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February 2011

Sourcing report



Youtube is STILL the #1 Social Site Visited Daily!
hat does Youtube mean for recruiters? Well, people we likely want to recruit we can find on Youtube. Whether you are looking for iphone Developers, Analysts or underwriters, they can be found on Youtube. unique to user profiles on Youtube is that you will find the word “user” in the urL. So we will target the Youtube domain looking for the word “user” in the urL address. Let’s take a look!

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YouTube is STILL the #1 Social Site Visited Daily! ________ 1 AIRS PowerBreak Series ____ 2 Where’s AIRS Training? _____ 2 Cooliris Image Search is VERY Cool! _____________ 3 Where’s AIRS Speaking? ____ 3 FREE Demographics _______ 4 LinkedIn SWARM ________ 5 Connect with AIRS Online ___ 5 SEARCH STRING: inurl:user “insurance underwriter”
Here we are looking for insurance underwriters on Youtube. We got some really great results, so let’s take a look at one of them!
AIRS Sourcing Report 02.2011 1.800.466.4010


0 03/08/2011 – AdvancedLab Jacksonville 03/10/2011 – SearchLab 2 .Youtube continued AIRS PowerBreak Series The AIRS monthly PowerBreak Series features a free 30 minute topic specific Here we have a profile for peter and we see he has a link to his personal website. 2011 at 2pm EST Sign up now! http://bit.0 Dallas 03/21/2011 – SearchLab 11.0 Atlanta 03/24/2011 – SearchLab 11. This class will air on April 21.2011 www. He’s an insurance underwriter in AIRS_Trainers@airs. cA and is either currently working for chubb or has in the past. 2011 at 2pm EST Sign up now! http://bit. Here we find a lot more information about April 2011 April’s class with feature AIRS Sourcing Researcher & Trainer Ryan Phillips who will show you a free tool that will Outwit Your Name Generation. February 2011 February’s class will be presented by Senior Trainer Gary Conaway who will teach you how to un-clutter your incoming data and turn it into a manageable daily tasks using free tools readily available online.0 03/25/2011 – Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter http://www. This class will air on February 22.rightthinginc. 2011 at 2pm EST Sign up now! http://bit.0 02/16/2011 – AdvancedLab 02/17/2011 – Certified Diversity Recruiter Boston 03/07/2011 – SearchLab 11. so let’s scroll down a bit to find some more information about him. Where’s AirS training? Public Classes Washington DC 02/15/2011 – SearchLab 11. Learn how to mine emails out of Organizational Websites and Online forums at a click of a March 2011 March’s class will feature Senior Trainer Gary Conaway teaching recruiters how to leverage Google Chrome Extensions for recruiting! This class will air on March 17.4010 AIRS Sourcing Report 02.466.0

but it only takes a minute and then you have a button in ie to use anytime for image searches. Where’s AIRS Speaking? February AIRS_Trainers@airs.airstraining. you can also apply Boolean logic when using cooliris.4010 3 . 2011 Laura Stoker is presenting “Sourcing Ahead of Your Competition” at the CAI Conference February 1. http://www.cooliris image Search is VerY cool! cooliris is a browser extension that you can install for internet explorer.rightthinginc. except now you can use a Drop-Down function to search an abundance of additional image search sources such as Bing and Flickr.466. 2011 in Raleigh http://bit. You can also search both Youtube & Flickr which can be helpful for recruiting. From the drop-down menu you can search either Bing or google March 23-25 2011 Laura Stoker will be presenting “Engines.800. Extensions and Expert Sourcing Tips” at ERE Expo Spring 2011. com/2011spring/speakers/225/ SEARCH STRING: (inurl:resume OR intitle:resume) “ui designer” (“san jose” OR “santa clara”) AIRS Sourcing Report 02. Because you can adjust cooliris to make google the default Search index.2011 www.

even more useful for us as Diversity recruiters is that we can actually save reports here from this tool and export them into a pDF form to print and take to meetings with hiring managers.2011 www. you are able to conduct a radius Search around a particular address.freedemographics. you can look at an “overall Summary” which shows race and 1.466. Free Demographics A re you a Diversity recruiter looking for tools to help educate your hiring managers on Diversity? AirS has them! coming soon is cDr 2011 and FreeDemographics. under the “report” tab. http://www.airstraining.4010 4 . Free Demographics is free to use and once you sign up and AIRS Sourcing Report 02.cooliris continued Here is a result close-up. Below is just a snapshot of how this tool can work for you as a Diversity recruiter. We have a user interface Designer with their portfolio link and contact is one tool we will be showing students how to use.rightthinginc.

As more people conduct searches on companies. www. A great way to keep up with us when not in class or viewing the Sourcing Report is to connect to us online: AIRS Alumni AIRS Alumni UK AIRS Diversity Recruiting Forum AIRS Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter AIRS Facebook Fan Page AIRS Training on Twitter AIRS Sourcing Report 02.4010 5 . At SWArM you can see “floating data”.in/ial6Yz As we can see above. it takes us to an automatic “Advanced Linkedin Search” if we are logged into our Linkedin account.466. Let’s take a look! http://swarm. When we click on a company name.linkedinlabs.2011 http://linkd. clicking on the company “Bristol Meyers Squibb” brought back people on Linkedin that work for the company.800.airstraining. more companies appear in the Linkedin SWArM cloud as seen AIRS_Trainers@airs.Linkedin SWArM L inkedin SWArM is part of Linkedin Labs and essentially the data is mined based on searches people are conducting in real-time about companies on Connect with AIRS 1.