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7 Our Mosaic: Message From Zimbabwe

The ability to express different points of view is just one
of the things that makes Canada a great place to live.

8 Snap Happy Buyng a digital camera opened up a new

world of possibilities for amateur photographer Robert Vautour.

16 The Charm of St. Andrews By-the-Sea

Step back in time and enjoy the peace and serenity of this
quaint Maritime village.

20 Harmony on the Farm

On this hobby faym, it's all for one and one for alll
22 Our Parks: Auyuittuq and Sirmilik, Nunavut
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Discover northern Canada and the beauty of tundra and ice.
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St.Andrews By-the-Sea
Travel literature abounds with ideas on where to take children,
but what about places to take an elderly parent?
by Carolann Moisse, Toronto
t's been 35 years since I last aged to appeal to elderly tourists. to train its young workers.
visited St. Andrews By-the- I watch as senior citizens file out My husband, Dan, and I arrive at
Sea, and I'm hard pressed to of tour buses originating in Boston the Kingsbrae Garden, a Popular at-
observe any change in the and claim their rooms at the gra- traction located just down the street
sleepy village. Snuggled cious Fairmont Algonquin Hotel. I from the hotel. Opened in 1998, the
against the state of Maine, look past the goup and out over the 27-acre Kingsbrae Garden is de-
this antiquated summer re- groomed lawns full of Adirondack signed for the seniors' market. Its
sort town overlooks Passama- chairs. In my mind's eye, I can see wide pathways are wheelchair and
quoddy Bay in New Brunswick's my mother, Mildred, in the mid- walker-friend$ and there are raised
most visited tourist area. 1970s taking tea with her own beds with flowers and plants iden-
Founded by toyalists, its first hun- mother, Mable, who was near 80 at tified in Braille. "Red Fridays" are
dred years was marred by a history the time. Mom didn't have a lot of practiced at the garden, where vet-
of failure as a manufacturing centre money then, but she splurged here. erans and active serving military
and porl. St. Andrews experienced It's the best gift she could have given personnel receive free admission.
economic success, however, when it her aging parent: To spend time to- On July I , in front of its memorial to
began developing as a resort tornm gether in a place where time itself is our fallen men and women in
in the I880s. Beautiful, white clap- honoured, and afternoons slowly Afghanistan, the garden Plays host
board summer homes sprang up melt away. I feel sad to have missed to a Remembrance ceremony.
along the hillside. Gentle folk could the opportunity to treat my mother As Dan and I stroll around town,
sit on covered verandas enjoytng to a weekend here. I imagine myself living here. I win-
the maritime view unspoiled by any In St. Andrews, there is a PalP- dow-shop at the real estate office,
waterside industry. able sense of community. Emesto, mentally trylng on the lifestyle. I've
It seems as if after the commu- a young hospitality intern, praises leamed overyears of travel to enjoy
nity was bom, it skipped over adult- the Algonquin for how it treats its doing this. Although I know St. An-
hood andparked itself in retirement. staff. He appreciates that, although drews By-the-Sea won't fill the next
The town's timeless colonial charm a grand hotel, it isn't so big that chapter of my life, imagine how
is alive and well, and smartly pack- management won't take the time lovelv it would be if it did. I

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