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Sealing Dirty, Volatile or Hazardous Fluids ?

We’ve Got a Clean Solution.

John Crane’s Type 2874

Outward Pumping Dry Gas
Seal for Process Pumps

John Crane has been setting the industry standard

by successfully delivering highly reliable gas sealing
performance for decades. The Type 2874 is the next
generation in mechanical seals, utilizing the latest
internally pressurized outward pumping spiral groove
face technology. This innovative new design now
gives pump users the ability to seal “dirty” fluids with
highly reliable gas seal technology.

Reverse Pressure Capability

Safe operation is crucial to John Crane designs. Full
reverse pressure containment is a key design feature
of the Type 2874. In the event of system upset or
barrier pressure loss the inboard seal is process
pressure activated to close. The 2874 will continue
to function as a contacting seal protecting the barrier
chamber, system and environment from exposure to
Internally Pressurized the process fluid. Reverse pressure capability is an

Outward Pumping engineered feature that differentiates John Crane

process pump gas seals from competitor’s designs.
Spiral Groove Seal Face
Technology API 682 / ISO 21049 Qualified
The Type 2874 is fully tested in
accordance with the API 682 /ISO
21049 specification.
Type 2874 Outward Pumping Dry Gas Seal

Key Features Seal Chamber

Solids in Pressure (P2)
• Unique advanced outward pumping Suspension Centrifugal Forces

spiral groove technology

• Gas lubricated, non-contacting
• Arrangement inherently moves process
liquid away from primary seal
• Robust outboard seal engineered to with-
stand high pressure differential Mating Ring Primary Ring
• Temperatures to 500° F/ 260°C
• Pressures to 600 psig / 41 barg
Barrier Gas
• Zero fugitive emissions (P1)

Innovative Alternative to Wet Impeller P1 > P2 > P3
Contacting Seals Pressure (P3)
• Eliminates liquid barrier systems and
cooling water requirements it allows the seal to operate with the process liquid
• Dry gas lubricated Type 2874 ensures on the outside diameter of the seal. This arrange-
100% product purity ment eliminates the potential for product to build
• Non-contacting operation eliminates up under the inboard seal on conventional back to
seal face heat generation and offers back or face to face arrangements.
wider application range than conventional
liquid lubricated seals Green Technology
Next Generation The Type 2874 seal ensures zero fugitive emissions
Outward Pumping when sealing hazardous fluids. The Type 2874
Spiral Grooves Outward Pumping Spiral Grooves
The Type 2874 seal takes current non-contacting eliminates the need for cooling water and barrier
seal technology to the next level with a newly fluids. Non-contacting seal faces operate friction
developed highly efficient outward pumping free and result in minimal parasitic horsepower
spiral groove design. Outward pumping gas seal losses and significant energy savings when com-
technology is a significant advancement because pared to conventional face contacting technology.

The world’s most reliable high-performance

seals delivered and serviced anywhere in the
world. That’s what you’d expect from the
leader in engineered sealing solutions.
For more information on Type 2874 seals, call 1-800-sealing
or visit

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