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Course Outline – I Year
1st Year Motive: The aim of 1st Year - B. Tech. (CS/IT/E&C) is to refresh the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and carry it on forward according to the requirements in the preferred degree so as to use them in the various subjects to be studied in forth coming trimester efficiently. The Language subject is also given due importance so that the students can enhance their linguistic & communication skills to compete in the technological world.

Objective: Reviewing the basics of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) & improve the language skills and also to familiarize the students with fundamentals of Computer Paper Max. Paper Name C L T P Code Marks 1002/1 Basics of Mathematics 100 4 3 1 1002/2 1002/3 1002/4 1002/5 1002/6 1002/7 1002/8 Basics of Physics Basics of Chemistry Computer Fundamentals English Language – I Physics Lab Chemistry Lab Computer Fundamentals Lab Co-Curricular Activities Total Credit 100 100 100 50 50 50 100 4 4 4 2 2 2 4 2* 3 3 4 2 28 1 1 2 2 4 -

Objective: To introduce the concepts of basic electrical technology, to build a strong base for various subjects in further trimesters and also continuing with PCM and language subject of Previous Trimester Paper Max. Paper Name C L T P Code Marks 1002/9 Applied Mathematics – I 100 4 3 1 1002/10 Applied Physics –I 100 4 3 1 1002/11 1002/12 1002/13 1002/14 1002/15 1002/16 Applied Chemistry – I Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering English Language – II Applied Physics – I Lab Applied Chemistry –I Lab Electrical & Electronics 100 100 50 50 50 100 4 4 2 2 2 4 3 3 2 1 1 2 2 4

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Engineering Lab Co-Curricular Activities Total Credit 2* 28 -

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Objective: To give the students an insight into various fields like Engineering Drawing & Computer Programming while strengthening the fundamentals of Mathematics & Communication skills Paper Max. Paper Name C L T P Code Marks 1002/17 Applied Mathematics II 100 4 3 1 1002/18 1002/19 1002/20 1002/21 1002/22 1002/23 1002/24 Applied Physics-II Applied Chemistry – II Computer Programming Applied Physics II Lab Applied Chemistry II Lab Mechanical Workshop C-programming Lab Co-Curricular Activities Total Credit Note:  C represents number of Credits per subject  L, P, T represents number of Lecture, Practical & Tutorial Hours respectively in a week per subject  Week implies seven working days  One credit of lecture or tutorial or practical is equal to 15 hours including lectures/practical, project work, seminars, exercise, field visits, group discussion and presentations  *Co-Curricular Activities will be credited as grades in place of marks 100 100 100 50 50 100 100 4 4 4 2 2 4 6 2* 3 3 4 32 1 1 2 2 4 6 -

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Course Outline – II Year
2nd Year Motive: To give basic knowledge of various components and circuit of electronics along with computer based basic languages.

Objective: To study various electronic components of instruments along with advanced mathematics. Paper Max. Paper Name C L T P Code Marks 1006/1 Numerical Analysis 100 4 3 1 1002/25 1006/2 1006/3 1002/26 1006/4 1006/5 1006/6 700/1 Electronic Devices & Circuits Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation Data Structure & Algorithm Environmental Studies Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation Lab Data Structure & Algorithm Lab Extra-Curricular Activities Total Credit 100 100 100 50 100 100 100 4 4 4 2 4 4 4 2* 3 3 4 2 32 1 1 4 4 4 -

Objective: To study fundamentals of digital circuits and Probability & Statistics along with Random Variables & Stochastic Processes. Paper Max. Paper Name C L T P Code Marks 1006/7 1006/8 1006/9 1006/10 1006/11 1006/12 1006/13 1006/14 700/1 Analog Communication Digital Electronics-I Analog Electronics Object Oriented Programming Digital Electronics-I Lab Analog Electronics Lab Object Oriented Programming Lab Analog Communication Lab Extra-Curricular Activities 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2* 4 3 3 4 1 1 4 4 4 4 -

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Page 6 of 57 . T represents number of Lecture. Practical & Tutorial Hours respectively in a week per subject.TRIMESTER Objective: To explore the circuits and networks and give an insight to the fundamentals of electromagnetic field theory..  *Extra-Curricular Activities and Community Development Activities will be credited in grades instead of marks. L. exercise.  Week implies seven working days. group discussion and presentations. P. field visits. Paper Name C L T P Code Marks 1006/15 Digital Communication 100 4 4 1006/16 1006/17 1006/18 120/1 1006/19 1006/20 700/1 701/1 Circuits & Systems Electromagnetic Field Theory Digital Electronics-II Women Rights and Empowerment Digital Communication Lab Digital Electronics-II Lab Extra-Curricular Activities Community Development Activities Total Credit Note:   100 100 50 50 100 100 4 4 2 2 4 4 2* 8* 3 3 2 2 34 1 1 - 4 4 - C represents number of Credit per subject.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. project work. seminars.  One credit of lecture or tutorial or practical is equal to 15 hours including lectures/practical. JAIPUR Total Credit 34 VI . Paper Max.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics. Paper Page 7 of 57 . Determinant of matrix (10 Hours) UNIT – III Vector Calculus: scalar and vector point functions. first order but not of first degree. total differential coefficient. Euler’s theorem.1. Advanced Engineering Mathematics. Elementary operations on matrices. Gauss’s and Stoke’s theorem. Differential Equations: Differential equations: first order and first degree. If a student does not pass the assessment. gradient. intersection of curve and asymptotes. 2.1 Basics of Mathematics Code: 1002/1 Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT – I Differential Calculus: Partial differentiation. Pearson education. John Wiley and Sons. line. approximate calculations and small errors. Asymptotes. JAIPUR B.. inverse of a matrix. Rectification (lengths of arcs of plane curves. Differentiation of vector functions. Green’s theorem. Curve tracing. Lagrange’s methods of multipliers. Thomas and Finney. Surface and volume integrals. Tutorial Hours: 10hours Recommended Books: 1. (10 Hours) Note: There will be an assessment after 15 lectures. Calculus (ninth edition). Matrices: Introduction to Matrices and their different types. Reference Books: 1. Volumes and Surfaces of solids of revolution. Kreyszig E. she has to join Remedial course in the subject.Tech 1st Year (2009) Trimester I 1. Integration of a vector function.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. New Delhi. divergence and curl. New Delhi. (10 Hours) UNIT – II Integral Calculus: Quadrature (area under plane curves). Maxima & minima of two and more independent variables. O’nell. Thomas Publications.


Theory of the polarised light. Characteristics of Laser light. Optical Activity: Optical Activity and laws of optical rotation. Polarization: Production and detection of plane. circularly and elliptically polarised light. Intensity variation. (10 Hours) UNIT II Diffraction : Fraunhofer’s diffraction at a single slit. PHI Reference Books: Page 9 of 57 Paper . John M. Huygen’s wave theory. Characteristics of Grating Spectra. Ray optics: Critical angle. 2. she has to go for a bridge course. Holography: Holography versus Photography. Interference as Superposition of Waves. JAIPUR 1. coherence length. Rayleigh’s criterion of resolving limit. Acceptance angle. Theory & design of Ruby laser He-Ne Lasers. Newton’s rings: Theory and experiment for determining wavelength of light and refractive index of liquid. (10 Hours) UNIT III Coherence: Spatial and Temporal coherence. Recommended Books: 1. Chand Co. Malus law. A Textbook of Optics. coherence time and ‘Q’ factor for light Laser: Spontaneous & Stimulated Emission. determination of wavelength separation of two nearby wavelengths. Resolving power of a diffraction Grating. Measurement of Specific rotation of a sugar solution using a Laurent’s Half Shade and a Bi-quartz device polarimeter. Production of circular and straight line fringes. if any student found not fit to complete the course. Optical Fibers: Types of Optical Fibers: Step Index and Graded Index Optical Fiber.2 Basics of Physics Code: 1002/2 Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT I Interference of light: Nature of light. Numerical aperture of an optical fiber.1. Einstein’s Coefficients. Young’s Double slit experiment. Brijlal and Subramanium. Ltd. Theory and method of measurement of wavelength of a given light source using plane transmission Grating. Concept of resolving power. determination of wavelength of light. S. (10 Hours) Note: There will be an assessment after fifteen lectures. An introduction to Fiber Optics. Senior. Quarter-wave and Half wave plates. Michelson’s Interferometer: construction and working. Light propagation through optical fiber. Total Internal reflection. Applications of Holography in microscopy and interferrometry. Applications of Lasers.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. wave front. Fringe width. requirements of Holography. Criterion of Laser action. Basic theory of Holography. Fraunhofer’s diffraction due to N slits.

2. Tata McGraw Hill Publication. Ajoy Ghatak. 3. Optics.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Thyagarajan and Ghatak. Introductory University optics. Lasers Theory and Applications. Beynon. Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Macmillan India Ltd. JAIPUR 1. Ltd. Page 10 of 57 .

).S.3 Basics of Chemistry Code: 1002/3 Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT . A. Solution: Ideal & Non-ideal solutions. Vikas Publishing House. 2. Dhanpat Raj Publication. New Delhi (2004). New Delhi (Latest Ed.Bahl Tuli. Polymer Chemistry by Vasant Gowarikar. A Text book of Engineering Chemistry. Essential of Physical Chemistry by Arun Bahl. New Delhi (2004).stoichiometry and energy balance in chemical reaction.Dara. P.Jain & Monika Jain. melting & glass transition phenomenon. (10 hrs) UNIT . Bakelite. crystallization. D.Venkappaya and S.Chemosorption and Surface Area.II Catalysis: Criteria for catalysis. Reference Books: 1. (10 hrs) UNIT .Synthesis. properties and uses of PE.S. 2. New Delhi.1. Concept of Promoters Inhibitors and poisoning.Heterogenous Catalysis. Von’t hoff equations.B. first & second law of thermodynamics. Page 11 of 57 .D. polymerization . physiosorption. Distillation of binary solutions. nylon.Chand & Company publication. polymer crystallinity. Paper & G. Arrhenius theory and special behaviors of strong electrolytes.Gopalan.C. compression and extraction moulding). molecular shape.viscoelasticity.I Chemical Thermodynamics: Definition of free energy and spontaneity. (10 hrs) Tutorial Hours: 10hours Recommended Text Book: 1. Maxwell relation. Nernst Distribution Law. Raoult’s Law. JAIPUR 1. Sharma & Kalia. transfer. Physical chemistry by Puri. terylene and classification of composite materials. Gibbs-Helmholtz equation. 4. condition of thermal equilibrium.: Theory of catalysis Homogenous Catalysis – Acid-Base. thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers & basic concept of molecular weight. S.vulcanization . Text book of Engineering Chemistry by S.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. deformation fracture.Chand & Company.S. Engineering Chemistry by R. Enzymatic Catalysis. defects in polymers and fabrication of polymers (injection. 3. Henry’s Law. Importance of thermodynamics.III Polymers & Composites: Classification.Nagarajan.


Introduction to Data Bases. S. (15 hrs) UNIT . Binary. (15 hrs) Recommended Books 1.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Office Automation (MS-Word. evaluation of Computers and their classification.4 Computer Fundamentals Code: 1002/4 Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT . simplification of Boolean expressions (Boolean algebra and Karnaugh map method). Tables.II Basic concepts of Boolean algebra and their electronic implementation through various logic gates. Sagman. ASCII and EBCDIC). Query and Report generation (MS. characters and codes (BCD.RAM. New Age International. B. Architecture & Organization. error detecting and correcting codes (Parity. New Delhi.III Concept of System software and application software. Microsoft Office 2000 for Windows. (10 hrs) UNIT . 1999 Paper Page 13 of 57 . JAIPUR 1.Access). Gray and Hamming codes). Berkeley Peachpit Press. Octal and Hexadecimal and their inter conversions. concept and architecture.I Introduction to Computer System and functions of its components. 2000 2.1. Representation of integer and real numbers. Computer Fundamentals. hardware and software. Number System: Decimal. Excel and Power Point). binary and floating point arithmetic (addition and subtraction).

JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Bhatia. JAIPUR 1.K.1.C.5 English Language – I Paper Code: 1002/5 Maximum Marks: 50 UNIT . Active and Passive. (7 hrs) UNIT . 2003 Page 14 of 57 . Job applications and resumes) Report\ Writing: (Technical.Kaushik and S.I Comprehension: The text prescribed has to be studied and seen and unseen passages are to be exercised. Interchange of degrees of Comparison Modals. Sequence of Tense. Oxford University Press.II Grammar and their Usage: Transformation of Sentences-Direct and Indirect. (6 hrs) UNIT . Short stories and One Act Plays. (7 hrs) Recommended Books: Essays. Proxemics. Delhi . ed S. Elements of Sentences (SVOCA pattern). Non technical) Kinesics.III Correspondence: Letter writing (Business letters.

Find Numerical aperture of Optical Fiber using Laser source.Ladiwala ( CBC Page 15 of 57 . Study Interference pattern of a Fresnel’s Biprism and determine the wavelength of a Sodium source.7 Physics Lab 1002/6 Maximum Marks: 25 10 X 2 Hrs. Determine the angular divergence of a LASER beam. JAIPUR 1. Engineering Physics Publications) Paper Code: Practical by Dr. Determine dispersive power of a Flint glass prism using spectrometer. 6. 8. 4. 9.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. 5. 3. G. Convert a Galvanometer into a Voltmeter. Convert a Galvanometer into an Ammeter. Recommended Books: 1. 7. Study Newton’s Rings and determine the wavelength of a sodium light source.D. 2. Determine the wavelength of spectral lines of Mercury spectra using a plane transmission Grating. 11. Determine the resolving power of Grating.1. 1. 10. Study polarization and determine the specific rotation of a sugar solution using Laurent’s half shade device polarimeter. Determine wavelength of a sodium light source by Michelson’s Interferometer.

Determination of Conductivity of aqueous solutions of salts iv. Determination of pH by pH meter iii. JAIPUR 1. To Verify Beer’s Law and apply it to find the concentration of the given unknown solution by spectrophotometer (U. New Delhi (2004).JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Determination of melting pint and glass transition temperature of a polymer. Dhanpat Raj Publication. v.Bhasin and Sudha Rani.8 Chemistry Lab 1002/7 Maximum Marks: 25 10 X 2 Hrs. Determination of Barium as Barium Sulphate ii.K. Laboratory Manual on Engineering Chemistry by S. Gravimetric Analysis i. Recommended Text Book: a.1. 1. Determination of Silver as Silver chloride Paper Code: Physico. Determination of Sodium and Potassium by flame photometer.Chemical instrumental Analysis i. Page 16 of 57 .V). ii.

Delete. relationship between tables. Templates. of sheets) Presentation (Creation of Presentation and formatting. Document with multiple columns. Update. entering data in multiple sheets. validation and sorting. JAIPUR 1. grammar & spelling checking. Forms and Reports) Lab1-Lab3 Lab4-Lab6 Lab7Lab10 Lab11Lab13 Lab14Lab20 Page 17 of 57 . charts.9 Computer Fundamentals Lab: Hands on Office Automation Tools Paper Code: 1002/8 Maximum Marks: 50 20 X 2 hrs Word Processing (Document creation & formatting. Mathematical. SQL view. Transition). extra features of Excel such as Freezing. Insert. Mail Merge. Spreadsheet (Creation of Pivot table. OLE) Spreadsheet (Creation of Workbook. Animation. Database (familiarity with environment. Filtering. Look up and text).JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Cell referencing. Functions-Date & Time. protection etc.General and Local. Table handling. Master slides. Find & Replace. different views of presentation. Creation of tables using Design Wizard and entering properties . Query Design. Macro.1.view. layouts and templates. Statistical.

2. Hoffman K. Advanced Engineering Mathematics. Zeros and poles. 2.. Multiple integrals. Rectification (lengths of arcs of plane curves.1002/9 Applied Mathematics – I Paper Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT – I Matrices: Linear dependence and independence of vectors. (10 hrs) UNIT – II Complex Analysis-II: Cauchy’s theorem.2. Page 18 of 57 . Rank of a Matrix. New Delhi. JAIPUR Trimester II 1. Churchil and Brown. Residues. Complex Analysis-I: Function of a complex variable.1 code.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. System of linear equations. Eigen vectors and the characteristics equation of a matrix. New Delhi. New Delhi. Linear Algebra. Complex Analysis.Analytic functions. Taylor and Laurent’s expansions. Dirichlet Integral. Kreyszig E. Cayley Hamilton theorem and its applications. (10 hrs) UNIT – III Integral Calculus: Quadrature (area under plane curves). Cauchy’s integral formula and generalized derivative of an analytic function. Consistency and inconsistency of a system of linear equations. McHill. Double and triple integrals. Reference Books: 1. Advanced Engineering Mathematics. Volumes and Surfaces of solids of revolution (Cartesian Coordinates only). Thomas Publications.. CauchyReimann Equations and Harmonic function. Eigen values. O’nell. change of order of integrations. Pearson publications. Cauchy’s residue theorem. (10 hrs) Tutorial Hours: 10hours Recommended Books: 1. John Wiley and Sons. Conformal Mapping and Bilinear Transformation.

III Magnetic materials: Origin. Josephen effect. Particle in a one dimensional box and three-dimensional box. Quantum Physics: Schiff 3.I Special Theory of Relativity : Inertial and Non-inertial frame of reference. Dielectric materials: Polarization. Postulates of Special theory of relativity.2 Applied Physics –I 1002/10 Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT .2.Kittel.F. Solid state Physics by S. 2. Geiger. C. BCS theory of superconductivity (No derivations). Solid State Physics. (10 Hrs. Superconductivity: Introduction. Types of superconductors. Schrödinger equation for a free particle. Density of energy states. (10 Hrs. Relativity of mass. Sommerfield’s Free electron Gas model: Postulates. length. working and properties of Ionization chamber. Nuclear Physics.Singru (Wiley Eastern limited) Paper code- Page 19 of 57 . Nuclear detectors: Construction. JAIPUR 1. Lorentz Transformation. Reference Books: 1.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Applications of superconductors (10 Hrs.) Recommended Books: 1.II Wave-Mechanics : Photoelectric effect. Fermi energy. Time dependent and time independent (Steady State) form of the Schrödinger equation.O. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. spontaneous polarization. Compton effect as evidence of quantum nature of radiation. Piezoelectricity and Pyroelctricity.M.) UNIT.) UNIT. Concept of modern Physics by Athur and Beiser (MCGraw Hill International limited) 2.F Knoll.Muller Counter and Scintillation Counter. Paramagnetic and Ferromagnetic substances (No derivations). time and velocity.G. Degeneracy. Nuclear Physics by R. energy-momentum relation. and tunnel effect (potential barrier). Meissner effect.Pillai (Wiley Eastern limited) 3. properties of superconductors. Diamagnetic. Mass-energy relation.

C.HCs. recycling and reuse).JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY.Dara. their causes & prevention. Solid Waste Pollution: Classification. P. waste treatment & disposal methods (Compositing.I Water: Specification of water. analysis of water – hardness and its determination (EDTA method only). New Delhi. (10 hrs) UNIT .Jain and Monika Jain. thermal processes. Raj Publication.Chand & Company. Text book of Engineering Chemistry by S. A Text book of Engineering Chemistry. water for domestic use. theories of lubrication. acid value and saponification value). carbonate & phosphate conditioning.Gesser.3 Applied Chemistry-I Paper code. New Delhi (2004). flash and fire point. activation energy. priming & foaming.). Page 20 of 57 . cloud & pour point aniline point. chemical and biological processes. Environmental Chemistry & Pollution Control (Latest Ed. sanitary land filling. molecularity of a reaction. Applied Chemistry (Latest Ed. effects of pollutant on man and environment. factors influencing the reaction rate. water softening processes. numerical problems on lime-soda process and EDTA method. caustic embrittlement and boiler corrosion.2.Engineering Chemistry by P. removal of silica . 2. their sources waste water treatment-domestic & industrial. Dara. zero and first order reaction. removal of dissolved gases.1002/11 Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT . By S. theory of reaction rates.lime-soda process. 2. types of lubrication.Jain & Monika Jain. Reference Books: 1. sink and control of primary pollutants-CO. Water Pollution: Classification of pollutants. S. rate of reaction or reaction velocity.III Environmental Pollution and Control: Air pollution-types of pollutants.calgon treatment. Dhanpat Rai Pub. boiler problems.NOx. biomedical and chemical. effects. A. sources.II Lubricants: Principle and function of lubricant. Hazardous Wastes: Classification-radioactive. JAIPUR 1. By H.C. (10 hrs) Recommended Text Book: 1. Reaction Dynamics: Introduction. ion-exchange method.Sox and particulates.D.). order of a reaction.S. Dhanpat 3. (10 hrs) UNIT . treatment and disposalphysical. Photochemical smog and acid rain. characteristics properties(Viscosity & viscosity index. boiler feed water.S.scale and sludge formation.

Publishing House.K. Dhanpat Raj Publication. 8.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Engineering Chemistry by R. Environmental Chemistry by A. Laboratory Manual on Engineering Chemistry by S. 5. Vishal Publication.Gopalan.De. Vikas 6.K. 7. D.Nagarajan. Page 21 of 57 . Environmental Chemistry by B. Goal Publication.K.Venkappaya and S. JAIPUR 4.Sharma. New Delhi (2004).Bhasin and Sudha Rani. New Delhi (2004).

Delta. Thevenin’s Theorem. Ed 2002. multiplexing. Elementary concepts of optical communication. FM & PM) demodulation. (10 Hrs) UNIT .JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. EMF Equation. Introduction to Semiconductors. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics .Kataria & Sons] 2. Vincent DEL TORO “Electrical Engineering Fundamental’s.Star and Star-Delta Transformation. Mehta 4.e. TMH Page 22 of 57 . Color coding of Resistor. Principles of Electronics—By V. Suresh Kumar. 3.III Passive Components: Different types of Passive components i. P. (10 Hrs) UNIT .N.II Transformer: Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. Prentice Hall India”. 2. JAIPUR 1. (10 Hrs) Recommended Books: 1.C.4 Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Paper code.Gupta [S. Classification of Network Elements. 8th Ed. Vallavraj. 4.Mittle and Arvind Mittal Tata Mc Grawhill Publications 3. Sen “Principles of Electric Machines and Power Electronics”. Capacitor and Inductor. Resistor Capacitor and Inductor. different types of semiconductors. TMH Reference Books: 1.K.2. K.B. Vallavraj. Node Voltage and Mesh Current Analysis. Suresh Kumar. Wiley Eastern 2003.I DC Networks: Kirchoff’s Laws. Pearson Educational Limited. Communication System: Introduction to modulation (AM. Basic Electrical Engineering ( Second Edition) V. Electronics Devices & Circuits—By Salivahanan. Edward Hughers : Electrical & Electronic Technology.1002/12 Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT . Source Conversion. Diode and its characteristics. 2002. Construction and Operation of Single Phase Transformer.J. Voltage & Current Relationship and Phasor Diagram of Ideal Transformer. properties of semiconductors. Electronics Devices & Circuits—By Salivahanan. Superposition Theorem.

their usage and meaning in today’s context. 1997. judgment.Business Corresponding & Report Writing. 1994 4. discrimination and communication among the students. J. One Word substitutution.II Objective: To help the students assimilate the contents in an organized manner and enable them to communicate in a condensed manner. Delhi.I Objective: To familiarize the students with words. Tata McGraw Hill.5 English Language-II 1002/13 Maximum Marks: 50 Paper code- UNIT . How to communicate in different situations: Parties.2. 3.K. thus enabling them to become fluent writers and speakers. Technical Writing. Sultan Chand & Sons. TMH 6. Kataria. Phonetics and Vocabulary: Transcription of phonetic symbols. Exercises through extracts of newspaper (7 hrs) UNIT . Précis (Summary) writing. Word Formation-Prefix and Suffixes. Technical proposal/Report writing 4. JAIPUR 5. Sharma.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. 1. Meetings etc. SharmaRC & Mohan K. Writing of short paragraphs and essays 2.Gupta [S. Margaret M. Electronic devices & circuits----By J Millman & Halkias. Methodology: OHP. Essentials of Business Communication. Synonyms and Antonyms. R. Review writing 5. Page 23 of 57 . 1980 2. Maison. Rajendra & Koralli. Examine Your English. 3. New Delhi. (6 hrs) Reference Books: 1.S.B.IInd Edition ] 1. Electronics Devices & Circuits.S. Word stress. + Idiomatic Expressions and phrasal verbs. common errors. 1999.-By-J. Letter writing (7 hrs) UNIT–III Objective: To enhance the power of estimation. Hyderabad: Orient Longman.Radha Publications. Pal.

3. Find Optical Band gap of a Semiconductor using Four Probe method. G. Determine High Resistance using Leakage method 10. Engineering Physics Publications) Practical by Dr. 4.2. JAIPUR 1.1002/14 Maximum Marks:25 10 X 2 Hrs 1.Ladiwala ( CBC Page 24 of 57 . Find height using a Sextant. Study magnetic field along the axis of a circular coil and determine the radius of a magnetic circular coil.D.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Study of B-H curve using a CRO. Study two stage R-C coupled amplifier. To determine the specific resistance of a material and to determine difference between two small resistance using Foster's bridge. 7. Find Band Gap using P-N junction diode. 6. 9. 11. 2. Determine Dielectric Constant of a liquid using a Ballistic Galvanometer.7 Applied Physics – I Lab: List of Practical Paper code. Study Characteristics of Zener Diode/Junction diode. 5. 8. Study of charging and discharging of a condenser and hence find time constant Recommended Books: 1.

Determination of Copper Sulphate Iodometrically. 5. 2. an alkali Determination of hardness of water by different method. Determination of Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate. New Delhi (2004). 3.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Paper code- Page 25 of 57 . Determination of Calorific value of a solid by Bomb Calorimeter. Dhanpat Raj Publication. Determination of Proximate analysis of coal. Determination of available chlorine in water. Fuel (Physcico-chemical analysis) 1. Determination of Sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate in mixture. 4. JAIPUR Applied Chemistry-I Lab 1002/15 Maximum Marks: 25 10 X 2 Hrs Water (Volumetric Analysis) 1. Laboratory Manual on Engineering Chemistry by S. 2. 4.K. 3. Determination of total dissolved and suspended solid in an effluent sample. Recommended Text Book: 1. 5.Bhasin and Sudha Rani. Determination of chloride ions by Argentometric Method. Determination of COD and BOD of an effluent sample.

Study and verification of Kirchhoff’s Law. Study and verification of Superposition Theorem. Study and verification of Thevenin’s theorem. Study of different types of Passive Components. Basic study of components used in Electrical Lab. Study of Single Phase Transformer. 4. Basic study of symbols used in Electrical Lab. 9. 6. Page 26 of 57 . 8.9 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lab Paper code. Study and verification of Ohm’s Law. JAIPUR 1. 2. 3. 10. Study of different types of lamps.2. Basic study of Domestic house wiring and stair case wiring. 5.1002/16 Maximum Marks: 50 20 X 2 Hrs 1.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. 7.

1002/17 Applied Mathematics – II Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT – I Ordinary Differential Equations: Linear differential equations with constant coefficients. Euler’s formulae. convolution theorem. transform of derivatives. half range expansions. Convolution Theorem. (10 hrs) UNIT III Fourier Series : Fourier series. Legendre’s polynomial Pn(x). Simmons. New Delhi. Page 27 of 57 . Fourier Transforms.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY.3. Solution in series ( with reference to Bessel’s and Legender equations) Special functions : Beta and Gamma functions and their properties. Kreyszig E. Tata McGraw. New Delhi. generating relations and recurrence relation. orthogonality. (10 hrs) Tutorial Hours: 10hours Recommended Books: 1. 2. G. O’nell. Fourier Sine and Cosine transforms. Bessel’s functions Jn(x): recurrence relations and Generating function. application of Laplace transform to solve ordinary differential equations with constant and variable coefficients. JAIPUR Trimester III 1. Advanced Engineering Mathematics. Advanced Engineering Mathematics. even and odd functions. properties of Laplace Transform. John Wiley and Sons. Thomas Publications. Fourier Transform : Fourier integral. inverse Laplace transform. having arbitrary periods. Reference Books: 1. F. Harmonic analysis.. Differential Equations. Rodrigue’s formula. (10 hrs) UNIT – II Laplace Transform: Laplace transforms of elementary functions.1 Paper code.

Semiconductors and Insulators.Introduction to sol-gel technology and Vacuum technology. Electrical conductivity and Electrical resistivity of Semiconductors.II Semiconductor Devices: Bipolar junction transistor.) UNIT.3. (10 Hours) Recommended Books: 1. Applications of Hall effect.) UNIT . intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors. Vallavraj.I Physics of Semiconductors : Origin of band gaps in solids. S.III Science & Technology of nanomaterials: Introduction to Nano materials.1002/18 Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT . (10Hours.2 Applied Physics –II Paper code. suresh kumar. Applications of nanotechnology in electronic devices. Physical & chemical properties of nano-materials. Comparision between three configurations. Electronic devices and Circuits: Sanjeev Gupta Page 28 of 57 . Hall effect. (10 Hours. Transistor current components. Zener diode.Kulkarni 3.Kataria ans sons) 2. Electronic devices and Circuits: J. (Tata MCGrew Hill) 3. Basic principles of Nanoscience & Technology . Zener breakdown and Avalanche breakdown. Application of voltage across a p-n junction. Mobility of current carriers. conductivity and Temperature. Fabrication of nano materials . Mechanism of current conduction in semiconductors.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY.B. Reference Books: 1. CB and CC Configuraions. Operation of NPN AND PNP Bipolar junction transistor. JAIPUR 1. Electronic devices and Circuits: J. Gupta .Gupta (S.B. p-n junction: Volt-Ampere characteristics of p-n junction. TMH 2. Nanoscience and Tecnology by S. Electronic devices and Circuits: Salivahanan .K. Introduction to JFET and MOSFET. Electronic devices and Circuits by J.Millman and Halkias. Characteristics of CE. Classification of Solids as Metal.K. Kataria and soms.

Application of two component system. combustion. Page 29 of 57 . RSC Publication.3.Dara. hydropower. combustion and chemical principle involved in it. hydrogen as a fuel.II Phase Rule: Definition and various terms involved in it. Na2SO4-water. Nano-material: Introduction of nano-materials.3 Applied Chemistry-II Paper code. S. catalysis. biomass energy using biotechnology. Application of nano-materials in medicines. 2.S.Chand & Company. Solid Fuels: Proximate and ultimate analysis of coal and their importance. analysis of flue gases by Orsat’s apparatus. (10 hrs) UNIT . Text book of Engineering Chemistry by S. high and low temperature carbonization. JAIPUR 1. carbon nanotubes. Dhanpat Raj Publication. Liquid Fuels: Conversion of coal into liquid fuels (Bergius process and Fisher-Tropsch process) and mechanism.Jain & Monika Jain.1002/19 Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT . knocking and chemical structure.C. Numerical on calorific value. (10 hrs) Recommended Text Book: 1. Theories of corrosion. proximate and ultimate analysis of coal and flue gas analysis. power alcohol. New Delhi (2004). P. Galvanic Cell & Concentration Cell. Two components System-Ag-Pb FeCl3. nanowires. cracking of heavy oils residues-thermal and catalytic cracking. electronic & related fields. Sulphur System. coke-its manufacturing by Otto-Hoffmann oven. New Delhi. octane and cetane number and their significance. calorific value-gross and net calorific value and their determination by bomb calorimeter and boy’s calorimeter. Solar energy. fullerenes. Stress & Pitting Corrosion and protection against corrosion. Nano scopic materials by Emil Roduner. nanocones and their electronic & mechanical properties. environmental technologies. Petroleum-its chemical composition and fractional distillation. One Component System-Water system.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Energy: Classification. A. wind power.I Corrosion: Definition & Significance. Gibb’s Phase Rule. A Text book of Engineering Chemistry. Rechargeable nickel hydrogen and lithium ion batteries (10 hrs) UNIT . Solar Energy: Production of electricity using solar energy.III Fuels: Classification. Reference Books: 1. Types of Corrosion.

Nano Chemistry by Ozin et.al. RSc Publication. 3. Physical Metallurgy by B.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Page 30 of 57 . JAIPUR 2. Material Science & Engineering by William Callister.K.Agarwal. 4.

conditional and unconditional branching and looping. “Let us C”. algorithms & flow charts. New Delhi. Balagurusamy. 2nd Edition.1002/20 Maximum Marks: 100 UNIT .4 Computer Programming Paper code. 2. functions. BPB Publication. problem analysis.3. Denis M. “C Programming Simplified”. 2nd edition. parameter passing.sequencing. Godefriod. (12 hrs) UNIT . “The C Programming Language”. and 8th Edition. Vikas Thanda. High level and low level programming languages. single and multi-dimensional arrays. “programming in C “ . Page 31 of 57 .I Steps involved in computer programming. constants and variable. input and output statement. arithmetic and logical expressions. E. B. “Programming in ANSI C”. (13 hrs) Recommended Books 1. Yashwant Kanetkar.II C Programming: Control statement. Brian W. (15 hrs) UNIT . Ritchie. Kernighan. Reference Books 1. Schaum Series. Computer programming (in C): various data types (simple and structured) and their representation. Ashirwad Publications 4.. recursion.III C Programming: Pointers. JAIPUR 1. 3.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Tata McGraw Hill Pub. data assignments. address arithmetic. Pearson Education.

Identification of p-n diode. 1. 6. Study of LDR and its applications to measure intensity of light and 1/d2 dependence. SCR. LED. Study of various types of Active and Passive components AC and DC Current measurement by Multimeter Introduction to CRO and function generator. To study V-I characteristics of p-n junction Familiarization with Analog and Digital multimeter To study JFET and MOSFET and determine input and output characteristics 8. 2. 7. UJT.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. JAIPUR 1.3. 5. 4.7 Applied Physics II Lab: List of Practicals: Paper code.1002/21 Maximum Marks: 25 10 X 2 Hrs. BJT. zener diode. 3. Page 32 of 57 .

To reduce the corrosion by electroplating method.3. Page 33 of 57 . Dhanpatrai Publication. Chemistry-II Lab Reference Books:1.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. 7. 9.Bhasin & Sudha Rani. 3.Chand Publication.P. S. To prepare nano-oxide using sol-gel method. Practical Chemistry by O. List of Practicals: 1. To determine the melting & glass transition point of a given sample (polymer). New Delhi. 4. To determine the volatile matter and ash content by proximate analysis.Bajpai and S. To determine the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in a given effluent water. Laboratory Manual on Engineering Chemistry by S.8Applied Paper Code: 1002/22 (Max.N.Giri. To determine the calorific value (HCV & LCV) using Bomb-calorimeter. JAIPUR 1. 6. D. 5. Marks: 25) 10 X 2 Hrs. To determine the biological oxygen demand (BOD) in a given effluent water. 2. 8.K. To determine the dissolved oxygen demand (DO) in a given sample of water. Pandey. 2. To determine moisture content in a given fuel sample.

parabola. D. Page 34 of 57 .JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Bhatt Revised and Enlarged by V. UNIT . hyperbola. Panchal. Demonstration of Welding Shop:  Gas Welding  Electric Arc Welding 3. S. Anand. Thrissur. Machine drawing. lines inclined to both the reference planes–Projection of planes. with axis inclined to one of the reference planes and with axis inclined to both the reference planes. Lines And Planes: Projection of points – Projection of lines. M. John K. Kataria & Sons .C. Gill. and Varghese.I Introduction: Scales. MECHANICAL WORKSHOP 1. Engineering drawing [Plane and Solid Geometry in First-Angle Projection Method] by N. JAIPUR 1. involutes. ENGINEERING DRAWING LAB UNIT . Bhatt. planes inclined to both the reference planes. D. trochoids and cycloids. Charotar Publication. Delhi : S.Projection of solids in simple positions. Demonstration of Fitting and smithy Shop. Machine Drawing. Auxiliary Projection: Introduction– Auxiliary Projection of points. 4. Anand. 1998. Engineering Graphics. Gujarat 3. 2001 Reference Books: 1.9 Mechanical Workshop Paper code. Demonstration of Carpentry shop:  T-Lap joint  Bridle Joint 2. Recommended Book 1. planes inclined to one of the reference planes. lines and solids . lines inclined to one of the reference planes.1002/23 Maximum Marks: 50 20 X 2 Hrs. Gujarat 2. spirals.K. Jet Publications. Charotar Publication. P. Demonstration of Machine Shop. by N. Projection of Points.Code of practice for engineering drawing – Drawing sheets and title blocks – Types and sizes of letters – Dimensioning rules – Construction of plane curves like ellipse. lines parallel to both reference planes.3.with axis inclined to one of the reference planes and with axis inclined to both the reference planes.II Projection of Solids: Classification of solids .

K.. Venugopal. Engineering Drawing and Graphics +Auto CAD. New Delhi.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Page 35 of 57 . 1998.. JAIPUR 4. New Age International (P) Ltd.

subtraction. while loop. 3.). do….). Programs based conditional operators. nested if…. 4. 9. Programs based on array operations. Programs based on array (1-D.3. Programs based on relational operators. 5.else. division. 2-D etc. 1. Programs based on string operations. 11. Programs based on looping statement (for loop.while loop).else).1002/24 Maximum Marks: 50 20*2 Hrs. Page 36 of 57 . swapping.10 C Programming Lab Paper code.. 6. Programs based on arithmetic expressions (addition. Programs based on pointers.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. 10.. Programs based on conditional statement (if. 2. area of circle/square/rectangle/triangle/cube. volume of cylinder etc. if….. 8. Programs based on logical expressions. Programs based on functions. multiplication. 7. JAIPUR 1.

theoretical probability distributionsBinomial.) UNIT II Integration-Trapezoidal rule.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Stirling’s formula. Expected value.Tech 1st Year (2009) Trimester IV 2. (10 Hrs. Marks: 100 UNIT I NUMERICAL ANALYSIS . (10 Hrs. Poisson and Normal distributions.) 10 hours Tutorials Page 37 of 57 . Euler’s and modified Euler’s methods. interpolation formulae. Baye’s theorem with simple applications.Elementary theory of probability. Miline’s method and RungaKutta fourth order method. JAIPUR B.1 NUMERICAL ANALYSIS Paper Code: 1006/1 Max. (10 Hrs. Simpson’s one third and three-eighth rules.Picard’s mathod.1. Newton’s forward and backward differences.) UNIT III STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY .Finite differences – Forward. Lagrange’s interpolation formula. Backward and Central differences. Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations of first order .

J. Electronics Devices & Circuits—By Salivahanan. Tata Mc-Graw Hill Reference Books: 1. Miller's theorem.-. Equivalent circuits of JFET and MOSFET.K. Electronic devices and circuit . Approximate hybrid model.CC. Ebers-Moll model.1. Electronics Devices & Circuits. (10 hrs.B. Marks: 100 UNIT . . Darlington pair amplifier & cascode ckts. Kataria. FET as a VVR. CC and CB amplifiers. Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Robert L Boylestad. TMH Devices & Circuits Page 38 of 57 .) UNIT . MOSFET as LOAD.Gupta [S. load line concept. rectifiers. MOSFET . Current Components. Devices: Construction. Publisher: Prentice-Hall 2. (15 hrs.By-J. biasing of JFET's & MOSFET's . Photo transistors. DC and RC couple amplifiers.II Transistors: Transistors characteristics. hybrid model of transistor. characteristics and working principles of the following devices : Junction diodes. Solar Cells. h-parameter equivalent of CB. Hallkias. Cascading of Transistors amplifiers. clipping and clamping circuits. photo diodes. Thermal runaway. LEDs.CE .C.I Diode Circuits : Diode as a circuit element. operating point.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. BJT. (15 hrs. study of JFET. Biasing & stabilization techniques.2 Electronic Paper Code: 1002/25 Max.) Recommended Books 1. Thermal stability. Millman & C.) UNIT . Current gains. Vallavraj.III Small Signal Amplifiers at Low Frequency: Analysis of BJT. JAIPUR 2. Voltage multipliers. UJT. Suresh Kumar.IInd Edition ] 3. . Transistor configuration. DC and AC analysis of CE. conversion of hybrid model. LDR.

RF Power & Voltage Measurements. Bridge measurement: dc bridges(wheatstone). Limits of errors. Static characteristics of measuring devices. Active transducer: piezo-electric and photo electric transducers."Electronic Measurements McGraw Hill Book Co. Kalsi . Special purpose oscilloscopes: Multiyear. S. Vector Impendence meter. Electronics measurement & Instrumentation-A. Introduction to measurement. Repeatability.M.K. multitrace.1. anderson’s bridge) (10 Hrs) UNIT IV OSCILLOSCOPES: Introduction and block diagram of CRO. Component measuring Instruments. Dhanpat Rai Sons. Dhanpat Rai & Sons 2. 2.E.Electronic Inst. MEASUREMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION Page 39 of 57 . 3. parameter and characteristics. Marks: 100 UNIT I THEORY OF ERRORS: Definition of instrumentation. thermistor. & Measurement. (10 Hrs) UNIT III TRANSDUCER: Introduction. Frequency meter. CRO Probes. Tata Me.Sawhney. construction of CRT Basic CRO circuits. hay’s bridge. Inductive(LVDT) and capacitive transducers. Oscilloscope Techniques of Measurement of frequency. RTD. Pettit . W. (10 Hrs) Recommended Books: 1. Cooper .D. Systematic & random errors Modeling of errors. Phase Angle and Time Delay. Talbar & Upadhyay-Electronic Instrumentation. & Measurement Techniques. Q meter.Electronic Inst. H. F. Resistive transducer: strain gauges. Reference Books: 1.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Digital Voltmeter. Electronic Multimeters.3 ELECTRONIC Paper Code: 1006/2 Max. thermocouples. Gaussian error analysis.S. Electronic Voltmeter. Terman & J. classification and selection of transducer.Ac bridges (maxwell’s. (10 Hrs) UNIT II MEASURING INSTRUMENTS FOR BASIC PARAMETERS: NPMMC type Voltmeter. Ammeter. Combination of errors. storage & sampling Oscilloscopes. Curve tracers. Probable error & standard deviation. Accuracy & precision. Hill. Introduction to shielding & grounding. Prentice Hall of India. JAIPUR 2.

Binary Search Tree. Files. postfix expressions.. pointers Recursion.L. 4.) Recommended Books: 1. Trembley & Sorenson :An Introduction to Data Structures. AVL tree. Marks: 100 UNIT . Stacks.: Data structure and Program Design. CS Press. infix. PHI.PHI 5. Queues and Linked Lists.E. and their traversals.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Aho A. 7. Prefix. 2. Sorting: internal and external. Reference Books: 1. (15 hrs. Kruse R.I Elementary and structured data types. Brastrad: Algorithms.4 DATA STRUCTURE AND ALGORITHMS Code: 1006/3 Max.) UNIT . BPB. Graphs. Linear Structures: Arrays and Records. analysis of algorithms.II Non-linear Structures: Generalized linked lists. Sets. Expression evaluation. 3. Symbol tables.) UNIT . Data Structures and Algorithms. Addison Wesley. Mc-Graw Hill International 6. Searching: Hashing.V.Hopcroft. Horwitz and Sawhni: Data structures in PASCAL. Trees. Horowitz and Sahni. (10 hrs. J. 8. Graphs. (15 hrs. Data Structures Using C by ISRD group .III Built in data structures such as Records. Baase: Computer Algorithms. JAIPUR 2. Multi-way trees.D. Tata McGraw Hill.Binary Trees. Problem solving and algorithm development.Ulman.1. Paper Page 40 of 57 .J. PHI. Tanenbaum : Data structures in C. Strings. Pearson Education. Algorithms Design and Analysis. B tree.

Environmental Studies. Environmental Science. Bakre and V. global warming. S. scope and importance. Threats to Biodiversity. Problems of deforestation. 2005. Bakre. Effect. J. Water. Poaching of wild life. noise. Rastogi Publications. A Text Book of Environmental Studies.P. Reference Books 1.D. Environmental Studies. Rastogi Publications. Functions of Ecosystem: brief idea of energy flow. 3. Habitat loss. P.Sharma . Ecological Pyramids. Ozone layer depletion and Acid Rain. Hyderabad.1. P.. Overgrazing. Bharucha. Explosion and Male/Female ratio. Sharma.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Endangered and Endemic Species of India. Rastogi Publication . Chatisel and H. Environmental Studies. Meerut. Mineral. 2005. Meerut.R. 4. Laxmi Publications Ltd. Rana. Desertification. E.5 Environmental Studies Paper Code: 1002/26 Max. Paryavarniya Adhyyan. (10 hrs) UNIT III Environmental Pollution and other Problems: Definition. Wadhwa. V. 2005.2008. Jalandhar. Concept of Ecosystem. Himalaya Publishing House. (10 hrs) UNIT II Biodiversity and its Conservation: Definition. 2005. nuclear pollution. Environmental Ethics: Issues and Possible Solutions. Energy and Land. Uses and over utilization/exploitation of Natural resources: Forest. 2. G. (10 hrs) Recommended Books: 1. Marks: 50 UNIT I Environmental Science and Ecosystem: Definition. water. Types and Importance. Delhi. Effect of Modern agriculture. Natural Resources and their conservation: Renewable and non-renewable resources. Meerut. Global problems: Climate change. Food. Control and preventive measures of air. 2007. Sharma.V. Water conservation: Rain water harvesting. Causes. JAIPUR 2. 5. Population growth. University Press.S. Page 41 of 57 . soil erosion. Spots of Biodiversity. Conservation of Biodiversity: Brief idea of in situ and ex situ conservation of Biodiversity.

2. Application of Diode as clipper. CC and CE configurations. List of Experiments: 1. full wave and calculate ripple factor 4. Paper Page 42 of 57 . Application of Diode as clamper. Marks: 100 20 X 2 Hrs. Observe the effect of load changes and determine load limits of the voltage regulator.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Plot V-I characteristic of Zener diode and study Zener diode as voltage regulator. Plot input and output characteristics of BJT in CB. Study of rectifiers half wave. JAIPUR 2.6 ELECTRONIC DEVICES & CIRCUITS LAB Code: 1006/4 Max. 5. 3.1. Find their h-parameters. 6. Plot gain-frequency characteristic of two stage RC coupled amplifier & calculate its bandwidth and compare it with theoretical value.

Measure the speed of a Table Fan using stroboscope. Measurement of the distance with the help of ultrasonic transmitter & receiver. To measure unknown frequency & capacitance using Wien’s bridge. Measurement of displacement with the help of LVDT. Plot V-I characteristics & measure open circuit voltage & short circuit current of solar panel. 10. JAIPUR 2.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. MEASUREMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION Page 43 of 57 .7 ELECTRONIC Paper Code: 1006/5 Max. Study the working of Q-meter and measure Q of coils. 8. 4. To study the working of Spectrum analyzer and determine the bandwidth of different signals. Measure unknown inductance capacitance resistance using following bridges (a) Anderson Bridge (b) Maxwell Bridge 3. Measurement of strain/ force with the help of strain gauge load cell.1. Marks: 100 20 X 2 Hrs. 6. 5. 7. Draw the characteristics between temperature & voltage of a K type thermocouple. 2. List of Experiments: 1. 9.

5. Stack & Queue Implementation using array 6. Two-way link lists programs. multiplication. List of Programs: 1. Program based on array searching.1. Infix to postfix/prefix conversion. 10. b. Stack & Queue Implementation using link lists 7. Quick sort. Marge sort) 2. Marks: 100 20 X 2 Hrs. 4. Program related to following operation a. Replacing element.8 DATA STRUCTURES & ALGORITHMS LAB Paper Code: 1006/6 Max. sorting (Bubble sort.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Program based on string operations. Circular queue Implementation using link lists 8. Page 44 of 57 . c. 9. Insert element at desire position. Polynomial addition. Program based on several matrices operations. Deletion in array. 3. JAIPUR 2.

2. Analog and Digital Communication Systems. Roden. Noise temperature.) Recommended Books: 1. PM. AddisonWesley.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. AM transmitters & receivers. Stremler. effective input noise temperature. Spectrum & Power relations in AM systems. (20 Hrs. pulse width modulation (PWM).) UNIT II ANGLE MODULATION: Phase & frequency modulation & their relationship. FM.1 ANALOG COMMUNICATION Paper Code: 1006/7 Max. Prentice Hall Int. Comparison of AM.Calculation of signal-to-noise ratio in SSB-SC. pulse amplitude modulation (PAM). phasor diagram. Ferrel G. Noise calculation of envelope detector. S. Inc. Types of FM Narrow band & wide band FM. 1990. Noise figure. Martin S. Noise Bandwidth. Spectrum & Bandwidth of modulated FM signal. Marks: 100 UNIT I AMPLITUDE MODULATION: Basic blocks in a communication system: transmitter. Methods of generation & demodulation of AM-DSB. Calculation of signal-to-noise ratio in FM. JAIPUR Trimester V 2. Need of modulation. DSB-SC. Page 45 of 57 . (10 Hrs. 2. John Wiley & Sons Reference Books: 1. Introduction to Communication Systems. Communication Systems. 4th edition. noise figure & equivalent noise temperature in cascaded circuits. Pulse Modulation: sampling process. baseband and passband signals and their representations. 3rd edition. AMDSB/SC and AM-SSB signals. (10 Hrs. Haykin. Amplitude Modulation.FM transmitters & receivers. channel and receiver. pulse position modulation (PPM). Generation & demodulation of FM signals.) UNIT III NOISE: Noise: Types and effect. Modulation & detector circuits for AM systems.

DTL. Reference Books: 1. Delhi. Open collector TTL. 2. ECL. Fixed point representation. MOS & CMOS logic families.Karnaugh Map upto 4 variables. Incomplete specified functions. Boolean function.C-MOS & MOSFET. Positive. Prentice Hall of India. Conversion of truth tables in POS and SOP form.) UNIT II MINIMIZATIOIN TCHNIQUES: Minterm. Msno-Digital Desigh. various codes & arithmetic in different codes & their inter conversion.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Binary Arithmetic & Radix representation of different numbers. Pearson Education DIGITAL ELECTRONICS-I Page 46 of 57 . Quinn-Mc Klusky minimization techniques. Theory & operation of TTL NAND gate circuitry. complement notation. Canonical forms. Sign & magnitude representation.P. Pearson Education 3 Gree-Digital electronics.) UNIT III DIGITAL LOGIC GATE CHARACTERISTICS: TTL logic gate characteristics.P. Maxterm. Interfacing logic families to one another . Features of logic algebra.2 Paper Code: 1006/8 Max. NOR gates. Marks: 100 UNIT I DIGITAL SYSTEM: Itroduction to digital systems. Exclusive-OR. Tocci-Digital Systems. (20 Hrs. A. BASIC LOGIC GATES & BOOLEAN ALGEBRA: Postulates of Boolean algebra. TTL subfamilies. Logic diagrams from Boolean expressions and vice-versa. Morris Mano-Digital Circuit & Logic Design. Converting logic diagrams to universal logic. (10 Hrs. Derived logic gates.) Recommended Books: 1. Three state output logic. (10Hrs. Logic gate conversion. Theorems of Boolean algebra. Realization of logic gates in RTL. truth tables. negative and mixed logic. JAIPUR 2.2. Tata Mcgraw Hill. Malvino & D. Leach-Digital Principles & Applications. Pearson Education 4. Variable mapping. NAND.

gain-bandwidth product. Blocking oscillators. conductances and capacitances of hybrid-Pi model. Tuned collector Hartley. (15 Hrs. current series and current-shunt feedback amplifier. high frequency analysis of CE amplifier.) UNIT III HIGH FREQUENCY AMPLIFIERS: Hybird Pi model. Wien bridge and crystal oscillators Astable.) UNIT II OSCILLATORS: Classification Criterion for oscillation. Analysis of voltage-series. Pearson Equaction Reference Books: 1. Nashelsky .) Recommended Books: 1. Schmitt trigger. Tata Mc-Graw Hill 2. General characteristics of negative feedback amplifiers.3 Paper Code: 1006/9 Max. Sedra Smith . Emitter follower at high frequencies.Microelectronic Circuits.C. Marks: 100 UNIT I FEEDBACK AMPLIFIERS: Classification. JAIPUR 2. J. India. Feedback concept.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Halkias-Integrated Electronics. (15 Hrs. RC-Phase shift. Robert Boylestand & L.Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory. Colpitts. voltage-shunt.2.Millman & C. Stability criterion. ANALOG ELECTRONICS Page 47 of 57 . monostable and bistable multivibrators. Oxford Press. Transfer gain with feedback. (10 Hrs.

TMH Reference Books:1. Access specifier (private. Public And Private Inheritance. array of pointers. Friend Function. Addison Wesley ORIENTED PROGRAMMING Page 48 of 57 .Venugopal. Object as Function Arguments. Inheritance and program reusability. Robert Lafore. Class Hierarchies. This pointer. “The C++ programming language”.) Recommended Book: 1. Inheritance: Concept of Inheritance. K. Merits and demerits of OO methodology. Overloading Binary Operators. public and protected). (15Hrs. address & pointer. Object-oriented paradigm. Elements of object oriented programming . Techmedia Publication 2. “C++. Multiple Inheritance. C++ Objects. Aggregation: Classes Within Classes. abstract data types. Bjarne Stroustrup. pointer to functions. Procedural and Object oriented Programming. Function overriding. Levels of Inheritance. Rajkumar Buyya. Tata McGraw-hill publication 3. the address of operator. Herbert Sehlidt. Data Conversion. T. exception in Inheritance tree. JAIPUR 2.R.Ravishankar.Objects and Classes. handling uncaught exception. Static Function. RUNTIME BINDING & VIRTUAL FUNCTIONS Pointer & Runtime Binding: Pointers to objects. “Object Oriented Programming in-C++”. "Mastering C++".) UNIT III POINTERS. The Complete Reference”. Dynamic Binding.) UNIT II POLYMORPHISM & INHERITANCE Operator Overloading: Overloading Unary Operators.4 OBJECT Paper Code: 1006/10 Max. (15Hrs. Derived Class Constructors. Marks: 100 UNIT I INTRODUCTION Evolution of object oriented Methodology. Structures and Classes. (10 Hrs. Returning Object from Function. Derived Class And Base Class. Exception Handling: Exception handling constructs.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. The Default Copy Constructor. Assignment & Copy Initialization. Ambiguity In Multiply Inheritance. C++ fundamentals – Implementation of Class in C++. Virtual Function: Virtual Function.2. C++ Object As Data Types Constructor and Destructor. Overriding Member Function.

Study of series and shunt voltage regulator and measurement of line load regulation and ripple factor. Characteristics of CMOS IC. JAIPUR 2. Study the following oscillators and observe the effect of variation of C on oscillator frequency: (a) Hartley (b) Colpitts (c) Schmitt trigger Page 49 of 57 . Study of push pull amplifier. Measure variation of output at power & distortion with load. 4. 2. Design of different types of gates using Universal logic gates. (a) AND gate (b) OR gate (c) NOT gate (d) EX-OR gate (e) EX-NOR gate 3. Study of AND. To study and perform the following experiments. Study RC phase shift oscillator and observe the effect of variation R & C on oscillator frequency and compare with theoretical value.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Marks: 100 Paper 20 X 2 Hrs.2. 3. 4. NOT gates and comparison with discrete components. 2. 2. Interfacing of TTL to CMOS and CMOS to TTL IC.6 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS-I LAB Paper Code: 1006/11 Max. To study and perform the following experiments on Kit and bread board also. Study Wein bridge oscillator and observe the effect of variation in R & C on oscillator frequency 5.7 ANALOG ELECTRONICS LAB Code: 1006/12 Max. OR. Plot gain-frequency characteristics of BJT amplifier with and without negative feed back in the emitter circuit and determine bandwidths. 1. De-Morgan’s Theorem. 6. 1. 5. Marks: 100 20 X 2 Hrs.2. gain bandwidth products and gains at 1 kHz with and without negative feed-back.

JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Noise Spectral density measurement 7. 10. JAIPUR 2. Constructor & Destructor c. superhetrodyne radio receiver Page 50 of 57 . Marks: 100 1. Returning and passing objects as parameter e. based on variables. Programs related to essentials of object oriented programming: a. LIST OF PRACTICALS 1. Nested and inner classes 4. Amplitude Modulation Transmitter 3. Programs based on the Polymorphism concept: operator overloading. 6. Programs based on the Inheritance (super class . Exercise based on static functions.8 OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LAB 1006/13 Max.9 Analog Communication Lab Code: 1006/14 Max. assignment. Frequency Modulation Transmitter 5. abstract data types d. different types of cables and connectors. 5.sub class) concept. 9. Programs based on friend function. 2. Frequency Demodulation Receiver 6. Programs Paper Code: 20 X 2 Hrs. Programs based on conditional & looping statements 3. Access Specifiers. 7. Programs based on Pointers to Objects. Amplitude Demodulation Receiver 4.2. Programs based on the Polymorphism concept: function overloading. 8.2. Marks: 100 Paper 20 X 2 Hrs. Designing of Object & Class diagram: links and associations. 2. arithmetic & logical operators 2. Classes & Objects b.

.BPSK.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Matched filter detection. (10Hrs. Raised cosine spectrum.3. AMI. References: 1. Hamming code.) UNIT IV INFORMATION THEORY AND CODING: amount of information. (10Hrs. Communication System Simon Haykin. Capacity of a Gaussian Channel. Pulse shaping. Information rate. Inter symbol interference. Orthogonalization. Oxford 2. Manchester. Entropy. BFSK. Signal to quantization noise ratio in PCM and delta modulation. Increase in Average information per bit by coding. Nyquist criterion. PCM and delta modulation.P. BW-S/N trade off. difference between FDM and TDM. QPSK. MSK modulation techniques and coherent detection of these techniques. Shannon’s Theorem and Shannon’s bound. JAIPUR Trimester VI 2. (10 Hrs. Average Information. Bipolar. Marks: 100 UNIT I PCM & DELTA MODULATION SYSTEMS: Practical aspects of sampling: Natural and flat top sampling. System B. Linear Block Code. Modern Digital & Analog Comm. – By Proakis (TATA Mc Graw Hill) publications Page 51 of 57 . DPCM. Line coding (RZ. Uniform and Non-uniform quantization. single Parity-Bit Code.) UNIT II BASE BAND TRANSMISSION: Multiplexing: TDM.) Recommended Books: 1. Cyclic code & convolution code. ADM. FDM.1 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION Paper Code: 1006/7 Max. NRZ): Polar.Lathi.) UNIT III DIGITAL MODULATION TECHNIQUES: Geometric interpretation of signals. ASK. Wiley Eastern Ltd. Coding and decoding of Information. (10Hrs. Digital Comm.

JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY.S-E. 2. reciprocity. C.RC. Y-parameters. Inductance between portions of same circuits and between parallel branches.s. Network with dependent sources. Jhon Wiley & sons. Franklin F . . A and Chyam Mohan S. Prentice Hall. India. II Ed. definition and properties of LC. Sudhakar. Marks: 100 UNIT I NETWORK THEOREMS:Thevenin's. . tuned circuits. Compensation. Laplace transforms and analysis and application Initial and final value theorems.) UNIT III COUPLING ELEMENTS & COUPLED CIRCUITS: Conductively coupled circuits. 1999. Driving point function using foster and cauer form of LC. JAIPUR 2. Basic circuit theory. Tata Mc Graw Hill. hybrid-parameters. Inductively coupled circuits-mutual inductance. Hayt.Network analysis and synthesis.RL networks. and Kinmmerly . positive real functions. step. Superposition.Circuits and Networks.2 CIRCUITS AND SYSTEM Paper Code: 1006/16 Max. M. Kuo. TRANSIENT ANALYSIS: Impulse. NETWORK SYNTHESIS: Hurwitz polynomial. Norton's.P.RL. Inc 4.) Recommended Books: 1. (10Hrs. India. And Duh. Mc Graw Hill. Schaum's Outling series on circuit analysis 3. ramp and sinsuoidal response Analysis of first order and second order circuits. (15Hrs. Miller's Tellegen's and maximum power transfer theorems. inter-connections of two port networks. transmission parameters.) UNIT II TWO PORT NETWORK: characterization of LTI two port networks: Zparameters. (15Hrs. inductively and conductively coupled circuits. coefficient of coupling and mutual. Mc Graw Hill.E.3. E. Desoer. W. 2.RC. Page 52 of 57 . Transformer equivalent. Reference Books: 1. Valkenburg.Engineering circuit analysis.Network Analysi.

V.H. Maxwell's equations. Faraday's Law. Tata Mcgraw Hill. Field mapping and concept of field cells TIME VARYING FIELDS: Displacement currents and equation of continuity.C. 2.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Analogy between electric and magnetic field. Page 53 of 57 . Marks: 100 UNIT I INTRODUCTION: Vector Relation in rectangular. Balmain-Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems. W. Hayt Jr. The potential functions and displacement vector. Gauss's law.G. Continuity equation. Mcgraw Hill. Poisson's and Laplace's equation and their solution.3. Magnetic scalar and vector potential. (10Hrs. Capacitance and electrostatics energy. Willey Eastern Ltd. Uniform plane wave in free space.. Uniqueness theorem.D. Energy storage in magnetic field. Laws of electromagnetism.Mathew sadiku. PHI. J. Cheng-Field and Wave Electromagnetic. field determination by method of Image Boundary conditions. Sarwate-Electromagnetic Fields and Waves.) UNIT II ELECTROSTATICS: Electric field intensity & flux density.) UNIT III MAGNETOSTATICS: Magnetic field intensity. poynting Vector and power relation. Kraus-Electromagnetics. Field mapping and concept of field cell. Pearson Education. Concept and physical interpretation of gradient. Electric field due to various charge configurations. Divergence and curl. Ampere's law. JAIPUR 2.) Recommended Books: 1.V. self & mutual inductance. Bio-Savort's Law. spherical and general curvilinear coordinate system. 2. E. cylindrical. Boundry conditions. 3. 3. Jordan and K. Engineering Electromagnetics. Green's & Stoke theorems. (15Hrs.3 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THEORY Paper Code: 1006/17 Max. (15 Hrs. flux density & magnetization. Reference Book: 1.

Modulus counter.Octal to binary. (15 Hrs. J-K. R-S. Leach-Digital Principles & Applications. ROM. Bartee-Digital Computer Fundamentals. T Master Slave flip flops.PLA. (10Hrs. demultiplexer. Specification of A/D Converters. Tata Mcgraw Hill. Classification of A/D Converters. BCD adder.PAL. Pearson Education 5. BCD to excess-3 encoder. (15 Hrs. Ring counter. Basic D/A Conversion techniques. Tata McGraw Hill Page 54 of 57 . BCD to 7segment decoder. subtractor. synchronous and synchronous decade counter. A. Binary serial and parallel adders. half and full adder. Counters: Asynchronous (ripple). Pearson Education 3 Gree-Digital electronics. JAIPUR 2. Delhi. Diode switching matrix. Reference Books: 1. Design of logic circuits by multiplexers. skipping state counter. flip-flops. Conversions of flipflops. Counter applications.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY.) Recommended Books: 1. counter design.P. D. Pearson Education 4. Introduction to HDL. Morris Mano-Digital Circuit & Logic Design. Encoder.P.3. 2. Malvino & D. Registers.) UNIT III A/D AND D/A CONVERTER: Introduction. Tocci-Digital Systems. Design and analysis of synchronous sequential finite state machine.) UNIT II SEQUENTIAL SYSTEMS: Latches.4 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS-II Paper Code: 1006/18 Max. Analog and Digital data conversion. Specification of D/A Converter. Memory and programmable logic: RAM. Msno-Digital Desigh. encoders. Multiplexer. Prentice Hall of India. Marks: 100 UNIT I COMBINATIONAL SYSTEMS: Combinational logic circuit design. decoders and demultiplexers.

with and without carrier suppression. Marks: 100 20 X 2 Hrs. Paper Code: 2. 1.). 7.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY.3. Generate the FSK wave forms & demodulate the FSK signals based on the properties of . 5. 2. Generate the PSK signals and demodulate it. Up and Down Counter. 6. Bi-polar. Different types of flip flops. 8. 2. A/D and D/A Converter. To study and perform the following experiments. Manchester. JAIPUR 2. Multiplexer/ Demultiplexer combinational logic circuit.segment display combinational logic circuit. Generate ASK signals. Marks: 100 Paper Code: 20 X 2 Hrs. 7. 3.6 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION LAB 1006/19 Max. 1. (b) To observe the Transmission of two signals over a single channel using sampling methods. To generate and study the various data formatting schemes (Unipolar. 3 TDM-PCM: Modulation & demodulation. Page 55 of 57 .7 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS-II LAB 1006/20 Max. Demodulation of these two types of modulated signal.AMI etc. Binary to 7. TDM-PAM: Modulation & demodulation. 4. 6.(a) Tuned circuits (b) PLL 9. Identify & solve the aliasing problem. Operation of a PCM encoder & decoder. (a) To observe sampling of analog signal.3. Various types of shift registers 8. Half adder and full adder circuits. 4 Observe the performance of a Delta modulation system & to derive from it a delta sigma modulation system.

3.Foeticide. Regency. 5 Hours UNIT II Reproductive Health Rights:. Case study 5Hours Suggested Readings:1. Page 56 of 57 . Current Affairs.challenges and strategies. The legal rights of women by Lemuel H. Issue. 5Hours UNIT IV Project Report on a Successful Women. Women and Agriculture& Industry.in such specific areas. Micro Credit facility. Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition Of Sex Selection) Act 1994. Sexual harassment at Work place. 5Hours UNIT III Economic Empowerment of Women: Poverty Eradication.JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act. Infanticide. Rules of work . Factories Act.s Publishing Company 1913 2. Marks: 100 Objective: To familiarize the students with the Legal Laws and right made for the women. Mines and Plantation Act. which may be useful in day to day life. Publisher Women. UNIT I Rights at work place: Equal Remuneration / Minimum Wages Act / Rights under.9 Women Rights and Empowerment Paper Code: 120/1 Max. JAIPUR 2. Maternity Benefit Act. Women’s Empowermen. (A Source book) by Hajira Kumar and jaimon varghese. Social Empowerment of Women. Foster. Women and Economy.