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pai ‘ volume sixty-seven, issue 4 november 2, 2021 Masthead Editor's Address managing editor-in-chief Hello tal you gargoyles, ghosties, beasties and besties! ‘annika Keller We're. lite late on this one - our souls have been trapped in content editor-in-chief tiny porcelain dll, and typing with these little baby fingers? Teas huntsman merkur Ws petty hard treasurer Girt help! sum sarap yeas Huntsman Merkur & Annika Keller production manager Editors-in-Chiet 2021/2022 ‘maya leischman it ca wma, /oseeitne if i otitis olivate gs Xx Joshua bienstock opin ash man le sarki carts & culture Tuey star & tamara lion avant garg ina poss & maya Beischmann Tocas huntsman meskur salt alyssa lyon sthebont khandaker| | contributors | ‘wler riches About us ‘The Gargosleis University College's ses stodent newspaper and publishes every two weeks ‘Weare a paper that believes that son mes you shouldbe angry, and that sometimes you should beloud, andi you have not hada voice before, you deserve a voice. We donot give print space to bigots and we do not feign etralityonistesof sei justice. At this moment eventing not offices attending a chaos magic ital with vdeo conferencing Production bi-weekly on discord Goin our seve for instant let) ‘uegargosle@gmailcom/submissions@ Women love crystals, Wg os The dissatisfaction inherent to modern spiritualityorwhy you~ won't find salvation in that , sapphire. the East to find meaning. In Block Skin, White ‘Masks Fanon waits: “The Backs represent 2 kind of insurance for humanity inthe eye ofthe Whites. When the Whites feel they have become 00 mechanized, they turn to the Coloureds and request litle human sustenance." Ths, the labour of meaning-making (ike all other grit tough and painful labour) was outsourced fo the tied work The white trapeze through the terrain of easter spirituality and religion ke toasts, reducing universes to artefacts ‘ak and marvel at An Bat, Pray, Lov Pilgrimage where the individual i the temple, the alter and the deity; it is aperen that what they want o find isnot meaning but themaclves, Ics For al the fae of the Chr, ts umeaering Ythernghasief.agupingholeig western thatwe scan’ sem toil, Andiccremaineg for lack of tying. There isa patent hich lyperrtonal ehzation decane Ua Imstcal so caught uparewe'in reason hate "oie when we trip over own ube The white and the wealthy have always locked te religion is the opium ofthe masses, then new age spirituality inal varnish -syatheti perhaps ever s slightly nauscating but sxtainly ot intoxicating. The eathers of Church was net relationship for as long as “Okay at east told you the rath” erally the bare minimum and he wanted a stayed up all night on ack. Change! my i Te Would recommen Fst of al, what the fuck do I evens to that? Sead Actually, that’s all have to say about hat — because Tam sil speeches aL “Tues Tean you my gilriend.” / ‘This one was scary beonse by that point, we had already bees together for 25 years. How long do youseriously date someone before they start eferring to you as thelr partner? Was fasing j dim too soon? Maybe he needed more tine. My But I’ll Pass on Chucky Tucy stark {truly don't get the appeal of scary movies. Tam il seared fro when my frends forced me to watch al tee “Human Centipede” fs on our mide schoo ip fo Boston. was on EDGE the entre ti. Soon edge that when we all ended p etting our irst periods on that trp, 1 was fouvnced twas te werk ofthe Devl-ot {hat doctor who created the "cetipede™ ‘Nopart of me kes going to bed thinking fomeone shidingin mycleset, my ‘Shower, ouside of ty windows feel the ear hen off ie with every arp Uae Bota least with Bie you Gan ase ‘your eyes and pretend i's no happening “The worst thing ever is actually hauntod ‘ouses/mazes where people ae pa to Sneak upon you and make you think Your Iie in jeopardy. ve never ied the fein of being chased or snuck up on. 1 thinkit goes bck to when me andy brothers would play shark attack” a the ‘ool where one person waste shark” End heya have to go underwater to sneak {pom ther tins think that also hy Tate th ocean ad have avery real belief {hit wl ge eaten by a shatkone day ‘Oy this has jut rurmed into my ‘Shvlging the foots of al ny ear ‘ere’s where bring in ite nuance to ny opinion tha al Scary movies things sro terbe{ tral 100%, adore sary ‘documentaries. ver ince ayOuRE ae, ‘There may be a soolgicel planation Tye been FASCINATED by Scientology ory preferences. As film major tells or Ted Bandy fs Yes, they ti Trend ecentiyenightened me, women are Ioave me teaked, but I fel ike it's ype ‘ach mor ily to watch ru eine ttfreaked where lls gained something Alocumentaries han men, One explanation ence hendge. Ys, be to afraid to {Shecause thet lm fol more rea for us Sleep or walk home lone for weeks, but at Srwomen tend tobe more olen portrayed lest Ll beable to impress someone with {SS murder and al vetims, ina yay these myesensveanderaningot eens ‘pcunentaris presenta twisted Gate nd how tey ued to estate portunity foro empathize withthe thomeelvs to dascite wih thet nox efrative won't speak foranyone ese, alien, humas forms ‘ut do hits part oft. Whereas in Fetional ore fms there's always {ertan uneltaity = lus. happly~ Between acters and roertly patty (pease dont et Wajineme) Shave notboen terorzed by uldolls or underground downs However, ifs been made ere than ear tome that should be wary of men meet tnlineor people encounter during ate niga stl “That sill wouldn't explsin why ao of people ike horror fies, but does explain Sy pt ofthese lms as ve gathered ‘fom lined swareness) have bosom Trore poychologicaly fearsome, Rater Resa overtone ropes 8 plethora of ump sare, it seems ke Popular hortor movies are mare about the Xtemeyeelatable far of being watched, Spel oranda goverment plo Again make this {omiment based solely on watching the ft four seconds cfhoror movie tales tn YouTube ads (ou BEST beleve I'm ‘esi “skp ada soon as tha option is svat), Toca th own bti be? ‘Biageing Bort Fe with cats and Teeteanilite The conjuring The Det Ml Made Me Do le form it brother and Hisfrends ll tt ft coe th poputis- dat ligands reqcs count i cont Peas: cou it manicis ferreis-{pt faciantin cig uidiamn conicriptum: glo ft cis. Step 4: Your infant brother mast be turned in ‘potion bythe with in the wood VERY IMPORTANT EVENT ~ th don't be afraid tobe ah Step 9: Thsstep is key; you must believe in witcheral. Believe in yourself and you Tafluence the world around yout map | WoulBst thou fke to five 1 think my house is haunted Ghosts aren't real You're misunderstanding. 1 see her in the reflection of the window, Her face superimposed on mine. 1 think I'm supposed to recognize her. She's haunting. Wait. Wait. Hang on a litle longer, dear friend forthe life you've deemed so difficult - so tiresome and treacherous and She watches me through the walls depressing and desolate and dark Who? isnot really tobe left behind, Me. forthere are litte things, of an infinite amount ‘You wateh yourself through the walls? that wil estore your faith in humanity, in yourself No. Wait for the tight, protective hug from your mother, the sweet seent of cider wafting through your favourite bakery She permeates walls and my memories ‘the erupting sound of laughter from your best friend, think I'm supposed to remember something. the first snowfall of winter, the good grade, the discovery of your missing Or maybe Pm not allowed to forget evs ‘She's daunting erhaps you'll remember the time a stranger paid for your morning nee coos erect = She's an echo of myself, ‘or the time you swung so high in the park you thought your How can that be? calor ch hema at cf Ltt Tsed tobe her bot she's dead now And even though you've screamed and cried and loved and lost and How did she die? 7 I don't know but we're tied to each other. feabella perscud ‘Look there are more of my echoes. 1 dare not disturb her; [know she is me. idles idles We stare at each other through the glass, owe "aoe Maybe it'sa mirror. es T don't know a 1 think my house is haunted. T think died. ‘Thats not possible youre ating ight er ‘You're misnderanding we dled hundred deaths and oome back agaln each tne igh ferent "You oly gto die once, Time pases ferent forme. Iesngs intel, singing the songs of who [used tobe Ie be gut fore moment but the ecoe wl start aga, \ Ringing slighty louder ths ime, Because I'll have died again. : I think 'm haunting myself ° Ghosts aren't real. you're in your head, " ‘No. You're in my head, carelte sarkis

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