Department of Civil Engineering Tutorial Sheet #05: Projections of Lines
Time: 180 minutes Total Marks: 100 ME 111: Engineering Drawing (2009-10)

Q.1 A line PQ, 80 mm long, is inclined at 450 to the HP and 300 to the VP. Its end is in the HP and 30 mm in front of the VP. Draw the FV and TV of the line and locate its traces. [16] Q.2 A line AB is having its end A in the third quadrant and B in the first quadrant. The line AB is 125 mm long and is inclined at 30 and 45 to HP and VP respectively. The midpoint of the

line is in the HP and 25 mm in front of VP. Draw the FV and TV of line AB and show the traces of line AB. [20]

Q.3 A line segment AB is inclined to VP and HP such that it's apparent inclination with VP is 20º and apparent inclination with HP is 30º respectively. The left point A is 10 mm behind VP and 60 mm below HP. The point B is 40 mm behind VP and is closer to HP than point A. Draw the two projections. A point C is to be located between AB such that CB is 30 mm. Draw the two projections of point C. [16]

Q.4 A line PQ of 100 mm long has its end Q, 25 mm above the HP and 20 mm in front of the VP. Draw the projections of the line if its TV and Side View measure 80 mm and 90 mm respectively. [16]

Q.5 A line MN is in the first quadrant. Its ends M and N are 15mm and 45 mm in front of the VP respectively. The distance between the end projectors is 55 mm. The line is inclined at 350 to the HP and its HT is 8 mm above the XY. Draw the projections of the line. Find its true length and locate its vertical trace. [16]

Q.6 Two buildings are situated diagonally opposite to each other across the roads at a square. The width of each road is 30 m. The buildings are 40 m and 50 m high. Find the length of a television cable connecting the nearest corners of the two buildings. [16]

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