Obviously, the royals really don’t need to go hunting on www.lastminute.

com to
find a decent holiday—with palaces dotted around the UK and many a royal
friend to lend their yacht out for a couple of weeks. But sometimes then blue
bloods just like to do their own thing.

Certainly, Prince William was looking for somewhere quiet and away from media
scrutiny when he decided to take Kate to a remote part of Kenya last October. It
was here that he popped the question, beside Lake Alice, whilst staying at a mountain lodge at Rutundu. Apparently, they’d just been for a stroll and caught rainbow
trout for dinner. After cooking it over an open fire, Wills asked the big question.
This spot is very much a favorite with those in the know and a few bob in
the bank. In other words, you won’t find it in a cut-price holiday brochure. You
have to helicopter in and out but the beauty of the surroundings make it well
worthwhile, particularly if you’re into horse-riding, fishing or walking.

When One’s Not at Home: Traveling with Kate and Wills



Since 1980, the Prince has altered the house, adding decorative touches to
the exterior and making other changes, such as building a function suite in the
grounds where he can hold meetings and other events.
But perhaps the biggest changes have been in the gardens. They have been
redeveloped, with Prince Charles doing a lot of the planting himself. From the
rose garden to the kitchen garden, Highgrove is now widely admired and famous
worldwide. A major part of the attraction of visiting Highgrove is, as every yummy
mummy knows, the chance to visit the shop. Here you will find all manner of
royally-appointed goods to purchase and show off to your friends with, from
onion marmalade and champagne to a flat cap and a check flask with “mini nip
cups”. Priceless.
You can only visit Highgrove’s gardens and need to book well in advance for
the compulsory tour. Highgrove House, Doughton, Tetbury, Gloucestershire.
& 020/7766-7310 for tours. www.princeofwales.gov.uk.

Ah, we remember that first kiss well. It was on the snowy slopes of Klosters, in
the middle of Graubunden region south east of Zurich. Any Brit who has read a
newspaper in the last 30 years will know Klosters, a favorite with royals who ski,
as it seems to feature in the media on an annual basis. It’s less glitzy than the likes
of San Moritz or Val d’Isere and its appeal is its village atmosphere, which has
traditionally attracted couples and families.
Klosters is dotted with arts and crafts galleries and shops selling snow gear
so if Kate wanted to do a little light clothes shopping her best bet is nearby
Davos, which is lined with around 100 shops selling everything from hip après
ski outfits to cowbells (well, the grannie-in-law might like them).
The destination is well known for its abundance of upmarket restaurants,
however, and our royal lovebirds have been spotted in plenty of them, notable the
historic and well-heeled Chesa Grischuna.


Shop Like Kate



Let’s not forget that Kate and Wills are still only young, so why shouldn’t they
want to head for the party island of Ibiza? The couple spent time with a gaggle of
friends including Kate’s sister Pippa at a rented villa in a secluded part of the
island a couple of years ago, finding time to rent a very expensive looking yacht
for a day trip.
Ibiza, with its super-clubs, cool DJ sets, achingly hip cocktail bars and sunsoaked beaches needs no introduction, of course, although we can safely say Kate
and Wills did not take to a podium in Manumission. Their holiday was rather
more tasteful, Kate’s white stringy bikini being the most risqué part of the trip.


Let’s start with where Kate got that sapphire blue dress that she dazzled the
world with the day she and Wills announced their engagement.
It’s designed by Daniella Issa Helayel, who works out of a studio in west
London but sells her creations through various upmarket department stores,
namely Harrods (www.harrods.com), Harvey Nichols (www.harveynichols.
com), Fenwick (www.fenwick.co.uk), and Matches (www.matchesfashion.
com). And the price? A very reasonable (by royal standards) £399.
Kate, a former assistant accessories buyer at the Jigsaw retail, has also been
known to pop in at Katherine Hooker, 19 Ashburnham Road, Kensington,
SW10 (&  020/7352-5091; http://katherinehooker.com) to check out the
designer’s coats and jackets. A recent little tailored jacket she sported can be
found in the store and the average price tag for outerwear is around £450.
Our Kate is also known for her soft spot for Temperley London (www.
temperleylondon.com). She wore the label’s Titan dress at the royal couple’s first
public engagement, a Teenage Cancer Trust Christmas event.
But the future Queen is no fashion label victim. She is just as likely to visit
UK high street staples Kew (www.kew-online.com), Whistles (www.whistles.
co.uk), and LK Bennett (www.lkbennett.com) to put together an outfit for a
royal engagement. And, according to many a frenzied US report, her fave store
across the Pond is none other than the
American equivalent of TK Maxx
because she enjoys rolling her sleeves
up and scrumming for the best looks at
knockdown prices. Now if that doesn’t
endear her to you then we don’t know
what will.
And, of course, a girl can’t spend
all this time getting her look just right
without paying attention to her hair.
Kate’s locks are lovingly attended to
every six weeks by Richard Ward at
Sloane Square, 82 Duke of York
Square, SW3 (&  020/7730-1222;

For a lad with an awful lot of responsibility on his shoulders and with every
chance of his evening’s gallivanting getting back to his folks, Prince William is
exceptionally fond of a good night out. And Kate likes to shake it, too. No surprise then that the couple have some favourite London haunts where they can let
their hair down and enjoy themselves with friends. Here are a couple of hot spots
where you’ll have a fighting chance of finding yourself next to royalty as you order
your next Crack Baby (William’s unfortunately named favorite cocktail).


You’ll often see this private members’ club in Thurloe Street, Kensington, in the
background of photos of the young royals lurching into cars at 3am. It’s a notorious hang-out for the blue bloods and their entourage and you have to be rather
well connected or have oddles of cash to get in. Well, it’s worth it, if only to have
a go on the giant water bed that sits proudly in the club. 43 Thurloe St., Kensington, SW7. & 020/7584-2000. www.boujis.com.

Other Iconic London Experiences

This Hawaiian-themed cocktail bar in Mayfair has been the venue of many a fun
night out for the pair. Its rather grandiose wooden pillars and tangerine entrance
on Dover Street mean it’s not the most discreet drinking hole but that doesn’t put
off the Sloane Rangers who gather here to drink outrageously pricey cocktails and
boogie the night away. Prince William once racked up a £5,000 bar bill, buying
coconut grenades and dancing with Richard Branson’s daughter Holly. Never
mind, Kate, you got the last laugh. 1 Dover St., Mayfair, W1J. & 020/74939529. www.mahiki.com.



This terribly lovely bar in a Georgian townhouse in Chelsea is to be the setting
for Kate’s hen do. She chose it because she knows the owners, George Adams
and Charlie Kearns, rather sweetly lending them a lifetime’s worth of publicity.
The pair, who own another upmarket spot in chi-chi ski destination Verbier, have
hired Mark Broadbent (former exec chef at Conran’s swanky west London haunt
Bluebird) to preside over the food in the chic dining area. We’ll wager Kate will
opt for the private dining rooms for her shindig, so you’ll only get to swap lippy
advice with her if you catch her in the loos. 86 Fulham Rd., Chelsea, SW3.
& 020/7052-9620. www.86restaurant.co.uk.


Although we can’t imagine it ever happening, if you start craving seeing more of
London than just the bits that are associated with the royals, here’s some of our
favourite capital experiences for you to try.


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