Department of Civil Engineering Tutorial Sheet #09: Intersection of Solids
Time: 180 minutes Maximum Marks: 100 ME 111: Engineering Drawing (2009-10)

Question: 1-4: Part of the Top view and Front View of intersecting solids are given below. Draw the projections showing the curves of intersections [16x4 = 64]

Q.5 A square prism 50 mm edge of base and height 100 mm is standing on HP with its axis vertical and the front left rectangular face inclined at 30 0 to VP. This prism is completely pierced by a horizontal square prism of 40 mm edge of base and 100 m long such that the axes of both the prisms are parallel to VP and bisect each other at right angles. The front lower rectangular face of the horizontal prism is inclined at 300 to HP. Draw the projections showing the lines of intersection. [16] Q.6 A circular pipe of 30 mm diameter is connected to a semi-cylindrical tank of diameter 100 mm and length 60 mm as shown in Figure below. Draw the intersection curve formed at the joint of the pipe and the tank. Both the pipe and the tank are made of sheet metal. [20] 100 20

30 Dia


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