Department of Civil Engineering Tutorial Sheet #06: Projections of Planes
Time: 180 minutes Maximum Marks: 100 ME 111: Engineering Drawing (2009-10)

1. An equilateral triangular lamina of 30 mm side lies on one of its sides on HP. The lamina makes 450 with HP and one of its medians is inclined at 400 to VP. Draw its projections. [16] 2. A square lamina ABCD of 30 mm side rests on the corner C such that the diagonal AC appears to be at 300 to VP in the top view. The two sides BC and CD containing the corner C make equal inclinations with HP. The surface of the lamina makes 450 with HP. Draw its top and front views. [16] 3. Solve problem No. 2 by Auxiliary projection method. [16]

4. A circular plate of 70mm diameter has a triangular hole of sides 25mm at its centre. If a point A on the circumference of the plate is on the ground with the diameter AB making an angle 500 with the HP and 300 with the VP, draw the final projections of the plate and find the inclination of the plate with the VP. Note that one side of the triangular hole remains parallel to ground. [20]

5. Draw the projections of a circle of 50 mm diameter resting in the HP on a point A on the circumference, its plane inclined at 30o to the HP and the diameter AB making 40o angle with the VP. [16] 6. Solve problem no.1 by Auxiliary projection method. [16]

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