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Person Specification


(A clear definition for the necessary criteria for safe and effective (Where available, elements that contribute to improved/immediate (Method of measurement)
performance) performance in the job)

Skills and Knowledge 1. Up to date knowledge of 8.Innovative approach to working life 1.application form and interview
professional practice and new research 9. Able to use own initiative appropriately to enhance service delivery 2. interview
2. An understanding of legal responsibilities within the profession 10. Intermediate IT skills 3. application form and interview
3. Able to present information, written and orally in a clear and logical 11. Presentational skills 4. application form and interview
manner 12. Clean Driving Licence 5. application form
4. Ability to organise and prioritise 6. application form
5. Ability to carry out moderate to intense physical effort throughout 7.interview
the working day and carry out concurrent activities 8.application form
6. Basic IT skills 9. application form and interview
7. Undertake on-call rota /weekend /seven day working 10. application form
11. application form and
12. application form

Experience 13. Comprehensive experience including core competencies within 16. Consolidated respiratory learning. 13. application form and
musculoskeletal, neurology and respiratory care at an undergraduate 17. Paediatric experience interview
level 18 consolidated neuro experience 14. application form and
14. Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team interview
15. Evidence of communication skills within a wide variety of settings 15. application form and
16. application form
17. Application form
18. Application Form

Qualifications and Training 19. BSc Hons Physiotherapy or equivalent 22. Recognised relevant academic MCSP qualification 19. application form and
20. State Registration 23. An understanding of STDH, its culture, strategic direction, interview
21. Continuing Professional Development diary including evidence of achievements and NHS standing 20. application form and
reflective practice, training and clinical experience interview
21. application form and
22. application form
23. application form
Other Requirements 24. Good levels of general fitness 29. Evidence of maintaining a healthy lifestyle 24. application form
25. Commitment, motivation and flexibility 25. application form and
26. Ability to carry out moderate to interview
27. intense physical effort throughout the working day and carry out 26. application form
concurrent activities 27. application form
28. Ability to maintain high levels of concentration 28. application form and
29. application form

Candidate Information
Essential and Desirable Criteria – this has been broken down to show the criteria which can be assessed by:
- application form only
- by interview only
- by both application form and interview
- other selection method, e.g. skills test

Where the method of assessment is interview or selection method only, this criteria will not form part of the initial shortlisting criteria for interview.

Where method of assessment indicates Application Form and Interview or Selection process your application form must show that you meet this criteria in order to be shortlisted and at interview this will be
explored more fully to ensure you possess the required level of skill/experience. Failing to provide this information on your application form will mean that you are not shortlisted as you have not demonstrated
that you meet all of the essential criteria for this post.