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Ohio University Department fintercoleglate Athletes ‘Athens, Ohio 45701 Phone (740) 598.0882 Fax (740) 592.0706 FOOTBALL GAME AGREEMENT ‘This Football Game Agreement (“Agrasment’) is made and entered into this 23" day of Novernber, 2015, by ane between Florida Alantic University (‘FAU and Ohio Univerly "OHIO", by ther dy authorized agents: 1) That the teams representing the above named insituions agre to the terms and condtions herein with respect tothe arrangements (or hotsing football games between Inern, 2) The varsity football trams of OHIO and FAU wil participate in games of football set forth below ‘Game | Hostinetiution | Vieking inettution ‘Date Location Tine Game t ‘OHI0 FAU September 3, 2022 | Athens, OH EO Gone? FAU ‘OHO, September 9, 2023 | Boca Raton FL_| 700 3} That the games wit be governed by the res of the Nationa! Collegiate Athetic Association CNCAR’) "The elgbiity of team mombers to participate in each footbal game wil be ‘governed by the rules and regulations of the NCAA, It inelluion and the rules ofthe ahiee Conference of which the esiulion Is @ member, 4) The effeials for Game 1 wil be appointed by the conference of the host institution and the expenses wll be paid by the host instution. The ofits for Game 2 vill be anpolnted by the conference ofthe host instution andthe exaenses wil be paid bythe hos insulin, 5) That in consideration forts participation in Game 4, the host instuion wil pay the visting insttuion the guaranteed amount of $200,000. That in conederaion for ts patiipaion Is ‘Gome 2 the host institution vill pay the ving insituion the guarantees tmount of $200,000, Payments are due from the host instluion not later then Febery 1 ofthe year flowing each geome, 6) Tickets for the game et each host ington wil be handled as fll: ‘2 Thehost institution wil provide 360 compliment fekels tothe viking institution 6, The host institution wil exlend 500 reserved Uckes forthe sing Inston to purchase ‘on consignment. All unsold tickets must be returned fo the hoot instution no later than 18, days before the game. All unsold tickets rot celumed wil reeult in payment by the siting Insttuion via the redueton n the guarenteed considaration set forth in Section § above. © The vising insituion's band members, chesrleaders and mascots attending the geme {re.more than 259) and offialy representing he vsling Inatuion and accompanied by {8 coach, advisor or bandleader wil be admited at no cnet ten cressed in appropri tire ‘The visitng insution vill provide the host inslltuon with the number cf individuals no later than 90 days before the game, 4A request by the visiting nsituon fr its band to perform onthe dey ofthe game must be ‘made no later than July 1, ofthe year ofthe game, and @ response from Une host il be ‘ven n areasonabie te, € The visting insituion wil be alowed 60 sideline pasces. These pacsas are to be used by coaches, trainers, and working team personne! ony. Sideline passes are to be worn 1 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the paris hereic have executed this Agreement onthe day, month ‘and year first above writen Ohio University Frigate Univgrty by: ero ep Name: Cin Schaus Tie: oector of age on a oa Mhuthe Nfo i

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