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QUESTIONS TIME 1.- Do you smoke? R= No I dont´t smoke.

2.- Do live in a flat? R= Not live in a house
PAGE 5 3.- Do you like football? R= No, i like a
1.- What’s your name? R= My name is basketball
Diana Mariel. 4.- Do you read a newspaper every day?
2.- How are you? R=I’m fine, thanks. And R= Yes, of course you can but i do not.
you? 5.- Do you wear glasees? R= No, I don´t
3.-What day is it today? R= Today is
Tuesday. PAGE 16
4.- Is it Monday today? R= No, today is 1.- Where do you live? R= In Mexico.
thursday 2.- What languages do you speak? R= I live
5.- Are you a teacher? R= No, I am a in Mexico.
student. 3.- Do you have a car? R= I have not but i
do not like.
PAGE 7 4.- What Sports do you play? R= None, but
1.-What nationality are you? R=My i like the basketball.
nationality is mexican. 5.- What food do you like? R= I like
2.-Where are you from? R= I’m from enchiladas and a pambazos.
3.-What’s the languages in your country? PAGE 18
R= In my country the Languages is spanish. 1.-What do you do? R= I´m a student.
4.-What’s your phone number? R= My 2.- Where do you work or study? R= I study
phone number is 41594545. at the instituto politécnico nacional. To be
5.-Are you on Holiday? R= No, I am not. more achúrate in CECYT 8.
3.- What does your father do? R= Mi dad
PAGE 9 works for a company called ETAL. I think
1.- What’s your first name? R= My first that fixes machines.
name is diana. 4.- What does your mother do? R= My mom
2.- What’s your surname? R= My surname does nor work. She takes careo f the house
is Rodríguez. and hel my sister and me to do homework
3.-Are you a student? R= Yes, i am student. and laundry, and we endeavor ago.
4.- How old are you? R= I’m 15 years old. 5.- In your country, what Jobs are well
5.- What´s your address? R= 194, Av paid? R= In my country, the well paid Jobs
Morelos, federal distric. are: doctor, Sawyer and police.

1.- What’s in your bag? R= Nothing mare 1.- How many Brothers and sisters do you
than keys and Money. have? R= I have no Brothers. I have only
2.- How do you spell´coffee? R= I shell sister but i would have liked a bigger
coffe as follows: c-o-f-f-e-e. brother to me.
3.- Where’s the stress in ´coffee?R= The 2.- Where do you grandparents live? R= My
stress in coffee is in CO. grandparents and they died. I just have a
4.- Is this your book? R= Yes, this is my granmother and lives in the same house as
book. mine.
5.- How do you say ´door´ in you language? 3.- What’s your mother’s first name? R=
R= Its puerta. The firs name of my mother is Maria.
4.- Do you have any cousins? R= Sure, i
have tons of cousins. Many longe quantity.
5.- Do you live in your parent’s house? R=
Of course, any teen living in his parent’s