this Issue to always have a vision of looking out of
be handed in by the kitchen window onto a beautiful
flowery landscape, but it is going to
SUNDAY 15TH MAY take much more hard work on my
part. I should have done as Maureen
Please e-mail your articles to did and got the weeding done in, March! Lindsey
put them in the editor’s pigeon
hole in the church entrance, or
post them to Lindsey Saunders Cover photo:
at The Bungalow, Saint Hill
Reflections of summer at Wakehurst
Farm, Saint Hill Green, East
Grinstead, RH19 4NG. Place by Gordon Wilkinson

Dear Friends
The early Christians encountered Perhaps he wasn’t really dead—
a lot of opposition. In one place perhaps he swooned on the cross
people said, ‘These men who and regained consciousness in the
have turned the world upside cool of the tomb. But Roman
down have come here also’ (Acts soldiers who were experienced in
17:6 ESV). It wasn’t exactly them such matters were surprised to
that were turning the world upside find him already dead—and stuck
down: it was their message. And a spear in his side to make sure.
one aspect of their message in
particular: the astounding claim People feel we’ve got to find a way
that Jesus Christ had risen from of discrediting this claim. Because
the dead. if it is true, it means there really is
a God, and he has power over life
People in those days knew well and death; and Jesus of Nazareth
enough that death was final. They really is who he claimed to be, and
didn’t find it any easier than we the things he said must be true.
do to accept the notion that a
dead person could return to life. And that has so many implications
for us! It offers wonderful hope—
It was such an incredible claim death is not the end, and the
that in those early days, just as power of life has overcome it. But
today, people had to cast around it also brings a massive challenge:
for some other explanation. if these things are true then we
Perhaps it was a delusion, the must respond to Jesus’ call to
product of disturbed imaginations. follow him and put our lives in his
But there were so many people hands!
who were eye-witnesses and saw Yours sincerely,
him risen from the dead!
Perhaps it was what they were
expecting, so they convinced
themselves it had happened. But
when they wrote the story down
they recorded that they had had
no such confidence. They were
devastated when he died!


Through the week at St. John’s

8am Holy Communion on 8th & 22nd May
10am Morning Service
6pm Evening Service
1.30pm WI first Tuesday of the month in the Village Hall

2pm Watercolour on Wednesdays in the Church Hall

10.30am WIGS at the Old Pheasantry, Woodcock Hill
(home of June Clark)
6-7.30pm JAFFA club in the Church hall on 5thth May
7.30-9pm JAFFA Plus in the Church hall on 5th May

8am—9am Prayer breakfast on 1st May
8.30—10am Men’s breakfast on 7th May at 5 Burns Way

‘The state of a Christian who is soundly converted is full of comfort,

when he shall think every day brings me nearer my glory; every day
I rise I am somewhat happier than I was the day before, because I
am somewhat more glorious and nearer to eternal glory..."‘
This quotation (put into slightly more modern English) is taken from Richard
Sibbes’ book, The Excellency of the Gospel above the Law , a 17th Century book
based entirely on 2 Corinthians 3:18.


Sunday Services
1st May 10am Family Service & baptism
6pm Holy Communion with Frank Gough
8th May 8am Holy Communion with Jack Baker
10am Morning Service with Peter Davies
6pm Evening Service with Andy Brown
15th May 10am Holy Communion Service with Stephen Bowen
6pm Raise the Roof with Michael Peach
22nd May 8am Holy Communion with Stephen Bowen
10am Morning Service with Michael Peach
6pm Evening Service with Stephen Bowen
29th May 10am Holy Communion with Stephen Bowen
6pm Evening Service with Michael Peach

Upcoming Events
Jaffa Club for children in classes 3-6 on 5th May at 6pm in the Church Hall.
Jaffa Plus for children in years 7-10 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall
Art Exhibition on 14th May in the church Hall
Christianity Explored Course starting on 12th May at 5 Burns Way


Raise the Roof is a fun, action-packed
service, presenting Jesus’ message through music,
dance and drama. The next service is on:
Sunday 15th May
Rehearsal 4.15pm Scrummy tea 5.30pm
Service 6-6.40pm
If you’d like to join in playing an instrument, acting, dancing or singing - young
or old, beginner or pro - contact Kris Defriend on 01342 312788 or

CHRISTIANITY EXPLORED is a course that gives the opportunity to consid-
er what the Bible says about questions like these: Who is Jesus? Why did he
come? What does it mean to follow him?
Anyone can come along to Christianity Explored, whether you feel you know
nothing about Jesus, or would just like to revisit the fundamental things again.
We have run a number of Christianity Explored courses at St John’s and here are
the reflections of Oliver and Amy Marshall who were members of one recent
Q) Why did you go on Christianity Explored?
We attended Christianity Explored as we were new to St John's and wanted to
expand our knowledge of what it means to be a Christian.
Q) What was it like?
The course was presented in a way that was easy for us to understand and related
Christianity to the modern world by using the study book and DVD to support
Q) Are you pleased you went to Christianity Explored? What did you get out of
We are really pleased we attended Christianity Explored as it gave us a clearer
idea of what it means to be a Christian and Christ's role in taking on our sin. It
has really made us reflect on how we should live our life.
The next Christianity Explored course starts at 8pm on Thursday 12th May at
Michael and Lizzy Peach’s house (5 Burns Way) and will run for 7 weeks. Do
contact Michael or Lizzy if you are interested in joining: 01342 312 406,

Felbridge W.I. For those who are not coming to the
lunch our meeting starts at l.30pm to
3.30pm on the first Tuesday of the
WE WERE pleased to welcome two
month at the Village Hall. Please do
visitors at our meeting and also
come along.
Simon Kerr, East Grinstead’s
Tourism Officer who gave us a very Felbridge Village News
interesting and lively talk on the
places of interest for visitors, Ken Harwood is, unfortunately, in the
mentioning Sackville College, the Princess Royal Hospital with
environment of Ashdown Forest and pneumonia so we do send him our best
the Bluebell Railway. Part of wishes and thank Ros White – Clerk to
Simon’s remit is to encourage the Parish Council for the following
business in the area and he reminded items.
us that once the Bluebell comes to Bert Webber gave a very interesting
East Grinstead we will have a influx talk on the Felbridge Village Website
of visitors both from the train and and would encourage more volunteers
also those who will travel here to get to join them, especially younger
on the train so business should residents with new ideas. Please send
thrive. Our competition was a any items to their e mail address
holiday souvenir and Simon had to
pick out the best three out of 21 The website is updated regularly so do
entries. use it for information.
Our May meeting will involve Planning permission has been granted
discussing Resolutions to put before for a tarmac footpath across the green
the Government showing our from the puffin crossing and a
concern over the closure of libraries fingerpost sign is to be erected on the
and mega farming. We will start off green where the five new trees and
with a fish and chip lunch and finish spring flowers are making a very
with a tombola with a prize for colourful display.
Finally, may I please remind residents
We were very pleased to fill sixteen that all parishioners are welcome at
bags with toiletries, and needy items Parish Council meetings which are held
for the homeless women who arrive on the first Thursday each month
with nothing at the Open House in (except August and January). The first
Crawley. This was our Women for ten minutes of every meeting are
Women project which is being run available for parishioners to raise
by W.I. Institutes. matters of local interest or concern.

Village Fair
Saturday 18th June
At the Village Hall
Fun, games, craft,
bargains & food


Bring and Buy. Plants, cuttings, books, home baking.
At the village Hall
Bring at 8.15pm . Buy at 8.30pm.
Followed by Cheese and Wine


10am until 4pm
An opportunity, without obligation or charge, to experience sailing on the lake
with one of our experienced helms.
Dress according to the climate so if it is raining do not be put off, just wear a
lightweight rainproof jacket. In all climates please come with some soft soled
shoes so that you have some grip and will not damage the boats. It is advisable to
bring a spare pair of footwear and socks etc., just in case. We will supply a
buoyancy aid (floatation device) for the duration of your trip round the lake.
Although staying dry cannot be guaranteed with a water sport it is not our
intention to get anyone wet. A change of footwear is recommended.
The boats we typically use at our open days are the big and stable ones like
GP14s and Wanderers, but the emphasis is on providing enough space for a
couple of visitors at a time to take to the water with one of our helms.

Muses in the Bulrushes
THE LAST filaments of the fluffy
pale cream seeds are wafting
away from the bulrushes of the
village pond. Some will fall and die
on the A22; some are being
picked up by a pair of blue tits to softeneth all sorrows’. The Anglo
line their nest; some have fallen Saxons called them Day's Eyes
on to the squishy mud between because they close at night.
the sedges round the edges to Botanically they are of the Aster
produce new rushes and fulfil a family which has some 25,000
good parable. members including the dandelion.
Turning to Proverbs, one swallow At the Eastbourne Bible by The
doesn't make a Summer, so I'll Beach, we should be able to see
take a couple more sips and a the newly observed discovery of the
gulp of Joan's elderflower cordial Seagull Watch, whereby flocks of
to see if more have arrived since roosting gulls have sentinel gulls
the one flying over Imberhorne which stay awake and watch for
Farm on April 6th. Today's new predators while their comrades
ones will no doubt perch on the sleep. The sleepers then take turns
telephone wire, go on line and to wake and watch on a rota basis,
twitter. lest danger take them unawares.
The daffodils and other bulbs Hoverflies are appearing, rapidly
obtained from Surrey County beating wings keeping them
Council for our Parish, have motionless until, with a sideways
brightened up the Green and dart, they poise in a different
many yards of verge and the dull position. Names include the
corners. Now we are told by the Marmalade and the Common
National Trust that our bluebells Banded and all are of the Syrphus
will be in bloom two weeks earlier family. Their yellow and black
than normal this year. Last year colouring may lead to confusion
they were two weeks later than with bees or wasps, but their larvae
normal. That's the Balance of consume great quantities of aphids
Nature for you. in our gardens.
Chaucer called the daisies that Last month we visited family in
stud our lawn ‘that blissful sight Singapore and stayed a week with

them on the magical Malaysian helped us to realise that though
island of Langkawi in the sometimes nothing much stirs
Andaman Sea. Among the wildlife above the waters of the ordinary,
in Singapore we met, at a occasionally there can be
wateringhole, a pair of Wilkinsons multiple revelations of the world's
on passage to Borneo and a wonder, or beauty, or the love of
family of Youngs with three God.
young. They send their best Peter Bateman.
wishes and are all well. The now
resident Thomsons (Batemans)

God doesn’t do waste, Redeeming the
whole of Life by Dave Bookless
This book is a captivating description of an ordinary man’s journey through
life, about roots and belonging, suffering and healing, identity and
meaning, faith and doubt—the really deep issues that affect our daily life.
Dave Bookless is completely open about his times of doubt and anger. He
describes his struggles, but also how God spoke to him and used him in his
weaknesses to build a church and develop the work of A Rocha in the UK.
It’s encouraging, inspiring, it’s challenging—a ‘must-read’ book!!
If anyone would like to borrow a copy, please contact Lindsey Saunders


If you have a look at a family album you will begin to get an idea of the
events which have occurred in the life of that particular family. John’s
gospel gives a snapshot of Jesus’ life and the lives he changed. Here is
John’s story of Jesus the Saviour of the world who came in flesh to forgive
sins. Simon Vibert invites us to come and see the lives Jesus changed.
I have enjoyed reading this book, each chapter is about a person or group
of people who Jesus met, and the changes he made to their lives, and how
he can transform our lives. It is a fairly easy read, which can be read in
small chunks, I would recommend it!
Diane Francis

Who is Jesus?
This might seem like an obvious In our evening services from May
questions – but in our society through to August we’ll be looking
there are lots of versions of together at Paul’s first letter to the
Jesus: Jesus the cute baby, church in Corinth. This is a very
Jesus the misunderstood teacher, practical letter helping us to see how
Jesus the kind man, Jesus the we should live as God’s people.
preacher of peace, and many We’ll look at what it means to be
more. How can we know who God’s church, and at God’s
Jesus really is? surprising approach to true wisdom.
We’ll look at how to treat one
In our morning services in May
another in the church and how we
we are going to look at who Jesus
should (and shouldn’t) use our gifts.
himself says he is in John’s
We’ll cover personal issues like
Gospel. Over 5 weeks we’ll see
marriage and singleness, and how
what Jesus says about his
these relate to living for Christ. We’ll
identity and mission. We’ll see
look at how a Christian decides what
that Jesus claims to be nothing
things in the world around to avoid
less than the divine Son of God,
and which to join in with (with a clear
the bread that brings eternal life,
conscience). We’ll also see how
the light of the world, and the only
Christ’s resurrection guarantees our
way to God the Father.
The claims of Jesus are amazing,
Please do come and think more
and we cannot be indifferent to
about, How then should I live?
them! If we believe what Jesus
says it will change us forever. Had to miss a talk?
Please do join us as we look
together at Jesus’ life changing If you miss a talk at one of our
claims. services then you can catch up
online at:
How then should I live?
How does trusting Jesus affect
Here the most recent sermons are
our life? How does it affect how
listed on the right, and older
we live as the church? How does
sermons can be accessed through
it affect our relationships? How
the link to the sermon archive.
does it affect how we interact with
a world that does not follow

Wedding Open Evening Thursday 26th May
The Felbridge Hotel and Spa Wedding Open Evening is a fantastic opportunity to
get a real idea of what your wedding would be like at The Felbridge Hotel and
Spa. 6pm - 9pm, admission FREE.
All of our wedding facilities will be set up for a wedding for you to view and
our Wedding Coordinators will be on hand to discuss your requirements
and show you the range of suites available at the Hotel for your Wedding
Ceremony or Reception.
Enjoy a glass of champagne and some canapés on arrival and then have a browse
around the hotel. Our Beauty Therapists will be there too so you can talk to them
about your hair and make-up ideas for your big day.
Confirm your wedding at the Open Day and receive 10% off your wedding in
You can also view the gorgeous Honeymoon Suite and luxurious Chakra Spa.
For more information on holding your Wedding at The Felbridge Hotel and Spa
please contact us by calling 01342 337700 or by
* Terms and conditions apply

St. John’s ‘Watercolour on Wednesday’ Group

Exhibition on Saturday 14th May
10.00am - 5.00pm
in the Church Hall.
A variety of paintings will be for sale at reasonable
prices. Refreshments will be served all day, including light lunches.
Proceeds will go to The Church Building Fund. Do put the date in
your diary, come along and bring your friends and family.
Admission - Free.

Why are Christians such hypocrites?
From time to time there is an article in Everyone, both Christians and non-
every newspaper about some Christians do things wrong before God
Christian minister or regular – what the Bible calls sin. If we claim
churchgoer who has done something we don’t, the Bible says that we are
unkind, unpleasant or even illegal. deceiving ourselves. However, John
Maybe you have personally been goes on: ‘If we confess our sins, he is
badly treated by someone who is a faithful and just and will forgive us our
Christian. Why? sins and purify us from all
unrighteousness’ (1 John 1:9). The
No doubt some of the people who do
amazing promise of the Bible is that
these things are only Christians in
God will forgive everyone who turns to
name – they might say that they are
Jesus, confessing that we have done
Christians but they have no genuine
wrong and instead choosing to trust in
trust in Jesus. However, even allowing
for these pretend-Christians, there are
many, many others who seem to be Understanding all this helps us answer
genuine and sincere Christian our question. Since a Christian is a
believers, but still do unkind, unloving forgiven-wrongdoer, rather than a
and inappropriate things. perfect good person, then on one level
we should not be surprised when
To understand why this is we need to
Christians do wrong things. That said, it
understand what it means to be a
should also shock us, for trusting in
Christian. A Christian is not someone
Jesus should change all that we do!
who is basically good in all that they
do and who thinks they are right Every Christian still does things wrong
before God because of it. Actually a and messes up, sometimes very badly.
Christian is someone who knows that However, every Christian is perfectly
they are not good; that they do many forgiven because Jesus has taken their
wrong things before God and before sin and its punishment on himself, and
others. A Christian is someone who because of being loved and forgiven by
knows that they are bad and that they Christ, every Christian will seek with
need forgiveness. God’s help to live each day more and
more like Christ. This process will not
John, one of the New Testament
be complete in this life though, and so
writers says this: ‘If we claim to be
imperfect Christians are the only ones
without sin, we deceive ourselves and
you will meet!
the truth is not in us’ (1 John 1:8). Michael Peach

gardeners to get ahead early – lots of
weeding, hoeing and emptying some
of the compost heaps and giving
everything a good mulch. The newly
emerging leaves on the trees are
always such a bright, fresh green,
often a lime green especially the
shrubs like spiraea. Others are almost a
vivid citrus yellow and there is also the
Gardeners are always planning bright foliage of the physocarpus
ahead. I am already making notes of ‘Darts Gold’. May is the month that
plans for next year! The beautiful the colours of early spring really start
cherry blossom has gone, but I am to heat up and give way to the reds and
looking forward to the apple blossom purples of shrubs like cotinus,
which will be at its best at the end of photinia, pieris and acers.
this month. Then we can look even
If like me you have a clematis
further ahead to the picking of the
montana then it needs keeping under
fruit in the autumn.
control. As soon as it has finished
I am also assessing the losses of the flowering, shorten unruly stems and
harsh winter. The dahlia tubers that remove any damaged ones and also
had performed so well for years had any dead growth. The hellebores
gone soft and mushy and were past should be deadheaded now and any
saving. So we have got to start again. shabby leaves tidied up. Then give
The bud blast on the rhododendron them a good feed now and feed them
was worse this year and so we have again in the early autumn. This is also
had to cut our losses and chop it a good time to divide your larger
down. But nature is very clumps of primroses and polyanthas.
unfathomable sometimes. We lost a Start hardening off frost-tender
well-established penstemon bedding plants and vegetable seedlings
‘Flamingo’ and yet the delicate little by placing them outside during the
cuttings of it survived as did the day. At the end of this month it will be
small acer seedlings. However, it safe to plant everything out ready for
was a very good year for the the riot of summer colour.
hellebores, primroses, cowslips and
Be encouraged by recent research
camellias and it all looked so
which shows that gardening makes one
beautiful in the sunshine.
more active, optimistic and gives one a
The early spring sunshine in March zest for life!
was a bonus and a joy enabling Maureen Reynolds

Thousands hear gospel from Chilean miner during UK tour

Thousands hear the gospel from Chile, I was tasked with calling the
a Chilean miner and mission nation to prayer, and the whole
partner during their UK tour. world saw the power of prayer.
Imagine what could happen here if
More than 16,000 people packed everyone in the UK rededicated
into churches, town halls and themselves to prayer!’ As a result,
conference centres across the UK hundreds of people have agreed
to hear Chilean miner, Jose to commit to regular prayer for
Henriquez, and mission partner, mission through CMS.
Alf Cooper, share a powerful
story of rescue and redemption Other outcomes from the ‘34th
through Jesus. Man’ tour included hundreds of
people declaring that they wanted
Widespread media coverage, to follow Jesus. Alf told the story
from the BBC, the Times, Sky of a taxi driver who drove him and
News and several other outlets Jose to Heathrow and ended up
brought the message of God’s praying that Jesus would enter his
love to thousands more. life.
‘We were encouraged that the Alf and Jose also visited mining
BBC, by putting Jose’s testimony areas in north-east England,
up prominently on their site, which are still struggling following
actually shared the gospel with strikes and closures. When they
thousands,’said John Martin, who shared their story at Kirkby
coordinated press and media for Miners’ Welfare, it was standing
the two-week UK tour, which was room only with hardly a dry eye in
called ‘The 34th Man’ as the 33 the place.
rescued miners had previously
testified to the presence of a ‘34th ‘The local minister has since
man’ – Jesus – being with them rededicated his life to mission in
through their 69-day ordeal. that community,’ said CMS staff
member Gaenor Hall, who
Whilst Jose and his wife Blanca arranged the meeting. ‘He will be
moved audiences to tears with giving a DVD of the event to every
their account, mission partner Alf church in the area.’
Cooper, who also serves as
Protestant chaplain to President Summing up the tour, Alf said,
Pinera of Chile, issued a powerful ‘Jose would only tour under the
call to prayer to UK Christians. ‘In condition that our speaking would

permit calling people to Jesus. The tour was briefly interrupted
We felt that this was a realistic by a request from US President
approach to mission today, Barack Obama for Jose and Alf to
mission sponsored by CMS from attend the annual US National
Chile to Europe, the other way Prayer Breakfast. ‘He was visibly
around to traditional mission moved by Jose’s story and later
enterprise. We could see that the commented to us how he
UK is hungering for spiritual admired Jose’s leadership skills,’
reality.’ said Alf.


Who are we? What do we need?

CARE is a local self-funding charity We would like more members of
which St John’s helped to found in local churches to offer their services
1988, as a means of Christian as drivers and gardeners, duty
outreach by local churches. It seeks officers and shoppers. Duty officers
to help people within the community are based in their own homes. The
in a practical way who have period of duty is 9am – 5pm. Duty
particular needs. It now has about officers receive phone requests for
100 volunteers providing help to help from clients and arrange for
members of the community. CARE help to be provided by other
has no fixed premises and no paid volunteers. Full training is provided.
employees. Its costs are covered by
donations, including donations from What do we offer our
the people served by CARE, volunteers?
sometimes referred to as clients. An opportunity to provide practical
help to others in the community.
What do we do? Volunteers’ expenses (e.g. mileage)
People in the East Grinstead, are reimbursed. Volunteers can
Lingfield and Dormansland area can specify when they are available and
telephone the CARE number for which duties. CRB checks are
(410086) and ask for various types provided free of charge.
of help. This can, for example, be a
driver to take them to a doctor’s Yes I would like to help, what
surgery or help with shopping or do I do now?
gardening work. The requests are
reviewed and help is offered where Contact the St John’s CARE
appropriate and possible by representative, Rosemary Tadman
volunteers. (01342 322825 or email:
Progress Report

Phase 2 - Play Area

TANDRIDGE DISTRICT Council has indicated that a formal planning
application is required. The Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) may
consider our proposals on 12th April.
A short list of artificial grass samples was reviewed by the Guide and
Playgroup leaders and a favourite identified. This has reduced the
estimate for using artificial grass on a sand/stone drainage layer to around
£12,000 (if we do most of the work ourselves!).
The Church Centre development (Phases 3-6)
The North-West Extension - alongside the church (Phase 3) has slipped
behind programme. The project cost and programme will be reviewed by
the new PCC in May.
The Quantity Surveyor prepared his estimate which indicated an increase
of about £20,000 to the current budget.
An asbestos survey is required to satisfy Health & Safety regulations.
Other Projects
Estimates are being reviewed for the removal of the church bells to enable
an inspection of the bearing that failed.
John Grainger 10 April 2011

Smile Lines
Time is a great healer, but a lousy beautician.
Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others, whenever they go.
It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm really
quite busy.
Mikey’s funnies


News and Thanks

Mabel and Nimal were found sweeping and clearing the steps of leaves.
Thank you to them for seeing this job needed doing and getting on and just
doing it (again!) Thanks too to other unsung workers who do all sorts of
(hidden) things for the church family—you know who you are!

Many thanks to all who helped with the round the clock 23 hours of
prayer— those who reorganized the church, led prayer walks or praise
sessions, the prayer breakfast organizers to say nothing of cakes and drinks
that kept us going. The prayer chain was complete, so praise to God!

Thanks too to all those who helped with the Easter/Signs of Life leaflets. To
Jon for wonderful designs on all the literature, those who did bundle
collation, production of letters and stuffing and last but no means least,
distribution. A bit more challenging than usual but a worthwhile thing to do
and a way of being in touch with our parish.

These rounds need a regular deliverer, three times a year—any offers?

2) COPTHORNE ROAD. NORTH SIDE. Nos.58-88 and, Nos.90-122

It's great to have an aluminum wheelchair ramp to improve access to the

church hall. It is in the hall vestibule cupboard, do ask if you need it.
Thanks to Anne Butler for sourcing and organizing this.

Vic and Linda Barker have changed their telephone number - for details,
contact the church office on 01342 321524.

A full APCM report will appear in the next issue. The following people have
been elected to the Deanery Synod: Peter Burton, Barbara Cottier, Don Ely
and Philip Tadman; and the following people have been elected to the
PCC: Jessica Stopp, Brenda Wilkinson, Gordon Wilkinson, Cecilia Bliss, Kris
Defriend and Lis Woolley, joining Malcolm Francis, Gill Matson and Chris
Saunders. The churchwardens for the next year are Anne Butler and Andy

The Leakes
Andrew and Maria and their three in London recently as he was passing
children, Tomas (20), Ceci (16) and through en route to Uganda, on a
Carolina (13) live in Salta, Northern project for Compassion International.
Argentina, although Tomas is away Andrew and Maria (and family)
studying at University in Cordoba, appreciate the support they receive
Argentina in term time. from their link with St John’s. There
is a display about their work on the
Andrew and Maria felt called to work
Mission Notice Board at the back of
particularly amongst the indigenous
the church during May and you can
people living in the Chaco of
find further information about their
Northern Argentina over ten years
work and ministry from their blog:
ago, having spent four years working
with Tearfund in Honduras
previously. Andrew gained a PhD Please continue to support them with
(Environmental Studies) from the your prayers and if you wish to write
University of Hertfordshire in the to them ( I
1990’s, which is partly why some of am sure they would be glad to hear
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Peter Beaumont died on 12th March 2011, aged 68. The funeral was at St John's
church, followed by committal at Surrey and Sussex crematorium on 28th March
Kenneth Christopher Coomber died on 14th March 2011 aged 89. The funeral
was held at St John's church, followed by committal at Surrey and Sussex
crematorium on 25th March.

Wasps, flies, fleas. All types of rodents and vermin 01342 321373

ARTHUR FRY, Lingfield Road, East Grinstead 01342 323225

All Flues and Appliances Swept and Serviced. Pots, Cowls,
Caps, Birdguards, Fireplace Repairs, Stacks Repointed 01342 717900

R MEDHURST, Vine House, Hartfield
Caring family firm; home visits; 24 hour service. 01892 770253
Memorials arranged: Golden Charter pre-paid Funeral Plans 01342 315880


01342 325544
Woodcock Hill Service Station, London Road, Felbridge
01342 326213

Marriage problems, bereavement, depression, eating disorders etc
Jackie Lake 01342 718948


Panasonic Specialists. Plasma, LCD, Multiroom Systems, Aerial & Satellite.
Scott Brothers, 178 London Road, East Grinstead. 01342 321117

Classical or Jazz, for pleasure or exam preparation
Elaine Short CT ABRSM 01342 327563

Ron West 01342 712586
Churchwardens: Anne Butler 01342 313640

Andy Brown 01342 314267
Treasurer: Chris Saunders 01342 325662
PCC Secretary: Sheila Drury 01342 323865
Magazine Editor: Lindsey Saunders 01342 325662
Cleaning Rota: Carole Grainger 01342 325482
Ministry of Flowers: Ann Morley 01342 714645
Church Hall Bookings: Sally Hobbs 01342 410929
Church Office (closed on Thursdays) 01342 321524
Village Hall Bookings: Lynda Railton 01342 322205


Climbers (3-6 yrs): Michael Peach 01342 312406
Explorers (Year 2-4): Diane Francis 01342 714575
Light Eagles (Year 5-7): Dan and Suzy Callaway 01342 321658
NG (Year 8-9): Michael Peach 01342 312406
Parish Safeguarding Officer Chris Ely 01342 311614
Rainbows, Brownies & Guides Ann Tucker 01342 317283


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