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allocation of duties and responsibilities to successful candidates will begin in addition to identifying the sponsors of the project. DFSS endeavors to initiate a new process to fill a gap where none existed. In fact. analyzing. measuring. DFSS has a few only slightly different from the traditional Six Sigma. The first step in the plan for implementing DFSS in our organization will entail identification of the scope of the program with respect to the type of product or service to be delivered by the organization. It is also applicable in situations where existing products are not effective and need to be replaced. Lastly. Whereas the traditional Six Sigma methodology is applicable to existing business processes. 2008). From this approach. the steering committee will be identified to guide the implementation process as well as giving them the requisite training. Design for Sigma Six stemmed out of the traditional Six Sigma methodology. designing. which are aimed at filling gaps that they are meant to effectively. DFSS is meant for new business processes. Implementing DFSS in Our Supply Chain Organization .DFSS Design for Six Sigma Introduction 2 Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is a distinct and relatively new methodology for managing business processes (Jacowski. Secondly. Third in the process will be making decisions with respect to the type of implementation approach that should be adopted. and then verifying business processes. Fourth. DFSS creates processes. our organization will assess the possible impacts and/or outcomes that can arise from implementing the program and the type of involvement that will be required. It is associated with the traditional Six Sigma methodology. DFSS is sometimes referred to as DMADV. Recommendation Plan DFSS methodology’s approach entails defining.

One of our divisions produces industrial products that are used in a number of industries including transportation. . it means that there is more that could be done. A slump in quality of goods produced by this division would be catastrophic to the whole organization. Though this is division is the strongest among our divisions. DFSS can be used to manage the business processes of any organization. Within an organization as well. 3 The production department is the primary area of our organization where DFSS will be used. DFSS can be used in different divisions or departments to achieve varied objectives (Krow. This department is divided into various divisions according to what they produce. DFSS could be used in marketing to develop efficient ways of promoting and distributing the company’s products. Even though our division has an upper hand in terms of quality compared to its competitors. To our company. It is worrying to know that the number one division to our company lags behind its competitors. 2006). it fairs poorly compared to its competitors.DFSS 1 Due to its universal acceptance. DFSS could be used in the production departments in the ways mentioned above. This is because most of the products of this division are used in human safety applications. It would not make much sense to tighten production systems while no effort is being made to sell these products. DFSS can be used to improve the competitive edge of this division and the competitiveness of other divisions as well. Often the company or division concerned will execute DFSS to suit their unique needs. maintenance. one producing electrical goods and the other automotive goods. there could be gains to be made from assuring customers that additional steps have been taken to guarantee quality products. This approach is applicable to the other two divisions. Quality is very important to the industrial division. and equipment manufacturing industries. DFSS can also be applied to other operations of the organization. It ranks third among its competitors in terms of market share. The market leader in this market segment has four times our market share.

The production department creates value embodied in the products that the company is known. . the targets of the production process and the requirements of customers will be defined. The final step is to verify whether the process adopted is meeting customer needs. Ultimately. Design. In the third phase. This department is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the organization is sufficiently staffed by qualified personnel.DFSS 4 DFSS is also applicable in the Human Resources Department. The five elements of DMADV are Define Measure. no amount of efforts by the marketing department or any other department would conceal this fact. the DMADV methodology will be used. It also involves benchmarking to determine the relative standing of the company. Measurement involves finding out what exactly customers want. If the company produces poor quality products. Materials and finances in the form of cash balances are the two items that we will endeavor to manage using DFSS. 3 Our supply chain operations involve the movement of materials and services. Analyze. The other departments merely add to the value that the production department has created. After an analysis of the different options. and Verify. the company will be made or destroyed by its products. processes are designed to meet customer needs. options are analyzed to determine what meets the expectations of customers and what does not. DFSS can help to devise a procedure of selecting the best team for the organization. For materials. The main aim of our supply chain operations is to minimize inventories since we largely operate a just-it-time system. finances and information as they move from our suppliers to our various departments to our customers. This is the reason why DFSS would make the biggest impact in the marketing department. 2 DFSS would have the biggest impact in the production department. In the first phase.

improve production times.Ford started off its application of DFSS with the design and production of its new V-6 engine. This was a hybrid engine that was produced in response to the growing number of consumers going green. 2002). DFSS was used in the production of robust exhaust manifolds to reduce iterations. One of the new products that owes its existence to DFSS is the robust exhaust manifold. Unlike other process development methodologies. The specific areas where DFSS has 5 been applied in Ford Corporation include assembly. DFSS has been beneficial to Ford Corporation.The invention of new products and new techniques of production have also . BP. Lloyd-Thomas. and systematically come up with a strong solution. Canon. and Ford (Chowdhury. Pfizer. and Khalaf.DFSS Case Study of DFSS Application The list of companies that have employed the use of DFSS to improve their processes is a long one. The benefits of improved customer responsiveness were reflected in increased sales generally. This is evidenced by the development of hybrid products. Company of Choice: FORD Ford serves as a good example of what can be achieved when DFSS is used to manage business processes. The DFSS program was also applied to the design of a hybrid transaxle for Ford Cars. Ford has applied DFSS to other components that it produces. casting. Some of these companies include Microsoft. Ford has tried to link the different phases of the product development process with the ultimate effectiveness of the outcome (Gerhost. These companies used different elements of the DFSS methodology to achieve different results. Gromping. Xerox. Since production of the V-6 engine began. This was done in Ford’s new plant in Ohio. Mercedes-Benz. and heat treatment. DFSS does not leave out any of its components. Attention is given to all the six elements of DFSS. 2006). This sort of comprehensiveness has given Ford improved customer responsiveness. In all these applications. Ford mainly uses DFSS in its manufacturing segments. grinding.

For benchmarking to be beneficial to an organization. Customers now view Ford as a progressive organization that one should associates. In addition Ford saved over a billion dollars in waste the around the period it implemented DFSS (Subbjar. the company has been able to enhance its competitive advantage through investing in innovation and adoption of new technologies into production activities. It is used by organizations to evaluate different facets of their processes in comparison with the processes of the company that has the best practice in a given field. Coupled with the company’s market experience in production and manufacturing activities. and focusing on the customer through offering personalized services through the voice of the customer initiative (VOC). the DFSS has ensured that production and development processes have enabled the company to improve on the quality of products delivered by the company in addition to ensuring that the company’s performance is achieved at the highest sigma levels. Simply put. In turn. The benefits of improved customer perception are evident from increased sales. the adoption of DFSS has accelerated service delivery in the company with particular performance being noted in the financial segment.DFSS improved Ford’s image. Conversely. Additionally. 2006). rigor. 2005). the adoption of the DFSS by Ford Corporation has improved the effectiveness of new service and product development at the company in addition to integrating discipline. that organization should compare its processes to the best performers’ . Benchmarking Benchmarking processes of companies is a very important aspect of strategic management (Camp. Other advantages that Ford has been able to achieve through the use of DFSS include but not limited to statistical thinking in product development and control of quality by integrating strategies into service and product performance. the company has employed DFSS in 6 process alignment and product design whereby concepts such as product design and voice of the customer initiatives have been merged together to aid the decision making process and solving problems that occur during the process alignment. and creativity in various production activities.

cost of sales. It is unfortunate that most of the major decisions affecting the division are made by the manager of the corporate North America Warehouse (NAW) who reports to the vice president. If the information required for benchmarking is not publicly available. Reorganizations of personnel and processes may have to be effected. There is competition in the industry in which our division operates. Competitors are unlikely to be willing to share information with each other especially if the information could help their competitors to be more competitive. The most important measure of success in this situation is market share since the firm with the largest market share will be the firm that has a winning mix of price. prices. 2006). cost. and quality of product are almost homogenous. These include profitability. Focus should however be on those 7 parameters that one can control and that are important in determining the success or failure of a company. These parameters include sales. quality.DFSS processes. and quality (Camp. There are many parameters that can be used to measure the success of the division. The outcome of benchmarking may necessitate changes within our division. the final say comes from the vice president. This could impede the quest to achieve the organization’s goals. percentage of defective products and costs. . Though the definition of changes to be made may originate from the Senior Technical Officers of our division. costs. There are many parameters that one can benchmark. For this reason. cycle times. Given that we rank third in terms of market share. and effective marketing. we should benchmark against the firm that has the largest market share in our industry. unorthodox means may have to be employed to get the information.

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(2006). Retrieved on April 4. F. Design for Six Sigma. U.articleslash.html Krow. 2011 from http://www. 2011 from : http://www. Retrieved on April 4. .net/Business/Management/389682__What-Exactly-is-DFSS. and Khalaf. T. 9 International Journal of Product Development. (2005) Total Quality Management. Issue: Volume 3.DFSS Gerhost.html Subbujar. Lloyd-Thomas D. F. K. Pages: 278 291 Jacowski. New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill. Gromping. (2008).npdsolutions. (2006).com/dfss. Number 3-4 / 2006. What Exactly is DFSS. Design for Six Sigma in product development at Ford Motor Company in a case study on robust exhaust manifold design.

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