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--Rookie calls (for those interested, take name and e-mail. Give them your e-mail and #.

Those who
are eager to join can practice over the summer)
--summer BBQ (food from Cosco, buy with Zhao)
--create e-mail list
--captain’s practices (make and post schedule, e-mail it to e-mail list)
--start mentor/mentee list asap (put someone in charge if you don’t want to do this. But, assign that to
someone who’s there as often as possible so that kids aren’t missed.)
--make copies of what mentors should go over with mentees (in Zhao’s room)
--make copies of interview questions and make sure mentors get this done and e- mailed to
Zhao asap. (there must be the interview for the coaches, and the paragraph for anyone to view, that’s
sent out in the first newletter).
--athletic sign up (assign people to manage table. Remind people to get forms in!!)
--como relays (figure out carpools)
--elm creek (collect money for wave pool, post food assignments)
--horse barn (make sure mentors tell mentees about this. Make sure everyone knows about bulletin
board and singing up for buses. Even though Zhao will mention this in meetings, reiterate it. Make
your voice heard so that the kids listen to you when you speak).
--tshirt design due very early
--put someone in charge of collecting tshirt money (same person in charge of uniforms.)
sign up on board.
--in the end, list to Zhao must have names with size (name on back optional) and if they have
captain on the sleeve (ask Zhao about that)
--BBC/MMM (initiate meetings, put signs on board)
--first leadership mtg (figure out pasta parties, social events, Halloween, girls do a leadership
sleepover/campout, team campout, city dinner. Assign someone in charge of scrapbook.)
--campout (usually Zhao’s reserved Carver)
--food assignments
--tent sign up
--figure out car/bus situation
--collect permission slips
--permission slips and money
--create room assignments. Talk to Zhao about how many rooms. Don’t forget about
coaches. Post list for kids. E-mail Zhao list to give to motel.
--miller relays
--assign teams for those who aren’t assigned by coaches (this is optional)
--city dinner
--food assignments on board (captains do pasta, always too much-good luck)
--buy sauce for everyone, get reimbursed by Zhao (keep receipts)
--reserve building!
--remind people to make skits (appropriate)
--regions dinner invitations (optional)
-- banquet
--captain’s statement (plus signatures)
--program (quotes, too)
--invitations (w/ food assignments, two serving plates w/e serving utensils)
--wall hangings for signing
--great harvest thank you poster
--flowers for parents who volunteered (w/ names)
--captains awards (get list for who gives them from Zhao)
--video (make sure we have media equipment for viewing the night of)
--money for coaches gift

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