Creative Entrepreneurship INVITATION Conference

To ………………………………. ………………………………. Subject: Invitation for Guest Speakers Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings from SMEMCo! It is our pleasure to inform you that SMEMCO is organizing The Creative Entrepreneur Conference 2010 which will be held from 17 to 20 December 2010.The purpose of this Conference is to consolidate the of concepts and foundations professional

entrepreneurship among our youth and to create awareness and understanding about the modern entrepreneurship approaches. Main goals and objectives behind organization of this event are: • To train individuals to transform their ideas and projects to the economic reality. • To promote entrepreneurial orientation and behavior towards business among youth.

To confirm the strategic role of entrepreneurship associations in the development of active entrepreneurial process. and strategies to maximize the profits. To enhance the culture of knowledge and leadership. Venue of The Creative Entrepreneur Conference 2010 is “Jinnah Convention Centre Islamabad” and is expected to have participation from 500 people from all over Pakistan. so I would like to invite you to participate on The Creative Entrepreneur Conference which will be held on 15th February 2010. I was impressed with a presentation you gave in several different events. And thus it would be a huge learning experience for the delegates. We will also provide an honorarium shield in recognition of your contribution.• • • To highlight the characteristics and skills of creativity and innovation among new entrepreneurs. The presentations will be followed by a short question and answer period. . I would like to inform you that The Creative Entrepreneur Conference team will pay for all travel and hotel expenses related to the course. discussing the hardships you faced and the sources of inspirations to overcome these hardships with our delegates in The Creative Entrepreneur Conference. I would like you to follow this talk with a discussion on issues that use a good portion of the successes you achieved and your different responsibilities. You are invited to speak for 15 minutes sharing your real life experiences. If you are able to participate. set priorities based on goals. This entrepreneurial session will begin with [TITLE] on how to manage an entrepreneurial career. I will provide you with more information about the event and other speakers once their participation is confirmed. to support business pioneers in order to activate their role in sustainable development. Finally. I plan to invite few other speakers to give brief presentations on the challenges and strategies which they all faced during their entrepreneurial careers.

please contact me by phone at [Phone] or by email at [Email]. Kind Regards Director Marketing SMEMCo! .Thank you for considering our request and please confirm your participation by [Date]. If I can provide you with additional information.

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