Project Information Summary
Project Title: A Solar Power Electricity Backup System for Fantsuam Foundation’s Community Wireless Network IDRC Grant Number: 104192- 001 Institution Name: FANTSUAM FOUNDATION, Kafanchan. Nigeria Working currency: Naira Currency of bank Account: UK Pounds Sterling Commencement Date: 13th February, 2007 Report No. 1 Period of Report: 13th February – 25th May, 2007

Name of Project Leader: John Dada Name of Authorized Financial Officer: Kazanka Comfort Project Consultant: Dr Alberto Pascual-Escudero, IT+ 46 Ltd, Sweden Team members: Ochuko Onoberhie, Owolabi Azeez, David Tsaro, Sunday Oladayo, Joy Duniya, Sankwai Shekari, Omolayo Samuel


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introductory training provided. Bricks for the NOC have been produced. Status Report Objectives Increment the number of working hours of the ICT infrastructure Activities Implement an electricity backup system based on deep cycle batteries connected to the grid Status Report Technical assessment which started in Nov 2006. The second supervisory visit as in the approved proposal was to have taken place in May 2007. However. On 14th May. excavation of foundation is to start on 19th June These activities will await next visit of consultant in Sept. The Research Support Grant Agreement for the Solar Power Electricity Backup System for Fantsuam Foundation's Community Wireless Network was received on 28th February. the quotation of Yves was accepted. Yves sent in his response To give more space to the new NOC. 2007. and clarifications requested from him. Design work has now been completed. the Fantsuam VSAT will be relocated to the top of a roof. EOIs accepted and a final quotation for supply of equipment is now being awaited. 2007. as it is an integral part of the Wireless project that started in June 2006. 2007 during which data collection was undertaken. to take advantage of available labour. 2007 At the Feb visit. This report therefore covers February to May. tender documents were made available on 27th March. Improve the physical security in the premises Implement six independent street lighting poles Include a solar-powered ‘signal light’ in the wireless communication tower Improve the availability of intranet and Internet core services to Fantsuam Foundation and identified partners within the community Implement electricity backup system based on deep cycle batteries connected to the grid in the Network Operation Centre. 2007. NOC Implement a solar panel subsystem to extend the autonomy of the NOC Establish two solar-power repeaters that will enable the expansion of the backhaul network to include another 5 partners and increase the service area of the community Expand the network by means of establishing two solar powered repeaters 3 .Introduction The Solar backup program started with initial design work by the IDC Consultant in November 2006. and EOIs were requested for the different energy subsystems and their loads. critical elements of the proposal could not be confirmed until after the consultant’s visit to Fantsuam in February. On 30th May. The line items from which savings are to be made to accommodate costs for the NOC is yet to be decided. In the meantime. It must however be appreciated that this is not an independent project. required physical visit of consultant in Feb.

June to Sept. 2007 Basic training of FF staff in renewable energies took place during the Feb visit Implementation Plan. installations. in-house training Team meetings.Improve the availability of the wireless backbone network Build capacity within Fantsuam Foundation in designing.31st June – August July 15 September Final quotation received from Yves Construction of NOC Socio-economic impact of CWN Relocation of VSAT Dish Solar Installations at FF Installation of Pay As You Go Low Power PCs Marketing. 2007 June 4 – 17th June 11 – 30th June 15 – Sep June 25th June 18 – 30th July 1 Jul 1 – 30th August 1. implementing and maintaining electricity backup systems with solar panels and deep cycle batteries network Implement an electricity backup system based on deep cycle batteries connected to the grid and solar panels in the wireless backbone nodes that act as repeaters Conduct basic general training in the dimensioning and simulation of solarpowered autonomous and back-up systems Develop manuals and training material Deploy a set of backhaul communication links and clients installation using electricity backup systems jointly with Fantsuam Foundation staff These activities will await next visit of consultant in Sept. weekly Draft kick off program circulated Kick off 4 .

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