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Al arjani, Salem CV
Personal information Salem Eid Al arjani
DOB March 1st , 1979
Marital Married with 3 children
Mobile +9720595692050
Address Abu Musheer Building, Al Nakheel St., Dair Al

2003-2005 Faculty of Public Health – Community


Mental Health Al Quds University –

Jerusalem , Gaza Branch
Holds a MSc in Community Mental Health
Grade: Very Good; degree off 86.5%
1997-2001 Faculty of Nursing- Islamic University –
Holds a BA in Nursing
Grade: Very Good; degree off 81.9%
1994-1997 Klaled Al Hassan Secondary School-
Science department
Degree off 78.4%

03/2011- Training Of Trainers TOT

Professional Development

03/2011 24 credit Hour

11/2010- Financial management and budgeting
11/2010 40 credit Hour
PPTA &development pioneers
05/2010- Statistical Package of Social Science
05/2010 SPSS
21 credit Hour
10/2009- Strategic planning
11/2009 80 credit Hour
G S DI –Gaza
11/2009- Project Management PM
12/2009 60 credit Hour
07/2002- MS EXCEL
08/2002 36 credit Hour
ElKhalil Comp. Center Gaza
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2009-till now Training Manager

Nussirat Rehabilitation and Social Training

Work history
Duration: 2.5 years
2010-2011 Supervisor/ trainer/ Part Time
Al Quds Open University- Middle area
educational region
Duration: 1 year
4/2009- Mental health and Psychosocial
4/2010 Specialist
AFAQ Association
Duration: 1 year
2006-2010 Academic supervisor /Part Time
Al Quds Open University- Rafah educational
Duration: 4 years
2006-2010 Academic supervisor /Part Time
Al Azhar University-Gaza
Duration: 4 years
2003-2009 Project Manager
Nussirat Rehabilitation and Social Training
Duration: 6 years
1. Arabic : mother tongue

1. Language 2. English: fluent in reading, writing, and

Great ability to work with the following
2. Computer 1. MS office
2. SPSS v.18
3. EPI info
4. Surveysystem v.10.0
Great ability to work effectively in the
following areas:
1. Research and methodology
3. Other 2. Training
skills 3. Report writing
4. Projects monitoring and evaluation
5. Project writing
24-25 April Islamic University-Gaza

Participation Coping strategies among traumatized
Title: children who experienced father loss
7-8 Jan. 2009 Birzeit University
Participation Palestinian Academic Research;
Title: "achievements and challenges

Al arjani, S., Thabet, A. and Vostanis, P.

Publicat (2008). Coping strategies of traumatized
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ion children lost their father in the current

conflict. Arabpsynet Journal,5 (18-19):226-
1. Name Dr. Ra'fat Nejem
Job title Head of Board Management
Contact info Mob.:+9720599603459; Email.
2. Name Dr. Abdel aziz thabet
Job title Director of Al Quds University Programs
Contact info Mob.: +972059960400; Email.
3. Name Mr. Mohammad Al Najjar
Job title Academic manager at Al Quds Open
Contact info Mobile: +9720599461208
I certify that all the above mentioned statements are true and correct in all respect
to the best of my knowledge Signature Salem Al arjani