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Laurence King Fall 2021

Laurence King Fall 2021

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The Green Lunch Box I Saw It First! Egypt

Delicious recipes that are good for you A Family Spotting Game
and the planet
Illustrated by Caroline Selmes
Becky Alexander,
illustrations by Sally Caulwell ● Ancient Egypt/mummies are perennially popular
with kids
● Sixty recipes with beautiful illustrations in a gifty,
● Perfect for museum gift shops
lifestyle package. Follows the same format as How
to Raise a Plant, How to Raise a Loaf and How to ● 300 fun illustrations
Grow Your Dinner
● Novelty pyramid-shaped box will look great on display!
● Responds to the global sustainability movement.
Eating a veggie lunch is a more effective way to Three hundred ancient Egyptians – from gods and
reduce your impact on the planet than cutting back goddesses to pharaohs and sphynxes – populate
on driving and flying (Oxford University, 2019) the board of this game. Pull a counter from the box
featuring one of the 300 characters in this game
● Written and researched by an experienced food
and be the first to spot that character on the board!
writer, perfect for those who bought Vegan on the
Go, The Little Book of Lunch and Vegan Lunch Box
Coming in a triangular box with a hexagonal board
(designed to prevent players from being able to
The Green Lunch Box is packed with delicious,
remember where certain characters are) this game
healthy, plant-based lunches for busy people who
features charming illustrations by Caroline Selmes.
care about waste and the environment but can’t
Simple to understand but addictive to play, this
afford to compromise on convenience. Making your
fun and challenging game will delight adults and
own lunch just a few times a week saves money,
children alike.
packaging and precious time in your lunch break.
Discover simple, short recipes for hot boxes, soups,
AUTHOR Caroline Selmes is an illustrator and INFO 9781913947033
salads, wraps and snacks that make the most of former advertising art-director based 300 illustrations
your everyday fresh and store cupboard ingredients. in London. Her clients include Vodafone,
13 ⅜ x 15 ⅜ inches
Learn to love your leftovers, master the art of batch INFO 9781913947866 Reebok, London Zoo and Gestalten. Her
$29.99 • Boxed game
cooking and discover ingenious sustainable ways to 50 illustrations projects for Laurence King include I Saw
it First! Jungle, I Saw it First! Ocean AUGUST 2021
pack (and eat) your lunch. 144 pages
and Dinosaur Bingo.
8 ⅛ x 6 ⅜ inches
AUTHOR Becky Alexander is an experienced book $19.99 • Flexibind
editor, food writer and columnist, a member JANUARY 2022
of The Guild of Food Writers and co-author
of cookbook Packed. She writes about and
creates recipes focused on sustainability,
zero waste and vegetarian and vegan eating.
Follow Becky @thelocalfoodie.

Roasted purple-sprouting broccoli and

Sally to make space for
this title (remove some
carrots with black lentils and chipotle
ingreds and move bread FF LL W

We’re all worried about climate change and want to make meaningful Broccoli and carrots take on new flavours when roasted, so this is an easy way to
changes in our lives, but the advice on how to do this can sometimes make everyday vegetables a bit more interesting. Prep some extras if you are cooking

How to save the planet feel overwhelming or confusing. We’re also all busy, and being more eco-
friendly can be hard to incorporate into our lifestyles. Let’s simplify things.
You can make small, relatively easy changes that will make a significant
on a Sunday, and Monday lunch is sorted. Chipotle paste is a quick way to add
flavour; keep a jar in the fridge for when you need it.

in your lunchbreak difference, and you can do it in your lunchbreak.

Making your own lunch, even just once a week, will help reduce the
tidal wave of single-use packaging that is being produced. We get through
Makes 1 lunch
Prep 5 minutes
Preheat the oven to 220°C (or roast the vegetables while
you are cooking something else).
billions of sandwich packets, salad boxes, soup pots and snack wrappers Cooking 20 minutes
every single day in the UK alone. Most of it is not, or cannot, be recycled Mix together the chipotle chilli paste and oil. Put the
½ tsp chipotle chilli paste broccoli and carrots in a small roasting tray and stir in
and is transported to other countries or incinerated. We simply have to use 2 tsp extra-virgin rapeseed
less. Taking a lunch box to work is one way to reduce the amount of single- the chipotle oil. Roast in the oven for 20 minutes, then
oil or olive oil
use plastic you buy. handful of purple sprouting remove from the oven and leave to cool.
Another way to help the planet is to reduce the amount of animal broccoli (about 3 stems)
2 carrots, peeled and cut Put the lentils, pepper, watercress and the roasted
protein we eat. So everything in this book is vegan or vegetarian, making
that a little easier for you.
on the diagonal into
thick slices
broccoli and carrots in your lunch box or a bowl. Add the
lemon zest and juice, stir and season to taste.
Pic batch 1
2 tbsp cooked black
(Puy) lentils — Fridge forage
½ red bell pepper,
Haven’t got one of these ingredients? It doesn’t matter!
‘Cutting back on the amount of meat you eat thinly sliced
Swap the carrots for chunks of sweet potato, butternut
handful of watercress
squash or sweetcorn. Or use a few radishes, sugar snap
is the single-most effective way to reduce zest and juice of ½ lemon
sea salt and black pepper peas or petits pois instead of the red bell pepper. Use
rocket/arugula instead of watercress.
your impact on the planet – ahead of cutting
down on driving and flying.’

Do you prefer to buy seasonal and local produce? Well, most mass-
produced lunches just don’t have that flexibility. Manufacturers churn
out the same salads and sandwiches, whatever the season, flying in

ingredients, when we often have alternatives closer to home. If you buy

seasonal food, get a veg box delivery, or grow your own, I hope you find


some new ideas in here for how to use your veg. Mass-produced lunches
also rarely contain high-welfare meat, fish and animal products. If you care
about animal welfare, wise up to where your animal protein comes from.
7 16 17

ALSO AVAILABLE I Saw It First! Jungle
How to Grow Your Own Dinner I Saw It First! Ocean
How to raise of loaf and fall in love with sourdough Match a Mummy
2 3
From: Where's Wes?
Illustration © Doug John Miller
ISBN 9781913947088
$17.99 / SEPTEMBER 2021

Trade &

4 5

The Modern Oracle Your Spiritual Almanac

Fortune Telling and Divination for the A Year of Living Mindfully
Real World
Joey Hulin
Lisa Boswell
● Mind Body Spirit is a strong and growing category
● “Psychic mediums are the new wellness coaches” for retail and gift
– NY Times
● This is a unique proposition for spiritual explorers,
● The first book to capture the zeitgeist around designed to be attractive and accessible, as a
fortune telling and divination as a tool for personal desirable self-purchase as well as a gift
● Each month covers a range of subjects including
● For fans of The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck, crystals, affirmations, yoga poses, and
The Power of Crystal Healing, and The Dreamer's aspirational quotes.
Ideal for all spiritual explorers and anyone curious
A playful, practical guide to fortune telling and about mindful living, the book is divided into the
divination, The Modern Oracle shows the reader 12 months, each replete with advice and inspiration.
how to use tarot, palmistry, crystals, runes, Discover your crystal and essential oil, affirmation
astrology, dreams, and other signs to answer life’s and meditation, recipe, moon phase, yoga pose,
big questions and solve everyday dramas. With fable, and uplifting quote for every month of the
expert guidance from a young Romany-Gypsy year, with each entry perfectly attuned to the
psychic and diviner, this book offers spiritual self- season. With so many suggestions and mindful
help for those looking to discover their destiny and practices to encourage reflection and give
change their fortune in work, life, and love. guidance, this is the gentle approach to a spiritual
life, and an ideal way to begin a new year.
AUTHOR Lisa Boswell is a young award-winning INFO 9781786278968
Romany-Gypsy diviner and psychic from 60 illustrations AUTHOR Joey Hulin is a writer, meditation INFO 9781786277343
Scotland. She runs a successful online teacher, and poet based in Cornwall,
192 pages 70 illustrations
business teaching fortune telling UK. She has dedicated the last decade to
7½ x 5⅝ ins 256 pages
and divination at She her own spiritual growth by living and
attracts students from all over the world $19.99 • Hardcover 7⅛ x 4¾ ins
embodying the teachings she shares. She
with her modern approach to traditional AUGUST 2021 is founder of wellness company Horizon $19.99 • Hardcover
methods. Inspired, offering down to earth, soulful SEPTEMBER 2021
well-being retreats and meditations

Runes for Modern Life
6 7

The Happy Writing Book Mind & Bowl

Discover the Positive Power of A Little Guide to Mindful Eating
Creative Writing
Joey Hulin
Elise Valmorbida
● Mindful eating is a strong health trend, appealing
● The first book to market that focuses on the to people seeking a more connected life
practice of creative writing as a personal
● The title also alludes to Buddha bowls (healthy
development tool
“power” eating), another lifestyle health trend
● For fans of The Artist’s Way, The Wellbeing Journal,
● Cute format, perfect for gift stores and
and The Anxiety Solution
● As well as impeccable credentials, including
founding the first creative writing courses at Mind & Bowl introduces the practice of mindfulness
Central St Martins, Elise has strong ties to writing, in relation to eating habits and food choices. The
educational, and other professional organizations, book combines guidance, inspiration and opportuni-
online and print media, and book festivals. Elise is ties for reflection, along with simple tasty recipes,
Italian–Australian and lives in London all of which can be put together in a bowl. Learning
to eat healthily and mindfully is one of the most
Harness creativity for self-care. The Happy important acts of self-care, so central to our lives
Writing Book helps readers develop self-confidence it is often overlooked. Mindfulness chef Joey Hulin
and personal resilience, calm stress and anxiety, inspires the reader to break negative habits and
and discover greater well-being by learning the connect with the experience of eating well to
art of creative writing. Features 100 prompts and live better.
exercises specially devised by Elise Valmorbida, an
award-winning novelist and creative writing teacher AUTHOR Joey Hulin is a writer and meditation INFO 9781913947644
with over twenty years’ experience. Through self- teacher based in Cornwall, UK. She has 60 illustrations
dedicated the last decade to living and
expression and self-exploration, this book will help 160 pages
embodying the teachings she shares. She
readers to write better and feel better too. is founder of wellness company Horizon
7⅜ x 5⅜ ins

Inspired, offering soulful wellbeing $17.99 • Hardcover

AUTHOR Award-winning author, designer, INFO 9781913947118 retreats and meditations. JANUARY 2022
communications consultant, filmmaker— 240 pages
and, for over 20 years, teacher of
7⅞ x 5¾ ins
creative writing—Elise Valmorbida offers
$19.99 • Paperback
guidance that is eclectic, inspiring, and
real. She strongly believes that creative SEPTEMBER 2021
writing leads to more than stories; it
enhances well-being.

Read This if You Want
to Be a Great Writer
8 9

Face Values 101 Kinky Things Even

Beauty Rituals and Skincare Secrets
You Can Do
Navaz Batliwalla,
Kate Sloan
illustrated by Shira Barzilay
● Currently more openness to sex in the media
● A game-changing beauty book focusing on a more
following 50 Shades and recent Netflix successes
mindful approach to modern skincare and beauty
● The book will give the subject an accessible,
● Navaz’s blog has over 1M followers on social media
friendly makeover
● Features 170 photographs and bespoke illustrations
● The author has a great profile in the US and
by artist Koketit/Shira Barzilay (310k followers on
Canada, and her bold and lively writing is fun
Instagram) in a stylish, minimal package
to read

Face Values is packed with insights and inspiration on

Everything you wanted to know about kinky
skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrance, and well-
practices is covered in this highly entertaining and
ness. Delve inside the bathroom cabinets of fashion
readable book. Known for her bold, witty prose
designers, beauty writers, makeup artists, perfumers,
on all matters related to the bedroom, Kate Sloan
and eco-entrepreneurs, and discover their skincare
makes this an accessible subject for anyone curious
secrets, beauty philosophies, and essential daily
about new ways to spice up their sex lives. Whether
rituals—including the hero products they can’t do
you are looking for ideas, clarification, or just an
without. Embracing modern values of understated
enjoyable read, there is plenty here to keep you
style, sustainability, and anti-perfectionism, this
intrigued. The text is accompanied by helpful tips
book reveals the benefits of a positive and mindful
and illustrations.
approach to beauty, wellness, and self-care.

AUTHOR Based in Toronto, Canada, Kate Sloan is INFO 9781913947217

AUTHOR Navaz Batliwalla is a freelance fashion INFO 9781913947095
a journalist, blogger, podcaster, and 60 illustrations
editor, stylist, and creative consultant. 170 illustrations educator writing about sex online and
She is the founder of fashion blog 176 pages
160 pages in print. On her blog she writes twice Navaz is the author 7¾ x 5½ inches
8⅜ x 6½ ins a week about sex, kink, relationships,
of The New Garconne. Face Values is her $19.99 • Hardcover
fashion, beauty, writing, and mental
second book. $24.99 • Hardcover
health. OCTOBER 2021
International artist Shira Barzilay,
also known as social media sensation
Koketit (310k followers) is best
known for her abstract line drawings
with a sensual feminine twist

The New Garconne
10 11

How to Make Your Dog The Book of Cat Poems

#Famous Ana Sampson, illustrated by Sarah Maycock

A Guide to Social Media and Beyond ● A curated and playful collection of cat poetry
featuring some of the world’s most beloved
Loni Edwards
poets, such as John Keats, Margaret Atwood,
and Oscar Wilde
● With the inspiring stories behind 50 of Instagram’s
most followed, most fabulous dogs, including Tika ● The first illustrated book of cat poems—
the Iggy, Tuna Melts My Heart, and Harlow and Sage the perfect stocking filler for cat lovers

● Written by Loni Edwards—founder of The Dog

Curious, enigmatic and playful, cats have often
Agency, the leading talent agency for dogs on
inspired the literary imagination. This beautifully
social media
illustrated anthology of sixty cat poems is a
● Includes special sections on making sure your dog celebration of the world’s most loved pet by the
is safe and happy every step of the journey to world’s most loved poets. The purrfect gift for cat
international dog fame lovers everywhere.

You know your dog is the cutest but does everyone AUTHOR Featuring the work of John Keats, INFO 9781786279446
else? In a pack of famous pooches, what does it Margaret Atwood, D H Lawrence, Oscar 40 illustrations
Wilde, and many more. Curated by the
take to be top dog? This book reveals the secrets 128 pages
editor of several bestselling poetry
behind social media’s canine celebrities and sets anthologies, Ana Sampson, and illustrated
7⅜ x 5⅜ ins
out the essential steps on the road to fame. With by the supremely talented Sarah Maycock. $17.99 • Hardcover
expert guidance to make sure your pup is happy and SEPTEMBER 2021
healthy every step of the way, this is your one-stop
guide to helping your dog win over the world, one
adorable post at a time. POETRY / PETS

AUTHOR Loni Edwards is the founder of The Dog

Agency, the first talent management
INFO 9781913947149
250 illustrations
The Book of Dog Poems
agency to focus on pet influencers, and
136 pages Ana Sampson, illustrated by Sarah Maycock
of the pet convention PetCon. She lives
6¾ x 6¾ ins
in New York with her French bulldog Emma
(@chloetheminifrenchie). $14.99 • Paperback ● The first illustrated book of dog poems—the
SEPTEMBER 2021 perfect stocking filler for dog lovers everywhere

● A curated and playful collection of dog poetry

featuring some of the world’s most beloved poets,
such as Emily Dickinson, Rudyard Kipling, and
Thomas Hardy

Sometimes funny, sometimes moving, these sixty

poems offer a true celebration of the faithful,
affectionate, delightful dog. Featuring the work
of the world’s best poets and accompanied by
specially commissioned illustrations, this book is
for fans of The Book of the Dog and Dog Poems.
The perfect gift for dog lovers.

AUTHOR Featuring the work of William Wordsworth, INFO 9781786279439

Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickinson, Thomas 40 illustrations
Hardy, and many more. Curated by the
128 pages
editor of several bestselling poetry
7⅜ x 5⅜ ins
anthologies, Ana Sampson, and illustrated
by the supremely talented Sarah Maycock. $17.99 • Hardcover
Read This if You Want to Be Instagram Famous
12 13

Virginia Woolf Furoshiki TOMOKO KAKITA

Inspiring Quotes from an Original And the Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping F 風呂敷
Feminist Icon ‘It is much
Virginia Woolf Virginia Tomoko Kakita
● The first and only collection of Virginia Woolf’s Woolf
● The first modern furoshiki guide to market. Taps
into the big publishing trends around conscious
important ART OF GIFT
most inspirational quotes living, Japanese culture, and modern etiquette O
● Will appeal to those who bought Woolf’s famous Quotes ● Written by an authentic Japanese furoshiki expert
speech A Room of One’s Own and feminist or to be complete with lifestyle photography, illustrated
literary quote books such as Pocket Frida Kahlo from a step-by-steps and videos for each style H
Wisdom or What Would Alice Do?
oneself than ● Beautiful, tactile package, inspired by furoshiki.
● Small-format, impulse-price-point HB packaged Feminist Perfect for Christmas gifting
for till point and Christmas gifting anything K
Icon Perfect the gift of giving. The only modern, practical
“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to
be anybody but oneself.” Over 100 words of wisdom else.’ guide to the ancient art of Japanese gift wrapping.
Make giving simple gifts extra special (and help
from the inimitable Virginia Woolf on love, literature, save the planet) with 30 exquisite yet easy styles.
feminism, food, work, aging, authenticity, nature, Wrap every birthday or Christmas present, includ-
truth, happiness, and everything in between, ing bottles of wine, bouquets of flowers, and gift
carefully selected from Woolf’s timeless novels, cards with no cutting, sticking, or waste—furoshiki
essays, and speeches. A celebration of one of the is completely reusable. Say goodbye to wrapping
world’s best loved writers and a true feminist icon, paper and plastic shopping bags for good.
in a beautifully packaged, small-format gift book.
AUTHOR Tomoko Kakita is a Japanese furoshiki and INFO 9781913947651
AUTHOR Virginia Woolf (1882–1941) is regarded INFO 9781913947132 tsutsumi expert based in London, UK. She 60 illustrations
as one of the most important modernist designs and sells her beautiful, nature-
128 pages 144 pages
writers of the 20th century. inspired furoshiki at
6⅛ x 4⅜ ins 7⅛ x 5⅛ ins
$12.99 • Hardcover $17.99 • Hardcover

How Should One Read a Book?
14 15

The Circular Economy How to Save the World

(for Regular People) For Free (Paperback)
How to Live Sustainably Natalie Fee
Claire Potter
● The environment is the hottest topic of our
times, with revived interest from a much more
● Strong and popular environmental subject,
environmentally conscious youth
following the success of How to Save the World
for Free ● The hardback has sold well and the subject
hasn’t lost popularity
● A system for sustainable living is described in easy
steps and engaging writing ● Author Natalie Fee has a rising profile; her
experience includes TV appearances and
● The first book to make this big subject accessible
presenting, as well as a TEDx talk on the
for everyone, and a perfect way to understand it

Both a practical guide and an introduction to the

There is no greater aspiration than saving the world.
circular economy, this book taps into the rising
Natalie Fee’s upbeat and engaging book is a life-
desire for action and a collective response to the
altering guide to making those changes that will
climate crisis. The circular economy is quite simply a
contribute to helping our planet. Covering all key AVAILABLE IN
guide for joined-up sustainable living. By describing
areas of our lives, from food and leisure to travel PAPERBACK
the system in a clear and engaging way, the book
and sex, Natalie will galvanize you to think and live
builds on what the reader already knows and
differently. You will feel better, live better, and
nudges them into other actions that will help the
ultimately breathe better in the knowledge that
planet and change the way we live our lives.
every small change contributes towards saving
our world.
AUTHOR Claire Potter is a circular economy INFO 9781913947125
designer, consultant, and educator based 40 illustrations
in the UK. Along with her multi-faceted AUTHOR Natalie Fee is an award-winning INFO 9781786277664
192 pages
studio, Claire lectures at the University environmental campaigner, author, 50 illustrations
7⅞ x 5⅛ ins speaker, and founder of City to Sea,
of Sussex, speaks at conferences around 208 pages
the world, and volunteers her expertise $19.99 • Hardcover a non-profit organisation running
7⅞ x 5⅛ ins
to marine conservation organizations. SEPTEMBER 2021 campaigns to stop plastic pollution
at source. She appears regularly as an $12.99 • Paperback
expert on TV and news media and gives AUGUST 2021
frequent motivational talks.

16 17

The Atlas of Dark Skulls

Destinations Portraits of the Dead and the Stories They Tell
Paul Gambino
Explore the World of Dark Tourism
Peter Hohenhaus ● Eerie and fascinating book featuring portraits of
over 180 skulls and the stories behind them
● Dark tourism is a growing global trend, and is
● Taps into society’s obsession with the crown jewel
establishing itself as a genre in its own right
of the human skeleton
● The book covers over 300 destinations from all
● Profiles of the skull collectors provide an insight
over the world
into how the skulls were acquired and why they are
● This is the first complete guide to this subject so prized

Reaching some of the darkest corners of the world, It is said that the skull is the only human body part
this is a compendium of travel destinations like no that is as powerful dead as it was when living. Skulls
other. Author Peter Hohenhaus has visited all the takes the reader on an eerie journey through history
places featured in the book, and brings his first- seen through the hollow eye sockets of this crown
hand knowledge to the reader. Dark tourism has jewel of the human skeleton. The book is made up
seen a surge in popularity recently and this is the of a series of short illustrated stories laced with
first book to bring together 300 destinations in fascinating facts, historical and medical referenc-
a readable and fascinating guide. From nuclear es, and compelling anecdotes. The testimonials of
bunkers to strange medical museums, there is thirty-plus skull collectors reveal what is known of—
something for everyone seeking a travel experience or speculated about—the often gruesome history of
with true meaning. the skulls, as well as how they were acquired, and
what makes them so highly prized.
AUTHOR Dr Peter Hohenhaus is a world authority INFO 9781913947194
on dark tourism and has visited over 700 500 illustrations AUTHOR Paul Gambino has been an avid collector INFO 9781786276513
dark destinations. He is the creator and of the macabre for over 20 years,
352 pages 250 illustrations
curator of the dark-destinations website. and owns an extensive collection of
10⅛ x 7½ ins 192 pages
This is his first book. nineteenth-century memorial photographs.
$29.99 • Hardcover 9½ x 6¾ ins
His two decades of collecting have gained
SEPTEMBER 2021 him access to some of the world’s most $30.00 • Hardcover
elite collectors of the macabre. SEPTEMBER 2021

Morbid Curiosities:
Collections of the Uncommon
and the Bizarre
18 19

The Day of the Dead The Book of the Raven

A Visual Compendium Corvids in Art and Legend
Julian Rothenstein and Chloë Sayer Angus Hyland and Caroline Roberts

● A large visual compilation of material on the ● Follow-up to the successful Book of the Bird,
Mexican Day of the Dead festival Book of the Dog and Book of the Cat

● Includes iconography and paintings by Manuel

Manilla, Aaron Velasco Pacheco, Diego Rivera and
day OF THE
● Includes facts, fables, poems, and stories of
crows, ravens, rooks, jays, and magpies
Frida Kahlo dead ● Foreword by Chris Skaife, Ravenmaster at
● Highly popular imagery, often used in fashion A visual Compendium HM Tower of London
accessories and tattoos and all kinds of other Julian Rothenstein & Chloe Sayer

popular and applied art fields Corvids play an outsize role in the human imagina-
tion. We keep ravens in towers, emblazon rooks on
This anthology considers how the Day of the Dead has banners, find crows in the constellations, and make
been celebrated in visual art and culture, from the sure to salute solitary magpies. We also see our own
traditional and iconic illustrations of Manuel Manilla behavior mirrored in this diverse family of birds, who
and José Posada to the folk art of the Linares family are tricksters and thieves as well as problem-solvers
and paintings of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. and gift-givers.

With a foreword by the ceramic artist and curator This beautifully designed book showcases the visual
Carlomagno Pedro Martinez, this compendium also and literary life of the corvid, from Norse legends to
includes poems, songs, and literature celebrating Game of Thrones. It includes beautiful and darkly
the festival, as well as urban art, graffiti, and the seductive photographs and paintings as well as
street photography of Yolande Andrade. texts and poems in which they play a starring role,
and information about the traits that make them so
AUTHOR Chloë Sayer is an independent scholar INFO 9781786277251 intriguing to us.
and curator specializing in Mexican art 200 illustrations
and culture, and has made ethnographic
224 pages AUTHOR Angus Hyland is a graduate of the Royal INFO 9781786277015
collections in Mexico and Belize for the
9½ x 6¾ ins College of Art and a partner at Pentagram 100 illustrations
British Museum.
Design London. His previous books include
$25.00 • Hardcover 160 pages
Julian Rothenstein is the founder of Hand to Eye, The Picture Book, Symbol,
OCTOBER 2021 8⅛ x 6⅜ ins
Redstone Press and has produced over and The Purple Book.
50 publications. $16.99 • Paperback
Caroline Roberts is a journalist and
author who writes mainly about the
graphic arts, and she was the founder
of Grafik magazine.


The Bird Into the Wild

The Great Age of Avian Illustration The Story of the World’s Greatest
Wildlife Photography
Philip Kennedy
Gemma Padley
● Bird-watching is more popular than ever and has
recently gained a broader, more youthful audience ● The first book to piece together the most
compelling moments in wildlife photography
● Lavish and stunning, this is the first book that
celebrates the incredible ornithological illustration ● For fans of nature and for those interested in how
from this age of discovery great images of animals are taken

● Appeals to the same audience as the highly ● A lavish collection of more than 250 wildlife images
successful Book of the Bird from across the most beautiful parts of the globe
taken by the world’s best wildlife photographers
The Bird explores the fascinating world of 18th- and
19th-century ornithological illustration. This period An epic visual story of wildlife photography’s
of scientific, artistic, and geographic discovery is pioneers and world firsts. From the first-ever shots
celebrated through the lavish illustrations produced of nocturnal and underwater animals right up to
at that time. Within each chapter there will be an the spectacular images from the wildest corners of
opportunity to learn more about the artists that the earth that modern-day technology allows, Into
helped to elevate the art form. From John James the Wild is an extraordinary collection of more than
Audubon to Elizabeth Gould and Edward Lear we 250 images and 150 years of our efforts to docu-
learn how technology, travel, and ambition shaped ment the natural world. Now, more than ever, these
their work, and how their work transformed our are the photographs and stories that matter.
understanding of the wonderful world of birds.
AUTHOR Gemma Padley is a writer and editor INFO 9781913947484
AUTHOR Philip Kennedy is a writer, illustrator, INFO 9781789277312 on photography. Her writing has been 264 illustrations
and educator. He currently teaches at published by The Telegraph, Foam,
350 illustrations 256 pages
Ireland’s National College of Art and Photomonitor, LensCulture, AnOther,
352 pages 11¾ x 10¼ ins
Design and is the founder of Illustration Elephant, British Journal of Photography,
12½ x 8¾ ins and 1000 Words magazine. $55.00 • Hardcover
Chronicles, a website exploring the
history of illustration. $60.00 • Hardcover SEPTEMBER 2021

From Above
22 23

Gus Van Sant Where’s Wes?

Making Movies In and Out of Hollywood The Wes Anderson Seek-and-Find Book
Katya Tylevich and Gus Van Sant Little White Lies, Doug John Miller

● The first book to talk about the creative process of ● Find Wes in 12 brilliantly detailed scenes, each
one of Hollywood’s most iconic directors dedicated to one of his hugely popular films

● As a filmmaker, writer, photographer, and artist, ● With a huge cast of over 200 extras to also spot,
Gus Van Sant is a real modern Renaissance man from Anderson’s regular collaborators to those who
and a continuing inspiration for young creatives have influenced his characteristic style

● Brought to you by Little White Lies, this is the

From Drugstore Cowboy to Elephant, Milk, and Good
complete book for Wes obsessives!
Will Hunting, Gus Van Sant’s films have captured
the imagination of more than one generation.
Embark on an epic seek-and-find journey through
Alongside his filmmaking, however, Van Sant is also
Wes Anderson’s world of film. Spot Wes in twelve
an artist, photographer, and writer. Based on a
intricately constructed scenes, each based on one
series of completely new and exclusive interviews,
of his movies—from a detailed cutaway of the
this book provides a personal insight into how Van
Bellafonte from The Life Aquatic, to a labyrinthine
Sant successfully approaches these different and
reconstruction of the world of Fantastic Mr Fox. Also
very varied artforms, providing an inspirational look
spot a huge cast of extras, including Wes’s regular
into the working life of one of America’s most
collaborators, those he’s inspired and influenced,
pivotal cultural and creative practitioners.
and many more!

AUTHOR Katya Tylevich is an LA-based writer INFO 9781913947477

AUTHOR Combining cutting-edge design, INFO 9781913947088
specializing in art, architecture, 100 illustrations
illustration, and journalism, bi-monthly 12 illustrations
design, and film.
288 pages print magazine Little White Lies is the
40 pages
Gus Van Sant is a film director, 9½ x 6¾ ins leading indie film magazine. It has been
12⅝ x 9½ ins
screenwriter, painter, photographer, $25.00 • Hardcover described as being “at the vanguard of
musician, and author. His films have the independent publishing movement”. $17.99 • Hardcover
earned him a reputation as one of SEPTEMBER 2021
 oug John Miller is an illustrator
the most influential figures of
currently working in London. His
contemporary cinema.
drawings explore small narratives and
experiment with colorful and highly
detailed compositions of surreal and
fantastical architecture.

24 25

Beyoncé Prince
Tshepo Mokoena Jason Draper

● The story of one of the greatest pop sensations ● Part of the “Lives the Musicians” series:
of our time highly readable short biographies of the most
popular musicians
● The go-to concise biography of the world-wide
superstar and cultural phenomenon ● Prince was one of the titans of Pop from the 1980s
until his death in 2016
● Part of the “Lives of the Musicians” series:
highly readable short biographies of the world’s ● There is no other short, concise biography of
greatest musicians Prince for adults.

Beyoncé is not simply a pop sensation. She is a His name was Prince, and he was funky. He was also
cultural phenomenon empowering the oppressed inspiring, visionary, seductive, and contradictory.
and dispossessed, challenging white privilege and Especially contradictory. When he changed his name
misogyny, and exploding gender politics. But who is to an unpronounceable glyph, he merged symbols
Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and how did she become of the male and female to represent himself. When
the strong confident woman whose albums sell he recorded music—a daily torrent of creativity—
in their millions and whose songs have become he slipped with ease between male and female
anthems against racial and sexual discrimination viewpoints. This book charts the rise of the 5ft
and oppression? This biography sets out to reveal 2-inch “Minneapolis genius” from “the next Stevie
exactly that. Wonder” to a unique artist whose towering legacy
continues to shape pop culture.
AUTHOR Tshepo Mokoena is an Editorial Director INFO 9781913947347
of Vice, and also writes on music for The 20 illustrations AUTHOR Jason Draper is a music journalist and INFO 9781913947552
Guardian. She has been a fan of Beyoncé author of Prince: Life and Times (2017),
144 pages 20 illustrations
since she was a girl and heard her first Led Zeppelin: Revealed (2008), and
7¼ x 4¾ ins 192 pages
Destiny’s Child song. A Brief History Of Album Covers (2017).
$17.99 • Hardcover 7¼ x 4¾ ins
SEPTEMBER 2021 $17.99 • Hardcover




Amy Winehouse; David Bowie Amy Winehouse; David Bowie
26 27

David Hockney
James Cahill

● The story of Hockney’s truly individual life in

one short volume

● The go-to concise biography of one of the

world’s favorite painters

● Part of the “Lives of the Artists” series:

highly readable short biographies of the
world’s greatest artists

David Hockney is the most famous living British

artist. Emerging from the north of England in
the 1960s, he made quite a splash in Swinging
London as a portraitist, and went on to make an
even bigger splash in Los Angeles when he moved Frida Kahlo
there in the 1970s. By the beginning of the millenni- by Hettie Judah
um, he had returned to his Yorkshire roots, embark- (also part of the
ing on a new period of painting and capping a truly “Lives of the Artists”
remarkable career. This book brings his spectacular series)
life together into one short, sweet volume.

AUTHOR James Cahill is a writer and critic based INFO 9781913947422

in London who has written for Apollo, 16 illustrations
The Burlington Magazine, CURA, Elephant,
144 pages
Frieze, The Los Angeles Review of
7¼ x 4¾ ins
Books, London Review of Books, and Times
Literary Supplement. $17.99 • Hardcover

Yayoi Kusama; Keith Haring; Artemisia Gentileschi; Andy Warhol
28 29

Artists on Art From the

How the Masters See, Think & Create
Sculptor’s Studio
Holly Black
Conversations with 20 Seminal Artists
● Includes iconic works of 50 great artists, Ina Cole
from Michelangelo to Tracey Emin
● Twenty of the most influential contemporary
● Each image is accompanied by a quote from
sculptors talk candidly about their work
the artist to inspire and illuminate
● Includes interviews with Antony Gormley, Phyllida
● Added analysis provides invaluable insight into
Barlow, Anish Kapoor, Rachel Whiteread, Mona
the techniques of the artists
Hatoum, Richard Long, Eva Rothschild, Yinka
Shonibare, Andy Goldsworthy, and Fiona Banner
Through a curated selection of quotations, images,
and interviews, Artists on Art reveals what matters ● Fully illustrated throughout and with in-depth
most to the masters, from Ai Weiwei to Ana interviews, this serves as a milestone publication
Mendieta. Discover how the giants of the different on contemporary sculpture
artistic genres developed their distinctive visual
styles, the core ideas that underpin their practice, Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley, Phyllida Barlow,
and, most importantly, what art means to you. Yinka Shonibare, Rachel Whiteread—these are the
sculptors who define sculpture, and here they are
AUTHOR Holly Black is an arts journalist and INFO 9781786278852 in their own words. From the Sculptor’s Studio is a
Managing Editor at Elephant magazine. She 50 illustrations unique collection of personal conversations with 20
has written for publications including
128 pages seminal artists, each of whom have created iconic
Aperture, AnOther, The Art Newspaper,
House & Garden, and Wallpaper.
7⅞ x 5¾ ins work, exhibited worldwide, and pushed past the
$17.99 • Paperback boundaries of sculpting in their own way.
AUTHOR Ina Cole is UK editor for Sculpture, INFO 9781913947590
a publication affiliated to the 200 illustrations
International Sculpture Centre in the
256 pages
US. She was appointed for the launch
11½ x 8¾ ins
of Tate St Ives in 1993. There followed
positions at Compton Verney Art Gallery & $60.00 • Hardcover
Park, University of Warwick, and Bath Spa OCTOBER 2021

‘Fine artists deal with

finery, but I deal with
painful material.’
Zanele Muholi

B: 1972, South Africa

Zanele Muholi is dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalized

queer communities and acknowledging the suffering that has been
wrought in the wake of South African apartheid. Identifying as a
‘cultural activist’ rather than an artist, they shun prescribed definitions
of beauty and social significance supported by the colonial gaze, and
focus on engaging with effective community-led activism. Muholi
never refers to ‘subjects’ but rather ‘participants’ who take on a
collaborative role in extensive projects such as ‘Faces and Phases’
(2006–), which documents the lives of black lesbian and transgender

The more recent series ‘Somnyama Ngonyama: Hail the Dark Lioness’
(2014–17) focuses on the possibilities of the activist’s own image as
a black, non-binary person, informed by the prejudices experienced
during extensive international travel. The itinerant image-maker took
one photo every day for a year, utilizing such ubiquitous materials
ALSO AVAILABLE as pegs, rubber tubes and sponges to build costumes that speak
to various forms of South African heritage and often painful acts of
Photographers on Photography: historical record. By constructing such commanding images without
any form of elaborate set-up, props or process, Muholi speaks to
How the Masters See, Think Somnyama Ngonyama: Hail the Dark Lioness, 2016 power, resilience and a unique form of un-gilded magnificence.


& Shoot
30 31

The Women Who The Pocket

Changed Art Forever Photographer
Feminist Art—The Graphic Novel How to Take Amazing Photos with Your Phone
Valentina Grande and Eva Rossetti Mike Kus

● A cool, visually led and accessible primer on the ● Distilled, practical advice and simple techniques
four pillars of feminist art aimed at amateur photographers

● Told from the viewpoint of four feminist pioneers— ● Author has over 800k Instagram followers
Judy Chicago, Faith Ringgold, Ana Mendieta, and
● Illustrations as well as photographs to describe
the Guerrilla Girls
the key concepts
● The full story of how a powerful wave of women
artists changed art forever Everyone has a camera on their phone. Author
Mike Kus, a photographer with a strong Instagram
Told in colorful graphic novel form, this is the story following, demonstrates the simple tricks and tech-
of four pioneers of feminist art: Judy Chicago, Faith niques that take your photography to another level.
Ringgold, Ana Mendieta, and the Guerrilla Girls. His methods can be mastered by anyone, and the
Each made their mark in their own powerful way. content avoids reference to specific phone camera
Judy Chicago made us reassess the female body, technology, instead relying on the clear principles to
Faith Ringgold taught us that feminism is for every- make you a better photographer, regardless of the
one, Ana Mendieta was a martyr to violence against camera you own. The book is written, designed, and
women, while the Guerrilla Girls continue to take illustrated by the author.
the fight to the male-dominated museum.
AUTHOR Mike Kus is a UK-based author INFO 9781913947521
AUTHOR Valentina Grande has previously written INFO 9781913947002 specializing in branding, graphic design, 200 illustrations
graphic novels on the lives of J.D. illustration, and photography. He has
250 illustrations 144 pages
Salinger and Raymond Carver. built up a successful Instagram following
136 pages 7⅞ x 5½ ins
for his photography with 800k followers.
Eva Rossetti is an illustrator and 9½ x 6¾ ins $19.99 • Hardcover
author, her graphic novel on the life of $19.99 • Hardcover OCTOBER 2021
J.D. Salinger was published in 2017.

32 33

Photographers Fundamentals of
on Photography PHOTOGRAPHERS Art History
ON (New Edition)
How the Masters See, Think & Shoot
HOW THE MASTERS Michael Cothren and Anne D’Alleva
Henry Carroll
SEE, THINK & SHOOT ● Bestselling handbook for art history students, now

● Includes iconic images from 50 masters HENRY CARROLL in its 4th edition. Previously published as Look! The
Fundamentals of Art History
● Each image is accompanied by a quote from the
● Provides step-by-step guidance on how to write
master photographer to inspire and illuminate
papers and prepare for exams
● Analysis from Henry Carroll provides invaluable
● Updated discussions of types and media of
insight into their thoughts and techniques
art, controversies around study of art, art and
museums, art and the marketplace
Through a curated selection of quotations, imag-
es, and interviews, Photographers on Photography
This invaluable guide enables students to get the
reveals what matters most to the masters. With
AVAILABLE IN most from their art history course. Written in an
enlightening text by Henry Carroll, author of the
PAPERBACK accessible style, the book introduces two basic art
internationally bestselling Read This if You Want to
historical methods—formal analysis and contextual
Take Great Photographs series, you’ll discover how
analysis. In this new edition, revising author Michael
the giants of the genres developed their distinctive
Cothren has extended the discussion on iconogra-
visual styles, the core ideas that underpin their
phy and iconology. Greater emphasis is placed on
practice and, most importantly, what photography
the global and multicultural aspects of art creation
means to you.
and analysis. There is more step-by-step guidance
on how to use these methods to prepare for exams
AUTHOR Henry Carroll studied photography at INFO 9781786279156
the Royal College of Art in London and
and write papers.
50 illustrations
his work has been exhibited worldwide.
128 pages
Henry’s clear, jargon-free style of AUTHOR Anne D’Alleva is Dean of the School of Fine INFO 9781913947019
7⅞ x 5¾ ins
teaching has demystified digital Arts, University of Connecticut. She is the 49 illustrations
photography and inspired thousands to $17.99 • Paperback author of Arts in the Pacific Islands and
168 pages
get creative with their cameras. AUGUST 2021 Methods and Theories of Art History.
8⅜ x 5½ ins
Michael Cothren is Scheuer Family Professor
$19.99 • Paperback
Emeritus of Humanities, Swarthmore. He is
co-author of Art History and Art: A Brief AUGUST 2021
History and Methods and Theories of Art
History, Third Edition

are discussed at length. You could staple this sheet to the front of the
Wölfflin and formal analysis photocopy if you have one, or gather together all your summaries in
your notebook. It will not take long to do this after you finish each
reading, and it will save you a lot of time when studying for exams. If
In Principles of Art History (1915), the Swiss kind of clarity in the spatial separation
art historian Heinrich Wölfflin (1864–1945) and relationship of objects to each other. it would help you, create a template in a word-processing program at
sought to systematize formal analysis Painterly form is more elusive—attention is the beginning of the term and print out the number you will need, or
through his definition of paired, contrasting withdrawn from the edges, outlines are de- use a copy of the template as a file for taking notes and storing them
terms to distinguish fundamental stylistic emphasized, and form is developed primarily on your computer.
differences. He defined five basic pairs of through the use of light and shade.
characteristics, which he saw as character-
izing the Renaissance in contrast to the PLANAR VS. RECESSIONAL
Preparing for slide identifications and
Baroque: linear vs. painterly, planar vs. In a planar composition, objects are short-answer questions
recessional, closed forms vs. open forms, represented parallel to the picture plane. Memorizing important information about important works of art
multiplicity vs. unity, absolute clarity vs. rela- The spatial recession is clear, achieved by a has traditionally been an important part of training in art history.
tive clarity. Here we will use Raphael’s School series of planes that are all parallel to the This process teaches the basic material of art history and fixes a set
of Athens (1510–11) (Figure 2.7) to represent picture plane, as in much fifteenth-century
the characteristics of Renaissance painting of visual works in your memory that can be drawn on as your study
Italian art. In contrast, a work characterized
and Rubens’s Garden of Love (c.1630–5) (Fig- by recession is one in which the planes are of the discipline continues. Students of art history need to be able
ure 2.8) to represent the Baroque. Comparing not clearly articulated as separate parallel to recall images visually, from memory, to understand other works
them clarifies the polarities Wölfflin saw in units. Spatial depth is created through of art as they are exposed to them. For example, if your instructor
the styles of these two periods. diagonal placement, and the frontal plane is discusses how Paul Gauguin (1848–1903) modeled some of his com-
not emphasized. 2.8 Peter Paul Rubens, The Garden of Love, c.1630–5. Oil on canvas. 6ft 6in x 9ft 4½in
positions on Egyptian sculpture, you will need to remember what
LINEAR VS. PAINTERLY (1.99 x 2.86m). Museo del Prado, Madrid.
Wölfflin used the term linear to indicate works CLOSED FORMS VS. OPEN FORMS Egyptian sculpture looks like in order to understand this observation.
that emphasize outlines and have a special In a closed form, the depicted contents of represented forms seem to stand in clear ABSOLUTE CLARITY VS. RELATIVE CLARITY As with the analytical and interpretive abilities you acquire through 4.1 Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas, 1939. Oil on canvas. 5ft 7in x 5ft 7in (1.70 x 1.70m).
relation to their edges, allowing the viewer Wölfflin’s final pair is closely related to the the study of art, a well-trained visual memory will enrich your life and Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City.
to establish a clear sense of the forms’ preceding pair. Absolute clarity refers to works enhance your appreciation of art in a variety of settings. Even if you do
position in relation to other objects in the with explicit and clearly articulated forms, and not become an art historian, you will probably visit art museums or identification usually consists of a single image, shown for a minute
image. In an open form, spatial relation- relative clarity refers to works with less explicit
ships are less clear, either among objects and less clearly articulated forms.
important cultural sites during your travels. or two. During this time, students are asked to “identify” the work in
within the work or between those objects Until relatively recently, a standard part of examinations for intro- the slide by listing the artist (if known), the subject or title, the date, the
and the viewer. The elements within the Although art historians today may not ductory art-history students in a survey course, was a series of slide location (where it was made and/or where it is if the location is origi-
image are not oriented in relation to clear continue to use these same paired terms, identifications, usually at the very beginning of the exam. Of course, nal). Some professors also want to know its medium, and its period or
edges. Sometimes, objects merge with other Wölfflin’s comparative method still your professors will no doubt be projecting works of art from digital culture. A complete slide identification for Figure 4.1 could be
objects into a single mass, without a clear dominates art-historical research and
barrier separating them individually. images rather than 35mm photographic slides, but in many places
presentation. Many classroom lectures still
rely on a series of paired images to make the word “slide” is still in use even if the artifacts themselves are no Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas. 1939. Oil on canvas. Mexico.
MULTIPLICITY VS. UNITY their points, especially when characterizing longer there. In some colleges, students often nicknamed survey
This dichotomy contrasts works in which the stylistic change. courses in art history “Slides,” whether affectionately or mockingly. In addition to the basic identification, some professors may ask
individual parts appear as independent units Today, not all introductory course in art history are survey courses, about a specific issue or interpretation in relation to the piece, or ask
(even when they are subordinate to a whole),
with works that are perceived as unified
and, even when they are, increasingly professors are not using these you to comment generally on its significance, giving you additional
wholes, in which individual elements are less identification sections within their exams. But, since in some places time to do this. The slide of Figure 4.1 could be accompanied by
clearly distinguished from each other. they are still standard, we wanted to discuss them briefly here in case this question:
your professor continues this traditional practice. Why are there two women depicted here?
Students often find slide identifications (“Slide IDs” for short) to
2.7 Raphael, The School of Athens, 1510–11. Fresco. 19 x 27ft (5.79 x 8.24m). be the most frustrating and difficult part of art-history exams. A slide
Heinrich Wölfflin. Principles of Art History: The Problem of the Development of Style in Later Art. Translated by
Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican, Rome. M. D. Hottinger. New York: Dover, 1940 (originally published in 1915).
94 / chapter 4 surviving and succeeding: art history examinations chapter 4 surviving and succeeding: art history examinations / 95
60 / chapter 2 style and subject chapter 2 style and subject / 61

34 35

Methods & Theories Sh*t They Didn’t

of Art History Tell You
(Third Edition) How to Succeed in the Creative Industries
Paul Woods
Michael Cothren and Anne D’Alleva
● An irreverent guide for anyone starting out in the
● Clear, accessible introduction to the critical
creative industries
theories used in analysing art
● Filled with common-sense tips, practical exercises,
● Essential handbook for students taking a range
and how-to flow charts and diagrams on topics
of art history courses
such as completing your portfolio, finding a job,
● Updated and revised for greater clarity between and preparing a visa application
the different analytical methods and theories
● Focuses on the skills you need to have a creative
and lucrative career and lifestyle
This invaluable introduction to the critical theories
used in analysing art has been updated to reflect
This straight-talking, fun book is aimed at fresh
recent scholarship in contemporary art and has
graduates planning a career in the creative
been broken down into smaller sections for greater
industries. It gives them the tools to identify and
clarity and accessibility. The book begins with a
navigate the right path. Filled with practical tips
revised discussion of the difference between
and exercises, and illustrated with “how to” flow
method and theory. The following chapters apply
charts and diagrams, it focuses not just on the
the varying approaches to works of art, and the
creative skills needed for a successful and lucrative
book ends with a new conclusion that focuses on
career but a great lifestyle too.
the way the study of art is informed by theory.

AUTHOR Paul Woods is CCO of global design agency INFO 9781786279538

AUTHOR Anne D’Alleva is Dean of the School of INFO 9781913947026
Edenspiekermann, based in LA. Paul has 90 illustrations
Fine Arts, University of Connecticut. 34 illustrations created award-winning work for brands
She is the author of Arts in the Pacific 144 pages
200 pages including Red Bull and Google, and is the
Islands and Fundamentals of Art History. 7⅞ x 5¾ ins
8⅜ x 5½ ins author of How To Do Great Work Without
Michael Cothren is Scheuer Family Being an Asshole (2019). $17.99 • Paperback
$19.99 • Paperback
Professor Emeritus of Humanities, AUGUST 2021
Swarthmore. He is co-author of Art AUGUST 2021
History and Art: A Brief History and
Fundamentals of Art History.

not narrative and symbolic. In her view, Dutch painters participated in The pre-iconographic description or natural subject matter will
a distinctive visual culture that led them to value detailed paintings of be quite rudimentary or somewhat more involved depending on the Are works of art puzzles? School of Beauty, School of Culture (2012). The scene shifts here from a
crowded barber shop to a more spacious beauty shop, using many of
everyday life as a way of knowing the world, not as a way of presenting
disguised moralistic messages. She connected painting to the produc-
viewer’s or scholar’s life experiences and the relationship of these
experiences to the subject portrayed in the painting.
Do they pose problems? the same pictorial devices and iconographic strategies with even more
tion of maps, lenses, and mirrors as expressions of a distinctive Dutch
visual culture. Other scholars (e.g., Willem Lash) have argued that
. What does this painting represent, on the simplest level? Are art historians needed to obvious references to great works within the European tradition.

both perspectives on Dutch painting could be right—that Dutch artists It portrays five human figures within an interior setting. Two stand
and three sit. The four whose heads are visible address viewers
put together the pieces or solve Of course, iconography and iconology do not have to be used in
isolation from other theoretical viewpoints. A three-part Panofskian
deliberately created open-ended works which viewers could interpret
symbolically, if they chose to, or experience as a fresh and penetrating
directly, almost as if they had just come into the room. Those already
in the room seem to be acknowledging them. On a basic level, the those problems? analysis could be executed as a starting point, using it to generate
view of the world if that was their inclination. setup is similar to that in Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Double Portrait, but ideas, and then using those ideas as the basis for addressing issues of
unlike that now-familiar painting, although there is a mirror on the ideology, class, gender, or race, informed by specific contextualizing
back wall—not the relatively small, framed convex mirror of the dou- Underlying formalist and iconographic/ studies, very clear from the outset in their
Practicing iconography and iconology ble portrait, but a broad strip of reflective glass that extends all the iconological approaches to art history publications. Good examples are Meyer theories presented in subsequent chapters of this book.
When beginning an iconographic and iconological analysis, it helps to way across this room—if viewers are entering this room, they are not is the basic question of whether or not Schapiro’s 1939 article on the transition
work slowly and systematically through Panofsky’s three stages, usu- reflected here. What is reflected rather prominently, however, are the a work of art is something that needs to from Mozarabic to Romanesque style in
ally in order. Only rarely, however, will all three be surveyed in order backs of the two standing figures, and since those reflections are not be deciphered, like a puzzle or a murder medieval Spain and Linda Seidel’s 1989 Beyond the object
directly behind them but off their right shoulders, either they or the mystery. Do artworks pose problems of revisionist study of the iconography and
when crafting a final presentation of your analysis and interpretation. Traditional practice of iconography and iconology as envisioned
mirror are tilted, or the viewer is slightly off center. understanding that need to be solved? Do iconology of Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Double
A painting entitled De Style (1993) by American artist Kerry James Mar- we need to crack their visual, iconographic, Portrait. Sometimes, however, we as read- by Panofsky, as well as traditional visual analysis, runs the risk of an
shall can serve as an example of the beginning of such a systematic, Because of overlapping, not everything is visible in this crowded and iconological codes before we can ers have to figure out the inspiration and inadvertent emphasis on material objects—painting, sculpture, archi-
painting, but behind and around the monumental human forms we understand them? reasons for the study, as well as the nature tecture, drawings, prints, etc.—as the primary, or even the exclusive,
three-step analysis (Figure 1.5). can see a sizable collection of objects and furnishings. Many viewers of the methods used to draw its conclusions, subjects of art-historical analysis. We must keep in mind that art his-
will draw on their own experiences to interpret these, as well as on the In his undergraduate classes on the in the process of reading the article itself.
broad expanse of the mirror and the postures and actions of the fig- tory can be concerned with multiple subjects that may or may not focus
methods and theories of art history, Michael
ures posed in front of it, as evidence that this scene is set in a barber
Cothren often assigned an article and asked Art historian James Elkins has proposed
on objects, including the history of art institutions, the roles of patrons
shop. Since the figures are Black, presumably this is a barber shop and collectors, the way objects are or were used in ritual or perfor-
students to figure out that, because this deciphering or problem-
that serves an African-American clientele.
solving mode has become such a basic mance, and how performance itself can constitute a form of art. Can
An iconographic analysis usually requires research on the part of view- 1. what was the problem the art historian art-historical practice, art historians tend these traditional systems of inquiry be useful in the interpretation of
ers or scholars who are not already familiar with the subjects and was addressing? to focus on works of art that can be treated works of art that are not object-based?
symbols portrayed in the painting. this way, that call for problem-solving and
code-cracking. He says, “We are inescap-
Performance is a vibrant form of practice in contemporary art, and
2. what was the solution they offered?
. Which aspects of the painting carry specific conventional or symbolic ably attracted to pictures that appear as there are many different theorizations of contemporary performance
significance that will help us focus our understanding on the meaning puzzles, and unaccountably uninterested in art. In the 1990s, French art critic and curator Nicolas Bourriaud
3. what was the theoretical and meth-
of the painting as a whole? clear meanings and manifest solutions. The
odological system and the nature of developed the theory of relational aesthetics to account for the work
. What are the salient aspects of the setting and the conventional mean- the evidence that allowed them to discipline thrives on the pleasure of prob- of contemporary artists responding to the social relations and artistic
ing of the individual objects within it? move from problem to solution, like lems well solved, and it languishes in the
face of the good, the common, the merely
practices made possible by new technologies, including digital media
walking from ignorance on a bridge to
The room in which these men stand is full of tools used in cutting hair true, the skillful, the private, and above all, and the Internet. “The role of artworks is no longer to form imaginary
knowledge on the other side?
(e.g., the electric clippers in the right hand of the barber) and products the image that refuses to present itself as a and utopian realities,” he declared, “but to actually be ways of living
used to style it (e.g., Royal Crown Hair Dressing, a still well-known After they had accomplished this, he sug- puzzle.” (p. 258) and models of action within the existing real, whatever the scale cho-
pomade used in grooming that sits on a surface near the barber’s right gested that they ponder what was at stake sen by the artist.” (p.13) For example, Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Untitled (Free)
elbow). The particular barber shop represented (real or imagined) is If art historians are detectives and problem
in choosing to address the problem and was an event in which the artist took all the hidden work that usually
identified as Percy’s House of Style in a diploma framed with what must solvers, is it because we choose to be? Or do
posing a solution in their particular way.
be a souvenir first-dollar-earned and hung in front of the mirror at upper the works of art themselves call for it? goes on in an art gallery and put it on display—gallery employees went
Sometimes, scholars make the rationale
left. In the same area of the painting, the mirror itself reflects in reverse about the business of buying and selling works, cataloguing them,
for, and the perceived importance of their
a part of the shop’s name—presumably painted on the other side of doing accounting, etc., in the galleries rather than the back offices—
1.5 Kerry James Marshall, De Style, 1993. Acrylic and collage on unstretched a street-front window glass. On the other side of the painting, the mir-
canvas. 8ft 8in x 10ft 2in (2.64 x 3.10m). Los Angeles County Museum of Art. while, at the same time, Tiravanija set up a kitchen and cooked Thai
curry, which he offered to gallery visitors. The work created an arena
42 / chapter 1 style, iconography, and iconologyy chapter 1 style, iconography, and iconology / 43
46 / chapter 1 style, iconography, and iconologyy chapter 1 style, iconography, and iconology / 47

How To Do Great Work
Without Being an
36 37

Fabric for Fashion Designing Knitted

(Revised Second Edition) Textiles
The Swatch Book Machine Knitting for Fashion
Clive Hallett and Amanda Johnston Florence Spurling

● Revised and updated edition of bestselling title ● The only title on designing knitted textiles to include
detailed, illustrated step-by-step instructions and
● New yarn windings and unspun fibres added to
beautiful inspirational photography
this edition
● Aimed at textile design and fashion design students,
● New pages on sustainability impacts and
as well as professionals and keen hobbyists
product development
● Comes with 6 instructional videos
Fabric for Fashion: The Swatchbook is a unique
resource with 125 swatches of the most recognized Designing Knitted Textiles guides students, pro-
and widely used varieties of fabric and over a dozen fessionals and amateur textile designers through
yarn windings, allowing readers to appreciate not the fundamental skills of machine knitting, while
just the aesthetic appeal of the textiles but also encouraging them to be creative and experimen-
their structure, feel, and weight. Natural fabrics tal. It takes a contemporary approach, exploring
such as cottons, silks, wools, and linens are the countless possibilities of knits within multiple
included, as are alternative plant fibres like bamboo fashion contexts.
and hemp, and a wide range of manmade ones.
Complete with step-by-steps, detailed informa-
AUTHOR Clive Hallett has worked in the fashion INFO 9781913947613 tion on techniques and specially commissioned
industry since 1972 and lectured at the 70 illustrations photography, it covers various knit styles—from
London College of Fashion, Northumbria
102 pages traditional Fair Isle to intricate lace or unusual 3D
University, and, as a guest, at many
other institutions including the Victoria
11⅛ x 8⅝ ins effects—and all the construction elements needed
& Albert Museum. $135.00 • Ringbinder to create garments and accessories.
OCTOBER 2021 INFO 9781786276537
Amanda Johnston has worked as a design
AUTHOR Florence Spurling is a textile designer 300 illustrations
consultant since 1982 and teaches at
and runs her own design studio. Florence 200 pages
London College of Fashion. Amanda is
specializes in knitted textiles,
curator at The Sustainable Angle and 11⅛ x 8⅝ ins
embroidery, and embellishment. She has
delivers industry seminars in this role. $65.00 • Hardcover
a Masters from the Royal College of Art
and has taught at various institutions AUGUST 2021
including Parsons and Pratt.


Fabric for Fashion: Fabric for Fashion:
The Complete Guide The Complete Guide
38 39

Visual Merchandising Essensualism

(Fourth Edition) The Craft Spirit of Contemporary
Chinese Design
Window Displays and In-store Experience
Charlotte & Peter Fiell, Jiang Qiong Er
Tony Morgan
● Includes interviews with the very best masters
● New edition with wider global perspective, of these crafts
updated technologies, and greater focus on
customer experience This lavish and beautiful book celebrates the long
and rich heritage of Chinese crafts. It explores the
● New pedagogy and section on portfolios
awakening craft spirit in contemporary Chinese
for students
design, introducing its main pioneers and propo-
● Highly illustrated with the most inspiring nents. Featured crafts include lacquer and eggshell
examples worldwide lacquer, jade and agate carving, silk embroidery,
cashmere felt, Dong Yang bamboo carving,
This comprehensive guide to visual merchandising furniture making, bamboo weaving, and porcelain.
covers both window dressing and in-store design, as
well as all the other elements, real or virtual, used AUTHOR Charlotte and Peter Fiell are the authors INFO 9781913947446
to enhance the contemporary retail experience. of over fifty books on design and the 500 illustrations
visual arts.
Featuring a range of shops, from fashion empo- 512 pages
ria such as Selfridges, Printemps, and Bergdorf Jiang Qiong Er is the founder of Shang 12½ x 9⅞ ins
Goodman to small outlets, the book offers practical Xia, a design and retail business at the $85.00 • Hardcover
forefront of Chinese arts and crafts, with
advice, supported by tips from the most inspiring JANUARY 2022
stores in Shanghai and Paris.
visual merchandisers and creative directors across
the world.

Introduction to
AUTHOR Tony Morgan worked as a Head of Visual INFO 9781913947323
Merchandising at Selfridges for 18 years. 310 illustrations
He is a former lecturer at the London

Architectural Technology
224 pages
College of Fashion and the Fashion Retail
11⅛ x 8⅝ ins
Academy and has taught and consulted

(Third Edition)
across the world. $45.00 • Paperback

Pete Silver and Will McLean

● Accessible introduction to structural physics,

elements and forms, environmental control,
and computer modeling

This book clearly explains the core aspects of archi-

tectural technology: structural physics, structural
elements and forms, heating, lighting, environmental
control, and computer modeling. The third edition
includes six new case studies, more on structural
types and construction detailing, passive building
principles, and designing for different climatic
conditions. This essential introduction will help
students to integrate their design thinking with the
appropriate structural and environmental solutions.
INFO 9781786276810
440 illustrations
AUTHOR Pete Silver and Will McLean teach at the
224 pages
School of Architecture and Cities at the
University of Westminster and are the 8¾ x 8¾ ins

co-authors of Structural Engineering for $50.00 • Paperback
Marketing Fashion Architects (2014) and Air Structures (2015). AUGUST 2021
40 41
From: A Book of Cats
Illustration © Katie Viggers
ISBN 9781913947248
$17.99 / AUGUST 2021

Books & Gifts

42 43

The Cosmic Book

of Space, Aliens
& Beyond
Draw, Color, Create Things from
Out of this World!
Jason Ford

● From the creator of the highly successful

Superhero series

● Fun and imaginative activities that will get

children drawing and creating

● Explore the universe like never before, from weird

and wonderful aliens, to supersonic spaceships,
and mind-blowing cosmic creations

3, 2, 1 ... blast off! Are you ready to journey out of

this world to discover what lies beyond? From space
pirates and surfing aliens to galactic shark ships
and mysterious planets, strap in for the ultimate
cosmic activity adventure. Grab your pencils,
Earthlings. Let our mission commence!

AUTHOR Jason Ford is a freelance illustrator INFO 9781913947262

whose approach has been heavily 80 illustrations
influenced by his childhood diet of
80 pages
Tintin and Marvel comics. His work has
11½ x 8⅜ ins
been commissioned by The New York Times,
American Airlines, Penguin Books, and $12.99 • Paperback
The Guardian. OCTOBER 2021

The Super Book for Superheroes;
The Monster Book of Zombies, Spooks & Ghouls

44 45

Let’s Look at... Let’s Look at...

Animals Colors
Marion Deuchars Marion Deuchars

● Introduce first animals with this stunning board ● Introduce colors with this stunning board book,
book, perfect for sharing with your baby or toddler perfect for sharing with your baby or toddler

● Beautiful artwork from the author of the ● Beautiful artwork from the author of the
bestselling Let’s Make Some Great Art series is the bestselling Let’s Make Some Great Art series is the
focal point of this visually led series focal point of this visually led series

● Following on in the series from Let’s Look at... ● Following on in the series from Let’s Look at...
Numbers and Let’s Look at... Shapes Numbers and Let’s Look at... Shapes

Let’s look at animals! Let’s look at colors!

With beautiful artwork from bestselling author and With beautiful artwork from bestselling author and
illustrator Marion Deuchars, this book is the perfect illustrator Marion Deuchars, this book is the perfect
introduction to animals. introduction to colors.

AUTHOR Marion Deuchars is the bestselling author INFO 9781786277831 AUTHOR Marion Deuchars is the bestselling author INFO 9781786277770
of the Let’s Make Some Great Art series. 11 illustrations of the Let’s Make Some Great Art series. 11 illustrations
Her books have won six international Her books have won six international
24 pages 24 pages
awards and she is one of six UK designers awards and she is one of six UK designers
6⅜ x 6⅜ ins 6⅜ x 6⅜ ins
at Helsinki’s World Design Capital at Helsinki’s World Design Capital
celebrations. $9.99 • Board Book celebrations. $9.99 • Board Book


Let’s Look at... Numbers; Let’s Look at... Numbers;
Let’s Look at... Shapes Let’s Look at... Shapes
46 47

Puzzle Odyssey
An Epic Maze Adventure
Helen Friel and Ian Friel,
illustrated by Jesús Sotés

● This unique puzzle book retells the classic tale

of The Odyssey

● With mazes, riddles, logic puzzles, and seek-and-

find scenes, this epic adventure will have you
engrossed from beginning to end

● Beautifully and engagingly illustrated

Odysseus has been away from home for many

years, and he is finally making his way back to his
family on the island of Ithaca. It will be a dangerous
journey and on the way he’ll face treacherous AVAILABLE
challenges of all kinds. If you’re feeling brave FROM
enough, step aboard his ship and help him on FEBRUARY
his way! 2022

AUTHOR Helen Friel is a freelance paper engineer INFO 9781913947309

and illustrator, and Ian Friel became a 13 illustrations
freelance writer and historian after a
48 pages
long career in museums.
11½ x 8⅞ ins
Jesús Sotés is an illustrator and graphic
$19.99 • Hardcover
designer based in Pamplona, Spain.

48 49

Every Day Amazing A Book of Cats

Fantastic Facts for Every Day of the Year At Home with Cats around the World
Mike Barfield, Katie Viggers
illustrated by Marianna Madriz
● A humorous introduction to cats from around
● A compendium of fun and fantastic “on this day” the world
facts for all 366 dates in the calendar year
● Featuring Katie Viggers’ trademark illustrations
● A riotous reference book that is perfect for reading
● Includes facts and stats on a wide range
daily, looking up birthdays, and also for regular use
of big cats (as well as our pet cats!)
in the classroom

● Lively illustrations to accompany the weird, wacky, Meet the cats! From lions and leopards to
and wonderful facts. cheetahs and cougars, welcome to the world
of cats. Who is the fastest feline? Who spends the
Something amazing really does happen every single most time sleeping and who has the loudest roar?
day! Literally the book of the year, this incredible
compendium gives you fun and fantastic facts for
every date on the calendar. Did you know that Buzz
Aldrin took the first selfie in space on November
12th 1966? Or that October 21st is International Day
of the Nacho? AUTHOR 
Katie Viggers is a London-based INFO 9781913947248
illustrator and the founder of Eightbear, 32 illustrations
Read the facts daily throughout the year, or look a company that produces an original and 32 pages
witty range of animal books and prints to
up birthdays to see what amazing events in history 11⅞ x 8⅞ ins
appeal to kids and adults alike.
happened on that day! $17.99 • Hardcover
AUTHOR Mike Barfield is a comic writer, INFO 9781913947040
cartoonist, poet, and performer. He 400 illustrations
has worked in TV, radio, books, and
144 pages
magazines —as well as schools, libraries,
11½ x 8⅜ ins
and museums.
$19.99 • Hardcover
Illustrator Marianna Madriz’s clients
include Creative Review, House of
Illustration, and The Eighty-Eight

A Book of Bears: At Home with Bears around the World
50 51

Adventure Starts Myth Match

at Bedtime (Miniature Edition)
30 Real-Life Stories of Daring and Danger A Fantastical Flipbook of Extraordinary Beasts
Ness Knight, illustrated by Qu Lan Good Wives & Warriors

● A collection of 30 real-life stories of danger and ● The best-selling Myth Match title, now in
intrigue, told as a live-action scene, offering a miniature!
riveting read for a more adventurous bedtime
● A magical flipbook full of imaginary and mythical
● Prop-up-in-bed format beasts to create

● Written by award-winning journalist and real-life ● Make over 1,000 fantastic combinations by flipping
adventurer Ness Knight the left and right halves of the book

Brush off the cobwebs and take an adventure tonight, You might have heard of the unicorn and the griffin,
with 30 real-life stories of danger and intrigue. Travel but what about the unifin? This fantastical flipbook
back in time and across thousands of miles to collects together magical and mythical creatures
escape quicksand, survive a desert storm, and reach from all over the world, then lets you mix and match
the summit of Everest with this diverse collection their fronts and backs to create even more wondrous
of real-life stories from men and women from past beasts of your own!
and present.

From the wolpertinger and the bakeneko to the

AUTHOR Ness Knight is an adventurer, INFO 9781786279323
broadcaster, and writer. She has
kraken and the qilin, this mixed-up magical bestiary
128 illustrations
completed challenges and expeditions has over 1,000 possible creations to fascinate,
128 pages
all over the world. bewitch, and beguile.
10¾ x 8⅜
Qu Lan was born and raised in China
$22.99 • Hardcover
and has been living in France since AUTHOR Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell have INFO 9781786278982
graduating from the China Academy of Art. JULY 2021
been working collaboratively as Good 24 illustrations
Wives and Warriors since 2007, soon
48 pages
after graduating from The Glasgow
4⅞ x 7⅜ ins
School of Art. They design large-scale
installations and undertake design $12.99 • Spiral bound hardcover
commissions for companies in the UK SEPTEMBER 2021
and abroad.

Myth Match
52 53

My First Bingo: Home My First Bingo: School

Illustrated by Niniwanted Illustrated by Niniwanted

● Accessible bingo format aimed at very young ● Accessible bingo format aimed at very young
children: develops matching and observation skills children: develops matching and observation skills

● Higher spec design and production than the ● Higher spec design and production than the
competition competition

● Familiar scenes of home life illustrated with ● Familiar scenes of school life illustrated with
a charming twist a charming twist

Containing four gameboards with a different Containing four gameboards with a different
illustration on each, this attractively boxed set is illustration on each, this attractively boxed set is the
the perfect gift for early learners. Featuring the perfect gift for early learners. Featuring the class-
bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room, the library, the cafeteria, and the playground,
room, kids will delight in exploring detailed kids will delight in exploring detailed depictions of
depictions of their familiar worlds. Each board has their familiar worlds. Each board has ten objects to
ten objects to find: be the first to fill your board and find: be the first to fill your board and win bingo!
win bingo!
AUTHOR Jenny Lelong, known as Niniwanted on INFO 9781786279576
AUTHOR Jenny Lelong, known as Niniwanted on INFO 9781786279545 social media since 2009, is a designer 4 gameboards
social media since 2009, is a designer and illustrator. Her work consists of
4 gameboards 8 x 8 x 1½ ins
and illustrator. Her work consists of colorful illustrations with a naive pop
8 x 8 x 1½ ins $14.99 • Box
colorful illustrations with a naive pop touch, much of it inspired by her love
$14.99 • Box of Japan. JULY 2021
touch, much of it inspired by her love
of Japan. JULY 2021


My First Bingo: School My First Bingo: Home
54 55

Pooper Heroes
A Family Card Game
Zsolt Batki, illustrated by Aga Giecko

● Poop is a popular theme!

● Meet the Pooper Hero characters and learn

fun facts about how food turns into poop
while playing

● This hilarious new card game has three difficulty

levels for ages 5+, 7+ and 9+ so it works for all
the family

The Pooper Heroes take poop from no one! Will you?

Meet the Pooper Heroes: Pooperman, the Flush,
Poop Fairy, and Farty Godmother in this fun family
card game for children aged 5+. Food gets turned
into poop as you play, and players must team up
with the Pooper Heroes to get rid of their poop
cards—the least poopy player wins! Boring grown-
ups beware, you might get pooped on!!

AUTHOR Zsolt Batki is a game designer who works INFO 9781913947545

in digital marketing. A father of three, 20 illustrations
he loves designing fun family games.
78 cards
Aga Giecko is a UK-based Polish 5½ x 3⅞ x 1¼ ins
illustrator. Whimsical characters with $14.99 • Box
cheeky smiles and wonky lines are her
signature style.

Poop Bingo;
Who Pooped? A Jigsaw Puzzle;
Who Pooped? A Matching &
Memory Game
56 57

The A to Z of Dogs Sea Monsters

A Jigsaw Puzzle
& Rainbows
Illustrated by Seungyoun Kim
A Chutes & Ladders Game
● A puzzle the shape of a dog—as long as a dog! Anna Claybourne,
illustrated by Sister Arrow
● Kids can learn about different breeds and identify
their favorites
● A fun and easy-to-play chutes & ladders game
● Chunky pieces perfect for small hands! for children and families, suitable for age 5+

● This version features fun facts on weird and

This puzzle is in the shape of a dog, and more than
wonderful sea monsters: steer your ship around
three feet long! Piece together 26 different breeds
them to avoid going under!
to get one loooong sausage dog. Big pieces for little
hands make assembling this jigsaw puzzle a cinch. ● Complete with counters shaped liked ocean-
Kids and parents alike can delight in recognizing exploring ships, this game can be enjoyed by
familiar breeds and learning new ones in Seungyoun two to six players
Kim’s gorgeous illustration.
Come on an amazing journey across the ocean,
AUTHOR Seungyoun Kim is a Korean illustrator INFO 9781913947378 steering your ship to avoid monsters in this fun new
and children’s book author. She lives 14 x 5¾ x 3 ins take on chutes and ladders. Mythical sea monsters
in Seoul with her puppy, Kim Pingu, a
$16.99 • Box are notoriously elusive, but watch out when they
favorite subject of her illustrations and
a loyal workmate who loves to sleep on
SEPTEMBER 2021 rear their heads as they could send you right back
her lap while she’s painting. to the start! The booklet includes short retellings of
their fantastical tales. From Scotland’s Loch Ness
Monster to the Amazonian Yacumama, welcome to
the watery world of myths and legends!

AUTHOR Sister Arrow is a UK-based illustrator INFO 9781913947354

and educator working with drawing, Board, six playing
animation, and game design. pieces, dice, booklet

Anna Claybourne is a children’s author 8¾ x 8¾ x 1⅞ ins

whose most recent titles include Match $16.99 • Box
a Mummy and The Mermaid Atlas (both
Laurence King 2020).

Bug Me Not!;
Ocean Bingo

Who Pooped? A Jigsaw Puzzle;
299 Dogs (and a Cat)

Make Your Own Fairy

Tale: Hansel & Gretel
Illustrated by Rebecca Green

● A charming press-out set for children to easily

assemble and play with

● Contains 8 press-out sheets that make all the

necessary characters and props to reenact
the story

● Combines popular “Make Your Own” format with

a much-loved children’s classic

Press out and play along as you read! Eight press-

out sheets give you all the characters and props you
need to reenact the story of Hansel and Gretel. From
the children and the breadcrumbs to the witch and
her gingerbread house, act out the story while you
read it or invent alternate versions! Comes with a
fully illustrated story booklet for grown-ups to read
to little ones as they play or for bigger kids to enjoy

AUTHOR Rebecca Green is an illustrator, painter, INFO 9781913947507

and author who loves experimenting with 8 press out sheets
sculpture, lettering, and design using an
16 page booklet
array of traditional materials including
5¾ x 5¾ x 1½ ins
gouache, colored pencil, ink, and cut
paper. Clients include Frankie, the $16.99 • Box
Wall Street Journal, Flow magazine, and AUGUST 2021
Amnesty International.

Make Your Own Fairy Tale: Snow White;
Build Your Own Mars Colony
60 61
From: The Puzzle of Hopefulness
Illustration © Therese Vandling
ISBN 9781913947491
$12.99 / SEPTEMBER 2021


62 63

Endangered Bond Bingo

Animals Bingo The Ultimate 007 Game
Text by Robert Shore
64 Amazing creatures That Need Our Help
Illustrated by Marcel George, ● Play bingo with 64 Bond icons: featuring all seven
text by Lizzie Williams 007s; memorable villains; Bond girls; Q, M, and
Moneypenny; and (of course) a dazzling array of
● Follows success of Bird, Bug, Dog, Cat, and famous cars and gadgets
Ocean Bingo
● Builds on the success of our best-selling
● A fun game for children and adults to bingo range
play together
● An accompanying booklet reveals the full stories
● 64 of the world’s best-loved at-risk creatures to behind the characters and items featured
learn about and get inspired to save
The name is Bond. Bond Bingo. Grab Q’s gadgets
This family friendly game is packed with astonishing and rev up the Aston Martin DB5 in readiness for
and beautiful creatures from all over the world. a high-stakes game. Featuring 64 characters and
What unites them all? They are under threat. But curiosities from the world’s most famous movie
there’s still time! Learn about the okapi, the whale franchise - including all seven 007s, his most iconic
shark, and the southern sea otter and be inspired to nemeses, and his most innovative cars and devic-
take action. This bingo game is filled with fun facts es - this is the ultimate gift for Bond fans. Snatch
and glorious illustrations that are guaranteed to victory from the jaws of Jaws and win bigger than
delight kids and adults alike. Le Chiffre! Be the first to fill your bingo card and
shout SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED! to win.
AUTHOR Marcel George is a London-based INFO 9781913947439
illustrator who creates hand-painted 10⅜ x 9⅜ x 2⅝ ins AUTHOR Robert Shore is the author of Post- INFO 9781913947804
contemporary watercolor illustrations. Photography: The Artist with a Camera
$29.99 • Box 10⅜ x 9⅜ x 2⅝ ins
(2014) and Beg, Steal and Borrow: Artists
Lizzie Williams is a celebrated travel OCTOBER 2021 $35.00 • Box
against Originality (2017). He has worked
writer, guidebook author, and ex-safari NOVEMBER 2021
as creative director of the contemporary
tour leader. She is passionate about
visual culture brand Elephant and as
wildlife and conservation, especially
deputy editor of Art Review magazine.
endangered species in Africa.












Bird Bingo; Dog Bingo; Ocean Bingo

64 65

Therapy Toolkit Body Language

60 Cards for Self-Exploration
Linn Martinsen, Dip Couns, MBACP,
50 Cards to Reveal What They’re
illustrated by Cindy Kang
Really Thinking
● Peer-reviewed text written by a qualified therapist, Martin Brooks,
whose gentle, guiding questions offer a useful illustrated by Rachel Levit Ruiz
introduction and simple first step into therapy
● Unlock the secrets of what people are thinking by
● Will appeal to fans of The School of Life personal
learning to read their unconscious body language
development gifts and those who liked bestsellers
The Examined Life, Love’s Executioner or The Body ● Fully illustrated to show you how to recognize
Keeps the Score each gesture

● Thoughtful gift package accompanied by ● Written by an expert in gesture, nonverbal

provoking and meditative illustrations by South behavior, culture, and emotion
Korean artist Cindy Kang
Learning to decode nonverbal communication is a
The Therapy Toolkit features sixty cards devised by powerful tool to help us understand other people’s
an experienced and qualified therapist to help the thoughts and feelings, and it can help us make
user explore their issues in a compassionate and ourselves better understood too. There is a wealth of
safe space. Split into four categories—Experiences, meaning in the body language of those around us
Emotions, Relationships, and Childhood—each card and most of us aren’t even aware it exists—
features questions and reflections that emulate Body Language Decoder can help you to gauge
the process of therapy, guiding the user through more easily what a client or colleague is truly
their journey of self-exploration in order to create thinking or your partner is truly feeling, opening a
deep, meaningful change. A tool for those who are world of communication.
interested in exploring therapy or a companion to
therapy itself. AUTHOR Rachel Levit Ruiz is a Mexican artist and INFO 9781913947200
INFO 9781786279552 illustrator. She graduated from Parsons 50 illustrated cards
The New School of Design in May 2012.
AUTHOR Linn Martinsen, Dip Couns, MBACP, is 6⅜ x 4¾ x 2 ins 50 page booklet
a BACP registered psychotherapeutic $16.99 • Box Martin Brooks is a communication coach 6⅜ x 4¾ x 2 ins
counselor with 18 years’ experience in and trainer. His analysis skills have
AUGUST 2021 $16.99 • Box
private practice. been seen on the BBC and Discovery

Dream Decoder;
Ways of Tuning Your Senses

66 67

Erotic Tarot Whiskey Poker

Intimate Intuition Whiskey Lovers’ Playing Cards
Illustrated by Sofie Birkin, Charles Maclean,
text by the Fickle Finger of Fate illustrated by Grace Helmer

● Beautifully illustrated, fully functional set of ● Whiskey Poker is a simple and fun card game
78 tarot cards to learn (with added layers of complexity for
advanced players)
● Features Sofie Birkin’s bold, playful, fully inclusive
version of erotica ● Discover new single malts, bourbons, and ryes
while recognizing your favorites among the
● Includes a 40-page booklet explaining the roles of
the major and minor arcana and instructions on
how to create your own readings ● Perfect for playing with a dram, this game is the
ideal gift for whiskey drinkers and poker players
A gorgeous deck of fully functional tarot cards
based on traditional tarot iconography, illustrated This illustrated deck of playing cards is perfect for
with an erotic twist by Sofie Birkin. Her bold char- dram after dram of whiskey, playing Whiskey Poker—
acters and bright, playful images prioritize inclusive or any other card game. Featuring illustrations of
representation, encourage daydreams, and aim to 39 malt whiskeys from around the world, plus 13
empower. Along with the fully illustrated cards, a whiskey-based cocktails, the deck is accompanied
booklet explains in detail how to interpret the cards by a booklet giving detailed background to the
and conduct your own readings. Gain insight into world’s favorite distilleries and recipes for all the
what lies ahead and which opportunities to watch cocktails. Perfect for a hand of cards or a handy
for, along with a fresh perspective on your love life. refresher on how to mix an Old Fashioned.

AUTHOR Sofie Birkin is a queer British INFO 9781913947224 AUTHOR Charles MacLean is Scotland’s leading INFO 9781786277411
illustrator living in Denver. She 78 cards whiskey expert, a consultant at Bonhams 52 cards and
has created queer and trans inclusive Auctioneers, and the author of ten booklet in box
6⅜ x 4⅜ x 2¼ ins
illustrations for Bloomsbury, whiskey books.
$17.99 • Box 4⅝ x 3⅝ x 1½ ins
Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Badoo, and Nobrow, Grace Helmer is a London-based
and uses her work to promote the gay OCTOBER 2021 $14.99 • Box
illustrator. Her playful, colorful
agenda whenever possible. compositions capture a feeling of SEPTEMBER 2021
The Fickle Finger of Fate is a collective discovery and find beauty in the
of Old-Time fortune tellers. everyday.


Tattoo Tarot; Movie Tarot Gin Rummy
68 69

Dreamer, Dynamo,
A Personality Notebook
Dr Sanna Balsari-Palsule

● Part of a series of three notebooks—Dreamer, AUTHOR Dr Sanna Balsari-Palsule is a

Disrupter, and Dynamo—each one curated for a behavioral scientist and expert
in the psychology of personality.
different personality type by a qualified expert in
An associate at Judge Business
behavioral science and underpinned by the latest School, Cambridge, and UN
research in personality psychology keynote speaker, her work is
often featured in the media. She
● Design-led, highly finished lay-flat notebooks resides in London and Mumbai.
with an element of personalization for maximum
gift appeal

● For fans of the Magma Sketchbooks, School of Life INFO 9781913947736 (Disrupter)
notebooks, and guided journals 9781913947743 (Dreamer)
9781913947750 (Dynamo)
Beautiful, design-led notebooks, each one curated
for a different personality type. As well as blank Each notebook:
and lined pages for lists, notes, and thoughts, these 128 pages
unique notebooks feature a bespoke 16-page 8⅜ x 5⅞ ins
signature in the back written by a personality $14.99 • Paperback
psychologist to help the user better understand JANUARY 2022
their personality type and maximize their potential.

70 71

The Puzzle of Happiness

The Puzzle of Hopefulness
The Puzzle of Calm
A Little Gradient Jigsaw
Therese Vandling and
Professor Susan Broomhall

● A new 150-piece little gradient puzzle series using AUTHOR Susan Broomhall is a Professor
the artwork from The Box of Emotions of History at The University
of Western Australia and 2018
● As sales of jigsaw puzzles continue to grow, Co-Director of the ARC Centre of
the gradient puzzle and mini puzzle trends have Excellence for the History of
attracted a new, social media-savvy audience
Therese Vandling is an
● Each puzzle features a mini print of the artwork independent graphic designer and
and accompanying booklet written by an expert in experimental print maker.
the theory of emotions

Unique gradient puzzles for a new generation of INFO 9781913947620 (Happiness)

jigsaw fans that tap into the mindful, self-care 9781913947491 (Hopefulness)
appeal of jigsaws. From Calm to Happiness, 9781913947637 (Calm)
Hopefulness, Love and Ecstasy, the beautiful,
mesmerizing artwork of each little puzzle focuses Each puzzle:
on a different emotion, with accompanying text to 5 x 4 x 1⅝ ins
help the user understand and make sense of these 150 pieces
feelings. Perfect for fans of the Cloudberries or $12.99 • Box
Areaware gradient puzzles or The Box of Emotions. SEPTEMBER 2021

72 73

Tetromino City 299 Dogs (and a Cat)

A Geometric Jigsaw Puzzle A Canine Cluster Puzzle
Peter Judson Léa Maupetit

● Geometrically shaped pieces for a totally different ● A jigsaw with a twist: no two shapes are the
puzzling challenge! same, and each piece is a dog (except for one
that’s a cat)
● Intricate cityscape filled with minute detail
● Hours of maddening fun!
● Leads off a new series of puzzles with non-
traditional shapes ● Charming illustrations by Léa Maupetit

In this new series of geometrically shaped Have you got what it takes to corral all 299 dogs
puzzles, traditional jigsaw pieces go out the into a perfect puzzle? In this cunning cluster puzzle,
window! there are no regular jigsaw shapes: each piece takes
the outline of the dog itself. And there are 299 of
them! Plus a cat. See if you can find it!
Using the seven basic geometric shapes known as
tetrominos, you must reconstruct Peter Judson’s
AUTHOR Léa Maupetit is a French illustrator INFO 9781913947156
geometric cityscape! Each shape is repeated dozens who lives and works in Paris. Her 10⅝ x 10⅝ x 2 ins
of times: can you figure out where each piece goes? clients include the New York Times
300 pieces
and Möet Hennessy.
$19.99 • Box
AUTHOR Peter Judson is an illustrator based in INFO 9781913947569
London. His work draws stylistically 11⅞ x 7⅞ x 2 ins
from postmodernism and the radical design
$19.99 • Box
movements of the 20th century, exploring
the environments we inhabit in an attempt
to better understand human nature.

299 Cats (and a Dog): A Feline Cluster Puzzle; ALSO AVAILABLE
299 Dogs (and a Cat): A Canine Cluster Puzzle 299 Cats (and a Dog): A Feline Cluster Puzzle
74 75

The World of Dracula

A Jigsaw Puzzle by Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson

● This 1000-piece jigsaw features the world of

Dracula in mind-blowing detail

● Spot characters from the novel as you build

the puzzle

● The perfect gift for book and jigsaw lovers alike

Enter the gothic World of Dracula in this stunning

jigsaw puzzle by Adam Simpson. This richly reward-
ing puzzle is accompanied by an illustrated poster
and explanatory text detailing who’s who in Dracu-
la’s grisly world.

AUTHOR Adam Simpson’s work has been shortlisted INFO 9781913947774

for a British Design Award and in 2009 he 10⅝ x 10⅝ x 2 ins
was included in the Art Directors Club
1000 pieces
Young Guns awards. He is the illustrator
$19.99 • Box
of the best-selling World of Shakespeare
jigsaw puzzle, also by Laurence King. OCTOBER 2021

The World of Freddie

A Jigsaw Puzzle
Timba Smits

● This 1000-piece puzzle features the world of

Freddie Mercury in mind-blowing detail

● Spot famous figures, fellow musicians, and

references to his greatest songs as you build
the puzzle

● Includes fun facts about Freddie Mercury’s life

and work printed on a fold-out poster

Piece together the world of Freddie Mercury in this From:

jigsaw puzzle that tells the story of his life and songs. The World of
Part artist, part graphic illustrator, and INFO 9781913947583 by Adam
part letterer, Timba Smits blends a distinct 10⅝ x 10⅝ x 2 ins Simpson
love of music and mid-century style with con- 1000 pieces
temporary design aesthetics. $19.99 • Box

The Story of Impressionism:
1000-Piece Art History Jigsaw Puzzle
76 77

The Wonderful World The World of

of Oz Charles Dickens
A Movie Jigsaw Puzzle A Jigsaw Puzzle with 70 Characters to Find
Illustrated by MURUGIAH, text by Dana Professor John Mullan,
Cirelli, Kathleen Killian Fernandez, and illustrated by Barry Falls
Chris Vander Kaay
● This 1000-piece puzzle reimagines Dickens’ life and
● This 1000-piece puzzle reimagines the wonderful scenes from his novels in glorious detail
world of Oz, with Dorothy, the tin man, the
● Spot famous fictional characters, fellow writers,
scarecrow, the lion, and a host of fabulous
and historical characters as you build the puzzle
characters associated with the book, the film,
and their cultural impact ● Includes fun Dickens facts on a fold-out poster

● Spot famous fictional characters, fellow writers,

UNOFFICIAL & UNAUTHORISED Venture into Dickens’ legendary London in the next
filmmakers, and historical figures as you build
in our best-selling jigsaw series. Will you brave the
the puzzle
back alleys to find Fagin’s den, or risk Scrooge’s
● Includes fun facts on a fold-out poster scowl at the counting house? From Uriah Heep’s
villainous comedy to Miss Havisham’s eternal heart-
Piece together the world of Oz, from the original ache, Dickens fans will—like Oliver—find themselves
novel to the hit 1939 movie and beyond. Between asking for more as they build this 1000-piece puzzle
the yellow bricks hide memorable characters and and relive the dramas hidden within.
unexpected faces. As well as Dorothy and the
Wicked Witch, you’ll spot Freddy Krueger, Sean AUTHOR Barry Falls is an illustrator based in INFO 9781913947163
Connery, and Pink Floyd and discover their Oz Belfast, UK. His clients include The 1000-piece puzzle
New York Times, American Airlines, and poster
connections on the poster. Immerse yourself in this
and Unicef.
technicolor puzzle and you’ll find that there truly is 10⅝ x 10⅝ x 2 ins
Professor John Mullan is Lord Northcliffe
no place like home! Chair of Modern English Literature and
$19.99 • Box

head of department at University College SEPTEMBER 2021

AUTHOR MURUGIAH is a commercial artist living INFO 9781913947170 London, UK.
and working in London. He enjoys working 10⅝ x 10⅝ x 2 ins
in an off-beat cartoon style inspired
$19.99 • Box
by the comics and popular culture of his
youth which still influences him today.

ALSO AVAILABLE The World of Shakespeare;
Inside the Chocolate Factory; The World of Sherlock Holmes;
Stallone’s Big Fight The World of Jane Austen
78 79

Do You Know Ways of Looking at Art

Your Dogs? Illustrated by George Wylesol,
text by Martin Jackson
Dog Lovers’ Quiz Cards
● Experience art with fresh perspectives
Illustrated by Polly Horner,
text by Debora Robertson ● 50 prompts to change the way you see everything,
from fine art to street art
● A new product in our best-selling line of gifts for
● Portable format means you can take them
dog lovers, including Dog Bingo and Do You Look
on the go
Like Your Dog?

● Learn to recognize your favorite breeds with these Reawaken a sense of wonder and beauty with
simple picture quiz cards: is that a Labrador or a these illustrated cards. Use these 50 prompts
Golden Retriever? A Yorkshire Terrier or a Corgie? for 50 different ways of looking at anything
from graffiti to sculpture, painting to tapestry.
● Fun and easy to play with all the family—players
There is no right way to experience art: these
will enjoy guessing the dog breeds, then turning
cards will help you discover a newfound
over the card to reveal extra trivia questions
appreciation for whatever artworks come
your way.
Love dogs but wish you knew more about them?
Brush up on your canine companions using these
AUTHOR George Wylesol is an illustrator, INFO 9781913947576
quiz cards and you’ll be leading the pack in no time. designer, writer, and educator from 51 cards in box
Which is taller, a Great Dane or an Irish Wolfhound? Philadelphia. He currently lives in
5 x 4 x 1⅝ ins
Where do Border Terriers come from? Easy to play Baltimore and teaches illustration at
$16.99 • Box
with all the family, be the first to guess the dog Towson University and MICA.

breed from its picture, then turn the card over Martin Jackson teaches drawing and
to discover the answer and reveal extra trivia experimental animation at Kingston
University and is a tutor for the Royal
questions. The perfect treat for dog lovers and fans
Drawing School’s Young Artist program.
of Dog Bingo.

AUTHOR Polly Horner is an artist living in Rye, INFO 9781913947071

East Sussex, UK. She is the illustrator 64 illustrations
of Dogs: Best in Show, Dog Bingo, and Dog
64 cards
Postcards (Laurence King). AVAILABLE
5⅛ x 3⅞ ins
Debora Robertson is a writer specializing IN SPRING
64 cards in a box 2022
in all matters domestic: from food,
homes, and gardens to modern manners, $16.99 • Box
dogs, and decluttering. AUGUST 2021

Do You Look Like Your Dog?; Ways of Traveling;
Dogs: Best in Show Ways of Tuning Your Senses

80 81

Jane Austen Aussie Animal Match

Playing Cards A Memory Game
Illustrated by Marcel George,
Rediscover 5 Regency Card Games
text by Chris Humfrey
Illustrated by Barry Falls,
text by John Mullan ● Follow-up to the best-selling Match a Pair of Birds
and other animal memory games
● A set of playing cards featuring illustrations of
● Reunite the animals with their babies, while
Austen’s most famous characters, with rules to
learning about your favorite Australian creatures
five Regency card games and their mentions in
Austen’s novels included in the booklet ● This simple matching game is beautiful, easy to
play with all the family, and educational
● Features standard playing card suits, numbers,
and face cards: can be used in exactly the same
These adorable Australian animals are missing their
way as normal playing cards
mums and dads! Remember where they’re hiding and
● Hearts = Heroines & Heroes, clubs = Rogues & reunite them to win this fun family matching game.
Mischief-makers, diamonds = Friends & Relations
and spades = Fools & Bores Once you’ve put together all the pairs, learn about
all the fascinating creatures you’ve collected in the
Play cards with Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet and accompanying booklet written by Chris Humfrey
King and Queen of Hearts, Henry Crawford as Ace from Wild Action zoo, Melbourne.
Rogue, and many more of Jane Austen’s most mem-
orable characters. Suits are themed on character AUTHOR Marcel George is a London-based INFO 9781913947453
traits, with hearts for the Heroines & Heroes and illustrator who specializes in creating 50 illustrations
hand-painted contemporary watercolor
spades for the Fools & Bores. Add some 19th-century 50 cards
drama to your favorite card games or learn to play 5¾ x 4 x 1⅞ ins
Chris Humfrey is a zoologist and founder
the ones featured in Austen’s stories with the help of Wild Action zoo. With the educational
$16.99 • Box with booklet
of the accompanying booklet. program “The Zoo Comes to You” he teaches NOVEMBER 2021
over 250,000 children a year about
INFO 9781913947187
AUTHOR Barry Falls is an illustrator based in Australia’s biodiversity.
54 cards in a box
Belfast. He has worked for The New York
with booklet
Times, The Guardian, American Airlines,
Unicef, and Random House. 4⅝ x 3⅝ x 1½ ins
Professor John Mullan is Lord Northcliffe $14.99 • Box
Chair of Modern English Literature and SEPTEMBER 2021
head of the English department at UCL.

The World of Jane Austen;
Shakespeare Playing Cards
82 83
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160 161

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Espinoza, Steven 136 Good Wives & Warriors 51, 86, Hopkins, Owen 141, 144 Kaplan, Jonathan 95 Macellari, Elisa 116, 131 Morton, Camilla 93
Etherington, Robin 108 107, 111 Horberry, Roger 146 Karman, Bijou 91, 136 Maclean, Charles 67, 93 Morse, Trent 128
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Farina, Aurélien 148 Grimshaw Architects 142 Humfrey, Chris 81, 88 Kershaw, Gareth 156 146 Naegele, Isabel 148
Farrelly, Lorraine 143 Grose, Lynda 154 Humphrey, Lauren 112 Kiisel, Karolyn 153 Marciari, John 128 Nakamichi, Tomoko 156, 157
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Fee, Natalie 15, 124, 145 Guzowski, Mary 141 117, 129, 137, 150 136 Martin, Raphaël 113 National Poetry Library 116
Ferguson, Richard 109 Hyndman Sarah 97 Kim, Seungyoun 56, 100 Martin, Rosie 156 Nethersole, Scott 128
Fick, Bill 149 H Kind Studio 117 Martinsen, Linn 64, 96 Newland, Christina 86
Fickle Finger of Fate 66, 94 Hagan-Guirey, Marc 119, 120, 124, I Kirkham, Michael 109, 144 Maruzzelli, Lucia Esther 112, 145 Newman, Marian 151
Fiell, Charlotte 39, 125, 141, 143, 141, 142 IC4DESIGN 107, 108 Kirkham, Pat 136, 150 Maskell, Hazel 111 Nguyen-Grealis, Lan 151
146, 147, 148, 149 Haidle, Elizabeth 103 Ingram, Catherine 120, 122, 130, Kirkham, Tony 89, 93, 96 Masters of Photography 138 Nichols, Tom 132
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147, 149 Hallgrimsson, Bjarki 150 Innes, Malcolm 143 Knight, Ness 50, 111 Maupetit, Léa 73, 87, 89 Nunes, Victor 119
Fischer, Anette 157 Hammond, Alex 133 Inniss, Joseph 122 Kövecses, Anna 102 Maycock, Sarah 11, 115, 134
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Friel, Ian 46, 105, 111 Heller, Steven 125, 146, 148, 149, Jackson, Paul 96, 123, 124, 125, Latanza, Giuseppe 130 McLean, Will 39, 142, 144
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Fuentes, Carla 97 Helmer, Grace 67, 93, 95, 96 Jaglenka Terrazzini, Daniela 107, Laverty, Christopher 135, 154 McMahon Collis, Diana 95, 96, Padley, Gemma 21, 138
Fury, Alexander 152 Henly, Joanna 89 125 Lawson, Stuart 148 99, 121 Pailes-Friedman, Rebeccah 157
Henríquez, Daniela 91, 92 Jansen, Charlotte 93, 128, 130, Leamy, Selwyn 99, 118, 126, 132 McNeil, Paul 151 Pantelides, Katerina 133
G Henry, Kevin 147 138 Lee, Rik 91, 137 Meadows, Toby 155 Paoletti, John T. 128
Gambino, Paul 17, 115, 132 Hérem, Thibaud 117 Jara Kercher, Joshua 90 Lee-Merrion, Harriet 94, 97 MEGAMUNDEN 96, 121 Pappworth, Sara 134
Gamlen, Pete 113 Heti, Sheila 116 Jaussaud, Jean-François 131 Lefteri, Chris 149 Melhuish, Clare 143 Parisi, Paolo 114, 128
Gardner, Bruce 124 Higgie, Anna 93 Jawando, Danielle 114 Leslie, Jeremy 149 Metropolitan Museum of Art 90 Parkinson, David 126, 135
Garland, Val 152 Higgins, Ian 144 Jiang, Shan 95, 96 Leverton, Amy 153 Meyer, Mike 150 Parkinson, Tom 94, 137
George, Marcel 62, 81, 86, 88, 89, Higgins, Nick 117, 134 Johnston, Amanda 36, 153, 154 Levit Ruiz, Rachel 65, 94 Meyerowitz, Joel 138 Parr, Martin 118

162 163

Partridge, Loren 132 Sasahara, Noriko 157 Suzuki, Hiromi 93, 94 Warren, Hannah 114
Pedder-Smith, Rachel 123 Sato, Hisako 153, 157 Suzuki, Itsuko 101 Watkin, David 142
Perkins, Camilla 95 Sato, Kanae 102 Szkutnicka, Basia 154, 157 Watson, Albert 138
Phillips, David 141, 142 Savic, Dejan 98 Watson, Linda 154
Phillips, Lee John 124 Sayer, Chloë 18, 116, 130 T Watt Smith, Tiffany 94
Piyasena, Sam 122 Schonberger, Nick 118, 151 Tagliaferro, Lauren 152 Weckmann, Anke 113
Plewka, Karl 152 Scully, Claire 121 Tamaki, Lauren 95 Wesen Bryant, Michele 154
Plunkett, Drew 141, 142 Seggio, Barbara 157 Taylor, Eleanor 111, 119 West, David 118
Poloni, Giordano 92 Selmes, Caroline 100, 101, 103, Thomas, Isabel 100, 103, 108, 109, Westerbeck, Colin 138
Posters, Bill 133, 146 108, 109 113, 114 Weston, Richard 125, 140, 141
Posner, Harriet 155 Shaeffer, Claire 153 Thomas, Patrick 99, 145 Weston-Lewis, James 111
Potter, Claire 14, 145 Shakespeare, Tom 128 Thornhill, Joanna 125, 143 White, Terry 144
Poulain, Damien 101 Shaughnessy, Adrian 148 Tinney, Mike 133 White Arkitekter 143
Powell, Pamela 155 Shaw, Mark 146 Tomlinson, Lottie 117, 151 Wilkinson, Carl 111
Powers, Alan 140 Shawcross, Conrad 132 Travis, Stephanie 144 Williams, Lizzie 62, 88
Pramaggiore, Maria 135 Shenton, Jan 157 TTTism 118, 151 Willis, Abigail 122
Pretor-Pinney, Gavin 94 Shore, Robert 128, 129, 135 Tucker, Johnny 142 Wilson, Kendra 94, 115, 116, 117,
Price, Dorothy 129 Silver, Pete 39, 142, 144 Tye, Alice 94 122, 129
Price-Cabrera, Natalia 139 Simpson, Adam 74, 87, 92, 134 Tylevich, Katya 22, 62, 93, 136 Wilson, Zeren 93
Proctor, Rebecca 150 Sims, Josh 116, 155 Woods, Paul 35, 148, 150
Pryce, Jonathan Daniel 138, 155 Sister Arrow 57, 103 U Woodward, Adam 122, 136
Slade-Brooking, Catharine 146, Udale, Jenny 154 Woolf, Virginia 12, 116
Q 147 Unwin, Mike 92 Worsley, Harriet 125, 152
Qiong Er, Jiang 39, 141, 147 Sloan, Kate 9, 114 Upchurch, Paul 90 Wright, Jennifer 118
Smith, Kelly 109 Urban Outfitters 117 Wylesol, George 79, 97
R Smits, Timba 74, 87, 93, 137 Utechin, Nicholas 87
Radke, Gary M. 128 Snider, Rachel 86 Y
Rae, Andrew 86, 107, 122, 133, Snir, Noa 114 V Yamashita, Megumi 141, 142
134, 135 Solomon, Kate 137 Vale, Patrick 133 Yot, Richard 131
Raisin, Ross 117, 126 Sommer, Mikkel 90, 91, 92 Valli, Marc 128 Young, Sarah 94
Ratinon, Claire 123 Sommer Christensen, Mikkel 93 Valmorbida, Elise 6, 120 Yun, Yeji 101, 104
Raymond, Martin 151 Soriano, Kathleen 131 Van Der Veken, Jan 112
Rees, Darrel 148 Sotés, Jesús 46, 111 van Meel, Juriaan 144 Z
Regan, Lisa 107 Sparshott, David 91, 97, 119 van Ree, Hermen Jan 144 Zappaterra, Yolanda 147
Reid, Olga 141 Spiers, Julia 105 Van Ryn, Aude 109, 134
Rideal, Liz 131 Spitzer, Katja 113 Van Sant, Gus 22, 136
Rivans, Maria 120 Spozio, Iker 133 Vandenbroucke, Brecht 86
Roberts, Caroline 19, 115, 129 Spurling, Florence 37, 153 Vander Kaay, Chris 76, 136
Robertson, Debora 78, 89, 92 SRK 121 Vandling, Therese 70, 86, 94
Rochester, Helen 92 Stadden, Peter 122 Vann, Philip 128
Roddam, George 134 Steinbauer, Anja 119 Vienne, Véronique 125, 146
Rodgers, Paul 150 Stepien, Maya 99 Viggers, Katie 49, 110
Rossetti, Eva 30, 135 Sterlacci, Francesca 153, 155, 156, Vigourt, Renaud 108, 113
Rothenstein, Julian 18, 116, 130 157 Volner, Ian 144
Rüber, Sabina 123 Stewart, Lizzy 103
Rumsby, Anna 107 Stickerbomb 121, 145 W
Russell, Henry 127 Stokes, Emma 90 Waern, Rasmus 145
Ryder, Brett 86 Storr, Robert 132 Waldron, Hannah 101, 102
Stoten, Jim 122, 138 Wallington, Jack 123
S Street, Ben 119, 127 Wallis, Tom 135
Salisbury, Martin 146, 147 Stuart, Matt 140 Warchol, Ulla 123
Samar Damluji, Salma 141, 142 Styles, Morag 147 Ward, Ossian 27, 131
Sampson, Ana 11, 115 Sullivan , Edward J. 131 Warner Marien, Mary 126, 138,
Sansom, Jonah 99 Sundsbø, Sølve 155 139

164 165

Index of Titles Book of the Dog, The: Dogs in Art

115, 129
Book of the Flower, The: Flowers
Cloud Spotter: 30 Cards to Keep
You Looking Up 94
Color: A Workshop for Artists and
Dinner: 21 Daredevil Tricks to
Impress Your Guests 116
Dark Side of the Spoon: The Rock
in Art 115, 129 Designers Third Edition 129, 147 Cookbook 122
A Reconstruction, The 141 B Book of the Horse, The: Horses in Come Together: The Rock Bands David Bowie 137
A to Z of Dogs A Jigsaw Puzzle, Architecture School Survival Baby Art Gallery: Turn Your Baby Art 115, 129 Game 90 David Hockney 26, 130
The 56 Guide, The 140 into an Art Critic 101 Book of the Raven, The: Corvids Compendium of Amazing Day of the Dead, The: A Visual
A to Z of Dogs: A Looooong Architecture Visionaries 141 Baby Zoo: Turn Your Baby into a in Art and Legend 19, 115, 129 Gardening Innovations, The 122 Compendium 18, 116, 130
Jigsaw Puzzle, The 100 Architectural Modelmaking Zoologist 101 Book of the Tree, The: Trees in Art Complete Pleats: Pleating Denim Dudes: Street Style
A to Z of Monsters and Magical Second Edition 140 Back on Your Bike: All the Stuff 115, 129 Techniques for Fashion, Vintage Workwear Obsession
Beings, An 110 Architectural Styles: A Visual You Need to Know to Be a Box of Emotions, The 94 Architecture, and Design 124, 153
Acrylic: Do More Art 127 Guide 141 Cyclist Again 119 Bug Bingo 88 141, 147, 152 Design Process in Architecture:
Adventure Starts at Bedtime: 30 Around the World in 80 Plants Backyard Birds: An Urban Bug Me Not! 99 Construction for Landscape From Concept to Completion
Real-Life Stories of Daring and 114, 122 Birdwatching Logbook 97 Build Your Own Mars Colony 101 Architecture 141 141
Danger 111 Around the World in 80 Trees 114, Ballpoint Art 128 Butterfly Wings: A Matching Contemporary Chinese Furniture Designing Knitted Textiles:
Airline: Style at 30,000 Feet 152 122 Basquiat: A Graphic Novel 114, 128 Game 89 Design: A New Wave of Machine Knitting for Fashion
Alan Kitching’s A¬–Z of Art Game, The: New Edition, fifty Battle of the Bands: A Rock Top Bystander: A History of Street Creativity 141 37, 153
Letterpress: Founts from The cards 90 Score Game 91 Photography 138 Copywriting: Successful Writing Detail in Contemporary Concrete
Typography Workshop 147 Art in Renaissance Italy Fourth Battle of the Bikes: A Top Score for Design, Advertising and Architecture 141
Albert Einstein’s Theory of Edition 128 Game 91 C Marketing Second Edition 146 Detail in Contemporary Hotel
Relativity 111 Art of Architectural Daylighting, Bauhaus Ballet 110 Casual Sweet Clothes: Favorite Cosmic Book of Space, Aliens Design 141
Alice in Wonderland (Story Box): The 141 Be a Super Awesome Artist: 20 Pieces for Every Day 157 and Beyond, The: Draw, Colour, Detail in Contemporary
Remake the Classic Fairy Tale Art of Renaissance Florence: A Art Challenges Inspired By the Cat Bingo 88 Create Things From Out of This Residential Architecture 2 142
101 City and Its Legacy 128 Masters 112 Cat Coasters 97 World! 105 Detail in Contemporary Timber
Alice’s Wonderland: A Curiouser Art of Renaissance Rome: Artists Be a Super Awesome Cat Gurus: Wisdom from the Couture Tailoring: A Construction Architecture 142
and Curiouser Jigsaw Puzzle 86 and Patrons in the Eternal City Photographer 112 World’s Most Celebrated Guide for Women’s Jackets 153 Digital Textile Design Second
All About Yves: Editions Larosse 152 128 Beg, Steal and Borrow: Artists Felines 94 Creating a Brand Identity: A Edition 153
Almost an Animal Alphabet 110 Art of the Fold, The: How to Make against Originality 129 Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky, A Guide for Designers 146, 147 Dino Domino 101
Alright Darling? The Innovative Books and Paper Beyoncé 24, 137 112 Creating Couture Embellishment Dinosaur Bingo 100
Contemporary Drag Scene 114 Structures 123 Biomorphic Structures: Architecture Cats & Kittens: A Memory Game 153 Disrupter: A Personality
Amazed 104 Art Oracles: Creative & Life Inspired by Nature 141 89 Creating Photographs 138 Notebook 68, 98
Amazing Animal Adventure: An Inspiration from the Great Bird Bingo 88 Catwalking: Photographs by Creative Nudge, The: Simple Do You Look Like Your Cat?
Around-the-World Spotting Artists 93 Bird, The: The Great Age of Avian Chris Moore 152 Steps to Help You Think Match Cats with their
Expedition, The 112 Art Out of the Box: Creativity Illustration 20, 114, 129 Celebrity Love Match: A Memory Differently 147 Humans: A Memory Game 89
Amelia Earhart (Little Guides to Games for Artists of all Ages Birds: Playing Cards 90 Game 89 Cut & Dry: The Modern Guide to Do You Look Like Your Dog?
Great Lives) 113 93 Bob Goes Pop 110 Chantal Joffe: Personal Feeling Is Dried Flowers from Growing to Match Dogs with Their
Amy Winehouse 137 Art Play 105 Bob the Artist 110 the Main Thing 129 Styling 119, 122 Humans: A Memory Game 89,
Anatomica: The Exquisite and Art Visionaries 128 Bob the Artist: Dominoes 101 Charles Darwin (Little Guides to Cut and Fold Paper Textures: 116
Unsettling Art of Human Artemisia Gentileschi 128 Bob’s Blue Period 110 Great Lives) 113 Techniques for Surface Design Do You Know Your Dogs? Dog
Anatomy 128 Artists on Art: How the Masters Body Language Decoder: 50 Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of 123 Lovers’ Quiz Cards 78, 92
Anatomy of Cycling: 22 Bike See, Think & Create 28, 128 Cards to Reveal What They’re Species 112 Cut and Fold Techniques for Pop- Dog Bingo 88
Culture Postcards 97 Artless: Art & Illustration by Really Thinking 65, 94 Children’s Picturebooks: The Art Up Designs 123, 147 Dog Coasters 97
Andy Warhol 128 Simple Means 128 Book of Bears, A: At Home with of Visual Storytelling Second Cut and Fold Techniques for Dog Domino 101
Animal Mah-Jong 88 Atlas of Dark Destinations, The: Bears Around the World 110 Edition 147 Promotional Materials Revised Dogs & Puppies: A Memory Game
Animals at Home: Match 27 Explore the World of Dark Book of Black, The 115, 129 Circular Economy (for Regular edition 124 89
Animals to Their Homes 104 Tourism 16, 114 Book of Cat Poems, The 11, 115 People), The: How to Live Cosmic Book of Space, Aliens Don’t Get a Job...Make a Job:
Anne Frank (Little Guides to Aussie Animal Match: A Memory Book of Cats, A: At Home with Sustainably 14, 145 & Beyond, The: Draw, Color, How to Make it as a Creative
Great Lives) 113 Game 81, 89 Cats around the World 49, 110 Circular Fashion: Making the Create Things from Out of this Graduate 147
Archidoodle: An Architect’s Australia’s Deadly Animals Book of Dog Poems, The 11, 115 Fashion Industry Sustainable World! 42 Doodle Gardener: Imagine,
Activity Book 104, 119, 140 Bingo And Other Dangerous Book of Skulls, The 115 145, 152 Design, and Draw the Ideal
Archidoodle City: An Architect’s Creatures from Down Under 88 Book of the Bird, The: Birds in Art Citizen Canine: Dogs in the D Garden 122
Activity Book 104 Awkward Beauty: The Art of Lucy 115, 129 Movies 135 Daido Moriyama: How I Take Doodleflip Dress-Up 111
Architecture: An Introduction 140 Jones 128 Book of the Cat, The: Cats in Art Clash of the Titians: An Old Photographs 138 Dorodango: The Japanese Art of
Architecture of Yemen and Its 115, 129 Masters Top Score Game 92 Dangerous Experiments for After Making Mud Balls 124

166 167

Drag Match: Pair Up the Before Erotic Tarot: Intimate Intuition Tops for You to Make 157 G Happy Writing Book The: How to Save the World For Free
and After Looks 89 66, 94 Feminist Oracles: Blaze a trail Game of Queens: A Drag Queen Discover the Positive Power of Paperback 15, 145
Drag: The Complete Story 116, 153 Essensualism: The Craft Spirit of with Advice from 50 Iconic Card Race 91 Creative Writing 6, 120 How to Set Up & Run a Fashion
Drape Drape 2 153, 157 Contemporary Chinese Design Women 93 Garçon Style: New York, London, Hassan Fathy: Earth & Utopia 142 Label Third Edition 155
Drape Drape 3 153, 157 39, 147 Ferdinand Magellan (Little Milano, Paris 138, 155 Hello Nature Activity Cards: 30
Draping: Techniques for Every Day Amazing: Fantastic Guides to Great Lives) 113 Genius Art: Genius Playing Cards Activities 105 I
Beginners 153 Facts for Every Day of the Year Film: A Critical Introduction 91 Hello Nature: Draw, Color, Make, I Saw It First! Egypt: A Family
Draping: The Complete Course 48, 112 Fourth Edition 135 Genius Movies: Genius Playing and Grow 105 Spotting Game 100
Second Edition 153 Evolution: The Work of Grimshaw Find Frida 120, 130 Cards 91, 136 History of Everything in 32 Pages, I Saw It First! Jungle: A Family
Draw Paint Print like the Great Architects, Volume 4, 2000– Find My Rocket: A Marvelous Genius Music: Genius Playing The 112 Spotting Game 100
Artists 105, 130 2010 142 Maze Adventure 105 Cards 91, 137 History of Modern Fashion, The I Saw It First! Ocean: A Family
Drawing for Interior Design Exhibition Design: An First Time, The: Stories & Songs Genius TV: Genius Playing Cards 155 Spotting Game 100
Second Edition 142 Introduction Second Edition from Music Icons 137 91, 136 History of Western Architecture, Icons of Men’s Style mini 116, 155
Drawing for Product Designers 142 Flats: Technical Drawing for Genius Writers: Genius Playing A Sixth Edition 142 Icons of Style Postcards 98
147 Extraordinary Things to Cut Out Fashion: A Complete Guide Cards 91 Hoakes Island: A Fiendish Puzzle Illustration Idea Book, The:
Drawing Game, The 119 and Collage 120 Second Edition 154 Get TikTok Famous Fast 116, 120 Adventure 105 Inspiration from 50 Masters
Dream Decoder: 60 Cards to Flip Fashion 105, 154 Ghost Story Box: Create Your Hokusai: A Graphic Biography 130 148
Unlock Your Unconscious 94 F Flip Side of Alien, The 135 Own Spooky Tales 101 Hollow Woods, The: Storytelling I’m Afraid Debbie from Marketing
Dream Decoder Journal 94, 97 Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Flip Side of Jurassic Park, The 135 Ghost Story Dice 102 Card Game 95 Has Left for the Day: How
Dream of Surrealism, The: Guide: Natural and Man-made Flip Side of Pulp Fiction, The 136 GilesSølveKatie 155 Homes 111 to Use Behavioral Design to
1000-Piece Art History Jigsaw Fibres 153 Floriography: The Meaning of Gin Rummy: Gin Lover’s Playing Homes We Build, The: A World of Create Change in the Real
Puzzle 86 Fabric for Fashion: The Swatch Flowers 94 Cards 90 Houses and Habitats 112 World 148
Dreamer: A Personality Notebook Book Revised Second Edition Flower Families: A Go Fish Game Girl on Girl: Art and Photography Horizons, Zones and Outer In Search of Elsewhere: Unseen
68, 98 36, 154 90 in the Age of the Female Gaze Spaces: The Art of John Loker Images 140
Dreamer, Dynamo, Disrupter: A Face Values: Beauty Rituals and Flower Garden, The: How to Grow 130, 138 130 Ink: Do More Art 130
Personality Notebook 70 Skincare Secrets 8, 151 Flowers from Seed 123 Global Art and the Cold War 130 How Should One Read a Book? Ink House, The 111, 116
Do You Know Your Dogs? Dog Fairy Tale Play: A Pop-up Flower Year, The: A Coloring Book Go Lightly: How to Travel Without 116 Inside, Outside, Upside Down:
Lovers’ Quiz Cards 80 Storytelling Book 105 120 Hurting the Planet 120, 145 How to Be an Illustrator Second Draw & Discover 105
Dynamo: A Personality Notebook Fairytale Memory Game, The: Folding Techniques for Designers: Goal! A Soccer Top Score Game 91 Edition 148 Inside the Chocolate Factory: A
68, 98 Match 3 Cards & Tell a Story From Sheet to Form 148 Going, Going, Gone! A High- How to Build a Bike (in a Movie Jigsaw Puzzle 86
101, 104 Footwear Design 154 Stakes Board Game 88 Weekend) 124 Instagram Poetry for Every Day
E Fame Game, The: A Celebrity Top Forage: Wild Plants to Gather Graphic Design: A User’s Manual How to Build a Motorcycle: 116
Eco Fashion 153 Score Game 92 and Eat 123 148 A Nut-and-Bolt Guide to Into the Wild: An Exotic
Editorial Design: Digital and Print Fantastic Women: A Top Score Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models: Graphic Design Idea Book, The: Customizing Your Bike 124 Woodland Coloring Book 120
147 Game 92 14 Kirigami Buildings to Cut Inspiration from 50 Masters 148 How to Build a Shed 124 Into the Wild: The Story of the
Element in the Room, The 112 Farm Bingo 100 and Fold 120, 124, 142 Graphic Design Play Book: An How to Create Your Final World’s Greatest Wildlife
Elephants on Tour: A search & Fashion & Sustainability: Design Frida Kahlo 130 Exploration of Visual Thinking Collection: A Fashion Student’s Photography 21, 138
Find Journey Around the World for Change 154 Frida Kahlo (Little Guides to 148 Handbook 155 Introduction to Architectural
111 Fashion Design: A Guide to the Great Lives) 113 Great British Coloring Map, The: How to Do Great Work Without Technology Third Edition 39, 142
Emergence: The Work of Industry and the Creative From Above: The Story of Aerial A Coloring Journey around Being an Asshole 148 Italian Renaissance Courts: Art,
Grimshaw Architects, Volume Process 154 Photography 138 Britain 120 How to Grow Your Dinner Pleasure, and Power 131
5, 2010– 2015 142 Fashion Design Research 154 From the Sculptor’s Studio: Great Photographers Meet Great Without Leaving the House 123
Enchanted Forest: 20 Postcards Fashion Drawing: Illustration Conversations with 20 Seminal Artists 139 How to Make Repeat Patterns: A J
97 Techniques for Fashion Artists 29, 130 Green Nation Revolution: Use Guide for Designers, Architects Jane Austen Playing Cards:
Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest Designers Second Edition 154 Fundamentals of Art History 130 Your Future to Change the and Artists 124, 142, 148 Rediscover 5 Regency Card
& Coloring Book 119 Fashion in Film 135, 154 Fundamentals of Art History New World 112, 145 How to Make Your Dog #Famous: Games 80, 92
Encyclopedia of Detail in Fashion Knitwear 154 Edition 33 Guess the Artist: The Art Quiz A Guide to Social Media and Joel Meyerowitz: How I Make
Contemporary Residential Fashion Oracles: Life and Style Furniture Design: An Introduction Game 95 Beyond 116 Photographs 138
Architecture 142 Inspiration from the Fashion to Development, Materials and Gus Van Sant: Making Movies In How to Raise a Loaf and Fall in Joel Meyerowitz: Where I
Endangered Animals Bingo: 62 Greats 93 Manufacturing 148 and Out of Hollywood 22, 136 Love with Sourdough 123 Find Myself: A Lifetime
Amazing creatures That Need Fashion Trend Forecasting 154 Furoshiki And the Japanese Art How to Raise a Plant and Make It Retrospective 138
Our Help 64, 88 Fashion Visionaries 154 of Gift Wrapping 13, 124 H Love You Back 123 Johanna Basford’s Enchanted
Endless Odyssey, The: A Mythic Feminine Wardrobe: Twenty-One Futura: The Typeface 148 Happy Hour: A Cocktail Card How to Save the World For Free Forest Journal 98
Storytelling Game 94 Beautiful Skirts, Dresses and Game 91 124, 145 Jungle Bingo 100

168 169

K Score Game 91 White 102 Journalism in the Digital Era My Wonderful World of Fashion: P
Keith Haring 131 Lottie Tomlinson’s Rainbow Roots Make Your Own Farm 102 149 A Book for Drawing, Creating Painting-In Book, The: 30 Paint
Knit: Innovations in Fashion, Art, #MAKEUPBYME 117, 151 Make Your Own Mondrian: A Modern Oracle, The: Fortune and Dreaming 107 and Play Activities 107
Design 155 Louise Bourgeois: An Intimate Modern Art Puzzle 95 Telling and Divination for the Mystery Mansion, The: Parametric Design for
Knitwear Design 155 Portrait 131 Make Your Own Spaceship 102 Real World 4, 117 Storytelling Card Game 95 Architecture 143
Kusama: The Graphic Novel 116, Love and Romance: A Movie Top Making It Third Edition 149 Modern Scandinavian Design Myth Match: A Fantastical Paris Sketchbook 156
131 Score Game 91 Making the Americas Modern: 143, 149 Flipbook of Extraordinary Pattern Cutting Second Edition
Love Oracles: Sex and Romance Hemispheric Art 1910–1960 131 Monkey Bingo And Other Beasts 107 156
L Inspiration from the Good, the Manifesto: The Art Movements Primates 88 Myth Match: A Fantastical Pattern Cutting for Menswear
Landscape Architecture: An Bad, and the Beautiful 93 Game 95 Monster Book of Zombies, Spooks Flipbook of Extraordinary Second Edition 156
Introduction 143 Luis Vidal + Architects: From Manufacturing Architecture: An and Ghouls, The 107 Beasts Miniature Edition 51 Pattern Magic 156, 157
Le Corbusier Paper Models: 10 Process to Results Second Architect’s Guide to Custom Monster Hotel 102 Myth World: Fantastical Beasts Pattern Magic 2 156, 157
Kirigami Buildings To Cut And Edition 143 Processes, Materials, and Monsters! A Scary Top Score to Color and Explore 107 Pattern Magic 3 156, 157
Fold 119, 124, 141 Applications 143 Game 102 Mythical World, The: A Jigsaw Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics
Leather Fashion Design 155 M Marie Curie (Little Guides to Morbid Curiosities: Collections Puzzle Filled with Fantastical 156, 157
Leonardo Da Vinci (Little Guides Madam and Eve: Women Great Lives) 113 of the Uncommon and the Creatures 86 Pattern Making: Techniques for
to Great Lives) 113 Portraying Women 131 Marketing Fashion: Strategy, Bizarre 132 Mythopedia: An Encyclopedia Beginners 156
Let’s Look at... Animals 44, 106 Mafia: The World’s Deadliest Branding, and Promotion Morphing: A Guide to of Mythical Beasts and Their Pattern Sourcebook, The: A
Let’s Look at... Colors 45, 106 Party Game 95 Second Edition 155 Mathematical Transformations Magical Tales 111 Century of Surface Design 156
Let’s Look at... Numbers 105 Magic & Fairy-Tale Dice 101 Match a Leaf: A Tree Memory for Architects and Designers Pocket Photographer, The: How
Let’s Look at... Shapes 105 Magma Sketchbook: Architecture Game 89 143 N to Take Amazing Photos with
Let’s Make Some Great Art 106 98 Match a Mummy: The Ancient Movie Kama Sutra, The: 69 Sex Nailed It: Nails Fashion Technique your Phone 139
Let’s Make Some Great Art: Magma Sketchbook: Art & Egypt Memory Game 89 Positions for Movie Lovers 117, 151 Philip Guston: A Life Spent
Animals 106 Illustration 98 Match a Pair of Birds: A Memory 136 Naughty Little People Postcards Painting 132
Let’s Make Some Great Art: Magma Sketchbook: Art & Game 89 Movie Misquote Game, The 95 99 Photo Journal 99
Colors 106 Illustration Mini edition 98 Match a Pair of Shoes Memory Movie Quiz Book, The 136 Nelson Mandela (Little Guides to Photographers on Photography
Let’s Make Some Great Art: Magma Sketchbook: Design & Art Game 90 Movie Tarot: A Hero’s Journey in Great Lives) 114 139
Patterns 106 Direction 98 Match a Track: Match 25 Animals 78 Cards 95 New Garconne, The: How to be a Photographers on Photography
Light for Visual Artists: Magma Sketchbook: Design & Art to Their Paw Prints 90, 104 Music Oracles: Creative and Life Modern Gentlewoman 156 (Paperback): How the Masters
Understanding and Using Direction Mini edition 98 Match these Bones: A Dinosaur Inspiration from 50 Musical New History of Modern See, Think & Shoot 32
Light in Art & Design Second Magma Sketchbook: Fashion 98 Memory Game 90 Icons 93, 137 Architecture, A 143 Photographic Memory: Match &
Edition 131 Magma Sketchbook: Film & Materials and Interior Design 143 Musical Experiments for After New Mindful Home And How to reveal 25 iconic photos 90
Lighting for Interior Design 143 Animation 98 Materials for Design 149 Dinner 94, 137 Make it Yours, The 125, 143 Photography: A Cultural History
Limit Yourself: And Unleash Your Magma Sketchbook: Idea Maya Angelou (Little Guides to My Bedroom is an Office & Other Nicola Hicks: Keep Dark 132 Fifth Edition 139
Creativity 149 Generation 99 Great Lives) 114 Interior Design Dilemmas 143 Night Vision: A Field Guide to Pick a Flower: A Memory Game
Lingerie Design: A Complete Magnum Artists: Great Maze, The: A Labyrinthine My Collection of Collections107 Your Dreams 120 90
Course 155 Photographers Meet Great Compendium 117 My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook: NME Music Quiz Book 137 Pierre The Maze Detective: The
Little White Lies Guide to Making Artists 131 Memeing of Life, The: A Journey 50 Awesome Drawing Activities No Patterns Needed: DIY Couture Curious Case of the Castle in
Your Own Movie In 39 Steps, Make a Living Living: Be Through the Delirious World of for Young Inventors 107 from Simple Shapes 156 the Sky 108
The 120, 136 Successful Doing What You Memes 117 My Even More Wonderful World Noisy Animals (A Matching Pierre The Maze Detective: The
Little White Lies Movie Memory Love 125, 149 Men of Style 155 of Fashion: Another Book Game): What Do the Animals Mystery of the Empire Maze
Game, The 95 Make and Move: Bugs 106 Mermaid Atlas, The: Merfolk of for Drawing, Creating and Say? 104 Tower 108
Living with Flowers: Blooms & Make and Move: Robots: 12 Paper the World 111 Dreaming 107 Nordic Wilderness: A Coloring Pierre the Maze Detective: The
Bouquets for the Home 123, 124 Puppets to Press Out and Play Methods and Theories of Art My Fairy Library: Make a Magical Book 121 Search for the Stolen Maze
Logo Revised Edition 149 106 History Third Edition 132 World of Miniature Books 107, Stone 107
Logo Design Idea Book, The 149 Make and Move Mega: Creatures Midnight Monsters: A Pop-up 125 O Pig and Piglet: Match the
Logotype 149 of the Deep 106 Shadow Search 106 My First Bingo: Home 52, 99 Ocean Bingo 88 Animals to Their Babies 104
London in the Company of Make and Move Mega: Dinosaurs Mind & Bowl: A Little Guide to My First Bingo: School 53, 99 Ocean Playing Cards 92 Pirate Adventure Dice 102
Painters 131 106 Mindful Eating 7, 123 My First Story Puzzle Animals 102 Oh Sh*t... What Now? Honest Planning Learning Spaces: A
London Sketchbook 120 Make Sense: Architecture by Miniature Enchanted Forest 119 My First Story Puzzle Home 102 Advice for New Graphic Practical Guide for Architects,
Look! The Fundamentals of Art White 143 Miniature Secret Garden 121 My First Story Puzzle Nature 102 Designers 149 Designers and School Leaders
History Third Edition 131 Make Your Own Fairy Tale: Hansel Mischief Maker’s Handbook, The My Miniature Library: 30 Tiny On the Go 111 144
Looking at Art with Alex Katz 131 & Gretel 58, 102 106 Books to Make, Read and Once Upon a Time: A Fairy-Tale Plantfulness: How to Change
Lord of the Wings: A Bird Top Make Your Own Fairy Tale: Snow Modern Magazine, The: Visual Treasure 107, 125 Top Score Game 103 Your Life with Plants 95

170 171

Playing Cards: Day of the Dead Magazines to Make and Share Sea Monsters & Rainbows: A Skulk: A Lost Shadow’s Puzzle Story of Trees And How They Tattoo Flash Coloring Book, The
92 108 Chutes & Ladders Game 57, 103 Adventure 108 Changed the Way We Live, 121
Pocket Photographer, The: How Read Me: 10 Lessons for Writing Secret Garden: 20 Postcards 99 Skulls: Portraits of the Dead and The 118 Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition 96
to Take Amazing Photos with Great Copy 146 Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure the Stories They Tell 17, 115 Story Out of the Box: 80 Cards Tattoo Tarot Journal 96, 99
Your Phone 31 Read This if You Want to Be a Hunt and Coloring Book 121 Smart Textiles for Designers: for Hours of Storytelling Fun 94 Tattoo Time! Animal Activities
Pollock Confidential: A Graphic Great Writer 117, 126 Secret Life of the Pencil, The: Inventing the Future of Fabric Street Art Manual, The 133, 146 109
Novel 117, 132 Read This if You Want to Be Great Great Creatives and Their 157 Studio Craft & Technique for Terrific Timelines: Cars: Press
Poo Bingo 100 at Drawing 118, 126, 132 Pencils 133 So You Want to Publish a Architects 144 Out, Put Together, and Display!
Pooper Heroes: A Family Card Read This if You Want to be Great Sensations: The Story of British Magazine? 150 Strategic Thinking for Advertising 109
Game 54, 103 at Drawing People 118, 126, 132 Art from Hogarth to Bansky Soccer Style: The Magic and Creatives: 11 Essential Steps to Terrific Timelines: Dinosaurs:
Pottering: A Cure for Modern Read This if You Want to Be Great 133 Madness 118 Creativity 146, 150 Press Out, Put Together, and
Life 121 at Painting 118, 126, 132 Sewing for Fashion Designers 157 Space Dogs: The Story of Structural Engineering for Display! 109
Practical Office Design: A Read This if You Want to Be Sewing Techniques for Beginners the Celebrated Canine Architects: A Handbook 144 Terrific Timelines: Fashion: Press
Practical Guide for Managers Instagram Famous 117, 126, 139 157 Cosmonauts 118 Structural Packaging: Design Out, Put Together, and Display!
and Designers 144 Read This if You Want to Be Shadow World, The: A Sci-Fi Space Racers: Make Your Own Your Own Boxes and 3D Forms 109
Previously, On... Guess the TV YouTube Famous 117, 126, 139 Storytelling Card Game 96 Paper Rockets 108 125, 150 Tetromino City: A Geometric
Series 95 Read This if You Want to Take Shakespeare Playing Cards 92 Space Travel Dice 102 Success Oracles: Career and Jigsaw Puzzle 72, 86
Prince 25, 137 Great Photographs 117, 126, 139 Sharks: A Top Score Game 92 Spatial Strategies for Interior Business Tips from the Good, Textile Design 157
Printed Textile Design 156 Read This if You Want to Take Short Story of Architecture, The: Design 144 the Bad, and the Visionary 93 That’s Life! Looking for the Living
Printmaking: A Complete Guide Great Photographs of People A Pocket Guide to Key Styles, Spoiler Alert! The Badass Book of Super Book for Superheroes, The Things All Around You 112
to Materials & Process Second 117, 126, 139 Buildings, Elements & Materials Movie Plots: Why We All Love 109 Therapy Toolkit: 60 Cards for
Edition 149 Read This if You Want to Take 127, 144 Hollywood Clichés 136 Superhero Adventure Playset, Self-Exploration 64, 96
Product Design 150 Great Photographs of Places Short Story of Art, The: A Pocket Spot the Bot: A Robot Seek and The 109 These Cards Will Change Your
Product Design Styling 150 118, 126, 139 Guide to Key Movements, Find Game 100, 103 Superhero Comic Kit, The 109 Career 96
ProMakeup Design Book: Reading Architecture: A Visual Works, Themes, & Techniques Stallone’s Big Fight: A Movie Superhero Families: A These Cards Will Change Your
Includes 30 Face Charts 151 Lexicon 144 127, 133 Jigsaw Puzzle 86 Superpowers Go Fish Game 103 Ideas 96
Promoting Fashion 157 Rebel Threads: Clothing Short Story of Film, The: A Pocket Stencil Kit: Make Art with Six Superhero Handbook, The: 20 Think Like a Street Photographer
Protest Stencil Toolkit Revised of the Bad, Beautiful & Guide to Key Genres, Films, Stencil Sheets 103, 108 Super Activities to Help You 140
edition 99, 145 Misunderstood 157 Techniques and Movements Stephen Hawking (Little Guides Save the World 109 This is Bacon 133
Prototyping and Modelmaking ReFashioned 157 127, 136 to Great Lives) 114 Superhero Snap! Card Game 103 This is Caravaggio 133
for Product Design Second Renaissance Art in Venice: From Short Story of Modern Art, Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures Superstars: Make a Galaxy of 3D This is Cézanne 133
Edition 150 Tradition to Individualism 132 The: A Pocket Guide to Key 139 Paper Stars 96 This is Dalí 133
Push, Pull, Empty, Full: Draw & Renaissance in Rome, The 132 Movements, Works, Themes Stick and Skate: Skateboard Sustainable Design Book, The 150 This is Frank Lloyd Wright 144
Discover 108 Research Methods for and Techniques 127, 133 Stickers 121 Sustainability in Interior Design This is Gaudí 144
Puzzle Odyssey: An Epic Maze Architecture 144 Short Story of Photography, The: Stick it to the Man! Protest 144 This is Gauguin 134
Adventure 46, 111 A Pocket Guide to Key Genres, Stickers 121, 145 Symbol: The Reference Guide This is Goya 134
Puzzle of Calm, The: A Little Research Methods for Product Works, Themes & Techniques Stickerbomb Monsters 121 to Abstract and Figurative This Is How You Make a Movie 136
Gradient Jigsaw 70, 86 Design 150 127, 139 Stickerbomb Skate: 150 Classic Trademarks 150 This is Kandinsky 134
Puzzle of Happiness, The: A Little Resist! How to Be an Activist in Short Story of the Novel, Skateboard Stickers 121 This is Leonardo da Vinci 134
Gradient Jigsaw 70, 86 the Age of Defiance 145 The: A Pocket Guide to Key Stickerbomb Skulls 121 T This is Magritte 133
Puzzle of Hopefulness, The: A Royal Bingo 88 Genres, Novels, Themes and Sticky History of the World 109 Take Your Selfie Seriously: The This is Matisse 134
Little Gradient Jigsaw 70, 86 Runes for Modern Life: Ancient Techniques 127 Stickyscapes at the Museum 108 Advanced Selfie and Self- This is Monet 134
Puzzle Play: Five Chunky Jigsaws Divination Cards for Today’s Short Story of Women Artists, Stickyscapes London 108 Portrait Handbook 118, 140 This is Pollock 134
to Learn & Play 103 Dilemmas 95 The: A Pocket Guide to Key Stickyscapes New York 108 Tarot Coloring Book: A Personal This is Rembrandt 134
Psychogeometries 132 Breakthroughs, Movements, Stickyscapes Paris 108 Growth Coloring Journey 121 This is Warhol 134
S Works and Themes 127, 133 Stickyscapes Polar 108 Tarot for all Ages 103 This is Van Gogh 134
Q sARTorial: The Art of Looking Like Sh*t They Didn’t Tell You: How Stickyscapes Space 109 Tatouage: Blossom: 102 This Means This, This Means That
Queens: Drag Queen Playing an Artist 133 to Succeed in the Creative Stickyscapes Superheroes 109 Temporary Tattoos of Flowers A User’s Guide to Semiotics
Cards 92 Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design Industries 35, 150 Story Box: Animal Adventures 101 & Plants and 21 Art-Print Second Edition 151
136, 150 Sign Painting: A Practical Guide Story Box: Create Your Own Fairy Keepsakes 96 TikTok Challenge, The 92
R Scary Bingo: Fun with Monsters to Tools, Materials, and Tales 101 Tatouage: Wild: 108 Temporary Tracey Emin 134
Racing Bicycles: The Illustrated and Crazy Creatures 100 Techniques 150 Story of Impressionism, The: Tattoos of Wild Animals and 21 Tree Families: A Botanical Card
Story of Road Cycling 117 Sci-Fi: A Movie Top Score Game Sketching for Architecture + 1000-Piece Art History Jigsaw Art-Print Keepsakes 96 Game 93, 96
Read All About It! 10 Mini- 92 Interior Design 144 Puzzle 86 Tattoo Coloring Book, The 121 Tree Vision: Know Your Trees in 30

172 173

Cards 96 We Are All Greta: Be Inspired to Jigsaw Puzzle 87 100 Ideas that Changed
Trend Forecaster’s Handbook, Save the World 146 World of Jane Austen, The: Photography 126, 138
The Second Edition 151 We Came First: Relationship A Jigsaw Puzzle with 60 100 Things to Do in a Forest 119
TTT: Tattoo 118, 151 Advice from Women Who Have Characters and Great Houses 100 Women • 100 Styles The
Turtle’s View of the Ocean Blue, Been There 118 to Find 87 Women Who Changed the Way
A 112 What is Architecture? And 100 World of Shakespeare, The: We Look 152
Twentieth-Century Type and Other Questions 145 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle 87 100 Years of Architecture 140
Beyond 151 What’s So Great About the Eiffel World of Sherlock Holmes, The: A 100 Years of Fashion 152
Type Primer, A Second Edition 151 Tower? 70 Questions That Will Jigsaw Puzzle 87 100 Years of Fashion Illustration
Typography Idea Book: Change the Way You Think World of Yayoi Kusama, The: A 152
Inspiration from 50 Masters, about Architecture 145 Jigsaw Puzzle 87 100 Years of Tattoos 147
The 151 What’s Your Type: The Type World’s Greatest Music Festival 101 Kinky Things Even You Can
Dating Game 97 Challenge, The: A Rockin’ Seek Do 9, 114
U We Are All Greta: Be Inspired to and Find 122, 138 200 Words to Help You Talk about
Ultimate Excuse Generator, Save the World 113 Woven Textile Design 157 Art 119, 127
The: Over 100 Million Excellent Where’s the Dude? The Great Writers Game, The: Classic 200 Words to Help You Talk about
Excuses 109 Movie Spotting Challenge 122, Authors 97 Philosophy 119
Ultimate Spell-Caster, The: Over 136 Writers Game, The: Modern 299 Dogs (and a Cat) A Canine
60 Million Marvelously Silly Where’s Warhol? 122, 135 Authors 97 Cluster Puzzle 73, 87
Spells 110 Where’s Wes? The Wes Anderson 299 Cats (and a dog): A Feline
Ultimate Wisecrack Generator, Seek-and-Find Book 23, 122, Y Cluster Puzzle 87
The: Over 60 Million Hilarious 137 Yayoi Kusama 135 500 Patterns 152
Zingers & Stingers 110 Whiskey Poker: Whiskey Lovers’ Year in Nature: A Carousel Book 666 Songs to Make You Bang Your
Use This if You Want to Be Great Playing Cards 67, 93 of the Seasons, A 111 Head Until You Die: A Guide
at Drawing: An Inspirational Who Owns These Bones? 113 You Callin’ Me a Cheetah? (Psst! to the Monsters of Rock and
Sketchbook 99, 118 Who Pooped: A Jigsaw Puzzle 103 I’m a Leopard!) An Animal Metal 137
Use This if You Want to Take Who Pooped? A Matching & Memory Game 90
Great Photographs: A Photo Memory Game 104 You Smell! (And so does
Journal 99, 118 Who’s Hiding in the Jungle? A everything else!) 113
Spot and Match Game 103 Your Spiritual Almanac: A Year of
V Wild about Weeds: Garden Living Mindfully 5
Validated: The Makeup of Val Design with Rebel Plants 123 Yuko Higuchi’s Cats & Other
Garland 152 Wild Bunch, The: A Crazy Eights Creatures 119
Vincent’s Starry Night and Other Card Game 104
Stories: A Children’s History of Wine Game, The: A Card Game #
Art 113 for Wine Lovers 93 #NoFilter: Get Creative with
Vintage Details: A Fashion Women in Design: From Aino Photography 139
Sourcebook 157 Aalto to Eva Zeisel 148 1 to 20 Animals Aplenty 110
Virginia Woolf: Inspiring Quotes Women Who Changed Art 12 Paper Puppets to Press Out
from an Original Feminist Icon Forever, The: Feminist Art—The and Play 106
12, 116 Graphic Novel 30, 135 100 Great Children’s Picturebooks
Visual Arts, The: A History 135 Wonder Women: A Go Fish Game 146
Visual History of Type, The 151 103 100 Ideas that Changed
Visual Merchandising Window Wonder Women Bingo 100 Architecture 125, 140
Displays and In-store Wonderful World of Oz, The: A 100 Ideas that Changed Art 125,
Experience Fourth Edition 38, Movie Jigsaw Puzzle 76, 87 127
157 World of Charles Dickens, The: 100 Ideas that Changed Design
A Jigsaw Puzzle with 70 125, 146
W Characters to Find 77, 87 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic
Ways of Being: Advice for Artists World of Dracula, The: A Jigsaw Design 125, 146
by Artists 134 Puzzle by Adam Simpson 74 100 Ideas that Changed Fashion
Ways of Looking at Art 79, 97 World of Freddie Mercury, The: A 125, 152
Ways of Traveling 96 Jigsaw Puzzle 74, 87 100 Ideas that Changed Film 126,
Ways of Tuning Your Senses 97 World of Frida Kahlo, The: A 135

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