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quality LAWN CARE equipment


For two years from the date of purchase, when this Craftsman power mower is maintained, lubricated and tuned-up according to the instructions in the owner's manual, Sears will repair, free of charge, any defect in material and workmanship. If this Craftsman power mower is used for commercial or rental purposes, this warranty applies for only qO days from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover: Expendable items which become worn during normal use, such as rotary adapters, belts, air cleaners and spark plug. mower blades, blade

Repairs necessary because of operator abuse or negligence, including bent crankshafts and the failure to maintain the equipment according to the instructions contained in the owner's manual. WARRANTY SERVICE IS AVAILABLE BY RETURNING THE CRAFTSMAN NEAREST SERVICE CENTER/DEPARTMENT IN THE UNITED STATES. This warranty to state. POWER MOWER TO THE

gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state Sears Tower, Chicago, ill. 60684

SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Department 698/731A




RESPONSIBILITIES use care when using your lawn mower. Keep away from

DO NOT work on your lawn mower with engine running. Always Follow o regular schedule in maintaining, will run and last longer.

keep your mower clean.

caring for and using your lawn mower. A well cared for mower

Follow the instructions under "Maintenance" Blade, blade flange, air cleaner/air

and "Storage"

sections of this Owner's


filter, spark plug are expendable

parts which are your responsibility.



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Outdoor ._. DO NOT use premium gasoline. TOOLS REQUIRED FOR CATCHER ASSEMBLY 7/16" wrench or adjustable wrench. and U. Gasoline: Use unleaded automotive gasoline. Medium phillips screwdriver. FOR BLADE REMOVAL Standard 15/16" box or open end wrench Sears Rotary Walk-Behind Power Mowers conform to the safety standards of the American Power Equipment Institute.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. SAE 10W30 motor oil can also be used. National Standards Institute.--ZONE/ENGINE CONTROL CONTROL BAR DRIVE CONTROL IM PLATE HANDLE \ CABLE CLIP GRASS CATCHER OIL CAP WITH HANDLE BRAC GASOLINE DIPSTICK FILLER CAP PRIM _WHEEL ADJUSTER (ON EACH WHEEL) AIR FILTER DRIVE HOUSING FIG.KNOW YOUR CRAFTSMAN®MOWER _p. as applicable.. 1 COVER MEETS CPSC BLADE SAFETY REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATIONS Oil: Use SAE 30W motor oil. Regular automotive gasoline can also be used.

21. Mow only in good light. 8 9 24. DO NOT store your mower or gasoline where fumes may reach an open flame and cause a fire. Always stop engine when not cutting grass or when crossing gravel drive. when indoors or when engine is hot. DO NOT run your mower indoors. DO NOT run with the mower. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields before starting your lawn mower and while mowing. Always shut off engine before trying to adjust wheel heights. DO NOT change the engine governor settings to over-speed the engine--damage or injury can result.RULES FOR SAFE USE CAUTION: ALWAYS DISCONNECT SPARK PLUG WIRE AND PLACE WIRE WHERE IT CANNOT CONTACT SPARK PLUG TO PREVENT ACCIDENTAL STARTING WHEN SETTINGoUP. 18. DRAIN THE GASOLINE tank before transporting your mower car or other vehicle. always follow mower to cut grass. DO NOT use a damaged mower. allow children to use your 4 Check your mower over before each time you mow. IMPORTANT FEDERAL REGULATIONS REQUIRE THE ENGINE CONTROL INSTALLED ON THIS MOWER iN ORDER TO MiNiMIZE THE RISK OF BLADE CONTACT INJURY° DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE AT'I'EMPT TO DEFEAT THE FUNCTION OF THE OPERATOR CONTROL. 14. nuts. Please read your owner's manual. Always stop engine to remove catcher. Check gasoline before each use. Stop engine and make repairs. DO NOT tie the control bar to the handle. or pets in the mowing area. Stay clear of discharge opening times. 26. check the catcher often for damage or deterioration. DO NOT put hands or feet under mower or in the any at all 20. 25. Through normal use it will wear. etc. TRANSPORTING. stones. Never pull mower towards you. 17. 12. 15. DO NOT run your mower if it vibrates too much. from area to be mowed° These obiects can be thrown by the blade. inside your 6 7 23. wires. Control must be free to permit brake engagement when handles and control are released. BE CAREFUL-WHEN THE ENGINE iS RUNNING THE BLADE IS TURNING. Never use your mower without proper guards or deflectors in place. DO NOT mow up or down a slope or inclined area_ DO NOT mow in wet grass. When engine is running. . Do not fill gas tank when engine is running. 27. Disengage drive control on power propelled mowers before starting engine. boards. ADJUSTING OR MAKING REPAIRS TO YOUR MOWER. DO NOT operate mower when barefoot. Remove all sticks. cans. Exhaust gases are deadly poison. or wearing open sandals. discharge chute. sidewalk_ or roadway. Vibration is an indication of damage. 4 . If a grass catcher is used on your mower. nor make adjustments. Wear only solid shoes when mowing. etc. Only allow persons who know the safety rules to use your mower. Allow engine to cool for several minutes before filling gas tank. Always mow across a slope or inclined area. DO NOT mower. Clean off any spilled gasoline before starting engine. 11. Use only recommended replacement catcher. Tighten any loose baits. Always have damage repaired before mowing. DO NOT allow children. 22. 10. bystanders. . t 9. 13. 16.

If your gasoline 6. GAS CAN: A new gas can keeps rust and dirt out of fuel system for longer engine life and improved performance. YOUR SPARK PLUG EVERY SPRING: An old corroded spark plug prevents fast starting and smooth running engine. available at Sears Retail or Catalog Stores. Sears Central Service and parts desks. Craftsman gas cans have built in filters to keep impurities out of your engine and are available in Permanex ® polyethylene with lifetime warranty and strong terneplate steel. NOTE: If the ? 1 3372 ! High Wheel Kit is purchased as an accessory. DO NOT keep gasoline in your can. oil. through catalog. replace can. 2. Replace blade with one specifically AT THE END OF THE SEASON. Run engine until the gasoline runs out. HIGH WHEEL KIT: A pair of 12-inch rear wheels improves handling on soft. S . objects can damage the blade. 4. preventing clean air from reaching your engine. 3. 8. then every 25 IMPORTANT NEEDED: You can sharpen the blade.Theoperation of any fawn mower can resutt in foreign objects thrown into the eyes. . but we do not recommend it. ]0. 5. which can result in severe eye damage. CLEAN YOUR MOWER: IMPORTANT . 7. REPLACE THE BLADE WHEN hitting foreign your engine. protects mower from weather when stored outdoors. USE UNLEADED GASOLINE: It burns cleaner and leaves less residue in the engine. stock number 71 33316. THESE ACCESSORI ES WERE AVAILABLE AT MOST SEARS STORES AND THROUGH THE CATALOG AT TH E TIME THIS MANUAL WAS PRINTED. 9. DRAIN OR RUN-OUT START EACH MOWING CHANGE ALL GASOLINE FROM TANK AT THE END OF THE SEASON: DO NOT leave gasoline in your mower when stored for long periods. DO NOT use PREMIUM GASOLINE. FOLLOW THE MAINTENANCE SUGGESTIONS IN YOUR OWNERS MANUAL: Read your manual and keep it in a convenient place for easy reference. IMPORTANTTIPSTO HELPYOUR LAWN MOWER STARTFASTER. Available through Sears catalog.change oil after the first two (2) hours of use. See "Air Cleaner/Filter" section of this manual for replacing air cleaner or filter. stock number 71 33303 available in most retail stores. store your mower in a well ventilated area and protected from moisture. CLIPPING DEFLECTOR: Converts rear bagging mowers to side discharge to disperse safely and evenly. USE SAE 30W OIL: DO NOT use SAE !0W40 CHANGE OIL AS RECOMMENDED: hours of use. the cutting height range will be reduced to five (5) different positions. REPLACE YOUR AIR CLEANER OR FILTER OFTEN: Dirt.first disconnect the spark plug wire_ If possible. Erosion from designed for your mower. It will "GUM" SEASON WITH FRESH GASOLINE: can is starting to rust. from 1 1t2" to 3 1/2". Available through catalog and Sears Central Service and Parts desks. afong with heat can harm your engine. ACCESSORIES HELPYOU GET THEMOST FROM YOUR MOWER TO MOWER COVER: Sears Tyvek®cover. We recommend Wide Vision Safety Mask for over the'spectacles or standard safety glasses. the cleaner or filter will clog up. Regular gasoline can also be used.RUN AND PERFORMBETTER 1. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields before starting your lawn mower and while mowing. spongy lawns and uneven terrain.

position handle levers in place I. Press the handle levers and handle will automatically lock into mowing position. removed in (a) above. Remove Iocknuts and bolts from handle brackets and remove handle levers (See Fig. The handles are shipped mounted in the high position. Remove the handle knobs and bolts from upper and lower handle. (!) bolt. i Put upper handle on lower handle using handle bolts and knobs previously removed. YOU MAY BEND THE CONTROL CABLES. 2. 6. / FIG. 3 HANDLE BRACKET I_!f ROPE WASHER HEAD MACtfllNE SCREW IMPLATE LOCKNUT 4. Snap cable clip over cable and lower handle (See Fig. Turn handle over. i. If the handle feels too high for you: a. . 3. 5. 3). tighten (2) screws and (I) tocknut (See Fig.Your lawn mower has been completely assembled at the _'actory. Reinstall bolts and Iocknuts (See Fig. Put handle back an mounting pins (See Fig. 3). Put trim plate and rope guide back on lower handle. 2)._' -<I AND REMOVING GRASS :ATCH HOW TO SET-UPYOUR MOWER TO UNFOLD HANDLE \ Raise the handles until the lower handle is in upright position (See Fig. 5. press the handle levers and move handle forward (See Fig. 4). press the handle levers and move handle forward (Fig. The following parts are included not assembled: I Grass Catcher Top 1 Grass Catcher Bottom 1 Hardware Package UPRGHT STORAGE HANDLE POSiTiON __ -\ k . b. SCREW CAUTION: WHEN FOLDING HANDLE FOR TRANSPORTING OR STORAGE. BUSHING SELF TAPPING -L[. Keep for re-assembly (See Fig. 4 TO ADJUSTHEIGHT OF CUT NOTE: The wheels are set in a low cut position for shipment._ t ER . FIG. NOTICE: Lowering wheels raises the height of cut. NOTE: The lower handle automatically locks into upright position when raised from shipping position. Remove the (2) screws. To fold handle for storage. Install the two (2) screws (2) bushings. I). follow the steps under "GRASS CATCHER". To fold handle for storage. To set-up and a#ach grass catcher. 4). Remove the springs from mounting pins (See Fig. The handle can be mounted in high or low position to suit the comfort of the user. 4. d. 2 SQUEEZE HANDLE T_ \ ' -HANDL[: SPRING LFVER (seeFig. e. 3). IF YOU FOLD HANDLE THE WRONG WAY. Raise the upper handte into posifion on the Iower handie and tighten the two (2) handle knobs. . f. c. and should be adjusted for the cuttingheight desired before use. except for the grass catcher.. 3). 3). BE SURE TO FOLD HANDLE AS SHOWN IN FIG.4). MOWING POSITION \. 3). FIG. j. (2) bushings (1) bolt and Iocknut holding the trim plate and rope guide to Iower handle.

Insert a 1/4-20 x 3/4 screw through left front hole of catcher" install 1/4 nut on screw and leave loose. was assembled at the factory and requires no assembly. To assemble your grass catcher follow steps below. 8 . The wheel adjusters give you seven (7) different cutting positions. 2. 6).t wr ench. 7. Instafl six more 1/4-20 x 3/4 screws. When cutting in heavy or moist grass. Use a medium phillips screwdriver to tighten the remaining screws while holding the Iocknuts with adjustable or 7/16 . NOTE: If the 71 33721 High Wheel Kit ispurchased as an accessory. There are four (4) other positions. the rear of the lawn mower may be raised one setting higher to allow better discharge of the grass. NOTE: Check all screws and nuts to be sure they are tight. The wheel adjusters on your lawn mower can be easily adjusted as shown in Fig. 4. Use a medium phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws while holding the Iocknuts with adjustable or7/16"" wrench. TO ASSEMBLE RASSCATCHER G NOTE: The grass catcher for your mower is suppfied unassembled. SCREWS ACTUAL SIZE 1/4-20 x 3/4" SCREW Position top haft of catcher on the bottom haft (See Fig. High cut is approximately 4 "_ medium cut is approximately 2 1/2" and low cut is approximately 1 3/8".20 KEPS NUTS START HERE FIG. 6. 2. from 1 I/2" to 3 I/2". \ REARDEFLECTOR The rear deflector. insta!l I/4 nut on screw and leave loose (See Fig. Be sure at! wheels are in the same setting (See Fig. leave loose. proceeding around the catcher. 5. e). 3. 3. Insert 1/4-20 x 3/4 truss head screw through right front hole of catcher. 8).HOWTOsrr-uP YOUR MOWER 'D) (co TO ADJUSTHEIGHT OF CUT (CONT'D) CAUTION: DO NOT change the height of cut with the engine running. attached between the rear wheels of your lawn mower. 4. Medium cut is the best for most lawns. 6). squeeze adjuster lever toward the wheel. FIG. I. 7 CATCHER TOP X !/4-20 x 3/4" TRUSS HEAD SCREW CATCHER BOTTOM 1/4 . the cutting height range wil! be reduced to five (5) different positions. Tighten screws installed in steps2 & 3. To change the height of cut. Pick the position which suits you for best cutting (See Fig. moving up or down to selected height. I.

See "To Change Oil" section under maintenance. DO NOT over fill. SD or 5C markings on oil container. 10). HINGE BRACKET FIG. 3. When grass catcher is removed from the mower. by grasping the handle on top of grass catcher and on the rear of catcher (See Fig. Li_ rear door. Lift grass catcher. AFTER THE FIRST TWO (2) HOURS OF MOWING CHANGE THE OIL. with the open end over or into suitable container for disposal (See Fig. BEFORE STARTING[NGIHE 1. shake the catcher. 10). Pour oil slowly. 9 TO EMPTY GRASS CATCHER 1. 2. GASOLINE FILLER CAP FIG. DO NOT over f!tl. Holding the catcher by the handle. 9). SAE 30W oil can also be used (See Fig. NOTE: On a new engine some oil may be left in the engine. The total oil capacity of your engine is 21 oz..ER ENGINE OIL CAP W/DIPSTICK FIG.. See Storage Instructions for additional information. NOTE: YOUR REAR BAGGER MOWER IS NOT A MULCHING MOWER. place catcher frame onto hinge bracket (Fig. DO NOT OPERATE "fOUR MOWER WITHOUT AN APPROVED GRASS CATCHER OR OPTIONAL CLIPPING DEFLECTOR IN PLACE. SE. NEVER A TTEMPT TO OPERA TE THE MO WER WITH THE DOOR REMOVED OR PROPPED OPEN. FIG. Use fresh fuel next season. the rear door closes For safety. Use only oil with automotive classifications SF. 11). The first fill on a new engine use about I pint. I0 . rill only to the "FULL'line on the dipstick. {ca ega oho o inget a o o et anor) canatt act moisture which leads to separation and formation of acids during storage. 4. as each engine is run for operational checks before shipping.. 2. 3. 12 . DO NOTuse SAE 10W40 oit. Remove engine oil cap with dipstick and Fill to the "FULL" line on the dipstick.HOW TO SET-UPYOUR MOWER(CONT'D) TO ATTACHGRASS CATCHER 1 . To empty the grass clippings. ENGINE CONTROL LEVER _ . Release rear door. 2. Acidic gas can damage the fuel system of an engine while in storage. Drain the gas tank. II To avoid engine problems. the fuel system should be emptied before storage far 30 days or longer. start the engine and let it run until the fuel lines and carburetor are empty. Check oil level and add as required to bring to proper level. using about 1 pint of Sears 30W oil or equivalent.

1t). Position yourseff as shown in Fig. CHANGE THE CUTTING HEIGHT. THE CONTROL BAR MUST BE DEPRESSED TO THE HANDLE TO STARTAND RUN THE ENGINE. 12). Repeat step 3 above as required. g 14). When starting a cold engine. TO STARTENGINE THE CONTROL BAR MUST BE DEPRESSED TO THE HANDLE TO START AND RUN THE ENGINE. starting problems can result. check gasoline tank for gasoline. _. CONTROL BAR X \\ HOWTO USE YOURMOWER IMPORTANT ENGINECONTROL CAUTION: THE BLADE TURNS WHEN THE ENGINE IS RUNNING. 5. Check oil level. 4.BEFORE STARTING ENGINE(CONT'D) Never use engine or carburetor cleaner products in the fuel tank or permanent damage may occur. RUN FIG. I2). 14 L FIG. 6. 2. push the primer five (5) times before pulling starter rope. REPLA CE YOUR GASOLINE CAN IS CLEAN AND 1 1 FIG. DO NOT UNDER A N Y CIRCUMSTANCE A TTEMPT TO DEFEAT THE FUNCTION OF THE OPERATOR CONTROL. release the contro! bar (See Fig. tt has "HIGH" and "'LOW" positions. trimming and fuel economy (See Fig. It is not necessary to use the primer to start warm engine. 4. Fill the gasoline tank with about one and one half (I 1/2) quarts of fresh. 15 ENGINECONTROL The engine speed is controlled by a lever (red knob) located on right side of engine. when weather is warmer over priming may result in flooding. Push lever forwarcl to"HIGH" position (See Fig. 15. ZONEI ENGIN_ CONTROL RELEASED ENGINE STOP DEPRESSED START. BE SURE YOUR CAN IF IT HAS STARTED TO RUST. DO NOT allow starter rope to snap back. AN INTERNAL ENGINE BRAKE ASSISTS THE BLADE IN 5 TOPPING Q UICKL Y. WHEN THE OPERATOR LEAVES THE NORMAL MO WING POSITION TO REMOVE THE GRASS CA 7"CHER. CONTROL BAR. To stop the engine. clean unleaded automotive gasoline. RELEASING THE CONTROL BAR WILL STOP THE ENGINE. . 1. and make sure spark plu_l wire is attached. If you do flood engine wait a few minutes before repeating priming procedures. heavy cutting and better grass bagging. DO NOT use old or stale gasoline which has been kept from one season to another. CAUTION: FEDERAL REGULATIONS REQUIRE THE ENGINE CONTROL INSTALLED ON THIS MOWER IN ORDER TO MINIMIZE THE RISK OF BLADE CONTACT INJURY. YOUR MOWER t5 EQUIPPED WITH AN OPERATOR ZONE ENGINE CONTROL WHICH REQUIRES THE OPERATOR TO BE POSITIONED BEHIND THE MOWER HANDLE TO START AND OPERATE THE MOWER. THE ENGINE WILL AUTOMATICALLY STOP WHEN THE CONTROL BAR t5 RELEASED._ CON1ROL TO ENGAGE DR \.'E CONTROL "'_-. PICK UP STICKS OR OTHER OBJECTS IN THE MOWING PATH. 12). "LOW" position is for light cutting. 8. Use firm pushes when pushing primer. NOTE: In cooler weather the need to repeat priming procedures may be necessary. Regular leaded gasoline can also be used (See Fig. Pull on starter handle quickly. 3. wait several seconds between each push {See Fig. NOTE: The carburetor has a fixed fuel mixture and has a primer to assist starting. 7. "'HIGH" position is for starting engine.ZO'\ E EN GtN E DRIVE CONTROL DISENGAGED 13 FREE OF RUST AND DIRT.

Check air filter .replace if clogged. remove any trash which may have gotten into the wheel. 2. The gear case is lubricated with multi-purpose automotive grease. Depress control bar to handle to continue mowing without self-propelling. 17 BLOCK OF WOOD POWER-PROPEIKED DRIVE I. and push down on the handle. To turn corners. 73).wait a few minutes and repeat starting procedure. t6 and 7_. 5. 3. NOTE: If then your engine will not start. you may prefer to keep the drive control engaged.remove spark plug wire when checking blade. BRACKET ROTATE DRIVE CONTROL The power-propelling forward motion is controlled by pulling the control bar down to handle and pushing the drive control lever forward until it clicks. release the control bar slightly unti/the drive control disengages. See "GEAR CASE" under "Maintenancet'. Your power-propelled drive is accomplished by a belt drive from the engine crankshaft to a worm gear case. then release the lever (See Fig. Engine may be flooded .]AM NUT "D" JAM NUT "C" \ ZONE/ENGINE CONTROL ARM Your mower is equipped with a zone/engine control attached and requires no adjustments (See Fig. If blade is loose. 18 3. If at any time. Keep the area around the gear case clear of trash by removing drive cover and cleaning (See Fig. FLANGE FIG. 4 Observe that lower end of the engine control cable is actuating the lever mounted on the engine._ get longer life and maximum performance. each time you mow. see "BLADE AND BLADE FLANGE CARE" of manual for instructionson tightening blade.BlOWTO USE YOURMOWER(€ONT'D) IF ENGINEDOES NOTSTART 1. Check your mower. 2. lifting the front wheels off the ground and turning mower. 16 . EVeS J" F!G. use only fac= tory specified belt t. 13). Check blade . clean or replace. contact your nearest Sears Service Department for help. /f wheels DO NOT turn freely. the drive belt is replaced. FIG. Check spark plug -if dirty. To stop forward motion without stopping the engine. 4. I0 . pinion. See "Air Filter" section. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER type grease or oil in the gear case. 5. to be sure that the front wheels turn freely. The drive belt is spring-loaded at the gear case to maintain proper belt tension. Forward motion will stop when the control bar is released. or bearing areas.

turn mower on its side with carburetor and air filter up (See Fig. 19). 2. 3. 21 Use only a Sears authorized replacement blade to get the best cutting results.\ t MAINTENANCE Be good to your mower. Thiswill reduce the load on the engine and give you cleaner cutting and bagging. Put the blade flange on the engine crankshaft with the tab in the slot of the crankshaft (See Fig. Put the blade on the crankshaft as shown in (Fig. I. a new air filter and check blade for wear. Be sure the word "TOP" (stamped in the blade) is toward the engine.HOWTO USE YOURMOWER(CONT'D) _CRANKSHAFT & DETAIL f-_i CRANKSHAFT NUT FLAT BLADE FLANGE / STEEL W_ MOWING TIPS 1. Mowing in a clockwise direction with a small overlap will allow these clippings to be collected on next pass. Once a year put in a new spark plug. run the mower over the area a second time. 6. To pick up the clumps ff they occur. Take blade nut off by turning counter. Always use a block of wood when tightening blade nut or blade bolt. 20 APPROX. It will help your engine run better and last longer. 4. 11 18). 19 / \ BELT .clockwise. 5. heavy grass with a rear bagging mower. 19). 19). 2. Under certain conditions it may be necessary to raise the height of cut to keep from overloading the engine and leaving clumps af grass clippings. clumps of cut grass may fail to enter the grass catcher. 3. 7. _ _"SLOT BLADE _LADE j BLADE TAB FLANGE WASHERS FIG. . The user should note that when cutting moist. It is not intended to protect the crankshaft. !8). Install the flat washer. Wear heavy gloves and/or wrap blade with heavy cloth when holding blade. 4. A clean air filter assures proper airfuel mixture. CAUTION: Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug and place wire where it cannot come in contact with the spark plug. make the width of your cut I/2 to 3/4 the normal cut. A new blade cuts better. Put a block of wood between the blade and mower hausing to prevent blade rotation when removing and tightening blade nut. two (2) formed washers and blade nut as removed above. FIG. 1/32" ROTATE MOWER: BLADE/BLADELANGECARE F HEX HEAD SCREW CA UTION: Protect your hands when removing or installing blade of your mower. To remove the blade and blade flange. PRESS _ L FIG. With a new spark plug your engine will start and run better. If the tab in the blade flange is damaged replace the blade flange. Under certain conditions a trail of grass clippings may be left at the right side of the mower. NOTE: Always check the blade flange when changing the blade to be sure tab has not been damaged (See Fig. For extremely heavy cutting. NOTE: The blade flange with tab attaches the blade to crankshaft. Use a 15/16" box or open end wrench on the blade nut (See Fig. The tab must be in good condition and located in slot of crankshaft to keep blade attached.

17). 23. 2 • Loosen cable clamp screws IIAII & "B" (See Figs. Tighten blade nut. 8. 22).aLMNTENANCE (CONT'D) IL M/gLADE FLANGE CARE (CONT'D) NOTE: We recommend that the blade nut be replaced when installing a new blade. 25 12 .j23. 12. 22 . Ibs. To adjust. Hold. Hold shifter arm in fully engagedposMon by pliers as shown in Fig. push mower back and forth to be sure gear case is fully engaged. A loose blade can result in difficult starting of engine. 23). Grinding the cutting edge excessively can cause the blade to be out of balance. / REARDEFLECTOR The rear deflector which is attached to the rear of your mower is to keep objects from being thrown out the back of the mower. DO NOT pult on control cable. removed in step I above. 17).75 ft. Put drive cover back in place. 23). 16). Tighten screw "A" (Fig. Keep for re-use (See Fig. Tighten cable clamp screw "B" (See Fig. 9. 14. NOTE: Be sure to disengage drive control before starting engine.7. Use block of wood to prevent blade retation. 24 HAIRPIN COTTER 1 WASH WHEEL HUBCAP FIG. 3. 13. The recommended tightening tarclue is 70. you can keep the cutting edge touched up with a file. To be sure the jaw clutch is fully engaged. 4 Unhook clutch spring from shifter arm (See Fig. An unbalanced blade can cause excessive vibration and shorten the life of the engine and mower. We DO NOT recommend sharpening blade . 6. rotate the front wheels. removed in step 4 above. clip or tape down the drive control bar and engage the drive control (See Fig. 1 I. Putdutch spring back in place on shifter arm. Tighten jam nut "D" up to bracket (See Fig. If your rear deflector becomes damaged you should replace it (See Fig. 5. Move the shifter arm to drive position. NOTE: Torque wrenches are available at most Sears retail stores and through the catalog. 8. REAR DEFLECTOR FIG. . Loosen both jam nuts "'C'" & "'D'" at the cable clamp on the gear case adjusting bracket (See Fig. 17). REAR DEFLECTOR FIG. I0. remove the drive cover by removing two (2) screws. 13). Tighten jam nut C up to bracket until cable issnug. With drive control in engaged position. I. TO ADJUSTDRIVE CONTROLCABLE NOTE: THE DRIVE CONTROL CABLE SHOULD BE CHECKED OFTEN TO BE SURE THAT GEAR CASE SHIFTER IS FULL Y ENGAGED OR WHENEVER SERVICE HAS BEEN PERFORMED ON THE GEAR CASE OR DRIVE CONTROL COMPONENTS.

GEAR CASE: The gear case is filled at the factory and does not require any addition of lubricant. CONTAINER FIG. The only time the lubricant needs attention is ff service has been performed on the gear case. Do this once or twice each year. c. To check gear case area: a. 1. Keep for re-use. 27 CLEANING CAUTION: Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug and place wire where it cannot come in contact withthe spark plug. 24). Use only a multipurpose automotive grease for refilling after service has been performed. FIG. The gear case must be filled with grease after gear case has been serviced. 2. Clean your mower and engine often to keep build-up of trash from accumulating around engine. Through normal use it will wear. 25). NOTE: We recommend that you clean the underside of your mower after each use. Turn mower on its side with carburetor up. 1:3 . Use only multi-purpose automotive grease. but must be dry when used.MAINTENANCE (CONT'D) GEARCASE 1. replace only with a manufacturer approved replacement catcher from Sears. NOTE: The gear case is filled to proper level at the factory. air filter and carburetor are covered to keep water out. unless the gear case is opened and service performed. If catcher needs replacing. REAR DOOR HINGE: Put a few drops of the same oil as used in the engine on hinge points of rear door once or twice each year {See Fig. 3. NOTE: We DO NOT recommend using a garden hose to clean mower unless the electrical system. Do not substitute. required. Remove the drive cover by removing the two (2) screws (See Fig. Should conditions require lubricaiton. 26). removed in (a) above. FRONT WHEEL ADJUSTERS: Put a few drops of the same oil as used in the engine on the front wheel adjusters once or twice each year (See Fig. Approximately 2 7/2 oz. Clean the underside of your mower by scraping to remove build-up of grass and trash. muffler. Water in engine can result in shortening engine life. 2. Clean trash from around gear case. NOTE: The catcher may be hosed with water. a clogged engine runs hotter and shortens engine life. b. GRASS CATCHER Check your grass catcher often for damage or deterioration. thoroughly clean wheels and/or wheel bearings and axles and apply a light coating of dry lubricant. Put drive cover back. 16). Give the mower number when ordering. ZOflE/CONTROLLEVER Put one or two drops of the same oil as used in the engine between the zone control lever and bracket located on left rear of engine {See Fig. 26 LUBRICATION MOWER WHEELS: Lubricating wheels and/or wheel bearings is not necessary under normal conditions. THE GEAR CASE AND AREA AROUND ALL THE DRIVE SHOULD BE KEPT CLEAN AND FREE OF BUILD-UP.

713332 is available at most Sears retail stores and through the catalog. Keep your mower clean and properly lubricated. SD or SC markings on oil container. Remove hub caps. to be sure they move freely. lay aside on a clean surface. Fill engine with oil. Remove any trash. remove the two (2) screws (See Fig. Replace your air filter each year. NOTE: Always use only factory approved belt to assure proper fit and longer life. b. CAUTION: The sharp edges of blade can cut the belt. Tip mower on its side as shown in Fig. If you decide to replace: a. DO NOT use SAE 10W40 oil. The first fill on a new engine use about I pint. c. 2. Keep for re-use. approximately 1/32"' away from belt and tighten hex head screw (See Fig. After the first two (2) hours of mowing change the oil. Use Sears SAE 30W oil or equivalent. Use only all with automotive classifications SF. Warm oil drains better. SAE lOW30 oil can also be used. 25) check both front wheels. To install new belt. I. more often if you mow in very dusty. dirty air filter. 2. 21). a. cuttings. Your engine will not run properly with a clogged. 3. DO NOT over fill. If you mow under dusty. 27and drain oil into suitable container. I. Reconnect spark plug wire to spark plug. 7. 6. 14 . pinion and/or drive wheel gear teeth. indicates trash. etc. AIR FILTEE CAUTION: DO NOT run your engine without aft filter in place. Push down on gear case pulley until belt can be removed from gear case pulley (See Fig. Use care in installing new belt over blade. 3. the gear case needs care. dirty conditions you may need to change the oil more often• TO CHANGEOIL CA U TION: Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug and place wire where it cannot come in contact with the spark plug. as each engine is run for operational checks before shipping. 5. SE. I . If necessary to clean the drive wheels (See Fig. Loosen hex head screw holding belt snubber in place and move belt snubber away from pulley (See Fig. Replacement air filter no. 10 . reverse procedure as above in removal.MAINTENANCE (CONT'D) _R CASEAND DRIVE WHEELS NOTE: The gear case and drive wheels should be cared for much like you would on automobile. 2. Using Sears SAE lOW30 oil will assist engine starting in coal weather. I:NGINE: LUBRICATION ENGINE: use of proper oil in your engine and keeping to full level is essential. If after cleaning drive wheel area. grass cuttings from inside the dust cover. Remove belt from engine pulley on crankshaft and carefully slip the belt off over the blade. NOTE: DO NOT wash this type air filter. 16). Inspect belt for wear or damage. Turn mower on its side with carburetor up. and must be cleaned to free drive wheels. fil! only to the "FULL" line on the dipstick. To remove drive cover. Move belt snubber back in place. TLJRNIIGH1EN CIO( KWISE AIR FILTER COVER FIG. 3. Running your engine with oil below safe level or with dirty contaminated oil can contribute to shortening the life of your engine. then change the oil every 25 hours of mowing thereafter. 4. Changing oil regularly will lengthen the life of your engine. DO NOT over fill. 20). Check oil level and add as required to bring to proper level. On a regular schedule remove the drive cover and remove any trash around gear case and belt area. grass. NOTE: On a new engine some oil may be left in the engine. Rock mower back and forth to remove any oil trapped inside of engine. 28 TO CHECKAND/TO BEPLAC[BELT I. Wipe off any spilled oil on mower and/or inside of engine. 2. Remove the drive cover by removing the two (2) screws (See Fig. 16). dirty conditions. Keep for re-use. The total oil capacity of your engine is 21 oz. 5. 3. NO TE: If your gear case requires service we suggest that you contact Sears Service Center. hairpin cotters and washers. 2. d° Put wheels back in reverse of removal. I. 4. are in the drive wheel area. Remove engine oil cap with dipstick. 27). The wheels not turning freely. Fill only to the "FULL'" line on the dipstick. the drive wheels DO NOT rotate freely. Remove wheel from wheel adjusters. COLLAR SLOI DRIVEWHEELS NOTE: Check front drive wheels each time before you mow.

We DO NOT recommend sharpening blade . Recommended replacement Sears spark plug no. ff your old can starts to rust. or clothes dryer. NOTE: The catcher may be hosed with water. gasoline in gasoline tank and carburetor will form deposits and cause problems in starting and running your engine.MAINTENANCE (CONT'D) TO CHANGEAIR FILTER 1. Acidic gas can damage the fuel system of an engine while in storage. 5. or tank during storage. disconnect spark plug wire and ptace wire where it cannot come in contact with the spark plug.you can keep the cutting edge touched up with a file. fuel hose. Remove the air filter cover by turning counterclockwise to the stop. replace with a Sears original equipment blade. Remove spark plug and put 2 or 3 tablespoons of off into spark plug opening and pull starter rope slowly to distribute oil. installnew spark plug and tighten. replace only with a man ufacturer approved replacement catcher from Sears. etc. experience indicates that alcohol blended fuels (called gasohol or using ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture which leads to separation and formation of acids during storage. It is important to prevent gum deposits from forming in essential fuel system parts such as the carburetor. wear and damage each year. 6. To get the best cutting results we recommend that you inspect mower blade for sharpness. but must be dry when used. Follow these instructions: If your engine is not to be used for 30 days or more prepare as follows: Drain gasoline from Fuel tank. Replacement blade is available at most Sears stores and through the catalog. Replace such parts as mower blade. CLEANMOWER/ENGINE CAUTION: Before cleaning mower. Put air filter cover and filter into collar aligning the tab with the slot. 28). water heater. and pull away from collar (See Fig. indoors or in closed. fuel filter. REPLACE BLADE See "Blade Care" section under Maintenance. DO NOT PUT ANY ADDITIVES IN OASOLINE OR OIL. DO NOT use rusty gasoline can. To avoid engine problems. Drain old oil and replace with fresh clean Sears SAE 30W oil. 15 . CHANGE OIL: Warm oil drains better. Replace your gasoline can. GENERAL DO NOT use gasoline left over from previous season. Remove filter from inside of cover (See Fig. See "To Change Oil'" section under Maintenance. Give the mower model when ordering. Insert new filter into cover.030. Also. 28). Push in on cover and turn clockwise to tighten (See Fig. STORAGE Never store engine with gasoline in tank. CHECKFASTENERS Check all fasteners and be sure they are tight: tighten and!or replace any loose or worn Fasteners. Set spark plug gap at . A new clean spark plug will make your engine start and run better. Scrape underside of mower using putty knife or similar toot to remove any build-up of trash or grass on underside of mower housing. SPARKPLUG Change your spark plug each year. 4. rust and/or dirt in your gasoline can cause problems. spark or pilot light as on a furnace. Keep your spark plug clean. GEASSCATCHER Check your grass catcher often for damage or deterioration. If catcher needs replacing. An unbalanced blade can cause excessive vibration and shorten the life of the engine and mower. spark plug and air filter. Be sure to give your mower model number when ordering blade. muffler. Through normal use it wilt wear. When preparing your mower for storage it is a good time to service your mower and engine to be ready for the next mowing season. poorly ventilated areas where gasoline fumes may reach an open flame. air filter and carburetor are covered to keep water out. NOTE: We DO NOT recommend using a water hose to clean your mower unless the electrical system. If necessary. Clean around engine and on top of mower. the fuel system should be emptied before storage of 30 days or longer. Old or stale dirty gasoline can cause starting and running problems. 28). Grinding the cutting edge excessively can cause the blade to be out of balance. 7l 33312 or STD367458 are available at most Sears retail stores and through the catalog. 3_ Clean the inside of the cover and the collar to remove any dirt accumulation. 2. Water in engine can result in shortening engine life.

7. clean. Flywheel brake is on when control bar is released. unleaded. Storing mower on its side or end may result in difficuh starting. Replace Zone/Engine 1 control. When removing your mower from storage. and trash. "Stale Gasoline. Check and fill oil to proper level. Replace your gasoline can ff your can starts to rust. 1 Worn or bent blade. Disconnect spark plug wire and clean underside of mower housing. 3. clean gasoline. Zone/Engine control in released position. Cutting too much grass. 3. DO NOT use rusty gasoline can.er RDpe ord to Pg!! Catcher ot N Fitlino Completely If optional grass catcher is being used. 3. fresh 4. Tighten blade bolt and/or replace blade flange. Spark plug wire is disconnected from the spark plug. When starting your engine the first time after being in storage for extended period. Loose blade. Replace blade flanqe 1 . Poor cutUneven Too l_u(h Vibration _ltad.STORAGE (CONT'D) GENERAL Always store your mower on its wheels. 8. plastic cannot breathe which promotes condensation and can cause your mower to rust. 2. Replace crankshaft. 3. 2. Fill gasoline tank. 6. 2. Loose blade or broken blade flange. 2.• Out of gasoline. the engine may smoke for a while until the engine burns any oil or gasoline accumulated during the storage period. Rear of mower housin_ dragging in heavy grass. Catcher bag dirty. Raise cutting height. 7. Drain gas tank and refill with gasoline. Bad spark plug. ! . 1G . i. Depress control bar. 2. ZonelEngine control does not function. poor air venting. Set all wheels at same height. 2. DO NOT store gasoline from one season to another. Tighten blade nut. FIG. Replace blade. before pulling on starter rope. automotive gasoline. CORRECTION !. 2_ HANDLE You can fold your mower handle for storage (See Fig. Bent crankshaft. 1. 5 Drain tank and refill with fresh. When setting-up your handle from storage position the lower handle will automatically lock into upright position. Use up or dispose of any unused gasoline left from the mowing season. leaves. 4. Cutting height too low. 2. Clean/replace catcher bag. Replace blade. Depress control bar 8. fill gasoline tank with fresh. Worn or bent blades• i2. 2 Wheel heights uneven. [ TROUBLE SHOOTING POINTS] PROBLEM Doesnot Start CAUSE . 2 Set in "Higher Cut" position. 6. Blade flange sheared. 29). 3 Clean or replace air filter 4. Dirty air filter 4 Build-up of grass." 3. 3. DO NOT store your mower under any plastic cover. Lift on blade worn off. 2. Connect wire to spark plug. Water in gasoline. Loss of Power 1 . 1 . Replace blades. Replace spark plug. 3. Rust and/or dirt in your gasoline can cause problems. 1 . Raise rear of mower housing one (1) setting. Press the handle levers and move handle forward. 1.

Part Name 53838 85178 88386 57072 57388 48032 Keps Nut 1/4-20 Adjusting Bracket Shifter Assembly Seal Driv-Lok Pin !/8 x !/2 Gear Case Halves (Incl. Upper & Lower Halves) (Incl.372340 GEAR CASE ASSEMBLY PART NUMBER 88387 REPAIR PARTS --:3 I i \ J 23 22 Ref. NO. 7) Bearing Spring Bracket Drive Shaft Kit Thrust Washer Yoke Clutch Driv-Lok Pin 86447 83659 75424 58354 Plug Helical Gear Jaw Clutch Grease (1 lb. 13 14 15 16 Part No. 5. Part Name Ref. # 4.CRAFTSMAN 22" POWER-PROPELLED LAWN MOWER 917. Ref. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Part NO. No. can Shell Darina AX) E-Ring 1/2 Shaft Square Key Worm Shaft Woodruff Worm Key #3 - 7 8 9 10 11 12 77881 77039 79946 57079 75144 87822 17 18 19 20 21 22 STD581050 83684 83720 65692 83680 STD522512 Hex Head Machine 1/4-20x 1 1/4 Screw 17 .

372340 REPAIR PARTS 69 2 \ \ 55 49 26 56 57 47 10 8 38" 45 50 _59 48 36 15 39 49 28 28 / 3O 56 51 52 47 .CRAFTSMAN 22" POWER-PROPELLED LAWN MOWER 917.

372340 REPAIR PARTS Ref.H. No.H. Part Name o 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Upper Handle Zone Control Control Bait Machine Screw Locknut 1/4-20 Control Cable Handle Bolt Handle Knob Trim Plate 1/4-20 CLip x 2 3/16 21 22 231 24 25 28 27 28 29i 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 51959 87880 88291 87760 87626 87569 87145 STD512505 48107 85463 87656 87595 81283 88366 88368 87747 41945 86779 E-Ring Shoulder Bolt Stud Rear Door Hinge Bracket Hinge Rod Spring Hex Hed Tapping I/4-20 x 1/2 Mower Housing Danger Decal Back Plate Side Baffle Hex Self-Tapping 10-24 x 318 Rear Skirt Screw Screw Nylon Bushing Self-Tapping Screw 10-24 x 1 He× Washer Head Machine Screw 1/4-20x 1 1/2 Locknut 1/4-20 Bracket Rope Guide (See Engine Parts Listl (Source 143) Lower Handle Handle Lever L. Part No. Handle Lever R. No. Shoulder Nut Spring Washer Backing Strip Discharge Baffle Truss Head Machine 10-24 x 1/2 Truss Head Screw Screw 1/4-20 x 3/4 . Part No.CRAFSTMAN POWER-PROPELLED 22" LAWN MOWER 917. 85755 87817 86814 87269 53490 87716 58714 87692 85424 85529 85825 85436 63601 34372A 87879 87670 87672 87881 87152 59289 Part Name Ref.

372340 REPAIR PARTS (¢0m'l} Ref.R. Part Name 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 69180 87597 87862 87864 63124 55187 86931 86933 87887 86929 77865 84920 62335 84921 74400 87727 52160 55015 87749 83553 81276 Locknut 10-24 Rear Baffle Handle Bracket Assembly (Right) (Left) Handle Bracket Assembly Locknut 5/16-18 Thread 5/16-18 Cutting x 3/4 Screw (L.R.Spring Blade Flange Hex Head Machine 5/16-18 x 7/8 (Special) Belt Snubber Screw f_ o Wheel Adjusting Bracket Wheel Adjusting Bracket Axle Arm Assembly Selector Spring Selector Knob Spacer Spring Washer Shoulder Bolt Locknut 3/8-16 Wheel & Tire Assembly Washer Retainer Clip Hub Cap (Rear) Cable Clip Self-Tapping Screw 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 83629 85543 87677 83813 STD502502 STD533107 87646 87892 33721 33413 Engine Pulley Hi-Pro Key #HP-505 Hex Head Screw 10-32 x 5/16 Set Screw 1/4-20 x 5/16 Carriage Bolt 5/16-18 x 5/8 Engine Assembly 143. Part Name Bef. No.Parts List High Wheel Kit (Not Included) Leaf Catcher (Not included w/mower) 9" x 2" 10-24 x 1/2 . Part No.) 60 61 62 63 64 65 51433 54867 69385 69334 87712 68205 Locknut Washer Washer Blade 5/8-18 (Special) .) (R.384112 (See Page 24 thru 26) Owners Manual .CI_I_FTSMAN 22" POWER-PROPELLED LAWN MOWER 917. Part No. No.

and then every 25 hours of use.LAWN MOWER CARERECORD NOTE: Change Engine Oil after the first two (2) hours o_: use. DATE DATE DATE Change or SAE Oil 30W 10W30 Replaced spark plug: Replaced air filter: Replaced blade: Tuned-up: 21 .

372340 28 44 47 41 48 51 12 I FBQNT 1 6 13 10 15 22 16 .REPAIR PARTS CRAFTSMAN 22" POWER-PROPELLED LAWN MOWER 917.

. Head Kit Ref #2.) Spring (L. Part Name . No.372340 REPAIR PARTS Ref.F.3) Drive Control Cable Kit Machine Screw 1/4-20 x 2 1/8 Locknut 1/4-20 Whee _ & Tire Assembly Washer Retainer Hub Cap Selector Selector Selector Clip (Front) Spring (R.url 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 87889 48040 48105 87269 53490 87729 52160 55015 87750 86939 86937 77865 88285 86941 86273 86274 STD582087 61528 63601 76401 74507 STD581050 STD601003 83700 48031 83681 74976 Drive Drive Control (Incl.CRAFTSMAN POWER-PROPELLED 2Z' LAWN MOWER 317.F. Part Name Ref.Washer Retaining Ring Flat Head Machine Screw 1/4-20 x 3/4 Locknut 1/4-20 Dust Cover Pinion E Ring Self-Tapping Screw 10-24 x 3/8 Cable Clamp Gear Case Replacement Kit Drive Pulley Retaining Ring 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 38 39 4O 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 5O 51 52 Wheel Adjuster Assembly Wheel Adjuster Assembly Catcher Frame Catcher Catcher Catcher Catcher Top Bottom Baffle Handie Truss Head Machine Screw 1/4-20 x 3/4 Locknut 1/4-20 Truss Head Screw 1/4-20 x 5/8 Truss Head Screw !0-24 x 5/8 Locknut 10-24 Front Baffle Clipping Deflector Accessory (Not included W/Mower) Bushing . Part No. No. Part No...) Knob 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 83691 54338 83632 68038 75192 STD580009 STD580014 87691 88145 87866 48054 48055 87871 87678 87679 87682 103227X 88323 53838 87870 87873 69180 87588 33303 86960 V-Belt Hex Head Bolt 1/4_20 Spring Locknut 1/4-20 Spring Woodruff Key #213 Woodruff Key #3 Drive Cover Pan Head Machine 10 x 1/2 Pan Head Machine 10-24x 2 3/4 Screw Screw (Left) (Right) x 2 3/4 Axle Arm Assembly Wheel Adjusting Bracket Spacer Bearing Spring .


5/16-18x 1-1/2 Resistor Spark Plug (Champion RJ19LM or equivalent) Gasket. Pin 8. Hex washer hd. (Std. No.. 1/4-28 x 7/8 Nut 8. Seres. hd. Air cleaner Collar. 26. Extension Link. (Incl. Governor spring Part Name Screw. Nos. 1/4-20 x 7/16 Carburetor (Incl.010 oversize) (Incl.. 161 Piston. No. Fiat Shaft. Valve spring cover Cover. Ring Assy. 3000.384112 Part Name Cylinder Assy. Hex washer 10-32 x 19/32 hd.. Exhaust (Std. Connecting rod Lifter. Power!ok thread. Fuel Knob. 1/4-20 x 15/32 Screw. 73. Ground Gasket. Hex washer hd. Intake (1/32" oversize} (IncI. Carburetor Screw. Ring Assy. High Speed. Nos. Intake pipe Pipe. Mechanical governor Gear Ass'.020 oversize} Ring. No. 74 8. 10) Valve. No. self-tap Sems. 2050. Belleville Nut. 1/4-20 x 1 Clamp. Compression Release) Pump Assy. 1 _4-28 Cover. Cylinder head Head. Lower valve spring Crankshaft Washer.020 oversize} (Incl. 25 . 14A.. 10-24 x 9/16 Breather Assy. 18) Screw. No.) Ring Set. Flat Lever. hd. Hex hd.) ilnck No. Intake (Std. Mounting flange Flange Assy.56) Gasket. Fuel cap Washer. Sems. Seres. (Incl. 5-40 x 7/16 Control Assy. 14A. Governor (incl. Lock Screw. Oil Gasket. Valve Camshaft (Mech. 6-32 x 21/32 Screw.) (Incl. Vave Cap. 75) Link. hd... intake (Incl. 15 8.010 oversize) (Inc. Seres.. Hex hd. Blower Screw.} (Incl. 1/4-20 x 2-3/4 Plate. 3 8. Nos.) (Incl. selftapping.16) Piston. Piston pin retaining Rod Assy.. Ref. shake-proof. 16) Piston 8. Flywheel Hub. selftapping. Cylinder Screw. 72. shoulder. 10-24 x 9/16 Spring. (. 16) Piston 8. No. Nos. Ring Assy. Hex washer hd. 10) Valve. Piston [Std. Hex ftange hd. 8-32 x 5/16 Key. Ot Bracket Assy. Seres. Breather Screw. Nos. 16) Piston 8. Oil drain plug Plug. Air cleaner Filter. Mounting (Incl. Dowel Seal. Governor Clamp.020 oversize) (Inc!. Piston (.010 oversize) Ring Set. Flywheel key Flywheel Bracket Assy. Screw. Pin 8. Control Screw.. 10) Spring. Oil filler "0"" Ring D pstick. Spark plug Spacer. Hex hd. Governor Spring. Hex hd. Pin Assy. Fuel (Incl. Nos. Retaining Lever. Nos 14A. 83) Starter Assy. 15 8. Nos. Connecting (Incl. 16) Ring Set. 10 32 x 7/16 Solid State Assy. Starter rope Plug. Flywheel (Solid State) Gasket. Air cleaner Clamp. Thrust Piston. 10 24 x 9/16 Tank Assy. StaRer Line. Pin Assy. Control Cover. No. Governor Screw. Speed (Incl. FiI.EAGER-1 (RAFTSMAN 4°¢Y(LEENGINE Part No. Oil drain Screw. 35180 26727 32600 293148 29315C 29313C 29315C 30200 33802 31342 650777 650549 33205A 72 73 74 75 76 78 8O 83 85 87 91 92 93 94 95 97 9 10 11 12 14 14 14 14A 14A 31672 31673 35175 32323 34851 34852 34853 32503B 32604B 32605B 34336 34961 *26756 6201 29752 35065 35067 35066 35068 3331 28763 35393 650831 30200 34369A 35355 35480 650815 650816 35000 30705 32410 35176 650807 34443A 650814 35172 650869 35171 650562 34265 35577 35499 35578 35168 34985 35392 650884 610118 34080 611046A 35015A 34965 34966 32309 34968 610973 650839 98 99 100 101 102 103 106 107 108 110 114 115 116 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 !29 130 131 135 136 137 141 142 143 144 145 146 157 !70 171 173 14A 15 15 15 16 17 18 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 34854 34855 34856 20381 30963B 32610A 27241 33553 29914 *35261 34311B 27897 *28833 30572 650488 30590A 30574 30591 29193 30588A 31335 30589 28277 31383A 31361 650548 611004 *33015 34342 6021A 35395 31 32 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 46 47 49 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 59 62 *27234 32755 30200 34215 *32760 650128 *34690 31384A 650451 26460 34337 li! 632389 590621 33236B Housing. Hex washer hd. Fill tube Tube Assy. Brake Spring. Oil Valve. 31) Ring.. 10 32 x 1/2 Gasket./. (. 38) Washer. Compression Screw. No. 91thru94) Screw. 15 8. Starter Screw.. 66 8.. Brake Terminal Assy. Valve spring box Screw. Fuel line Link. 71 NUMBER: 143. No. Screw. 10-24 x 1/2 Gasket. selftapping. Hex washer hd. Pin Assy. 102) Cap. 1/4-20 x 1-1/4 Washer. Governor-to-throttle Wire. No. Hex hd. Pin 8. Oil Gasket. Hex hd. Hex washer hd. (. Lockwasher. Compression Spring. Sems... 54 8. 8-32 x 1/2 Cover. Governor (Incl. No. 173. Fuel tank Retainer. 10-24 x 1 Muffler Screw. Air cleaner Air Ceaner Kit (Incl. Fil. Nos. No.. Fil. Hex washer hd. Sems. Retaining Spoo!. Piston (. 28 8" 32) Seal. shake-proof. Exhaust (1/32" oversize) {Incl. Rewind Gasket Set (Incl.0 Rope guide Retainer. 1 3 4 5 5 MODEL Part No. items marked *) RPM Settings: Low Speed. 4) Pin. 10} Valve. (. Hex washer hd. (Std. *Indicates PaRs Included in Gasket Set. Governor lever Rod. Control Ring. 59) Screw..

. Flat Primer Assy. Plug. Dog 15906_8/ Pulley 590619 / Spring.. 1590616 8 Ii0 t 11 12 I 3 13 Brake Dog./. Throttle shutter Spring..9060OI Washer _9 159o615 I Retainer 59o_1 Washer 159o598 I Spring.. Throttle return Seal.) Handle..Starter. Throttle Screw. No. Fuel inlet 1 3 4 5 6 7 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 21 22 25 26 631022 632019 631024 631700 631334 631935 631028 631775 REWIND STARTER NO. Float Bowl. NO. 590621 _. Starter 1590452 6 26 .90535 dia.CARBURETOR NO. Welch Inlet Needle. Dust Washer. Part No. No. (Incl. Spring Housing Assy. Starter 1590617 Spring. 632389 Ref. I I 590599AI Pin. 13) Clip. Seat 8" Clip Assy. Throttle Shutter. Float Gasket. Rewind 590620/ Cover. Starter (Length 98" 8" 9/64" 5. Inlet needle Float... Float bowl Gasket.. 4) I 9o62. Carburetor Shaft. 632389 631615 631616 650506 631767 631971 631184 632047 631027 631021 9 16 Part Name Carburetor Shaft 8" Lever Assy. Starter 159o6221 Rope. Spring 5. Bowl-to-body Nut. \ J . 10 Part Name Rewind (Incl. Bowl-to-body Fitting.. 13 f m 11 i Part INo.

LAWN MOWER CARERECORD NOTE: Change Eng[ne Oil after the first two (2) hours of use. DATE DATE DATE Change Oil 30W or SAE 10W30 Replaced spark plug: Replaced air filter: Replaced blade: Tuned-up: 27 . and then every 25 hours of use.

2 4t5/B8 Printed in U.. All parts listed herein may be ordered through SEARS. having the parts. ALWAYS FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Serial Number Model and 1...384112 Your Sears merchandise has added value when you consider that Sears has service units nationwide staffed with Sears trained technicians. The PART NUMBER .S. NUAL WHEN ORDERING REPAIR PARTS.372340 GIVE THE may be found _d th_inbmber plate on the rea_of _ mower housing.. ! MODEL NO.professional technicians specifically trained on Sears products. SERVICE CENTERS and most Retail Stores.. ROEBUCK AND CO...A. The MODEL NUMBER for the engine will be found on the BLOWER HOUSING of the engine adjacent to the spark plug. The NAME OF THE PRODUCT = CRAFTSMAN 22" POWER-PROPELLED REAR BAGGER LAWN MOWER You shoJl_recbrd both Model and Seria! _umber and keep in a safe place for future reference. ROEBUCK AND CO. The PART DESCRIPTION 3.A. The MODEL NUMBER . CHICAGO.. . If parts you need are not stocked locally your order will be electronically transmitted to a SEARS PARTS DISTRIBUTION CENTER for expedited handling.143. SOLD BY SEARS. tools and the equipment to insure that we meet our pledge to you... IL 60684 U. Each The MODEL NUMBER for the lawn mower will be found on a plate attached to your lawn mower at the REAR OF THE HOUSING. we service what we sell. ENGINE has its own MODEL NUMBER.S. 87892 REV. 5. Always mentionthese MODE L N UMBERS when requesting service or repair parts for your LAWN MOWER.SERVICE is at YOUR SERVICE HOW TO ORDERREPAIRPARTS Each LAWN MOWER has its own MODEL NUMBER. PART NO. The ENGINE MODEL NUMBER . Seria:J_'_Nu_mber 2. 4.9!7.