1. What Victorian Influential PeopleArt Critic is credited with founding the Arts & Crafts movemen 2. t?

This John Ruskin furniture designer used hot steam and aHubbard glue toStickleythe bentw William Morris Elbert special Gustav design ood chair which was not only comfortable, but durable? Duncan Phyfe 3. Who is the Michael Thonet George Hepplewhite John Goddard French glass designer know for frosted glass perfume bottles and s culptures, but focused on hood ornaments later in his life? Emil Galle 4. This fashion icon was responsible for the first designer perfume, adopted je L.C. Tiffany Rene Lalique Frederick Carder rsey as couture fabric and made the Little Black Dress a must have. 5. What Wisconsin-born designer was the leading exponentCocothe Prairie School s Elsa Schiaparelli Oleg Cassini Christian Dior of Chanel tyle of architecture? Frank Lloyd Wright Louis Sullivan Le Corbu 1. Charles Rennie Mackintosh was one of the "four" members of this important Art Eras sier & Movements Der Rohe Mies Van Nouveau School which was both a collaborative group and an actual school in Sco 2. The Prairie House Glasgow Cranbrook tland. use of stepped forms and geometric curvesBauhaus including chevron patterns, zig 3. This Art Nouveau sum total of a number of are gurat shapes, fountains and the sunburstVictorian typical of this movement. to era marks the Modernist motif styles, from Rococo and Gothic Art Deco Elizabethan and Tudor, that were rehashed and reproduced inexpensively thanks t o the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Victorian Arts & Crafts 4. Characterized by organic forms, Prairie School Wiener Werkstatte this style was influenced and embraced strong ly by Czech artist Alfonse Mucha, architect Victor Horta, and glass designer, Em 5. Studio il Galle. pottery exemplified by Grueby,Art Nouveau Bauhaus Edwardian Newcomb, Marblehead, Teco and Rookwood Beaux-Arts demonstrate the clear influence of this movement. Art Nouveau Vienna S 1. The Events huge, modular wood, glassArts iron structure at the top of Sydenham Hill ecession Modernism and & Crafts was originally erected in Hyde Park in London to house The Great Exhibition of 1 851, showcasing the products of many countries throughout the world. Trylon & 2. The site of the largestArch Perisphere St. Louis week-long, tri-annualPalace antiqueEiffelin New Eng Crystal outdoor show Tower land, with over 5,000 dealers. Brimfield Les Puces Roundtop 3. This is Portobello the day of the week when most of the outdoor flea markets are held. 4. Elbert Wednesday Hubbard, the founder of the Roycroft movement in East Aurora, New York Saturday Sunday Friday , died in the sinking of this shop by a German submarine in 1915. Titanic 5. The MarburgerNormandie Lusitania Farm Antique Show held in a 43-acre field with 10 tents and 12 Queen Mary buildings is more commonly known in the antique world as... Atlantic City 1. A percentage additional Contemporary Renningers Terminology charge on the hammer price of a lot in an auction. Roundtop Portland Expo 2. The Premium Surcharge Buyer'squality control standardsCommission that appraisersDeposit to when evaluating pro are held 3. A magnification perty. USPAP ANAdevice that dealers and appraisers often wear around their ne ISA ASA cks so they can readily inspect details on antiques. Monocle Loupe Lorgnett 4. e An auction with no reserve in which the item goes to the highest bidder. Pince-nez 5. These Authenticpeople go to rough parts of town and go out in the wee hours of the mor Absolute Dutch Yankee ning before the early birds to make deals on merchandise with the intention of s 1. This Aging is similar to Sexton elling it to dealers. a disease, and is common to many costume jewelry items, re Draper Picker Hackney sulting in a green build-up that causes severe corrosion if not caught in time. 2. The desirableMold Verdigris finish that forms on the surface of bronze and similar metals. Rust Cathodes Also, a sheen on wooden furniture produced by age and wear that signals the norm 3. Fineof an antique item. pottery or tiles thatPatina creates a web-like networ al use cracks in glaze on Weathering often Fa ade Pigment k that can be both desirable or undesirable. Candling Casting 4. The Wedging Crazingterm describing the age-related spots and browning seen on vintage paper documents, from postcards to posters. Foxing Wolfing Bastarding 5. Reserved primarily for describing oxidation on metals, this chemical reaction Crimping , almost always viewed as negative, can be removed with a little polish. 1. Chasing Techniques is Burring Machining Tarnish Patinathe opposite of this technique, which is when a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side. Swarf 2. In Repousse Miter ceramics, it is applying to an unfired ceramic body two layers of contrast Chamfer ing slips and then scratching or etching in the design to produce an outline dra 3. This process uses eggChamotteto bind the photographicSlip cast to the paper wing. Scraffito whites Blunge chemicals and became the dominant form of photographic positives from 1855 to the turn of 4. 20thCarte de furniture was known 1860-90 period.quartersawn oak, true doveta theCraftsman era visitea peak inAlbumen Dageurreotype century, with the for its use of Bromoil ils and this type of joint where the adjoining pieces connect at an angle of 90 degrees. Mitre Box Interlocked Grain Mortise & Tenon Fishtail 5. A stone sculpture made by chipping away at a slab of rock to make an image th Gouge at stands out from the background. Bauhaus Bas Relief Intaglio 1. Until MaterialsWorld War II, this substance was used for the crosshairs in many optica Gesso l devices, including microscopes, telescopes, guns and bomb guiding systems 2. . This horse hairresin,spider started out beingwool thread synthetic which silk nylon used for pool balls, was chemic

ally formulated and named after its Belgian inventor in 1909. Lucite Bakelite 3. This type of wood, steam bent and left blonde, was the favorite of Heywood-Wa Celluloid Catalin 4. This company, established in line. Teak kefield's 1950s modern furniture1896, produced their famous metal mesh bags, whi Rattan Birch Maple ch were comprised "wholly or in part of metal that is not precious." Whiting 5. Invented in 1879 & Davis Mandalian by Thomas Burberry, founder of the Burberry fashion house in Dresden Florence & Abby Basingstone, this fabric is traditionally of a tightly woven worsted yarn that gained popularity on men's slacks and suits in the 1940s and '50s. Rayon 1. In Legal 1966, Polyester the U.S. Department of Customs adopted how many years as the definin Gabardine Poplin g characteristic to determine if an object was an antique and would therefore be duty free upon its import? 75 years 100 years 150 years 2. years 200What governmental body issues a seller's permit/resale license, which is requ State Franchise Tax Board ired to be carried by all antique dealersEqualization Board of in California? Internal Revenue 3. This Act, passed in 1890, required that imports be marked with the name of th Service Environmental Protection Agency eir country of origin. The McKinley Tariff Act Arms Import Control Act Import A 4. In what year did dministration Act CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Speci The Indian Tariff Act es of Wildlife Fauna and Flora) impose a ban on the international trade of ivory 5. ? Any firearm or receiver actually made before January 1st of this year is lega 1939 1976 1985 1990 lly antique and not considered a "firearm" under Federal law and cannot be regul 1.Who invented the first Control carbon arc lamp in Inventions ated according to the Gunelectric Act of 1968. 18991801? 1914 Thomas Edison 1941 1963 2. What is the Sir Humphrey Davy Nikola Tesla name of the legal instrument that excludes others from making, us Sir Joseph Swann ing, offering for sale, or selling their invention for a limited time? Trademar 3. k Who is the inventor most associated with alternating current? Copyright Patent Deed Thomas E 4. Who Benjamin Franklin dison is the inventor of the first wireless transmission? Nikola Tesla George Westinghouse Morse Samuel 5. Who invented the first computer that used punchMarconi Elijah Gray Alexander Graham Bell Guglielmo cards? Joseph Jacquard 1. Artists artist Babbage Steve Jobs IBMWhat Charlesis most associated with the Baroque Style? Monet Renoir 2. A group Rembrandt of English painters, poets and critics formed their own "pre" brothe Van Gogh rhood in 1848 condemning any of the "sloshy" commonplace works by him or any of the Mannerist artists that came after him? Raphael Renoir 3. This photographer, novelist and balloonist lent his studio in April 1874 to a Picasso Degas group of painters, making the first exhibition of the Impressionists possible. 4. The highest price ever paid for a painting by this artist is $100 million for Felix Nadar Monet Renoir Pissarro a canvas titled "Eight Elvises." Picasso Warhol Pollock 5. What Koonig Malaga-born artist, along with Braque and Gris, pioneered Cubism? Cocteau Matisse Picasso Cezanne

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