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A Birds eye view of growing & expanding


Jai Ho Kali Mata Ki Jai Ho


King Durga Singh was the last ruler of Solan. His father Rana Dalip Singh contributed a lots and was
considered as a very wise ruler. Botch on Solan-Subathu Road, 6 Km from Solan was the capital of
Solan-Baghat State. After sometime the capital was shifted to Jouna Ji. Late Sh. Durga Singh had no
children and he was a visionary and a liberal approach to all things in life. He did lots of work for the
poor and down trodden. People used to swear that he was very compassionate and always apposed the
Bagaar system, ie free work for no wages.

His contribution that stands as living monuments in the Solan city are Victor Dalip High School, now
a Govt. School for boys was founded and started 150 years back. He also founded Durga Singh
Sanskrit College-- Tarini Sanskrit College 100 years back. This college was a platform for
educational and cultural activities like Folk, Drama and Thrust was also given to local Kariyala (a
local comedy type show high lighting and educating the life style and also focusing on day to day
problems and ill effects of traditional dogmas).
Kanwar Dalip Singh like other kings was highly religious and constructed the Local Goddess of the
Princely State ‘Shoolini’ and devoted, constructed and dedicated Mata Shoolini temple. The powers
and the grandeur of this vibrating goddess was so powerful that its holy grace and touch was not only
confined to the rulers of this princely state but also adds its blessings on the habitants-its people. And
even people beyond the jurisdiction of the than Baghat State also started believing, worshiping and
even came to pay their due respects to this holy Mata. On the other hand this Goddess instantly
reciprocated and solved all kinds of their problems and protected them like a tortoise.
Kanwar Dalip Singh also started an annual three days Mela Fair dedicated to Mata Shoolini which is
till date carried on. The main highlights of this Fair is that the complete Solan Town is colorfully
decorated like a bride and the idol is the Goddess along with Jhanki are taken out on a streets of town.
Apart from this local sports and a wrestling competitions is also held. In this wrestling competitions
wrestlers were Asian and National fame had been taken part. The Veteran wrestlers fight Gama,
Chandgiram, the great Dara Singh, King kong and even Randhawa had their wrestling bouts on this
Holy soil.


The famous and divine karol mountain always

receives snow , but due to global worming this
is not happening every year.

The topography of the tinsel town Solan is also divine because in its northeast the holy river GIRI
GANGA is engulfed like a serpentine. According to a local legend this holy river has originated from
a point of Khada Pather, in tehsil Jubbal, distt. Shimla. In the southeast the local Ashwini Khad
engulfs Solan. On the western sight of this town lies and situated a mighty and majestic 40 sq. km
holy Karol Mountain. The geography and the history of the Karol Mountain is that at one time it was
part of the stretch of Shimla hill mountains. After 100 of years it gradually isolated of the Shimla hill
mountains and thus became a separated hill mountain. According to the legend and Dr. Suraj Prakash
Dhal, the world famous statistical scientist & a palmist also,who resides in solan, says that-“ Lord
Hanuman while carrying the SANJIVINI BUTI had flew over this holy mountain and on the way
lots of SANJIVINI BUTI scattered fell down and interestingly the Karol Mountain received the
higher share of this divine Buti and thus today it consider to be a very holy and divine. On the top
of this mountain is a Lord Hanuman Temple and again according to legend the Pandavas had
constructed this temple and inside the temple there is a cave tunnel that goes uptill Pinjore in
adjoining Haryana. Scientists of national and international level and specially a German Scientist
has acknowledge this myth and legend because leaves of these specious are found on the other
hand of Pinjore flowing through the gushing water in the cave. Apart from this, water colour test
by the scientist was also proved the same”.

The religious circuit of this tinsel town divine and rich Apart from Mata Shoolini Temple and Karol
Temple there is a international fame the Menry Bompo Bonn Monastery is also located near Solan
and interestingly the global headquarters of the Bonn philosophy with 300 Bonn monastery under it.
His holiness resides here.

Apart from this, in Solan town there is a Lord Narsingh Temple, Lord Krishna Temples, one is the
Harihar temple and one is managed by Mahanubhawa Panth Maharastra. There is a Durga Mata
Temple and Lord Hanuman Temple on the Solan Mall Road. On the Solan Rajgarh Road there are a
battery of three temples on stretch, Lord Harihar Temple, Lord Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Kali Mata
Temple and the magnificent Lord Shiva Temple at Jatoli. Another future interesting land mark in the
series of modern temple is the heritage holy project grooming up and shall be completion stage by
next year. This project is under the flagship of divine and dynamic Brigadier Kapil Mohan, heading
the famous Mohan Meakings Brewaries.

Solan District came into existence at the time of the reorganization of the districts of the State on 1st
September, 1972. The District was carved out of Solan and Arki tehsils of the then Mahasu district
and tehsils of Kandaghat and Nalagarh of the then Shimla District. Administratively, the district is
divided into four Sub-division viz. Solan comprising of Solan and Kasauli tehsils, Nalagarh covers
the jurisdiction of Arki and Kandaghat sub-divisions covers their respective tehsils. The total
geographical area of the district according to the Surveyor General of India is 1,936 sq. km. which
constitutes 3.49 % of the total area of the State and ranks 9th amongst the district.

The district is bounded by Shimla district in the North and by Ropar District of Punjab and Ambala
district of Haryana in the south, by Sirmour district in the east and by Bilaspur district in the west.
Mandi district touches the boundary of Solan district in north-east. The shape of the district is
rectangular with slight bulge on the northern side intruding towards Mandi district. It is located
between the longitudes 76.42 and 77.20 degree and latitudes 30.05 and 31.15 degree north. The
elevation of the district ranges from 300 to 3,000 meters above eas level. The mountain ranges lie in
the outer Himalayas and are a part of Shivalik ranges. The mountains of lower elevation are found in
western-southern parts of the district comprising of Nalagarh and Arki tehsils while higher ranges
start from central region and extend upto north-eastern corner of the district comprising Solan tehsil
and parts of Arki tehsil, Kasauli tehsil and Kandaghat tehsil which are located in north-eastern
direction of the district and are having the highest ranges of the district.




Solan town will shortly become biggest town and its probably the only town after the Queen Hills of
Shimla, ie in true sense a cosmopolitan hill town at only of Himachal but of Asia. And interestingly
its growth rate in all spheres is remarkable and shall soon and one day it shall become a municipal
corporation next to Shimla.


Prof. P.K. Dhumal

Mr. Rajiv Bindal
C.M,H.P The Local MLA &Health
Minister of H.P

Solan district in H.P. of the state has total geographic area of around 1935 sq. km.and constitutes
3.49% of the total area of the state. There are 211 Gram Panchayats in District Solan out of these 35
Panchayats are in Solan, 24 are in Kandaghat Solan, 45 Panchayats in Kunihar, 69 in Nalagarh and 38
in Dharampur Panchayats. There are 2397 revenue villages in this district, out of which 483 villages
comprising in the Solan area itself. There are 69,081 households in this district, out of this 9,082
comprises in Solan area. The total population in this district 2,17,417 people. The population of Solan
area is 57264 and the further breakdown of the Urban is 14,589 and the rural is 42,675 respectively.
The literacy rate of this district is 80.78%. The household economics status is 7.910. In the village
amenities solan stands at 892.

The village community organizations in the district are 650, out of which 109 Mahila Mandals and 83
self help groups are in solan district. There are 8 hospitals and 226 other health institutions that
includes the primary health centres, dispensaries and sub health centres. There are 161 vetenary
hospitals and dispensaries in the district. The network of Anganwari and Balwaris in the district is
1,064, out of which 180 are in solan district.

The story of development started with the vigorous initiative of Mr. Rajiv Bindal was elected as an
MLA. He interestingly belongs to a family of doctors-traditional vaids who have a record of
producing dozens doctors since a last century. And also with his methodical working and excellent
PR with the masses, he was able to pursue things in the right direction for the development of Solan.
Moreover his extraordinary and good relations with the Chief Minister of H.P. has always earned
Solan developmental packages from time to time. The real big story of development started when in
1998 Professor Prem Kumar Dhumal became the Chief Minister and the over all picture and other
developmental works started receiving utmost importance.

The roads considered to be the life line of the hills and similar was the case of Solan also. Hence the
major tasks before Mr. Rajiv Bindal, the local MLA and Health Minister of Himachal was the local
roads and drinking water problem.

The task before Mr. Rajiv Bindal was that all major villages of the area had to be connected by the
roads. The farmers had to carry their produces as well as household things on head for three to six
kilometers. He is the man responsible today and succeeded to construct 64 small and medium
roads/link roads were constructed. All this was luckily done during 1998 to 2003, all in the regime of
the then BJP Government headed by Prof. P.K.Dhumal. Commenting on Solan Mr. Rajiv Bindal, the
fire brand Health Minister of H.P. said that – “Solan town will shortly become biggest town and its
probably the only town after the Queen Hills of Shimla, ie in true sense a cosmopolitan hill town at
only of Himachal but of Asia. And interestingly its growth rate in all spheres is remarkable and shall
soon and one day it shall become a municipal corporation next to Shimla.”

Solan to become faster by it’s new road Infrastructure

The Kalka Shimla historic vintage rail line which has been declared as a heritage track, runs through
the major portion of the 75% stretch in District Solan. The future four lanning is soon expected to
have a four lane network through the National Highway Scheme of four laning from Kalka to Shimla.
And interestingly again the 75% of the stretch right from Parwanoo to Shalaghat falls in District
Solan. The adjoining Kumarhatti-Nahan road going through District Sirmour, considered to be a
paradise on earth is soon going to become a National Highway. The Rajgarh road bye-pass is very
important so far traffic of Solan town is concerned. In this regard survey has already been conducted
and soon this shall be completed. This would facilitate the local farmers and educational institutions
also because it shall shorten a link the local emerging hub in Bajole area. Process is going on. Solan
Subathu, Kunihar and Shalaghat is going to be double lane as announced by the Hon’ble Chief
Minister. When all these things become better, infrastructure facilities and communication facility
will improve. Solan town will become biggest town and one day it will become a corporation next to



Solan was till late considered as the mushroom city of India with its pioneering the National
Mushroom Research Centre located in this town. There was a time when Solan had hundreds of
mushroom farms. But the Solan area was always famous for producing high quality vegetables and
specially the off season variety of vegetables. And the quality cauliflower and tomatoes of Solan are
very famous in the country.

Total cropped area, including fodder crops in solan is 68864 ha. Most of the irrigated area is under
vegetable crops. Among vegetables, tomato is the most important vegetable crop with 54% of total
area under vegetable followed by pea (16%). The vegetables mainly grown in this district are
potatoes, tomatoes, shimla mirch, beans etc. In terms of money the total vegetables produced annually
is Rs. 85 crores.

The total area under different stone and subtropical fruits is 6,341 ha with a production of 5,659 mt.
The horticulture scenario of this town is also rich because Solan has a track record of producing
quality stone fruits like apricots and plums. The total fruit production that includes plum, peach,
apricot, pear, kiwi, pomegranate, strawberry, almond, walnut, pecan nut, mango, litchi, guava, amla,
jackfruit, papaya, grapes, loqates, caronda are 5659 mt. The total value of this total production
amounts to Rs. 36 cores. To give the boost to the vegetable sector, the toiling efforts of Mr. Rajiv
Bindal fulfilled a long cherishing dream of Solan. And on 14th April 1998, foundation stone of Subzi
Mandi was laid down by Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, the then Hon’ble Chief Minister. And a
whooping amount of Rs. 6 Crore were spend and a beautiful and huge Mandi was constructed in
Solan. Now, it has become a most important off-season vegetable Mandi of the North India. Again
on 14th April 2008, exactly after 10 years, the expansion of the Sabzi Mandi was started by the
Hon’ble Chief Minister and its going to be soon expanded by allotting an additional budget and thus
Solan shall become the biggest off-season vegetable Mandi of India.



Solan is a hub of education today and its soon going to be the busiest hill hub, not only of India but of
the Asian sub continent. Today Solan is considered as the education hub and students of all over the
State of H.P. and even other parts of the country are thronging. According to a survey there are 119
govt. primary schools, 20 middle schools and 16 high schools and about 3 dozens private schools and
about a dozen private institutes and colleges also exists in solan area. Apart from this there is one
ITI, one govt. degree college also. There is mind boggling figure that there are about 25,000 children
studying in the above various schools, institutes, colleges and universities. The testimony of this fact
is that the morning scene of school, college timing can see at least one hundred yellow colour buses
(prescribed for educational institutions) screech through the small hill town of Solan.

The story of educational revolution in Solan started when the first step was taken by Prof.
P.K.Dhumal, the then CM of H.P.during his last tenure in 1999 when foundation stone of Jay Pee I.T.
University in Waknaghat was laid down and in 2002. Now we can see that thousands of students are
getting best quality education. Now Shoolani Institute of Life Sciences and Business Management
has been declared as Shoolini University under the able guidance of its President Prof. P.K.Khosla an
international level forestry scientist. This has added another feather to Solan’s cap because Shoolini is
the first Biotech University in the country.

The other prestigious names are the Manav Bharti University at Kumarhatti, Solan, Maharishi
Markandey University & Medical College Kumarhatti with 500 bedded hospital at Kumarhatti. Apart
from this there is already the world famous Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and
Forestry Nauni in Solan. In the prefery of Solan there is the Green Hills Engineering College at
Kumarhatti and the L.R. Institute offering many courses with a focus on Law. Apart from this in
District Solan there are about a dozen more educational institutions offering courses for higher
learning and Chitkara and the famous Hyderabad based ICFAI are two big educational brands at


Solan as always been considered as the main trading centre not only catering inhabitants but
interestingly today literally half of Distt. Sirmour banks and shops at Solan. The reason for this is
obviously its strategic location. Today thousands of people from distt. Sirmour have permanently and
even some have made this town as a transit station. There are today about 100 banks in district Solan
out of which about more than 2 dozens are in Solan itselfs. They should not be taken as a very big
indicator because RBI has a dictum that to open any branch in any area in any district of India its
mandatory to open a branch first in the district head-quarter. Because of the Baddi boon these banks
had come. But all are doing fairly good business.

The annual total money revolving around Solan is around whooping 1000 crores. This includes many
sectors like the real estate sectors, industrial sector, wholesale trading and general trading. In the real
estate sector which includes about 2 dozen builders in which half a dozen are big time players are also
in the on going construction war in solan. The total money in the real estate sector is Rs. 200 crores
per annum. Apart from this the wholesale trading sector comprises and contributes Rs. 100 crores per
annum. The other general trading and retailing fetches Rs. 250 crores per annum. The agri based
business that includes agriculture, horticulture production and the activity act the busy be –Subji
Mandi of Solan contributes to Rs. 200 crores. Half a dozen flourishing industries like Meridian
Medicare Ltd., The Himalayan pipe Industries, Shivalik By Metals, Mohan Meakins Breweries,
HFCL Base Corporation etc. Apart from this there are 42 Pharma Companies in Solan area who are
contributing a major chunk to the economy in Solan area. All these companies together contribute
about Rs. 250 crores.
The total number of all kinds of vehicles in Solan and its periphery is 19,277 which is surprising and
a record itself. Its also another record for highest numbers of vehicles in Asia comparing its ratio
with the population. Today Solan has 5111 cars, 394 jeeps, 3251 heavy, medium and light goods
carriers. There are 403 buses and 400 auto-rickshaws (commercial & passengers both) and all the
remaining other category like-scooter, bikes, taxis, tractors etc. are 19718.On an average about one
dozen cars and jeeps and about half a dozen two wheelers are purchased everyday in solan.One of
the local car showrooms are Jazzy and automobile savy.And local showroom in solan called the –
Tapan Hyundai is supposed to be of world class standard.


Water is the basic need which is required globally for the growth of any place or activity and
essential for the general public. The People of Solan were striving and thirsty hard for years to get
pure drinking water in abundance.




Mr. Rajiv Bindal persuaded the Government with full might and vigour and hat strong hot verbal
debates with the government and the concerned deparments and in the end like always he was
victorious. He even convinced about the scarcity of water and in the end the result was that Professor
Prem Kumar Dhumal sanctioned Giri River Water Supply to the people of Solan. He sanctioned Rs.
52 crore for construction of water supply scheme. This scheme was inaugurated again on 14th April
2008 by Professor Prem Kumar Dhumal. About Rs.62 crore were expended and now Solan Area is
having full quantity of drinking water and growth has become fast with the availability of Giri Water.

And thus finally the modern jal devta, Mr. Rajiv Bindal ,got the holy Giri Ganga river water rush
gushingly through gigantic big pipes running into several kms, that too uphill to reach the local
thousands of households in solan.

When Mr Rajiv Bindal, the Health Minister of Himachal was asked to comment on highlighting the
other facilities to be provided by him to the tinsel town Solan, he with a sharp crisp nod said that
–“Now we are marching towards providing parking & other facilities to Solan for example
transport Nagar at Solan shall be soon established. beautification of parks of Solan, Creation of
Tourist facilities at Solan. Our focus is that Solan, Kandaghat, Chail, Waknaghat, Sadhupul,
Gaura and Dharo-ki-dhar should become tourist destination. For this purpose Rs. 5.00 crore has
ready been sanctioned by Hon’ble Chief Minister to create public facilities at different places.
When tourism will extend obviously the business and job opportunities will be more.”
On the other hand the expansion of Zonal Hospital Solan with the cost of about Rs. 5.00 crore is
being done. There is a plan for the construction of new hospital at Kandaghat, construction of a new
Ayurvedic Hospital at Solan also.


A personality called DIVINE Mr. Narinder Singh Bawa.

With his wife Mrs. Hema Bawa live happily and enjoy every
Moment of solan.

Just 4 Km. from Solan driving through the tank road connecting the Damrog Valley likes a tiny
small just green village called BALANA and in this village lives a divine living legend Mr. Narinder
Singh Bawa and like him many other old people--Senior citizens from all over Himachal and even
other states has attracted Solan and have made solan their permanent homes. When Mr. Narinder
Singh Bawa, the 82 years young was asked to comment, he said with a child like twinkle in his eyes
—“ In 1952 I came to this town and was posted as a Librarian in the famous Centre State Library on
the Mall Road. The very time I set my foot on the soils of Solan, there was a strong divine vibrations
and I instantly fell in love with it, because its mid-hills smoke free environment and a bright Sun with
clear blue sky is like a magnet and so obviously I was also a victim to it. Today I never regret for this
affair with Solan because I and my wife are basically spiritual kind of persons. And I am doing some
research on science and spiritually and I have taken a task of writing two books on synthesis of
science and spirituality and another on integrated approach to science and spirituality. And with pride
I say that for all these divine tasks there is nothing like Solan.”

He further said that “My work place the local Central, State Library of Solan is also legendary in
many ways. Truly this library has a very rich connections of books on Mahatma Gandhi and Rabinder
Nath Tagore. And today these are considered to be one of the treasure houses of these two great
legends of planet earth. The collection of these rare books were procured by me on there respective
When Mrs. Hema Bawa wife of Mr. Bawa was asked to comment on selecting and short listing Solan
as the permanent home, she closed her eyes and went deep back into history and blushed out and said
that—“We made Balana our permanent dream house because the of its lush green environs and
crowning a series of beautiful water springs around. The other reason for it was also that the
Britishers specially Dyer Menkin and his niece selected the then erstwhile bridal path and now
Palace road connecting the tank road--Damrog and Balana Valley on horse back to reach the a cute
village called Gaura on banks of holy river Giri Ganga. Interestingly in Gaura the British empire had
made a small guest house also. You shall be glad to know that my son Napender Singh and his wife
Nishika are Software Engineer in America consider our house in Balana Valley in Solan as their
favorite holiday spot. And they proudly splash and publicize the same through their respective mails
and send a cross to their friends in America and all over the globe.”



Mr. Bhawani Sharma,

The pipe king of Indai

A Local young boy was born in a small humble family and raised in the small village of
Nagali near Barog, a popular hill destination of Solan, H.P. The boy was studious in school and
college and had a dream to do something big in life. The wheel of fortune supported this lad due
to his sheer determination and personal drive, despite being faced with many obstacles in life.
This village lad started the Himalyan Pipe Industries way back in 1982. He got ISI mark for this
venture in the year 1985. The result of this is that today he has put Solan on the national map
by getting its ISI mark not only in Himachal Pradesh but the entire Northern India. Today his
venture consists of 5 manufacturing companies and 3 finance companies with its various
branches situated all over India. But he believed in the simple motto, i.e. “where there is a will
there is a way”. And his another approach of dreaming big also paid him because he had read
somewhere that people who dream the most, do the most. His courage to face problems and his
killer instincts to reach and attain the desired set goal has made him today not only a National
player of the piping industry of the country but today he his a reckoned established pipe player
of the country and his excellent business acumen has made his company introduce the plastic
testing equipments from America since the year 2000, and till date he ensures that only the best
products get delivered.


This is no story of a bollywood film but a true real life struggle and story of rags to riches
Mida’s touch personality called- Mr. Bhawani Sharma, the head of - The Himalyan Pipe
Industries. Mr. Bhawani Dutt Sharma, popularly known as Bhawani to his friends. And today he
is the Managing Director of the Himalayan Pipe Industries.

The Head Office of Himalyan is situated in serene backdrop of Himalayas at Solan, H.P. in the
foot hills of the divine Karol Mountain. The Himalyan brand today manufactures a series of Hi-
tech products that includes HDPE pipes, sprinklers and drip irrigation systems, telecom duct
used for optical fiber cables, MDPE pipes used for gas transportation. Their valued customers
include the central and state governments, public health and irrigation department, Bharat
Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), MTNL, Airtel Bharti, Idea! Cellular, Indian Railways
(Railtel), other private networking cellular companies and many other valuable clienteles. When
Mr. Bhawani Sharma was asked to comment on his success, he was little emotional and closed
his eyes as if to go into the old memory lane of struggle and said-“I believe in giving the
employment to first the locals of the divine town- Solan. I also encourage and is always on the
hunt of giving best of opportunities to the local deserving students who are from the poor and
down trodden category. The biggest satisfaction in the end of the day is that a part of doing
business, God is kind enough to make me give back all these things as small gestures to give
back to my birth place- Solan.”

When Mrs Manju Sharma, wife of the pipe king of India was asked to comment on the success
of her husband, she said – “sheer hard work and a workaholic approach to life and of course
the high quality goods. The last but not the least is the customer care and winning their
satisfaction are the top priorities of the Himalyan Group.”

He is a very God fearing, humble and down to earth person for whom his family and work are
the only priorities in life. Mr. Bhawani Sharma also likes to spend his time with his wife Mrs.
Manju Sharma and they both enjoy traveling to USA where his daughter, Miss Bhawna Sharma
and son, Gaurav B. Sharma are pursuing their higher education and working. He considers all
the employees as his Himalyan Parivar and takes very good care of the families of his entire




Mrs Krishnawati and Mr. C.L.Dhul, a couple belonging to a middle class family lived in Fatehjung
in Distt. Kemblepur now in Pakistan. After partition they migrated in India and settled in Fatehjung.
Mr. C.L.Dhul was a Railway Guard in the Northern Railway, in Tundla Railway station and he spent
more of the tenure there. They were very religious couple and dedicated to Lord Hanuman. On 19
Dec.1940 they were blessed with a son who was named as Suraj Prakash Dhul. Suraj did his early
schooling and college in Northern Railway school and northern railway inter college and later his
B.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics and statistics from St. John’s College, Agra. And after this he did his
M.Sc. in Statistic from Institute of social Sciences, Agra University. At this point Sh. S.P.Dhul
started getting and seen mountains in his dreams, he got a strong intuition that he is going to settle in
the mountain of Himachal Pradesh and it came true. Next day he got his appointment order and later
joined as Statistical lecturer in January 1963 in the in the Department of Agriculture in the
Agriculture College at Solan. And later on this institute was Dr. Y.S.Parmar University for
Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni in Solan and he retired as emeritus scientist (statistics) by ICAR
New Delhi with a service of 40 years.

Dr. Dhul’s career is full of achievements. He got the best teacher award of ICAR in forestry in 1995
of college level and university. He has the honour of having a nine month special training from USA
in Agro Forestry Modeling from Idhoa, Florida. Minisota Minipolice University. He did his PHD
from IARI (IASRI) New Delhi. Apart from this he has visited about half a dozen more countries.



And today after his retirement also due to his professional grip and skills in statistics and the state
government projects, Dr. Y.S. Parmar university for Horticulture and Forestry honors and calls him
and utilizes his professional services for designing and experiments and development of agro and
forestry faculties. This lean shy lad of Solan, weighing just 53 Kg light weight astrologer is today
considered as a heavy weight in the astrological palmistry circuit, reckoned for his accurate
predictions. The net result of all this is clearly visible and no wonder today lots of private TV
channels approach him for their programmes but he flatly refuses the same, because he does not
believe in commercializing his God gifted boon and is against all kinds of publicity.

Today he is so famous within the country and abroad that sometimes its difficult for him to attend
unlimited phone calls he gets but he has real patience and attends each call with due humbleness,
attention and care. He meditates and does his routine pooja for hours. And at any given time after an
instant intuition, he can go into a deep meditation and silence. His personality and play is simply
mystic. His follower’s people who believe in him do not consider him as a ordinary astrologer but as
their guru and many of them believe him as a Sufi Saint and even some considered as a special
messenger of God and even some got and narrating that he is one of the closet associates of Lord
Hanuman. According to Mr. Y.C.Gupta head of Flowery culture in Dr. Y.S. Parmar University,
Nauni—“People have not recognized the saint in true sense, he is more than all this. In coming
times when Mr. S.P.Dhull shall leave for the heavenly abroad, the people of Solan and elsewhere
in the country shall weep and cry for not having his holy darshan. I am not surprise that people
might even make his Samadhi of this great garehst sufi saint. Blessed are those people who are
walking and talking with him. More blessed are band of five people who walk with this divine sufi
saint in the night for 5 kms.”


As scientists are fond of reading scientific and other variety of books so was this lad also. As
predicted the predictions started coming true because this lad one fine morning got a book post with
no address on it. It had a book written by a World famous astrologer Chiro. He read this book again
and again and each time he read this book he had very strong divine vibrations which he says that it
cannot be described in words. His interest in astrology started increasing and simultaneously being an
ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shirdi Sai Baba his knowledge of astrology started
blooming and after sometime reached dizzy heights. The reason for this is that he started seeing hands
of his friends, relatives and predicted their future with some statistical touch ie calculations. And all
this predictions started coming true.

When Dr. S.P.Dhal was asked to comment on how many hands he has seen in his life,he said with a
mystic smile that –“I think may be only a million hands. His predictions of palmistry are so
accurate that some people fear for his boldness in telling the truth as it is, because he predicts
everything including the life line accurately. People who have coming to his contact and heeded to
his advice have had peaceful and good life. Some small time businessman after his advice have
flourished over night and some of them are even famous jewelers of the country, big corporate
houses and also liquor barrens of India, edible oil kings and liquor barongs of India”.

Views of People

Another fine example of the accuracy of this astrologer is Professor P.K.Khosla, a renowned forestry
scientist of international fame who was also the Vice-Chancellor of agriculture University Palampur
and presently Chairman of Shoolini University, the first Biotech University at Solan , says that “all
the predictions of this statistical astrologer have come true in his life and with his advices
everything later on went well. I personally feel that such powerful saint like personalities and
special his humbleness, simplicity and honesty are simply great. Professor S.P.Dhul is simply
incomparable rarest of rare personality with absolutely no greed. He is an perfect example of being
like a grahast sufi saint. We are fortunate that on our personal request he even come and teaches
statistics in our university.”
He is even lured to come in charted planes and helicopters,
But he flatly refuses the same
According to Mr. Bhawani Sharma, a big business man of solan , who attributes his lots of success to
this famous palmist says that –“ The people of solan love this divine couple so much that some
consider them as brothers and sisters , some considers them as parents and even some considers them
as saints.And even there are even more people who consider them as more than saints , almost like Gods.the
entire solan crowd addresses this reverent and divine couple as guruji and gurumaa

Dr. S.P. Dhul has several times been invited by top politicians, business magnets to see their hands
and even offer huge amounts and lavish gifts. Some even lure him of smooth travel that includes air-
conditioned luminous and some of them even try to tame him with Charted Planes and Helicopters.
But all this does not lure this humble saint because he has not commercialized his astrology. He
basically works on humanitarian grounds. And his priorities are clear ie first come first served for
seeing their hands and the aged ailing people and of course the down trodden people get preference

Recently a Union Minister visited the statistical Astrologer and was told of certain forecasts that
included some remedies to rectify his on going bad time. The Union Minister did not heed to his
advise and after few weeks the results was bad. And the Minister faced real music in his political
career. He faced humiliation and step down fall in his political graph. This Minister soon contacted
this astrologer and offered him a charted plane from Solan to Delhi which this legendary astrologer
flatly refused.

When Prof. S.P. Dhul was asked to comment on the bond of four decades with Solan, he said “Solan,
the beautiful tinsel town is a divine land blessed with Lord Hanuman’s grace because Lord Hanuman
while carrying the holy Sanjivini Buti, rested in Jakhu in Shimla hills and on way back flew over
Solan. And fortunately some parts of this holy Sanjivini Buti dropped on the Karol Mountain and
Solan. And today no wonder Solan is blessed and considered as the fastest growing hill towns of

This famous astrologer has given numerous boons to thousands and lakhs of people but unfortunately
does not have his own children. When Mrs. Kamaudi Dhul, wife of the famous astrologer, a retired
principal and also reckoned for social work and connected to spastics societies and orphanages
also.She is a good comperer and does quality programmes was asked to comment, “She said that- we
are very happy because today we have a very large family of thousands of people scattered all over
the country and even overseas. The love that all this people shower can not be described in words.
My legendary astrological husbands popularity can be gauged and imagined from the fact that on
the new year and different festivals we get greetings from all over the country and even abroad
weighing at least a quintal”.

When this astrologer was asked to name three interests in life. He burst into laughter and
said-“Murari Bapu Ji, Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh and of course the mad-mad-mad cricket”.
Anurag Thakur renew manager of team India. Anurag as a young boy always like other youth of the
country aspired to be a cricketer. But his real big dream was to do a little more than that. Because the
reason for this that Himachal was not much on the cricket map of the country. he captain the Punjab
under 16 cricket team that won the all India Vijay Merchant Trophy. He got an opportunity of
attending a junior cricket team under 19 at Bangalore and also was the part of the Punjab Ranjit
Trophy team that won the all India Championship of under 19 cricket team that played against the
England team at Delhi & Patiala. He captain the north zone under 19 cricket team that won the all
India championship.

The other sports Association positions held by Anurag is as colourful as a rainbow. He was President
of Himachal Cricket Association. He was the General Secretary of the H.P. Olympic Association. He
was the Executive Member of the Indian Olympic Association. He had the owner of being on the
Finance, Marketing, Museum Committees of BCCI. He was also on the BCCI—NSDF
implementation Committee (a joint committee of BCCI & Ministry of Sports, GOI).

Under Anurag’s able guidance and leadership he has made and created a colorful cricketing events
possible which could otherwise never happened cold sleepy mountains like H.P.. Being the President
of H.P. Cricket Association he organized a three day practice and exhibition match between Pakistan
and Board President XI Teams held from March 3-5, 2005. He also organized Mohd. Nissar Trophy
of the BCCI in HPCA Cricket Stadium at Dharamshala, H.P. where champions of India (UPCA) and
Pakistan (Sialkot) played a four day match. He successfully hosted a 4-day match between India “A”
and South Africa “A” teams from 19-22 Sep 2007.


On the cricketing developmental agenda—His achievements needs salutations to this young lad of
H.P. He built an International Level Cricket Stadium at Dharamshala, H.P. with the total investment
of Rs. 30 Crores. This Ultra Modern Cricket Stadium has all the facilities like Gymnasium, Indoor
Practice Area and Sauna etc. apart from the World Class Cricket Ground. He has given H.P. one of
the best Indoor Cricket Stadium and rehabilitation centre is under construction with an approximate
cost of Rs. 7 crores. His next dream vision is a plan to build national level stadium at each district
head-quarter with an approx. budget of Rs. 50 crores earmarked for the same in the coming three


At a tender age of 25 years Anurag created another record by being the unanimous choice for the post
of Presidentship of HPCA in July 2000. He became member of national junior selection committee of
BCCI in the year 2001 when he was just 26 and a half year old. He was the proud selector of players
like Irfan Pathan, Parthiv Patel, Dinesh Kartik, Suresh Raina, R.P. Singh, Piyush Chawla, Robbin
Uthapa, Ishant Sharma and Rohit Sharma etc. Since year 2000, He was the youngest president of any
state cricket association affiliated with BCCI. He was also appointed Manager of the Indian Cricket
Team for the U-19 World Cup at Australia and Newzeland. He remained Vice Chairman of the
National Cricket Academy (NCA) of BCCI along with Mr. Sunil Gavaskar as the chairman and Mr.
Brijesh Patel as the Director. At that time Mr. Dilip Vengsarkar was also the member of NCA.

Do you know the breaking story of this lad? The breaking story is that his father Prof. Prem Kumar
Dhumal, the Himalayan tiger is the captain of the team-Himachal. He is currently the Chief Minister
of H.P. and Anurag is also elected Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) by winning Hamirpur bye-
election with a record margin of 174666 votes. His other Govt. related responsibilities are that he is
the active member of Consultative Committee of Ministry of Power, Parliament Standing Committee
of Ministry of Water Resources, Joint Committee on Food Management in Parliament House, BCCI-
NSDF Implementation Committee (A joint committee of BCCI and Min. of Sports, GOI)