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suzy knickerbocker

At Mama Cass' Party: Goodness, the Things They Gave Her!

ITS show time again, so: to which one gets whicli pad over
Warren Beatty came to Allan which weekend. Mr. Greeff is
Carrs birthday party for Cass Wall Street. Pretty Mrs. Greeff
• Elliot all alone. Cass was ecstat- was a post-deb darling of the
ic— and said so. She's the one, Stork Club-Old El Morocco era.
you remember, who always says'
she believes in laying it alt out * * *
on the line up front. Well, swell Eustacio Escandd, the Mexi-
- except no one saw her and can Pharmaceuticals million-
Warren go home together. Now aire, and his wife Maria were in
THAT would have been a birth- New York at the Metropolitan
day present. Club. Maria, at the request of
Warren's hair is longer than Mrs. Luis Echeverria. the wife
ever. Someone at the party said of Mexico's president, will be
with all those curls of his own he co-chairman of the Acapulco
d o e s n ' t really need a date. Arts Festival the first week in
(Showfolk are funny.) March, so she is bustling around
Cass was wearing a caftan recruiting Acapulco f a n s here
designed by Ray Aghayan and for her committee. So far shes
Bob Mackie, black embroidered come up with the Richard Ber-
in gold, almost identical to the lins, a Rockefeller or two, and
one she wears on the second m a y h a p D r . Hairy Kissinger
Julie Andrews show this season. who stayed at Villa Serena, the
Julie sent Cass a singing lele- Escandoh's Acapulco Place, last
g r a m. Definitely unprintable. spring. Poor Dr. Kissinger. They
Why, Mary Popp'ins, you little are all wearing him quite thin. If
devil you! this keeps up he may lose the
Tony Curtis and his wife Les- roses in his cheeks.
lie were there. T h e y ' v e just
given up their London house to
Natalie Wood and Robert Wag- An array of New York, Wash-
ner, if you care, L e s l i e was ington and Newport names will
wearing a red Ungaro purchased be helping Mrs. James Van Alen
in London. -Their birthday pre- make the Scottish Ball at the
sent to Cass was a year's supply Plaza on Oct. 31. The list of little
of McDonald's hamburgers. Oh, helpers includes Mrs. George F.
those showfolk. Baker, Sr. (rnaybe she'll come to
Goldie Hawn arrived with her the ball in her w a 1 n u t -s i z e
husband Gus Trikonis. Goldie pearls), Mrs. G r a y sou Kirk,
was wearing a white suede hal- Mrs. E l l e n Tuck Guest, Mrs.
ter top with fringe and a long John A. Morris (She'll undoubt-
white suede skirt that she picked edly arrive in a Mainbocher, a
up at a little shop in Beverly three strand pearl choker and
Hills. Goldie's present to Cass her l i t t l e white gloves), Mrs,
was an antique African bracelet John H. G. Pell, the ethereal,
that she made herself — and I Carol Burnett: Along, with hubby, of course blonde-all-over Chatelaine of Ft.
don't understand it either. Ticonderogn, Mrs. Robert Low
Both Michelle Phillips, B a c o n , the Washington cliff-
who used to sing along with Cass had picked up in Bora Bora. Just Bourbon and B e 1 k a s Ertegun. dweller, Mrs. Humphrey Statler,
in the Mamas and the Papas, like that. The school is for technicians, but Mrs. Stephen Sanford, Ihe Palm
and Judy Marcione were wear- Allan Carr's gift to Cass was also teaches amateurs the exper- Beach flash, Mrs. Jack R. How-
ing below-the-knec black chiffon a stained glass laminated win- t i s e of fine dressmaking so a r d , Mrs. Frederick Bedford,
dresses. Judy. David Steinberg's dow he had picked up on his last home-sewn clothes n e v e r louk Jr., Mrs. Edward S. Crocker,
present true love, was wearing a trip to Italy. It was just what homemade. Or almost never. Mrs. Hugh P a i n e , Mrs. Lyla
purple turban, high-heeled wedg- she'd always wanted. * * * T y i n g (the first Mrs. Henry
ies and a belt slung across her Ail t h i s birthday jazz took Ingrid Bergman finished the Luce), Mrs. Reginald B. Lanief,
hips. Michelle, Jack Nicholson's place at a Hollywood restaurant picture she was making in New Mrs. Sayre MacLeod, Mrs. Gor-
present true love, had a net top called Mr. L'ius. Incidentally, it York and went off to California don M c C o r m i c k, Mrs. Hugh
on her dress and looked super. was Cass' 30th. Did anyone tell to visit her old friend, director Campbell Wallace, Mrs. Charles
Jack was there smiling or leer- her Warren Realty is just cra/y Jean Renoir. Now she's back in P. Healy and Mrs. .1. Slillman
ing -- as usual. about older women? New York where she gave a Rockefeller. Hie ball will benefit
Brooke Haywurd Hopper in * * * birthday parly, a family thing the still-to-be established Scot-
orange chiffon svas there with Cordon bleu sewing has taken purely, for her d a u g h t e r Pia land House, a New York cultural
her present true love, screenwri- over from snob cooking. "The la- Lindstrom D a l y at the Lom- center. It's amazing the number
ter Buck Henry. You all remem- dies" have discovered a luxuri- bai'dy last week. Ingrid's daugh- of ladies still willing to offer
ber Buck. He's one of the clev- ous place c a l l e d the French ter Isabella, who teaches Italian .mouth-to-mouth social resuscita-
erer ones out thetx?. Fashion Academy. Some terribly in New York, was there looking tion to keep culture alive and
Carol Burnett came to the well-known names are enrolled a little like a young madonna. Or well and housed in New York.
paity with her h u s b a n d Joe there, sewing fine welt seams, maybe it's Pia who looks Madou- Speaking of things Scottish,
H a m i I t o n. Carol wore an handrolling hems and direction- na-ish. She's having a baby in the Duchess of Argyll (the pre-
Aghayan and Mackie long green ing drals for all they're worth. December. sent one who is called Mathilda,
jersey wilh skinny straps. M r s . Richard Rodgers was Eugenie and Ernie G r e e f f, not th'e former one who is called
Al Ruddy, who p r o d u c e s one of the first graduates (the who were married in a sparkling Margaret), was roundly enler-
Cass' TV series, gave her a Car- school is seven yea re old) and society wedding 20 years ago, lained in Beverly Hills by Doug-
tier love b r a c e l e t . Cass was her friend Mrs. Jerome Weld- are nol so sparkling at the mo- las Campbell arid his wffe Alle-
touched (through all that flesh) man is a s t u d e n t now. Mrs. ment. In fact, they've separated gra, who is totally British. Un-
to Ihe heart. She said she's never Ahmet Ertegun went there. So and for s e v e r a l months have fortunately the Duke of Argyll,
take [he bracelet off - - unless did Mrs. M o n t a g u e (Linda) been playing musical house off- who lias one of the bigger Scots
the scries is a failure, of course. Hackelt, who got so good she key a m o n g their Ihree resi- titles and is head of Clan Camp-
Everyone was pleased to see turned pro. Anne Ford Uziclli is d e u c e s , a large Park Avenue bell couldn't be there. (Deiained
Genevieve Waite there with her such a fan she has her picture in apartment, a ski lodge in Ver- in New York on business and all
husband John Phillips. Gene- Ihe school catalogue. mont, and a c u n n i n g beach that haggis.) The Duke was host
vieve was chic in a long black, Enrolled Ihis year are Joanna house in Quogue. Friends say to Douglas in the Argyll ances-
red, yellow and orange dress she Bames, Princess Margarita de they have it down to a science as tral castle in Jnvcrary, Scotland.