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Chapter 5 : Water and Solution

INSTRUCTION – Students have to COPY ALL QUESTION and write the questions and
answers in the exercise book.

Objective Question
1. The following shows an equation

Sodium hydroxide + Nitric acid 

Solution X
Which of the following statement s about solution X is false?
A. Solution X is salty
B. Solution X is sodium nitrate solution.
C. Crystal of X can be obtained if solution X is evaporated.
D. Solution X is a product of a reaction called condensation.

Questions 2 to 4 are based on the figure below.

2. An experiment was carried out using the apparatus as shown in the figure above.
What tests can be carried out to determine the identity of gas X and gas Y?
I Use a glowing wooden splint
II Use a burning wooden splint
III Use universal indicator
IV Use a standard sodium hydroxide solution
A I and II only
B II and IV only
C II, III and IV only
D I, II, III and IV

3. The activity was repeated using a platinum anode and a copper cathode. What
gases were formed at X and Y?
A Hydrogen Carbon dioxide
B Oxygen Sulphur dioxide
C Hydrogen Oxygen
D Oxygen Hydrogen
4. The above process is known as
A distillation
B evaporation
C neutralization
D electrolysis

5. When dilute sulphuric acid react with calcium carbonate powder, a gas is
released. The gas shows a positive test with
A limewater
B burning wooden splinter
C glowing wooden splinter
D potassium magnate (VII) solution.

6. What happens to the water molecules as evaporation takes place?

A They become smaller
B They move closer together
C They gain more energy
D They contain one hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom.

7. How does the evaporation process help in preserving food such as anchovies,
when dried out in the Sun?
A Bacteria in the anchovies dry up
B Bacteria cannot grow without water
C Dried anchovies can be salted
D The Sun kills the bacteria in the anchovies
8. Table 1 show the pH values for solution P, Q and R.
pH 3 7 9
Solution P Q R
Table 1
Which of the following solutions, when mixed together in the correct volumes, will
produce a solution with a pH value 7?
I Q and R
II P and R
III P, Q and R
A I only
B I and II only
C I and III only
D II and III only

9. Table 2 show the pH values for solution X,Y and Z.

pH X Y Z
Solution 3 7 9
Table 2
Which of the statements is true?
A X is an alkali
B Z tastes sour
C Y reacts with acid
D X reacts with calcium carbonate

10. Based on equation below, which of the following correctly represent X and Y?

Solution X + aluminium carbonate  salt + water + gas Y

Solution X Gas Y
A Zinc sulphate sulphur dioxide
B Potassium hydroxide Hydrogen
C Sulphuric acid Carbon dioxide
D Nitric acid Hydrogen

11. A little potassium magnate was dissolved in 100 ml of water. Which of the following
statements is correct?
I Potassium magnate is the solution
II Water is the solvent
III A potassium magnate solution is formed
IV If more solute is added, a concentrated solution is formed

A I and II only
B III and IV only
C II, III and IV only
D I, II, III and IV

12. 100 cm3 of a copper chloride solution contains 100 g of copper chloride. 50 cm3 of
this solution is poured into a measuring cylinder. 100 cm3 of water is added to the
measuring cylinder. What is the volume of the solution in the measuring cylinder
and how much copper chloride is found in the new solution now?
Volume(ml) Amount of copper chloride (g)
A 150 50
B 250 150
C 200 50
D 200

1. Diagram 1 shows three beakers filled with vinegar, lemon juice and soap
solution respectively.
vinegar Lemon juice Soap

Diagram 1

(a) State two similarities between vinegar and lemon juice.

(b) List two characteristics of soap solution.
(c) Classify vinegar, lemon juice, soap solution, toothpaste and washing soda.
vinegar, lemon juice, soap solution, toothpaste and
washing soda

Acids Alkali

i. _______________
i. _______________
ii. _______________
ii. _______________

iii. _______________

(d) Name the reaction that occurs when lemon juice is added to the soap

2. Table 1 show the substance and the acidic, neutral or alkaline conditions. Fill
the table with the correct condition.

pH Substance Acid, neutral and

value alkali
1 Hydrochloric acid
2 Lime juice
3 Vinegar, apple
4 Soda water
5 Toothpaste
6 Tea
7 Calcium hydroxide solution
8 Milk of magnesia
9 Pineapple
10 Potassium hydroxide solution
11 Distilled water
12 Baking powder
13 Sodium hydroxide solution
14 citric acid
Table 1