CHAPTER 1 Julie's POV I felt like I was going to explode because of what he did!

This little ass that I've known my entire life did it again. I'm damn right pissed off at him. My entire life, he's been doing these stupid little jokes, picking on me, hurting me with words. Anything that bastard could think of and now... "You little bastard! Fix my damn car, you ass!" I shouted at Drew as he got out of his car after hitting mine, going to my parking spot in the school student lot. "No, I don't have the time for your car or you. Screw off." He said right away. My little honda civic was already in bad shape but it didn't give him the right to pummel it in the front. I walked up to him as he started walking towards the school. The wind was whipping me in the face and my scarf wasn't helping. Heads up, Canada is worse for winter! I mean, sure I love the snow and all but the cold, why can't it just leave! That's what I get for living in Kingston. Don't know where that is? Right near the American border. Which I have never crossed... Anyway, back to Drew. I'm going to kill him and today I will. I stopped in front of him trying not to slip in the slush. It's in the middle of November, we already have snow... "Fix. My. Car!" I said through gritted teeth as I stared at his stupid smirk on that face that many girls love but the one I want to hit a billion times. "Make. Me." he mocked me. I glared at him. "If you don't fix my car, I swear I'll scratch your little jeep." He glared now. He loves his jeep, its a damn car for Pete's sake! "Hands off my car, wench." "Who said my hands were going on it?" I asked smiling sweetly to him. He glared at me still. God he looks funny. "If you put a single scratch on my car I will run your stupid honda over till there's nothing left." he muttered angrily. "Well than, I guess you'd be even luckier if I were in it now wouldn't it?" I said craning my neck. Why do guys have to be taller than me? Especially him, its like I'm talking to Zdeno Chara, the 7 foot tall hockey player my dad talked about constantly who plays for the Boston Bruins. (AN: I am a hockey freak, so if you see me bringing anything related about it up, don't be shocked. What can I say, I'm Canadian.) "I didn't mean it that way." he murmured quietly. He looked a little hurt by what I said. You have got to be kidding me, this guy hates my guts and now all of a sudden he turns Mister Softy and doesn't want me out of his life once and for all. "Fix my damn car, asshole." I said and walked away from him and towards the school.

I really didn't know why he looked taken aback by what I had said. We've been at each other's throats forever and I'm sure he would love to see me gone. "Jules!" Trey screeched as towards my locker. At this rest of the day. What Drew worse than when it already soon as I entered the school. I simply waved and walked moment, I didn't want to talk or see anyone for the did to my car just totally made this day a whole lot had been.

Right when I woke up this morning, I found out that my parents were once again gone. Another business trip of dad's. So that meant I had to help Keri, my little sister and my brother James. Both of them are younger than me, both of them need places to go to and I'm their taxi for a week. With a beat up car, I'm sure their proud to be seen with me now... "Hey." Mark said coming up to me right when I got to my locker. Oh I did not want to deal with him right now... Kill. Me. "Hi." I said unlocking my lock. "So, you still up for the movie or what? We're all going." Translation: We're going to sit alone and I'm going to try and jump you like the last time. That's all Mark ever wanted from me. Me. Either my lips or my body. Neither are happening. Sure, Mark is nice but he's also friends with Drew, Nathan and Robert. I hate Nathan. Robert is a total sweetheart to me when it comes to helping me. And Drew, well, I can't stand him! "I can't. Turns out my parents left town so I have to watch my brother and sister." I told Mark plainly. "We can bring the movies to your place." he said leaning into me. I grabbed my book for English and held it between our faces. I'm not about to give my first kiss up to a flirt. "Come on, Jules." He whimpered pulling the book down. "No." I said, I slammed my locker closed and locked my locker back up. He sighed. "Fine, lost your chance." He made it sound like I had a big loss. Not to me I didn't. "Whatever." I mumbled and walked away. Can this day get any worse? Right when I turned the corner, I saw Suzy, school slut #1, coming on to my best friends boyfriend. Poor Riley... I walked up and put my arm on his shoulder, which is very complicated but a good arm rest. "Suzy, if I were you I'd go find someone that actually doesn't want to bark in your mouth." She glared at me. "Oh, I'm sure a lot of people would be thinking the same thing if they had to kiss you." she sneered. "Oh, I'm heartbroken." I said with a roll of my eyes.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and walked away. I felt strong arms wrap around me almost immediately. I looked to see Riley hugging me. "How can I ever repay you? Seriously, that's the third time you've saved me." "You can start by letting me go." I said breathlessly. He let me go and smiled. "Seriously, what do want?" "Drew dead? Is that possible?" I asked him with high hopes. He rolled his eyes. "He's not a bad guy, Jules." This is about the billionth time he's told me that and its going to be the billionth time plus one to say the same thing. "When hell freezes over, maybe I'll believe you." He laughed and we started walking a bit more slowly towards class. "Seriously though, how can I repay you?" he asked again. "Seeing that your buddy buddy with Mister Asshole, tell him to fix my damn car." I told him. He looked at me wearily. "What he do now?" "Oh well Mister Big Shot decided I needed a new paint job and bumper so he just scraped my car with his stupid wheel things." I said through my teeth. He sighed heavily. "He's not a bad guy, seriously he's probably having a bad morning." he stood up from him. I gaped at him. "You're kidding, right? The guy is out to get me! Have you not realized that over the years you've been friends with him?" He shook his head at me and we entered class and took our seats which were next to each other. "Be nice when he walks in." Riley whispered when the final bell rung. I rolled my eyes and opened my notebook. This is the thing, Drew is in my first period class and then my last three classes right after lunch. So I have to see his ugly face every day, multiple times. "Alright, everyone get partnered up." The teacher called to the class. "Actually, I'll partner you guys up. We need change." Oh. kill. me. now. "Drew and Julie." she said, we were the third last paired up and Drew who had entered class long before was now smirking at me. "Have fun, Jules." Riley mumbled and messed my hair. Its a thing he does to me, I don't why... Not fun at all... "Don't even talk to me." I told Drew when he sat down beside me.

The teacher put our assignment in front of us. We were supposed to write a few things we know about the person we're partnered with. My list was basic. 1. Flirt 2. Asshole 3. Jock 4. A guy who needs to fix my damn car 5. A sock in his mouth so he can shut up I had more to the list but I didn't feel like writing it down. "There's mine." I said to Drew and showed him the list. He smirked as he read it and than shook his head looking at his work. "Show me yours." I knew I said I didn't want him to talk to me but I wanted to see his list. He shook his head again and than folded the paper and put it in his pocket. I never got a word out of him during class. He seemed off in his planet. Either that or he was planning on how to make my life worse. CHAPTER 2 Drew's POV Annoying pain in the ass. But she has a cute ass... I hit myself mentally at the thought. I was trying so hard to get rid of the feelings I had for Julie but she always has to do something that makes it that much harder. She's so cute when she's angry, it's hilarious to get on her nerves. But at this moment, something I didn't want to remember was what she said about me crushing her car with her in it. God, I'm an ass. When I walked into English I knew she wouldn't talk to me, she doesn't even look at me she just glares. "Drew and Julie." The teacher called out. Right, she was calling out our partners and Julie's mine. Maybe I can get her to forgive me... "Don't even talk to me." Julie mumbled when I sat down in Riley's chair. Riley, my old friend who I never talk to because of Hailey. Him and that girl... Riley smirked at me when he sat down next to Fred. Oh she told him. Great. I got the assignment sheet and realized I had to write anything about Julie and give it to the teacher in a week. How the hell am I supposed to do this? I like the girl! Am I supposed to write that. Instead I wrote what most people wouldn't believe but would never read. In my eyes, Julie is one of the most sincere people in this entire school, possibly in the whole world. I know that she does everything for people she loves, her brother and sister for instance. She's always with them. She cares about people close to her. She doesn't even care what people think or say about her. And the thing is, Julie is probably the only person that has ever put a real smile on

my face when she gets angry with me after I do something to her, she's a great person and I don't need to have known her for this many years to figure that out. A single minute with her and the entire world would know she's the best thing that could happen to them. And that's just it. Julie is the best thing that has ever happened to me before and I treat her like crap because I'm too stupid to tell her how I feel about her. I'm in love with her. The next thing I see in front of me is Julie's own paper. "There's mine." she said cheerfully. I read her list and felt my heart drop. Who am I kidding? She'd never ever believe me if I told her I had feelings for her. I shook my head, closing my eyes and than looked at my paragraph. "Show me yours." she said. I shook my head again. I DON'T THINK SO! I folded the paper and shoved it in my pocket. I ignored her for the rest of class, drawing a design I want for my snowboard. She ignored me just the same, as always. As soon as the bell rang I bolted for the door, I breathed relief when I got in the hallway and was surrounded by people. "Drew, you are going to fix her car right?" A familiar voice said from behind me. I turned around and smirked. "Doubtful." "I'm trying to help you out. I keep telling her that your not a bad guy and you don't even want to prove it. How do you expect her to believe you when you tell her you love her? Huh?" Riley asked me. If it were possible, I'm sure there'd be smoke coming out of his ears and nose because he's so mad and frustrated by me. And I knew for what he said, I should have never told him two years ago that I was in love with Julie... Flashback... "Dude, let's go snowboarding already." Riley called from the living room. I rolled my eyes and picked up the sandwich I made. Dad was driving us to the Calabogie Peaks Resort so we could snowboard and have some fun for a weekend. A lot of people were going from school. We actually rented rooms with Julie's friend. She told me that Julie didn't know about it. Two hours later we finally made it. We went up to our room, I didn't know what the sleeping arrangements were gonna be but there was no way in hell I'd be with Riley, he kicks. When we got to the room, Riley knocked. "They have the keys." he mumbled. I snorted. Figures. The door opened and showed Julie in a towel. I gaped at her, she was damn pretty in a towel. She screamed and slammed the door in our faces. "You didn't tell me!" I heard her scream.

"Tell you what?" Hailey asked stupidly. "Oh I don't know. That Drew is standing outside our damn door with Riley." she screamed. "Chill, its for the weekend." Hailey assured her. Julie screamed in annoyance and then the door opened and Julie's head was the only thing scene. "If you even look at me, Drew, I'll poke you to death in your perfect slumber." she muttered. Well, that's swell. "Sorry, Jules but Riley and I already agreed we're going to be having the bed." Hailey told her. Kill. Me. Oh wait, Julie can. "I hate my best friend." Julie mumbled as she went to the bathroom. After a while we all got settled in, Julie and I didn't speak, we glared at each other. They left for the pool downstairs so Riley and I chilled in the room. "You and Julie got issues." he said right when that door closed. "Not my fault she's a pain in the ass." I muttered. "Mind telling me why you kept staring at her?" he asked. I swallowed. "Umm, most of the she had something on her face." I lied. "Just 'fess up." he said. "Alright, I like Julie, a lot." I said really quickly. "I knew it!" he shouted and than laughed. "How long?" I rubbed the back of my neck. "Since we were 12." End of flashback... When I told Riley that day that I started liking Julie was when she started kicking me for no reason. "Does it look like I'm going to tell her? No, didn't think so." I told Riley and started to walk away. "Mark likes her, you know." he said out of nowhere. I stopped. Bad. Very bad. Mark is the biggest player in the entire school. "And he keeps asking her out." he kept going. I just walked away... The next few classes I hadn't paid attention to, I just continued to read the paragraph I wrote about Julie. Lunch came around and I went to the cafeteria.

First person I saw was Mark and he was talking to someone. I got to a better angle and saw that it was Julie. She didn't look happy. "I don't care! Would you leave me alone already!?" she yelled at him. Wow, I only ever thought she yells at me. This is new. "Just one." he pleaded. The next thing shocked me. She punched him right in the face and than grimaced at the pain in her hand. I knew that was going to happen... "Leave me alone! I'm having a bad day as it is!" she yelled at him again and than turned. She glared at me when her eyes laid on me. She walked out of the cafeteria and after a minute, I sneaked out and followed her making sure no one had seen me before. I walked down a few hallways till I got to one that no one really ever goes down to because its where the old lockers are. I heard someone crying and that was something I never expected. I turned the corner and than saw a black sweater. Julie. I hid behind that wall and hope she didn't hear me. "Ow." she whimpered. Her hand. I held back a laugh. "Stupid jerk, I should have punched him instead!" she muttered angrily. She groaned and threw something down near me, a paper. "I hate him. I hate my parents. I hate Mark. I hate everything!" she started crying harder. "Stop crying you moron." she mumbled to herself and than sighed. "I'm going to hurt him so bad when Dad gets home." she whispered. CHAPTER 3 Julie's POV I got up from the floor after my break down. I just seemed to have exploded with tears. I was already having a bad day so what can anyone expect. There's only three people out of the entire school that know what I go through every day. And it just got worse this morning. I looked for the note my parents left me, I didn't see it anywhere on the floor, oh who cares its not like they cared about me or my brother and sister. I decided not to go to the cafeteria and went to the library instead. No one would be there. I sat down at a desk and put my head on it and read the book I picked out. "I knew we'd find her here." I heard Trey screech close by. I looked up and saw her, Hailey and Riley. I waved and closed the book. "Hi." "What's up, homeslice?" Hailey said cheerfully. "Uh," I gave her a weird look. "Nothing." I raised an eyebrow and looked at Riley, he just shook his head. I guess he had no idea what she took. My two best friends, Trey and Hailey were the weirdest of weird but I love them to

death. We met in kindergarden and since than we've been inseperable best friends. "You look like you've been crying." Hailey pointed out. I nodded weakily not wanting to talk about it. "Mark or Drew?" Riley asked. The guy is like an older brother I tell ya! "Both. They're pissing me off. I'm having a bad day. First my parents leave for a business trip to freakin God knows where, so I have to take care of my brother and sister and they didn't leave money so I have to use my own. Than I come to school and first thing, BAM! I need a new paint job and bumper because of that asshole. And oh wait, Mark just has to keep getting on my nerves." By the end of my ranting I'm crying again. I forget the last time I cried before today. It's been a while... "Riley, you have to talk to those to." Hailey whispered as someone started rubbing my back. "Well, I tried at the end of English for Drew and Mark well, he's fixing his nose because someone hit him." I laughed but it sounded like someone choking. "That would be me." The three of them laughed and then someone sighed. "Do you guys want to stay at my place? Mom wouldn't mind." Trey offered up. "No." I wiped my tears away and stood up. "I'm going to class." I mumbled and started walking before anyone of them followed. At the second bell in Math, I was already seated and there was no sign of Drew, thank God. I didn't want to see him. "Alright, sheets will be passed around work on them all class and we're having a quiz tomorrow." The teacher, Mr. Boychuk called to the class. The next three classes I have are with Drew. All three classes, he didn't show up. He wasn't there. At the bell for the end of school, I bolted out of there and walked to my locker. I saw Drew leaning against his which wasn't far from mine. He was staring at me. So now he decides to show. Wait, I don't care why am I caring? He's a skipper. He got off his locker when I stopped at my own. I got my stuff out and went outside. Something was different about my car when I got there. It wasn't parked on the angle I had it. The door was unlocked. Someone stole my car and brought it back. I checked the front of my car after I laid my bag on top of it. I gaped at what I was seeing. The bump was gone and the only thing left was the minor discolour. He didn't... I looked up thinking someone was watching me. I saw Drew, again leaning against his car smirking at me. I smiled. "Thank you." I mouthed. He shrugged and I saw a hint of a smile. I rubbed my hand along the spot and sighed. He fixed my car, I think that' the only nice thing he's ever done for me.

Drew's POV I saw her walk out of class, she didn't look all that happy and when she looked up to see me near by her jaw tightened. Well, she was about to get a shock. I got my bag out of my locker and followed her outside waiting for her reaction. She seemed off in her own little world as she walked. I was leaning against my car before she even made it to her own. I watched her as she scrunched her face to figure something out, like she was thinking really hard. She went around to the front and her jaw dropped and there was a twitch of a smile but she bit her lip and looked up, looking around for someone. Our eyes met and I saw this look she never ever gave me before. She was happy. She smiled and mouthed, "Thank you." I shrugged. It didn't cost that much to fix the bump and some how I felt a smile creep to my lips. I got in my car and pulled out of the parking lot. I was happy now. I made her happy and for once neither of us were hating on each other. I wanted to be nice to her but I didn't want my feelings for her to show. Than I remembered the paper she threw. By this time I pulled into the driveway. I took the paper out of my pocket and read it. Jules, Your father and I had to leave early this morning for a business trip. We would have told you last night but you were already asleep. Make sure the three of you eat. Bring Keri and James to school and don't forget to pick them up once your done. And please, can you try not getting into trouble at school for punching or hitting Drew? We'll be home on Tuesday. Mom & Dad Wow. It's no wonder she was so upset this morning other than me bumping into her car. Her mom didn't write Love Mom & Dad just Mom & Dad. What kind of parents actually write that on a note. And then they want her to take care of her brother and sister. Geez, I feel more horrible than I already did for today. She's pretty much taking care of her brother and sister. I guess that's why she's always talking shit about her parents, they're never home. I know what they do for a living, I've met them and I actually thought about getting into that sort of business but not after knowing it'll take time away. I feel sorry for her. CHAPTER 4 Julie's POV I had this feeling right when I woke up that this was going to be a weird day. Not me ending up crying or anything, just weird. "Come on guys, up!" I told Keri and James going to their room. Yes, they share a room...

They both groaned and rolled over. Yeah, that's how I feel too you guys, I felt like saying. I went downstairs and poured three bowls of cereal, putting milk in my own. The other two would be getting changed already. "Did Mom call?" Keri asked when the two walked downstairs. I shook my head. "No but I'm sure they will to tell us where they are." After we ate, I made sure that we each had our lunch and homework all done then we left for school. My car was so much better than yesterday... All thanks to, him. I sighed thinking this as I pulled out of the driveway. I almost hit someone. "Geez." James mumbled to himself. Keri and I scoffed and I looked in the mirror to see a very familiar jeep. Oh how lovely now he thinks I'm after him for yesterday. "That Drew?" James asked after a little while. Drew was still behind us and I knew that he must be dropping off his little sister. "Yeah." I mumbled in annoyance. I hated how my brother was so happy that Drew and I talk, well argue but James doesn't know that. The last time Drew and I actually had a conversation was years ago but someone always tried getting us to speak to each other nicely. "When's the next game?" James asked. Football or basketball? "Which sport?" I asked. Drew is quarterback for the school football team and also for the city team. And basketball, star forward. He is such an ass, he takes that popularity to his head. "Basketball." James said. I knew when it was, I was being forced to go and now both of them had to come. "Friday night." I said and looked in my mirror again to see Drew talking to his sister Casey. Casey was eight like my brother and sister. Did I forget to mention those two are twins? "Cool, guess we're going to see him." James said. I rolled my eyes and stopped in front of the school. "Have fun you two." I called as they got out. "Bye." They called back slamming the door and then waved. I looked in the mirror and saw Drew smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and pulled back on to the street. When I got into the school parking lot and parked, I wasn't surprised when Drew pulled in beside me as usual. We always parked beside each other for a stupid reason. I got out and started walking towards the school. "So you trying to get me back for yesterday?" I heard a too familiar voice say from behind me as someone was running. "Why were you even going that way? Your house is two streets over." I asked him not looking at him when I knew he was beside me.

"Because I knew it would annoy you." He said happily. I rolled my eyes. "Job well done, but you forgot. My first thought of you annoys me, which is every morning when I realize I have to see your ugly face first period." I tell him, my smart ass remarks. Oh how I love them. "Okay, first I'd like to point out that you think about me first thing. That's so nice of you. And second, my face is so not ugly, I can get anything I want with it." he said, way too proud of himself. God, his head is so full of himself. "So does that mean you can go get some botox to fix that ugly smirk on your face I always see?" I asked, smirking as I look up at him. I hadn't realized he was that close but he was so high up. God it's embarrassing having to crane my neck to see him. "Oh, you know you love this face already," he said and winked. I held back the vomit. "Like a toothach, Drew. Like a toothach." I told him. He put his arm over my shoulders. "One day you'll realize your missing out on me." I got out of his arm. "That day I'll realize I have to come back and kill you after I die." I tell him and grin. He pouted. "And after that you'll remember that you killed the person you love and beg for anyone to bring me back." I burst out laughing at his. He was a dreamer alright... "So that means after I kill Carey Price, I'm going to be on my hands and knees begging someone to bring him back." I tell him still laughing. "Oh? Carey Price, huh?" he gave me this weird look. "My one and only true love. You watch." I grinned up at him. There was a hint of a smile as he looked down at me. "Yeah, I'll watch." The next thing I know, he has his hands on my hips, tickling me half to death. I can't help but giggle and screech at him. I'm extremely ticklish, I thought no one knew that. I guess I was wrong and now I have the biggest jerk tickling me with his hands on me. I try and get out of grip but that only seems to bring me closer, he stops tickling me and he's there grinning down at me and leaving me breathing. I elbowed him in the gut and he let me go and groaned. "Don't touch me, pig-headed jackass." I say and walk away briskly. As I did I try not to think about how I was actually laughing and it was his doing. Drew's POV That was the best plan I've ever thought up. I knew no one knew she was ticklish besides me. Back in elementry I tickled her and I knew that it would get her into a fit of giggles. I loved seeing her laugh. Shut up, you don't like her, my thoughts were screaming at me. I mentally kicked myself. I sighed remembering how she got in the circle of my arm, her back against my chest as she breathed and tried to calm down.

"What are smiling about?" Someone interuppted my thoughts. I looked up and saw Julie taking a seat next to me. We must be working on our assignment again. "Nothing." I told her and looked at the new sheet. Okay, ask questions. I look at the teacher nervously. "Are we doing an essay with all this information?" She smirked. "If you had been paying attention instead of staring into space you might have known that." Julie chuckled. I looked at her and she smirked. "Let's get on with this, I don't feel like sitting beside you all day." "Favourite colour?" I ask. "Blue." she mumbled. "Yours?" I scratched my jaw. "Same." I mumbled. "Oh, God. We have something in common and when you think we were total opposites." she said, sarcasim dripping in her voice. I rolled my eyes and for the rest of class we learnt some stuff about each other we didn't really know even though we've known each other since kindergarden. She hates pizza, her favourite hockey team are the Habs, she wants to marry their goalie, Carey Price. Wow she is a big dreamer. She hates the colour pink, she doesn't like wearing anything revealing. That was my fault for getting that answer because I asked her why she dresses in clothes that doesn't show anything of her body and that's probably why she's never had a boyfriend even though I'm freakin' in love with her. She hit me at the back of the head when I asked that. CHAPTER 5 Julie's POV And I never thought I'd see the day. Drew and I actually had some things in common. He likes the Habs like me. He hates Suzy and Kendra as much as I do (surprisingly), and he doesn't like golf. He doesn't understand it as much as I do. "So we're just using this stuff to write an essay on each other?" he asked near the end of class. Oh my God. He is so stupid. "Yes, douche bag." He smirked, will he ever smile? Nope. "You know, you're a real pain the ass." "Far from it." I mumbled closing my notebook after I wrote some minor stuff down about him. "I forgot a question." he mumbled. I looked over at him and he had a lot of blank spaces on his paper. "When's your birthday?" he asked.

"Friday." I mumbled angrily. My parents forgot that too. Everyone did. "My game is that day, are you going?" he asked. Are we actually having a conversation? "I have no choice, James wants to see you play." I swear he's my brother's role model. "Eh, I love your brother. Funny kid." he said happily. I rolled my eyes. "That's the only affection your getting from my family. Just my brothers." I told him and got up when the bell rang. He followed me out of class. "And I don't get yours?" he pouted. I had to admit when he did it was cute. Oh God, Julie, shut up. I hit myself mentally. "The only thing your getting from me is hatred." "Hey, that's affection." He perked up happily and grinned down at me. "Not in my books." I tell him as I crane my neck to see those big brown eyes smothering mine. God, he's cute. Julie, shut up. He smirked. "You'll warm up to me." he said. "In your dreams." I mumble angrily. I warned myself not to look at those eyes. Why is he still here? I put my books in my locker and look at him. He's leaning down smirking. "In my dreams, the only thing I want to do is kiss you." he whispered and leaned down closer. I brought my book up to cover my lips. He is such a flirt! "You even think of touching me and you will never have lips to kiss another girl after I bruise them till they bleed." He smirked. "Just one, I know your begging for it." I looked at him and started laughing in his face. "If you want a broken nose like Mark, I'm warning you, you'll never get one." With that I hit him across the head and stalked off. Trey caught up to me a few minutes later and smiled. "I saw you and Drew talking." she gushed. I rolled my eyes. "Arguing, Trey, I don't waste my breath conversing with him." She sighed and than smiled. "He's coming." she whispered happily. Nathan, has to be. She has the biggest crush on him and I have a feeling he might like her because I catch him staring at her during gym class. I looked away from her and saw a smiling Nathan coming towards us. "Hey girls." he said and smiled Trey's way. I saw her blush. "Can you tell your asshole of a best friend to leave me alone?" I ask him in a sweet voice. "But where's the fun in that when you can tell me yourself?" I heard an all too

familiar voice say coming up behind me. I clenched my teeth and jumped when I felt arms come around me and hands rest on my stomach. My head snapped around and I glared at Drew. "If I were you right now, I'd take your hands off me." He smirked. "What for?" he said his left hand roaming my waist. "Because if you don't you'll be in serious pain in less then 20 seconds." I warned him. He frowned. "You're no fun." he finally let me go and I took a step away just in case. "Go find Suzy or Kendra if you want some fun. I'm sure they can lay down a matress in the girls locker room." I told him and glared. He glared back. "I would rather puke than have to touch them." he said and pursed his lips. "I'd rather you." He is the biggest flirt I have ever met and known. I screamed in annoyance and walked towards Economics and got ready to fall asleep. Drew's POV God, she smells good too. Just holding her for that short time, I wanted to again. She smelt so good and just holding her felt nice. I always wanted to in the first place. She wants me. Damn, she has a cute ass, if only she didn't have to wear baggy close than maybe I could get a better look. "Stop staring at my best friend like she's a piece of meat." Trey interupted my thoughts. I smirked and looked at her. "Why does she have to wear clothes like that?" She chuckled. "What? Do you want me to get her a new wardrobe so you can drool over her longer?" she asked me and smiled. "I wasn't drooling." I mumbled and wiped my mouth just in case. She giggled and looked at Nathan. "We have annoying friends." she told him. "Your telling me." He laughed at me and looked back at Trey. "Walk you to class?" he held out his arm for her. She smiled and bit her lip. "'Kay." she hooked her arm around his and they walked away. I sighed. Stupid Nathan, he can get the girl he wants but I can't. "All about the charm." That's what someone had told me. Flashback... It was after my football game, Julie had come along with James. I remember that it was James who came up behind me as I stared at Julie talking and laughing with Elizabeth and Fred.

"Don't drool." James said, chuckling. I wiped my mouth and looked at him. "What are you talking about?" I asked. He raised an eyebrow and then something came along into his eyes. "You like my sister." he said blankly. This happened the first game of the year. We beat the other team, actually we brutally murdered them. "Uh." I mumbled, words stuck. "And you haven't told her." James said. I scratched my head. "She hates my guts." "Try being nice." he told me and looked at Julie. "She'll be shocked." "She knows I hate her, she won't believe me being nice," I told him and kept looking at Julie. She was smiling, I've never seen her smile at me before. I wish she would... "She won't hate you if you do something." he said and I looked at him weird again. "All about the charm." he walked away after that. End of flashback... I hope he never told her that I have feelings for her. I guess its time to start acting nice or at least try. I went to Drama and automatically wanted to leave. Kendra and Suzy were on the stage, singing. They were horrible singers. And to go with that, their noses looked almost broken. Sure, they were cute but far from Julie. I always compared girls to Julie when I dated one. Julie is so smart, funny, cute when she's angry (which no one can pull off), she has a temper and when that happens, her eyes change to a darker brown. God she's something else. I took a seat in the back of the auditorium and waited for my ears to stop bleeding. It didn't take long for them to stop, and than make their way to me. Like yesterday they both took a seat on either side of me. "Hey gorgeous." Kendra said as she put her hand on my knee. "Girls." I mumbled and crossed my arms over my chest. I hate this class. "You look upset, anything we can do to fix it?" Kendra asked. Yeah, leave. I felt like saying that but I didn't want to be mean. "No." "What are you doing after your game tomorrow?" Suzy asked tracing my arm with her fake finger nail. I hate girls that are fake! What am I doing after my game? I actually had no idea but than I lightbulb came on. "I'm treating someone to a good night out for her birthday." Julie. "Who?" Suzy purred. "Julie Preston." I told them.

They burst out laughing. "You and Julie Preston? The Julie Preston? Tomboy? Oh that's funny." Kendra exclaimed. She didn't believe me. I looked at her. "I'm not kidding." She smirked. "Hon, she hates you and you hate her. I don't see that happening in the future." she said and rubbed my knee. "I don't hate her, I just like picking on her." I mumbled. And it was true, I didn't hate Julie. There wasn't a day where I did. I just love picking on her and, well, I just love her. CHAPTER 6 Julie's POV Lunch came quickly and I was happy but sad. Happy because I got a 45 minute lunch to actually think to myself and I'm mad because I'll have to see Mark AND Drew. I'm so going to hurt one today if they piss me off again. Mark was pestering me in History, wanting me to kiss him. Which is gross. "I think Nathan is going to ask me out tomorrow after the game." Trey said as soon as she sat down at the lunch table. I smiled at her. She was so happy with him. "I hope he does. You guys are extremely cute together." I said and saw Hailey and Riley walking towards us. They were talking as always. There was a very rare time where I'd see them kiss, they aren't the total sexual kind of couple. They were always friends before they started dating at the end of last year. "So, what do you think the teacher is going to make us do in gym? He got pissed off yesterday because of the track having puddles." Trey said fully engrossed on this subject. "Aren't we supposed to do the fitness test today?" I guess. Hailey and Riley smile at something over my head. I didn't even bother looking. "Oh, if he does, Drew is going to be checking you out again." Trey said and laughed. "He's going to what?" I nearly yelled. No one ever checks me out or at least not when I see. It's probably the only time I ever have to wear short shorts in front of classmates. "Well, he does every day." Riley said, smiling at me. I fumed. "Where is he?" "And you should have seen him when you were walking away after your argument this morning. He was hard core checking you out." Trey said. They actually thought this was funny. I glared. "Did I ever mention how much I hate him? Because truly I do and if I

ever see him look at me in any other way besides a smirk or a glare I will be so pissed." I told them through clenched teeth. "Oh, come on. You know you can't resist those brown eyes of his." Hailey said and smiled at Riley who grinned and kissed her forehead. I thought back to this morning when I looked into them and felt that tingly feeling. I shivered at the thought of getting lost in them. "Oh, she's blushing." Trey yelled. I put my head in my hands. "I got lost in them once. That's it." They chuckled and I felt someone steal my hands away from face. I automatically looked up to see who it was. And than I wanted to look back down. Drew and his big brown eyes were staring into my own and he was smirking. I closed my eyes tight before I could get lost in them. I felt warm breath on my face. What the hell? I opened my eyes to see Drew's face much closer. I pulled my head down and his lips touched my hair. "I thought you wanted me to kiss you." he mumbled in a sad voice. "EW!" I shrieked and than hit him, after letting his hands go. God, no wonder I felt funny, he was holding my hands. "If your lips even come an inch close to my face, I'll hit you so bad it'll land you a night in the hospital." I told him, glaring daggers at him. He smirked and sat in the chair beside me. "She wants me." he told everyone. "No I want Carey Price, there's a difference." I told him and huffed. Trey was grinning like a moron. Riley seemed happy for some odd reason and Hailey was looking at her hand tangled with Riley's. "I'm a basketball and football player. All he is, is a hockey player." he exclaimed. "Yeah, hockey players beat basketball and football." I snapped at him. "But I play two sports, he plays just one." he said. "And hockey is the better sport. Especially when he's the amazing goalie." I told him and smirked. My friends kept looking between us waiting for something to happen. "Sure he's an amazing goalie but that's on skates. What's he like off the ice?" he asked. "I don't know." I mumbled. What did that have to do with anything? "Exactly. You know me on and off the court and field." he said and raised an eyebrow. "Yeah and I wish I didn't know you for either because you're the biggest pigheaded jackass I have ever met. So are you proud of that?" I snapped at him angrily. We seemed to be getting attention, other people at different tables were staring.

"Yeah, and your a bitch, are you proud of that?" he snapped back. I laughed. "I'm only a bitch to the person I hate most and take a guess on who that is?" "Mark." he said easily. I laughed and pushed him hard. "You, jackass." I stood up and walked out of the cafeteria. He just had to make my day worse. Someone grabbed my wrist and than I was pushed against a classroom door. I saw Drew standing there, glaring at me as he pinned me against the door. "What the hell is your problem?" he asked angrily. "You. Your my problem!" I yelled in his face. He looked hurt by that, I didn't care, he was the biggest jerk I've ever met and I was sick and tired of him. "You've been pissing me off since the day I met you. That's fourteen years you've been picking on me." I pushed him off me. "I'm sick and tired of you and your stupid smart remarks!" I pushed him again when he moved again to keep me there. "I hate you so much that I can't even look at you without remembering every time you pick on me. I hate you and I don't want you to ever talk to me again!" I screamed and pushed him off me finally and walked down the hall, leaving him in shock. As soon as I turned the corner unexpected tears started flooding out of my eyes and I started crying hard. I covered my mouth and leaned against the wall. Did I actually mean all of what I said? Did I actually want the guy who's picked on me for years to stop talking to me all together? Drew's POV I stood there shocked. I blew it. She's never going to forgive me for anything and she made it clear that she never wants to talk to me again. I blew it the one chance I had to actually be nice to her and I blew it because I had to be a jerk and start something stupid. I just pretty much lost the one and only girl I ever loved because I was being a complete ass to her! I went back into the cafeteria and realized the entire school just heard our fight because she was screaming. I probably looked pissed off and miserable because no one talked to me they just whispered about it. I sat down at the table where Julie's friends were along with Riley and now Nathan. I ran my hands through my hair and felt like pulling my hair out. "Nice going, idiot." Trey mumbled. "Shut up." I said through clenched teeth. I didn't want to hear what anyone had to say. "Hey!" Nathan exclaimed. Great, he's sticking up for her. "What? Your going to say I deserve it? You don't need to I already know and I don't want to hear it from anyone so shut your damn mouths and keep your comments

to yourself." I yelled at him and practically the entire school. That's what I hated about this school. Hardly anyone ever left school grounds because no one really wanted to go to a corner store so they all hung out in the cafeteria. "I'm not one that just hurt the only thing that he ever cared about, jackass! Why the hell would you do that, huh?" Nathan yelled back. Since when did I tell him I was in love with Julie? "Because I did! You got a problem with it, I don't care!" I shouted and we both stood up. Oh hell I am fighting with one of my best friends... "Well maybe if you didn't keep your damn feelings bottled up maybe you wouldn't have been a complete ass to her!" Riley yelled. Now he's getting into it. There were people talking all around now. I'm surprised a teacher hasn't come to check this and make sure we weren't killing each other. "Oh well sorry I don't want to tell her. Is it against the law now to--" Riley cut me off and I knew what he was going to yell. "To not tell a girl you've been in love with her since kindergarden, yeah it should be!" My jaw clenched and my fists tightened. Now the damn school knows I'm in love with Julie. My temper just fumed to its highest peak in... ever. I punched my best friend right in the face knocking him to the ground. "Riley!" Hailey scream and checked to see if he was okay. He was already standing. He walked around the table and pushed me backwards. I pushed him back and everyone was watching. He laid the punch and I punched him back. Everyone was to their feet now and chanting 'FIGHT! FIGHT!' That didn't last long. The cafeteria doors burst open and everyone silenced but Riley and I, we were still punching each other. I knew my nose was bleeding and I had a cut on my cheek from that ring Hailey and him have. "Break it up!" The principle shouted. And we didn't. "Stop!" Julie screamed. I laid my last hit on him and he did the same, we both fell to the floor. Julie appeared by Riley's side along with Hailey and Trey, making sure he was okay. Something about Julie was different and I noticed that as I wiped the blood off my nose with the edge of my shirt. Her eyes were extremely red. She was crying... She must of seen me looking at her because she lifted her hood a little to cover her face. I am an idiot! I hurt her! God dammit CHAPTER 7 Julie's POV

Why the hell would he hit Riley? I knew he was an ass but I didn't think he would hit one of his best friends. I didn't even hear shouting or know about it till I saw the principle and a few teachers running down the hall. "Which one of you are going to explain this?" The principle asked Drew and Riley. "Oh, you can ask that jackass right there." Riley mumbled through clenched teeth as I wiped blood off his cheek and Hailey got the other. "Drew, care to explain?" The principle turned to Drew. "I just lost it, sorry." Drew mumbled in a tone I've never heard before. He sounded hurt... "I am so sorry, Riley." I whispered knowing this happened because of me in the first place. He shook his head. "He was pissing me off, Jules. It's not your fault at all." he told me and wiped his lip. "Stupid bastard." he mumbled. I glanced at Drew from the corner of my eye and saw him with his head in his hands. What is wrong with him now? "Office the two of you." The principle said and than looked at me. "You have something to do with this Miss Preston?" I swallowed and shakily nodded. "Yeah, just a bit." I said looking at Riley who smiled just a bit. "Than you too, let's go." The principle said and marched out. "Hey, Drew. Why don't you tell her?" Nathan said out of the blue. Tell who what? I looked at Drew seeing him freeze at what Nathan said. "If anyone says a word about it, I'll come after you." Drew said and as he did, he took a step towards Nathan. I held up my hand and his chest bumped right into it. I felt some kind of funny feeling in my stomach, it felt strange and I didn't like it. I could feel his heart beating under my fingertips, his heart was beating fast, whoa... I looked up at him slowly and saw him looking down at me with hurt in his eyes and than that all changed. It went from hurt to sadness to hurt and than sadness again till he closed his eyes as if he was in pain. I took my hand off him and walked away from him and feeling numb. I just hurt him. I hurt the guy who's been picking on me for fourteen years and now I feel sorry. I could see all the hurt and sadness in his eyes and I knew than that the guy who's been picking on me was hurt by my words and I was hurting from saying them and having to look in his eyes to see it... Tears slid down my cheeks, I wiped them away quickly before anyone could see but someone had to. "It's okay." Someone whispered as an arm came around my shoulders. I brought up my shaky hands to my face and let them go as Mark pulled me into him and let me cry.

We weren't even out of the cafeteria and I was crying in front of them, the whole school. I found my legs and I ran out of there quickly. Drew's POV What the hell was that funny feeling? I always had those when I was around Julie but that one was just odd when her hand was over my heart. It felt good but strange. I shook it off and looked at her as she walked. Mark came around and pulled her into a hug where she just cried on him. God I'm an idiot. Why the hell did I have to do all those things to her? "Don't look at her." Hailey snapped. I looked at her and than looked down, closing my eyes. I did not need anyone bitching at me. I walked away from all of them, looking up when I heard someone run through the cafeteria doors. Julie. I could see her running down the hall. "Your an ass, you know that? If you love someone you treat them like you love them, not like shit." Mark called as I walked away. Ignoring. Ignoring. Then I left the cafeteria and went to the office. I could hear someone crying in there. "Shh, its fine." I heard the principle tell someone. Great two females in one room. "I'll call your parents." "Don't." Julie cried. "I don't even know where they are, I just--I don't need this right now." she whispered. "Julie, go home. I can ask Hailey or Trey if they'll pick up your brother and sister. Come tomorrow first thing and we'll talk about this." The principle told her. "So now you eavesdrop?" Riley whispered. I looked at him and he took a step back at something as his eyes cringed to see something. "Why'd you do all that?" he asked, what a stupid question. "I don't know." I mumbled. "Boys, come in here." The principle said as the door opened. I looked at the doorway and saw Julie there, walking out rubbing her eyes. "Come here." Riley said holding out his arms. She walked over to him and he put his arms around her and let her cry. "Drew." The principle said. I walked inside the office and took a seat as Riley and Julie talked for a few minutes. When that was down, he came inside and sat beside me. "Now, I know this is about Julie and I know for a fact that Riley wouldn't hurt her so Drew, what happened that you made her cry that hard? Ever because I've

never seen a girl cry so much." The principle started as soon as she sat down and looked between us. I shook my head. "I just said some things I wish I didn't and I just--we were never friends to begin with and I was trying but I just got so intimated that I blew it out of proportion and screwed up everything." I told her and put my head in my hands. "Mrs. Keeser, its a long story but I'll make it short. They've been at each others throats for fourteen years, and those fourteen years Drew has been in love with her." And that's how it all happened, I got no suspension just a talk about how to impress a girl and two weeks of detention after school. Yeah, and the teacher might put Julie in detention to learn a lesson on not punching, slapping or bitching at me. Doubt she'd even look at me... CHAPTER 8 Julie's POV I went home, laid and slept. I woke up just when Hailey and Riley brought Keri and JAmes home. "How you feeling?" Hailey asked when I went to the door to talk to them as the other two went to do their homework. "Better, sort of." I told them playing with my shirtsleeve. "We got two weeks detention after school." Riley said, he almost sounded pleased... I nodded. "What'd you talk to the principle about?" I asked. "Things." Riley said and laughed when I raised an eyebrow. "He won't tell me either." Hailey said and grinned. They seemed to be really happy about something, like they were on some kind of pills. "Something going on that I don't know about?" I asked and folded my arms across my chest. "Oh yes, the guy you hate is--" Riley put his hand over Hailey's mouth before she could finish. "I already know he's the biggest asshole I've ever met and I don't want to see his stupid, fat ugly face ever again so if your here to tell me to talk to him. I got news for you. I HAVE NEVER TALKED TO HIM!" I covered my mouth and turned away from them holding the tears back. God, I'm a bitch, why the hell am I acting this way? Someone put their arms around me and leaned my head against their chest and let me cry on them.

"Julie!" KEri and James screamed and feet were running towards us. "Guys, just let here. I'll explain it." Riley told them. "Shhh," Hailey whispered in my ear, rubbing my back. "We know what you mean." she whispered. I shook my head. "I've never seen that asshole smile at me and here I am crying because I'm hurting, because I hurt him! You have no idea how horrible I feel." I cried and went limp in her arms. "Riley!" Hailey called. "Yes, Hail--Julie!" Everyone seemed to be worried about me these days. "She needs to lay down." Hailey told him and tried to hold me up. "I'm going to kill him." Riley mumbled just as he picked me up. "Keri, James, can you guys make yourself some dinner tonight? Your sister isn't feeling well." Hailey told them. As soon as Riley put me on my bed, I was out like a light. I didn't want to remember today. Drew's POV I'm not even at school yet and I'm already hating today. I wasn't driving in my sister today but I still went by Julie's. I saw her getting in her car with James and Keri, she looked better then yesterday. I don't know why I was so attracted to her, but that doesn't matter. I got out of my jeep just as I saw Hailey and Riley at the doors. Oh this'll be fun. "Apologize to her." Riley said as soon as I stopped in front of them. I nodded and walked away but not quick enough, someone grabbed my wrist. I looked up and saw Hailey looking at me closely. "Your both losing your minds." she whispered and let my wrist go and walked away from Riley and I. Riley looked at me. "Julie is going to be a mess today so if I were you, don't talk to her in English." he said and sighed. "She was a mess when we dropped off Keri and James." I didn't want to hear this but just as I was about to walk away, Julie pulled in to the parking lot and she parked in the usual spot. Next to me. I watched her get out of the car and than I walked away. I don't want to see her, not right now. "Partner up." The teacher called as soon as the bell rung. I got up and went over to Julie, I caught Riley's eye as I did and he smiled sheepishly. This was going to be horrible.

"Alright, today we are doing something different." The teacher said excitedly, I sat down beside Julie and saw her move in her seat. I closed my eyes and waited for this class to end. "Time to confess some things." The teacher said. My breath caught, Julie's caught and Riley, well... "No, bad idea." he nearly yelled. "Something the matter, Riley?" The teacher asked curiously. "Umm, ye--no." "Get started, and remember this stays between you two." The teacher said. We sat there in silence, neither of us were going to confess anything. I wanted to but she would blow up in my face again if I said a single word. Julie raised her hand. "Sir?" "Yes, Julie?" he asked. "I'm supposed to see the principle this morning, can I go now?" she asked in an urge to get out of here. "Very welll but you are aware that you have no mark for this part of the assignment." he told her. "I already know everything I need to know." You don't know that I'm in love with you, Julie, I thought. "Go ahead, Miss. Preston." Julie got up with her stuff and practically ran out of the room. "Sir." Riley panicked. "Go." The teacher said. And with that, Riley ran out of the room after her. I knew this was my fault. I got up, took a hall pass and left the classroom. I walked a bit away than started running quietly to find them. I heard a few distant voices not far away. "I don't want to see him. I don't want to see him." Julie kept repeating. "Julie, calm down. Breathe." Riley told her in a panic. "I don't want to see him." she said quietly and than I heard her start crying. I looked around the corner and saw her with her head in her hands as she leaned against Riley who looked panicked as hell. All my fault. Why, why did I have to do all that? CHAPTER 9

Julie's POV I. Got. Two. Weeks. Detention. Are you kidding me? Okay, so far, my birthday has turned out terrible. I slipped when I got out of the shower this morning, I gave Keri the wrong lunch, my head collided with James when I tired getting my shoes on. Than at school, I couldn't look at Drew but I just HAD to in English and I ran out of there to have Riley following. Did I forget to mention that JAmes and Keri are the only ones who have wished me a happy birthday? Ugh. I hate today. "So I was thinking..." Trey said as she sat beside me at our lunch table. "That we should make another trip to Calabogie before Christmas." I smiled at the idea and ignored Drew watching. He was talking to Riley and they seemed to be friendlier now. "I like the idea." I said and munched on the carrots that someone randomly put in front of me when I was bitching about the wrong lunch. "So one room for the three of us." Trey said and wrote something down in her notebook. I glanced at it, seeing a bunch of lines on top of the words. "We should go out after the game tonight." Hailey said and hugged me as she came in. I frowned, I forgot about that. And just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse. My phone started going off in my pocket. It took it out and answered without looking at the caller. "Hello?" I answered. "Jules, how are things at home?" Mom asked. Why did I have to pick up the phone? I gritted my teeth and everyone at the table other than Drew seemed to know who it was. "Perfect, just perfect." I told her. "Okay, well as long as your not killing each other." She said and giggled. "Oh yeah, because we know very well that Keri, James and I are always at each others throats." I said, sarcasim dripping from every word. "Don't talk to me like that. Now have you got the stuff from the dry cleaners yet?" She asked. "What stuff from the dry cleaners?" I asked weirdly. "Your fathers suit and my jacket." She told me. "Why should I waste my time doing that when I have to pick up my brother and sister, do my homework, check theirs, make dinner and put them into bed, huh?" I practically yelled at her. I rubbed my forehead hard. I did not need this.

"We had it on the note and would you cut it out with the attitude?" She snapped. "Which note? The one that told me to take care if my brother and sister with my own money because my stupid parents can't do that?" I snapped angrily and covered my eyes. "Oh and may I remind you of whose birthday it is today?" "I have no idea." She said. "Mine! Its my damn birthday and my own mother can't even remember that. Instead Keri and James made me a cupcake with a candle in it this morning because they remembered!" I started crying. "Don't call me in less your actually going to say something that matters and when I turn eighteen, I got news for you. I;m taking Keri and James away from their so called parents." With that I snapped my phone shut and covered my face with my hands and cried. "Miss Preston?" I heard the principle say. I looked up and at her. She smiled sheepishly. "Let's go and talk." She said. I shook my head and sat there crying. Trey and Hailey got me to stop by putting something in front of me. "Happy birthday, Jules." They said. I laughed but it sounded like I was choking. "Guys, I don't want to do this, not today. Just reschedual my birthday." I told them. "Can we at least eat the cake?" Riley asked. I nodded and looked from the corner of my eye to see Drew playing with a white long box in his hands. He shook his head and put it in his pocket. I've seen that box before..., he's had it before and I don't know what it is but he has every time my birthday comes around... Riley seemed to attack the cake in a second. "Can Drew have a piece?" Trey whispered. "Give him a big piece." I mumbled and rubbed my eyes. I folded my arms on the table mand leaned my forehead against them, ignoring the many eyes I felt on me. I hated when people watch me. "Julie, you want your presents now?" Hailey asked happily. I shook my head against my arms. "Just come by tomorrow." I mumbled and closed my eyes and breathed. "Drew, what are you doing after your game tonight?" Trey asked curiously. "Nothing." He mumbled his answer. He didn't even seem aware of anything today. "You want to come to the diner with us afterwards?" Hailey asked. "Umm, that might not be a good idea." He mumbled again. I sighed and got up from the table, I did not need this right now. Hearing him speak like that, usually he's so loud but not today. Its my fault.

I walked out of there and into the hallway and leaned forward, covering my face. My fault! Drew's POV It's all my fault. This whole fight is my fault and now she can't even look at me because it was my fault. I ran my hands through my hair. "What's the white box in your pocket?" Trey asked as she passed a piece of cake to me. "Umm, nothing." I mumbled. There was another year I wouldn't be giving my present to Julie. This year is definite no because I screwed up. I'm an idiot. Every word she calls me is true. I'm the biggest pig headed asshole in the damn country! "Drew, just tell them." Riley said, talking about the box in my pocket. I sighed and put the fork down. The piece of cake they gave me was huge. "It's Julie's birthday present." I confessed. Hailey and Trey looked at each other wide eyed and than looked at me and smiled. Creepy. "You've had it for a while?" Hailey asked curiously. I swallowed, scared now of what they'll think. "Four years." I mumbled, embarrassed. "And you've never given it to her?" Trey asked, shocked now. I shook my head. "We don't get along, I just carry it with me, hoping one year I can give it to her." I told them and took the box out of my pocket knowing that talking about it they'd want to see it. "Give it to her tonight after you apologize, seems about right." Riley said and bit his lip, staring at the cake. He has a hollow stomach. "If I give it to her, I'll make sure she opens it when she wants to. I'm not going to stand there waiting for her reaction." I told them and lifted the lid and showed Hailey and Trey the bracelet in the box. It was a simple ID bracelet, silver with her name scripted on the back of it. I'd always had it but I could never give it to her. "Wow, that's nice." Hailey said and ran her finger over the bracelet. "She would wear that if you gave it to her, you know." Trey said and smiled at me. "You might not believe me or any of us when we say this but she is sorry." I nodded shakily and put the box back in my pocket. Where did Julie go? "Julie is sleeping in the hallway." Nathan said as he sat down next to Trey. I was wondering where he was. "Are you serious?" Hailey asked, dumbfounded.

"Yeah." Nathan said and looked at me. "What's up?" I shrugged. "Nothing." I looked at Riley knowing he was going to get Julie. "Can I get her? I won't wake her, I just--" "Bring her to the nurse." he cut me off and grinned. I got up from the table and left the cafeteria. This would be the first time I could actually hold Julie in my arms, I've always wanted to do that. Even to just see her sleep which I've seen many times and she's so beautiful asleep. I ran over to her once I saw her, she was next to that door that we had been against yesterday while we were fighting. "Julie." I whispered trying to make sure she was asleep. She turned over sleepily and sighed. I smiled and put my arm behind her knees and my other arm at her back and lifted her up off the floor. "Drew." she mumbled and moved her head on my shoulder. I looked down at her quickly. Her eyes were closed, she was still asleep but... she's dreaming of me. She moved in my arms, her hands seeming to grip my shirt. I went to the nurses office and knocked on the door. The nurse answered and when she saw someone in my arms she moved out of the way. "Put her on the bed." she said. I walked in and laid her on the bed but she didn't let my shirt go all that easily. "She's asleep." "Well than we'll just let her sleep." The nurse said quietly and put a blanket over Julie. "I'll be back in a while to watch her but you need to get to class, the bell just rung." I nodded. "I'm just going to stay for a minute." I told her. She left with a nod and I looked at Julie again and saw her sleeping beautiful face. I am more in love with her every time I look at her. I kissed her lightly on the forehead and sighed as I could smell the perfume off her or whatever it was that smelt so good on her. I rested my forehead on hers and closed my eyes for a second. "I love you." I whispered softly and than opened my eyes slowly. I kissed her lightly on the lips and than left afterwards. CHAPTER 10 Julie's POV I woke up, having fallen asleep on the floor but now, I wasn't on the floor. I was on a bed in the nurses office. "Oh, your awake, Julie." The nurse shrieked as someone got up from somewhere. I looked around and saw the nurse getting a glas of water. "How did I get here?" I

mumbled sleepily. "Oh, Drew brought you here after finding you asleep." She told me, all smiles. Drew brought my here? He picked me up and brought me here. Oh God, he's the one that found me and he probably thinking that this was more his fault. "Sweetie, your turning white." The nurse said. "What time is it?" I asked in a rush. "We're on the fifteen minute break before last period." She told me. I got off the bed and rubbed my eyes. "Thanks for letting me stay in here for a while." She smiled. "Don't worry about it." I left the room and bumped into someone right when I got out the door. "Sorry." I said in a rush and looked up. My heart stopped and my eyes automatically averted Drew's. "Sorry." He mumbled and we just stood there for a second than I got feeling in my legs back and walked away. I breathed deep when I turned the corner and leaned against the wall. "I made it." I went to gym class fully hydrated, no sense of tiredness on me. I was full of energy you could say. "Julie!" Trey and Hailey screamed when I entered the gym in my gym clothes. I smiled at them and ran towards them and plopped on the mat in front of them. "Hey." I said, I sounded way to happy. They smiled. "You look refreshed." Hailey said and gave me a hair elastic. "I feel better, that's for sure." I said as I tied my hair back into a ponytail. "Alright, up. Fitness test today and I'm pairing you up because your all to slow." The teacher said as he walked into the gym. Figures, the day I'm fighting with Drew and he decides this. I hope I'm not paired with him. "I bet you he's going to make us do something that I'll have to fall back into some untrustworthy arms." Hailey mumbled under her breath as she stood up with us. I saw Drew across the from us talking to Justin and Eric freely. He seemed alive too, laughing a bit. "Nathan and Trey." The teacher called. "Oh God." Trey mumbled and we smiled at her seeing her blush. "Hailey and Drew." The teacher said. "No wait, wrong line." Crap! Hailey sighed and hugged me. "Well, hopefully its not you." "Julie and Drew." The teacher called.

"And then I was wrong." Hailey took her arm away from my shoulder and pushed me towards Drew. I stopped a few feet from him and turned to glare at her. We all got paired up and today we were doing trust exercises and the fitness test. "Just fall into your partners arms on their go." The teacher said and everyone got ready but Drew and I, we stood there awkwardly, looking any where but at each other. The teacher came over to us and sighed. "Heard what happened and this could possibly help, that's why I paired you up." He said and than looked at Drew. I looked between them and saw The teacher moved Drew behind me. Very uncomfortable. "See, not so bad now Drew hold up your arms." I felt Drew's hands brush my hips meaning he was relatively close behind me. "And fall back, Julie." The teacher said. I closed my eyes and fell back, I was afraid to fall back into his arms but he caught me. I opened my eyes and glanced up at him, seeing him stare down at me. "Awesome, now. Drew, try and be light." The teacher walked away after that. Drew brought me back up and than I stepped aside and he got in front of me. I held up my arms, nervously. I had no idea how heavy Drew could be so I was expecting the worse. "Don't let me fall." He mumbled. "Try not to." I said quietly and waited. He fell back into my arms and I caught him, my arms literally wrapping around him than he stood up and I let him go. The entire class, we didn't really talk to each other, I didn't really look at him but he looked at me. The only time we spoke was to know how many of the crutches, push ups and skipping rope we got in the time given. At the end of class, I literally ran for the locker room and than I told Hailey and Trey everything, not going into detail. Drew's POV That was unbearable... CHAPTER 11 Julie's POV "Don't forget your colours." Hailey shouted as we separated to go to our cars. "I won't." I shouted back and ran to my car only to slip on the ice and fall on my butt. "Ouef." I mumbled and tried to get up only to slip again and land on my

back. "You got to be kidding me." I said out loud and just lay there. "Need a hand?" Someone asked, clearly amused. I craned my neck and blushed, it was a guy I've never seen before. "Actually I'm waiting for someone to run me over." I said sarcastically and saw the guy smile. Okay, he's cute from upside down. He laughed and went around and then held out his hand. I put my hand in his and he lifted me up with some help from me. "Fewf." I breathed and wiped my hand. "Thank you." I said and looked at the guy. Whoa. Eyes on this guy are cute, I thought to myself. "Your welcome, I couldn't someone as pretty as you get run over by a classmate." He said, grinning at me. I blushed furiously. "Umm, thanks." I rubbed my hands together and then it hit me. "Oh I'm late." "Oh," he sounded disappointed but I hardly knew the guy it could have been something else. "Thanks again." I said as I started to walk. "Bye." He called. I got in my car, seatbelt on and drove to Keri and James school. They were still waiting outside when I got there. And they started freaking out as soon as they sat down. "I know, I fell on the ice at school and got sidetracked. I'm sorry." I apologized. "Are we still going to the game?" James asked, practically bouncing in his seat. I nodded and tried not remembering all those things with Drew today. Gym class seemed like torture. When we got home, they went to their rooms and did their homework first like always but they grabbed a snack before hand which I did too. I went to my bedroom and searched through my closet for anything white and red. There was a pair of white shorts, I don't think so. It's -12 outside. I really had nothing for this game. I picked up the phone and bit my lip. They're going to be way to happy. I dialed Hailey's phone number. "Hey Muffin." She answered happily. "Hey Tart." I said and laughed. Our nicknames were extremely weird but we loved them anyway. "Whatcha need?" She asked. "You and Trey got your wish. You get to dress me for this game seeing as I have nothing to wear." I told her and moved the phone from my ear when I started hearing her scream. I don't get it why they so badly want to dress me.

"Trey and I will be there in fifteen minutes. Wash your hair and everything." She hung up and I sighed. I'm so in for it. "Jules, we're here." I heard Trey yell from downstairs as I looked for anything that was related to school colours that I could wear just in case they brought something crazy. They entered my room and smiled. "We have a white shirt, white skirt, brown boots and a small red jacket for you." Trey said and threw it onto my bed. "And a curling iron." Hailey said, holding that up. I sighed and took all that clothes and went to the bathroom and got changed. The skirt was really flowy, so I could probably spin in it and have fun. Not like I'm about to do that. The shirt was simple, I liked the simpleness to it. I put on Trey's brown PeterPan boots and pulled on the jacket that was brand new of Hailey's it had three big black buttons to it. I looked in the mirror and sighed. I looked different. "Oh my God, she's a girl." They both shrieked when I entered the room. Keri and James were in there too and they gawked at me. New sister they probably thought. "I actually don't mind this." I said and gestured to the skirt. "You look amazing, the guys will be drooling over you." Hailey gushed and started on my hair. Lovely. "Except Nathan and Riley of course." I said and grinned. "Well, I only know of one guy that will be watching you the entire night." Trey said, curling a piece of my hair. "Who?" I asked and smiled at Keri who was looking through my closet. She's probably trying to find my earrings that would match these clothes. "Drew Doughty." Hailey and Trey said. I shuddered. I really didn't want to talk about him. "He looked at you fourteen times during lunch, I lost count in gym because you were with him the entire time he was watching you. And after school just a few times." Trey pointed out the quick ones. I was shocked, since when does Drew look at me that many times? I know we hate each other but does he have to look at me when I'm clearly not in the mood to be looked at. We got to school extra early because we wanted to relax and watch the guys warm up before the game. Keri and James went their separate ways, going to see their friends from school. "Everyone is staring." I said self consciously as we walked around the court. "For good reason, look at you." Hailey said completely happy.

I was more self conscious than ever that I wrapped my arms around me and stared at the ground as we walked. Someone bumped into me, quite easily too and I almost fell back but somehow they caught my arm. I looked up to see the same guy from after school. Oh craph, he's in a basketball uniform. He's from the other school! "Hey you." He said smiling. God, he's got a cute smile. "Hi." I said and blushed. He let my arm go only to trail his fingers along it lightly. "I guess you root for Spitfires, huh?" He guessed. I grinned. "I have a few friends that play." He nodded and laughed at something. "I'm Johnathan, by the way." "Oh, I'm Julie." I told him and smiled. "How's the butt from that fall?" he asked, laughing. I laughed. "Pretty good." "Well, it was fun seeing your face when you fell." He said and turned to grin at me as we walked past his teamates. I walked after him. "Are you saying you watched me fall and didn't bother to catch me?" I asked. "I don't have thirty foot arms, I'm sorry." He said and smiled. I laughed. "So you decided to help me up because you couldn't catch me." He nodded. "Good job, Julie. Want a cookie?" He teased. I glared. "You aren't funny." The whistle was blown, meaning the game was going to start soon, we looked around and I bit my lip. Practically his entire team was looking at us. "Yeah, that's creepy." Johnathan whispered close to my ear. I smiled and looked up at him. "Hint for you to go, I guess." "Yep," he said excitedly. "See you later." I said. "Bye." He said and walked away. I turned around on the heel of my boot and quickly wanted to turn back. Trey and Hailey were there grinning like idiots. I walked towards them and they started freaking. "He so likes you." Trey gushed. "What's his name? How'd you meet because you seemed pretty friendly?" Hailey asked.

"Johnathan and after school." I said and grinned as I looked around. I swallowed seeing more people stare at me. "I want to change." "No, you look great." Trey said, "Hey guys." Riley said as he walked towards us. "Tell Julie she looks pretty." Hailey said as she put her arm around him like he did. "Do I have to tell her or can I just say it because I was about to." Riley said and grinned at me. I blushed furiously and looked at the ground. It was going to be my best friend for the night. We got our seats on the bleechers, second row and we watched the guys warm up. I looked at Johnathan once and saw him doing a three pointer which he happened to got in. Then my eyes went to Drew. Drew was doing freethrows and he was... missing. I watched him shoot four basketballs in a minute and only 1 of the five got in the net. "Somethings up with Drew." I mumbled. Another miss. "He's thinking too much, that's why." Riley leaned forward like me and looked from me to Drew. "You both have the same look on your face." he sighed and looked at me closely. "Stop thinking about him like that because he sees you looking like that, its getting him frustrated." I frowned, how can someone possibly know that I'm thinking about Drew? The whistle was blown for the game to start and everyone started errupting in cheers and screams. Drew and number eleven took jump ball and game on.. "Oh, looks like Drew and Johnathan are getting into it." Hailey exclaimed. Though I was watching the game, I wasn't really seeing it, I was thinking too much. I shook my head a bit and saw Drew and Johnathan fighting refs were trying to get a play going. "It's just a ball." it. Everyone stopped and looked at me, Drew and Johnathan at me. After they looked at me they exchanged a few words each other. over the ball and the I shouted and regretted even stopped and looked and seemed to glare at

I sighed and leaned against someone legs. I looked back and smiled. "Hey Mark." "Looking good, Jules." He said happily. I blushed. "Thanks. "What are you doing after the game?" he asked and took the empty seat beside me. Mark sat beside me for the first half and we were talking the entire time and laughing as we watched the game. Drew was still doing horrible and I couldn't help it. I was blaming myself.

CHAPTER 12 Julie's POV Something was up with Drew, I've never seen him play so badly and I knew that is was, somehow, someway, my fault. "Someone might want to show him where the net is." Hailey mumbled after he had the ball bounce off the backboard. "It's my fault." I told them. Riley glared at me. "No its not." I ignored him. "I should tell him I'm sorry." "Than go. Geez, you should have thought of that earlier." Hailey literally screamed. I got up shakily and than walked around the court till I was close to the net than I just stood near the wall and waited for him to get off for a break. There was no way I'd be going to the bench where the team was. Drew came down the court with the ball and Eric with him, he didn't seem to see me. He did a lay up, missing it again and than fell right into me. "What are you doing on the court, Julie?" he asked, his voice proved how frustrated he was. "Drew, play!" Coach Dodge yelled. "After." Drew said to me and let me go. "Get your ass back back here!" I shouted at him as he started to play. "After." he shouted and went down the other side of the court. "Stupid." I muttered in my own frustration. He came back down the court passing the ball to Ray. "Listen, I need to talk to--" He cut me off. "Julie, I'm bust. Later." "No, right now dammit." I yelled at him and grabbed his jersey, yanking him back. "Julie, I'm in the middle of something. Would you wait?" he asked impatiently. The clock was still running and they were one player short. Like I cared. "No, it can't wait." I yelled at him. "Spit it out, Julie. I'm supposed to be playing." he said patience running low. "I'm sorry, okay? I was being a bitch as always and I shouldn't have yelled at

you. I was just frustrated, I had a bad day and you were there so I just took out all of--" I was silence and in the most shocking way, by his lips. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. I kissed back, in shock literally that my worst enemy was kissing me. The fans errupted in cheers and applause and I had the worst feeling go through me. A shock, electricity going through me as Drew and I kissed. God, he's a good kisser. He pulled away more breathless then before. "You're forgiven." With that, he ran down the court. I was dumbfounded. Drew Doughty just kissed me. My worst enemy just kissed me and I-I liked it. A lot. I went to the bleechers in a daze, I was well aware of eyes on me, watching me like a hawk. As soon as I sat down, Trey, Hailey and Riley looked at me, shocked but smiling. "Drew Doughty, my worst enemy, just kissed me." I said slowly, trying to forward that to my head. "We saw." Hailey said. "Well... did you like it?" Trey asked. I blushed furiously. I did like it but I was still trying to figure out why he kissed me in the first place. "Ohh she did." Riley said and used my shoulder as an arm rest. "Why did he freakin' kiss me? I'm going to kill him!" And now I was going crazy, because he had to kiss me. And now my brain was all fuzzy. They laughed like some idiots and I looked at them as if they had two heads. "Well, since you've apologized he's gotten four baskets." Riley told me. I looked at the court to see Drew putting the ball in again. So I apologized and he starts getting points. It was my fault and now he's making me feel guilty because of it. "Drew, you son of a--" Riley covered my mouth before I could finish yelling. "She figured it out." Trey said laughing. I found out alright and the ass made me feel guilty because he was being so horrible on the court. Riley took his his hand off my mouth and I yelled again. "You pig-headed jackass! Son of a--" The buzzer went for the third quarter ending so he didn't hear me. I stalked off the bleechers and towards Drew who was on a break. The other team was watching me, Johnathan especially. They're probably hoping I hurt Drew so they can win. I took Trey's boots off my feet and threw one at Drew. It missed. "Sorry." I said

to one of the players from the other team. I threw the otehr boot at Drew, hitting him on the back. "What the--" he turned around and glared at me. "Julie." I picked up the boot and hit him again. "You made me feel guilty you son of a--" Nathan covered my mouth. "Cool down, kid." I hit him across the head and went towards Drew who nervously took a step back. "You yelled at me because we were both at each others throats, remember?" Drew said slowly. "Oh yeah, you are so upset, huh?" I snapped at him. "I was upset, Geez, the girl I picked on for years got in a fight with me." He said, looking me in the eyes. I frowned. "So you made me feel guilty because you purposely missed the net?" I asked. "Hold on a second." He set his gatorade bottle down. "Okay, you've been blind today because I haven't concentrated at all." He told me. I hardened my glare and poked him in the chest. "So you just steal a kiss from me to boost your confidence? Is that how it works?" I exclaimed. "I've kissed you before, remember?" And if I can remember correctly," he got right in my face. "You kissed me back." I growled and raised my fist to hit him but someone held it back. Drew. "Admit. It." he said quietly. I raised my other fist but Drew stopped me again. He picked me up and put me over his shoulder. Luckily, the skirt was long. "Put me down, Drew! You ass!" I screamed hitting his back. "Coach, I'll be back." Drew said and took hold of my legs so I could stop kicking him. "Let me down or I'll kick your stupid pig-headed smirk off your ugly face!" I screamed again as people started laughing. "Julie, can you shut up?" he asked nicely as he walked. "I'm going to freakin' kill you, you scrawny little jerk." I shouted, pounding his back. "Your giving me a headache." He mumbled, laughing. "I don't care." I screamed directly in his ear. He cringed and kicked the doors open. He set me down on my feet and stepped back. I glared. "What the hell is your problem?" I yelled at him.

Stupid smirk. "We're not doing this again." He yelled sternly. "Than explain why the hell you kissed me! And why you left me feeling guilty." I yelled. "Oh my God, Julie." He looked as if he'd pull his hair out. "You wouldn't shut the hell up and I didn't mean to make you feel guilty. For God sakes." He yelled. I pushed him. "You did and now I'm pissed you." I yelled. "Not the first time now is it?" He yelled and walked back into the gym. "Drew Spacio Doughty, I'm not freakin' finished!" I yelled and yanked him back out. "What the hell, Julie? I have an important game going." He yelled. "Oh, so I'm not important?" I shouted. "At this moment, no." He yelled. There was a lot of 'Ohh's' in the gym. They were hearing everything. "You son of a--" I was, again, silenced by his lips crashing on to mine. He pulled me closed and cupped my face in his hands. I kissed him back, too much of a shock to remember who I was kissing. My hands rested on his arms as he and I kissed. I pulled away quickly, but not quick enough. "Stop kissing me!" I yelled. Smirk plastered across his face. "Make me." With that he walked back into the gym. I ran at him and kicked him in the leg. Forgot no boots, that hurt. He chuckled. "Julie." "You ass--" Someone covered my mouth, I looked behind me and glared at Eric. He took his hand away and I smirked evily. "Drew, your a stupid asshole!" I stole a boot from Eric and threw it at Drew as he walked away. Drew's POV She is a huge pain. I swear, Julie is getting more crazy every year. I still love kissing her. Man, she's an amazing kisser... I'm glad I get so many times to kiss her. "What the hell?" I shouted, rubbing the back of my head. She threw another boot at me. Man, she's ridiculous. I didn't mean to make her feel guilty I'm just freakin' happy she doesn't hate me so much she'd cry uncontrollably and not be able to sleep. That I can not handle. I turned and glared at her. "Issues, darling?" I asked sweetly just to get on her nerves.

Her face went bright red. Either from her anger or blushing at my words. "Your a jerk, you know that? Your the biggest jerk I've ever met in my life." "I already know how you feel about me, love. You've told me plenty." That bugged her again. Everyone was watching us, forget the basketball game that's supposed to be playing. Everyone seems entertained by us yelling at each other. "That's it." She yelled and walked towards me, she yanked on my jersey and I smirked, snaking my arm around her. Bad idea. I lost my footing and I landed on my back on the floor. "This isn't over." She said through gritted teeth. "I know it isn't, its just getting started." I told her and leaned up, she back off glaring at me. "Scared?" She swallowed, blushing. "Hardly." "Kiss her! Kiss her!" Everyone started shouting, some were even yelling random things about what we should do. I expected that to be guys. She glared down at me. "If those lips even," I started leaning up and she started blushing and looking any where but at me, just moving her eyes as she spoke. "Come an inch close to mine," I brushed my lips over hers and watched her eyes close, I smiled softly at her. That's when I just firmly put my lips on hers. The thing is, I always kissed her. At least twice a year I kiss her from either parties or we just yell at each other and I end up kissing her. But I never push it to actually french kiss her, I'm not going to do that if she doesn't like me or not even wanting me to kiss her. And it is always nice to kiss her like this, softly, like our lips aren't there almost as if we're numb and can't feel it. At least that's how it feels for me. She pulled away, blushing and I automatically felt bad for kissing her in front of everyone and all of this. She was already being stared at before because she wasn't in baggy clothes or anything. She still would have been beautiful if she didn't wear a skirt and all that stuff. I felt bad. She got up off me and walked out of the gym before I could even get up. I did it again. I pulled my hands through my hair and breathed deep. I screwed up. CHAPTER 13 Julie's POV Don't think. Don't breathe. Walk it off. That's all I kept telling myself as I walked out of the gym. I do not need this. I just need to clear my head and get back to normal. The kiss didn't mean anything, but it felt like so much. God, what am I thinking? I sat down in front of the trophie case, a team picture from last year with Drew in the middle. I closed my eyes. He's everywhere.

Someone sat beside me and put their arms around me, I kept my eyes closed and leaned against whoever it was. I just needed to breathe carefully and not think about anything between me and Drew. I hate him and he's making it so much harder for me if he keeps kissing me. I don't want to like the asshole whose been on my nerves for fourteen years. I just need to hate him, its the only thing I'm able to do. I covered my face and let the stupid tears fall. The person didn't let me go, only pulled me closer. "I'm sorry." He whispered in my ear. I choked. Drew. Its Drew holding me, why? Dammit, why do I have to be like this around him? "No, you're not." I mumbled shaking my head. "I didn't mean to do that in front of everyone. I know you were uncomfortable in the first place being here in a skirt, which by the way looks good on you. But still, I shouldn't have done that and I'm sorry." He apologized as he started to rub my back. "You still did." I mumbled. "I know and I'm sorry, I shouldn't have." He said quietly and something soft pressed to my hair. "You smell nice." "Oh my God." I said. He just had to ruin the moment, one moment where we actually weren't hating each other. "What? I'm just telling you that you smell nice. How many people actually do, huh?" He asked and I knew that smirk of his was on his face. "Not many, I don't get close." I mumbled resting my head on his shoulder or something that was soft. "Your close now." He said and held me tighter. I tried relaxing against him, it was hard to do. This is the first time we're actually this close to each other and not fighting. Actually having somewhat a conversation. "Your game, Drew." It finally hit me. He shouldn't even be out of the gym. "It's fine, they can win without me." He said and rubbed my back. "No," I pulled back rubbing my eyes and I looked up at him. "Go." He glared at me. "You really know how to ruin a conversation, you know that?" "Yeah, and you know how to be a really good asshole. Tell me something I don't know." I said and grinned innocently. He scoffed and let me go, only to pull me up to my feet. "We're not finished this." "What hugging?" He grinned. I laughed at him. "Yeah, Drew, we're never going to

have another moment like that in less your the lasCreate Your Own Story at Quizillat person on the Earth and we have no electricity. Than maybe just maybe I would hug you to keep warm." He glared and opened the gym door. "You really do ruin good moments." "Probably what I was born to do, just to make you angry." I said cheerfully. He rolled his eyes. "I wouldn't be surprised, to be honest." I glared and kicked him in the shin. "Ass." "Pain." He said and flicked my forehead. I smacked him across the head and walked away from the idiot. Not another moment better. I'm back to hating him. I do not like Drew Doughty. I walked back to the bleechers and sat next to Riley and Mark, ignoring the many stares I was getting and some glares from girls. "You okay?" Riley asked quietly. "Tonight, we're going to teepee his house." I mumbled under my breath as I hugged myself self-consciously. God I hate the many eyes on me. He laughed and shook his head. I couldn't bear to look up, everyone was staring. It's the only thing I could feel on me. It was so uncomfortable. The whistle blew, someone must have done a dribble or something. "What the hell?" Drew shouted. I looked up and saw him looking around on the bleechers. What's going on? "All of you, stop staring at her." Than it hit me. He was standing up for me, in a way, he was the school ruler so they'd listen. "The only person who is allowed to stare at her, is me." He said triumpthly. "He said what!" I shouted. He laughed. "I know you love it when I stare at you." I tried getting up, ready to attack him but Riley held me down so I glared at him. The last quarter went by extremely fast, seeing that this is one of the last games till the new year, everyone was pretty excited when our team won. I was too in a way. I was glad they came back and won it. Drew still has the highest amount of points per game. He almost beat it tonight, short by three baskets. We went down on the court and once there, Keri and James came over and smiled at me. "Can we go to the diner with Rebecca's mom? She said it would be good for you to have time with your friends. So can we?" Keri asked in a rush, putting that smile on her face.

"Go ahead, tell her thank you." I told them and kissed their heads before they ran away. "Well that was a big loss." Someone said from behind me. I turned around and automatically smiled. "Hey, Johnathan," I hugged him, surprisingly but it looked like he needed a hug. "What are you talking about, you did great." I told him once we let go of each other. He's a good hugger, wow, that's random thought. "Still lost." He said and grinned. "But hey, I saw you for a while." I blushed. "Yeah, and that asshole fighting with me." I mumbled. "Ex boyfriend?" He asked as we walked around the court slowly. "No, not even close to a friend." I saw the look he gave me and sighed. "We just hate each other. Fourteen years of knowing each other and we've never gotten along. Yesterday was, uhh, well I guess you could call it our first fight but we're always fighting. But, what you saw earlier. Yeah, fighting." I explained, hoping I wasn't boring him with the history of Drew and I. "Huh. Never expected that." He said and smiled. I blushed. "Well, yeah but that's how life is." I said and smiled at him. God, he couldn't stop smiling. "Well, hopefully I bump into you again." "Hopefully." I said, grinning. "Jules!" I heard Hailey scream. I looked around and saw her waving my phone, smiling. Smart girl. "One sec." I told Johnathan and ran to get my phone. Hailey put it in my hand. "Thank you." She smiled like a fool. I went back to Johnathan and held out my phone. "Put your number in, that way we can 'bump' into each other." I said and bit my lip. He smiled. "Good thinker." He took my phone and put his number in while I put my number in his. "Eh voila." We gave our phones back to each other and smiled at each other. "See you around, Julie." He said and winked. "Bye." I said and watched him walk away, as I bit my lip. God, he's cute. I turned around and couldn't help but smile. Drew's POV for a moment Julie's grinning like a fool. What the heck did she and Johnathan talk about? I warned that jackass to stay away from her but he didn't listen. Great, I'll have to tell Hailey and Trey what he does if Julie ever plans on seeing him again. Julie's POV again

Hailey and Trey walked over to me as they saw me smiling of into my own planet. "Did he kiss you or are you just really happy?" Trey asked, amused. I bit my lip. "No. But I think I might like him." They gushed for two minutes and than Hailey broke out of it. "I think he might like you because he was staring at you a few times during the game. And the way he was smiling as he walked away from you proved it." She told me excitedly. "Should I invite him to the diner?" I asked nervously. "Yes." They both screamed. I smiled and found his number and called him as I started to walk away from them and out of the gym. "Hello?" He answered. "Hey Johnathan, its Julie." I said nervously. "Hey, your quick on that line." He said and I could hear the smile. I laughed. "Yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to come down to the diner with me and my friends. You know celebrate and all even though you kind of..." Oh I'm an idiot. "Lost. Yeah, it sounds fun. Sure." He agreed. "Oh, great. Okay well we're heading there now so you can follow us." I told him. "Sounds good, I'll meet you outside in two minutes." He said. "Alright, bye." "Bye." I snapped my phone shut and smiled as I turned around and bumped into someone. I looked up and saw Drew. Lovely. "Who were you talking to? You sounded nervous." He asked, amused. "None of your business." I told him and stepped away from him. "Whatever." He said sourly. "Jerk." I mumbled as I walked away from him. Hailey and Trey came out of the gym with Riley and Nathan walking close behind. "You ready to go?" Trey asked. "Yeah, he said he'll meet us outside." I told her and smiled. "Who you talking about?" Riley asked. "Johnathan." Hailey gushed.

"Johnathan Reyes? That Johnathan." Nathan asked, some how I didn't think he sounded pleased. "Umm, probably. From the other team, number forty-two." I said. I hadn't realized Drew was walking with us outside. "Uh... Jules, you know your a close friend to me but please. Don't be blind around him." Nathan warned me. Okay I was right about him not sounding pleased. I nodded and opened the door. He wasn't out yet but I'm sure he coudln't be far. "So we're going with you?" Riley asked Hailey. "Not sure yet, Drew who are you going with?" Hailey asked him. "Uh, I'm sure Eric can give me a lift over." He told her and looked around the parking lot. The doors opened behind us but I was too busy shivering. Trey wasn't too smart about this jacket when it comes to short sleeves. Something went over my shoulders and I turned my head and smiled. "Hey." "You looked cold." Johnathan said and smiled too. I didn't miss the glares coming from Nathan and Drew. What is their problem? "So who am I following?" Johnathan asked. Hailey and Trey exchanged a smile. "Julie can show you the way, can't she?" Trey asked. I blushed and Johnathan smiled. "Sure, I guess that means your coming along." He said to me. I smiled. "Guess so." I looked at everyone else and waved. "See you in a few, guys." They said their bye's and than Johnathan and I walked away. "And now we get to know more about each other." He said once he opened the door to a BMW. CHAPTER 14 Julie's POV Johnathan and I didn't seem to have much in common. We talked the entire way but there was just nothing in common for either of us. He liked to play so many sports and most of them I couldn't stand. He likes rap music, I love alternative indie and rock. I can't stand rap music but I didn't tell him that. I guess that my feelings aren't strong enough as they had been, finding out so much about him. He hates his brother and sister when I love mine. Who tells someone that? So I guess that we'll be friends.

"That's it right there." I pointed out the diner to him as we were coming towards it. He pulled into the parking lot, there wasn't that many spots left so he had to sneek in to one literally. We got out of the car and I smiled over at him when we met at the back. "Your friends are here." He said. "Yep, which means I have to offically introduce you to them." I said and pulled on his hand which was the only thing in reach. We walked into the diner and I saw my friends and Drew hanging out at the booth, standing, sitting, which ever and laughing at something. "Hey guys." I said as we stopped at the side. I released Johnathan's hand right then, thank God I did because Riley turned and the look in his eyes didn't seem like he was too happy. "Hey, Jules." Trey said, red in the face. "Alright, time for you to meet, Johnathan." I pointed to him and smiled. He smiled back and I turned and pointed everyone out to him in pairs. "Nathan and Trey, Hailey and Riley, Eric and Dana, Greg and Drew." Greg and Drew were the only ones standing so it was easy for the pairing. "Hi." Trey and Hailey said giggling. I looked at them oddly. and sat on Hailey's lap which made her laugh. "How's my Buttertart?" I asked her. "Great, how's my Muffin?" She asked and giggled. "Perfect, but I need a drink." I told her and got off her lap. "I'll go get it." Johnathan volunteered. "What would you like?" I bit my lip. "Seven Up, please." I asked nicely. He nodded and walked away, Drew followed him. Riley looked at me and so did Nathan. "Be careful, Jules." Riley said. "Of?" I asked and grabbed a chair from another table. "Him. Johnathan." Riley said and I knew that he was trying to help me but everything was fine. "'Kay." I said and looked at Trey who was talking to Nathan now. Drew's POV I knew he was going to do something to Julie's drink and so I followed him to the counter. "Can I get two Seven Ups?" He asked.

"Make that three." I said and leaned against the counter and stared at him. "Drew." He said and glared at me. "What do you think your doing with Julie?" I asked him outright. "Nothing, she's a friend." He scoffed at me. "Uh huh, like the others right?" I asked angrily. "Listen, you don't know me so stay out of it." He said between his teeth. "I've been to a lot of your parties. You think I don't know what you do?" I asked. "And what do I do?" He asked now standing straight. "Here you go, $5.65 for whoevers paying." Mr. Olivier said. "I am." I said and gave him $6.00. "Keep the change." I picked up two of the drinks and glared at Johnathan. "I told two of my friends already and they will be keeping an eye on you if I'm not. Your not going to hurt Julie." "Give me a break, hearing this from the guy who hates her, right?" He said and smirked. "I don't hate her. I just like picking on her, we both do it." I said, I wasn't about to tell him I was in love with her or he would for sure get her in the back of his car. "Whatever. Give me her drink." He snapped. "No." I said and looked at Nathan who was well aware of us coming towards them now. I set Julie's drink down for her and she gave me a funny look and then took a sip. That's one drink tonight that I saved her from. I sat beside Nathan who stopped talking to Trey and looked at me. "He tried." I told him. "I knew he would, we'll just look out for him all night." He said quietly. "Party on!" Wendy, Mr. Olivier's wife called as the lights went down a bit and music started. There was no way I would be taking my eyes off of Julie with Johnathan around. I saw him lean into her ear and whisper something which made her nod and smile. Man, I want her to smile at me... They both got up and went to where everyone was dancing. "Okay, someone explain why you three are glaring at him." Trey said acidly. "Because he has a reputation of spiking girls drinks and raping them, that's why." I said between my teeth. Hailey and Trey's eyes bulged, including Eric's and Dana's. "We need to get him to leave. Take our party elsewhere." Hailey said She seemed

scared for Julie, I knew she would be. "What are we going to do?" Trey asked shakily. I looked at her and saw her entire body shaking in fear for Julie. "I'll pull the fire alarm." Greg said happily. He always wanted to pull one, and that is weird. I looked at Julie and saw her and Johnathan dancing rather closely. I gritted my teeth. "Pull it." Greg got up right away and walked around sneakily, he was going for the one close to the kitchen. Good eye. "Ready?" I asked them. They nodded and seconds later, the fire alarm wen and the water came spraying down on us. Everyone was relaxed at our table but others, girls mainly freaked out their hair. We got up and went outside. Hailey and Trey set their eyes out for Julie. I couldn't see her. Crap! Crap! Crap! He took the chance. I started running for the back of the diner and I didn't even stop when I saw Johnathan forcing himself onto Julie. She was trying to push him off. "Get the fuck off her!" I shouted and heard Julie stifle a cry when she heard me. I yanked Johnathan off her and punched him in the face. "Don't fucking touch her." I yelled down at him. He smirked and kicked me down. "Drew!" Julie screamed as Johnathan and I started fighting. "Keep you hands off her." I yelled. He punched me in the nose and than got me in the ribs. Shit, that hurt. "Stop! Don't hurt him!" Julie screamed and tried pushing Johnathan off me. I put all my remaining energy into the last punch before I would possibly pass out. The last blow, brought him down, knocked him out and brought me down. "Drew!" Julie screamed and you okay? Oh, God that's a sounded panicked. "I am so enough to see her face was ran over to me. Everything seemed blurred. "Drew, are stupid question." She was freaking out over me? She sorry." She whispered and my eyes were cleared up close to mine and that she was definitely crying.

I choked up blood and tried sitting up but my body and her wouldn't allow it. "Julie." I said hoaresly. "Stop crying." She rubbed her eyes. "I'm not crying." "I have a black eye, I'm not blind." And it was true, I did have a black eye, I could feel the swelling, I could hardly open my eye. "I am so sorry." She whispered and picked up wet snow and put it on my cheek. I flinched, cold. "Just get me to Eric's care. he has a kit." I mumbled and sat up slowly. She grabbed my hands and pulled me up to my feet. That hurt. I fell right into her when she tried getting her arm around me. "Whoa!" She said and caught me. "Guess

you were right." She giggled. "Huh?" I mumbled, looking down at her. "We are having another moment, you know, hugging." She said and smirked. I frowned. "Not the way I pictured it." I mumbled and started tasting blood in my mouth. I spat out the blood and coughed. Stupid Johnathan. "Don't do that." Julie shrieked and I felt something at my mouth. "Your lip in cut." I frowned and put my hand on my ribcage. "He bruised my ribs, I can feel it." "I'll look at it." She said quietly. That's when I started hearing voices... "Julie, oh thank--Holy crap, Drew." Trey freaked out. I groaned and wiped my face. "Eric, can you get me your kit." Julie asked. "And my jacket." I mumbled. The only reason I said jacket was because I could feel Julie shivering against me. "What happened?" Riley asked, shocked. "I found them and I pulled him off her and we started fighting." I wasn't about to give Julie a remembrance of that. God, she looked terrified when I got him off her. "At least I'm okay." Julie said and looked up at me. It was funny to see her having to crane her neck. "Not so sure I can say the same about you." I smirked. "Where's Keri and James?" she asked quickly. "Don't worry, Rebecca's mom is with them making sure they're okay till we leave." Hailey said. CHAPTER 15 Drew's POV I felt ready to pass out standing there talking to everyone. I leaned my head against Julie's and closed my eyes. "I think he needs to sit." I heard her say. We walked over to the ledge of the side and she slowly released me and sat down beside me. "Drew." She said quietly. "Hmm." I mumbled looking at my hands. "Thank you." She said.

I looked at her and smiled. "Your welcome, I should have thought of a better plan." She raised an eyebrow. "I got Greg to pull the fire alarm and well, obviously didn't work too well." She smirked. "Best you could come up with especially with a brain like yours." she said. I ignored the brain comment. "Yes, at the time." I said. She laughed quietly and than hopped down. "First aid kit and jacket." Eric said. "Thanks." Julie said and gave me the jacket. She set the kit down and opened it. I unfolded my jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. "That's for you." I told her when she looked at me funny. She smiled and put her arms through the sleeves. "Thanks." She said and picked up my hand and wiped the cloth over it. "No deep cuts." She mumbled and picked up my other hand and wiped the cloth over it. She looked up from her eyelashes, blushing when she saw me looking at her but she smiled. She smiled at me. And everyday I wish for that and I get it now, when I'm hurt. She finished off my hands and looked at my face. "So what have you learned?" She asked. "To punch any guy that lays a finger on you." I said grinning. She rolled her eyes. "Good enough." she put her hand under my chin and raised my head. She wiped blood off my mouth and than I felt a pinch in my bottom lip. "It's cut, try and be smart." She snaped. While she cleaned me up, I watched her. She was all wet and still beautiful, she was so concentrated on cleaning my face she probably didn't know I was watching her. The way she smelt, being so close to me like this. I didn't want to see her leave, not now. Not ever. I wanted to keep her but I knew it was impossible. "You might as well stay at my place for the night." She broke the silence. She said what? "In less you want to explain to your parents that you were beat up." She said quietly. "Not really." I get to stay at her house, with her! She closed the kit and looked at me. "Can you let me go now?" I looked at where my hands were. On her waist. I blushed and took my hands away. "Thanks." "Your welcome." She said and hugged me, surprisingly. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her close. This is the moment I need. "Julie?" I said questionably. "Yeah?" She asked.

"There's something I need to tell you, and I just really want to tell you." I said trying to get it out. Step by step. She looked at me, deep into my eyes. "Okay, the thing is I've been in lo--" "Guys, lets go! Julie, Keri and James are asleep." Hailey shouted. And there goes my chance. "Okay, one sec." Julie yelled back. She looked at m. "Sorry, what were you going to tell me?" I shook my head. "Nevermind, it can wait." For another fourteen years after your married and have kids. "Kay." She let me go and I got up. We walked over to our friends and most of them eyed Julie and I together like this. "Won't ask." Greg said laughing. I smirked. "Nice jacket, Jules." Riley said and smiled at me. She blushed. "Umm, thanks." "Lets gett going." Hailey said and looked at her car. "They're asleep." "Okay." Julie said than looked at me than Hailey. "Drew is going to my place for the night." "Ooh." They gushed. "Shut up. He's just going to stay so the eye doesn't look so new when he goes home." "Alright than." Riley said and smiled again at me. We walked towards the car, Julie hugging herself meaning my jacket. I rubbed her arms hoping she won't hit me for it. She looked up at me and grinned a bit. Riley got in the frontseat with Hailey so Julie and I had to somehow fit in the back with her brother and sister. Who, by the way, were taking up two seats. "You need a bigger car." I whispered as we got in. They laughed. "Jules, just sit on Drew's lap. I'm sure he won't mind." Riley said and grinned over his shoulder. "Yeah, get right on that." Julie whispered and pushed Keri a bit. I lifted her up and put her on my lap. "You're lucky she doesn't have a bony butt like Hailey does." Riley said and burst out laughing when Hailey hit him. "No funny business." Julie warned me.

"Wouldn't think of it." I said and grinned. Hailey started driving and Julie started moving. "Sit down." I ordered. She glared and than yawned. "Shut up." She said as she yawned. She leaned her head against my shoulder and closed her eyes. Well someone was tired. I wrapped my arms around her and leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I was tired, I just hoped I could sleep with her on my lap like this. "They passed out quickly." Hailey said quietly. "Holy, that was fast. Do you think they're asleep?" Riley asked. "Yeah, definitely." Hailey said. Riley sighed. "Time to plan." "Calabogie?" Hailey asked. "Best way." Riley agreed. "Their own room." Hailey said and smile was heard. "So they can kill each other. No." Riley disagreed. "Oh come on. Just a weeken, they'll hardly be in the room." "We want them to talk not argue, Hales." "No Calabogie. How about a blind date?" "Hell no." Riley nearly yelled. "Than you think, Mister Cupid." She said. He scoffed and than I completely zoned out. CHAPTER 16 Julie's POV I felt weird, some funny feeling in my stomach. I've been getting those a lot lately. I opened my eyes slightly and realized I was sleeping against Drew. No wonder I felt funny. I moved my head so it rested on his chest instead and I felt... I'm not sure what it was. Drew smelt good. I sighed and moved my head again. "Thanks, Hailey." I heard Drew whisper. "No problem, see you Monday." She replied and than I felt a draft and I was in the air. I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding for dear life. "Do you guys have a key?" Drew asked someone.

I heard something click and than we were moving again. Warmth came nest, at that I shivered from the difference. "Sorry." Drew whispered. "Mmm," I mumbled sleepily. "Drew, can you put me down?" He sighed and gently put me on my feet. My hand just went across his ribs that made him grimace. I looked up at him and saw him biting his lip. "To the kitchen." I mumbled and started walking forward. "I forget the last time I was in here." He said thoughtfully as he followed. Keri and James were in the kitchen making themselves a snack. "I'll tuck you in when I'm done with him." I told them and pointed Drew to the island. "Okay." James said excitedly. For some reason tehy like me tucking them in. I got out the A535 and a bandage than walked towards Drew who was sitting in my favourite seat, which is at the corner of the island. "Shirt." I said once I put the bandage down. "Your expecting me to lift it?" He asked, dumbfounded. "I am so not in the mood to argue. I'm tired." I mumbled than put my hands on the bottom of his shirt and lifted it up and pulled it over his head. I tried not to stare but the guy had a nice set of abs I couldn't help it except for two large bruises on his ribs which was disgusting. I opened the A535 and put a bit on my fingers. "It's going to be cold." I mumbled looking at him. He just nodded. I put my fingers on the bruises, felt him flinch at the cold and started rubbing it in. He flinched a few times and I knew I pressed to hard. I could feel him staring at me, just like at the diner when I was cleaning him up, I ignored him. "There, brand new." I said and looked at him. He was looking at me closely, it was really weird and I got that feeling in my stomach again like I have been for a while. "What?" I asked quietly. "You said you didn't want to argue so I'm keeping my mouth shut." He said and grinned. I glared at him and he laughed. "You're cute when your angry." He told me. I blushed furiously and looked away from him. He laughed quietly. "See." I stuck my tongue out at him. "Not arguing." I mumbled.

He smirked. "You're pretty." I blushed again. Where the heck is this coming from? Where's the asshole I hated. "You're sexy when you concentrate." he said, admittably. Did he sniff the A535 when I wasn't looking? "And you're beautiful when you blush. That's a definite." He said and that made me blush the worse I ever have. No one's ever called me beautiful. "Where's Drew Doughty that asshole?" I asked and slowly looked up. His face was extremely close. I swallowed and stupidly stared into his eyes. God, they're extremely dark in this lighting. "Still here." He whispered and put his hand on my cheek. My eyes closed at the touch and than I felt warm breath on my face. I opened my eyes slightly and saw that Drew's face was about an inch away from mine and his head was tilted to the side. "Julie! Keri stole my pillow." James came yelling. Drew nd I were both startled that we jumped back from each other. "Julie!" Keri screeched running in. I looked at Drew to see him rubbing the back of his neck as he stared into space or maybe at me. "Just wrap it." I said to him, pointing to the bandage. I went out with James and Keri, pulling them apart. "Do you want a pillow James?" I asked when we walked into their room. "No, its okay." James said and smiled up at me. "Do you like him?" I ignred the question and pointed to their beds. I tucket Keri in and kissed her forehead. "Sleep well." I whispered. She smiled and closed her eyes. "Sleep good, Julie." She whispered. I smiled and went over to James and tucked him in. "He likes you." James whispered. "No, he doesn't." I whispered sternly. No one likes me. I kissed his cheek. "Goodnight." I said and got up off the bed and turned off the lamp. "Love you." They both whispered. "Love you too, guys." I whispered and closed the door behind me. "You're a pro." Drew said from behind me. I turned and saw him leaning against the wall, watching me. I smiled just a bit. "I'm sure you are with Casey."

"She stopped wanting to be tucked in a year ago but I still do it some night." He told me after leaning off the wall. I smiled and walked towards my bedroom, I had to face it that he was going to sleep in the same bed as me. "Do you have any sweatpants?" He asked when we entered my room. My room wasn't all that made up. Russian white painted walls, canopy bed and a dresser. My TV was paid with my own money just like the Eifel Tower muraled wall. "No." I replied and ploppedon the bed and sighed. "Nice room." He said as he glanced around. His eyes stayed on the mural. "You want to go to Paris?" He asked. I smiled. "Yep, just for the tower." I told him. He looked at me than smirked. "Where am I sleeping?" "The floor." I said sarcastically. "Are you agruing?" He asked knowingly. "Your sleeping there." I pointed to the other side of the bed. I was too tired to move so I stayed the way I was and relaxed. He laid down beside me and I turneed off the light right away. "Your sleeping in that?" He mumbled sleepily. "Too tired to move." I mumbled. "Don't rip my jacket." He whispered. "What jacket?" I asked weirdly. He turned over and touched my stomach. Butterflies errupted in there. I looked at my stomach and saw that I was still wearing his jacket. I smiled a bit, it smelt like him and he smelt good. "Oh." I said and started to take it off, not wanting to rip it. "I'm kidding, keep it." He said quickly. I looked at him questionably. "I'm getting a new one on Tuesday, well not football related. School jacket." He said and smiled. He--He smiled. He smiled at me. I've never seen him smile directly at me. I smiled too. "Interesting." I said. "Are you getting one?" He asked. I shook my head. "I don't need a school jacket." I mumbled. He shrugged. "No money for prom..." He sang. I raised an eyebrow. "I'm not going."

He raised an eyebrow now. "A girl that's not going to prom." I sighed. "Anything related to school I don't do." "Why?" He asked weirdly. "I go to school to learn, not go to dances." I mumbled and was speaking the truth. He looked at me for a long second. "Nerd." I rolled my eyes and hugged myself. "Hardly." "Nerd." He whispered. I glared at him and he smirked. "I'll give you another black eye to go with Johnathan's." Now he glared and I smirked and rolled over on to my side. CHAPTER 17 Julie's POV We just laid there for a minute till he scared the hell out of me. "Crap!" He pretty much yelled, he sat up quickly behind me. I jumped and sat up, staring at him, startled. He had that white box out and was checking it all over the place. "I've seen that before." I mumbled looking at him. He looked scared. What is that all about? "Uh, no you haven't." He said quickly. "Fine." I said and laid back down. I heard him sigh after a few minutes. "Yes, you have." The white box appeared in front of me and again I felt butterflies in my stomach when his hand brushed my stomach. "Happy birthday Julie." He said quietly. I looked over my shoulder to see the he was serious. He got me a birthday present? But I've seen this box so many times with him. That doesn't make sense. "How long--" He cut me off. "Four years." I gaped at him. He's had this for four years and never once gave it to me? "But why--" Again, cut off. "We've been at each other's throats, I never found the right time." He told me. "So you've had it for four years." I said cautiously. He nodded, blushing. "Open it when you want to." He said shakily. Wow, I've never seen him like this. I bit my lip. "Now.

"What? No!" He shrieked. I smiled at him. "You've waited four years." "And another fourteen for something else." He mumbled under his breath. Was I supposed to hear that? "Sorry?" I asked politely. He looked at me and shook his head. "Nothing." I picked up the white box and looked at him, he was biting his lip. "You're going to cut it open worse." I mumbled. He sighed and took his teeth out. "Do you have to open it with me here?" He asked. I looked at him weird. "You can leave the room." "Sweet." He said and got up. I yanked him back down. "I thought you--" "I lied." I said, cutting him off. "Don't open it, not while I'm here." He begged. "Why not?" I asked shocked. "I hate reactions." He mumbled. "I'll fake mine." I told him, grinning. He sighed and I took that as a go. I took the lid off the box and my jaw literally dropped. It was one of those silver ID bracelets, I ran my finger along it and flipped that back of it. Unexpectidly, a tear rolled down my cheek when I saw my name etched in it. I love it. I threw my arms around him and hugged him. He seemed taken aback. "I love it." I literally screamed in his ear. This was the best present someone ever gave me. He wrapped his arms around me and sighed. "Guess four years of waiting paid off." He said and chuckled, his breath tickling my neck. "Thank you, Drew." I whispered and kissed his cheek. I broke the hug and took out the bracelet. "Your going to wear it?" He asked, shocked. I nodded and clipped it on. "Thank you, I really do love it." He breathed out seeming to have held his breath. "Fewf." He mumbled. "Why'd you keep it for so long?" I asked laying back down/ He laid down too and rubbed the back of his neck. "Never got along." He said

quietly. I smiled playing with the bracelet. "We are now, which is really good." He smiled. "It should happen more often." He said thoughtfully. I couldn't stop smiling, this was a miracle, us getting along. I smiled and played with the bracelet again. "Goodnight." He whispered grinning at me. "Night." I whispered and rolled over. The blanket came over me and I looked behind me to see Drew rolling over to his side, back to me. I smiled and closed my eyes. The door creaked open and I heard giggling. "Why are they on their sides?" James asked quietly. I smiled to myself and faked asleep so I moved the blanket to my face, hugging it. "Let's get them together." Keri said and quiet feet moved into the room. "I hope he's light." James said and they laughed. Tiny hands went on my shoulders and pushed me on my back. I was thinking light. "She's light." KEri said and pushed one shoulder so I could get on my other side. I opened my eyes a touch to see Drew being rolled over. I closed my eyes quickly. For some odd and scary reason, I want Drew to hold me. It was scary to think that I loved being held by him. "Now what?" Keri asked. "Push them." James said. In the next few seconds I would be pushed and having hit heads with Drew. "You think it'll bruise on Julie?? You know she bruises easily after... you know." Keri whispered. I tried not to sigh, they didn't bring it up. Drew for a moment What do they mean by 'after,' after what? What happened that Julie bruises easily? Julie again I hope not." James said. "Should we do something else?" "Get him on his back and I'll get Julie so she's kind of on her side than put his arm around her." Keri ordered and I rolled my eyes, decide already. "He likes her." James said. There was movement on the bed. "Ouch, he kicks." Keri laughed. "Casey already told me." I. Am. Dreaming. Drew Doughty does not like me, my enemy is supposed to hate me.

"He gave her his present, look." James said and lifted my hand. He knew Drew had a present for me. "When'd he tell you?" Keri asked. "Few months ago." James told her. "Did he tell you--" He cut her off. "Months ago, when'd you find out?" "Last year when I was at Casey's, he was arguing with Riley on the phone after she punched him for calling her stupid." She told him. "Casey told me the entire school knows now except her." James mumbled. Whole school knows what? "He's stupid." Keri said and they laughed. "What are you guys doing in here?" A sleep Drew mumbled. "Uh, nothing." Keri stuttered. "Don't lie, you know what Julie told us about that!" James freaked out quickly. "Put your arm around Julie and sleep with her!" "I don't need another black eye, thanks." He told them. "Do it." They said between their teeth. "Geez." Drew mumbled and I felt his arm come around me and him shifting my body slightly. I love eavesdropping. "There, now sleep." Keri said excitedly. "You ever going to tell her?" They both asked him at the same time. Tell who what? "Guys, not now, all right." There was something cold on my bare skin. "She'd never believe me." He said, sounding pained. "Whose fault is that?" James mumbled angrily. "James, be nice. You're going to wake her." Keri whispered. "Goodnight." Drew mumbled close to my ear. "Night." They said and tiny feet left the room. Drew sighed. "Stupid fourteen years of not telling you. I still won't." I realized his hand was roaming from my waist to my back. "I'm an idiot." I moved my head sleepily to his chest and my hand rested on his stomach where there was bare skin.

"You're freakin' freezing, woman!" He shrieked. I moved my arm across his stomach and more or less got on my back. "You're more beautiful than anyone I've ever met or seen, Julie Preston." He whispered and moved my bangs out of my face. That's when I fell into the dark and slept peacefully, dreaming of Drew... CHAPTER 18 Julie's POV It was still dark out, I knew that much. I hated to wake up in the middle of the night. I opened my eyes slightly and saw me facing my closet. I had like no blanket, it was no wonder I was cold. I started feeling warm breath down my neck. I turned my head just a bit and saw Drew's face right there, his peaceful sleeping face right there. God, he's cute. Why do I have to those weird butterflies with him? I'm supposed to hate him not like him. I rested my head on the pillow and tried to fall asleep again. It wasn't helping just laying there. I shivered when I felt wind come into my room. I forgot my window was open. Something on my waist moved to my stomach. It was bare skin. Oh God. Drew has his hand under my shirt! Well, at least he's warm, I thought. I hugged myself and sighed. God, why do I have to like him? I don't want to like him. He's going to hurt me like he always does. I don't want to be hurt again. I sighed and closed my eyes tight. Drew's other arm came around me but I needed to get up and get a drink. I removed both arms from me and got out of bed. I smiled when I saw his sleeping form on the bed without me, his arms out like he was waiting. Julie, shut up you idiot. I shook my head and went out of the room and went downstairs for a warm glass of milk. I drank it quickly and went back to my room, passing James and Keri's room. They were in their beds but I could hear them talking. "Should we tell her? Or let him?" James asked Keri. "We will, when we know for sure that she actually likes him." Keri said quietly. I walked away from their room, confused. I went into my room, Drew was still like the way I left him. I shrugged out of his jacket and laid it on my chair. Did he actually mean I could keep his football jacket? I got back into the bed, with my back to him again, his arms went around me quickly like he was missing me so much that he wanted to hold me tight. His hand went under my shirt again and wrapped around my stomach. I didn't really have a big problem with that as long as it stayed there. His other arm just went around me. I wrapped my arms around me and laced my fingers through his hand and smiled at the feeling. He has huge hands but I like the feel of it in mine. I sighed and turned my head to see his face again. I bit my lip. "Why do I have to fall for you?" I whispered and lifted my free hand to his hair and ran my fingers through it a few times, liking the feel of that too.

He sighed and shifted behind me, his hand going around my waist and his face moving into my neck. I giggled feeling his breath on my neck. I moved my head and he did too. I looked at his face, all those tiny features that I really liked about him when he wasn't being an ass to me. The tiny freckle above his lip, the perfect nose that would just rub mine when he would kiss me when we were dared to at parties and the the times he did during his basketball game. The little curl in his hair and those eyes I tried so hard not to drown myself in. I looked at his lips and remembered how they felt against mine, soft, sweet, full. Almost forceful but in a way still in a way you would imagine a boyfriend would kiss you when you were in love with him. I missed that and I wanted it. I bit my lip hesitantly and pressed my lips to Drew's for a second which turned out to be more than a second. I just liked the feeling. I pulled away and closed my eyes once my head rested on the pillow. Never going to happen... His breath was down my neck, again. I sighed and shivered. His arm tightened and his hand tightened around mine. "I love you." He breathed. I stopped breathing. He's just dreaming of someone else, no need to panic. Its just a dream for him. "Julie." He sighed and his hand under my shirt left and his arm just went around me and he was offically hugging me. I fell back to sleep in a daze. Drew's POV I had the best sleep I could ever have, just sleeping near her made everything go away. I woke up, finding myself holding her. She didn't have my jacket on... Odd, she went to sleep with it on. I didn't want to leave the bed because that would mean I had to leave her and not be able to hold her like this again. But I wanted to make breakfast for her, as an apology. I got out of bed and kissed her forehead when I slowly released my hands from hers. "Drew." She said sleepily and sighed rolling over. I smiled and left the room. I heard Keri and James right away talking about Julie and me. "We should make love letters for them!" Keri shrieked. "Ew, no. That's so us. They're teenagers."I laughed and opened their door. "Morning, cupids." I said smiling. "Did you kiss her again? Because you seem really happy." Keri said, jumping up on her bed. "No, I just had a really good sleep." I told them and smiled remembering how she felt against me when I woke up. "Our fault. We opened the window so it got you guys closer." James piped up

excitedly. I nodded. "Thanks, it was nice to hold her. Too bad I won't be able to again. At least not like that." I said, I was almost out of it, just talking about it I wanted to go back to Julie and hold her. They frowned and than I saw them both smile slowly. "Well, what are you waiting for? Go tell her!" "Uh, no." I said and walked out of the room. "Why not?" They asked running out. "Shh." I whispered and pointed to their sisters room. "I'm making her breakfast, you want to help?" I asked them. They nodded eagerly and we went downstairs. "What are you makin for her?" Keri asked as she walked to the fridge. "Chocoloate chip pancakes with whipped cream. You got it?" I told her. She nodded and in a matter of two minutes we had everything out and ready to go. I started making it right away. "Quick, I think she's coming." Keri shrieked, ten minutes later when I was just finished. I put the two pancakes on to the plate, sprinkled them with chocolate chips and put whipped cream smily face with a bit to the side. And than I breathed. I picked up the plate automatically when I heard her coming close. "Morn--Whoa!" She looked shocked when I flashed the plate in her face. "Breakfast is served." I said, smiling down at her. She grinned. "Great morning!" She perked up and smiled huge at me as she walked around me for a fork and knife. She went over and whispered something to James and Keri which made them both nod and smile, than they left the room. I sat down beside her at the table and decided to make small talk. "What are you doing tonight?" I asked. She swallowed her chewed bite. "Going out." I frowned, maybe she said yes to Mark after all. She burst out laughing. "With Hailey and Trey, geez your going to break the table." I looked at my hands and saw them gripping the tables edge. Oops. "I thought you might have said yes to Mark. Rumours are going around he likes you." She nodded. "I know. I told him just a movie and with other people, but I trust him so it wouldn't matter either way." She looked at me. "What are you doing after practice? You do have practice tonight, right? Oh, you should bring James." I smiled seeing her happy. "I do have practice and sure I'll take your brother but it'll cost you." I winked. She covered her mouth and laughed. "Kidding." She said as she took her hand away. I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips and pulled away just as softly,

seeing her eyes still closed for a few seconds. Her face went bright red. "There's my payment." I whispered and took some whipped cream from her fork and put it on her nose. "Drew!" She yelled and gaped at me as she rubbed the whipped cream off. Uh oh. I'm in for it. I got up and ran for the whipped cream bottle and this, this wasn't going to be pretty. CHAPTER 19 Julie's POV I'm. Going. To. Kill. Him Drew just stole the whipped cream bottle, what the heck is up with that? I wanted more on my pancakes and instead he decides to steal it and run off. "Drew Spacio Doughty, give me my damn whipped cream!" I yelled and ran up the stairs to catch him. "Try and get it!" He yelled. We sounded like a bunch of monkies, I wonder how Keri and James feel. "Here they go again." I heard James say when I ran past him and Keri coming from there room. I ran into my room and saw Drew waving the bottle with this goofy grin on his face. I glared at him. "Give. Me. The. Bottle!" I said and started up my rampage on him again, chasing him across the room. "You will never get it." He teased, not even out of breath. "Stupid jock! Give me the whipped cream before I make sure you never have kids!" I yelled at him and fell on my knees when he ran off to the otherside. Damn he's quick. "Even if you ever wanted to finally be with me, love?" He teased using that sweet voice that is so adorable until he goes back to being an ass. And here I thought we'd get along. 'If you ever think I'll have sex with you in this life, your dreaming!" I yelped when he pinched my waist as he ran by me. Oh, great I'm getting dizzy. "Nah na!" He teased waving the bottle in my face again. I couldn't even see it. Oh God, I'm lightheaded, I'm seeing two of him and I can't even deal with one. He stopped going 'Nah na' and I saw enough of his face that he was concerned. "Julie, are you okay?"

"No." I whispered and fell physically and also mentally into the black. Drew's POV I had to stop teasing her, the colour on her face and the way she was swaying was making me worried. Did she eat enough of the pancakes to give her a bit of energy? "Julie, are you okay?" I asked shakily. "No." She whispered and fell to the floor, well almost, I got hold of her around her waist and lifted her up into my arms. She just passed out. I hope... God, I hope she's okay. "Keri! James! Get your sister some water and a cloth, hurry!" I shouted as I heard them in the hall talking. Crap, what should I do? Should I be safe and bring her to the hospital in case? I can't take care of someone like this, I'm going into panic. I laid Julie on the floor and kept my hand behind her head. "Guys! Hurry it up!" I shouted again. Keri and James came running into the room. "What happened?" They both cried. Oh, man. "Get me her car keys." I can't tell them that her sister passed out. I stood up and grabbed the jacket I gave her and put it on her carefully. I picked her up in my arms and ran downstairs. "Get your coats and boots on." I told them as James passedme Julie's car keys. We got in the car, Julie in the back with Keri and James was at the front with me. I took out my phone and called the hospital to let them know I was bringing her in and that I was in too much of a panic to do anything. Than, with a deep breath, I called Hailey. "Oui, hello?" Hailey answered. "I mean, ah, damn French. Hello?" "Hailey, what do I do?" I panicked right away. "Drew? Are you okay?" She asked, worried. I heard Riley in the background. "I'm on my way to the hospital, I don't know what happened. Julie just she--I don't know what happened!" I rubbed my forehead and closed my eyes for a second. James took the phone from me. "He's in panic mode! And he won't tell us what happened!" He cried and than gave my phone back. "Drew, what happened?" Hailey asked calmly. "We were playing around, she was chasing me for the whipped cream and we made it upstairs. She started swaying, her face was getting pale. And I asked if she was okay, she said no and than--than she fell." I never thought I could sound so panicked. Usually I know how to deal with stress during games and all. But when it comes to someone I'm in love with, I fall apart. God, its scary. "She probably had low sugar." Hailey mumbled to herself.

"Huh?" I mumbled running a stop sign again. "She--Don't tell her I told you only Trey and I know plus her family." She sighed. "She might have diabetes. No one is sure yet." I gaped at the road and ran through another stop sign. "No..." I whispered slowly. Not Julie, she can't. That's impossible. I know diabetes can't really kill you but its still terrible. But Julie. It can't, not her. "Drew, just--just keep her safe till Riley and I get there." Hailey said and then the line went dead. I snapped my phone shut and looked in the mirror. Julie was losing colour in her face. "What did I do?!" I mumbled angrily to myself. By the time we got in the hospital, with Julie in my arms, it was one o'clock. The nurses took her for some tests, I told them she was unconscious but I didn't know what else to tell them. I sat in the waiting room with Keri and James, they didn't seem worried but I was more worried than I ever have been in my life. My head was in my hands when I heard someone enter the waiting room. "Who's here to see Ms. Preston?" Someone asked. My head snapped up and my eyes shot towards a nurse with a clipboard. "We are." James piped up as him and Keri stood up. "Family?" The nurse asked them. They nodded and the nurse looked towards me. "What about you? You brought her in, am I correct?" She asked. I nodded. "I'm not even a friend to her she wouldn't be worried." I told her and rubbed my eyes. I never felt more like crap in my life till now. I didn't understand all this. Julie might have diabetes and I can't even help. "Yeah, I did." I mumbled, rubbing my hands along my face. "Well, she's more conscious now. Do you know if there's a 'Drew' she knows?" The nurse told us, looking between the three of us. "Why?" I asked almost in a whisper. "Because she keeps mumbling his name. That's the only thing we're getting out of her." The nurse said. And I was just sick, I ran to the nearest garbage and vomitted into it. I did not need Julie falling for me, not now. Not after what I've done for her. God, I have to get rid of these feelings. I don't want to hurt her... CHAPTER 20 Julie's POV God, my head hurts. My entire body hurts like someone took a damn sludgehammer to me. I opened my eyes slightly and wish I hadn't, every thing was white.

"Drew?" I mumbled, hoping he was still around. After all he was there before. "Ms. Preston, you're awake." Someone I couldn't identify spoke to me. "Drew." I mumbled, more in a daze. I opened my eyes wider and realized I was in a white room and there was beeping from both sides of me. I swallowed, hospital. "Ms. Preston, can you hear me?" The same person asked me. I didn't want to hear her. Where's Drew? I want to see him, I want to know he's okay because I saw the look on his face before and it scared me even if I did hate the guy. "Drew." I mumbled again and felt tears well up in my eyes. Where is that ass? I want to see him! The woman left the room and I don't know what was going on. I knew I was in a hospital because of my lack of food lately but I didn't tell anyone that or make them notice it. I just wasn't feeling well these days and it was starting to come out. There was a knock on the door a little while later but I didn't want anyone seeing me cry, not like this over stupid Drew. "You haven't been eating have you?" A worried Hailey asked as two maybe more people came in, I didn't look. I looked at the ceiling trying to blink away the tears. I shook my head and heard her sigh. "Julie, you have to eat. Do you want it to get--Julie, are you okay?" She finally realized I was trying not to cry. I shook my head and brought my very sore legs up to my chest and cried my eyes out. "He--He's not--He's not going t-to come." I mumbled through my tears. "Who? Julie, who are you talking about?" Hailey asked, panicked. "Drew." Riley answered. "Oh, honey." She sat down beside me and rubbed my back. "He went home, he got sick and took the bus home." How come I didn't believe that? Drew was completely fine at home and now he's suddenly sick. That's a bunch of lies. "He doesn't care about anything, Hailey. Just tell her the truth. The guy is going to hurt her if she ever gets close to him." Riley said, anger and frustration heard in his voice. "Ry, don't. Just don't say anything. You're going to confuse her." Hailey said quietly. "It's too late." I mumbled. "I actually," I choked on my tears. "I actually had a good time with him last night." "Great." Riley fumed. "I'm going to kill him." "I'll help." I mumbled.

Someone entered the room. "The young man with those two kids just left. What was his name?" Someone asked, I was aware it was that woman from before. "That supposed young man is an ass and his name is Drew." Riley said, furious, "Well, Ms. Preston it seems your friend just up and left with out seeing you to be okay. He was pale as a ghost. As pale as you when he brought you in." The nurse told me. I didn't want to hear this. I wanted to rest and sleep. I wanted to go home. "What's wrong with her exactly?" Riley asked. "Lack of sleep and she needs more liquids in her system including the good stuff. Food." The nurse said. I wanted to go home... "Can I go home, please?" I asked her. "You'll just have to sign some papers and you can go home." The nurse said and walked out with Hailey following behind her, looks like she wants to talk. "What happened?" Riley asked. "I don't want to talk about it. I want my bed so I can sleep and I want to know that my brother and sister are okay." I said and started taking off those stupid wires. I sat on the edge of the bed, feeling Riley watching me. I just wanted to be okay. I put my hand on the nightstand and slowly stood up. I felt weak, I sat back down and breathed. "All because of Drew." Riley mumbled. "Riley, shut up." I mumbled and wiped my tears away. I put my hand on the nightstand again and and stood up. I felt something cold touch my fingertips and looked to see the bracelet there. I grabbed it and almost wanted to break it but I couldn't do it. "He gave it to you?" Riley asked looking at my hand. I nodded and took my hand off the nightstand, bad idea. I literally fell over and almost hit bottom but Riley caught me. "I'll drive your car home." He said as he picked me up into his arms. I put my arms around his neck and gripped onto the bracelet tight in my hand. "Where's your--Found them." He said and bent to pick something up with me in his arms. "I signed her papers." Hailey said when we got into the hall. "Keri, James. Let's go." Hailey rubbed my back and smiled softly at me. "You okay, muffin?" "I just don't feel good." I mumbled and hid my face in Riley's chest as he continued to walk. When we got outside, I shivered up a storm. "Get that jacket out of her bag." Riley said quietly.

There was a bunch of russling and than someone sighed. "Drew's jacket." Hailey whispered and something came over my shoulder. An hour later, I was in the driveway of my house and still holding he bracelet in my hand. Hailey was waiting for Riley to get here so they could go. "Hailey, can you drive me to Casey's? I was supposed to go today but I don't think Julie can drive." Keri whispered, almost like she didn't want me to hear. "Sure sweetie. James, do you need to go any where?" Hailey asked. "John's." James said plainly. "You don't mind if I take them over, Jules? It'll give you some peace and quiet."Hailey asked quietly. I shrugged. I just wanted to sleep and not think about Drew leaving me there and leaving my brother and sister alone to worry about me. It was just damn right low.

CHAPTER 21 Julie's POV When I got into the house, I really just wanted to sleep but I still couldn't get what Drew did off my mind. Drew left sick as soon as he dropped me off. I thought he was responsible, I was so wrong. I went to the kitchen and saw the plate of pancakes on the table. Tears formed in my eyes. It's the last time I ever let him near me and actually have fun. The phone started ringing and I picked it up as I picked up the plate. "Hello?" I answered, anyone could tell I was crying. No one answered, all I could hear was breathing. "Whoever this is, don't call me if you just going to breathe. So screw off and leave me the hell alone." I yelled into the phone, directly. I hung up and threw the plate in the sink. I walked upstairs and just fell on my bed. I was supposed to eat but I was in no means ready to move or even think. I just wanted to crawl into a hole. The phone rang again and I picked it up and answered. "Hailey? Riley? Hello?" Nothing. Just breathing. "Hello? Someone going to answer?" I asked nervously. "I'm losing my mind." I hung up the phone and laid down on my bed. There were two things I was sure about (AN: Sounds like Bella in Twilight, lol.) One, the doctors did something because I feel weak. And two, I was starting to get scared of this and the possible diabetes I might have. Just thinking about it made

me cry harder. I knew I had something but what? Not cancer, I knew that much. The phone started ringing again but I didn't answer, I let it go to machine as I heard it. "Hello, this is Doctor Gluico calling for Miss Julie Preston. If your there Ms. Preston please pick up the phone so I can talk to you." I picked up the phone, fumbling with the talk button. "Hello?" "Ms. Preston?" Doctor Gluico asked. "Julie, yes." I told him. "When you were at the hospital earlier, I took some blood from you and something came up a little worrisome." He said, putting a really odd wording together. "Okay." I said nervously. "Does anyone in your familng have epilepsy?" He asked. "Yes, my grandma, three cousins and my uncle. Why are you asking?" I asked, getting worried. Extremely worried. I knew that epilepsy ran in the family and that my parents thought one of us between Keri, James and I might have it. "Have you ever had a seizure, Ms. Preston?" He asked quietly. I swallowed. "Three times this year but I never went to the hospital because they weren't severe. Why are you asking?" More and more worried. Why's he asking this? No one ever has. "Ms. Preston, is it possible for you to come in right now?" He asked. "No, I can barely walk right now." I told him. "Ms. Preston, would you like to know what I found?" He asked, sounding nervous. Did I want to know? "Yes." "Ms. Preston, I'm sorry but its following your family. You have epilepsy. I'm very, very sorry." He said. I stopped breathing, sobs were forming in my throat and chest. I couldn't have it. I didn't want it. I want to live without a medical illness! "No!" I cried, my entire body was shaking. I brought my hand up, pushing my hair back and I could feel it shaking. "Ms. Preston, I'm truly sorry. I didn't want to have to tell you like this." "No!" I cried again. "Come in for treatment tomorrow, I'll tell you everything. I'm sorry." He apologized. I hung up the phone and hugged my knees to my chest. I can't have it. How am I supposed to go through life with it?

I sat on my bed crying for what felt like forever but was actually ten minutes. And I didn't stop when the phone rang. I answered, yelling. "Hailey! They found it! They found what's wrong with me and its not diabetes! Its worse!" I cried and choked on my tears. Hailey would be yelling on the other end telling me to breathe but no one was. "I have epilepsy! I got it! And I don't know what to do!" The person on the other end seemed to drop their phone because I heard a crash. I hung up and laid there crying and shaking. The shaking got worse in the next hour and than I knew. My first attack of knowing. Everything went black... Drew's POV I called Julie again after I realized she was talking to someone on the other line. "Hailey!" She yelled. She must think its her best friend. She sounds horrible, panicked. "They found it! The found what's wrong with me and its not diabetes! Its worse!" My jaw dropped and I stopped pacing in the kitchen. I could hear her crying and how she sounded hurt and in pain. "I have epilepsy! I got it! And I don't know what to do!" My jaw dropped, my breathing and functioning of my body stopped and the phone dropped to the floor, broken. I knew what epilepsy was, my cousin has it and I know how its treated and what people who have it go through. Why Julie? I asked myself as I fell to my knees with my head in my hands. She has to go through everything and she doesn't deserve it. Not even a bit. "What did you drop, sweetie?" Mom asked, coming into the room. I rubbed my stinging eyes, I knew they were red from the tears that left. I looked up at her and she stopped walking as soon as she looked at me. "Drew, honey, what's wrong? What happened?" She asked as she walked again towards me. "She--She--Julie--S-She---" I couldn't even get it out. "Breathe Drew." Mom said as she wiped my eyes repeatidly. I took a few deep breaths and only felt sicker. "I--I need." I swallowed. "Practice." I got up and left the house with my football stuff. I drove to school thinking how much of an idiot I was to leave Julie when she obviously wanted me there. I slammed my door shut, angry at my stupidity. And now I can never be there for her because I screwed up. "Dude, stop!" I heard Damien shout. He just broke my hard concentration. "Hey, did you not hear me before?" He asked as he started walking beside me. "No." I snapped.

"Practice was early. It's just about finished. Coach told me to tell you." He said. I frowned. And I thought I could get my mind off Julie and epilepsy. I turned and bumped into someone. "Sorry." I mumbled, off in my own world. "Thanks for hurting my sister, idiot." I heard James say angrily. If only he knew that I wasn't the only thing hurting her. I kept walking past my jeep and right into the forest. I leaned against a tree and put my head in my hands. Life sucks and I'm losing my head. "I tried calling her but she's not picking up." A worried Hailey said. I looked up and saw her and Riley walking along the trail. "She probably fell asleep." Riley told her. "I want to check on her, I just want to make sure she's okay." Hailey said. "She's okay, Hailey. She just needs to be by herself." He assured her. "But she's hurting because of him, I can't let her go through it by herself again. After all he's done to her." She said and I could hear her crying. It's no wonder everyone of them hates me. I'm hurting their best friend over and over. I put my head back in my hands and heard Riley talk. "We'll pop by after, I promise." Riley said. "I want to call the hospital too because the doctor said he might have new information." A hoarse Hailey told Riley. They got off the trail and I stayed there in a daze. I'm hurting the only girl I ever cared about. I'm an idiot, I'm every bad name out there... CHAPTER 22 Hailey's POV (This is just to get to where I want it, won't necassarily be there in a real book) "Let's both go in." Riley said as we waited in the car for James and Keri. "Kay." I said. We got out of the car and went into the house only to hear Keri and James scream. "Guys!" Riley shouted and we ran up the stairs only to find a very still and white Julie on her bed... "Her heart, its not loud." Keri cried as tears streamed down her face as was James.

"Get to the car now." Riley said and looked at me, panicked. I was crying. I was scared because I've never seen Julie this way and I never wanted to ever again. "Hailey." Riley whispered. I looked at him and he was trying not to cry. "We have to get her to the hospital." He whispered and took my hand just to squeeze it really tight. I nodded and he went over to Julie's bed and picked her up. We walked out of the house and James got into the passenger seat and Riley put Julie in the back with Keri and I. "What happened? Why does she look like that? And her heart." Keri asked, panicked as she looked at her pale sister. "I don;t know." I whispered, pushing Julie's hair back out of her face. "Hailey, call Trey and Robert, Nathan's with them so they'll know." Riley said quietly as he drove down the street. I took out my phone and pressed two for Trey's number. A giggling Trey answered the phone. "Hello." "Trey." I said and looked out the window trying not to look at Julie again. "Hey Hailey, what's up?" She asked worridly. Crap, she already knows I'm upset. "Something happened to Julie. W-we don't know what happened but we're bringing her to the hospital." I told her, stuttering and trying to stay compossed. Trey was already crying, somone took the phone from her. "Hailey, what happened?" Robert asked. "Robert, get to the hospital." I said and snapped my phone shut. I rubbed my eyes and started thinking. "Drew." "Don't bother." Keri whisperred. I looked at her saw her eyeing Julie's wrist. The bracelet. "He wouldn't care but his mom thinks somethings wrong with him." She explained. "I'll call his house and see." I said and dialed the number, luckily I knew it. "Hello?" A worried Mrs. Doughty answered. "Mrs. Doughty, its Hailey." I told her. "Oh, hi sweetie. I--You sounded like Julie, I'm sorry." She said nervously. "Oh." I said. I didn't even know Julie called their house. "Is Drew there?" I asked. "yes, but he's sick. He's still puking." She told me. And now I know why she sounded so worried. "He's sick?" When I said this, Riley ran a stop sign. "Did he eat something?"

"In less its a twenty-four hour thing." Mrs. Doughty said and sighed. "He's been sick since five o'clock yesterday. Right after he called Julie because that's all he said to me. That I understood anyway." I looked at Keri. "Hold on." I put my hand over the mouthpiece. "Drew called your sister yesterday. Do you know what happened?" She shook her head. "He never left his room, only to go to the washroom." I squinted my eyes than took my hand away from the phone. "I didn't know he called her." "Neither did I till he broke the phone." She said. "Has he said anything? It's important." What did Drew and Julie talk about? He broke the phone so maybe a fight. "He just--He doesn't say anything but 'sick.' I don't know if he's talking about himself or her." She told me. "Oh, okay. Thank you Mrs. Doughty." I said. "Your welcome, Hailey. Bye." She said and then she hung up. I sighed and wiped my eyes. "Riley, he called her." "That doesn't mean anything. Hailey, she's out cold. She didn't faint, something happened." He said, shakily but stern right through. "Should we call Mom and Dad?" James asked quietly. "They don't care." Keri whispered. The rest of the ride was filled with shky silence as I tried waking Julie. "I got her." Riley whispered as he picked up Julie from my lap as I tried taking her out. I closed the door behind me and walked beside Riley with Keri and James beside me. Riley looked down at me and smiled shakily, he kissed my forehead and we went into the hospital. A nurse came right away. "What happened?" She asked looking at Julie. "We don't know, we found her on her bed." Riley told her. She put Julie on a gurney and we followed her to where ever she was going. "When'd you find her?" The nurse asked. "An hour ago." Riley told her and took my hand. "Go to the waiting room." The nurse said and rushed down the hall and out the other doors. I looked down at Keri and James and saw them hugging each other as they cried. New tears formed in my eyes. Julie was so close to them and this was doing a lot to them.

I bent down to their height and took one of their hands in mine. "She's going to be okay." They hugged me and we just stayed like that. "Excuse me, but the girl you brought in, it's Julie Preston, am I correct?" The same nurse asked from behind us. We broke the hug and I turned to see her with a clip board. "Yes." Riley said slowly. "Follow me." She said and started walking past us. I stood up and James went on my side while Keri went on my other side. We followed her till I saw Doctor Gluico who also had a clipboard and eyes that looked tired. "Doctor Gluico, these are her friends and brother and sister." The nurse told him though he knew us already. "Thank you." He said and smiled nervously at us as the nurse went away. "Have you seen her? Do you know what happened? Is she okay? Do you know how long she's been unconscious for? Please!" I begged for answers. I needed to know my best friend was okay. "Yes, I've seen her. She seems to be okay. She's been unconscious for about 15 hours. Meaning since seven o'clock last night." He told us, looking between Riley and I. "But you didn't tell us what happened." Riley said quickly. "Hailey." Trey called. I turned and saw her, Nathan and Robert running towards us. I smiled weakly at them. "I'll tell you when you're all together." Doctor Gluico said as he looked through the papers on the clipboard. Trey got over to us and she hugged James and Keri tight as she spoke to them in their ears. Robert hugged me. "Do you know what happened?" He whispered. "We'll know in a minute." I whispered. He let me go and Trey stood next to me, gripping each other's hands. We didn't need words to know how each other were feeling. "Anyone else showing up?" Doctor Gluico asked. I looked at Riley nervously. Maybe Drew should be here. Riley was biting his lip, I knew he was thinking it. "Did you call him?" Trey whispered. "Mrs. Doughty said he was sick." I told her.

Nathan heard me. "He didn't look good when he showed up for football last night." He said. "Who are you talking about if you don't mind me asking." Doctor Gluico asked. "Drew Doughty." Riley said. He squinted his eyes. "Yes of course." He took something out of his pocket. "He called me earlier this morning." We all looked at each other. Did Drew know something none of us didn't? "What's wrong with her? Is she okay or not?" RObert asked angrily. I've never seen him upset like this but Julie and him are like brother and sister so its no wonder he's upset. We all are. Doctor Gluico sighed. "Julie had a seizure, this happened because we found out just yesterday that she has epilepsy." He explained. I covered my mouth and couldn't stop the tears from coming. One of my best friends has this kind of disease, condition, whatever it may be. Riley hugged me tight to him and I cried into his chest. "She's lucky she's alive." Doctor Gluico said. "I'm very sorry, I know this will be hard but give it time." "Can we see her?" James asked shakily. "Two at a time. She's still unconscious." Doctor Gluico said. "Doctor Gluico, line 3." Someone said into an intercom. "Excuse me. She's in room 116." He said and walked away. James and Keri went first than it was Trey and NAthan. Robert went in after them. The entire time, Riley held me telling me we would help her no matter what. The time we went to see her, I couldn't handle it. She had IV's her face was still white. It was scary to see what this was doing to her. I went home, fearing for her. CHAPTER 23 Drew's POV Nothing. Doctor Gluico wouldn't tell me anything. I was still sick when I got to school. I tried not to think about as I went to my locker but it was impossible. I looked at her locker, she wasn't there... God, she must hate me. "Hey." Riley said when I walked into English. I didn't want to hear what he had to say to me. He'd bitch at me. I sat down next

to Julie's regular seat but she wasn't there. Where is she? She never missed school. "Now, I'm sure you all know," The teacher said as he folded the newspaper. I looked at him weird. The sound is his voice sounded weird, he sounded shaky. "But, she is okay and the staff and her friends all hope you pray for her." The teacher went on. I saw Riley watching me, I looked right back at him. "You don't know?" he mouthed. "Know what?" I asked him aloud. He got up and went into the hall, I followed him and saw him pulling his hair. Almost like he was frustrated. "What's he talking about? Who's hurt?" I asked him, a little louder than I wanted. "Julie." He whispered. I looked at him wide eyed and sick. "What happened?" I mumbled fighting back the vomit. He looked at me nervously. "She had a seizure Saturday night." I couldn't stop it. I puked in the garbage can beside me. "Why didn't you fucking tell me?" I yelled at him. "Because I thought you knew! You looked sick when you came in, I thought you knew!" He yelled. People came out of classes. "I've been sick for two days because I found out what she has! I didn't know she had a fucking seizure! What the hell is wrong with you?" I yelled. "Me! What about you? You just left her Saturday. And how the hell do you know?" "Because I called her Saturday and she thought it was Hailey so she yelled it at me! That's why." He calmed down. "You have to go see her." But I was already walking. I was going to see her and make sure she was okay. I went to the hospital in a rush and stopped the nurse running around "Where's Julie Preston?" I asked her. "Ask the woman at the desk, sir." She told me and continued to walk. I walked over to the desk and the woman looked up. "Yes, can I help you?" "Julie Preston, where can I find her?" I asked her. "I'm sorry sir but visiting hours aren't till twelve." She told me. "No, you don't understand. I need to see her right now." I begged, using my eyes to an advantage.

"I'm sorry sir but your going to have to wait." She said calmly. "It can't wait! I need to see her." I practically yelled. She sighed. "Let me talk to her doctor first." She said and pointed to the waiting room. I went over there, ignoring the people looking at me and sat there with my head in my hands. "You okay?" A quiet voice asked me. I shook my head with stinging tears. I was doing this to her. It was all my fault. "Get it off your ches, kid. We all have." A man with a scratchy voice told me. This is why I hate waiting rooms. "The girl who I've pretended to hate since we were kids who happens to be the girl I'm in love with for that time is in here because she had a seizure Saturday night and my so-called best friends didn't call me." I said angrily and rubbed my eyes. "That, and she has epilepsy and she hates my guts because I got sick and couldn't stay with her." I told them bitterly. "That's rough." Some guy said. "Is she awake?" A woman asked. "No, I don't think they'll let me see her anyway." I mumbled. "Drew?" A questionable voice asked. I looked up and saw Doctor Gluico standing there with a clipboard. "Hey." I mumbled. "You want to see her?" He asked. My face lit up and I nodded eagerly. "Yes." "Follow me." He said and started to walk. "Good luck, kid." The same man said. "Thanks." I said getting up. I ran up to Doctor Gluico and looked at him. "Is she okay?" I asked. He nodded. "She's still unconscious, unfortunetly so we don't know if she's hurting." She probably is because of me. "Do you think you caused it Drew? You didn't." He said and squeezed my shoulder. "I know I caused it, because I left her here and alone." I mumbled. "Stop blaming yourself. You just need to explain what happened, make sure she listens." He said and than stopped at room 116. "Take as long as you need." He said just before he turned and walked away. No need to be nervous... I opened the door slowly and closed it before actually seeing Julie. God, she's pale. She has wires every where, what did they do?

"Julie." I whispered painfully. I walked over to her bed and took a seat right beside her in the chair. I took her soft and warm hand in mine and squeezed it. "I shouldn't have done that." I looked at her closely. "Not to you." I whispered and kissed her knuckles. How can she be so white? "I'm sorry." I whispered as a few painful and stinging tears left my eyes. "I can't believe I did that to you when I'm freakin' in lo--" She squeezed my hand? She's awake? "Drew." She said hoaresly. "Hey, rest your voice." I whispered to her, stroking her hand. "Why are you here?" She whispered as her eyes fluttered open. "I needed to see you." I whispered trying to get her eyes to lock on mine. "Drew." She whispered. "I don't want to you here." I looked at her questionably and than I understood. She would never ever forgive me for anything I've done to her. "Julie, I'm sorry. Please, I didn't mean to leave like that. I was just sick. I couldn't get my head str--" I tried to apologize but she didn't want to hear any of it. "Drew, please. Please can you just leave." She begged. I looked at my hand holding hers and slowly released it. I got up from the chair and leaned over her. I gently kissed her forehead and stroked her cheek. "I'm sorry." I whispered looking into her eyes. She looked away and I took that hard. Who am I kidding. I left the room with my head down and my hands in my pockets. I would never get her to forgive me. I walked by the waiting room with my head down and I went home feeling sick, again. CHAPTER 24 Julie's POV Drew looked so upset but I needed him to leave. I couldn't deal with him right than. I was too shocked to even see him, for a guy that hates me, he does seem to stay close by me. I wonder how long he was there for... The door opened and Doctor Gluico entered. "You're awake." He said, shocked. "My voice hurts." I whispered.

"You've been out for a while, I'm not shocked." He said and did something to the IV's in me. I sighed and wiped tears away. "Don't be hard on him, Ms. Preston. He cares about you a lot." Doctor Gluico whispered as he fixed the pillows behind me. "You don't know him." I whispered painfully. "I've known his family before he was even born, kiddo. I know him enough to see the look on his face was just pure pain and sadness." Doctor Gluico explained. "You don't understand what he's put me through." I whispered and tears were sliding down my face quickly. "I know that he picks on you but I do know that he cares a lot about you." He said quietly. A nurse came in with a bottle of water, she set it beside me and left with a smile towards me. "When can I leave? My brother and sister need me." I told him. "Just a little while longer. I want to start you on treatment." Doctor Gluico mentioned. I shivered at the remembrance and rubbed my eyes. In an hour, that's how long it took Doctor Gluico to explain it to me, what will happen if I don't take the daily pills to control it, to make sureI eat 3 meals a day. "Who can pick you up?" He asked when I came out of the washroom in my clothes. "My friend." I mumbled and grabbed Drew's jacket. Doctor Gluico smiled when I hugged myself. "These are yours," he handed me my bracelet and my ring. "Nice bracelet by the way." I sighed. "Drew gave it to me." I mumbled a bit. He smiled and gave me a thing of pills. "Remember, every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed." He reminded me. I nodded. "Thanks." I went to a payphone and dialed Hailey's cell number. "Hello?" She said in a whisper. Oops, she's in class. "Hailey can you come get me please." "Julie." She literally screamed. The people in class who had once been silent were now talking. "I'll be there in 30 minutes." "Thanks, bye." I hung up and walked away only to hear the phone ring. Usually I don't answer pay phones. I did anyway. "Hello?" I answered shakily. "There's a man inside the hospital with a gun. Don't panic. Sound the alarm." A woman whispered. My hand shook its way to the reciever and I hung up the phone. There's a freakin' attack on the hospital. I ran to the nearest fire alarm and pulled it. There was panic everywhere but all I did was stand there, shocked, scared for my life. "No one panic, just make your way outside." Someone shouted over the screaming.

The doors behind me flew open and everyone screamed. I was about to turn but... "Nobody move!" A man screamed from behind me. I stopped my head from turning and stood still as a statue. Someone put their arm around me and something cold went to my temple. I froze, screw staying still! I literally froze from all concentration and movement. I locked eyes on someone and than I closed my eyes and kept myself from screaming. "I'll let her go but only if you give my wife her kidney transplant." The man behind me said. "Sir, we can't skip everyone else in line." A doctor said carefully. I let out a small cry. Give his wife the transplant so I can live! My eyes shot open. I heard something pull back and than click right at my ear. I literally screamed and started fighting against him as I cried my eyes out. This could not be happening. "Stop moving, kid." The man mumbled against my ear. "Please! Please, don't hurt me. My life is already crazy, please." I begged and tried getting away. Please don't shoot me, I begged in my head. "Sir, she has epilepsy, please let her go." I heard Doctor Gluico shout. "My sister has that and I really don't care if the girl does." The man shouted. "Give my wife a kidney!" "We'll tale to the surgeons, just don't hurt the girl." Someone negotiated. "Go, just you. To the phone where I can see you." The man said to the docotr. "Move kid." I started walking to where he was leading me to. We ended up right where the doctor was calling. Call someone else, I begged in my head. "Doctor Walker, there's a man in the hospital with a gun and he's only going to let us go and the girl he's holding if his wife gets a kidney transplant." The doctor told the other doctor. There was a long pause. "I'm aware of the but he has a girl at gunpoint at the moment." Another pause and the doctor sighed. "I'll let him know." The doctor hung up and faced us. He looked odd to me but when his eyes landed on me, it changed. "He's getting ready for it now. He has three other doctors with him and they'll be doing it down the hall pass the ER." The doctor told the man. "Great." The man said and the gun disappeared for a second. And than I could hear dial tone, he was calling someone. "Hey honey." There was a pause. "I know that but you can come inside. They'll do it now." Another pause. "Okay." He snapped his phone shut and I tried to calm myself. Really what are the chances of getting out alive?

"She's coming in. Now get back with everyone else." He told the doctor. The doctor walked back and I still wasn't feeling relieved. "Move over to the doors." The man told me. I walked over to the doors and shakily looked at the guy. He was... maybe 45. There wasn't a lot of gray hair but a lot of wrinkles. He had green eyes but a bit of grey flecks in them. "What's your name, kid?" He asked when I turned my head back again. "Julie." I said shakily. "Last names Preston, isn't it? I think I know your father." The man said. Oh great. This guy probably wants money back. "Y-Yes." I stammered. "You have anyone in your life?" He asked curiously. "My friends and my brother and sister." I told him shakily. "Not your parents?" He asked. "They're never home." I whispered. "You want it permanent?" He asked. "No." I cried, my tears coming down like a waterfall. Drew's POV I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. That's all I could think for the next hour. I'm an idiot. Who was I kidding? "Drew, get downstairs! You have some explaining to do." Mom shouted at me. I trumped downstairs to the living room where I could hear the TV on. I walked in to see a pissed off mom. "Sit." She ordered. She turned down the volume as I sat down across from her on the couch. "Why did you leave school and why on earth did you forget your sister here?" She snapped angrily. "I went to the hospital to see Julie, she didn't want to see me. And I forgot Casey because I was already running late." I told her and ran my hand through my hair. "Your grounded, a month." She said. "But mo--" "Shh, the news is back on." She said and turned up the volume to the TV. "We come to you live from Kingston General Hospital where a man who has not been identified is holding everone on the main level hostage. Including a teenage girl at gunpoint. There have been no clues as to what the man wants and there have been no shots fired so far." A newsreporter said as she stood outside the hospital. "We will be on this site till everyone inside is out and safe." The reporter went on.

That's the same hospital Julie's at... "Turn it up." I told Mom. And she did. "We're in! We got video!" Someone shouted from behind the cameramen. "And we officially have footage right now from survelliance cameras. It is short." They put it on and I saw a man, at least his back, with a gun pointing to someone in front of him. "This was fifty minutes ago." The reporter said and than she was back on. "We now know that the teenage girl the man is holding at gunpoint is from Bayridge Secondary School." I gaped at the TV. Someone from school... Someone came into the camera and whispered something in the reporters ear. "We have news on the teenage girl and this is just getting worse." The reporter said and scratched her eyes. "Someone has identified her as Julie Preston." Everything stopped in my world. My breathing, my heart, my movement and concentration. Julie has a gun to her head! "Oh no." I yelled jumping up. "No, no, no, no, no. Not her. Not Julie. No." "We have live phone camera footage right now. And we are live inside now." The reporter said. I looked at the TV and saw too quickly. Julie was there. She was at gunpoint. Almost right away I could see her crying and the fear an pain in her eyes. "Julie." I whispered as I watched her on the TV. "There is volume." The reporter said quietly. Mom put up the volume but I wasn't paying attention. Julie was wearing my jacket and I could see her gripping something in her hand, something she wasn't letting go. "What's in the hand, kid?" The man with the gun asked. She released it slowly and I saw silver. The bracelet. I started tearing up. "Who gave it to you?" The man asked. Don't freakin' touch her! "Someone." She said and she held onto the bracelet tighter. "Who, kid? Someone you care about?" He asked. She nodded and I saw the tears falling faster. "Who?" "A friend." I heard her say. "Who?" The man growled as he thrust the gun to her head. "Drew!" She cried and started crying harder. She was in so much pain, I could see it all. I ran to the door grabbing my jacket

and pulling my boots on. "Drew, where are you going?" Mom asked. "To save her." I shouted before slamming the door closed. I got to the hospital, only I parked three blocks away and than sprinted towards the hospital. Policemen were everywhere and lots of people. I pushed past them and almost got in before someone pulled me back. "You aren't allowed in there. He'll shoot." A policeman shouted over voices. "You don't understand. I need to get in there." I shouted and got out of his grip. "Many people do." He said. "But I need to get in there. I haven't told the girl I've been in love with that I'm in love with her! And she's being held at gunpoint." I shouted at him. "Sir, you aren't allowed in. I'm sorry." He said and blocked my way. I ran for another way in. I found one at the side. I quietly sneeked in, surprised no one had it blocked. I got inside and ran past the ER. Where would they be? "Please!" I heard someone cry. "No." Julie! I ran fast as hell and found a bunch of still people standing around. "Sir, leave it alone. It's hers." I heard Doctor Gluico shout. "Kid, stay still." Someone muttered. "No, the love of my life is being held at gunpoint!" I whispered angrily. "No, please it's mine." I heard Julie beg. I took a few steps and saw Julie right infront of me. "Julie." I whispered looking at her. Her head shot up and I saw the white tear streaked face and brown eyes make contact with mine. "Drew." I heard her say as a bit of happiness entered her. "Who are you?" The man holding her asked. "Drew." I said not taking my eyes off Julie. "Ah!" The man said and grabbed Julie's wrist. He pryed her fingers out of the fist and grabbed the bracelet. "Might as well keep it, kid." The man said and threw it over to me. I caught it and looked at Julie, she was going to break down. CHAPTER 25

Julie's POV

I gaped at Drew seeing him there. He knew I was in this situation and came to help. All I could do was stare at him. "All of you, against the wall." The man said, thrusting the gun to my temple again. I saw Drew flinch. I can't believe he's here... All of them including Drew went to the wall and sat down. Just a little longer till his wife gets out. "Should I kill your little friend?" The man asked. I shook my head quickly and he laughed in my ear. "Sir, take me instead." Doctor Gluico begged. "Again, no." He said and thrust the gun to my head. "Move to the phone." He ordered. I walked over to the phone and he pushed me down to the ground. I grimaced at the pain in my head making contact with the wood. He put the gun in my hand. "I think you know better than to shoot me." He said amused. He picked up the phone and I had a feeling it was the surgeon he'd be calling. He put it on speaker. "Five minutes, sir. We're just closing her up." Doctor Walker told him. "I'll get ready than." The man said and then hung up. He took the gun from me and yanked me up by my arm. I grimaced again. I'll have so many bruises. "You're my way out, kid." he said. "Stop hurting her." Drew said quietly. "What'd you say, kid?" The man asked, looking at Drew. "Drew..." I whispered painfully. "Up, now." The man said. Drew got up and he came towards us. "You can hold it to her head, Mr. Spoken." The man said and put the gun in Drew's hand. Drew lifted a shaky hand to my head and he pointed the gun at me. "Be smart, kid." The man said grinning. I closed my eyes and felt something brush my hand. Drew. His hand brushed mine again. I didn't care any more, if there was a chance I'd die, I'm getting to hold something before. I laced my fingers through his and his thumb rubbed along the top of my hand. The ER doors opened and I looked to see Doctor Walker bringing the man's wife out

on the gurney. "It's done." Doctor Walker said. The man sighed and walked over. "Good." "You'll let everyone go now?" Doctor Walker asked. "All but one." The man grabbed my arm which made the gun fly out of Drew's hand and the two of them going for it. I screamed when a shot was fired and they fought for it. The man got it and pointed it at Drew. "Bad idea, kid. You might have cost your friend's life." The man said smirking. "No, please! Don't hurt her!" Drew cried. My eyes moved to him and I saw the pain and how scared he was for my life. "That's my choice." The man said and turned to me, pointing the gun at me. "Let's go Doctor, you follow with my wife." He looked at everyone else. "You can go as soon as I'm gone." I looked at Drew and saw him staring at me already. "Can I just say one thing to her, please?" Drew begged to the man. "You got one minute." The man said and stepped away from me. Drew got up and walked towards me. He took both my hands in his and squeezed them. "Be careful." He whispered looking at me closely. I nodded shakily, tears in my eyes. He pressed his lips onto mine and kissed me. I tried getting as much from it as possible. Meaning I kissed back and cupped his face in my hands. He pulled away and kissed my forehead. "Please be okay." He mumbled against my skin. I wiped away the one tear that had escaped his eye. "Minute is up." The man said. Drew let me go slowly but before he did, he wraooed the jacket around me tighter and put something in the pocket. The man grabbed my arm and we walked away with a gun at my head. We got out the doors and there was shouting from everyone. "Let the woman go!" A policeman shouted. "I'll give her over soon." The man shouted. We walked away, towards the back of the hospital. "What are you doing with us?" Doctor Walker asked. "You're free to go." The man told him and than turned to me. "I can use you." I closed my eyes and tried to hold back the painful sob. "Get my wife in the back." The man told the doctor. The man went around to the back of the car and than closed the trunk and went to help the doctor. Is it possible for me to run even though he can still see me?

"What the fuck do you you're doing?" The man shrieked. "Put the gun down and I won't hurt her." Doctor Walker said. I wish the windows weren't tinted. "Like hell." The man said. There was fighting, I could hear it. And than a shot was fired and the gun came out of the car. I stood still. "Get the gun!" I heard Doctor Walker shout. I ran over to it and looked to the car to see the man coming out, blood coming from his nose. I bent down and with shaky hands I picked up the gun. "Hey, kid, you don't want to shoot me." The man said as I aimed it at him. "It's self defense." I told him with my voice shaky and crying was doing it. "Kid, just give me the gun." The man said and started walking towards me. I shook my head. Could I shoot someone? I don't even know how o use a gun... Think fast, Jules, he's getting closer! My thoughts yelled. "Kid." He said, a few feet from me. I aimed at his leg, closed my eyes and pulled back on the trigger. And shot him. He screamed in pain and I heard a thunk. I opened my eyes and saw the man on the ground holding his leg. I stood there, almost like I wasn't there, I dropped the gun and started crying. That's when I heard people running and lots of screaming of my name and Doctor Walker's. "Julie!" Someone very familiar shouted my name. I couldn't look up from crying into my hands. I just shot a man... Familiar arms went around me and I just cried on him, holding him tight. "Are you hurt?" Drew whispered in my ear. I shook my head. "Were you careful?" He asked quietly, rubbing my back. I nodded. "Who shot him?" Someone asked. "The girl did, she had good aim for the knee." I heard Doctor Walker tell the person. "Ms. Preston, are you hurt?" Someone asked as another hand appeared to be on me. I shook my head. "You'll be asked a few questions soon, Ms. Preston." Someone told me.

I couldn't stop crying. That could have been me. I could have been shot but instead I was the shooter and I saved my life and Doctor Walker's. "Ms. Preston, we got your parents on the phone." Someone said quietly from behind me. I unwrapped myself from Drew and rubbed my eyes enough that I could see a man holding a phone. He put the phone in my hand and gave me a sympathetic smile. "Hello?" I said shakily. I hadn't realized my entire body was shaking till an officer put his jacket around me. "Oh, thank God. You're okay." Mom cried and I could hear her crying. "Julie, you're safe. My God, we thought we were going to lose you." Dad freaked out. He was crying too. "I'm just really scared." I said though it didn't sound like it. "We'll be home tonight, sweetie. We're at the airport now." Dad said as he tried to stop crying. "No, just stay there. It's okay." I lied to him. I just really wanted my parents home. "You need us home more often. We're coming home and we're taking care of you." Dad said. I nodded. "'Kay." I whispered. "We'll be home in a while. We love you." Dad said. "I love yu, sweetie." Mom choked out. "I love you, too." I said wiping my eyes. There was dial tone and I hung up and gave the phone back to the officer. "Thanks." I said quietly. "Can I ask you a few questions?" He asked. I nodded shakily and he put down a stool and got me to sit down on it. Than he kneeled down in front of me. "How did he get you at gunpoint?" He asked quietly. "He came in from behind me." I whispered playing with my fingers. "What did he want?" He asked. "His wife needed a kidney and he would only let everyone go when she was okay." I told him quietly. "How many shots were fired." He asked and put my hands on my knees. It must have bothered him.

"Once in the hospital, once in the car when they were fighting and the shot I made." I whispered. "Where did he hold you?" He asked cautiously. I swallowed, I didn't want to talk any more. I wanted to sleep and dream this never happened. I closed my eyes and pinched my hand. That hurt. "Ms. Preston, where did he hold you? Did he touch you at all?" The officer asked. I kept my eyes closed, pinching my hand. Don't think. Don't remember. Someone gripped my upper arms but not too tight like I remembered. I yelped and jumped, shivering. "Shhh..." The officer whispered. A new set of tears came out and I was shaking. "Calm down. It's okay." He said and rubbed my arms. I brought my hands up to my face and cried into them. "Can we get some help over here!" The officer shouted. He got up and I sat there crying and shaking. I didn't want this to be real. I want this to be over. "Julie." I heard Drew whisper and than an arm come around my shoulder. I leaned into him and cried on him. I gripped onto his shirt and wouldn't let go. "It's okay." He whispered, smoothing my hair. "Ms. Preston, we got you some medicine we need you to take." The officer said coming back. I let Drew go slowly, he never let go but it was okay with me. Someone put a few pills in my hand and a bottle of water in the other. I tossed the pills into my mouth and drank out of the bottle of water. "Can I take her home?" Drew asked quietly. "Make sure she's okay before she falls asleep." The officer told him. "Julie, we'll call if we need you." I nodded and took off one of the officers jacket and than got up. Drew wrapped his arm tightly around me and we started walking. I leaned against him and tried not to cry. "Let it out." He whispered rubbing my arm. I shook my head and hugged him, stopping us and shocking him. I just wanted to hold him. "I'm picking you up." He whispered and I felt his hands on my waist. He lifted me up like I was a feather. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and cried into his neck as he walked. He never told me to stop he just kept telling me everything was okay. "I have to unlock my car." He whispered a while later. I nodded and got back on my feet, leaning against the car as I silently cried into

my hands. Drew took my hands away and he lifted my chin so he could see my face. I breathed shakily as he stared into my face. "Are you going to be okay?" He whispered. I nodded and he rubbed under my eyes. "Do you forgive me enough to let me stay over?" He asked quietly. Did I really? Could I give him a tiny bit of forgivness to make this less awkward? Really, I just wanted to have him near me. I nodded eagerly and wrapped my arms around him. "Hey, its okay. Come on, I'll get you home." He whispered. I let him go and he got me in the car. I was starting to have a headache. Drew took my hand as soon as he got on the road. I fell asleep to him rubbing his thumb against my hand. CHAPTER 26 Drew's POV

Once I got to her house, I realized no one would be home and the door would probably be locked but when I turned the doorknob. Surprise, it was open. I kept the lights off and walked towards her bedroom. I laid her down on her bed, took her jacket off slowly not wanting to wake her. I pulled the blankets over her and kissed her forehead as I sat down beside her and made sure she was okay. "Thank you." I heard her faint whisper. "Sleep." I whispered looking down at her than I just sighed and laid down beside her. Automatically, she rolled over and rested her head on my chest. I put my arms around her and rested my cheek on her head, closing my eyes as the sun shined through her window. I smelt something really good, something like bacon. And maybe something else. I heard Julie giggle as I started sniffing a bit. "Drew, do you want some perogies?" She asked, laughing a bit. I opened my eyes, realizing my head was on her lap and I was hugging her tighter then I meant to. She smiled down at me. "It's 9 o'clock." She whispered and turned down her music. I released her and got up, yawning. "Guess we're not sleeping all that much tonight." I mumbled. She passed me the plate of perogies she was eating from. "Thanks." "I already got Keri and James their supper and they're watching a movie till they fall asleep." She told me. That's when I saw how red and puffy her eyes were. "You told them." She nodded and wiped her eyes. "The principle had them in the office all day explaining the

situation and telling them I was okay." She gulped and tryied to hold back the tears. "They wouldn't let me go when they saw me. They were scared that I was going to leave them." By the end the tears were coming out. I set the plate down and hugged her. She cried into my chest till she got herself together. "I don't want to go through that. I want them to know I'll always be here but how can I tell them when I almost did leave them." She mumbled not quite finished. "Shh." I whispered wiping her eyes. "You're never going to leave them, not like that. You'll be here when they need you." She kept nodding, lips trembling. I kissed her forehead and she sighed taking my hands away only to hold them and rest her head on my chest. "I'm sorry." She whispered. "It's not your fault." I told her and kissed her head. She had a muffled cry and let my hands go, only to cover her face. "Jules, don't sit there and cry. Talk to me." I told her as I split a perogie in half. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. "Sorry." I growled. "Stop apologizing." She started to apologize again but I covered my hand over her mouth, she breathed through her nose. I took my hand away slowly and reached around her to turn up her iPod. "I like this song." She sighed and leaned back against the pillows. "I'm not going to school tomorrow." She whispered. "Spend the day at home?" I asked looking at her as she took a piece of bacon. She nodded. "With Keri and James, and my parents." She told me. I smiled. "That's good." "Wanna stay too?" She asked quietly. I shook my head. "No, you and your family need to be together." "Please, it would mean a lot if you stayed and it'd give me a reason not to yell at my parents." She told me and batted her eyelashes. I chuckled. "Fine." I told her. She grinned wildly and laid back down. I reached over her and turned down her iPod music. "Sleep well, Jules." She giggled. "I will." I watched her sleep for a while as I ate really quietly I did this till I fell asleep. I than stired in my sleep when I felt something on my back, I kept thinking spider but every time I shivered I heard Julie giggle. There was a knock on the door and whatever was on my back stopped. "Yeah?" A questionable Julie whispered. The door opened. "Hi." "How are you feeling, sweetie?" I heard Hailey whisper. "I'm good, better." Julie replied.

"Listen, I know you probably don't want to hear this right now but your medication is downstairs, I picked it up for you when I went to the hospital yesterday and all that." Hailey told her quietly. "Thanks Hale." Julie whispered. Someone sat on the bed. "How is he?" I felt the bed move and I had a feeling Julie sat up. "I'm -- uh, I don't know." She faintly whispered. "Don't get worked up, its okay Julie." Hailey whispered and I heard someone snifle. "Listen, I know your staying home today and I know it won't be long till your parents piss you off so meet me at the mall around twelve, right outside Aldo." "'Kay, I'll be there sooner than you think. How are they anyway?" Julie asked. "I don't think its actually hit them that they almost lost you." Hailey told her. "I'm not shocked." Julie mumbled. "Just don't piss them off, we got a trip this weekend!" Hailey said excitedly and laughed cut stopped. "Come on, cheer up. There will be guys..." I clenched my teeth. I knew she'd go there even if I were 'asleep' but geez way to make it obvious. I hate that stupid jealous monster about me. I always get it when I see Julie with a guy. "I already got Mark pestering me, please don't bring up more guys." Julie mumbled. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot your date." Hailey said happily. "I know, now get out. I'll meet you at the mall in an hour or so and have a coffee ready for me." Julie said. "Bye Muffin." Hailey said. "Bye Buttertart." Julie said, giggling. Hailey left the room and I heard Julie sigh before the bed moved again and she was off. I heard her walk around the bed and near me. I think. The blankets moved more on me, she was doing it. I felt something soft touch my forehead, lips? Possibly. "Don't worry about me so much." She mumbled against my head and the feeling disappeared. Julie's POV I kissed his forehead and kept my lips there for an immeasurable moment before I closed my eyes. "Don't worry about me so much." I mumbled against his forehead. I got up and walked towards my dresser, taking out a dream coloured shirt and my black jeans, I was going for something comfy today. I knew this day was going to be hell with my parents. I looked behind me as I aimed to take my shirt off and saw that Drew was still asleep. I peeled my shirt off and tossed it toward the laundry basket across the room. I got my shirt on and than unzipped the skirt that I'd been wearing for three days, gross. I pulled my jeans on comfortably and

through the rest of my clothes in the laundry basket. I crawled back into bed and lifted the edge of Drew's pillow and took out the picture of two kids smiling with paint on their hands. It was Drew and I, in the one and only picture that we're smiling and having fun. That was before he turned into a jerk one day in kindergarden and always has been the same. Except lately. I rubbed my thumb over the two faces and couldn't help smiling. I hadn't realized it then but Drew was turning and he'd soon see the picture. "What's that?" He asked when I tried hiding it behind me. "Umm." I mumbled and than sighed. I showed him the picture and a smile crawled up to his lips almost immediately. "Mine is under my alarm clock." He admitted and chuckled. "Embarrassing." I giggled, shaking my head. "It's not. It's cute." He smiled and his eyes roamed over what I was wearing, I blushed when he started smiling at me. "You look nice." "Stop drooling." I joked. "Who says I'm drooling?" He asked. I brought my thumb up the corner of his mouth and pretended to wipe drool, only my thumb caught the inside of his lip a bit and what happened next just shocked me. TO BE CONTINUED