F@#k that pretty poetry I’m trying to shake & bake or stir-fry your ovaries, with some cinnamon

seasoning semen slicing pieces of the finest sweetest peaches, Because that’s the best fruit that describes what she’s reaping. It’s just right but not easy in fact it’s quite tight & meaty, good pussy ripe for the feeding. White linen sheets on the bed this quiet evening. I see her sleeping i whisper i need it near her right earlobe she smiles polite, Bare & bold she’s naked so robust & sacred in her breathing. Her body language is speaking cervical adjectives for uterus like uteri is that plural perhaps oral, I’m trying to put it on her spine i call this “vertical passionate or ravishing porno!” Here’s a midnight snack like a roll of packaged oreo’s & the almond milk you’ll be drinking, i watch her while she’s dreaming massaging her low end theory for butter baby & ending up scooping nectar from labia’s pinkish features & it was the color of daisies. My tongue-fingers squeeze in reaching her vulva, this is bed-culture ultra sexual scenic so bend your knees & touch your femur. I’m signaling seasons for seeking intriguing queens with sensitive secrets, to sex fiending human beings with a sensual weakness. Breastdrinking things clinging to genital freakiness, milk ducts on nipples are honey-glazed to the rim like crystal martini glasses on the spanish ass’s of Puerto ricans. Sinking in the leather sofa, the pleasure poker pressed the cover over her head leaving her neck exposed & my lips gently caressed her shoulders. Sweat from her wet chocha is left in the air along with the glare of smoke on the balcony from the alchemy of chronic i just rolled up. Ironically she slowed up & bust a slow nut in the cold cut section of vaginal projections, her uterus throwed up orgasmic Hawaiian volcanoes unstable until the headboard broke up. so rough i’m thinking...in satin see-through “I’m a Pisces who likes Scorpions” she said she was a Cancer but this pussy is lobster seafood. Deep blue water signs pass the borderline of sipping i’m dripping in romance our eyes are slow-dancing to a kindred heartbeat, rekindling a part of me. The stars are leaves on a tree of constellations growing into galaxies, relax in contemplation as the conversation deepens, this combination is even. Pussy tight shining so bright in hindsight i had her fallopian tubes beaming, intimate evenings of needing it in these missionary days & back-hot weekends. Her kiss has a cherry taste reminiscent to a backdrop of her sleepy, sultry moans a seductive hold or a snapshot of her screaming. That’s not her dreaming she’s wide awake with her thighs about to quake from the padlock beating of a heavy pecan penis, caramel creamy features and veins pulsating her blood pressure’s rising her pulse is racing, chasing desire & anticipation for participation is needed. Searching for the taste that makes my sweet tooth brake into pieces of shapes like hearts & roses draped in dozens to focus my whole mouth on her cocoa breast. We’re interchangeable, tangled between the facial expression & the same old angles two shadows shaped by the table’s silhouette’s above me. That clitoris is lovely, shaped like this morning’s bagel but no cream cheese just the steam & heat from tongue-kissing, tongue-twisting & tongue-dipping in her mouth making love spending time tonight no rum or sprite to intoxicate our minds we’re done sipping just busy ripping clothes off. She’s so soft, such a show off, her fingers are on the cold wall between mine, we’re halfway on the the bed about to roll off we’re both done, we’re both about to go soft, just about to dose off she says goodnight i say so long.

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